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Honor roll student suspended over dress code
An outfit at the center of controversy.
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'South Park Susan' wanted on new charges
Susan Westwood already faces four criminal summons. She's now facing new charges for what she said during a call to police.
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'South Park Susan' turns herself in
The woman in a racially charged video that went viral turned herself into police over the weekend.
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Karate instructor helps police arrest suspect
Bushiken Karate Charlotte Dojo Head Instructor Randall Ephraim performed what he calls basic self-defense move then escorted the guy out.
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WATCH: Arizona high school's 'Harry Potter' dance is an internet hit
WATCH: Arizona high school's 'Harry Potter' dance is an internet hit
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Soldier surprises daughter for the holidays
During his nightly FaceTime with his 10-year-old daughter, a Fort Bragg soldier surprised his little girl with the best Christmas gift ever -- he returned.
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Mom-son duo's 'History of Dance' routine goes viral
The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times in just 24 hours.
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NC mom describes meeting Shanann Watts' family at Myrtle Beach
NC mom describes meeting Shanann Watts' family at Myrtle Beach
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2009 jailhouse interview: Van Brett Watkins reflects on his time in prison for the murder of Cherica
2009 jailhouse interview: Van Brett Watkins reflects on his time in prison for the murder of Cherica Adams
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New North Carolina-push to change marijuana law
The Tar Heel State could be one step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana.
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New clues could help deputies in Asha Degree case
Asha Degree went missing from her Cleveland County home in 2000. New information regarding the case has advanced the search for answers.
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James Taylor comes home to Carolina
Grammy Award-winning artist James Taylor returned home to North Carolina for Merlefest. Before his performance, he sat down with NBC Charlotte's Sarah French.
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Charlotte teacher connects to students with handshakes
In an effort to bring joy and build trust, CMS teacher Barry White Jr. has a special handshake with every. single. student. Full story: http://on.wcnc.com/2kKPUCC
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Man shot, killed inside Walmart in Huntersville
It happened at the store on Bryton Town Center near the intersection of I-77 and I-485, close to the Northlake Mall.
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Jim Cantore in Boone:  "We're getting crushed"
Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel is in Boone and he says this is setting up to be a record setting snow storm.
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This is it. We found the best lip sync challenge video out there
This is it. We found the best #lipsync challenge out there. Officer Misty Turner is killing it with the neighborhood kids in Jacksonville, FL! Video: Lindsay Reavis **We do not own the rights to this song. Copyright Cardi B**
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SC inmate goes FB live from prison, brandishes weapon
New videos have surfaced showing a South Carolina inmate in a South Carolina prison holding a knife and making boasts and threats on Facebook Live.
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Charlotte celebrates Billy Graham's 99th birthday
People around the globe are celebrating Billy Graham's 99th birthday!
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DIY Braces
An alarming trend, in "do it yourself" braces, is causing concern in the dental industry after some teens have suffered severe teeth damage.
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Missing NC 3-year-old boy found! Authorities give details to media
Takeaways from news conference in Craven County on lost but found 3-year-old NC boy: He was hung up in some briars, asked for his mom, smiled when he saw his sister, and wanted to watch Netflix :)
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Missing teen diagnosed with concussion, parents say
A frantic search continues for a 16-year-old Nathan Kocmond.
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HURRICANE FLORENCE: Tuesday 10 a.m. update
HURRICANE FLORENCE: Tuesday 10 a.m. update
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Hurricane Florence Wednesday 8 a.m. update | Flood chances increasing for Charlotte
With the latest shift in Florence's track, Charlotte can expect to see more heavy rain and winds from the storm. Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich says the storm is likely going to make landfall as a Category 4 after possibly being upgraded to a Category 5 storm.
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US Air Force flyover, National Anthem kick off 2019 Super Bowl
The flyover happened over the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia during Gladys Knight's rendition of the National Anthem.
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Where will Hurricane Florence hit?
Last-minute preparations are underway as Hurricane Florence closes in on the coast of the Carolinas.
