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What Is Blended Learning (Short)
Blended learning is the strategic integration of in-person learning with technology to enable real-time data use, personalized instruction, and mastery-based progression. It is a mechanism for giving educators, students, and parents the resources they need to deliver on the vision of a highly effective, engaging, and equitable education experience for every child, every day.
The Myth of Learning Styles: IgnitED Research
Did you know that learning styles do not exist? Watch the inaugural video in The Learning Accelerator's new series, IgnitED Research, to dive into the research and hear from a practitioner about the myth of learning styles.
Single Point Rubrics at Trailblazer
​Teachers designed and utilize single point rubrics to assess mastery and give ongoing feedback to students.
Extended Footage at Lovett Elementary
Explore classrooms in this extended clip of Lovett Elementary!
BetterLesson Blended Master Teacher Project Workshop
BetterLesson Blended Master Teacher Daniel Utset-Guerrero explains how he uses different workshop stations in his blended classroom to provide student choice and agency.
Learning Playlists at Cisco
Students at Cisco ISD use playlists each week to guide their work.
Class Example: Small Group Instruction at Valor Collegiate Academies
Explore an extended in-class example of small group instruction at Valor Collegiate Academies.
Teacher-Student Conferencing at Lovett
Discussion of student-teacher conferences at Lovett, including their benefit and the process for making them constructive.
Flexible Groupings at West Belden
CICS West Belden Teachers use flexible groupings to provide students with personalized instruction and supports.
BetterLesson Blended Master Teacher Project Marzano
5th grade math educator Daniel Utset-Guerrero explains how he uses the Marzano scale to allow students to self-assess and then use differentiated strategies to advance their learning.
1 to X Device Ratio at Trailblazer
The 1 to X ratio allows for purposeful allocation of devices based on ​learner needs and activities.
Learner Profiles at Lovett
A Lovett educator discusses how they use learner profiles to better understand their students and their needs.
Not All Feedback is Created Equal: IgnitED Research
It seems to be common (and accepted) knowledge that effective feedback is timely and relevant. In other words, receiving a simple grade on a test two weeks after it was given is unlikely to improve learning. But learning science has also shown that feedback, even when timely and relevant, can still be ineffective, or even harmful. In this installment of IgnitED Research, we take a closer look at feedback. Read more about the research behind feedback in our IgnitED Research Insight: https://practices.learningaccelerator.org/insights/not-all-feedback-is-created-equal-ignited-research-insight
Supporting Blended Learning Teachers at Cisco
Discover how Cisco takes deliberate steps to support its blended learning teachers.
Advisory Class at Locust Grove Middle School
Learn about Advisory Class and how it's used at Locust Grove.
Offering an Advisory Class at Bronx Arena
Students and educators discuss "group," an advisory-like class that Bronx Arena provides for its students on a weekly basis.
Mastery-Based Learning at Lovett
Lovett educators discuss the benefits of mastery-based learning in their blended and personalized instructional model.
Math Review with Mini Lessons at Valor Collegiate Academies
Mini lessons are created based on student data to address specified content and concepts to help students learn at Valor Collegiate Academies.
Prompting Deeper Thinking by Asking Open-ended Questions at Cisco
Educators work with students using specific inquiry methods to challenge students, bring rigor into the classroom, and expand student understanding.
District Support for School Personalized Learning Leaders at Henry County Schools
Find out how Henry County supports personalized learning leaders throughout the district.
Monitoring Productivity in a Personalized Learning Environment at Bronx Arena
Bronx Arena educators and students discuss the use of a productivity measurement of five tasks per day.
Selecting Learning Stations at Cisco
Educators at Cisco use a variety of station types in the classroom to challenge students and address learning gaps.
Creating Small Groups In and Outside the General Classroom at Bronx Arena
Educators at Bronx Arena discuss the role of content specialists, who bring passion and subject-specific knowledge to student instruction.
Moving with Mastery at Bronx Arena
Students and an educator discuss the benefits of being able to start and finish classes at any time, based on content mastery.
Three Levels of Proficiency at Bronx Arena
Bronx Arena's founder discusses the rational for having three different levels of proficiency. A student and teacher also discuss proficiency levels.
Monitoring Student Progress with a Data Tracker at Bronx Arena
Teachers and a student discuss how they use a technology tool that tracks student data to improve teaching and learning at Bronx Arena.
Creating a Culture of Revision at Bronx Arena
Bronx Arena's founder discusses how they approach student revisions to work throughout the school year.
Four Hour Instructional Blocks at Bronx Arena
Bronx Arena's founder discusses why the school uses four hour blocks of time called "Arenas" as the main time for instruction.
Opportunity Hour at Trailblazer
Students self-select a topic of interest to learn for one hour per week, allowing general education teachers to meet in professional learning communities.
Student Support Structures at Valor Collegiate Academies
Valor educators encourage students to reach out to their peers to further expand their learning and answer questions.
Prioritizing Unique Metrics at Bronx Arena
Discussion of the unique metrics that Bronx Arena looks at when evaluating student and school performance.
Setting SMART Goals at Cisco
Cisco implements SMART goal-setting for students to achieve specific, measurable, actionable, reasonable, and timely goals in class.
Developing Learner Profiles at Henry County Schools
Explore how Henry County Schools use learner profiles for their students.
Advocate Counselors Providing Social Support at Bronx Arena
Educators at Bronx Arena discuss the role of Advocate Counselors, who provide social supports to students in school.
Learner Pathways at Trailblazer
​Short, daily pre-assessments along with student choice determine the pathways and groups students engage in each day.
Creating a Schedule to Personalize Learning for All Students at Bronx Arena
Bronx Arena's founder discusses each component of the school's schedule and how they work to improve teaching and learning for students.
Formative Data Collection at Trailblazer
Students and teachers use formative assessments to collect realtime data and determine learning pathways.​
Student Choice at Lovett
Lovett educators discuss how they are able to provide students with more choice throughout the school day.
Depth of Knowledge Levels at Locust Grove Middle School
A discussion of the use of Depth of Knowledge levels at Locust Grove.
Senior Portfolios at Bronx Arena
A student and teacher discuss senior portfolios at Bronx Arena, which help students prepare for the world beyond high school.
Improving Instruction by Implementing 1:1 Devices at Locust Grove Middle School
Discover how educators and students use 1:1 devices at Locust Grove Middle School.
Multi-Age Classrooms at Lovett
Lovett combines students of different ages into single classrooms to better enable flexible learning for its students.
Using Data to Group Students at Lovett
Teachers at Lovett discuss how they analyze data and use it to determine student groupings.
Organizing Individualized Learning for an Entire Class with Facilitation Plans at Bronx Arena
Bronx Arena educators discuss how they use facilitation plans to keep track of student learning progress and coordinate learning resources.
Student and Teacher Data Discussions at Cisco
See how educators at Cisco ISD use data in their discussions with students.
BetterLesson Blended Master Teacher Project Dojo Dollars
Blended Master Teacher Daniel Utset-Guerrero explains how he uses Class Dojo Dojo Dollars with his students to provide incentives for positive behavior and mindsets.
Class Example: Station Rotations at Trailblazer
​Station rotations in class integrate the use of technology and in-person small group learning with various teachers.
Conferencing and Goal Setting at Bronx Arena
Educators discuss the role goal setting plays at Bronx Arena.
Meeting Diverse Learners Needs at PV
Pleasant View serves a large body of diverse learners. Hear more about how the school supports these students.