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Cycle Touring the World - Mother Nature, Weather & Me
I'm a solo woman and I've cycle toured 20 countries. Sharing moments of my experiences cycling around the world. Hoping to inspire others to walk/pedal through their fears and make their dreams a reality. Life's too short. Do it all now.
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Solo female cycling around the world ... 3 years of adventures in a 2.3 minute video .... I hope you enjoy and are inspired to begin your own adventure! Ishbel Rose Holmes (aka World Bike Girl) Book published this summer! www.worldbikegirl.com My social networks: World Bike Girl
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Cycle Touring the World: The Morning After Being Robbed
Was robbed of my camera equipment yesterday whilst cycle touring Brazil. As someone posted on my Facebook page you can't call yourself an adventurer until you've been robbed at least once. Is it going to happen again whilst I cycle tour Brazil - probably. Am I going to continue. Probably.
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THE REUNION OF MARIA & MURPHY IN SCOTLAND - 2 street dogs I rescued whilst cycling Brazil
When I was cycling across Brazil I came across 2 street dogs on separate occasions who were dying so I put them in my DoggyRide trailer and got help. After 4 months of waiting and a lot of fundraising here is the moment we are all reunited in Scotland after they arrived from from Brazil. Maria & Murphy are adorable and full of love. Murphy has only one eye and ear because he had been shot and I'm delighted he survived ready for his happy ever after! I can't thank everyone enough who helped make this happen. Love Ishbel, Maria & Murphy xxx
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20 Countries by Bicycle & I Still Can't Fix Puncture
This is a moment from cycling across Brazil where I have to fix a puncture and just can't do it. I had already cycled across 20 countries by this point which makes it all the more ridiculous. A shout out to all those who can't get the basic things right but go ahead and achieve their dreams anyway x
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Sleeping Rough in Bolivia - Cycling the World.
The country which had the most people warning me not to cycle across was Bolivia. Apparently I'd get murdered or raped. I cycled across Bolivia in 2016 with no money and no tent and sleeping rough. Cycling across Bolivia is the safest I've eve felt out of the 19 countries I've cycle toured so far.
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I'm a Big Whimp! - the Zip Line, Argentina
On a 4 day trek in El Chalten, Argentina am faced with a zip line. I'm petrified but there is no other way over.
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World Bike Girl: Dogs in Brazil
A 4500 km solo bicycle ride exploring the world of Brazil's street animals. In this video I tell the incredibly inspiring story of Dogs in Brazil. If you are involved in animal rescue in Brazil please make contact - I am doing these videos for free as I cycle Brazil to share your story with the world!
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Cycling the Patagonian Island of Tierra del Fuego
Cycling the World : South America Stage
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I'm into the 16th country of my world tour by bicycle. So what am I packing in my pannier bags?
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World Bike Girl - Bicycle Touring the World - Myth # 1
Myth # 1: You need a good sense of direction to cycle the world.
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The Fedex Protest
Fedex USA accept payments in USA for delivery of parcels to Bolivia knowing the minimum collection charge the receiver at delivery end must pay in addition is $50. One woman stands her ground this is unethical practice by sitting on the floor of Fedex office in Bolivia and having a one woman protest along with thousands of friends across social media. This was the day the hashtag #releasethetent swept across Twitter and Facebook and victory was the woman!
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I Love My Bicycle!
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Solo Female Cycling the World - Preparing for the Bolivian Jungle - 2016
For the first time ever on World Bike Girl I talk about my experience of cycling over the Andes mountains to reach Bolivia camping at - 20 degrees celsius in a tent which didn't close. I speak honestly of my fears about cycling to the Bolivian jungle. This 30 minute video includes me making my own tent out of 2 hula hoops.
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Just Been Robbed - My Review of Pentax K50 Camera
Here's my review of the Pentax K50 Camera moments after I've been robbed of it in Brazil.
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Cycling Around the World, Solo Female, Year One, 2014
Music is 'Tonight, Tonight', my favorite song ever from The Smashing Pumpkins - buy the track on iTunes.
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I'm solo woman exploring Brazil by bicycle. Brazil is my 16th country on my cycling world tour.
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A Day in the Rice Fields of Iran
A day in the rice fields of Taromsar, Iran
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Wonderful World for Lucy our Street Dog RIP
This video is the memories of Lucy our Street Dog who died in Turkey 2015 but is forever in our hearts. May we continue to rescue and educate with love in our hearts to make the world a better place for it's animals. It's their home too and just because we are human does not give us the right to cause them harm and suffering. Much appreciation to James Gasko in USA for creating this memory video for us. WBG xxx
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Cycling the Salt Plain, Bolivia July 2016
After 2 years of cycling the world solo I met a couple in the last town in Chile before cycling over the Andes into Bolivia. We decided to share the next few hundred miles and here is a moment cycling across the largest Salt Plain in the world: Saler de Uyuni, Bolvia. If you are a cyclist - add it to the top of your bucket list.
