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Unicron vs Cereal Commercial
The latest L0ST Energon-os. "The Touch" by Stan Bush (used with permission)
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Epic Mega Time byNGSMOOV Epic Meal Time
Megatron and his crew are takin' over the kitchen with EpicMegaTime! Mixin' up sparkplugs, tire strips, and Jack Daniels to make the Ultimate Energon Cube! This ain't no Energon-O's, haters! EpicMegaTime - brought to you byNGSMOOV. http://www.ngsmoov.com (Big shout out to the Epic Meal Time crew for showin' newbs how the next level is done!) ================================ Useless trivia for your brains, newbs! The Ultimate Energon Cube that the Decepticons "bake" in the video is made of "real" Energon (energy based), thus it CAN be consumed by Soundwave. Energon-o's isn't made of real Energon, thus, is a solid and made to look like Energon and cannot pass through a faceplate. Thank you. And NO, we will not be making an Autobots version. ;)
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Astrotrain vs Cereal Commercial - Energon-os 2011
Another one of the "L0ST" Energon-o's! http://www.ngsmoov.com
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Transformers Energon-os Complete
All the Energon-os takes in one movie. The Transformers get hired to do a cereal commercial. Produced byNGSMOOV CGI: RandallNg Voices by: DR. S M O O V
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Like a G6 - Far East Movement (sorta)
So fly like a ... "what?"
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Thunderstruck - SC/DC (StarsCream/DeceptiCon)
Those Decepticons are rocking out again. THUNDERcracker shows off his amazing riffs. While Megatron's away, the Seekers come out and play... music. Just thrown together quickly for laughs. Enjoy, it's just for fun.
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Official BotCon 2009 promo 2 - byNGSMOOV
Animated promo Produced by: NGSMOOV. Commissioned by BotCon 2009. (May 28 - 31, 2009) in Pasadena, California. VIDEO FULL CREDITS: Original Airdate: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 Directed by: Randall Ng Voices by: DR. SMOOV Concept by: DR. SMOOV and Randall Ng Character and animation by: Randall Ng Environment by: Dave Dawson Music by: DR. SMOOV Script by: Randall Ng and DR. SMOOV Script contributions by: Pete Sinclair and Dave Dawson http://www.ngsmoov.com
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NGSMOOV's Megatron's MegaSpice
Original airdate: Friday, October 1, 2010 Produced byNGSMOOV for Fun Publications http://transformersclub.com
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Stan Bush: Your Time (from "Dream The Dream") HD
Originally posted over three years ago January 19, 2011 on the Official Stan Bush YouTube channel now with over 255,000 views. Music video for Stan's 2010 tune "Your Time" from the L.A. Records album "Dream The Dream." It was truly one of the most fantastic experiences to be able to collaborate with Stan Bush on this piece. Own "Dream The Dream": http://stanbush.com/ http://www.youtube.com/OfficialStanBush Music video directed by RandallNg and DR.SM00V http://www.ngsmoov.com The original post on Stan Bush's channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i33GkzU5vMc additional 3D environments: Dave Dawson, Julia Ng
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Cyber City Con 2016 Transformers Trip Promo
Bumblebee shows Grimlock the finer points of going to conventions when Skyfire comes along. Featuring the voice talents of Dan Gilvezan as Bumblebee and Gregg Berger as Grimock and SkyFire! Special guests include Dan Gilvezan, James Raiz, Gregg Berger, Casey Coller, Juan Carlos Ramos, Tiffany Grant, Ken Christiansen, Randall Ng and the Mini Chief. May 7-8, 2016 in San Antonio, Texas. The ultimate celebration of robots! http://www.cybercitycon.com
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BOTCON2009 FirstPlaceWinner. Based on the series that started it all. NGSMOOV's Transformers:Generation One is included in full DVD glory on the bonus disc with commentary as part of the "Transformers Matrix of Leadership" Box Set! Own the entire original series with Shout!Factory's release http://www.transformerscollectorsset.com
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S02 EP01 Disguise Ultra Prestige Master Chief Costume
Happy Halloween and we're back! This time teaching the Mini Chief about being behind the camera and framing the subject. Randall was the initial product manager for this costume and the final product turned out great. It is the best commercially available Master Chief costume on the market. Made by Disguise Costumes. http://www.disguise.com
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Perceptor vs Cereal Commercial - Energon-os 2011 byNGSMOOV
