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Third video for me turned out the perfect video for the location... a colorful Concor crossing an another colorful Concor at big giant curve. It was awesome seen to see and Concor crossing each other from height. First one was headed by twin WAM-4, first # 21371 from TKD (Ex. BSL, ET) and dead 21210 from TKD (Ex.BIA). Whereas the one which was coming towards to Vasai was headed by WAG-5 # 23755 from BSL shed. Watch this video on HD to see the awesome curve. Location: Vaitarna outer Date & Time: 8-Jan-2012 1:23 PM Camera: Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
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Adieu: DC local moving out for not to return again. :(
On 4-Feb-2012, Historic run of last ever DC local in Mumbai Suburban Section comes to an END. Adieu to one of the phenomenal performer in DC current. On Mumbai's Western Railway network, the first DC rake was run on January 5, 1928. Sir Leslie Wilson, the then Governor of Bombay had inaugurated the Colaba to Borivali electric line from Mahalaxmi station in the presence of 700 invitees. In January, 1928, after electrification of traction with Direct Current, EMU trains were introduced on 5th January, 1928. Since then the network has been extensively widened with 1214 local services running and carrying about 34 Lakh commuters every day. The DC-AC conversion of Borivali-Virar section has been completed in 2007 while the section between Borivali and Vile Parle has been converted into AC traction in November, 2011. In the last leg of Conversion of Electric traction of WR's suburban network from Direct Current (DC) to Alternate Current (AC), a mega block was planned on Sunday, 5th February, 2012 between Churchgate -- Andheri. Motorman switch ON the light on request as it was about to move out of Churchgate station for last time for not to return again. Look at how decorated DC local disappearing in the end at curve and MRVC new age local emerging from the same curve. I hope that WR authority make this DC retrofied and make him run again... Camera: Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
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Tons of Horsepower...Ahmedabad Electric & Kankaria Diesel Locomotive Trip Shed...!
As my Vatva (VTA) WDG-3A # 14720 hauled 19260 Bhavnagar - Kochuveli Express took off from Ahmedabad and got to capture below listed charming locomotives in Ahmedabad Electric & Kankaria Diesel Locomotive Trip Shed Kanpur (CNB) WAG-7 # 27514 Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30056 Bhusawal (BSL) WAM-4 # 21234 Amul Gold milk advertised, Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30044 "Gaurav" Amul Gold milk advertised, Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30051 Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30066 Vadodara (BRC) WAP-4E # 22392 Barbie, Vadodara (BRC) WAG-5P # 23506 Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30053 Vadodara (BRC) WAP-4 # 22940 My Favorite class of Locomotive, Little Master, Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-2P # 21872 Few more WAP-4, WAP-5 and WAM-4 hidden behind these locos and inside Trip shed. Bhagat Ki Kothi (BGKT) WDP-4 # 20077 Gonda (GD) WDM-3A # 14115 Tughlakabad WDM-3A Lots of Vatva (VTA) WDM-3Ds and WDM-3Gs inside Trip shed. I was overwhelmed with the presence of so much of locomotive at one place. There were few more WAP-4s, WAP-5s, WCAM-2Ps and WDM-3Ds lying in station area too. Date & Time: 20-April-14, 11:30 AM
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IRFCA: Fastest Diesel action on Ahmedabad Route
Capturing after a long time, the 2nd fastest train and Fastest Diesel train in between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Tughlakabad (TKD) WDM-3A # 18952R on its fastest action with 12216 Bandra Delhi Sarai Rohilla Garib Rath Express at its MPS with 4 miss-match coaches. Though this Garib Rath is not amongst the fastest train of India but this is the 2nd Fastest train in between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Journey after Ahmedabad is bit slow due to MPS of 100 Kmph. Location: Kelve Road Date & Time: 26-Aug-12 Xx:xx PM Camera: Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
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Amongst the Amazing Chase of Two Prestigious Trains in Indian Railways
Seen here is my Monday morning Goosebumps on my way to Pune. This video showcases old ICF beauty in form of 12268 Rajkot-Mumbai Central AC Duronto Express chasing LHB train having maximum AC coaches in form of 12902 Gujarat Mail. Normally Duronto overtake Gujarat Mail before Virar only, however sometime Gujarat Mail manages to pull ahead till Borivali where it finally gets overtaken. The last chance of overtake is at Dadar; however that is once in blue moon. This compilation shows two such instances witnessed on two consecutive Monday, 3-Sep-18 and 10-Sep-18. On first instance both trains were doing merely in between 95 to 96 Kmph and on second instance both were doing above 100 Kmph. Locomotives seen are Vadodara (BRC) WAP-7 # 30507, 30486, 30533 and WAP-5 # 30079 respectively.
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Container less Freight Rajdhani & Duty Free Locomotives
Here comes my favourite part, compilation of freight and locomotives. First to appear is container less flatbed CONCOR wagons hauled by Arakkonam (AJJ) WAG-7 # 28693 at its best moving towards to Vasai Road and further to JNPT. Second to appear is light locomotive in form of Bandra (BAMY) WDM-3A # 18632 which was going towards to DRD under heavy rain. Listen to the voice of Railfan Chirag Sagar expressing locomotive as “Pappu” as it normally doing shunting duties at Bandra Terminus and Mumbai Central. Sometime they are also seen at Valsad and Surat. Third to appear is heavy weight champion of Freight locomotives in form of Lallaguda (LGD) WAG-9 # 31232, dancing and moving in hurry towards to DRD. Date & Time: 15-Oct-17, 11:08, 16:11 & 17:10
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Perfect Battle at Split level Tracks | Two Air-Conditioned Trains
Perfect battle of two Air-conditioned trains at split level tracks on one of the beautiful location of Central Railway... seen here is 2014 made, Itarsi (ET) WAP-4 # 22991 curving in and out with perfectly on-time running, 12520 Kamakhya - LTT AC Superfast Express and further crossing with 1996 made, Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-3 # 21882 hauled 12188 Mumbai CST - Jabalpur Garib Rath Express. Thank to the LP of red beast for honking at us. Look at the split level tracks which continue further for 2-4 Kms and from this place you can see train ascending and descending this scenic region up to 5-6 Kms which is located near Khardi on Kasara route. Date & Time: 19-Mar-16, 15:30
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Fastest AC Double-Decker and Fastest Locomotive of India...!
