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Dragon Nest SEA Level 80 Majesty in Black Dragon Memoria I
Testing Gravity Switch EX's damage and flexibility. It's perfect, if not for its long CD. Sorry if the songs annoy some, I've been listening to dj-Jo's remixes recently. Music used Unravel feat. Hatsune Miku dubstep remix by dj-Jo Fairy Tail main theme glitch hop dubstep remix by dj-Jo
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 80 Artillery in Black Dragon Memoria I
Artillery again. Got double BDN Ls on it with some help. DPS potential looks great, quite close to my Majesty in terms of solo power despite being less geared and less debuffs to work with! Artillery is an amazing class. It just needs a good Majesty to go along with it.. ah. Have plans to gear it further. Till next time! Music credits: Tobu & Marcus Mouya - Running Away Amalee - aLIEz (Aldnoah.Zero)
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 70 Majesty Black Dragon Memoria 1 Ogre 1:19
Found that this is trending among the other DN versions for measuring DPS. Attempted to do one myself. Completed BDN L weapons +13. Full FD and Critical rate, 224% Critical damage, 60% Dark elemental
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Dragon Nest SEA Anu Arendel's Ordeal Nest (Challenge Nest) 2:59 run
As most of you may have noticed, I haven't uploaded any videos of this nest yet so here's one. Line up used: Majesty 100% FD Moonlord 100% FD Soul Eater 35% FD Elestra Light Fury Majesty the second, all negligible FD Till next time!
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Dragon Nest SEA 93 Smasher IDN stage 1
Currently still on RDN L main weapon. 5 IDN L pieces, short of shoe and main weapon. Skill necklace 90, Genesis Rings. Elemental, Damage debuffs present. Estimated full set completion by 17th dec with gen neck, will run again with ice after that.
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Dragon Nest SEA Awakened Saleana Ice Dragon Nest (4-man) solo
Hi, I've received many comments and questions related to job changing to Saleana. I decided to transfer my gears to another character instead, so I can play both Smasher and Saleana. There's no need to feel shy if you want to greet me when you see me in game ^^ you know who you are! Till next tiiiiiime!
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 50 Smasher ArchBishop Nest Abyss 6:05
This was actually meant to be a DPS test, but boredom got the better of me. ABN cleared 6:05 Stat and skill build will be uploaded on a separate video soon. I'm gonna be on DN a lot less for a long time, so I hope you guys enjoy this. Ciao!
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 70 Majesty gear and skill build
As many of you already know, I've been a heavy FD user since level 40. I always think that maxing out this stat is very beneficial to all classes with significant damage, downside is that it's ridiculously costly to do so. **I cannot emphasize this enough - this is NOT to be used as a benchmark for casual players. Here are my stats at 90% status for now, 10% being unique armor upgrades and maintaining FD. Till next time!
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 80 Smasher in Black Dragon Memoria I
Changed into Smasher again just hours ago thanks to the Christmas event. Here's me trying it out. There was no ROB online at the time... ugh. I'll be changing back to Majesty over the weekend. It's easier to spam skills as Smasher but that's no longer part of my interests. Majesty suits my role in the party a lot more. Till next time!
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Dragon Nest SEA 95 Black Mara in Heatwave Volcano Nest Hardcore
Casual recording lol it used to be a lot harder before
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Dragon Nest SEA 93 Smasher Awakening DDL HC rerun and Returned Typhoon Kim Nest test
Matt ~285k FD 6411 (100% lv90, 56% lv93) Ele - Dark 70.5% Main skill Laser Ray, Nine Tailed Laser, Laser Cutter. Energy Blast can be used with Spectrum EXi to reduce after cast delay but damage isn't impressive. Overall assessment, Awakened Smasher is not bad maybe, but it has a lot less action now. Much boring, such disappoint. I want to try Sal, so maybe after IDN HC. Tata~ Songs all from Aldnoah.Zero: aLIEz - Sawano Hiroyuki Keep on keeping on - Sawano Hiroyuki Breathless - Sawano Hiroyuki
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Time Attack series 2015 Week 2 Seraphimu
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 93 Smasher (awakened) Hot Sands Desert Dragon Nest
Playing around with lasers while waiting for IDN HC. I won't be changing into Maj as I've determined that it isn't worth the trouble. However, I still plan to try out Saleana, so that's... that. Till next time! BGM in order: One Punch Man OST - [S] One Punch Man OST - The Cyborg Fights One Punch Man OST - The Cyborg Walks One Punch Man OST - Inferiority One Punch Man OST - Tense One Punch Man OST - Hurry Call
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Dragon Nest SEA Majesty damage test 2 in Memoria II
Damage test again, this time in a 50% elemental resistance scenario. Stats here are 49.5k matt, 67.65% Dark attack, 63% Critical, 100% FD with Gravity Switch +1 accessory. Damage on Spitflower Ignius is somewhat unstable as the 150% bonus damage of Gravity Switch hits only the lowest HP target in the AOE in which case may be one of the water spitting flowers.
