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Bingo en Español
Playing Bingo on the bus back to Lima.
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Bus Ride Back to Lima
None of the videos I recorded did justice to the crazy driving/drivers of Peru. Though these videos seem tame, our car/bus rides were the scariest part of our trip. Traffic laws are more like guidelines... There's lots of honking, cutting people off/passing people on winding mountain roads, and even creating your own lane when need be.
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Luke spitting drone.
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Ride back to Huaraz from the Way Inn
Out-the-window video of our ride from the Way Inn back to Huaraz.
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Micah's beard
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Night Bus Ride to Huaraz
This is a short clip of our hellish bus ride to Huaraz. We had to take the night bus due to the transportation strike. They played obnoxious music for at least an hour. Then they played a bootleg copy of Star Trek for our viewing pleasure. After that, I thankfully fell asleep so I'm not sure what other torture passengers were subjected to. We got on the bus around 10 PM (if I'm not mistaken). The bus ride was approximately 8 hours long.
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Acclimatization Hike to the Way Inn
Short vid of the trail to the Way Inn.
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Picking up our cook and donkey driver
About to start hiking the Santa Cruz.
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Wes beard
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Cassie getting the bees off.
Removing the bees once the bee beard is finished
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Luke's Beard
Luke getting the bees dumped on his face.
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Bees in the face
Wes gets bees dumped on his face.
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Drone in the mouth.
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Steep climb.
Santa Cruz, Andes, Peru
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Machu Pichu
Machu Pichu, July 2009.
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Bus back to Lima
Taking the bus back to Lima on market day.
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Camp Site
Can't remember which night... ?
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Our donkeys are passing us
Every day during our trek, our donkeys would pass us. This video shows them fast approaching. It ALSO proves that we were not the only people panting like asthmatic fat kids on the trail!
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Final Camp Site
Camp Site of night no. 5.
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Spitting drone.
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Beginning the Santa Cruz.
Short clip of the first day of hiking the Santa Cruz.
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Over the pass
This video was taken on our descent of the Santa Cruz.
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Local Girl Gets a Kick Out of the Camera
@ the Way Inn.
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4750 M Above Sea Level
View of the Santa Cruz, Andes, Peru.
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Blanco and Gringo
Our two hard-working emergency horses.
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Finished trekking, riding back to Huaraz
This is a glimpse of the often terrifying ride back to Huaraz. Very steep, very rough, very winding. If you listen closely, you can hear our guide telling us that we will see lots of crosses as we navigate down the mountain. These crosses, like in the US, signify that a fatal accident occurred at the site.
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Market in Yungay.
Short clip of eating breakfast in the Yungay market. Yep, chicken noodle soup.
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Camp Site
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Micah's beard
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Ride back to Huaraz.
Pardon my poor cameraman skills. This video simply illustrates the bumpiness of the ride.
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Cassie's 3rd Attempt
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Santa Cruz
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Wes beard
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Jurassic Park
Santa Cruz, Peru. The trail reminded us of Jurassic Park. So, here's a short vid with some music for your viewing pleasure.
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Shaping Luke's Beard
Shaping Luke's Bee Beard. Mom getting attacked by an angry bee.
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