The Fastest Air-Conditioned Double-Decker of India smoothly passing with Fastest Locomotive of Indian Railways. Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30057 with ADI bound 12931 Mumbai-Ahmedabad AC Double-Decker Express. This Double Decker is currently the Fastest of Indian Railway since it has MPS of 120 Kmph.; whereas other two Double-Deckers introduced in other part of India is having MPS of 100-110 Kmph. The few other which are going to be initiated in this year will also have MPS of around 100-110 Kmph. So this mean that this will remain as Fastest Double-Decker of Indian Railways until other DD comes up with same MPS. This kind of coaches were already tested here for speed of 130 and plus. They are certified to run on Mumbai-Ahmedabad route at 130 Kmph with WAP-7 and WDP-4 locomotive. Coaches also have marking of 160 Kmph like any other LHB coaches. This train takes 7 hrs 20 mins to cover distance of 492 Kms with average speed of 67.09 Kmph. However, its counterpart i.e. 12932 takes 7 hrs to cover same distance with average speed of 70.29 Kmph. Recently I've travelled in this train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with same loco. It achieved MPS of 122 Kmph on quit a few occasion. Refer to my Playlist of Double-Decker for more video of this train. Location: Umroli Date & Time: 9-Feb-13, 15:49 Camera: Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
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India’s LONGEST MEMU - Overlooking Traveller’s Comfort — INDIAN RAILWAYS
Journey of 208 Kms which used to be a comfortable journey by 59047 Virar Surat Passenger on old times with 21 to 22 coaches recently got replaced by uncomfortable MEMU of 20 coaches. Uncomfortable in sense wherein passengers travelling for longer kilometres do not have facility of toilets and since seats are also not that lengthy wherein passenger can relax. Seen here is longest MEMU (in terms of coaches) 69139 Virar-Surat MEMU skipping Umroli for its next halt at Boisar. Regular traveller opposed to this decision of replacing Passenger trains with MEMU but no decision taken in favour of Passengers and almost all passenger trains got replaced by MEMU except 2 Passenger trains in between Mumbai and Ahmedabad and 2 pair of passenger trains running as Bandra-Vapi-Virar-Surat-Virar-Valsad-Bandra Shuttle. Train which got replaced by MEMU is Virar-Bharuch (267 Kms), Virar-Surat (208 Kms) and Virar-Dahanu (64 Kms) due to RSA with previously mentioned MEMU. We do understand that Railway wants to replace older coaches with MEMU but should also consider the comfort and safety of passenger. I hope they manufacture MEMU having toilets in nearby future like they manufactured DEMU with this facility. Date & Time: 15-Oct-17, 08:28
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Swaraj Express Unstable with Several Locomotives of Northern Region
This compilation video comprises of one of my favourite train, Swaraj Express. Starting with same locomotive which appeared last in my previous video i.e. white stallion Tughlakabad (TKD) #WAP-7 #30645 honking and rushing through Dahanu Road with BDTS bound #12472 Swaraj Express at its best. Second to come is Ghaziabad (GZB) #WAP-4 #22292 smoothly curving and rushing through Umroli with SVDK bound #12471 Swaraj Express. After getting LHB coaches, this train is seen with various locomotives of northern region like seen in these two videos. Date & Time: 23-May-18, 17:03 & 13-Jul-18, 09:33
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Thrilling Diesel in Electric Traction | 6000+hp Twin Rebuilt ALCo’s Speedy Sprint – INDIAN RAILWAYS
It’s an electrifying scene when one sees crazy sprint of Diesels in electric traction. Here is compilation of two such videos wherein 6000+hp rebuilt twin diesels seen in speedy action in electric traction of Western Railway. First inline is Twin Ernakulam (ERS) WDM-3A # 14051 & 16459 sprint towing weekly Southern Railways’ 16335 Gandhidham - Nagercoil Express while EMU came to halt on down line. Second inline is Twin Maula Ali (MLY) WDM-3A # 16336 & 16579 sprint towing Tri-Weekly South Central Railways’ 17018 Secunderabad - Rajkot Express. Both these trains were also known as Gandhidham Express and Rajkot Express respectively. All these diesels were rebuilt at DLMW, Patiala. Seeing rapid conversion of tractions, I pray that this Diesel link do not get change to Electric link as these are only few trains which are operated with EMD and ALCo version of diesel which is running via Vasai Road-Panvel/Pune. Date & Time: 28-Jul-17, 19:47 & 15-Oct-17, 07:10
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Unmatched Parallel Descending Action | 3 Trains & 34,720 horsepower of 7 Locomotives
As my WAP-1 converted Vadodara (BRC) WAP-4E # 22066 towed 19311 Pune - Indore Express gliding down the Bhor Ghat, we were slowing down for Brake testing point Monkey Hill. I got spectacular scene wherein set of twin, Kalyan (KYN) WAG-7 # 27125 & 27352 were also rolling down the Ghat through middle line after banking Chennai Express till Lonavala. One can notice WCAM-2P hauled Sinhagad on schedule halt at distance. We both stop and started at same time but through diverted route. In mean time Ex Valsad, Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-2P # 21869 accelerated through down main line towing 11009 Sinhagad Express with superb banking power of triplet Kalyan (KYN) WAG-7 # 27101, 27132 & 27117. All these WAG-7 were ex Ajni which got transferred to Kalyan for Ghat duty. After diversion we again met at Thakurvadi where we completely overtook these duos. Normally, on Up line on which we rolled down, train never stop as it has auto censor fitted for brake testing, however to my surprise we stopped on this occasion. So this action video includes 7 Locomotives (1 WAP-4, 5 WAG-7 & 1 WCAM-2P) totaling up to 34,720 Hp in action. Enjoy watching this beautiful Bhor Ghat action and leave your valuable comments. Also notice the haunted man running at 0:50. On 1-May, Friday I captured this Pune - Indore Express with same Vadodara (BRC) WAP-4E # 22066 along with dead Abu Road (ABR) WDM-2 # 16838 which was rooming in Bangalore for some days. Date & Time: 8-May-15, 5:00 PM & 5:21 PM
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IRFCA: Longest Running Trivandrum Rajdhani chilling the atmosphere...
Since the monsoon TT for Konkan is over and as soon as my twin WCAM-1 hauled 19311 Pune Indore Express was looped at Kaman, I was sure that it was the time for Macho WDP-3A to appear with Longest Running Rajdhani. Since my train was running 1 hour before time, we were waited for almost 40 minutes for TVC Rajdhani to overtake us. Sorry as I cannot remember the road number of loco. Clean looking GOC WDP-3A charging down with Trivandrum - H.Nizamuddin 12431 Rajdhani Express with 3 Duronto caches in its consists. Location: Kaman Road (11 Kms from Vasai Road) Date & Time: 24-Nov-12, 7:23 PM
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Inside WAP-4 “Cheetah” | Asst. Loco Pilot View - Rolling Down the Ghat
Got yet another opportunity of foot plating in one of the most reliable locomotives of Indian Railways and here is the video taken inside loco which was introduced by K K Agrawal (GM, Western Railways) on 02nd September 2002, homed at Vadodara (BRC) shed, WAP-4E # 22541 “Cheetah”. We were rolling down the Bhor Ghat from Lonavla to Khandala which was first brake testing technical halt before rolling down further in the Ghat. Enjoy the honking and braking from Assistant Loco Pilot view towing loads of Express train. One can see the steep gradient ahead of Khandala station. We did not exceed the speed limit of 60 Km/ph on entire Ghat till Palasdhari.