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Dragon Nest SEA Awakened Saleana in RDN HC service run
Saleana OP. I'm just no-braining my way through the nest. Her DPS is actually similar to Smasher without Hellfire, and does better on handling aggro (due to mobility advantage as compared to Smasher). Till next time~ Do let me know if you have requests for videos! I'm trying to avoid job changing for now, but I'll consider if there are merits to doing so =D
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Dragon Nest SEA 50 Smasher Archbishop Nest Abyss solo
Seraphimu from Dragon Nest SEA (Westwood) performing a solo @ Archbishop Nest (Abyss) Update run (17/10): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7copApUAqi0&feature=youtu.be Gear status: 60% Current level cap: 50 Till next time.
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Dragon Nest SEA Black Dragon Memoria 2 Level 70 Majesty Moonlord duo
Just a little weekend fun, as always. First run in Black Dragon Memoria 2 as duo. Moonlord's camera view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4XY4KvWbvI Discussion thread here: http://forum.cherrycredits.com/topic/229743-majesty-in-black-dragon-memoria-i-solo/ P.S. Cleared BDN, thanks fellow players for the wishes in game.
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 60 Smasher in Intruder's Forward Base
Hello guys! Been a while.. Some of you may remember that I enlisted into the army! I just finished basic military training and therefore have a liiiiittle bit of time for myself, so here you guys go - a video on one of the newly released maps for Suffix II. 75 weeks to go! Current level cap: 60 Gear Status: 60%. Till next time!
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 60 Smasher stats and skills
Here, made a promise to upload this before the cap release. Level 70 cap is expected to be released on 11th of February. It's actually nothing special, really. With regards to the Majesty boost, yes I'm probably gonna hop on the bandwagon and learn how to use Gravity Switch efficiently. It has many more merits as compared to Laser Cutter (aside from damage), some of which include getting full hits easier on big and small targets, less blinding animation to get you killed, and well, I guess it's just force user-like after all. In this video I have displayed my skill accessories (also known as skill techs) to hit the lv11/16 threshold of certain skills. I've been doing this for a while now but just in case people haven't already realized: there's no need for Force Mirror +1 in a raid party because you'd hit the 100% debuff cap without it. After switching to Majesty (after revamped skills are applied, and assuming Smasher gets no love), I'll probably swap my skill accessories with Tough (dark elemental bonus) accessories for roughly 21% boost in dark attack. You may have also realized I do not have Legendary grade weapons.. Well tough luck for me, haven't cleared DDN Hardcore mode haha. No rush for it though. Till next time!
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 40 Force User in Cerberus Nest Abyss
Heya, so I was away for about 2months. I was into Ladder for a bit, but I'm back to PvE now. This is how I've always expected level 40s to clear Cerberus. Could be faster, but it's a decent benchmark. Gear status: 95% Current level cap: 40 Game status: Pets released, SDN unreleased. Duo ulti unavailable. I'll update my skill build and stats on video soon. Ciao!
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Dragon Nest SEA Majesty in Mist Nest solo 13mins
This is starting to get old, but since there's nothing else better to do.. BDN is released, it's weird because it's not as tough as it seems, but it's also not going smoothly with everybody's conflicting schedules :( I'll try to update videos of BDN if my computer can cope with the lag. Till next time! ノシ Music credits: 1) Crossing Field (anime pianist ishter-kun) 2) Namae no Nai Kaibutsu (Animenz piano sheets) 3) Daydream Syndrome (Animenz piano sheets) 4) Rising Hope (anime pianist ishter-kun) 5) Only my Railgun (Animenz piano sheets) 6) Oath Sign (Animenz piano sheets) 7) Guren no Yumiya (Animenz piano sheets)
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Dragon Nest SEA Artillery in Heatwave Volcano Nest Hardcore (pre-boost)
Just leaving this here for comparison when the boost arrives.
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 70 Artillery in Guardian Nest solo
Outdated nest, new character. Starting from the basics. Will be away till 15nov, I'll update more Artillery videos then, maybe!
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Black Dragon Memoria III
As requested by FiryQueen on CC forums.
