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Eddystone Lighthouse (14 miles out) Plymouth UK
The published height of the Eddystone lighthouse is 161ft (49m). The 'stump' beside with respect to the Eddystone has to be in the region of 30ft minimum. 8" curve /mile squared? Guess not folks!!
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Spitfire (Supermarine) at Plymouth Hoe Armed Forces Day
This is why my generation and all subsequent generations, of UK are here and will be here, thanks to the so very few Notice how the wing tips are clipped, this was an enhancement to improve the roll rate. Filmed at Devil's Point, Plymouth.
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Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 2200 repair & test, an adhoc view
Repair to an auld music centre...top quality German engineering!
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Aberthaw Coal Power Station
View of the power station from Watchet harbour across the Bristol Channel 14 miles.
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Quick Look! Real HDTV satellite footage of earth over the moon!!
Oh come on please! I have seen better video game rendering! Do they think we are all stupid. I couldn't believe the chat comments, whoopedy-doooing!
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Particles don't exist!! We and everything are made of fields of stuff
Everything that we see, smell, touch & taste are made up of energy fields, 3 to be precise arranged in a way so diverse it's amazing. Thanks to David Tong for a factual presentation for once. I hope he continues to have a long and successful career. Nice one! Thanks to ally bee, again, for the original link to it, nice one again bud.
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Julian Danzer's defence of ion engine
Offer is open ended Mr Danzer...let's discuss in real time as gentlemen. I promise to treat you with all respect and dignity as I would expect. Also please bring along any field experts to back you up and feel free to make me look as if I have no idea at all what it is, I'm talking or trying to talks about.
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ION Engines?????????????????????????
A brief overview of how ion thrust engines supposedly work. According wikipedia ion engines work as thus: There are two basic styles of ion engines, electrostatic and electromagnetic. An electrostatic ion engine works by ionizing a fuel (often xenon or argon gas) by knocking off an electron to make a positive ion. The POSITIVE ions then diffuse into a region between two charged grids that contain an electrostatic field. Right ionised gas has a net +ve charge accelerating towards a +ve plate initially, surely like poles repel don't they!
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Cox's flat earther arsehole statement
Really not a professional stance from one who is so respected, reveared in the community of science. To make a statement such as the one he did, as shown, at the end of my presentation just re-inferrs to me that he is no different to any other globetard shill. Be a bit more professional Mr Cox, thank you.
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Sir Patrick Moore and a brief history of Flat Earth
Edit: I did say 186,000miles/hour...it should be 186,000miles/second, slip of the tongue. Sir Patrick Moore a famous British astronomer and xylophone player was a great independent thinker (critical thoughts) and recognised others as having critical thoughts of their own. Mr Bradbury was one such chap who he interviewed on tv and mentions him and others, as independent thinkers, in his book called 'Can You Speak Venusian' as a guide to independent thinkers... Here is the lnk to the full published book: https://archive.org/details/CanYouSpeakVenusian This is a great & must read. Could you imagine the idiots on the tv writing something like this Brian Cox for eg? He would be dropped like a hot potato. Imagine if we knew what we had in Sir Patrick Moore, what would he be worth to the world today, a true gent, a man for his time and also an independent thinker and supporter of others alike. I have come to become an independent thinker in terms of my surrounding etc I can only wish I could have recognised this in my youth. Way to go Patrick, I hope you have all the answers now, or perhaps I hope you don't, in order that you can still pursue your passion for all time as you did in your life here. God bless ya man!
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ISS, UK from above to scale?
Just an obvious observation in a short presentation to show how easy it is to look at something and realise something is wrong.
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Brian Cox's  Ball & Feathers
The video was NOT a complete view of the 'fall' this is potentially, maybe an edited version of what may have happened...perhaps!!!
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For Tom ( A new VXR'er)
For Tom, drivin in my GTC VXR..a bit too brief of a video of Tom driving, he did do a bit more though. More to come...
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BTIC...Life of Ball Brian part 2
Not meaning to offend anyone, just a bit of light heartedness in amongst all the current garbage happening. To give people a laugh in general.
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20 Questions
I used the 20 Questions from John Smith, inspired by Beyond The Imaginary Curve, thanks to Del for the inspiration and motivation and to everyone else continuing with the Flat Earth proof.
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High Altitude Footage earth, sun and a little moon!
Inspired by Ephesians 6:12 thanks!! Music by Amos Lee, just discovered him, apparently he wrote the Game of Thrones theme. I have never watched it, nor will I, I guess.
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Yes, another hangout with Ally Bee
Discussing relevant news bites from the scientific medium enslaving our environment in complete hogwash. We intend to breakdown so succinctly (the news, not the environment)
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Life of Ball Brian Part 5
Brian Finds out his father is a ball earther! & NASA fan boy
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Nice drive out to Slapton Sands today. Fortnuately there was a massive container ship on the horizon, you could hardly make it out with your eye. Zooming in with the P900, shows it below the water line, not it's actual water line but the focused in choppy waves that are nearer to me, or my camera. This gives the impression it has dropped but we cannot see the waves further beyond the perspective because they are that much smaller. Can you see if the ship has leant over on one side? Probably not, it looks level to me too. I wanted to speak with people during the filming, but my wife gets quite irritated with me if I do lol. Thanks to...... 'stealthy300' for the use of his song.