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Biggest Hit | Western Railway’s Top 10 Fastest Trains
One of cracking video on my channel, showcasing Top 10 Fastest Trains of Western Railway Zone of Indian Railways. Seen here is Top 10 Speediest Train s of Western Railway as listed below: # 01 - 12951-12952 - Mumbai Rajdhani Express (Average Running Speed of 88.18 Kmph) # 02 - 22209-22210 - New Delhi AC Duronto Express (Average Running Speed of 81.34 Kmph) # 03 - 12909-12910 - Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express (Average Running Speed of 81.23 Kmph) # 04 - 12953-12954 - August Kranti Rajdhani Express (Average Running Speed of 80.67 Kmph) # 05 - 12247-12248 - Nizamuddin Yuva Express (Average Running Speed of 78.52 Kmph) # 06 - 12267-12268 - Ahmedabad AC Duronto Express (Average Running Speed of 77.86 Kmph) # 07 - 12009-12010 - Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express (Average Running Speed of 75.90 Kmph) # 08 - 12239-12240 - Jaipur AC Duronto Express (Average Running Speed of 72.98 Kmph) # 09 - 12931-12932 - Ahmedabad AC Double-Decker Express (Average Running Speed of 68.83 Kmph) # 10 - 12907-12908 - Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express (Average Running Speed of 68.27 Kmph) Next list of speediest train continues, however this is not covered in the video. # 11 - 12957-12958 - Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani Express (Average Running Speed of 67.90 Kmph) # 12 - 12227-12228 - Indore AC Duronto Express (Average Running Speed of 67.11 Kmph) # 13 - 12955-12956 - Jaipur Superfast (Gangaur) Express (Average Running Speed of 65.35 Kmph) # 14 - 12933-12934 - Karnavati Express (Average Running Speed of 63.96 Kmph) # 15 - 12917-12918 - Gujarat Sampark Kranti Express (Average Running Speed of 63.53 Kmph) # 16 - 12927-12928 - Vadodara Superfast Express (Average Running Speed of 62.47 Kmph) # 17 - 22933-22934 - Jaipur Superfast Express (Average Running Speed of 62.13 Kmph) # 18 - 22903-22904 - Bhuj AC Superfast Express (Average Running Speed of 61.86 Kmph) # 19 - 12911-12912 - Valsad Haridwar Superfast Express (Average Running Speed of 59.92 Kmph) # 20 - 12961-12962 - Avantika Express (Average Running Speed of 59.65 Kmph) Thank you for watching and do subscribe to my channel for more videos and leave your valuable comments. As always Dislikes is also welcome. :-)
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Amazing Race Continue… WCAM-2P Intercity Superfast Battling with WDP-4D Vishakapatnam Express
Amongst the most famous racing happening in between two trains in Mumbai… seen here is 4500hp Kalyan (KYN) WDP-4D # 40261 with 18520 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus - Vishakapatnam Express chasing and overtaking my 4950hp Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-2P # 21874 hauled 12127 Mumbai CST - Pune Intercity Express. On last line, Kalyan (KYN) WDM-3D # 11456 hauled 17317 Hubballi - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express, moving towards its destination. Later my train accelerated and quickly chased Vishakapatnam Express before Thane. This race happens every day wherein these trains run parallel from Vidyavihar to Thane. This ECoR train has 1st Class AC in it’s consist. Train does not have commercial stop from LTT to Pune Junction, but still halts at Thane for Intercity to go ahead and then at Karjat and Lonavala for Bankers. It chases Intercity very closely, wherein ICE reaches late on most of the Mondays and Vishakapatnam Express comes bang on time. Date & Time: 5-Sep-16, 7:08 to 7:15
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Every end is a New beginning… ICF makes way for LHB | Makeover for Intercity Superfast Express
Wednesday 6-June-2018, historic day for Punekar wherein one of my favourite trains converted from traditional ICF (Integral Coach Factory) coaches to modern LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) coaches. This video showcase the last run of ICF coaches and first run of LHB coaches of Intercity Superfast Express. Under bright sunny day first seen is Ex Valsad, Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-2 #21865 honking and cautiously curving down towards to Pune towing #12127 Mumbai CSMT - Pune Intercity Superfast Express as last run of ICF coaches. The other train seen crossing is #17032 Hyderbad-Mumbai Express behind Kalyan (KYN) WDM-3D #11362. Change in weather, under cloudy and drizzling condition, Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-3 #21882 aggressively charging down towards to Mumbai towing #12128 Pune - Mumbai CSMT Intercity Superfast Express as first run of brand new LHB coaches. Notice the lightning strikes when 3rd and 4th coach is passing by and train in siding is #19311 Pune-Indore Express (via Panvel). This is said to be 25th Rake of Central Railway which got converted to Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) Coaches. The other 24 trains in LHB coaches of Central Railway with their RSA are listed below. 1. 1 rake RSA of 11011-11012 LTT-Nanded-LTT Express and 11017-11018 LTT- Karaikal-LTT Express 2. 4 rakes of 11015-11016 Kushinagar Express 3. 3 rakes of 11061-11062 Pawan Express 4. 4 rakes of 11071-11072 Kamayani Express 5. 1 rake RSA of 11079-11080 LTT-Gorakhpur-LTT Express and 22127-22128 Anandwan Superfast Express 6. 1 rake of 11085-11086 LTT-Madgaon-LTT AC Double Decker Express 7. 1 rake of 12025-12026 Pune-Secunderabad-Pune Shatabdi Express 8. 1 rake of 22119-22120 Tejas Express 9. 1 rake of 12223-12224 LTT-Ernakulam-LTT AC Duronto Express 10. 1 rake RSA of 12293-12294 LTT-Allahabad-LTT AC Duronto Express and 22115-22116 LTT-Karmali-LTT AC Superfast Express 11. 1 rake of 12297-12298 Ahmedabad-Pune- Ahmedabad AC Duronto Express 12. 1 rake of 12171 LTT-Haridwar-LTT AC Superfast Express 13. 1 rake RSA of 22109-22110 LTT-Nizamuddin-LTT AC Superfast Express and 22121-22122 LTT-Lucknow-LTT AC Superfast Express 14. 1 rake RSA of 22117-22118 Pune-Amravati-Pune AC Superfast Express, 22123-22123 Pune-Ajni-Pune AC Superfast Express and 22125-22126 Nagpur-Amritsar-Nagpur AC Superfast Express 15. 4 rakes RSA of 12101-12102 Jnaneswari Express, 12151-12152 Samarsata Express and 22103-22104 LTT-Faizabad-LTT Superfast Express 16. 1 rake of 12109-12110 Panchavati Express Date & Time: 6-Jun-18, 09:47 & 18:20
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Train in Extremely Heavy Rain | Ahmedabad Chennai Express Goes LHB
After getting benefited with LHB transformation of Intercity Express, now I got yet another LHB train to return from Pune, so called MAS ADI. Moreover, now I can witness Blue LHB ICE overtaking red LHB MAS ADI in PA-LNL section. Seen here is combination of two videos with its previous avatar and new avatar. First seen is Vadodara (BRC) WAP-4E #22811 marching down through Dahanu Road for its next halt at Boisar with ICF avatar of #19420 Ahmedabad-Chennai Central Express at its MPS. Second to come is Vadodara (BRC) WAP-4E #22209 blistering down under extremely heavy rain through Kelve Road with first LHB run of #19420 Ahmedabad-Chennai Central Express just below its MPS. Notice the decoration on last EOG which hardly seen in rain. Since this train has RSA with #19107-#19108 Janmabhoomi Express (running in between Ahmedabad-Udhampur) and #12947-#12948 Azimabad Express (running in between Ahmedabad-Patna), both these trains also got LHBfied simultaneously. So with this transformation, Western Railway now has 35 trains running with LHB coaches. Date & Time: 23-May-18, 16:03 & 14-Jul-18, 16:30
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Don’t miss the End… Massive WDG-4 Puppy Honking beside Solid Honking WDM-3D…!