One of the "L0ST" Energon-o's! With the one and only Paul Eiding as Perceptor! Produced by NGSMOOV
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ARCEE Makeup Guru (Michelle Phan Parody)
Lil' sis Arcee's received a lot of requests for this video, so she finally made one. Wheeljack's Lab is a place for lots of spare parts and such, but you know, you really should ask before you take things. Inspired by the beautiful makeup guru Michelle Phan and her awesome videos. Featuring the voices of Audio Elan and DR. SMOOV Music by Realistikk (Tracks "Love of my Life" and "Ridiculous") CGI by RandallNg http://www.audioelan.com http://www.ngsmoov.com
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Science with Perceptor
This is not meant to be a comedy video, rather something different and educational. It was inspired by Randall's son. The goal was to educate, however, it was found that information is constantly changing on how things in space are classified and declassified. It was nice doing something different. Enjoy. https://www.facebook.com/pages/NGSMOOV/81547349535
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Official BotCon 2010 Promo 2 - byNGSMOOV
BotCon2010 Promo 2 produced byNGSMOOV. Another diabolical plot by the Decepticons is revealed. Can Optimus Prime and the Autobots get to BotCon2010 first? Credits: Directed and Produced by: Randall Ng Voices: DR. SMOOV CGI: Randall Ng Additional Modeling by: Dave Dawson Written by: Pete Sinclair, Randall Ng, DR.SMOOV Produced by: NGSMOOV Animation Studio for Fun Publications, Botcon2010
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S02 E04 Mattel BOOMco MA5 and more
The Mini Chief helped a lot with filming this time around. He learned about shooting out of sequence but with logic of setup. Also, planning was a major part of filming Randall's scenes vs Mini Chief scenes. Pickup shots were also needed when it went to editing and more transitions were needed. Later, he saw everything fall into place with pacing, sound, music, and effects. This was A LOT of work to put together, but this kind of bonding time was more than worth it. These BOOMco blasters are really well made and a lot of fun. Add the HALO brand to it and it's a dream come true. The UNSC MA5 Blaster is based on the Halo 5 Guardians design of this iconic weapon. It comes with 16 darts and two magazines that hold 8 darts each. No batteries are required. It is pump air powered. It is also compatible with larger magazines (sold separately). The instructions recommend 12 pumps but we found the following averages (We do not recommend overpumping beyond 25). 12 pumps = 8 shots (one 8 dart mag) 18-20 pumps = 16 shots (two 8 dart mags) 22 pumps = 20 shots (one 20 dart mag) Also in the video: Plasma Type 25 Blaster (Plasma Pistol) UNSC MA6 Blaster (Magnum) UNSC SMG Blaster(SMG) http://www.halowaypoint.com http://www.boom-co.com Find the Big Adventures of the Mini Chief on Facebook and @theminichief on Twitter.
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In celebration of Transformers' 30th Anniversary, a remastered HD version of our BotCon2009 FirstPlace winning video that was also was included in the Shout! Factory Transformers Matrix Collector's Edition DVD Set. End credits song "Unstoppable" by Stan Bush from his new album, "The Ultimate." (used with permission) A brand new video is currently in production slated for September 2014 debut. Thanks for watching.
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S01 EP05 Play Arts Kai HALO 5
Square Enix Play Arts Kai - Master Chief and Spartan Locke. Season 01 is a wrap. Randall's son had a lot of fun playing with these toys and learning about filming and video production.
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G1JOE: The way it was originally intended with additional scenes, more voices, and more action. Enjoy the continuation of NGSMOOV's TF continuity (as seen on the Shout!Factory Matrix of Leadership Collectors DVD Box Set). www.ngsmoov.com Ending song "Heat of the Battle" by Stan Bush. Available on iTunes http://www.stanbush.com Special FX and Color by Long Vo- Check out Long Vo's new game at http://www.goninjagame.com
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Breakin' the Love - ROCK SUGAR
What do you get when you mix pop music with 80's metal? http://www.rocksugarband.com http://www.ngsmoov.com http://www.randallng.com
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S01 EP01 Mattel Halo Action Figures
Randall is doing something together with his son, the Mini Chief, to teach him about video production in a fun way. They will be looking over the new Halo Action Figures from Mattel. He was such a tough guy. Dressed in full armor for hours during one of the hottest days of the summer, the video was completed. A lot was learned and the next video will be much easier and faster.
