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Thermoelectric Cloud Chamber [1080p]
Watch it with CHROME to have better quality options !! Demonstration of the "Cloudylabs" cloud chamber with some low activity radioactive sources. It works with 8 thermoelectric modules with a closed loop liquid cooler, so it can display the first particles within 1 min. A magnet is put inside the machine, under the interaction surface, so during the whole video, a magnetic field is present and deflect the lightly charged particles (electrons). More infos on http://www.cloudylabs.fr/wp/eng/
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Cloudylabs cloud chamber working approx 50 min [720p]
A sealed glass container contains liquid alcohol at the top. Emanating alcohol vapors fill the whole volume of the container until they reach the bottom of the chamber maintained to a very cold temperature (-40°C). Most of the vapour condenses on the glass surface creating a mist, but a small fraction of it stays in vapour form above the cold condenser. This creates a layer of unstable sursaturated vapour which can condense at any moment. When a charged particle crosses this vapor, it can knock electrons off the molecules forming ions. It causes the unstable alcohol vapor to condense around ions left behind by the travelling ionizing particle : the path of the particle in the matter is then revealed by a track composed of thousands droplets of alcohol. Any charged particle is visible in a cloud chamber. The most common ones are alphas, electrons, positons, protons, nuclear charged fragment, muons (...). Theses particles come from natural cosmic and telluric background radiations or from close radioactive sources. They will all leave tracks of different shapes in the chamber, based on their charge, mass and speed. Electrons are the lightest particles and will be easily deflected by magnetic fields. Alphas and protons are much heavier and slower and will thus ionize more, causing denser track of droplets. Interactions of neutral particles like gamma rays or neutrons can be seen thanks to the charged particles they create in matter. See you at cloudylabs.fr for more experiments ! This video shows the Cloudylabs's cloud chamber running for approx. 50 min with an Uranium mineral. After 40 min, there is not enough alcohol to make newer trails. With time, the alcohol condense on the mineral. The small thickness of liquid alcohol on the mineral is enough to absorb a part of the energy of the alpha particles (their ranges in air for 5 MeV is 3-4 cm, but in water, it's 15 micrometer), so with time, the trails are shorter than in beginning. It's preferable to make such experience during 10 minutes to have longer alpha track. Video with other radioactives sources (radium, americium, radon, tritium...) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGNvAEtYZkw
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Compilation of Impressive Cosmic Ray Interactions in a Cloud Chamber (Altitude : 2877 m) [1080p]
The video show a compilation of protons interactions, electromagnetic shower and cosmic ray spallation in a Phywe PJ45 cloud chamber at 2877 m. The sequences come from 8 hours of recording with a HD camera. Dimension of the surface of the machine is 45x45 cm. There is no magnetic field in the chamber; The cloud chamber was temporarily put in the Pic du Midi (French Observatory in the Pyrenees) in 2012 for the 100th anniversary of the discovery of cosmic ray. As this altitude, there is about 10 times more neutron and proton than in sea level. Theses particles can interact with the matter and break some nucleus which release other protons and neutrons, alpha particles or deuteron. The density of ionisation in a trail is proportionnal to z²/v² where z is the charge of the particle and v it's velocity. Thus, a proton with a low kinetic energy will make more ionization so the trail will be bigger than the trail of a high energy proton. A 5 MeV (0.1c) proton have a range of 34 cm in air, a 10 MeV one, 1.1 m. The range of an alpha particle of 10 MeV in air is 10.4 cm. Their is also higly energetic gamma ray (or energetic incoming electrons !), which can make electromagnetic shower (electrons and positon) in the matter (wall of the room, or wall of the machine which is made with 1 cm of glass). Single e+/e- comes from muon or Pi0 decay, or from the 3 interactions process of gamma in matter (photoelectric, compton and pair creation). See the website http://www.cloudylabs.fr for more pictures and annotations about theses nuclear events. Feel free to give your thought about any interactions of the video.