2nd time in a row in consecutive week, my Vatva (VTA) WDM-3D # 11417 hauled 19419 Chennai Central - Ahmedabad Express halted just after Dapodi Railway station as we were closely trailing Pune Lonavala EMU. Pune (PUNE) WDG-4 # 12444 charging down in LHF from Kasarwadi and decelerated with load of ever fluctuating link, 51317 Karjat - Pune Passenger for its next halt at Dapodi. Notice the trespassers do not give a damn to mammoth looking WDG-4. Notice how Vatva 3D started puffing and chugging at its best. Date & Time: 13-Feb-15, 5:48 PM
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FAST & FURIOUS - AS ALWAYS | August Kranti Rajdhani Express @ 130 Kmph
The most aggressive Rajdhani of Indian Railway showcasing its fury as always… seen here is 2015 made spotless white stallion, Ghaziabad (GZB) WAP-7 # 30445 honking loud to avoid unnecessary trespassing and speed past Saphale station at perfect 130 Kmph with ever aggressive 12954 August Kranti Rajdhani Express. Even though this Rajdhani taking many stoppages in between its source and destination, but its maintaining schedule with aggressive run in between stoppages and retained its position as 4th Fastest Rajdhani, 4th Fastest Train of Western Railway Zone & placed at 13th spot for being Fastest Train of Indian Railways.
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Back-to-Back Grand Ceremony # 1 | Gorakhpur Antyodaya Inaugural Special
Finally after long wait of around 3 months, Railway Minister got time to inaugurate much awaited trains of this region. First to go is beautifully decorated Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30087 thundering down with load of 18 LHB coaches of Bandra Terminus - Gorakhpur 02921 Antyodaya Inaugural Special in sparkling clean livery. These coaches were standing idle in Vasai Road yard for almost 3 months after it got shipped to Mumbai. It’s good to see some initiative taken to decorate train on its inauguration like other zone. Since locomotive headlight was covered with banner, LP was honking superbly to acknowledge us. This was total strange as LP couldn’t flash headlight to any upcoming train and was supposed to stop at Surat by the time it was dark. Train should start its regular run from 20-August-2017. Train # 22921 departs from Bandra at 05:10 AM on Sunday and will reach Gorakhpur at 05:35 PM on Monday. In return, train # 22922 departs from Gorakhpur at 03:15 AM (very odd hour in night) on Tuesday and will reach Bandra at 04:15 PM on Wednesday. This mean that train again stand idle from Wednesday evening till Sunday early morning. So ideally soon it should get converted from weekly train to bi-weekly train with some workaround in current Time Table. Train will have stoppages at Borivali, Surat, Vadodara, Ratlam, Kota, Bharatpur, Achhnera (technical stop in Up direction), Mathura, Kasganj, Kanpur, Lucknow, Gonda, Naugarh. Antyodaya Express is yet another new concept proposed in 2016 Railway Budget of India from Rail Minister which is completely Unreserved/General coaches designed to have overnight journeys. This is the third Antyodaya Express of Indian Railways and first for Western Railway. Date & Time: 13-Aug-17, 17:36
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AMAZING BLEED BLUE | Yesvantpur Suvidha Express with Refreshing Livery EMD GT46PAC
2010 make of Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) which was originally in ordinary EMD livery adopted by Indian Railways, now uplifted with refreshing dark blue livery with white colour arrow. Seen here is Krishnarajapuram (KJM) WDP-4B # 40017, appearing from behind the freight on down line and rolling down with bit of dancing on curvature towing LHB load of one of the SUPER-HIT Suvidha Express of Indian Railways, 82654 Jaipur-Yesvantpur Suvidha Express. It was lovely to see this new refreshing livery with EMD and hope to see all shed adopting their own livery for their EMD like they do with their ALCo models. Date & Time: 13-Aug-17, 15:38
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Amazing Chase!!!... WCAM-2 Deccan Hunting and Brutally Overtaking WAM-4 Indore Express in Twilight…!
Vadodara (BRC) WAM-4E # 21252 hauled my 19311 Pune - Indore Express departed Pune bang on time at 03:20 PM on 2-Jan-15. On Pf # 4 Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-2 # 21868 was ready with CSTM bound 11008 Deccan Express which also left bang on time after us at 03:30 PM. Usually, Pune - Indore Express never runs on time till Kalyan with what-so-ever loco it has. On 2-Jan-15 also, it was running late and reached Chinchwad - 8 mins late, Lonavala - 25 mins late, Karjat Junction - 36 mins late and Kalyan Junction 37 mins late at 6:19 PM. As soon as we were given go ahead I saw WCAM-2 hauled Deccan Express arrived on platform # 6. This was an amazing chase by WCAM-2 in spite of being having halts at Shivajinagar, Khadki, Talegaon, Lonavala, Khandala, Karjat Junction. We started first from Kalyan Junction and as soon as our last coach cleared station, Deccan was also given Go ahead through Main Up line. WCAM-2 again chased us within 5 minutes of time and completely overtook us with some amazing speed at Thakurli. I was happy to see WCAM-2 in such speedy action, as few months ago WCAM-2 use to haul Indore Express after WCAM-1. Due to increase in demand Pune Indore Express was made 4 days a week from Tri-weekly and now again it is going to run for 5 days a week from March 2015. Rest 2 days is already captured by 12939-40 Pune - Jaipur Superfast Express. To make Indore Express runs 5 days a week, 11049 Ahmedabad - Kolhapur Express will depart 30 minutes earlier at 7:25 PM from Ahmedabad instead of current time of 7:55 PM. Enjoy this Fantastic Twilight Action. Date & Time 02-Jan-15, 6:30 PM
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The Harsh Bittering Truth | Fastest Rajdhani Humiliating Fastest Sampark Kranti @ 130 Kmph
The most powerful white monster (6350hp) in form of Ghaziabad (GZB) WAP-7 # 30384 with its headlight on going crazy at perfect 130 Kmph towing Fastest Rajdhani of Indian Railways (also the fastest train of Indian considering ARS) 12951 Mumbai Central - New Delhi Rajdhani Express and thereby overtaking Fastest Sampark Kranti of Indian Railways, 12907 Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express hauled by 1999 made trustworthy red monster (5000hp), Vadodara (BRC) WAP-4E # 22293. Initially, Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express was used to get overtaken by August Kranti Rajdhani Express and Trivandrum Rajdhani Express but now it gets overtaken by Mumbai Rajdhani after upgrading it to 130 Kmph and also by Goa Rajdhani Express after it got Inaugurated. Hope to see this train getting LHB coaches and speed up-gradation to 130 Kmph soon as it carries one single ICF Rake. Watch out my playlist on Rajdhani Express at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa_YCZ5xI3jktiL7r5xf6FhYQeOaNg0Wv Date & Time: 20-Dec-15, 6:13 PM
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Muscular 6200Hp | Twin WDG-3A - Rajkot Express
Tri-weekly attraction of Twin Diesel on Western Railway… Kazipet (KZJ) WDG-3A # 13413 & its shed mate charging down effortlessly with load of 17018 Secunderabad - Rajkot Express through Kelve Road without fear of getting overtaken by Shatabdi Express. This train along with few other trains for south has started getting twin Diesel in form of either WDG-3A or WDM-3A or combination of both. Just notice how this combined 6200hp Goods hauler effortlessly accelerating and skipping with load of 22 passenger coaches. These goods hauler has super starting TE which provides amazing acceleration. Date & Time: 25-Oct-15, 6:59 AM
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UNESCO - Matheran Hill Railway | Friend decline to perform “Kick” movie stunt
