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The Who, Woodstock 1969 - Pete's closing solo
The Who's closing performance at Woodstock 1969, which includes Townshend's classic stage performance at the end. This embodies all that is rock, and is the best example of how Townshend in his prime was a no-bull guitar player raging with energy and absolute dominance on stage. This is one of the earliest flourishes of punk in my opinion.
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A Tribute to Syd Barrett
RIP Roger "Syd" Barrett 1946-2006. Pile on many more layers, and I'll be joining you there. Shine on you crazy daimond.
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Wont Get Fooled Again - Acoustic
Pete Townshend, the poWer chord master himself, performing an acoustic version of Wont Get Fooled Again from the DVD "Classic Albums: Who's Next". Gotta love this version.
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Hendrix On Dick Cavett show, classic quote
A funny scene from Jimi's appearance on the Dick Cavett show. He's not trying to be funny here, just a bit sarcastic and honest. For everyone who is obessed with the "time traveler" to the left, that's Robert Downey Sr. -- as in Robert Downey Jr's dad.
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Scene from Back to the Future : REDUX
A parody of the famous skateboard-chase scene in the original Back to the Future movie
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Newport Beach brawl 4th of July, guys and girls fighting
Drunken kids brawling in the "mean boardwalks" of Newport Beach. Happy Birthday 'Merica!
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Rave on Ortega Hwy
After a nice scenic drive on Ortega Highway, there's one more thing left to do: dance. This one goes out to all the Lake Elsinore peeps. And all the bikers who drove by and were strangely aroused.
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Harlem Shake Original Version
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SoulSorters Clan presents: The 6/11 Travesty
An overdramatic production using in-game footage from Battlefield 2, starring and filmed by the SoulSoulorters Clan
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