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Prototype of a automatic gas cooled cloud chamber
Please note that this is a prototype and not a final version. This is a compressor cooled (like a fridge) cloud chamber. Visible area is about 32x18 cm. It can works for hours without any assistance. There is a magnetic field under the surface which deflect the light particles. You can see that when an electron makes a spiral. More informations there : http://www.cloudylabs.fr/wp/contact/
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Chambre à Brouillard Thermoélectrique [1080p]
English Version : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGNvAEtYZkw Démonstration de la chambre à brouillard "Cloudylabs". Refroidie à eau et à base de 8 modules thermoélectrique, elle permet de voir les particules nucléaire d'une source ou du rayonnement naturel en 1 minute. Cette vidéo montre comment démarrer la machine et les expériences réalisable. Pendant toute la vidéo, un champ magnétique est présent dans la chambre (l'aimant se situe dans la machine, sous la surface sensible). Le champ permet de dévier les particules légères suivant leurs charges ce qui permet de les identifier (électron ou positon). Je précise qu'il s'agit d'un détecteur : l'expérience ne crée pas la radioactivité, elle ne fait que "dévoiler" ce qui existe déjà ! Plus d'informations sur le site http://www.cloudylabs.fr
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Thoron (Rn220) in the cloud chamber [1080p]
Séquence du gaz thoron utilisée dans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1vA7yU9yS0
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Comparison between a Cloud Chamber at Sea Level and in Altitude
The video shows the difference in cosmic radiation intensity at ground level at Paris, Palais de La Découverte and in altitude at 2777 m, Pic du Midi in a Phywe PJ45 cloud chamber. Dimension of the surface of the machine is 45x45 cm. There is roughly the same quantity of electronic component (the thin erratic trails made of positons and electrons) because the intensity of gamma ray at 3000 m and in sea level has the same order of magnitude (0.01 cm-2.s-1.sr-1 for E above 30MeV). The electrons and positons are produced by photoelectric effect, Compton effect or pair creation by the interaction gamma ray in matter. The wall of the cloud chamber (total 1 cm of glass) is matter where production of electronic particle can occur. There is a difference about the hadronic component (proton and neutron). There is about 10x time more proton in 3000 m than in sea level (and neutron too) so we can see many more proton interaction in the Pic du Midi 's cloud chamber than the one in Paris. Proton leave thick straight trails and when a proton (or a neutron) hit a nucleus in the matter of the cloud chamber, it can produce other protons (spallation reaction). See the other video about observation of cosmic ray in altitude. The website http://www.cloudylabs.fr will give more explanations about the nuclear events observed.
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Am241 in the Cloud chamber [1080p]
Séquence Américium 241 utilisée dans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1vA7yU9yS0
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Fiestaware (U238) in the Cloud chamber [1080p]
Séquence du morceau de Fiestaware utilisée dans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1vA7yU9yS0
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Tritium vial in the cloud chamber [1080p]
Séquence de l'ampoule de Tritium utilisée dans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1vA7yU9yS0
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Thorium rod in the cloud chamber [1080p]
Séquence de la tige à souder de thorium utilisée dans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1vA7yU9yS0
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Uranium Oxyde (glass bead) in the cloud chamber [1080p]
Séquence de l'oxyde d'uranium utilisée dans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1vA7yU9yS0
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11 min of Cosmic Ray in a Cloud Chamber (altitude 2877 m) [1080p]
A Phywe PJ45 cloud chamber was temporarily put in the Pic du Midi (French observatory in the Pyrenees) in 2012 for the 100th anniversary of the discovery of cosmic ray. The video show a complete recording of 11 minutes, taken with my HD camera and a polarizing filter. As expected at this altitude, we see many more protons than in sea level (about 10 times more). They come from spallation of cosmic particles (p,n) in the wall of the chamber, or from the nuclei (oxygen, nitrogen...) inside the chamber. Dimension of the surface of the machine is 45x45 cm. See the website http://www.cloudylabs.fr for more pictures and commentary about theses nuclear events.
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Radium hands in cloud chamber [1080p]
Séquence de l'aiguille de montre en radium utilisée dans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1vA7yU9yS0
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Thorite in the cloud chamber [1080p]
Séquence du minéral thorite utilisée dans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1vA7yU9yS0
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