Our Office staff decided to go for small 1 day outing to Matheran, Hill station located in Raigad district, Maharashtra. While returning, one of my friend asked another friend to perform “Kick” movie stunt but seeing honking train rolling down, he refused to do it and later asked, Did we captured him?. Seen in video is Matheran Hill Railway’s Neral based NDM-1A # 551 rolling down the curve with load of 8 puny coaches and backed by NDM-1A # 550 of same shed. Train # 52156 was heading from Matheran to Aman Lodge as NG Shuttle. The rear loco seen in video will pull the train from Aman Lodge back to Matheran and front loco will work as banker. UNESCO is planning to give this Matheran Hill Railway as world heritage status. Few rail-fans also refer this train as Toy train of this Hill station. Normally, train runs up to Neral, but in monsoon season, it is restricted up to Aman lodge only. Date & Time: 23-Aug-15, 2:40 PM
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PERFECT BATTLE of WAP-7 V/s WAG-7 | Garib Rath V/s Gorakhpur Special
What a way to start a day when two trains meet each other at amazing place like Vaitarna surrounded by mountains, river and greenery. Seen here is Tughlakabad (TKD) WAP-7 # 30373 roaring on Vaitarna Creek Rail Bridge and swiftly curve down with fastest Garib Rath of India, 12910 Nizamuddin - Bandra Garib Rath Express and further it crossed with late running 02534 Bandra - Gorakhpur Superfast Special hauled by Kanpur (CNB) WAG-7 # 28748. It was a perfect timing of disappearing of last coach of Garib Rath and appearance of WAG-7, however my camera lost focus while Garib Rath was is in full swing. It was closely followed by King, Mumbai Rajdhani in 3 minutes of gape. Date & Time: 11-Jun-16 , 06:58
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New LHB Avatar…Secunderabad Shatabdi Express…!
Early Morning silent atmosphere distressed by honking of rebuilt from Pune (PUNE) WDM-3A # 17910 speeding through Manjari Budruk with 12025 Pune – Secunderabad Shatabdi Express in new LHB (Linke-Hofmann-Busch) Avatar. This train was inaugurated on 13-November-2011 with ICF coaches of Chennai - Mysore Shatabdi Express and got its new LHB coaches 29-July-2014. When I saw this LHB coaches on 28-July, it was having 3 EOG which means 1 in spare but in video one can see that front EOG got replaced by Duronto livery EOG. Old ICF rake of this train is now utilized as 02003 Mumbai CST - Karmali Shatabdi Premium Special. There are two more Premium Specials on same route which is 02045 LTT - Karmali Premium AC Special and 02005 LTT - Karmali Premium AC Double Decker Special. My previous capture of this Shatabdi in ICF avatar can be seen as follow: WDM-3A SHATTERS THE SILENCE WITH TINY ICF SHATABDI - http://youtu.be/ljijrK4JpoA WDM-3D Honking Show with Uniform Shatabdi Express - http://youtu.be/jxftfIKcjcU Date & Time: 17-August-14, 06:03 AM Camera: Sony Exmor r
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Sequential Itarsi’s Brothers Striking in Sequence | Godan V/s Varanasi Superfast
2013 manufacturing of CLW, combined 10000hp, striking at their best on Khadavli curvature with Bihar and Uttar Pradesh’s train. First to appear is Itarsi (ET) WAP-4 # 22953 curving through curvature with Lokmanya Tilak Terminus - Chhapra, 11059 Godan Express and next to appear is his preceding consecutive brother, Itarsi (ET) WAP-4 # 22952 aggressively charging down with 12168 Varanasi - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Superfast Express. Bhusawal and Itarsi WAP-4’s are amongst the most commonly visited locos in Central Railway like Vadodara in Western Railway. Date & Time: 19-Mar-16, 12:15 & 12:57
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Indian Railways Notched-Up Freight Service | Container Rajdhani on Rampage
CONCOR… so called Container Rajdhani in Freight category tearing tracks 24x7 to bring back it share to Indian Railways to sustainable position. Seen here is Jhansi (JHS) WAG-7 #27940 in usual bodyshell storming through Vaitarna towing CONCOR load towards to Vasai Road in foggy condition. Next seen is 2016 make of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Tughlakabad (TKD) WAG-9Hi #31780 on rampage towing yet another CONCOR load towards to North side through Palghar, Maharashtra. The Backbone of Indian Railways… Freight service is now witnessing a drop over a period of time, mainly on account of non-competitive tariff structure. “The share of Indian Railways in freight movement has been declining over a period of time primarily due to non- competitive tariff structure,” Economic Survey 2017-18. I hope that dedicated freight corridor will bring back the Freight services back in action and will also ease down traffic for passenger traffic. Date & Time: 2-Mar-18, 07:48 & 09:03
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Extreme Pain | Unaware of Increased Station Height, Man Broken His Leg | Legendary Flying Ranee
Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30083 blistering down with one of the legendry train of Western Railway, BCT bound 12922 Flying Ranee behind aggressive August Kranti Rajdhani Express. Notice man seating on door of 15 coach from locomotive which was Non-AC Double-Decker coach, got his leg cracked as he was unaware of increased station height at Umroli and was casually hanging his leg at door. This poor man must have got very bad Goosebumps after hitting his leg with station edge and can judged through his scream too. It’s too bad idea to seat on door and if you still seat on door you have to tack utmost care of your leg as there are high chances of getting it hit to anything. Date & Time: 20-May-17, 8:25
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Antyodaya  v/s  AC Double-Decker — WAP-5  v/s  WAP-7 | Dog fumbling in between Trains
Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 #30074 striking down the tracks at perfect MPS with almost 2 hours late running #22922 Gorakhpur-Bandra Antyodaya Express in uniform livery. LP turned on light to shoo away group of dogs fumbling on tracks. One of dog can be seen on adjacent platform i.e. pf # 1 who must have got stuck in between trains or under station edge as #12931 Mumbai Central - Ahmedabad AC Double Decker Express hauled by WAP-7 blasted through at its MPS of 120 Kmph. Date & Time: 23-May-18, 16:09
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RARE SIGHT | Stunning Approach of Late Running August Kranti Rajdhani Express
One of the rare sights which is hardly seen once in blue moon... Fourth Fastest Rajdhani of India, 12954 August Kranti Rajdhani Express making a stunning approach at Dadar behind Medha hotel load equipped Ghaziabad (GZB) WAP-7 # 30527 and thereby overtaking Gujarat Superfast Express which started departing from platform # 5 hauled by BRC WAP-5 # 30115. It was just stunning view of seeing aggressive train making some aggressive move. August Kranti Rajdhani was running late by 6 hours and 15 minutes as it started late from Nizamuddin at 22:45 previous night. It overtook 12284 Ernakulam Duronto, 12248 Yuva Express and was closely followed by 22210 New Delhi - Mumbai AC Duronto Express. Date & Time: 25-June-17, 15:59
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Rare | Sewagram - Ghaziabad WAP-4 Clashing with WCAM-3 - Bhusaval Passenger
One of the rare sight to see Northern Electric Shed loco hauling train which is rooming with in Maharashtra. Seen here is Mumbai CST - Nagpur Junction/Balharshah Junction, 12139 Sewagram Express hauled by off-link, Ghaziabad (GZB) WAP-4 # 22724 clashing with Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-3 # 21958 hauled 51154 Bhusaval Junction - Mumbai CST Passenger at Thansit located on Kalyan Kasara section of Central Railway. Previously I captured this clash at Oombermali and at that time, Sewagram was with regular link and Bhusaval Passenger was with off-link. Date & Time: 19-Mar-16, 16:57
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Clash of the Titans: WAP-5 Shatabdi V/s WAP-5 Duronto...!