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I Cycled to the King Penguins!
The King Penguins, Tierra del Fuego, Chile, South America
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4000 Metres Above Sea Level By Bicycle (Video 1)
Reaching 4000 metres high by bicycle. 65 kg of equipment, 7 days food & 3 days water. The Andes mountains Chile to Bolivia.
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4000 Metres Above Sea Level by Bicycle (Video 2)
Going a bit daft at altitude - not enough oxygen. Reaching 4000 metres. Cycling over the Andes from Chile into Bolivia with 65 kg of bike, equipment, 7 days food & 3 days water.
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The Patagonia Wind
Cycling into Chile from Argentina
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Arriving to Uyuni Bolivia on Bicycle - 3656 m above sea level!
Uyuni is the first 'big' town in Bolivia after crossing the Andes by bicycle from Chile. It is the gateway to the biggest salt plain in the world. The way people dress is such a fascination to me. So different.
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Melt Down
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For my friends. I miss you so much and I think of you all the time. Cycling the world means I'm not beside you. Which is pretty crap. But it's you guys who keep me pedalling through my darkest moments. Which is usually into a headwind. lol. You are all amazing and unique and I love you. Here's to friendship and being the luckiest girl on the planet to have such awesome friends. Ishbel xxx
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Lucy the Street Dog Teaches her Boyfriend Dave how to Dig a Hole - cute!
Lucy the Street Dog sees her boyfriend Dave make a bit of a fool of himself in front of another dog. She rushes over to put things right and show him how to dig a hole - so cute & funny! I rescued Lucy on my world tour by bicycle and we are currently hanging out on Calis Beach, Turkey waiting until she can fly to a family in UK who will love and care for her. Whilst we are waiting Lucy has picked up a boyfriend who is much smaller than her and seems to be much dumber ...
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Paragliding Oludeniz
Paragliding off Mount Babadag in Oludeniz, Turkey to help street cats & dogs by raising money for Animal Aid charity. Incredible views over Oludeniz one of the top 5 beaches in the world. Thank yo auto everyone who donated - we raised £500!
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La Scottish : Hard as Nails
"This looks warm" Leaving the End of the World, Argentina.
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Lucy's 1st Time in her DoggyRide Trailer
Lucy & WBG's 1st time using DoggyRide Novel Cycling Trailer! Calis Beach Front, Turkey. Thank you everyone for making it happen :-)
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Tired and Hungry
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Murphy's Rescue
When cycling Maria to get help at Dogs in Brazil I came across another street dog needing urgent veterinary treatment. Turns out he had been shot. This video shows us sitting on pavement overnight in a town in Brazil waiting for vets to open next morning. Check out accompanying blog post 'Murphy's Rescue' on worldbikegirl.com
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The Starving Cyclist. Sorry mate!
Greg also known as The Starving Cyclist has been riding the world 4 years today! Happy Anniversary Greg! He asked me to get him stickers. It was a fail! Sorry! You can follow Greg's adventures at thestarvingcyclist.blogspot.cl
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Cycling into Chile
The Patagonian head wind robs me of any joy.
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An explanation of Scottish words by a Scottish girl cycling around the world. Currently in Iran.
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Lucy's in the Dog House
Lucy the street dog stars in 'Operation Steal the Cat Food' at a Cat Pod for street cats in Calis, Turkey
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Cycling Paradise
Cycling in Koycegiz, Turkey on my Round the World Tour by Bicycle - This is one of my favorite places on earth so far ...
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Maria playing in her happy new life, no longer a street dog.
Maria is a street dog I rescued whilst bicycle touring Brazil - these are her first days reunited with me in Scotland. Look how happy she is! Thank you to everyone who made this happen.
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Lucy Likes to Dig
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Boggin! Clarty! Mingin! Mockitt! Manky!
Scottish words explained as I'm travelling around the world.
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The Dug
Scottish words explained as a Scottish girl cycles around the world. The Dug.
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Moment Lucy Learns to Play with a Ball!
Lucy didn't know how to play with a ball. This is the moment she began ...
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Lucy loves Quarantine
Lucy has3 months of a quarantine period before I can fly her to her new family in UK - she is loving it. It's a dogs life ...
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