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Dragon Nest SEA Ikebukuro's Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore run cleared 14:06
I've been owing you guys this video for a while now. Due to audio issues I decided to replace the audio completely with tracks from one of my favourite music artists. [Westwood] Ikebukuro's SDN Hardcore run, no drugs whatsoever. Cleared 14:06. Ian - GanPhuaFIT (Guardian) JP - MeatBallz (Inquisitor) Mun - LaoZharBor (Destroyer) Bin - Crezeance (Moonlord) Gene - xRavey (Artillery) Jess - Acelerator (Windwalker) Nan - RivE (Saleana) Tim - Seraphimu (Smasher) Thank you for watching! 0:42 Stage 1 2:09 Stage 2 (Colored Pillars) 4:35 Stage 3 (Magma Golem) 5:16 Stage 4 (Mutant Cerberus) 5:50 Stage 5 (Lizard brothers) 6:25 Stage 6 (Rock Golem Mountan) 7:19 Dragon first phase (1) 7:50 Dragon cannon phase (2) 13:03 Sea Dragon Serpentra phase (3)
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 80 Majesty in Volcano Nest Abyss solo without death
Been a while since my last video. As usual, like everyone else, I was busy. Some of you who actually read the description may have noticed that I'm in the army... but that's no longer the case! I'm done with the army, will have more time from now on! First attempt at Volcano Nest solo in Abyss mode, defensive playstyle. Many improvements can be made. Got hit twice in the whole video.. 9:44 (due to GA cast time) and 11:02 (crystal bar mechanic, dmg reduced with eraser), Run cleared with timing 24:15 Gear status: 85% Have plans to continue Artillery! Music used: ONE OK ROCK - Keep It Real ONE OK ROCK - The Beginning ONE OK ROCK - 恋のアイボウ心ノクピド (Koi no aibou kokoro no cupid) ONE OK ROCK - 完全感覚Dreamer (Kanzen kankaku dreamer) ONE OK ROCK - アンサイズニア (Answer is near) ONE OK ROCK - Mighty Long Fall Till next time guys!
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Dragon Nest SEA Smasher Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore
Smasher Laggy run, will reupload next week
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 80 Artillery in Black Dragon Memoria II solo
Heya guys, still in the midst of gearing up. Here's a little update on Artillery's gameplay!
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Gravity Switch EX in Volcano Nest
Clearing weekly runs, best parts of 5 runs compiled. PT composition: Moonlord - Crezeance Light Fury - xDeparture Elestra - XiaoJiYeon Majesty - Seraphimu ..pretty much my favourite line up for 4man
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Dragon Nest SEA 70 Adept Memoria II solo test
So~o.. I started an Adept with a friend. It looks good, but I need much more practice to pull it off efficiently. I'm pretty much face rolling my keys here. Gear status: 70%
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Dragon Nest SEA 95 Soul Eater Green Dragon Time Attack clear
Hi. It's been a while since my last upload. I'm new to SE. It's been about 2 weeks since my class change (Dark Summoner to SE). I don't think I did a very good job playing SE, but thanks to good team members we managed to clear it just fine =D Cheers. Till next time~ Arti pov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGgGuqH9ygE SS pov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7wDeTwx8wA Stats on: http://forum.dragonnest.com/forum/sea-forum/general-topics-aa/general-discussion-aa/133011-green-dragon-nest-clear-in-sea-by-vongolavn-eden-friends
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Dragon Nest SEA party DPS test Green Dragon Nest (Hardcore mode)
Another DPS test; Ariashi - Tempest (For POV, check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbpvk_OApOk) Tsuruyaa - Artillery Crezeance - Gladiator (For POV, check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TadxQnp8FQY) ZawMage - Elestra Seraphimu - Smasher Run cleared roughly 8:55. [Edit] Ah yes, this was done without a cleric. You don't really need one after going past the level cap it's meant to be cleared at. Till next time!
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 50 Smasher & Moonlord Gigantes Nest Abyss duo 9:49
Duo run with Crezeance (www.youtube.com/Crezeance) Full run with bonus royal chest included, cleared 9:49 Videos like this aren't my speciality, but I hope this makes it less dull! Stat and skill build to be uploaded on a separate video, coming soon. Till next time, ciao!
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Dragon Nest SEA Force User solo Manticore Nest Abyss 9:16
Performing a solo at Manticore Nest in Dragon Nest SEA. Run cleared 9:16. Current level cap: 40 Additional information: Suffixes still aren't right (patch error, hope they resolve this) Gear status: 85% Seraphimu (Force User); Magic attack 3373 Critical 10.1k Dark Attack 21% Final Damage 758 (77.9%) Discussion thread here: http://forum.cherrycredits.com/forum/topics/view/ma-ma-manticore-nest-pretty-oh-please-you-exaggerate
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Dragon Nest SEA Saleana in Rune Dragon Hardcore
Saleana Town stats FD, crit, crit dmg max 591k magic 87% fire For ML POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrIzuXRj9PU
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Dragon Nest SEA Gigantes Nest Hell mode party play
Sorry it's late! Another run with Ikebukuro's "Four"midables.
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Trying out Switch Gravity EX
No nice edits, no music, nothing. Just my first try with GS EX. Removed Life(Vit, HP) jades for Wind (Agi) jades to make up for the crit difference that came with hitting level 80.
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Dragon Nest SEA Dark Summoner Rune Dragon Nest Hardcore (pre-boost)
Happy new year guys Town stats Magic 1,198,941 Dark 70.08% Crit, Crit dmg, FD max 3 Calypse 4 Rune L Epic grade costume Looking forward to the boost. Probably not as huge as Artillery's, but this will at least turn some heads. PS: Was playing with headphones connected but not worn. Did not realize iTunes was repeating a song so please mute video for better comfort lol (or not, whatever).
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Dragon Nest SEA R Level 90 Smasher in Returned Archbishop Nest & Counterattacking Manticore Nest
Holy shit that long title. 3R is here. Glad to have cleared RDN right before the cap raise. Unhappy with 3R. I don't have much to say, the video shows it all. The game's gotten too simple. Considering Saleana.
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 50 Smasher Dragon Follower's Base
What up people. Exploring the Abyss dungeons in Lotus Marsh. 5 new dungeons have been introduced and this is one of them.
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Dragon Nest SEA 50 Smasher Archbishop Nest Abyss solo 8:40
Simple DPS test in Archbishop Nest (Abyss) Run "cleared" roughly 8:40. Gear status: 85% Current game content: Level 50 cap, no lv50 hell mode nests, SDN hardcore is released, T4 PS: Yes, it was my birthday on Monday (15 Oct). I thank you all for the warm wishes I received :3
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Dragon Nest SEA 40 Cap Sea Dragon Nest cleared 26:39
Sea Dragon Nest at level 40. Server: Westwood Guild: Ikebukuro Line up: JP (MeatBallz - Priest/Raid leader) Ian (GanPhuaFIT - Tank) Mun (LaoZharBor - Merc) Bin (Crezeance - SM) Arubutto (Michelle - EL) Nan (RivE - EL) Ken[Wizzie] (Seraphimu - FU) Myself (Gaultier - Engineer) Special thanks to everyone who made this possible, including those that aren't included in the final line up: Kuma, Liang, Jess, Fei, JH, Anh and everyone else who cheered us on... I would like to express my gratitude for the sacrifices everyone made over the past month... Considerable amount of time and effort was spent for this, and even though we never got our perfect run before the event deadline, it's an accomplishment that I hope everybody is proud of. I know I am. Team Ikebukuro, I love you guys!!!
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 70 Artillery Black Dragon Memoria I Part 1
One of the older videos I recorded when I took over the Artillery. I didn't finish gearing it so the stats are lower than the one in the earlier upload Guardian Nest solo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osn-OnwKpJ8 WIll update a full memo video after I return on the 15th!
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 70 Majesty Black Dragon Memoria I solo attempt 2
Focused on Gravity Switch's maximum range to avoid the melee hits of attacks. Proved to be very useful at ogre. Tried Force Explosion as well, awesome skill. 0 hits received in Ogre and Mino stages.
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Dragon Nest SEA Level 70 Smasher in Anu Arendel Abyss dungeons
With level 70 cap came Anu Arendel dungeons. Clearing them in Abyss mode as a Smasher in this video (compiled them into one instead of uploading 5 separate videos). Each dungeon takes about 3minutes on average. Revamped Majesty may be strong, but I still think Smashers are the better side of the Force User class for dungeon clearing. [00:00 - 00:40] Gear display [00:42 - 03:15] Golden Meadow [03:20 - 06:05] Bronze Crescent Forest [06:12 - 09:06] Valley of Eclipse [09:12 - 12:48] Sea of Sand Dust [12:52 - 16:08] Disappearing Half Moon Desert Plenty of people have been asking: Why change to Majesty? Light Smasher can still perform well with fast skills such as LC and SS EX, however it requires clerics to set up light resistance reduction. Going Light Smasher will also give up your dark skills because you will be keeping light attack instead of dark too. I'm aware of the potential of a light Smasher has but my future party composition won't have space for that. Without that, Majesty will contribute more - especially if you're supporting Ravens with Gravity Ascension EX (20% dark resistance reduction). Majesty update will probably hit soon, I will be changing my Smasher to a Majesty with Tough accessories and hope to retain my FD. I also have plans to play an Adept. Till next time!
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