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Apple keynote okt 2014 Funny Moments
I take no credits for the video, i just only shortend it up on my iPod. Thx Apple, you become Mutch more than just a company for me now, sinds your using the fun ;) keep using that!
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daithe the nogla piano SHATUP funny moment
i love the gameplay of vanoss gaming, Datithe De Nogla, Lui, H2O Delirious, The Terroirizer, and more. heres and very funny moment in one of their videos. I TAKE NO CREDITS, I ONLY LIKE THIS VIDEO SO MATCH, THATS WHY I POST THIS!!! original vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ECn783YKUM at 5:43
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brentalfloss corey g-ratd
all credts to brent
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Ghost Recon Wildlands - Army corporal and Marines joke
lel thank you for watching! more ghost recon content is on the way!
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Assassins Creed Syndicate sequence 3 all cutscenes
enjoy watching! all credits goes to assassins creed ( https://www.youtube.com/user/AssassinsCreed ) i only collected the cutscenes from the internet! the gameplay is by other youtubers (logo shown in the top right corner). i used a downloader to get his videos on my pc (dont worry, there gone by now! Greetz Sven
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Microsoft Flight Application All DLC + Planes for free using FlightTools
Just Downloaded a new version of flight toolkit, ( http://flighttoolkit.com/ ), and because ms flight has stopped the game, flight tools has ''taken it over''. with the new flightoolkit, you can download the DLC + the planes for free using FLIGHTADDON MANAGER. i will place an video of how to install an custom paint later (becaus this awesome program has a glitch in it it wont save your pilot provile xp, :'( and if you want that 1 paint that will unlock on level 14, but you dont have the time to play 24 hours, you can use this video to get that paint (en more) PERMANENT in your hanger (an hour later:) The Video: http://youtu.be/f4rfPiyASe4
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Microsoft Flight 2012 how-to-install (2017) (added mediafire link)
Make sure you have the latest GFWL client installed: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=128962 (or www.flighttoolkit.com/flightInstallers/gfwlivesetup.exe) You can download\install games for windows live from here (not sure if it is required) http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9800616 people told me the link above was for games for windows live, and not MS flight. i changed the description above the link to windows live, and i uploaded the full game to mediafire. the link is here. if it is not working, plz respond to the video, and i will try to fix it! link to MS Flight: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ob9zaf4a8u5s718/Microsoft_Flight.rar Even though Flight is free, GFWL needs to generate a key for it so it can connect to the service. I have heard of people having problems getting one. If you run into this after installing Flight and haven't ever installed it before, make sure you use the Non-GFWL mode of the Flight Toolkit. You will be prompted for it at the end of the installation process of the Toolkit.
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brentalfloss 3ds streetpass with lyrics spotify
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AC Origins Map size
jezus. that is massive.
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Microsoft Flight application 2012 How to install (updated link Feb 2018)
links are in the discription https://www.mediafire.com/file/ob9zaf4a8u5s718/Microsoft_Flight.rar use toolkit to implement new planes, get all already-exiting planes into the game, and get the hawaï and Alaska map as well. the website for flighttoolkit: http://flighttoolkit.com/ happy fliging ;-)
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The division -  stealing a supply drop from 8 players
well, i got killed, but after i got the loot. so worth it though!
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Warthunder P-61 Black Widow Gameplay - One of the best
4k xp in RB??? :D i cant wait for the cockpit for this plane in update 1.59!!