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Grimlock vs Cereal Commercial - Energon-os 2011 byNGSMOOV
Another one of the "L0ST" Energon-o's! Produced by NGSMOOV http://www.ngsmoov.com Masterpiece Grimlock provided by Ages Three and Up http://www.agesthreeandup.com
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KNIGHT RIDER REUNION 2012 - Official Promo
Come to the Knight Rider 30th Anniversary event in Universal City, CA October 5-7, 2012! Knight Rider Reunion - A fan experience like no other! http://www.knightriderreunion.com/ Motion Graphics by Nick Nugent Voice of KARR and KITT by DR. SMOOV CG Animation and Direction by Randall Ng Produced by NGSMOOV Animation
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It was inevitable that Randall Ng would make this video. Remember to dress classy and dance cheesy! This vid is hosted only on the www.youtube.com/ngsmoov channel. This video was NOT made for profit. ATTENTION: Ripping and reposting any of my videos onto other YouTube channels is NOT PERMITTED and will be reported. PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) ft. TRANSFORMERS video by Randall Ng. www.ngsmoov.com Additional environment modeling Dave Dawson
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Official BotCon 2010 Promo 1 - NGSMOOV
BotCon 2010 Promo 1 produced by NGSMOOV. Updated version of the original G2 opening within the theme of this year's convention. Credits in video. visit: http://www.botcon.com http://www.ngsmoov.com
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Springer vs Cereal Commercial
What can this be? Another Energon-os? What disaster awaits this time? Voice Talents of: NeilRoss as Springer, PaulEiding as Perceptor, and HalRayle as Shrapnel. Written and produced by RandallNg. Special thanks to Rosemary Ward-Tuski. *Exclusive Alamo City Comic Con version including Bumblebee on the Alamo City Comic Con's YouTube page. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIHHWz5AJNs
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The Jabberwock performed by Shrapnel
"The Jabberwock" was written by Lewis Carroll in 1871. It's a "nonsense" poem. Indeed. Voice of Shrapnel - Hal Rayle Sound and Foley Services - AudioRnR 3D Models/Animation - Randall Ng www.audiornr.com www.ngsmoov.com
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The female Autobots are given the respect they deserve. Featuring the voice talents of Vampy Bit Me, Abby Dark Star, Meagan-Marie, and Kat Gunn. Music by Jayhan. Ending credits song by Stan Bush. shuffle, v. (shŭf′əl): Archaic form - To act in a shifty or deceitful manner; equivocate. Don't ask why there is no dance, broaden your mind and read a dictionary. This video made its public debut at the Alamo City Comic Con 2014 at the Transformers 30th Anniversary voice actors panel with Gregg Berger, Paul Eiding, and Dan Gilvezan. http://www.alamocitycomiccon.com
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SNARL - Shakespeare's Sonnet 19 - Devouring Time
Wheeljack is upset that his attempts at "Authentic Dinosaurs" has led to ridicule. He turns to educate the Dinobots. His first attempt: SNARL. Voice of Snarl - Hal Rayle Sound and Foley Services - AudioRnR 3D Models/Animation - Randall Ng https://www.youtube.com/00baboon www.audiornr.com www.ngsmoov.com
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S03 EP01 New Disguise Costumes
The Mini Chief is joined by two other Spartans to show off some new products from Disguise Costumes for Halloween 2017! These are available online or in stores! There's still time. Really great stuff! http://www.disguise.com
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The MINI CHIEF OVERVIEWS - S03 E02 Mattel BOOMco Part Deux
Focusing on other things besides CG Transformers for a while to refresh. Spending time making silly videos with my son. CG skits will return at a later date. This is a much needed break from it all. -NGSMOOV, Randall Featured in this video. Mattel BOOMco UNSC M6 Blaster - Green and Red Mattel BOOMco Plasma Type-25 Blaster Mattel BOOMco UNSC MA5 Blaster - Red and Blue Mattel BOOMco Covenant Needler Blaster Disguise Costumes Energy Sword
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S03 EP03 Mattel HALO Action Figures Wave 2
Mattel's HALO action figures Wave 2 including a look at the two store exclusives. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/shop
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Energon-os Radio Jingles in Disguise
Neil Kaplan and Peter Spellos reprise their iconic roles from Transformers Robots in Disguise as Optimus Prime and Sky-Byte. Killer 2D art by Josh Perez kicks this skit up another notch! Written and directed by Randall Ng along with creative input from his son (aka the Mini Chief). https://www.facebook.com/pages/Neil-Kaplan/92511143541 http://www.peterspellos.com/ http://dyemooch.deviantart.com/ http://www.randallng.com http://www.ngsmoov.com
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S01 EP02 Mattel Halo Rip Spin Warriors
Randall is at it again with his son, teaching the ins and outs of video production in a fun way. Taught him about editing and sound in post. A look at Mattel's new Rip Spin Warriors this time. They also have original and various characters from other well loved franchises as well.
