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Reading Phonograms: Montessori Dwyer Phonogram Folders
This presentation demonstrates how to introduce the Muriel Dwyer phonogram folders to the young child (around age 4 to 6). This work follows a long and detailed sequence of work in the Montessori language program. That preparation is essential for success with these materials. Prerequisite works are as follows: SPOKEN LANGUAGE • Listen & Do • Conversations at a picture • Tongue twisters • True stories • Poetry • Songs • Books • Spoken classifications • Enrichment of vocabulary • Sound games WRITING • Sandpaper letters • Movable alphabet • Metal insets • The recording process READING • Phonetic reading (Phonetic object box, Phonetic 3-part cards, Phonetic word cards, Phonetic activity cards) • Phonogram reading (Phonogram object box, Phonogram 3-part cards, Phonogram lists) • Puzzle words A few notes on the video. First, Julia is pretending she has a child working with her. Each time she says, "you can do" something, you would typically step back and let the child do the action. You want the child to put their hands on the materials as soon as they have had a clear example of how to handle them skillfully. The adult should become less and less necessary. Next, The materials themselves are not ideal. The books should not have a sideways version of the letters on the inside front cover, the covers should be red, and the word choice is not optimal. Maitri Learning is working on creating its own version of the Dwyer folders for release in 2018. For more information, read the Pedagogy Blog at https://www.maitrilearning.com/blogs/montessori-pedagogy Presented/filmed by two Montessori primary guides Julia Volkman and Carly Riley.
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Reading & dyslexia: A neuroscientific perspective
This video is meant for anyone who is interested in dyslexia, a form of human variability that confers challenges as well as gifts. This includes a brief history of language development, a review of typical reading development/pathways, and a discussion of the neuroscientific research on dyslexia, possible causes for the different types of dyslexia, and suggestions for interventions.
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Using Montessori Word Study Charts
This is a short lesson on how to present Word Study Charts. Materials provided by Maitri Learning.
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Using Montessori Word Study Cards
This is a short video lesson on how to present word study cards.
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Using Montessori Word Study Cards with Control Charts
This is a short lesson on how to present our word study cards that include a control chart (so children may independently check their own work).
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Libertas Phonogram Reading Cards
This child is just beginning to read independently using Maitri Learning's 3-Part Phonogram Reading Cards. He has already read the word labels, matched them to a photo, and laid out the control cards (on the bottom) to check his work. Watch as he finds and fixes his own error. Being able to fix one's own mistakes is vey beneficial for learning.
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JALTCALL 2016 Reply
This was my response to the questions I received from attendees at the 2016 spring JALTCALL conference in Tokyo, Japan.
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Libertas math
Maitri Learning's Subtraction Math Equation Cards in use at Libertas Public Montessori school in Memphis
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