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How To Look Good In Summers! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! Here is a super fun video for all of you! A lot of you requested for this one- so yep. This took a lot of sweat and tears knowing how hot it is outside- hope you all enjoy the treatment of the video as well! Will be waiting for your comments. Love, Komal Camera work- Neeraj, find him on Instagram @Neeraj_kt.
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What I do When I'm Stressed & How I Take Care Of My Skin! | Komal Pandey
*This video is in partnership with Biotique* Hey guys! You guys wanted to know how I maintain my skin. I don't do much honestly! Just a few interesting and obvious things. I shot this in a very fun way- so let me know what you think! Also a big shout-out to Biotique for sending in their brilliant products which are so affordable and did wonders to my skin! You can follow them on Instagram @biotique_world and shop for their products from www.biotique.com! Let's chat in the comments! Shot by Atul Gupta from @atulguptaofficial. Location Courtesy- Nivasa Home, Nivasa Contemporary. Edited on Premier Pro.
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How To Get Ready When You're ALWAYS Late! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! Again a super requested video for all of you! This is a very very common problem, so here I am- with a few tips! Most of these tips are very very simple but I believe sometimes in doing the more complicated stuff, we tend forget the simplest of things that can actually make a HUGE difference! Hope you all love the video. Also a BIG shout-out to Olives Cre, Delhi for lending us the most gorgeous set up! Show them your love at @olivescre on Instagram! Love, Komal What I'm Wearing: 1. Intro & Outro- Top from Zara, earrings from Label Life 2. Maxi Dress- H&M 3. Night suit- H&M 4. Denim mini skirt- Zara 5. Statement Earrings- Mango Styling Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 Camera Work- Yadu, @yadu_clicks
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How Girls Talk | Truth VS Lie ft. Sejal Kumar | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! Another super fun video for all of you. Sejal acted in this video with me and I had an absolute ball collaborating with her. Let me know in the comments section if you relate to this video! Also, let me know the kind of videos you guys would like- Fashion, Fun (relatable), sit-down personal videos? COMMENT! Lots of love! Sejal's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/sejalkumar7 Videography Courtesy: Frotzee Productions, @frotzee_productions on Instagram. www.facebook.com/Frotzee-Productions Music Courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDDfWDvVROI Location Courtesy: Philtre Bistro, Gurgaon (It's an awesome place with some really good food! And this isn't a paid partnership!)
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Life With A 10 year Old Vs 22 Year Old | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! This video is in partnership with Clinique. They sent me a couple of products from their "Pep-start" range perfect for the girl who's always on the go and leads a fast life. I have truly always been a fan of Clinique and they haven't failed to disappoint me yet again! Following are the products that I used in the video: 1. Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur moisturizer 2. Clinique Pep-Start 2 in one Exfoliating Cleanser 3. Clinique Pep-Start eye-cream 4. Clinique Pep-Start Pout perfecting lip balm I came up with a very different concept this time- and I hope most of you like it. Fingers crossed! I have always wanted to do feel-good videos with a cute message and hopefully will make more and get better! I know this isn't my finest job- but I am learning and I promise to get better! Thank you so much Clinique for letting me do this! Camera work: Harsh. Find him on Instagram @shutter_reality! Love, Komal
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How EVERY Girl Can Wear A LEHENGA! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! The wedding season will be around the corner in the next month and so I thought of prepping you all up for it! This video was a treat to shoot. I really hope you guys enjoy this. And if you do- SUBSCRBE! We're so close to 400K! Love, Komal LOOK 1: 1. Lehenga- Flyrobe 2. Blouse- Upalina's (friend) 3. Dupatta- Flyrobe 4. Jewellery- Smaya, @smayaclothing LOOK 2: 1. Shirt- H&M 2. Jewellery- Aetee Designs, @aeteedesigns LOOK 3: 1. Kurta & Mangteeka- Smaya, @smayaclothing LOOK 4: 1. Off shoulder top- Flyrobe 2. Mangteeka & earrings- Aetee Designs, @aeteedesigns LOOK 5: 1. Jacket- Smaya, @smayadesigns 2. Blouse- Stitched 3. Earrings- Aetee Designs, @aeteedesigns You can find Smaya in Gurgaon! (C-019, Ground Floor, Nirvana Courtyard, Nirvana Country, Sector 50. Gurgaon) Makeup & Hair extensions- @dramaqueenbynish (Nishta) Hair- @kbrmakeover (Bhawna) Styling Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 Camera Work- Neeraj, @neeraj.kt Edit by Angad, @thenocturnalbird Location/Set courtesy: Durian, Kirti Nagar, Delhi
