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Opel Vectra C GTS New Android Headunit 7" Octa Core Car Multimedia
What's up guys! So here is a video about my new headunit. It is designed to fit for Opel/Vauxhall vehicles. It's very very fast, with his 8 core x1,5 ghz processor and 2 gb ram. Full hd videos plays without problems. His own internal memory is 32 gb, so no need for mounting the files on usb stick and play. Just transfer files like you do with laptop to another device and that's it. Steering wheel buttons only works after the calibration via app and you must have an Can Bus Decoder (small box). The power output is 4x45 w, which is more than enough for playing loud sound rich with bass and mids and highs. Subwoofer and amplifier perhaps i install later, but for now i'm very pleased. Do enjoy the video...
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Pioneer subwoofer ts wx303 in Opel Vectra B
The sub and amplifier... Very good combination. Oh, btw... Amplifier is gm x802 A class oldschool 2 channel. Enjoy!
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Magnat ad 380 & Hardstone hs q480.2 max power 600+watts rms..flexing the entire car!
Hi guys! this is my first video with this amplifier in action with the magnat sub.. video quality is not the best,but the picked up good flex.. rate,hate,comment and i hope you like the vid..
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Pioneer TS-A2510 25cm coaxial speakers
Here is some video that i would like to share with everyone. Rare speakers with damn fine quality and power. 100w rms and 400 max.
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Vectra C GTS Audio System Update
So it's been a while when i last time had the bass in car. Today i bought the components and i'm very pleased, because the specifications of this amplifier promises. And sub is rated on 350 W RMS, which is in range with amplifier power on 4 ohms. For now, the amplifier will be playing on 4 ohms. Perhaps later i buy some other subwoofer with 2x2 ohm coils and put the power on max which is lowering the amplifiers impedance to the limit. Tommorow is pain in the neck job, drawing damn power cables and rest. Stay tuned :)
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Building the subwoofer box (slot port)
The song is koto-visitors (Italo dance)...enjoy..
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ESX Horizon HXE 1200.1 Class D Monoblock & Crunch CRB 350 Subwoofer In Action Vectra C GTS
After install, time has come for a little video. It's wired to 4 ohms, which amplifier gives about 300 watts rms. For now, the low bass with this driver is very clean and i'm pleased with sound. Though we didn't see much flexing, but the Vectra has a huge cabin when comparing with my old Corsa. I didn't have time to put the amplifier on better place or the bass remote. Later i fix that all stuff. That's it for now. Soon as i make something, i will post the update video. Stay loud :)
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Car and motorcycle meeting in Harstad, Norway 25.5.2013
Here are some nice cars, from European to American muscle..comment if you like and i hope you enjoy this video.
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Pioneer Deh P9400Mp Head Unit
This is radio of my brother. It is fully operative and one day it may came in my car, or his. It's really damn rare thing to have. And also if you noticed the radio's back side with description: Made in Japan. That radio was once on ebay here in 2018 and seller wanted 400 euros for it. This is High End Pioneer Head Unit from golden mids 00's or so. Doesn't fit in my car, but perhaps one day i buy that adapter for him and mount the beast.
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Mac Audio Maximus 12 subwoofer & Hardstone hs q480.2 amplifier in action
Hi you tubers! It's good to be back and good news is that i have my amp back,and bad news is that i don't have (yet)my own sub,please don't mind for not turning up the volume because this sub is not mine,it's from my brother so i do not want burn coil because this amp has lot of power(800 rms @4 ohm and over 1k rms @ 2 ohm bridge-and it's 2 channel)and must be careful with gain :) anyway,more vids are coming soon.
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Heads Up Display in car OBDII (HUD)
Here is a video about the device that can reflect the car's data on windschield over an vehicles OBD2 adapter. Haven't upload for a while now, and i figure this is good choice for sharing. Very interesting piece of hardware. Hope you enjoy the video. And sorry, i haven't time for editing. Oh, and buy the way - the device costs 38 euros in ebay and it's very easy to instal.
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Opel Vectra C GTS Audio Install
Hi there! This video was all the time on my smartphone and now i'm uploading it. I lose track about it, so to say :) It was January 2018. Too damn cold and after few beer, it was better. Me and my friend Marko had to take out all of the plastic stuff out and then can pull the cables and make everything perfect. It was -5 ℃ degrees outside, but when someone loves something, nevermind the weather :) Enjoy!
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Magnat AD 380 playing bass i love you
15 inch subwoofer powered by RE automotive amp in bridge(amp is 2-channel). rate and comment..enjoy the vid..
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Subwoofer Magnat AD 380 playing on Sound Magus x2000 & Hardstone hs q480.2
Me and my friend doing some bass..
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Pioneer ts w307d2 in sealed box with huge excursion playin Late Night Tip
The sub is getting about 400w rms from amp in bridge..
