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Studio Image Next-Image: Shoot at the Chinese Wall
The Light, the World, the Move & Para 88 – Western Wedding and Chinese Cultural Behind the scenes video of commercial wedding shoot in Beijing by Sails Chong. The perfect match: Para 88 & Move 1200 L. More on our blog www.news.broncolor.com
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Gen NEXT - Gonzaga Manso: The Pond
Read the full article on our Gen NEXT Blog: http://gennext.broncolor.com/blog/article/the-pond.html "Today I’ll share with you guys how I created my latest image. This is a very personal and special photograph for me. It’s a photograph that talks about love. A calm, sincere and deep love that overcomes barriers and lasts long. It’s a photograph that talks about getting old alongside the person you love."
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Siros L - Battery Powered Studio Quality
The Siros L is broncolor’s new battery-powered compact device, which provides ambitious professional photographers with the opportunity to enjoy the perfect lighting, be this in a mobile form in the studio, or for external shots – offering up to 440 flashes at full power per battery charge, colour constancy and both very fast, and also long, flash durations. Easy to control with the bronControl App. Available in 400 and 800 Joules.
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broncolor How To - Part 3 Still life / Spoon & Aubergine
Here comes Part 3 of the"How To" live clip series with photographer Karl Taylor and broncolor expert Urs Recher. Theme: Still life and specificly cutlery and eggplant/aubergine. To see more light examples visit on our broncolor website (www.broncolor.com) the How To section with multiple set-ups.
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broncolor How To - Part 4 Cutlery
The fourth and final part of the"How To" live clip series with photographer Karl Taylor and broncolor expert Urs Recher. Theme: Still life and specificly cutlery and eggplant/aubergine. To see more light examples visit on our broncolor website (www.broncolor.com) the How To section with multiple set-ups.
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Wedding Vogue broncolor Siros L Xiamen by Sails Chong
broncolor Ambassador Sails Chong
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Gen NEXT - Photoshoot with SmugMug Employees by Benjamin Von Wong
The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks black and white portraiture is old school, classical, traditional… but the Von Wong filter translated that into: edgy! impact! extreme! special effects!
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UltraViolet insanities by Benjamin Von Wong
Look behind the scenes with Gen NEXT's Benjamin Von Wong, as he creates some insanely great pictures using UV Lighting.
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Behind the Scenes - Cambodia - Sails Chong
broncolor Ambassador Sails Chong
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broncolor How To - Part 11 Still Life / Shoe
Still Life photography gives the photographer more freedom to arrange your objects within your composition. The photographers are expected to be able to form their work with in a refined sense of lighting, coupled with compositional skills. The still life photographer makes picture rather than takes them. These tutorial should show you how beautifully and easy you are able to create stunning images. One of the key ingredients is light. Whether it sets the mood, creates depth, or highlights a subject, the light around you and how you respond to it can often make or break a photo.
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broncolor Para 88 - Shoot Greenpoint Brooklyn
Shoot with Clay Patrick McBride. Heavy metal music. Jay Z in a mustard suit. Jack White sitting in an antique wooden chair. A recreation of Hank Walker's famous shot of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy, using President Carter and little brother Kanye West. These are just a few images that New York-based celebrity photographer Clay Patrick McBride can add to his repertoire. With the broncolor Para 88 and the easily transportable, battery-powered Mobil A2L, Clay was able to capture Johnny in the sunset, with its directional light (almost specular because of the size of it) which offered a nice wrapping effect of light and rich contrast. The efficiency of the Para 88 and the power of the Mobil A2L allowed him to overpower the sun and capture some stunning shots.
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Man's World Shooting by Sandro Baebler
Man's World: 2-5 february 2017 Central Station in Zurich/Oerlikon Man`s World: instagram: @mansworldcom / www.facebook.com/MansWorldCom Sandro Baebler: instagram: @sandrobaeblerphotographer / www.facebook.com/sandrobaeblerphotographer Exhibitors: Romano Brida, Gründer, instagram: @bullfrog_barbershop / www.facebook.com/bullfrogbarbershop Heinrich Villiger, Grandseigneur der Zigarrenbranche, instagram: @villigercigars Markus Lichtenstein, Geschäftsführer, instagram: @smithandsmithwinecompany / ww.facebook.com/smithandsmithwinecompany Adrian Gögl, Hersteller der massgefertigten Messer, instagram: @neiff_switzerland / www.facebook.com/neiffswitzerland Michael Berli und Andreas Guggenbühl, Onlinekonfektionisten, instagram: @selfnationjeans / www.facebook.com/selfnation Gebrüder Minutillo, Meister des Kaffees von Barista Corado, instagram: @baristacorado / www.facebook.com/coradozurigo
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Benjamin Von Wong - When nothing goes as planned.
