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France & Germany Bop to the Top!
seeing as the original was taken down, i decided i wanted to repost it cause its too awesome to be unseen highschool musical ( and this video) does not belong to me in any way
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【VOCALOID3】Pity Party【English Gumi】
I love Melanie Martinez, and I saw nobody had used this wonderful vsqx with English Gumi yet, so i took my chance! I'm no pro at Vocaloid, so hopefully it's alright at least ; v; also the picture was fun to draw Vsqx by ViihMel original song by Melanie Martinez
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【YUU】Classroom Demon [ENG SUB]【Fanmade PV】
It's been a while since i illustrated a video, and i felt a connection to this song for some reason, so I decided to make a pv my DeviantART: http://rockleeofthesand.deviantart.com/ VSQx by inarachan
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【UTAU】Tarantula 【Kougeki Fuan】
I don't know what possessed me to think it would be a good idea to use my screaming voicebank with this song..... oh well ust by Nodiel71
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【UTAU CHORUS】 Lavender Town +UST
This is Catia, Mimayu, Koichi and Lavitz singing Lavender Town theme Drawing by me UST by whatevsclev: http://www.mediafire.com/?abdqhj24gxd4cce
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[SPN] σηє мσяє ηιgнт [Crowstiel]
I am so awful lD -shot- I love Crowstiel so much.... IT'S SO HOT GAAAAAH Supernatural and Maroon5 do not belong to me in any way possible
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【VOCALOID3】Control【English Gumi】
I thought Gumi would sound good singing this since she has a soft voice; hopefully i did well ; A ; and also I hope nobody did this cover with gumi already... Original song by Halsey Vsqx by しえみ ShiKai Art: http://www.zerochan.net/518323
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【VOCALOID3】Rainbow Factory【English Gumi】
I found this song and actually really like it... VSQ by Sango312 Original song by WoodenToaster
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【UTAU】aiSeNMa 【Catia】
I was too lazy to go through and make the engrish in the ust better, sorry! ust by iLloydIrving song by Matt9five
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【VOCALOID3】Obey【English Gumi】
I like this song, it's really cool! i saw there was no cover with English Gumi so I decided to make one! Fokkiez - VSQx & Original Tuning. Choccoleit - Original UST & Midi. CrusherP/Cien - Original Song. "Obey."
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【UTAU】Song for Great Satan 【Aoiko】
I like this song~ ust by thibaud76200 drawing and voicebank by me
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【UTAU】Onii Yuukai 【Koichi - Lavitz - Catia - Koji】
i have been waiting for so long for someone to make a ust of this!! ust by NeeMiSo
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【VOCALOID3 Chorus】Radioactive 【English Gumi-YUU-WIL-KYO-Tone Rion】
wah i was bored so i did this yay vsqx by CherryBlossomBucket base by akujin-joutei on deviantart
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【VOCALOID3】Nape of the Neck 【Merli】
I'm trying to find songs to match with merli's beautiful voice, I hope i'm doing a good job so far! it's so fun to make vocaloids sing!
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【UTAU】Splatter Party 【Koji】
My UTAUs are acting weird when it comes to hirigana usts, they don say what's written... ust by Mr Pancake and Echoblossom321
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【UTAU CHORUS】 Dark Woods Circus 【6 UTAU Chorus】
Here is the second horror based song for Halloween! All of the UTAU belong to me the singers are: Sutekina Jisatsu Koji Catia Catio Kougeki Fuan Koichi ust by TheSaymoi
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【UTAU】 Sleeping Priestess [ENG SUB]【Catia】
This is the first of many horror based songs I plan on covering for Halloween! ust by RorunaK
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vsq by GrandMasterFlames159 karaoke with harms by GrandMasterFlames159 art is not mine
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【UTAU CHORUS】Lavender town with lyrics +UST
this is Catia, Mimayu, Lavitz, and Koichi singing Lavender town again, but this time Koichi and Catia are singing the lyrics chorus UST by whatevsclev: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE5EiFKSIGY Lyric UST by HollowNeku: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdVp-b9yjjk Drawing bye me
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[Best of Cruel Intentions] Cilan/Dent
i love this song, and i always love dark twists on happy fandoms xD ANYWHO i didnt not draw the pictures, i found random sketches from a doujin or something on tumblr i liked
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【UTAU】 Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life 【Koichi x Mimayu】
LOLOLOLOLOL koichi you are such a creepy kid.... anyways xD this is my utau Koichi ( singing len's part) and strawberryhearts' utau Mimayu ( singing Gumi's part) ust is by UtauReizo
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Crowley/Castiel - ♥ ѕυρєя ρѕу¢нσ ℓσνє ♥
God, I love this ship so much. Youtube please don't take this down i worked hard on it Obviously I do not own Supernatural or it's characters And I do not own The music Song: Super Psycho Love by Simon Curtis
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【VOCALOID3】Come Clean【English Gumi】
an old song from when i was a little kid xD sorry I'm neglecting my Utaus and Obsessing over Gumi; I just love her so much ;A; Vsq by MrVocaloidFan Original song by Hilary Duff Art found on Google
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【VOCALOID3】 If You Seek Amy 【English Gumi】
Vsq by Sango312 Art found on google
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【VOCALOID3】 1, 2 Fanclub 「いーあるふぁんくらぶ」 【Tone Rion - YUU】
vsq by CheezItsAreYummy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l14QTyxV-WQ
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【UTAU】A Whole New World 【Koji & Mamiyu】
forgive my utau for he like to randomly scream v_v anyways this is mine and strawberryhearts' utaus once again!