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Giving A Makeover To My Subscriber! | #KomalStyles, Episode 1 | Komal Pandey
Hey you all! Welcome to the first episode of #KomalStyles! I really wanna make this concept a thing on my channel. So if these 3 videos (2 more coming up this week) work out- there will be one/two videos like these EVERY month! So let me know in the comment section below what you think? Also, a huge shout out to Ritika for being so sporting! You looked so beautiful. Big hug! On Ritika: 1. White off shoulder- INR300 2. Blue pants- INR300 4. Neckpieces- INR200+200= INR400 Camera work: Neeraj! Find him on Instagram @neeraj.kt Assisted by Swasti (@swastiii_ on Instagram) Love, Komal
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How To Buy Silver Jewellery | Janpath 101 | Komal Pandey
Hello! DISCLAIMER: Obviously these are not real silver jewellery. They are all oxidized metal jewellery that look like silver. But they're popularly referred to as as silver jewellery. So I'm keeping up with the custom. After Sarojini, Janpath used to be my favourite destination. I have spent most of my college life, loitering in the streets of Janpath! And since a lot of you wanted a video on silver jewellery- how I buy it, style it etc. Here it is! Hope you guys enjoy it. Lots of love! -Komal OUTFIT DETAILS: 1. Silver jewellery- Janpath 2. Anarkali (Intro)- Stitched 3. White Shirt- H&M 4. Dupatta- Mom's 5. Denim Jacket- Forever 21 6. Turtleneck- Very old 7. Aztec Print Jumpsuit - Lulu & Sky Official 8. Black slip inside the denim jacket- Forever 21 Camera work: LovebugRobin_photography @Rags_255 @LovebugRobin_rb
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Baby Steps | How To Have A Better New Year (2018) | Komal Pandey
Hey you all! This video is very close to my heart and personal. It's a short movie and so far the most complicated video that I conceptualised. Make sure you subscribe, like & share the video, as it would mean a lot to me! I wish you guys an amazing 2018. Lots and lots of love. - Komal Location- Jugmug Thela, Sainik Farms. Camera Work- Robin Bansal & Raghav Goyal. (lovebugrobin_photography, @rags_255, @lovebugrobin_rb) Equipment- NikonD750 Lights- Natural light Edited on Premiere Pro.
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How To Mix & Match Ethnic And Western Pieces! | Komal Pandey
Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by again! So many of you requested for a video on mixing and matching ethnic & western pieces. These looks are also super wearable to college! Hope you like all the looks and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE too! You can shop all these looks at throwaway prices from MAX Fashion! The clothes are not just affordable that would suit your pocket but also super trendy. *win win* Everything that I am wearing in the video is from MAX Fashion. You can shop them over here: https://www.maxfashion.in/in/en/ -Behind the camera and edited by Yadu, @yadu_clicks on Instagram. -Styling Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 on Instagram. -Wardrobe Courtesy- MAX Fashion -Styling, Concept & Production by moi! Lots of love, Komal
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Things You'll Relate To If You Are A 90's Fashion Kid! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! Shooting this was SO much and such a fun ride down the nostalgia lane! Comment below if you relate to it and love the 90's fashion! Lots of love, Komal Yeh Hai Meri Family by TVF: https://tvfplay.com/category/1/series/302 Watch all the episodes here! OUTFIT DETAILS: 1. Saree- Local market 2. White crop top- Zara 3. Denim jacket- Forever 21 4. Jeans- Shein.com 5. Tshirt- TVF 6. Velvet crop top- Forever 21 7. bomber jacket- Forever 21 8. Skirt- H&M 9. White off-shoulder top- H&M 10. Culottes- Zaful 11. Scarf- mango 12. Mustard crop top- H&M 13. Choker- DIY 14. Brown lipstick- Smashbox (Deep Thoughts) Behind the camera- Yadu, Agney (@yadu_clicks, @agney_b) Styling Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 on Instagram
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Back on Youtube! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! I am back on YouTube. This is my first video and I am hoping you guys will look forward to more videos. I am super excited for this new venture! It took me really long to do this but thanks to all your love and encouragement I am back for good. See you all very soon! xoxo What I am wearing: 1. Black Mesh Top- Appy Cat Street 2. Black bralette- ZivaMe 3. White Top- Lulu & Sky Official 4. Silver hoops- Forever 21 5. Green statement earrings- H&M