Read more on the Gen NEXT Blog: http://gennext.broncolor.com/blog/article/when-nothing-goes-as-planned.html
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broncolor How To - Part 24 Perfume Refraction
Urs Recher & Karl Taylor are back with a new How To about Perfume Photography. Step by step they will explain, how to light two bottles of perfume, emphasising the colours and creating a moody, refreshing end result.
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broncolor How To - Part 25 Shoot IPad
In this video Urs Recher & Karl Taylor go through all the problems (and solutions, of course) when shooting a screen displaying a picture. Perfect rim lights separate the dark screen (here it is an iPad) from a black background. Then, precisely positioned spots create beautiful gradations on the shiny screen and last but not least, a long time exposure makes the picture displayed on the iPad visible in the final photograph.
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Gen NEXT - Benjamin Von Wong: Surreal Stormchasing Portraits
Link to Blogpost: http://gennext.broncolor.com/blog/article/surreal-stormchasing-portraits.html “Can you imagine how complicated it would be to plan a shoot whilst chasing a storm??” “Coordinating models, building sets & designing lighting – all without knowing where the shoot would take place, while storms zip by at who knows how many miles per hour? It would be an absolute nightmare and impossible to pull off without funding! We should think of a different project.“ That was my first reply to my sidekick Anna, when she first dropped the idea of doing a series of stormchasing portraits. Turns out, I wasn’t entirely wrong – It was challenging, but definitely not impossible. - Benjamin Von Wong
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broncolor Video Tutorial_Scoro modification of colour temperature
How to modify the colour temperature on power pack SCORO
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bronControl - Set Up
Urs Recher explains step by step how to set up the bronControl app so you can start working.
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星岚摄影社 武汉
broncolor Ambassador Sails Chong
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broncolor How To - Part 10 Siros Shooting Siros
Have a look how a catalogue shot is produced in the broncolor studios. In episode 10 of their how to videos, broncolor's Urs Recher and Karl Taylor explain, how a lighting set up for an advanced product shot is done. Step by step. So you not only see how to shot with Siros, but also how to shoot a Siros.
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broncolor How To - Part 15 Mission Impossible
In this first video of the brand new weekly broncolor 'How To' lighting series. Karl Taylor and Urs Recher jump right in with a challenging 'mission impossible' style shot. Learn the techniques and the necessary tools to nail the shot as Urs and Karl give you their top tips along the way. Equipment: Pulso-Spot 4 - bit.ly/2bV8MNd Softbox 30x120 - bit.ly/2cfsGAR
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broncolor How To - Part 9 Red Wine
When we think about red wine we think about the colour red and warmth. But there is virtually no red visible in a glass or bottle of red wine, so the trick is to invoke the feeling of red and warmth into the shot. Good product photography is often about invoking an emotion that suits the product or enhances it. So for this shot I built a simple set that would help invoke the emotion and warmth. The props were a walnut table top with a nice rich colour and wood grain, some old brown rope one hanging in the back and one on the table. Then a brown mottled background, I used a roll of leather but it could have been a painted canvas. Then of course the bottle and wine glass, which I chose to shoot at a very shallow depth of field just to isolate the bottle and label in the shot.