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KSP Apollo 11 (kinda) and failed mission (sorta)
thx 4 watching, i wont upload next week, to mutch tests! (school)
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Warthunder suggestions - commander's copola
the discription of the suggested post: Hello, i would like to suggest commanders copla's for tank sb to make the game mode more immerse and realistic. i tried to collect pictures from inside the commander's copla's, but couldn't find anything (sadly). i did found pictures of outside the cupola. i made a video of the vision ports in-game of the sheridan (it has windows (!) standart in-game. this is the only tank (as far as i am aware) that has actual windows in them. https://youtu.be/lAVXW3_wkg0 (as of right now the video is BEEING uploaded, if it still isn't done, hang tight :P ). most of the cupola's require little editing as they are the same.  list of US tanks with the same cuploa's with multiple vision slits/ports (why us tanks? answer: because i got most tanks of usa compared with other nations)  cupola nmbr 1 (not sure abouth historical name:) m4a1 (76),  m4a2 (76), m4a3 (76), m4a3e2 (75), m4a3e2 (76), m26, t26e1, m46, t34, t32, m103, t95, cobra king, m26 t99, t28, t26e1, t29, m46 tiger. t92 (heavily modified nmbr 1 copla) cupola nmbr 2: m47, m41a1(slightly modified) cupola nmbr 3: m60, m48 (modified), m60a1,  cupola nmbr 4: m551,  as you can see most cupola's are the same. this is the same case with the other nations. warthunder: what abouth interiour of tanks? we have to model those! me: don't worrie abouth that. they are already in-game in a low resolution version, and you guys added low-res bomber sights, so why not have low-res interiours (these are already in-game and require no to little change). the only thing  you guys need to add is movable hatches and actual ''windows''.  warthunder: what abouth copla's without multiple vision slits? me: well yeh.. eh... you see.. eh... i have thought abouth that, and eh.... it seems like those tanks would need to use their 1 or 2 vision ports. these could rotate (and british ones could elevate), but i haven't really thought this out yet myself. luckly you guys are a big team with many open-minded people (i hope) and so you guys can think of something or brainstorm with me. pictures of cupola's (as i already said i could not find any pictures of inside the cupola's or the commander seat). sherman (desighn 1) m60 (desighn 3) m48 patton 3 ooh look, looks like i found one after all. the enteriour would be low-resolution, but the view ports would all be in there and a panzer 4G commander's cupola http://s158.photobucket.com/user/Guillem_Marti/media/El Goloso/Panzer IV/DSC05711.jpg.html (also this website has a nice album of interiour panzer 4g pics :3 i hope you guys will consider this  final question from the mods (i assume this is something that they will ask:)  mods: what will this add?  me: gameplay wise, not much, but it would add realism and immersion for normal players, and players that use a VR-headset. this means, better product (warthunder) and this means more profit ($$$). (sorry for me talking like this, but i have done retail on my school and this formula is right and works). greetings,  Sven
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warthunder sound mod 2018
link for the mod: https://live.warthunder.com/post/684794/en/ instructions are already on the post itself, but here they are anyway: 1: Download zip file and close War Thunder if it is running 2: Create a folder in your WT directory/sound folder called "mod" (if you already have a mod folder delete all its contents) 3: Extract the contents of the zip file into this folder (make sure you dont make another folder inside the "mod" folder and just extract all the fsb files etc into "mod") 4: Go back to your WT directory and open "config.blk" with notepad or text editor of your choice 5: Scroll to the bottom and find the "Sound" section. 6: Add in a third line to this section containing "enable_mod:b=yes" 7: Check it. It should look like this sound{ speakerMode:t="stereo" fmod_sound_enable:b=yes enable_mod:b=yes } 8: Save the file 9: Launch the game happy 2018!! and let's hope this year will be way better! i do not take any credits for the mod itself, i only tested it, that's it.
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ksp KSOS shuttle sattelite deployment and first landing EVER at ksc
thx for fisiting my channel! here are the mods i used: KSOS space shuttle (2 versions, big and small. in the video i used big.)http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/68429-0-90-Kerbin-Shuttle-Orbiter-System-v4-11 KAS kerbal attachment system: http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/223900-kerbal-attachment-system-kas and orbit samething thing, (dont got download link for that, sorry)
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Elite Dangerous first visit to SOL (earth and abraham lincoln station)
well finally. all the exiting stuff that is going to happen here :3
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ksp huge HOME base
walktrough of home mod 0.21! download free game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAQWr0aHamo home mod: http://kerbalspaceport.com/0-18-1-h-o-m-e-start-kit/
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from dust sandbox freebuild timelapse x8 speed
i couldnt deside, so i uploaded a x8 video, and a x4 speed video!
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microsoft flight 2012 ALL PLANES FOR FREE NO HACK NO CHEAT!
