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Tour of arcade magic 7 coin pusher it's Massive!
Brought my magic 7 coin pusher, about 3 days ago but it just is to big, and has to go buy order of my landlady ; ( To be honest I'm even making a bit of a loss but that's life sometimes. Shame this never made it to my man cave. Please check out my other videos as I upload often.
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Funny train guard on southwest trains
Check out this funny train guard all aboard south west trains
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👍Cold caller selling no cold calling signs prank.
Like ✔ Comment ✔ subscribe ✔ Share ✔ Check out this video of a cold caller selling no cold calling signs.
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Dancing man Pompey, Portsmouth the one and only legend that is Cliff
Like ✔ Comment ✔ Subscribe ✔ Share ✔ Check out this crazy Dancing man of Northend Portsmouth, ;) Portsmouth dancing man
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How to get an alarm of  a bottle of champagne
How to remove and alarm for champagne bottle
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Classic Club 250 jackpot COPS and ROBBERS (test mode)
Brought this cops and robbers fruit machine last night and fitted a new power supply and brought her back to life. Shame this one is for sale, as would love to keep her,
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Super Chilli bomb fruit machine Bet Fred FOBT
Heel and that k's for checking out my video of super chilli fruit machine in Bet Fred FOBT. Was only messing around on lunch break. Why not subscribe for more random videos
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LADBROKES winfall FOBT game play fruit machine
Hello and welcome back to bitter apple TV I have uploaded a video of winfall to you tube please leave a comment or subscribe
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Bad Reveiw Dyson, hot and cold FAN!
Check out my video for my reveiw on Dyson fan, wasn't to impressed. Stick to vacuum cleaners your good at that ;)
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Petrol scooter (goped replica very fast)
Check out his goped replica, petrol scooter
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How to be a TOP cold caller,and canvasser and sell door to door
This is a video was recorded, on the way home from a long day at work this is my colleague who has been on my team for over 2 weeks, so pretty happy with his progress so far. please follow my cold calling blog for advice and tips on how to sell.
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Ladbrokes casino  REEL KING Game Play.
Ladbrokes casino REEL KING Game Play.
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pet chicken going for walk in Southampton
pet chicken going for walk in Southampton
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funny crazy busker gets arrested buy police breaching asbo
funny busker gets arrested busking is even still asking for change as get out In the back of police van funniest video I have seen in along time.
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19 free spins new bookies Icy Wilds FOBT Bet Fred
As my gambling vidoes seem quite popular i have done a a few more,, went in the bookies with about a tenner and had a tri cast win for £165 1-4-3 got to £543 done some massive bets lost buy 2 inches ßfor about £600 Please leave a comment if you like my vidoes Subscribe and leave a comment and I will keep making vidoes
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Welcome back to Bitter apple TV haven't been doing any pranks calls in in a while, thought would be great to do a fruit machine prank call something different got to be worth a few shares Don't t forget so subscribe b for more arcade vidoes day and pranks and random shit.
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FOBT BET FRED bookies 100/1 bagatelle BIG win
Bet fred bookies 100/1 bagatelle roulette style game. Had a good few wins in a row but the time to get off I recon, was pissed off on multi ball I had no balls in the hopper lol after the Win. Didn't realise was 70/1 odds = a winner on Xmas eve. TBH I hate hate these machines but worth losing some money or winning a few pounds as these machines wreck lives and families. But I can gamble what I can afford to lose, as I sales and have a good turn over of the sales come in, Me and my freinds make arcade vidoes when we can be bothered I love to recycle crap various lockpicking-' website design- marketing loads of random videos about random cra#p Please subscribe for more random vidoes Leave a comment in would really appreciate that :)?
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Bell fruit machine, scorpion 4 board battery leaked part 1
Hi made. Quick video, about this fruit machine I brought, has a board with no battery?? So looking to replace battery and will upload part 2 soon
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Feeding seagulls (again) in Tesco car park ;)
I seem to make a few videos f me feeding seagulls why not check out my seagulls vs hot peeper sauce.