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【UTAU】One more Kiss 【Koichi】
Koichi remove yourself from Jiko this instant young man! You are embarrassing him! -shot- I think I made Koichi sing this before... and if I did THEN OH WELL!! ust by nmasao1
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【UTAU】Let It Go - Japanese Single Version【Koji】
I made his hair lighter and his eyes blue to kinda match the song or movie or whateves vsqx/ust by Memzir
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[Douglas] Hypno Lullaby [cover]
sorry this sucks... i was bored and wanted to do this... Picture by NetherStray on deviantart
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【UTAU】 Alluring Secret Black Vow 【Catia - Koji】
I WAS going to make a pv; but....that takes too much effort - v -; Catia and Koji belong to me Drawing by me I can't find who made the ust in my folder Dx
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【VOCALOID3】No More -English Ver- 【English Gumi】
Okay so i love this song, I made Koichi sing it a couple years ago, so I'm happy to be able to make Gumi sing it! English VSQx by RyukaMoon Art found on Zerochan
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【Vocaloid 】Criminal 【English Gumi x Tonio 】
Tonio cover of song by MagnAgunimon Gumi cover of song by me Vsq by Sango312 art by me base by pixel-dolls ( DeviantART ) Full Image: http://s728.photobucket.com/user/roy_mustang_smexy/media/criminaltoniogumi_zpsb32d57cf.png.html
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【UTAU】背徳の記憶〜The Lost Memory〜 【Catio・Koichi・Koji】
Ust by Soffie101 i really like this song and i was so happy that the ust was in romaji! so here is a cover using my two male utaus, Koichi and Koji, and the male Genderbend of my utau Catia
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【UTAU/Human】Tokyo Teddy Bear 【Jiko Setsudan - Koichi - Glutamine】
I have had the greatest day today! ( sarcasm ) have some Koichi singing with Glutamine to express my hate ust by UtauReizo
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Blame it on the Cosplay! part 1 ( I did it again )
okay so like the beginning of the video said, I am splitting this into two ( possibly 3) parts because I just have a large amount of cosplays. this video was made months ago but it wouldn't export for some reason for the longest time! well now you have it! it will probably take a while for the next part to come out. also before anyone asks I'm male ( i get that question A LOT) Meme by Parle Productions Cosplays in order: Dave Strider ( Homestuck) bought Stocking Anarchy ( Panty and Stocking) hand made Austria ( Hetalia ) bought Yotsuba ( Yotsuba&!) hand made Nagisa Hazuki ( Free!) bought jacket, the rest is hand made Louis ( Bob's Burgers) hand made Yu Narukami ( Persona 4) hand made Mio Akiyama ( K-ON!) hand made Briefers Rock ( Panty and Stocking) hand made Vanellope Von Schweetz ( Wreck-It Ralph) hand made America ( Hetalia) hand made Pinkie Pie ( My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) hand made Kagamine Len ( Vocaloid) bought Taiwan ( Hetalia) bought Yosuke Hanamura ( Persona 4) hand made Hatsune Miku ( Vocaloid) bought Tohru Adachi ( Persona 4) hand made Clover Field ( Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) hand made Shinra Kishitani ( Durarara!!) hand made Haruhi Suzumiya ( The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) bought Tamaki Suoh ( Ouran High School Host Club) hand made Sweetie Belle ( My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) hand made Beat ( Jet Set Radio Future) hand made Nymph ( Heaven's Lost Property) bought Draco Malfoy ( Harry Potter) bought Chie Satonaka ( Persona 4) bought Kyouya Ootori ( Ouran High School Host Club) hand made Yuki Nagato ( The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) bought Superboy ( DC Universe) bought Fluttershy ( My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) hand made Hiroshi ( Ao Oni ) bought MShe/FeMC/Minako Arisato/Hamuko ( Persona 3) hand made Izaya Orihara ( Durarara!!) hand made
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【VOCALOID3】You Are Mine (Lucid ver.)【Merli】
just trying to find stuff for Merli to sing VSQx by MattplusBC
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【UTAU】Nonsense Speaker -english subs-【Koichi - Jiko Setsudan】
this song and video " Joking speaker" just fits so well with how I feel I had to have my Utaus sing it... Jiko is my new Utau; he needs some work but he'll get better. He sings when the subs get fuzzy. UST by umbrellaguns. Original song by Nekobolo for Hatsune Miku.
