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Sweet child o mine Epiphone les paul ultra 2 guitar solo cover LightStevOo
I'm back after almost three years! check out my comfortably numb solo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VikJwNA8okM Yay! i got a new amp i was testing it out with slash's all time best solo sweet child o' mine. Subscribe! Slash's sweet child o' mine guitar solo from the album Appetite for Destruction
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Master of Puppets Cover Metallica on Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II LightStevOo
I'm back after almost 3 years! check out my new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VikJwNA8okM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Master of Puppets by Metallica with my cheap webcam Microcube amp Les Paul Ultra 2 Amp Settings: Volume settings 25% Gain 100% R-Fier Tone MAX EFX OFF Delay/Reverb OFF Ignore Tags acoustik , andy mckee, antoine dufour, beatles, beethoven, bohemian, trance, bundy, cannon, chapdelaine, clapton, canon, clarke, classical, concert, cover, damien rice, don ross, eagles, educations, electric, emmanuel, smosh, eric johnson, erik mongrain, fingerstle, funny, comedy, bruce lee, high speed, painting, playing, funtwo, gently, george harrison, gitar, gitarren, green day, guns and roses, michael hedges, jimmy hendrix, guitar hero, humor, instruction, izzy , jerryc, kaki king, leo kottke, x japan, afi, the offspring, Fall Out Boy, pennywise, nofx, bad religion, billy talent, slipknot, christina, avril lavigne, lennyplayslefty, lesson, lessons, malmsteen, mckagan, monte montgomery, music, little wing, ninja, pachelbel, pachebels, playing, preston reed, queen, rhapsody, slash, solo, sonata, sorum, stradlin, studio, tab, talent, james taylor, tapping, teacher, tomorrow, tonight, toto, unplugged, deep purple, solo, smoke on the water, water, pink floyd, another brick in the wall, time, video, while my guitar gently weeps, yngwie, zappa, ac, ac/dc, achokarios, acoustic, acoustik, acustik, metal, heavy metal, rock, classic, emo, pop, goth, black, death, industrial, nin, ytv, simple plan, radiohead, korn, static x, system of a down, air, airtap, tap, akustik, don alder, amanda, angelo, angra, angus, awesome, bekzat, bon jovi, bullet for my valentine, britney, buckethead, my chemical romance famous last words, cartagena, etude, expert, fantastic, finger, fingers, fingerstyle, fun, g3, gitar, stanley jordan, hedges, van halen, heavy metal, satriani, karaoke, live, melody, loureiro, lyrics, masterclass, score, shred, slap, song, spears, sweep, phone book phonebook rip tear half magic trick technique angel tokyo hotel, steve vai, srv , stevie ray vaughn, chopin, amadeus, mozart, paganini, piano, violin, cello, quartet, string, strings, symphony, philharmonic, theater, broadway, film, films, movie, show, tickets, performance, singer, songwriter, wwf, wwe, nhl, nba, soccer, football, sports, baseball, news, cbs, nbc, fox, abc, cnn, msn, carson daily, david letterman, tonight, show, jay, leno
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Nothing Else Matters Solo Cover Epiphone les paul ultra 2 LightStevOo
Click below for my master of puppets cover! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYDWUXb9zEQ A cover with a ROland Microcube amp Ephiphone les paul ultra 2 Windows movie maker
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HD How to Draw Stewie Griffin Speed Paint Photoshop by Steve Lee
Approx. 56 Minutes No Tracing! Drawn completely by hand Family Guy! Stewie Griffin Drawn first by pencil and then by Photoshop I do not own any songs in this video! Comment Rate Subscribe!
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Don't Cry Guns n Roses solo cover on Epiphone Les Paul Ultra 2 LightStevOo
Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II Roland Microcube Amp
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(Taylor Swift) Style - Instrumental guitar cover
I recorded an improved version of this song please check it out below: https://soundcloud.com/steve-lee-26/style-taylor-swift-guitar-instrumental I arranged and played Style by Taylor Swift. Its not the best mixing i've done but i hope you enjoy!
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Glasgow Kiss John Petrucci
a great song from his solo album suspended animation
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Recuerdos de la Alhambra Guitar Cover
Note: I recorded this when i didnt really know the song well. Also the little intro was all improvised in the key of A minor when i recorded this i had only played guitar for almost 2 years!
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AC/DC Back in Black Cover Epiphone les paul ultra 2 LightStevOo
I made a cover of Back in Black with les paul ultra 2 Check my master of puppets cover! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYDWUXb9zEQ
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Big Blue - F-Zero Cover with POD HD
This is my cover of Big Blue from the video game f-zero. Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II POD HD All tracks are recorded by me. The drums are from a midi file.
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I see fire - Ed Sheeran - fingerstyle guitar cover
I arranged and played I see fire by Ed Sheeran. I played this by ear so I don't have tabs. If this video gets more views or if it is requested by many people, then I will make tabs. Thanks for watching!
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Let it go - Frozen - fingerstyle guitar cover
I played Let it go arranged by Sungha Jung
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Vals Venezolano No. 2 - Antonio Lauro
My favorite vals piece by Antonio Lauro. Recorded with: 2 Rode NT5 Microphones
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Naruto the rising fighting spirit guitar cover
its a cover and its good Epiphone Les paul ultra 2 Microcube amp subscribe!
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Stairway to heaven solo cover (blindfolded)
Ibanez RG920QM Premium Pod HD Desktop Led Zeppelin
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Hotel California - Eagles solo cover
Ibanez RG920QM Premium Pod HD Desktop Thanks for watching guys, I really appreciate the views!
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Canon Rock
I played Canon Rock arranged by JerryC
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On the way - Jack Thammarat Cover
Ibanez RG920QM Premium Pod HD Desktop
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Dream Theater - Another Day solo Cover POD HD
I decided to cover the solo for Another Day by Dream Theater. John Petrucci is the best shredder ever. Guitar: Les Paul Ultra 2 Epiphone POD HD
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