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Gen NEXT's Lara Jade @ Shoot A'dam 2015
Lara Jade gave two Speeches about "Photography with one Light" on behalf of broncolor at Shoot A'dam 2015. Inbetween she took the time to tell us, how she got her start in the Industry, what Tips she would give starting Photographers and what Light means to her in her work as a Photographer. For more great Tips by Lara, read her Posts at http://gennext.broncolor.com
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New broncolor Softbox System
Softbox and Octabox broncolor launched a new range of Softboxes in nine different shapes and sizes. Square, rectangular, as a strip or octagonal. What do you prefer? Read more under www.news.broncolor.com or www.broncolor.com
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broncolor How To - Part 6 Freeze Time
Karl and Urs demonstrate how to get the best results to freeze motion. Learn step by step how to take advantage of the super fast flash duration of the Scoro power packs with 1/10'000s at t0.1, smashing two wine glasses capturing the breaking glass and flying liquid. Watch the video to see that good results need patience, the right technique and a "few" glasses.
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broncolor Video Tutorial - Para 88 Smart, small and simple
Para 88 is even more mobile - perfect for outdoor shootings and smaller studios. Compact design, less then 6 kg and a new mechanism for greatest ease-of-use. Open and close in an instant.
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Live Shooting Shenzhen by Sails Chong
broncolor Ambassador Sails Chong
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Nicholas Duers working with Scoro WiFi & bronControl
Nicholas Duers is a new york city based still-life photographer, specializing in fashion accessories, beauty products as well as luxury goods. He earned his degree from the rochester institute of technology and currently operates out of his photo studio in midtown Manhattan.
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broncolor Scoro - Wave pool surf
Behind the scenes photographing Red Bull's top emerging surfers at Typhoon Lagoon's wave pool. Featuring Evan Geiselman, Kolohe "Brother" Andino & Cristobal De Col.
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broncolor Lighting Seminar in Toronto, Album Studios
Lighting Seminar about still life and People photography with different light shapers such as Para, Boxlite, Picolite and PulsoSpot 4. Other subjects as images of movement mixing HMI and flash captivated the students attention. The Seminar was run by Nadia Winzenried, our long experienced broncolor house photographer.
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Boxer portrait photography with Dustin Snipes
Look behind the Scenes with Dustin Snipes at his shooting with Boxer Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillen.
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broncolor How To - Part 2 Flash painting & Bottle photography
Karl Taylor and Urs Recher are back with the second "How To" clip about flash patining and bottle photography. To see more light examples visit on our broncolor website (www.broncolor.com) the How To section with multiple set-ups.
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broncolor How To - Part 5 White on white with Paras
In this fashion shoot video, our model Sharon is wearing white against a white background. Karl and Urs demonstrate the versatility of the broncolor’s Para 222 studio light and reveal a small selection of the many types of shot that can be achieved using this amazing giant light.
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Behind The Scenes - Making of Horgenglarus Film "The Classic"
Producer: LAUSCHSICHT & frame eleven from Switzerland Final: "The Classic" Film http://bit.ly/2rUpmot Together with frame eleven, we at LAUSCHSICHT were able to produce a film about the production of the ‘Classic’ chair for Horgenglarus. For decades, the Classic has been one of Horgenglarus’ hallmarks and it is considered a design classic in furniture design. It is a film which shows reality, but in its best light. The aim of the film is to provide interested and fascinated people with an insight into the production without having to actually go to Glarus. The scenes are not staged, there are no extras and workflows are not interrupted. This BTS video shows how we worked with the broncolor HMI lights in this Scenario. LAUSCHSICHT: https://www.lauschsicht.com frame eleven: http://www.frame-eleven.com Horgenglarus: http://www.horgenglarus.ch
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Erik Valind demonstrates the broncolor Siros - The bronControl App
In the second Part of his Siros Demonstration, Erik Valind shows how you can make your workflow easier and control the Siros Monolights with the bronControl App for iOS and Android.
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broncolor How To - Part 7 UV Underwear
Here comes Part 7 of the"How To" live clip series with photographer Karl Taylor and broncolor expert Urs Recher. Theme: UV Underwear - A model in white underwear is dimly lit - UV light brings extra glow to the white textile. To see more light examples visit on our broncolor website (www.broncolor.com) the How To section with multiple set-ups.
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broncolor How To - Part 1 Necklace & Beauty
Photographer and instructor Karl Taylor and Urs Recher from broncolor introduce you to the new HOW TO section on broncolor's Website. In Part 1 they are presenting light examples with necklace & beauty. More Videos will follow. Stay tuned! Visit www.broncolor.com to have a look at the new HOW TO section.
