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Fighting is Magic - Derpy Hooves Stage Theme
Shortened from the 10 hour version. As of now this is one of only two videos of this soundtrack left on Youtube. I uploaded this just in case the extended version went down so that it wouldn't be gone if it did, and since it did, I'm glad I uploaded it. Please enjoy it.
C&C Red Alert 2 - "Grinder" Extended
Soundtrack from Westwood Studios' RTS game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, extended for about 30 minutes. No one had done it yet. Composer: Frank Klepacki I do not use this account anymore. I've switched to this account: https://plus.google.com/+PrimethePrimarinaPKMN This account is attached to that one.
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Vinyl Scratch spins on a record player for 10 minutes while I play fitting music
You spin me right round pony, right round, like a record pony, round, round, round, round.
FFTA - Beyond the Wasteland - Remix
Not mine. I think this was made by Square Enix. All credit goes to them if it was. Otherwise, all credit goes to the remixer.
Golden Sun: Main Theme (Calm Wind Arrangement)
NOT MINE I found this awesome remix of Golden Sun's main theme on the internet, and it hadn't been uploaded to YouTube, so I decided to be the first to do it.
TF2 Spy Laugh
Spy's famous snort laugh.
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 6 - Air's Rock
Now inside the mountain of Air's Rock, Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden begin to solve the puzzles of the temple inside the mountain. After entering the most important chamber in the mountain, Sheba gains the Reveal Psynergy!
Ed says "Pet the chicken!" for 10 minutes
Pet the chicken, pet the chicken.
Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Star Magician Battle
Only two summons were used throughout the entire video - Procne and Ramses. I normally have a firm belief against using summons against bosses, but I only used them because I had used some Djinn that were now on standby, and summoning them would be faster than individually setting each one. By the way, when I selected Flare instead of Inferno at 8:32, that was an accident. I meant to cast Inferno. XD Sorry that the audio is behind the video; I don't know why it's doing that. Party levels: Felix: 41 Jenna: 41 Sheba: 41 Piers: 41 Isaac: 47 Garet: 46 Ivan: 46 Mia: 46
We Bare Bears Ruined Vine - Grizz hates the food truck guy
I didn't make this. Episode: Food Truck
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 8 - Werewolves and Maha!
After meeting the leader of Garoh, a werewolf named Maha who has lost his ability to transform into a human, we speak to him about the people of Garoh, and learn that werewolves aren't so strange after all!
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 7 - Yampi Desert and Werewolves!
After exiting Air's Rock, we head back to Mikasalla briefly, and then enter the arid Yampi Desert, and battle a boss. But before getting through the rest of the dungeon, we head to the village of Garoh, which is home to a strange race of people who can transform into werewolves!
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 11 - Kibombo
After leaving the village of Naribwe, we cross through the Kibombo Mountains, which are being patrolled by armed guards from a village named Kibombo, at the heart of Gondowan. After crossing through the mountains, we find the Mercury Adept whom we had seen earlier, Piers, who is attempting to retrieve his black orb that had been stolen by the Kibombo. Piers joins our quest, and while the black orb may not seem important, it is essential to our quest!
Big Hero 6 - Hiro meets Baymax
Hiro meets Baymax for the first time.
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 3 - Dekhan Plateau, Madra, and Osenia
Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden exit the Dekhan Plateau to find themselves on the southern end of the mountains separating Daila and Madra. They find a strange boat which may possibly belong to the late Saturos and Menardi, and enter a village named Madra, which had just been sacked by pirates. After getting permission to cross the bridge, Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden enter another new continent named Osenia.
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 9 - Alhafra and Briggs
After exiting Garoh and crossing through the rest of the Yampi Desert, we find the city of Alhafra, which had also been hit hard by the same tidal wave that had struck Daila. Inside the boat docked on the coast of Alhafra, we battle a pirate named Briggs and his goons!
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 5 - Air's Rock, Part 2
After heading back to Mikasalla for a brief time, Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden continue to climb Air's Rock, to gain the Psynergy called Reveal, which will be vital in their quest.
Pinkie Pie: "I FOUND HER!" for 5 minutes
Pinkie Pie finds Applejack. S2E14: The Last Roundup
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 2 - Exploring Indra
Finding themselves on a new continent after the tidal wave, Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden begin exploring the continent of Indra, that Idejima had slammed into after the tidal wave. We enter our first dungeon, find a Jupiter Djinni, and enter the Dekhan Plateau!
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 1 - Prologue, Venus Lighthouse, Idejima
In the first episode of Golden Sun: the Lost Age, we take the role of Jenna, Felix, and Sheba as they exit the Venus Lighthouse while their masters Saturos and Menardi battle Isaac and his companions. Now playing as the antagonists, our new quest is to light the Jupiter and Mars Lighthouses, not prevent them from being lit! However, the Venus Lighthouse reacts violently to being lit, pushing Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden into a new land, literally. In this new land, we find a small, quaint village named Daila which had been hit hard by the tidal wave that slammed Idejima into Indra. After that, we enter our first dungeon!
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 10 - Gondowan
After apprehending the pirate Briggs and his men, we head into the central continent of Gondowan, where we find a Mercury Djinni and a new village!
Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Briggs Boss Battle
I was at a pretty high level for this battle, so naturally it was very easy. I've been playing this game since June 2004 and I've probably beaten it about fifteen times, so that's definitely a factor too.
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 4 - Air's Rock, Part 1
After entering the large southern continent of Osenia, Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Kraden find a small, idyllic village named Mikasalla, and buy some valuable equipment to use on their quest. Afterwards, we enter the long and confusing mountain of Air's Rock, to gain a Psynergy which will be vital for our quest.
Let's Play Golden Sun: the Lost Age - Episode 12 - Gabomba Statue
Inside Kibombo, we enter the Great Gabomba Statue, and retrieve Piers' black orb. After the Gabomba Statue, we head back to the Kibombo Mountains, where we find a new Djinni friend!
Rainbow Dash: "What?"
Rainbow Dash is confused.
Me playing Age of Empires 2 - Scottish Campaign
I was just trying out my new BandiCam. This is the last mission of the learning campaign, so naturally, it's very easy. I decided to play more slowly on this one because my victory was pretty much already assured anyway. If this were a more fast-paced map or mission, I would be playing much better than this. I'm pretty good at combat on AOE2, and I can beat a Moderate AI easy - the NEW AI, not the old one.