One of my old wish to capture..."Clash of the Titans"... The current Fastest Train crossing with the old time Fastest Train in between Mumbai Central and Ahmedabad. Both trains are super hit with their service and are one of the premium trains of Western Railway. LHB 12009 Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express hauled by Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30053 speeding through Dadar and crossed ICF 12268 Ahmedabad AC Duronto Express hauled by Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30055. Both trains were doing decent speed. Amongst these 2 trains, 12268 Ahmedabad Mumbai AC Duronto was running late by 40 minutes. Both this trains are Fastest and 4th fastest train in between these two major Cities. This is excluding 12297-12298 Ahmedabad-Pune-Ahmedabad AC Duronto considering Vasai Road as its technical Halt however still can be considered for calculations. 12297-98 ADI-Pune-ADI AC Duronto with 82.34 Km/ph. 12267-68 BCT-ADI-BCT AC Duronto with 77.86 Km/ph. 22903-04 BDTS-BHUJ-BDTS AC Superfast with 72.78 Km/ph. 12215-16 DEE Garib Rath with 72.76 Km/ph. 12009-10 BCT-ADI-BCT Shatabdi with 71.32 Km/ph. Enjoy the Classic crossing. Date & Time: 24-March-14, 06:35 AM
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Duronto, Double-Decker, Shatabdi — All in One as Karnavati Express
As title describes, this video is dedicated to one of the famous train on Mumbai Ahmedabad sector, the old mighty Karnavati. Seen here is mismatch coaches of maximum kind which includes, 4 coaches with Janshatabdi type window, Duronto livery Pantry car, Shatabdi livery 2 AC coaches, Duronto and Double-Decker livery EOG, as one consist for 12933 Karnavati Express which was hauled by Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30046 in Amul livery in first video and my favourite Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30063 in second video. Don’t be surprise if you see Antyodaya coaches in near future, LoL. Date & Time: 15-Oct-17, 15:17 & 17-Oct-17, 15:10
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STATE-OF-THE-ART | Ahmedabad Humsafar Superfast Express Rushing
The last addition to the Humsafar group, Ex Humsafar Express is introduced as Humsafar Superfast Express. Seen here is Pune (PUNE) WDM-3D # 11384 in LHF marching down with bang on time running 22919 Chennai Central-Ahmedabad Humsafar Express. Train was shipping additional 2 LHB sleeper coaches which can be seen just behind the locomotive. This Humsafar was initially drafted as Express Humsafar in TAAG 2016-17 with numbering 19423 departing Chennai at 15:15 on Wednesday and arriving Ahmedabad at 01:15 on Friday and 19424 departing Ahmedabad at 15:10 on Monday and arriving Chennai at 23:00 on Tuesday with halt at Arakkonam, Renigunta, Cuddappah, Gooty, Guntakal, Adoni, Raichur, Wadi, Gulbarga, Solapur, Pune, Panvel, Vasai Road, Boisar, Vapi, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara and Anand. However, it got introduced as Superfast Humsafar with cut in halts of Arakkonam, Cuddappah, Gooty, Adoni, Wadi, Boisar, Vapi, Bharuch and Anand. However when it got introduced on 4-May-2017, it was numbered as superfast i.e. 22919 departing Chennai at 20:10 on Wednesday and arriving Ahmedabad at 03:15 on Friday and 22920 departing Ahmedabad at 15:30 on Monday and arriving Chennai at 22:35 on Tuesday with both way average running speed of 55.24 Kmph. It has loco change at Guntakal Junction from Electric to Diesel and at Pune Junction from Diesel to Electric and vice versa. Date & Time: 25-May-17, 16:38
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MAJESTIC Racing and Crossing up High on the Hill | WAP-5  VS  United WCAM-3 & WCAM-2
It’s a treat to watch racing and crossing in Ghat section with some beautiful scenery in background. Seen here is Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30106 hauled 22943 Pune-Indore Superfast Express chasing and overtaking light bankers Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-3 # 21941 & 21935 moving down the hill after completing duty. This duo left before us at Lonavala and Khandala, and later we arrived first at Monkey Hill and this duo slowly came too halt with honking to alert passenger who alighted from train. As soon as duo came to halt we slowly started picking up speed. One can notice sound of engine going down one by one as we cross them. Further, little master Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-2 # 21868 hauled 11009 Sinhagad Express crossed us which were banked by another set of Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-3 # 21961 & 21956. All these action captured 400+ meters above sea level. Date & Time: 1-Sep-17, 16:55
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ERS WDM-3A Rebuilt chugging hard to accelerate...!
ERS rebuilt WDM-3A # 16565 chugging and smoking hard to accelerate with ERS bound 12284: Hazrat Nizamuddin-Ernakulam --Duronto Express. His was blocked by 59040 Vapi-Virar Shuttle which was pulled to Pf1 at Kelve Road; after this controller took time to give him turner. So train was about to stop at outer. Enjoy ever blasting Duronto in slow motion with supersonic sound of Diesel. Location: Kelve Road Date: 5-Feb-12 Camera: Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
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Unseen Battle… Vishakapatnam Express V/s Pune Intercity Express…!