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Things I Have Stolen From My Parents & Boyfriend! | Komal Pandey
Hey guys! A super fun video about the things I stole from the closest people of my life and how I style them in my own way! Hope this inspires you to raid your parents' & boyfriend's closets! How to be a part of #KomalSTYLES & feature in my video: 1. Email me why you want to be a part of this series at [email protected]! 2. Talk about your favourite fashion trend and one trend you're too scared to try out! That's it! Every month- one subscriber will get to be a part of this series! So excited! Love, Komal Outfit Details: 1. Anarkali- Stitched 2. Dupatta- Mom 3. Clear heels- Steve Madden 4. Gold earrings- Very old 5. Green pants- Mom 6. White shirt- Rheson 7. Pink clutch- Very old 8. Gold earrings- Exhibition in Kolkata 9. Striped shirt- Dad's 10. Striped pants- H&M 11. Oxblood shirt- Dad's 12. Denim Skirt- Zara 13. Green tassel earrings- Thrifted 14. Peach t-shirt- March Tee 15. Belt- Dad's 16. Jeans- Zaful.com 17. Striped socks- Boyfriend's 18. T-shirt (black)- Boyfriend's 19. Orange pants- Cover Story 20. Striped blazer- Zaful.com Camera Work- Neeraj! You can find him on Instagram @neeraj.kt
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Thoughts EVERY Girl Has While Shopping! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! I created this very fun video which I hope you all find relatable! I will be waiting for all your comments. Also, we are SO close to 3 lacs subscribers- it's crazy! I am planning a giveaway- let me know what kind you'd like. Lots of love, Komal Camera work: https://www.instagram.com/neeraj.kt/ https://www.youtube.com/c/NeerajKTphotography Fashion Assistant: Swasti Garg Edited by moi on Premier Pro. :)
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Giving A Makeover To My Subscriber #2 | #KomalStyles | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! I am back with the 2nd episode of #KomalStyles wherein I style the lovely Sukriti! Thank you so much for all the love on my last video- it truly means a lot! On Sukriti: 1. Military green shirt- INR300 2. Military green culottes- INR350 Camera work- Agro Prodcutions!
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Giving A Makeover To My Subscriber #4 | #KomalSTYLES | Komal Pandey
Hey you all! Here you have another episode of your much loved series #KomalSTYLES! I am so so so happy with how this turned out. I gave the lovely Somya a very cute makeover- hoping you all will appreciate it! Also- if you want to be a part of this series, get in touch with my team at [email protected]! 1. Wardrobe courtesy- Alaya, Stage 3. 2. Makeup & Hair Courtesy- NEU Blush, @neublush on Instagram! 3. Styling Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 on Instagram 4. Behind the camera- Yadu, @yadu_clicks on Instagram 5. Styling & Editing by moi! Love, Komal
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The "Shy Girl" Vacation Outfits! | NO Short Clothes! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! FINALLY this video is going up! You guys have no idea how much pain I went through to upload and edit this one- with my laptop acting up! BUT FINALLY. This video has 6 looks that is perfect for every girl who is not comfortable wearing short clothes! Let me know what you guys think! Lots of love! A BIG shoutout to Novotel Spa & Resort in Goa for lending me the most gorgeous location! All clothes are from Vajor and have been styled & put together by me! You can shop everything from www.vajor.com! Makeup & Hair courtesy- The Hairspray & Artist, Goa! You can find them on Instagram @hairsprayandartist. Videography credits- Thank you Jules for doing this! You were such a SPORT! You can find him on Instagram @julesbegoes. Also, the montage was shot by Rahul! :) Edited by me on Adobe Premier Pro. :)
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Buying Clothes Just Like Deepika, Priyanka & Alia! | Komal Pandey
Hello you all! I am a crazy Bollywood lover which makes me keep a tab on my favourite celebrities and what they really like to wear off camera! I hope you like the video! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! LOOK 1: (Alia Bhatt) 1. Blazer- Renge, @renge_india on Instagram; INR1800 2. Tshirt- Zara, INR600 3. Jeans- H&M, INR1200 LOOK 2: (Priyanka Chopra) 1. Blazer- Zara, INR1200 2. Pants- Zara, INR1190 3. Bralette- Myntra, INR799 4. Neckpieces- H&M LOOK 3: (Deepika Padukone) 1. Off shoulder top- Lulu & Sky, INR699 2. Culottes- Lulu & Sky, INR1100 3. Earrings- Avrachic, @avrachic on Instagram; INR1100 4. Spectacles- Mom's LOOK 5: (Priyanka Chopra) 1. Jeans- Frenesi Fashion, @frenesifashion on Instagram; INR1700 2. Black polo neck- Zara, INR599 LOOK 4: (Sonam Kapoor) 1. Shirt- Rheson, INR1299 2. Jeans- Zaful, INR1100 Earrings- H&M, INR399 Edited on Premier Pro.