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S01 EP04 TYCO RC ONI Anti-Tank Warthog
Welcome to the world of TYCO RC Halo style! We take a look at this cool new toy and show you its features!
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Stan Bush: Never Surrender (official music video)
Stan Bush's latest album, Change the World, releases 09.22.2017. Get the new "Change The World" LP feat. Never Surrender, in iTunes right now: http://apple.co/2wafdn3 Directed and produced by Randall Ng of NGSMOOV
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Official BotCon2012 Figure Reveal
Starscream attempts to reveal the first BotCon2012 exclusive figure, but... Voice: Gregg Berger as GRIMLOCK Voice: DR. SM00V as Starscream CGI: RandallNg Concept: Pete Sinclair Directed by: RandallNg Produced for Fun Publications http://www.BotCon.com
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S02 E03 Jada METALS Master Chief
A really nice little addition to your HALO collection. Although not 100% die-cast, most of it is. This product looks even better out of the box.
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S01 EP03 Mattel Halo 12 in Action Figures
Randall's son got some more toys from Mattel's Halo line to look over and show. These affordable figures are durable and actually a lot of fun to play with. Not much to say, they are made tough for playing rough!
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A Special Message from Bumblebee himself, Dan Gilvezan
Dan Gilvezan would like to thank everyone who came out to Dallas, Texas this year to meet him. Till all are one! Bumblebee: Dan Gilvezan - http://www.dangilvezan.com Model and animation: Randall Ng - http://www.randallng.com Produced by NGSMOOV Animation - http://www.ngsmoov.com
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S02 E05 New HALO Books!
This concludes Season 02. It's been a great learning experience for the Mini Chief and it's been great sharing the craft with him. Spending time with family is important. We hope you have found these videos helpful in your purchase decisions and maybe even informed you of products you didn't know were produced. Be safe everyone and take care.
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RETROCON 2012 Convention Promotional Video
Special thanks to the Lord of the Thundercats, Larry Kenney for graciously lending his voice. Retrocon is on November 11, 2012 in Oaks, PA. See you at the show! http://www.retrocons.com Sword of Omens model and promo created/written by Randall Ng. Special thanks to Rosemary Ward and Tony Tuski.
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BotCon 2013 Official Convention Promo: Blaster vs Soundwave
BotCon 2013 is June 27-30 in San Diego, CA. www.BotCon.com Special Guests include: David Sobolov, James Horan, Wally Burr, Jason Jansen, the writers and voice cast from Rescue Bots, actor Glenn Morshower, and many of your favorite Transformers artists! p.s. Thanks for 5 million views on Gangnam Style ft. Transformers!
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Bumblebee and Me - Dan Gilvezan
Read "Bumblebee & Me" and learn the true story behind Bumblebee's early days. "Bumblebee & Me" is available at Amazon.com in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats. http://www.amazon.com/Bumblebee-Me-Life-G1-Transformer/dp/1467929565/ref=tmm_pap_title_0 VOICE of Bumblebee by DAN GILVEZAN http://www.dangilvezan.com book cover art by RosemaryWard. http://screamer.alt-world.com produced byNGSMOOV http://www.ngsmoov.com directed and animated by RandallNg
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S03 E05 HALO Mega Construx sets
We received some really awesome sets to build and share some close ups of these HALO Mega Construx sets. Over the years, the plastic and build quality has continued to improve. If you're a HALO fan or just love really cool builds, check these and other sets out. www.halowaypoint.com @halogear @halo
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This is as close as you'll get Randall Ng to make a Harlem Shake video. So, please STOP ASKING, it's not going to happen! Thank you for over 3 million views on the Gangnam Style ft Transformers video.
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS - S02 EP02 Forerunner Phaeton 6" Replica
We are at it again. The Forerunner Phaeton 6 inch replica by Dark Horse is really nice and great for display for any Halo fan. http://www.halowaypoint.com http://www.darkhorse.com http://www.twitter.com/theminichief
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The Mini Chief OVERVIEWS SPECIAL - S0X EP01 Robotech VF-1S
KitzConcept created a great Super Deformed version of the iconic VF-1S! Die cast construction and superb detailing shows a lot of care went into this product. Complete with LED light features and full triple transformation! The Mini Chief loves anime and has always loved Skull Leader! Order it online at http://www.robotech.com
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Bumblebee "Nothing Beats a Classic" Teaser
Continuing what we started back in 2007 TRANSFORMERS:Generation One Bumblebee voiced by DAN GILVEZAN (Thank you!!!) Models and Animation by RANDALLNG http://www.dangilvezan.com http://www.randallng.com (Music from SF Rush 2049 by Michael Henry)
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