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【UTAU】Superhero "スーパーヒーロー" [ eng sub] 【Koichi】
so i found this song and really liked it, so i made Koichi sing it! UST by 1UPYoshi
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【VOCALOID3】Joking Speaker 【English Gumi】 + VSQx
I did this song again, this time with Gumi! Drawings and animations by me Joking Speaker by nekobolo English lyrics by JoyDreamerJourney ust by umbrellaguns VSQx converted and put to english lyrics by me VSQx: http://www.mediafire.com/?2q7llewp27hvvp7 ( credit umbrellaguns for the ust if you use )
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【UTAU】 Madness of Duke Venomania [ ENG SUB]【Koji】
I did a kinda sorta shitty pv? I altered some of the lyrics to fit his version and my preference of wording ust by tantrauma midi by Mican Donburi Luka part: Atsuo Meiko part: Jiko Setsudan Miku part: Lavitz Gumi part: Catio Kaito part: Koichi
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MY AWESOME DANCIN SKILLZ So i re did blame it on the cosplay with my new & remastered cosplays ( hence why some arn't there) sorry, i realize im not too entergetic in some thats cause i did this in a span of three days, and two of those days i did at night after school so i was exhausted Dx also i have mio's base and i was going to use it with the cosplay, but then my dad would have thrown a fit about it. ANYWAYS Cosplays in this video: Akita Neru : Vocaloid America : Hetalia Kasane Teto: Utau Lelouch Lamperouge : Code Geass Matryoshka Gumi : Vocaloid Scott Pilgrim : Scott Pilgrim Edward Elric : Fullmetal Alchemist Mio : K-On Draco Malfoy : Harry Potter Gumi : Vocaloid Robin : Batman/Teen Titans ( Comic Book) Satoshi Houjo : Higurashi Izaya Orihara : Durarara!! Kagamine Len : Vocaloid Prussia : Hetalia Shinra Kishitani : Durarara!!
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【VOCALOID3】Condemned 【English Gumi】
VocaApple is so talented ; v ; Original song and pv by VocaApple VSQx by VocaApple Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0drQJ_Br-M&hd=1
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【VOCALOID3】 Wrecking Ball 【English Gumi】
VSQx by J Sime Original by Miley Cyrus I was a lazy bitch and edited a picture of a wig onto Miley Cyrus -shot- I do not own to song or miley or any of that stuff
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【UTAU】I Don't Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me! [ENG SUB]【Jiko Setsudan】
This describes Jiko perfectly TT 7 TT poor baby ust by n4d1494 trans-lyrics by Ashe
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Poor Eridan xD this was fun to draw, sorry if its no good song: threw it on the ground by the Lonely Island Homestuck by Hussie DRAWINGS BY ME
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【VOCALOID3】 Magnet Freedom 【Tone Rion x WIL】
VSQx by RyuSouta I love this version of the song! I know it's a weird pairing, But the only japanese Vocaloid I own are the Zola project and Tone Rion link to picture if you want it: http://rockleeofthesand.deviantart.com/art/Magnet-Freedom-Rion-x-WIL-403067065?ga_submit_new=10%253A1380212941
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WeLcOmE tO dArK cArNiVaL
This is the opening to a omestuck video im making, vegas jacked up so im seperating the opening from the rest, HOPE U LUV IT
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【UTAU】Yokkorase ( Good Fuck)【Koichi】
I... I had to do this.... Aoiko is singing Miku and Rin's parts Koichi and Aoiko are my UTAU Ust by Soffie101
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【English Gumi】 Mental State 【Original Song】 +VSQx
This is an original song that my father and I worked on together. He did most of the work cause i can't make music TT 7 TT Song: Mental State Lyrics and Music: Robert-P VSQx: rockleeofthesand Vocals: English Gumi my DeviantART: http://rockleeofthesand.deviantart.com/ VSQx download ( credit me and read the read me file ) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/3dnmv956k2emxvi/Mental+State.zip off vocal and video is included in zip file Lyrics: Don't be concerned with my mental state some call me crazy; some call me great I never worry 'bout the things you say They don't mean a thing so don't get carried away don't get carried away You're a miserable soul a critic and judge Life in the gutter, swimming in sludge slinging your mud spreading your hate it don't bother me; you're sealing your fate Don't worry 'bout Don't think about Don't talk about Don't think about My Mental(x4) State Don't worry 'bout Don't think about Don't talk about Don't think about My Mental(x4) State I might be crazy; that much is true But I don't find myself being crazy 'bout you I live my own life; now you go live yours I hope I'm around when karma settles the score Don't worry 'bout Don't think about Don't talk about Don't think about My Mental(x4) STATE My mental state.
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【UTAU CHORUS】 Bad ∞ End ∞ Night 【8 UTAU CHORUS】
Jesus! Jesus! Okay the ust was totally fucked up timing wise, but it wasn't the ust makers fault, i think my utau just hates me.... so i know some parts are off, sorry. also Catio got left out of the picture, oops. and i was lazy with the pic... ust by Soffie101 parts: Miku - Saiomi Gakupo - Catio Kaito - Koji Meiko - SPARK Gumi - Haru Matsuo Rin - Aoiko Len - Koichi
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