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6 Things That Made My Life MUCH BETTER! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! Here is a personal video for you all. This one was very unplugged- very honest and raw! Wanted you all to know me a bit better personally. Also I gave the frame of the whole video a bit of a relaxed vibe- hope you guys like it? Let me know! SUBSCRIBE! I conceptualise the content on my oww for all my videos! Behind the cameta- Faisal, @faisal.illyas_ Assited by Diksha, @diksharawat22 On the guitar- Rahul! Follow him on Instagram @musicinmyveins_ Lots of love, Komal
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College Outfits You Can ACTUALLY Wear! No Short Clothes | Komal Pandey
Hello everyone! I am back with another video that was highly requested by the most of you! Since you felt that the last college outfit video did not have many practical looks- I came out with another one! I tried to keep them VERY wearable and stylish at the same! I have my fingers crossed that you find it helpful this time. Love, Komal 1. T-shirt (white)- March Tee 2. Red T-shirt- Friend's (Forever 21) 3. Midi Skirt- H&M 4. White shirt- Sarojini Nagar 5. Denim Jacket- Forever 21 6. Green Spaghetti- H&M 7. Headband- Zara 8. Mustard hair tie- Cut out of a dress 9. Green sling bag- Vajor 10. Golden chokers- H&M 11. Red tassel earrings- H&M 12. Green tassel earring- H&M 13. Blue and white anarkali- Stitched 14. Blue & white block print jacket- Abhishti 15. Oxblood oxfords- Ornabliss 16. Silver jewellery- Janpath 17. Orange palazzos- Designed by Yugam Monga (@yugammonga on Instagram) 18. White tank- Zaful 19. Blue long shurg- H&M 20. Peach dress- Forever 21 21. Peach t-shirt- March Tee 22. Tassel earrings (multicoloured)- Vajor 23. Black maxi dress- Forever 21, Myntra 24. Striped t-shirt- H&M Styling Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 Behind the camera- Yugam Monga (@yugammonga), Yadu (@yadu_clicks)
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Kurti Outfits For EVERY College/Working Girl! | Komal Pandey
Hi Guys! I have my fingers crossed, hoping that this one does really well- as it was one of the MOST requested on my channel. Let me know what you think in the comments section. :D A special shoutout to the brand "Abhishti" for sending out these lovely kurtas! All the silver jewellery that I am wearing is from Janpath. Camera Work- Ankit from @clickwalaphotography. Edited on Premier Pro.
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What's REALLY In My Bag! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! This is my second personal videos of the week. A lot of you requested for this one, so here you go! I hope you didn't get bored of seeing me take out random stuff from my not-so interesting bag! Next week will be about FASHION, I am so excited. :D Love, Komal Bag- Forever 21 Perfume- Chanel, Gift. Hand cReam- BaliXora , Gift from Bali. Sanitizer- Dr. Morepen Jewellery- Forever 21, H&M. Face Wash- Clinique Phone, earphones, charger- Google Pixel 2XL Lipsticks- MAC Compact, Mascara0- Myabelline Brush- Vega Wallet- Random stall from a fest Sunglasses- Janpath Edited on Premier Pro.
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My REAL Everyday Makeup Routine! | Komal Pandey
Hey you guys! Welcome back to my channel. A lot of you requested for this one- so here it is! Let me know what you think about the video! Love, Komal What I am wearing: Top- