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Lord of the Rings: Floras Secret
Please rate/comment if you like it! I don't own Enya's song Flora's Secret or these lovely clips from the Lord of the Rings Extended Version. The idea of this vid is love in Middle Earth: brotherly as well as romantic. Lyrics to the song: Lovers in the long grass Look above them Only they can see Where the clouds are going Only to discover Dust and sunlight Ever make the sky so blue Afternoon is hazy River flowing All around the sounds Moving closer to them Telling them the story Told by Flora Dreams they never knew Silver willows Tears from Persia Those who come From a far-off island Winter Chanterelle lies under cover Glory-of-the-sun in blue Some they know as passion Some as freedom Some they know as love And the way it leaves them Summer snowflake For a season When the sky above is blue When the sky above is blue Lying in the long grass Close beside her Giving her the name Of the one the moon loves This will be the day she Will remember When she knew his heart Was Loving in the long grass Close beside her Whispering of love And the way it leaves them Lying in the long grass In the sunlight They believe it's true love And from all around them Flora's secret Telling them of love And the way it breathes And Looking up from eyes of Amaranthine They can see the sky Is blue Knowing that their love Is true dreams they never knew And the sky above is blue
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Indiana Jones: Splish Splash
This video is just for fun--I get no credit or payment for the clips or song. The clips are from Indy 1, 2, and 4. The song is Splish Splash by Bobby Darin (who is ze best). No plot, really. Just enjoy. Please rate and comment if you have a moment to spare. :)
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Captain Jack Sparrow Music Video
This vid needs a lot of explanation... First, I don't own Pirates of the Caribbean (wish I did...) or Billy Joel's song "Captain Jack." Second, I trimmed the song. Sorry. But you see, it was over SEVEN minutes long (!) and in Billy Joel's words "If you're gonna have a hit you gotta make it fit" so I cut it down by nearly a minute and a half. Insodoing I cut out all the potentially offensive elements (except getting high, of course), so this vid is rated a cheerful PG or a cautious G. ;p No offense to Billy Joel...his song said something very different when he wrote it from what my version says... hee hee. So this is just a fan vid, since I'm a fan of PotC and Billy Joel. For those of you who NEED a plot...the plot is... Will and Elizabeth have boring lives. Until they meet you-know-who. If you enjoy it please rate/comment. Be kind. I haven't really gone all-out spoofy before. :p
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Indiana Jones: Multiplication
This video uses clips and music just for fun, not profit. The music is Multiplication by Bobby Darin. The clips are from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I realize not all the clips match the lyrics all that well--but there just aren't any mink or rabbits in the IJ films, OK??? :p Please rate/comment
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Eowyn: the Best of Both Worlds
The title basically says it all. The song was composed by M. Gerrard and R. Nevil. I don't own it or the clips from the Two Towers and Return of the King (New Line Cinema, ya know?). If you enjoy this vid please rate it and leave a comment. :) I currently have a request for another Spidey vid. So I'll probably do that next. Then I may take more requests. Enjoy!
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