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2001 jail house interview: Van Brett Watkins on the murder of Cherica Adams
2001 jail house interview: Van Brett Watkins on the murder of Cherica Adams
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HURRICANE FLORENCE | 11 a.m. Wednesday update
After a dramatic shift in the track of Hurricane Florence, North Carolina officials say every person in the state needs to be ready for the massive Category 4 storm.
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Student Athlete of the Week: Sam Howell
Sun Valley's Sam Howell is piling up in both football and basketball.
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Donnie Wahlberg leaves $2000 tip at QC Waffle House
The New Kids On The Block star takes to Facebook Live to document amazing experience restaurant
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Wednesday 6 pm. winter storm forecast update
First Warn chief meteorologist Brad Panovich said there's a 70 to 90 percent chance the mountains will see significant snow and ice from the system. In Charlotte, Panovich expects the biggest impacts to be along and north of I-85.
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Michael Jordan gives back to Florence victims
Charlotte Hornets owner and Wilmington native Michael Jordan is lending a helping hand by donating $2M to hurricane relief. He says he wanted to help the places that helped him in this early life.
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Authorities ramping up security for Rev. Billy Graham's funeral
Major security preparations are underway ahead of the funeral for Rev. Billy Graham.
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'I'm right there, I hear pop, pop, pop': Butler student describes scene during shooting
A Butler High School student was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after being shot during a fight at the school Monday morning.
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Panthers host Chancellor Lee at today's game
The Panthers hosted former player Rae Carruth's son at today's game, days after Carruth was released from prison. Carruth spent the last 19 years behind bars for plotting to kill the mother of his then unborn child.
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A delicacy you may not have heard of: Ostrich Meat
It's known as a healthy, delicious meat that is trending it's way to your dinner table and it's becoming more common in the Carolinas thanks to a couple from California.
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Giti Tire opens SC plant
One of the largest tire companies in the world is opening their first plant in the U.S.
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Ex-Panther Rae Carruth awaiting release from prison
Critics call the Rae Carruth scandal the biggest black eye in Panthers history.
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Warnings issued for vaginal rejuvenation procedure
An NBC Charlotte investigation found local doctors offices and medspas may not be disclosing the full truth about a very popular medical procedure among women.
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Animal rescues underway in Lumberton flood zone
Animal rescues are underway in Lumberton following devastating flooding following Hurricane Florence.
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Man living near Long Creek speaks on Maddox Ritch investigation
A body believed to be Maddox Ritch was found in Long Creek in Gastonia.
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Maddox Ritch's father breaks silence
Maddox Ritch's father explains how his son disappeared at Rankin Lake Park.
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18 years later: A look at the major players in the Rae Carruth case
Known drug dealer Michael Kennedy was the man who claimed Carruth paid him to buy the gun used in the killing. He was driving the car that night.
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Exclusive: TD and Luke sit down with WCNC, Part 1
For years, they've been the most dynamic duo of linebackers in the NFL. Turns out Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis are pretty good friends off the field, too.
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What you need to know about the presidential emergency alert system
You're going to get an alert on your phone Wednesday afternoon from none other than President Trump himself. Here's what you need to know about the alert.
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Giant Hogweed plant hospitalizes Virginia teen with severe burns
The plant notorious for causing up to third degree burns is making its way to the Carolinas.
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HURRICANE FLORENCE | 10:45 a.m. Thursday update
The track for Hurricane Florence isn't showing much change as the Category 2 storm is still on the path to make landfall near Wilmington, North Carolina with a devastating storm surge and flooding risks for inland areas.
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Former UNC Charlotte quarterback Kevin Olsen found not guilty of rape
The brother of Carolina Panther Greg Olsen was very emotional after the jury found him not guilty on four counts.
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NASCAR CEO Brian France taking 'indefinite leave of absence'
NASCAR CEO Brian France taking 'indefinite leave of absence'
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Harding finishes storybook season with championship
The Harding University High School Rams might be the most unlikely state champions ever.
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Thurs. 6 p.m. winter storm update: Charlotte to get ice and sleet
According to Brad Panovich, the impending winter weather could cause some to be stuck at home for several days.
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