Seen here is the unnoticed battle of parallel action between 1 Superfast and another Express train within CR territory in morning time. Mostly both these train catch-up at Thane where Superfast train takes priority and Express train follows him till Pune. There are rare chances of these two trains running parallel and got captured. My Pune bound Kalyan (KYN) WCAM-2P hauled, Mumbai CST/CSTM - Pune Junction/PUNE, 12127 Intercity Superfast Express speeding on through line and on other hand Kalyan (KYN) WDM-3D # 11358 hauled 18520 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus/LTT - Visakhapatnam Junction/VSKP Express speeding through 5th line. Both trains running for their schedule halt at Thane. I missed few coaches when I started capturing; however at the end my ICE won the battle by completely overtaking Visakhapatnam Express. Date & Time: 08-Sept-14, 07:11 AM
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ALL TIME HIT Suryanagari Express Shot Thrice with Amul WAP-5
Swift action of all time hit train for Jodhpur in Rajasthan, BDTS/Bandra Terminus - JU/Jodhpur Junction, 12480 Suryanagari Express captured thrice at Umroli with same kind of Amul advertised locomotives, Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30058, 30055 and 30062. This train was originally running as 4845/46 Ahmedabad - Jodhpur Suryanagri Express which later got extended to Bandra for four days in a week in 2002-03. Later it became a daily train between Bandra Terminus and Jodhpur and was renumbered to 12479/80. It got good and tight run from Bandra till Ahmedabad wherein it’s closely followed by LHB Karnavati Express and Fastest Ahmedabad AC Double-Decker Express. Due to this it’s getting top priority in both run where in up direction it overtakes Kerala Sampark Kranti, Dehradun-Kochuveli Superfast and Amritsar- Kochuveli Superfast due to their slack time table. This 24 coaches train has rake sharing with 12461/12462 Mandore Express running in between Jodhpur and Old Delhi. Date & Time: 15-Mar-15, 3:26 PM, 1-May-15, 3:24 PM & 3-Apr-15, 3:05 PM
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Heavy Damage caused to AC Chair Car | 3 Tier AC Sleeper replace AC Chair Car of Ahmedabad Shatabdi
This video is composition of two videos of my favourite train, of which first video showcase its original livery and second showcase its new avatar due to Excessive rain at Vasai-Virar. First to come is Medha Hotel Load equipped, Vadodara (BRC) WAP-7 #30526 charging down with uniform livery #12009 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express at its MPS of 130 Kmph. Second to come is Siemens Hotel Load equipped, Ex Ghaziabad, Vadodara (BRC) WAP-7 #30471 charging down with mixture of 3 Tier AC Sleeper of Rajdhani and Duronto livery along with few intact livery of Shatabdi of #12009 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express at its MPS of 130 Kmph. Due to heavy damage caused to AC Chair Car Coaches of #12009 / #12010 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad-Mumbai Central Shatabdi Express during heavy rains on 9 and 10 July’18, Western Railway decided to run its services with a special rake of mixed composition consisting of 3 Executive AC Chair Cars, 2 AC Chair Cars, 1 Anubhuti Coach along with 12 AC 3 Tier Coaches till its regular coaches are repaired & reintroduced in phased manner. AC chair car has 78 seats while AC 3 Tier has 72 berths. Hence, passengers having seat No from 73 to 78 of all AC Chair Cars got accommodated in C-11 & C-12. The regular coach composition is 15 AC Chair Car, 2 Executive AC Chair Car and 1 Anubhuti Chair Car. Temporary coach composition is 12 3 Tier AC Sleeper, 2 AC Chair Car, 1 Pantry Car, 1 Anubhuti Chair Car and 3 Executive AC Chair. Date & Time: 23-May-18, 7:55 & 13-July-18, 7:49
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India’s New High-Speed Fastest Train | Semi-Bullet “Gatiman Express” Storming @ 160 Kmph
Finally, the dream comes true for all rail lovers as India’s First and New High-Speed Semi Bullet Train rolling down at its maximum and even open for commercial use on 05-April-2016. Seen here is 1997 make of Asea Brown Boveri Ltd (ABB), imported from Switzerland, Ghaziabad (GZB) WAP-5 # 30007 aka Bond, curving in and out with ultimate dust storm at 160 Kmph towing 12 LHB coaches of India’s First and New High-Speed Semi Bullet Train, 02050 Hazrat Nizamuddin - Agra Cantt., Gatiman Express Inaugural Special. Train covered 188 Kms in between these two cities in just 100 minutes with ARS (average running speed) 112.80 Kmph. In return, it took 99 minutes as per news with ARS of 113.94 Kmph. Notice all eyes are on this spectacular show stopper; few even seen clapping seeing such action. Everyone either busy in shooting this train or taking selfie while it’s passing by. In normal commercial run this train will run six days a week (excluding Friday). 12050 will depart NZM at 08:10 in morning with arrival of 09:50 AM at AGC and in return, 12049 will depart AGC at 05:50 in evening with arrival of 07:30 PM at NZM. As of now, locomotive 30007 seems to be paired up with Gatiman Express as we saw same combo on next day too. At last after lot of hurdles, with time and motion study, NR decided to run this train from Nizamuddin instead of New Delhi which has 7 Kms of distance and dense traffic too. So till the time India, do not see any new High-Speed train, Gatiman will remain as New King of Speedster followed by Bhopal Shatabdi which is merely 10 Kms behind and cloaks at 150 Kmph. We took ride in this train on very next day and video for the same will be posted soon. Location: CHJ/Chata, Uttar Pradesh Date & Time: 05-April-16, 11:05 AM
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7 Pantos up and working for one aim
Here comes the most awaited video on my channel. First ever ICF made pure AC EMU climbing the might ghat. This was the first ever test run for this pure AC EMU. EMU was taken to Lonavala-Puna route. It was backed up by Kalyan's Triplet WAG-7 # 27304, 27138 and 27287. One can see all seven pantos up, doing ups and Down with one aim to make Mumbai as AC territory as early as possible. Railfan Arzan Kotwal can be seen taking pictures. This video made our day fantastic... Location: Palasdari Date & Time: 4-Dec-2011 4:11 PM Camera: Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
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EXTREME Chugging @ Horseshoe Curve | WDM-2 Long Sindhudurg Passenger
Old splendor, Ex- Golden Rock, Ernakulam, Erode, Ernakulam (ERS) WDM-2 # 16860 accelerating with extreme chugging and cutting through morning thin fog on horseshoe curve and straight to bridge, towing one of long passenger train of Konkan Railway, Diva Junction - Sawantwadi Road, 50105 Sindhudurg Passenger. Notice the ALP stretching out to see entire train. Same train will continue as 50107 Sawantwadi Road - Madgaon Passenger and will return as 50108 Madgaon - Sawantwadi Road Passenger and will again continue as 50106 Sindhudurg Passenger. After reaching Diva in the night, it will again operate as 50119-50120 Diva - Panvel - Diva Passenger. Date & Time: 2-Jan-16, 8:27 AM
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The Story of The Bombay Boy - WCAM-1, First mainline Electric Loco on Western Railway