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bookies Roulette FOBT VS angry gambler give it a slap lol
Man is not happy with the roulette numbers coming out. Don't gamble if no old at picking numbers lol
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Tommy Robinson Confronts Muslim sex gangs
Tommy Robinson confronts Muslim sex gangs bitter Apple TV news subscribe tuning stay locked the bitter Apple TV
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Massive traffic jam Portsmouth 25th September
Massive traffic jam 25th September Portsmouth
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👍Lorry Road train mobile home circus?
check out this road train u see today at work
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Bong smoker 420 weed cannabis's smoker
Bong smoker random daily upload
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Laughing man arcade machine hand built
laughing man arcade machine in Clarence pier Portsmouth
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Wealdstone raider VS Compare the meerkat ! toys, episode 1
You wana deal with me! Compare the market advert take 3, bad video but just possible get about. the Weald soon raider is a viral videos with some bloke getting lairy, over a few beers So remixed it. Don't forget to share get enough thumbs up will make a few more
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Faulty dodgy COPS and ROBBERS £250 jackpot  bell fruit machine
Found this fruit machine in a caravan park, only takes 2 pound coins and 50ps. All the locals moaning everything on machine broke lol My mate made a profit though see he happy
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Land Rover off road
Hi check out this Land Rover that I found whilst at work completely stripped right back with roll cage looks like loads of off-road in fun for a new Land Rover possibly series 2
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Dodgy LOCKSMITH exposed, how to lock pick a lock.
Like ✔ Comment ✔ subscribe ✔ Share ✔ Check out my video for how to expose a dodgy locksmith, took him over 3 hours to get in to a jaguar car? Any locksmith please comment was I right is he a scammer? lockpicking cars with Lishi lockpicks
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, my pet seagull vs hot pepper sauce again please subscribe for more seagull videos don't forget to leave a comment any future seagull videos you would like to see thanks again for watching
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Happy ticket guard on South West Trains
Was on a train and this ticket guard made me laugh does his speech Evey time get to weymouth
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Shop security tag/alarm , what's inside it!
Hello and welcome back to my u tube channel, I found this security tag on the floor in decided to break it open and see what is inside it.
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Feeding seagulls hot chilli sausuge part 3
Feeding seagulls hot Pepper sauce again part 3 Subscribe got mate random vids
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Oscar winning train jumper, ive lost my ticket  now!! Lol
See his blame on the train arguing with the ticket Guard I though it was hilarious police turned up and took him away
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plane crash shoreham airport
plane crash shoreham airport
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MDM/ barcrest nudge Bonanza mpu4 £3 jackpot feature
Hell,and thanks. For checking out yet another video, brought this fruit machine, and had problems with PSU, have taken it off and stared at it with angry eyes, and seems to work now. Subscribe like and comment Thanks again ;)
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For sale 2016? Nuclear Bunkers/ Air raid shelters/ fall out shelters/ vintage wine storage Hello and thanks for watching my video on nuclear bunkers in the UK for sale hidden In your back garden, perfect man cave for your mates or for the nosey mother in law to live. ;) or to rent? What could my UK nuclear bunker include? Air filtration system (as standard) live of grid with solar energy and battery's Kitchen Hydroponics area to grow food Shower Toilet and washing area Sleeps between two 12 people Chance to build a colony with multi pods Washing machines Cctv Led lighting Wine storage area Morchary for dead people Blast proof doors 100 year life span Prices from 9k to £35,000 Finance one day possible from £49 per week Email me to book a free no obligation quote and design service taking booking in 2016 [email protected] #peppers #syria #fcukisis #apcolypise #russia #growunderground #antbunkers #bitterappletv
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How to win with the Martindale roulette system
How to win at roulette keep all bets @1 pounds and double up everytime you lose. I have never lost only when increased the bets but you can lose so play with care
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Bob marleys dog, has dread locks lol
Check out this dog I see whilst out at work, he got dread locks lol
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Sooty arcade machine, prize everytime
Sooty arcade machine, prize everytime
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