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Pioneer ts a6901 6x9, two system speakers
Thank you people for 10k views..enjoy the video :)
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Ford Fiesta XR2i tuning
This is my friends car,very good look has this little fellow:) the car has 1.6 liters engine with 103 horse power..it's fast as hell! the audio system in the fiesta goes with audiovox dvd hu,front speakers don't know the brand,rear are magnat 3 way speakers and in the trunk there are 2 amps-one for speakers and one for sub,sub is pioneer ts w121spl with 2000watts max and 750rms...
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LG Speakers: "excursion"
Here is some short video about pushing the cones of these speakers to the limit. They are wired on the head unit and i do not have an amplifier, although they sound very loud without it. The song is: Jamie N Commons - All Along The watchtower (Alex Da Kid Remix)..enjoy.
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Samsung UE40MU6179UXZG Smart Tv LCD Ultra Hd 4000k 40 Inch (101cm)
Some video that i want to share about this tv. It has very very nice picture, good bonding with everything, and above else...it's pretty damn fast, with his quad core processor. Just like a smartphone, but here is much bigger screen :) This tv costs around 500 euros, so i think it's not too much.
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Subwoofer Pioneer - Free air
Pioneer subwoofer ts w307d2 bass test and excursion
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Subwoofer excursion @ 250 w rms
Mac audio maximus 12 subwoofer and hardstone 2 channel amplifier in action.. song is three 6 mafia-lil freak,enjoy..
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Sony mhc-rg 470 mini Hi-Fi stereo system 10-1 hz bass test
I have this stereo system for 4 years in my room and i'm more than pleased:) Output wattage of this stereo is 2x120 w rms and there is 4 speakers in one of the two box(1 mid ,1 sub and two tweeters). The sound is great,very clean though it can't play low notes very good because the tuning of those boxes is high,i guess above 40hz...and those cones moves very good! let me know what you think:)
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3000 Watts in Ford Fiesta
Hi people! Haven't uploaded video for a long time now. So i decided to make video of my friend's system in Fiesta. There are two songs in video, first one is: Gorilla Zoe- Lost, and the second is: Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West- Put On. Enjoy the video.
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Streetrace 402 Osijek (Croatia) 06.06.2010
Here are some of the very nice races, i hope you guys enjoy the vid..
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Opel Vectra C GTS 2.2i 16v 147 hp Acceleration 100-220 Km/h
Hello people! So here is a video of Vectra accelerating. Enjoy!
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Subwoofer Pioneer 1200 watts-EXO song
Just a lil bit video of my sub playing the well known song from our buddy to all of us bass lovers and EXO! For those who don't know the song- Surgious Halo- EXO. Enjoy
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Pioneer ts w307d2 playin Throw It Up
Subwoofer Pioneer + RE automotive amp
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Magnat AD 380 subwoofer-flexing
80 liters box tuned to 32 hz..just breaking in the sub with half power..
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Opel Corsa B audio system
Pioneer hu deh p7700mp, front speakers ts a171c, rear speakers ts a6901, song is masterboy - show me colors of the night, feel free to comment..
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Magnat AD 380 excursion
Rate and comment...
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HP 635 notebook PC & Sony mhc-rg470 stereo system
So here is my new laptop and i figured out to put the video of it with my stereo system playing some sound..anyway i decide it to wire with my sony stereo and sound is perfect..no need for buying 2.1 sistem,with sony stereo the sound is too clean & powerful..specs of notebook:AMD E-350 dual core 1,6 ghz processor,AMD radeon HD 6300 graphics series,DDR3 6 gb RAM,hp-webcam-101,generic PnP monitor,AMD HD audio device,320 GB hard disk etc..
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Flexing The Beer With Crunch Subwoofer!
Hi guys! So today i wanted to share a video with this current setup. I ran out of beer and later i thought, why not make the beer go flexing. So here is the clip. In my last video, you all saw the amplifier down. But now it's strapped to rear seat wall and it looks good and has a good cooling. Enjoy!
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Crunch 800w amp & Magnat Xpress 12 in Mercedes 190
This is sound system of my buddy...
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Heads Up Display in car OBDII (HUD) part 2
Here is one more video. It works really good, no need for calibration. It shows very accurate car data. Enjoy
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Blowing up a 10" EMPHASER subwoofer
The sub is rated @ 175 rms and in this video is getting about 200 w rms, but it can't handle lot of power for a long time...please rate and comment...
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Hardstone hs q480.2 & Magnat AD 380 update
So here is the vid of the installing the amp and some new electricals:) enjoy!
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Unboxing the new 15" subwoofer
Finally the new 15" has arrived..now it's time for buildin the box, my trunk is maybe too small for that sub but i will solve that lol..please rate and comment..i hope you guys enjoy the vid..
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