README!!! ALL PLANES DELETED?? WHATH TO DO??? WATCH!! DESCRIPTION!!!! if you don't understand, look 1:40 and watch my mouse (under at the big plane). sometimes, if you want a paint / plane, you need to click the plane, and thats not possible anymore, and thats why you can't get any plane. im still looking for another great alternative, but doven't found anything yet. free paints no hack no cheat using: microsoft flight 2012 addon builder
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Warthunder b-17 vs me-163 with iron armenian
that was awesome!
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Warthunder forum rant - getting accused of supporting death threats part 1
because i cannot download windows movei maker, i have to upload the video in 2 parts. i'm sorry for this!
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minecraft rollercoaster/achtbaan
the best rollerkoster
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Warthunder b 29 bomb kill
thunder show epick kill submission
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to be continued tank version (original creator)
just found it someone else already did this -_-... well, i did edited it from scratch.... without using the original creators video... sorry? do i need to credit the original creator? i don't think so right? i didnt even knew that there was already a version of this before i made it YOU HAVE NO IDEA.... HOW HARD THIS WAS TO MAKE WITHOUT USING ADOBE PROGRAMS.... but yeh, im the original creator :P currently working and trying to get it to 9gag original vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KA8mYnZcy5w
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Elite Dangerous Mitterand Hollow Planet set (fast rotation)
the fastet rotating celestial body you see in the game, 1x speed
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Kerbal Space Program short movie starring Orion Space Craft ''freedom''
the mod for the orion spacecraft and the space station you saw in the video http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/64993-Chaka-Monkey-Closed-Development-Thread made with the famouse space game, Kerbal Space Program http://store.steampowered.com/app/220200 KSP steamstore https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/en/ site http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal modsite http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/ forum http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Main_Page wiki
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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Sequence 1 + 2 all cutscenes + Title intro
Original gameplay from ubicentral: channel of them: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMNQvPrWF2C1iPmP4tFVwpQ first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmTnO_AHFAM second video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmTnO_AHFAM all gameplay NOT by me, i only collected the cutscenes.
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Got perma-banned from warthunder without a reason (updated discription)
so, eventally the support reasponded, and i was wrong (which i don't mind admitting). i DID cursed. but didn't verbally abused anyone. just the gaijin team beeing lazy and clicking every single option apperently. when he showed me a picture of when i cursed, i remember the match, but not the moment i cursed. what happend: i was flying low in my me 262, trying to outrun a spit... or... idk, a plane, and all of the sudden i crash. while i was still flying 10 m above the ground. -_-. just warthunder collision detector doing it's work... i didn't knew you got banned for simply cursing. i mean, this is the gaming community you are talking to after all... well... i can't chat, or contact any of my friends anymore (i never called anyone anything in prive 1 to 1 chat, so i never got banned for private chat. i wish they could see this and not allow me to chat in public chat, but would allow me in 1 to 1 chat. i surely wont curse in that. well, if i like it or not, the system was right, and i got what i deserved. i was warned more than 10 times, even though because of my temper (which is bad only in games, im a patient-ish guy outside games) i couldn't help myself but type it in public chat. some reasons where actual bullshit though. i remember a bt-5 bouncing a 105 mm shell of my m60, and a t54 seeing me and one-shotting me. yeh.... no russian bias, just bullshit mechanics that would turn any sane person into a crazy one. but yeh, i did got what i deserved, even though some of it is gaijin its fault with its broken tanks and mechanics..... yeh.... :-/
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update on warthunder perma ban
wow. so the moderators can be nice? suprising!
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icon a5 fsx
wings folded! you can download the aircraft at http://www.fs-freeware.net . you have to choise for the grai wan, there is an white wan to but the wings didn't want to fold at the white one! look to myn other fideos to!
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AD 2 Skyraider Gameplay (AD-2 Rampage)
wauw.... those matches where everything just goes perfectly
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Elite Dangerous - jump to colonia
i forgot to upload this video! i went to colonia around 3/3.5 months ago. im now back in the bubble though. was fun and beautiful there
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