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ISS ESD Video 1
ESD = ElectroStatic Discharge. I was wondering how the ISS is 'grounded' out ie it's external surfaces. If the structure is high up within the ionosphere then I would expect the surfaces to become statically charged to varied amounts over it's surfaces. Especially as there are numerous looking materials in use, from metal, cloth to plastics of which each would have differing charge amounts with respect to time and level. I would like anyone to please info me any further information in relating to ESD resolution on the ISS, or rather the prevention of discharge occurrances for eg. I mention in the video about Langmuir probes, which measure the external plasma field (density?) Surely, the measurement is only as good as the field next to the probe? Perhaps this is beyond my scope of understanding the issues for the ISS but again welcome any information that may help in further understanding these sensitive issues. Potentially another nail in the coffin (no pun intended). Edit: I had looked for data regarding the Apollo missions, needless to say I found zilch apart from the capsule bench having a grounding gauze and the bonding of compartments. Nothing regarding any ESD protection on the superstructures. Thanks for watching. Apologies for the abrupt ending too
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eclipse vid
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Life of Ball Brian Part 8: Brian gets into some street activism
Whilst undertaking street activism for the PFJ or was it the PJF? Ball Brian has a close shave with the Ball Law
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P51 Cadillac of the skies..at Plymouth Hoe Armed Forces day
Shot from Devil's Point, Plymouth. The soundtrack to this aircraft is the best...could imagine the terror installed upon the axis troops hearing this thing coming! poor chaps.
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Glimpse of first stars to turn ON. It's not a GLIMPSE but a guess!!!!!!
Only by the faintest of stretched out radio signal frequency did the detection take place. No mention whatsoever of amplitude/magnitude of such waves either (twats) big bong theory (yes "Bong" may as well be)
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Stoning a flat earther..Life of Ball Brian part 3.
More shaninigans from Life of Ball Brian
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Ex-ball earther: Life of Ball Brian part 4
16,000 hrs of nothing on earth discussions 2.0
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Huawei Satellite or Balloon?
Just a very quick presentation regarding Huawei network. You decide what is up there a balloon or little boxes of tricks in orbit
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Sun Time Lapse...and so much more!!!!
I was walking in the woods one day........... Inspired by Jones SoneJ
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Sun & Moon together at Jennycliff, Plymouth, UK @ 16:46 GMT
Location 50 21' 3.47" N 4 7' 19.32" W Elevation 1m For your reference. During Eternal Padawan's hangout today.
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Sunset across Dartmoor, Devon tonight
Apologies for getting myself in the video! I was on the phone to someone in Denmark! Best to view @50% speed. It's amazing to see how the suns' effectiveness of light diminishes even though it is still in view 100%. The atmosphere must be really thick or the sun is not that bright but the atmosphere illuminates vastly because of the sun.....yada-yada-yada :)
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Lake Baikal, Russia
Rail trip through Russia, was at Irtkusk, took a car journey to Lake Baikal, end of March circa 2008. Lake frozen flat, extremes partly defrosting at time of year. What a place! 400 miles of frozen flat fresh water( 20% of earth's fresh surface water contained in this lake!) Apologies for sound and slautering Erik Satie's Gnossienne No.1, one tries! The seals are indigeneous to the lake. (Nerpa) They are so cute and tame. Hats off to our Russian friends for keeping these seals going, albeit the two in captivity were due to illness and being cared for.
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Life of Ball Brian Part 1
Just a bit of amatuerish fun and a skit on flat/globe earthers
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Storm in a T-Cup!!
More garbage rhetoric from the non gender PC twots connected with central people management
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20180419T1726 X83 Sun Liskeard ND1K&ND400 filters
Sun tracking for p900 group
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Eddystone Lighthouse with an unscheduled meet up with Etenal Padawan
Short Film, getting the Eddystone Lighthouse in from the beach at Jennycliff, Plymouth. Nice to meet up with Eternal Padawn (Dee) cool fella and thoroughly nice chap!
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Beyond The Imaginary Curve found in Bridgwater
Driving through Bridgwater, came across this sprayed on sign BTIC...nice!
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Brand New Penguins!
Yes, we have a brand new colony of penguins. Never before discovered, not even with 60 years+ of being around in the antarctic. (twats)
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USAF X-37B Experimental
Where had this been to warrant such precautions with class A hazmat suits!! and why was it there? for two years!
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FE Meet up Jennycliff, Plymouth. All welcome! 26/05/18 1pm
Saturday 26th May 2018 Jennycliff PL9 9RN
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High Altitude Video
Thanks to Ephesians_6:12
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ROSA Array failed to retract and discarded
The ROSA array deployed last week failed to retract so it could not be redployed in to the Dragon X hold. NASA decided to jettison the array assuming it would not affect any upcoming vehicle or anything! My concern is that the longerons are kevlar/carbon fibre construct and if they would burn up in the descent? Did they test for that?
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1st Satellite was a balloon
President Eisenhower made first satcomms call by BOUNCING a radio signal off of a satellite's shiny surface. Mmm no mention of sophisticated electronics to receive, boost and re-transmit the signal. ' Have we moved on from the 60's? Probably but I'll let you decide
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Sunset over the River Tamar
Nice little sunset video and an overview of current climate issues etc.
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Discussion about Smart/Neural dust
With Doomweaver2007, Martin Liedtke & shirtless and ChrisFE Jackson. originally aired 02/06/17
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Scott of the Antarctic Memorial for Peter & Pete
Just a video paying tribute to Peter & Pete channel...oh and er Scott of course regarding the memorial situated in Mount Wise, Plymouth.
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An argument with something flat, at speed
People not securing their loads properly. Lucky tbh could have come through the windscreen eh
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Evolution....my foot!!
More garbage from British B**shi* Corporation, reporting on evolution as facts and now pushing giant sharks, just as they did with dinosaurs. Lord love us & save us! Peace y'all.
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Life of Ball Brian Part 7: Brian tries to get recruited by the PFJ
Ball Brian gets recruited by Reg from the PFJ or is it the PJF or Popular F? whilst working for peanuts. I think this may get Ball Brian into some trouble in the near future.......
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