Western Railway (BB&CI) never had any mainline electric locomotives in Mumbai until 1975, 40 years after its route was electrified! Until then WR trains coming into Mumbai mostly ran on steam and some prestigious ones on diesel. Even after 1975, WR procured never any purely-DC locomotives but only AC/DC dual-current electric locomotives for Mumbai (only two classes: WCAM-1 and WCAM-2), possibly because before WR’s Virar-Ahmedabad section was electrified using 25kV AC traction in 1974, the DC-powered WR trackage in Mumbai was not enough to warrant separate purely DC electric locomotives, though they did borrow the occasional WCM from CR. DC locos were doomed altogether when in the early 1990s it was decided that Mumbai should also be completely converted to 25 kV AC. In 1975, the first WCAM-1 # 21800 named as “Vallabh”, developed by CLW, became the first non-EMU mainline electric locomotive to run on Mumbai’s Western (Railway) lines. They brought in a revolution of sorts that in one shot ended the age of steam locomotives in Mumbai. CLW researched and developed the WCAM-1 along with the WCG2 for CR and the WAM4 for IR, which is why all these classes look alike. The WCAM-1 uses the same ALCO trimount bogies of the WDM2 and is the only loco class to used fixed ratio transformers to convert AC current to DC to supply to its 750V DC traction motors. They were very hardy and sensibly designed for rugged and easy operation. There were total 53 locomotives produced from 1975 to 1979 and all were owned by Valsad shed of WR. They produced with Co-Co bogie having 3850 Hp in AC power and 2930 DC under DC power. Speed was ranging from 80 to 100 Kmph in DC power and 120 Kmph in AC power but restricted to 100 Kmph. It was having starting Tractive Effort of 28200 under DC and 33840 under AC (kg force). They singlehandedly serviced the Western line for 20 years until the WCAM-2 was introduced. After WR was completely converted to AC traction some were converted to work only on AC and as time passed all have been withdrawn or scrapped. Showcased here as Video # 1111, is my LAST EVER video of this unmatched beauty captured on 15-March 2015. Valsad (BL) WCAM-1 # 21846 climbing the mild gradient and skipped Umroli with 59038 Surat - Virar Passenger and then same combo returned after 3 hours as 59039 Virar - Valsad Passenger. I’ll not be able to make complete series video of this WCAM-1 series since I’ve not captured few WCAM-1 in video format and this list includes “Vallabh” too. However I’ll try to get missing locos video from other rail-fan tom produced this series video as I did for WCAM-2. This loco series will be missed by most of the Rail-fan from Western Railway. Date & Time: 15-Mar-15, 9:13 AM & 12:15 PM
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Paschim Express at perfect 110 Kmph
Western Express Mania: Down 12925 Paschim Express with Ghaziabad (GZB) WAP-7 # 30219 passing through Umroli with little amount of dust storm at perfect 110 Kmph on very hot summer afternoon. This is the same loco which I've captured it first time in my life and it was stabling at BSR a day before WR went AC power. Rail-fan Arzan Kotwal can be seen in action too. Location: Umroli Date & Time: Sunday, April 22, 2012, 1:01 PM Camera: Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
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Collision Effect | Late Contender Jaisalmer-Bandra Humsafar Special delays Patna Humsafar Express
Seen here is ideally an off-link in form of Lallaguda (LGD) WAP-7 # 30306 towing one of two Humsafar Special of Western Railway, 09032 Jaisalmer-Bandra Humsafar Special which was running late by more than 8 hours as 09031 Bandra-Jaisalmer Humsafar Special reached late by 8 hours due to strange incident in NWR. Due this late running effect, the actual train 22913 Bandra-Patna Humsafar Express ran late by 5 Hours i.e. 17:55 instead of 12:55 from BDTS and seen crossing Palghar late in evening with melodious honker, Amul livery Vadodara (BRC) WAP-5 # 30050. As per information available at bhaskar.com, train 14802 Indore Jodhpur brought one dead failed locomotive from Marwar Junction to Bhagat Ki Kothi which was parked on line from where it started rolling down towards to Basni. This misshape has been informed to LC gateman who in turn closed the LC gate for vehicle and tried to stop locomotive by placing stones on tracks, but failed as locomotive gained speed due to elevation and straight collide with locative of late running 09031 Bandra-Jaisalmer Humsafar Special which was halted at Basni Railway station. No causality reported in this incident. Due to this collision, train further delayed and reached Jaisalmer late by 8 hours and 10 minutes. This affected its Up run and further delayed the run of Patna Humsafar Express. Location: Umroli & Palghar, Maharashtra Date & Time: 15-Oct-17, 8:09 & 19:26
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Birthday Boy... Mumbai Rajdhani Express... Long live
Introduced on 17-May-1972 with ICF rake and twin diesel WDM-2 of Ratlam shed, Mumbai Rajdhani was a prestige for Western Railway. Today 17-May-2012, its completing 40 years of service and still the King of Western Railway. Happy Birthday King... Long Live. The 12951/12952 Mumbai Rajdhani Express is the fastest train on the Mumbai - Delhi sector as well as the fastest Rajdhani in India. It is a daily service from Mumbai Central to New Delhi. It operates as train number 12951 from Mumbai Central to New Delhi Railway Station and as train number 12952 in the reverse direction. It covers a distance of 1385 kilometers in each direction however it takes 15 hours 50 minutes when operating as train number 12951 at an average speed of 90.70 km/h (excluding halts) while its return journey as train number 12952 takes 16 hrs 05 minutes at an average speed of 87.70 km/h (excluding halts) thus making it the fastest train on the Mumbai - Delhi sector and 3rd fastest train on Indian Railway. It used to depart with WCAM-2P locomotive from Mumbai central in order to use Mumbai's DC traction wires prior to complete AC Electrification of Western Railway's Suburban Line. Post ACfication on Mumbai Suburban line on 5-Feb-2012, its getting WAP-5 or WAP-7 from 8 February 2012. Since then Mumbai Rajdhani is hauled by WAP-5 or WAP-7 end to end. There is a very popular video of this prestigious train on my channel i.e. King will remain the King. This was taken when there was a fear of BCT-NDLS Duronto which was calculated to be the fastest train in between BCT-NDLS. However, this didn't happened and King Mumbai Rajdhani still remains the King of this line. This is my first video of Mumbai Rajdhani blasting at Borivali with small dust storm and blinking of headlights. Since today was the birthday of this train, LP was in good mood to acknowledge all rail-fan wish. Thanks to humble loco pilot. Rail-fan Ronak and Heth can be seen in action too with nice gesture. Locomotive; GZB WAP-5 # 30038 Location: Borivali Date & Time: Thursday, May 17, 2012, 5:09:22 PM Camera: Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
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IRFCA: Now History...King Mumbai Rajdhani Skips Borivali for the Last Time...!
Today: Friday, March 14, 2014, the day which will never come again, an event which never repeats again... King of Western Railway and King of Rajdhani Express; Mumbai -- New Delhi 12951 Rajdhani Express skipping Borivali for the last time in his history of 42 years of service. Loco In charge on its final day of skip is Ghaziabad (GZB) WAP-7 # 30228. Notice the LP and ALP waiving to all rail-fans standing in a line and even switching on the headlight. It was a good pickup by 6350 HP locomotive once it cleared the 20 Kmph TSR. I've seen trains in my childhood days when some cracking train use to blast at Borivali including Swaraj and Rajdhani. Now only few trains left which skips Borivali which Includes New Delhi Duronto, Jaipur Duronto, Indore Duronto, Ahmedabad Duronto and Yuva Express along with Special New Delhi Premium Rajdhani Express. Depressing moment for Rail-fans as they won't be able to see King blasting Borivali anymore. Time: 05:12 PM
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