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Everyday Geniuses Topic: Dyslexia and Learning Styles  Message to Teachers
"Great Minds" describe their experiences in a message to teachers and parents. "Great Minds" Video Clips visit www.mainstreamconnections.org Book Series Endorsement: "It is hard to overstate how much better children are served if they believe, rightly, that their efforts to improve academically actually make a difference. Research by Dr. Carol Dweck and colleagues has shown, in impressive detail, that children's beliefs about the nature of intelligence--as being either malleable or fixed--can greatly impact both their attitude towards learning and their academic achievement. It is far better to believe in a malleable rather than a fixed notion of intelligence. Thus it is a delight to see books like the present one put much needed, and scientifically credible, tools in the hands of educators, parents, and children. " Dr. Jeremy Gray, Yale University Professor of Psychology
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"Don't you ever grow up..." Happy Birthday! I Love You!
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Learning Styles Strengths and Weaknesses
"Great Minds" describe their experiences in a message to teachers and parents. "Great Minds" Video Clips - www.mainstreamconnections.org "The Mainstream Connections Children's Book Series conveys a message that could have been lifted straight from a psychology research journal: there is more than one way to define 'being smart'.  As these stories illustrate, for every person, large and small, there are skills that are relatively difficult to master and others that seem to come more naturally. These books emphasize the important empirical conclusion that just as regular exercise makes the body stronger, so, too, does practice and the effort to improve academically--with all the struggle, fatigue, and initial failure that it entails--allow people to capitalize on the malleable nature of human intelligence." Dr. Samuel R. Sommers, Tufts University Professor of Psychology Department of Psychology. Dr. Sommers is the creator and organizer of Tufts' Diversity & Cognition colloquium series
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Childhood, Education, Learning Styles, Psychology
"Great Minds" Childhood, Education, Learning Styles www.mainstreamconnections.org "Over the years I have witnessed great advances in our understanding of learning styles. Yet I have been struck with how little progress we have made in translating this research into words and practices that students and their parents can use. The books of the Mainstream Connections series are honest but positive, helpful without preaching, and they are readable but not too simplistic. I have no doubt these books will touch the hearts and minds of many, and help some lost children find good in themselves." Dr. Jeffrey Gilger, Purdue University College of Education Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development. Dr. Gilger has been a reviewer for over 40 journals and publishers in the areas of education, psychology, and medicine.
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Everyday Geniuses
Everyday Geniuses discuss their learning styles visit www.mainstreamconnections.org "In a simple book series, Barbara Esham has completed something very complicated and very important for us to understand about education. Each story demonstrates to children and the adults around them that it is important to ask questions when you do not understand something, to reach out and help others who are struggling, and to appreciate that everyone has talent even if it not the same as your talent. In addition to showing the importance of putting effort into one's work, the stories tell us all (children and adults) that understanding oneself is very important in success. As someone who researches the impact of diversity on performance and attitudes, it is very refreshing to read stories about how being "different" is not a bad thing, but something that can be a source of pride and achievement. I may have my college and graduate students read this series in my courses because I see them struggling with some of the same issues. I know I learned some things from the series about myself and about how to treat others!" Paul H. White, Ph.D., OPL, University of Utah Professor of Psychology Dr. White's research interests focus on attitudes and persuasion; prejudice and stereotyping; and group processes
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Diego’s SeaWitch Event
Tim Caruso meet me at Diego’s SeaWitch Party? Your Friend P
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