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MLP: Fighting is Magic- Octavia's Theme (EXTENDED VERSION) {Cello Strike}
I love MLP Fighting is Magic and Tavi's theme so much that I decided to maybe make an extended version of it. :P I don't own the song or art, I just put the image in and tinkered with the music strip on the timeline, and I definitely don't own copyright to MLP, that belongs to Hasbro and DHX. Not the original theme of Octavia in Fighting is Magic. MLP belongs to Hasbro and DHX. The original song is not Cello Strike, that was just the name I thought for it. It's actually Track 7 from Vigilante 8, an old PS1 game. Art made by Galaxyart: http://galaxyart.deviantart.com/ Make sure to send in a like, a fav, and a sub. It helps out a lot to know there are some people who see my videos! :D
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GMV: Linkin Park- No More Sorrow ~SAMPLE~
And here it is! A sample for a GMV that is in the making right now! I decided to copy out some scenes from the video and put them into a little sample clip but do not worry! This is only a sample and is not the final video! The final video will be longer, better, more accurate, more games may be added or present games in this video may be removed, and there may be scenes shown in this sample that'll be altered, added, or removed in the final video! So do not think of this as a spoiler alert for what'll be in my final video, but more of a sample and a show-off video of how great I have became at making GMV's! Tips and some advice would be great for improving my skills. Requests for video games to show up in the final GMV will be fine for this one since this is a firstie and I'd just like to be nice to those who see this sample before the final GMV is released. Note that I will be removing this sample when the actual video is uploaded to You Tube. This was only a sample and not the final product so... yeah, you can see why. lol :P NOTE: I do NOT own copyright ownership of content used in this video, I've only fit the clips in with the music! I DO NOT create ANY of these videos for profit BUT for entertainment purposes ONLY! Copyright ownership goes to their responsible developers who have created the content used in this video. Copyright Infringement NOT INTENDED! Games used in sample: -Assassin's Creed III -Bioshock 2 -Dragon Age 2 -Dark Souls II -Star Craft II -World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Song used: Linkin Park- No More Sorrow I hope you enjoy this sample! Please smash that like button, crack the subscribe tab, and break that favorite icon! I appreciate it and it helps out a ton to know that my videos aren't or won't be ghost clips just floating about on You Tube, unnoticed and unseen by the millions of people online! :D
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L$D Tank'$ Mu$ic Demon$tration
This is a demonstration of my addon, "L$D Tank'$ Mu$ic" You can find it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=490567403 I hope you enjoy the demonstration and my addon! It's my first one! ***I DON'T OWN ANYTHING, I ONLY PUT TOGETHER THE ADDON!***
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