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broncolor Scoro - Animal shoot in the studio
Sandy Nicholson The Zoo project is a book and show case of all the animals in the collection of Hands on Exotics a little Urban Zoo in Toronto
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Ken Hermann - The Beauty of Omo Valley
Ken Hermann's book - "The Beauty of Omo Valley" will be publicated next August with beautiful portraits. Many of them were shoot with the outdoor power pack Move 1200 L and the Para 88. Ken Hermann was a Hasselblad Masters winner in 2012 and this year he won the PDN Photo Annual Award. Did you read on our Blog the post about the human story "The true face of a victim"? Link: http://bit.ly/S2pJHP
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Siros & the bronControl Use - Unlock Sequence and Alternate Mode
When planning out the lighting design for a photoshoot there are many things to consider, but a smartphone app was never one of them, until now! On this recent photoshoot with an amazing athlete from the Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited agency out of Portland, I used the bronControl app to not only control all of my lighting, but also to unlock some amazing features of the broncolor Siros L strobes that took this shoot to the next level. *Read on to see what you can do with bronControl, Alternate Mode, & Sequence Mode http://bit.ly/2y2nX33
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Highspeed Scoro - Sandy's Zoo Project
The Zoo project is a book and show case of all the animals in the collection of Hands on Exotics a little Urban zoo in toronto
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Erik Valind showcases the broncolor Focus 110 Umbrella
About Focus 110 Reflective Umbrella The Focus 110 is a parabolic reflective umbrella. It has twelve segments and a silver reflective coating on the inside. With the Focus 110, the light can be strongly directed or very homogeneous. This enables the creation of a number of different lighting moods without the need for any additional equipment. The reflective umbrella uses steel and high-quality fibre-glass ribs. This ensures optimum tension and excellent dimensional stability. This makes the accessory just as suitable for photography at outdoor locations as it is for studio shootings. Its name, Focus 110, derives from the umbrella diameter: 110 cm. It has a depth of 40 cm.
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Sharp with Scoro - "Colour in Motion" Project by David Lund
"The 'Colour In Motion' project took a number of weeks to discover the perfect formula for creating the liquid that could be coloured and still maintain the properties to create these smooth velvety tumbling forms of colour. You need a huge amount of patience. My assistant must have cleaned the tank more than 70 to 80 times. Every 10 times using glass polish to really ensure a crystal sharp clarity." Read more on our Blog www.news.broncolor.com
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Para 177 and 222 Assembly
Para 177 and 222 Assembly
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Siros L at 2300 m above sea level
Swiss portrait and editorial photographer Sandro Baebler took the Siros L into the swiss mountains and did a shooting with Malamutes under extreme conditions. Blog Story: Siros L: bit.ly/2hPtqlq Music: Prime Moment by Cymatix Snow Falling [ https://archive.org/details/SnowFalling_201402 ] by Jeffrey Beach (Beachfront Productions) / CC BY 3.0 [ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ]
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Ice Nights - Alex Luger from Ray Demski
LM Media http://lm-media.at/ Ray Demski http://www.raydemski.com Alex Luger ice climbing in Avers Switzerland broncolor shot with oudoor flash Move 1200 L and Para 88 Once again thanks to climbers Alex Luger and Hanno Schluge !! And a huge thanks to my awesome crew !! Thomas Schermer , Julian Büchner, Jasmine Ellis, Christian Koll, Alex Brugger, Martin Engler, Urs Recher. Thanks also to Broncolor , Phase One , Scarpa and F-Stop gear for the equipment support !!
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broncolor Video Tutorial_Scoro freeze movements t0.1
Learn how you can freeze movements with Scoro
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broncolor Para 88 and 133 Assembly
broncolor Para 88 and 133 Assembly
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broncolor How To - Part 12 Engraved Glass
The problem with this shot was to keep the background even grey (it had to be the same even background as used in many other shots of a museum catalogue), but at the same time the engraving should be clearly visible. The softbox above the class provides the general light for the set: Everything is very even, but the engraving is almost invisible. (See the right picture below the diagram.) A hard light would show this much better but create additional and unpleasant shadows on the table. Read more on our Website (How To Examples).
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broncolor Video Tutorial_Scoro Need for Speed
Make Scoro faster with alternating triggering
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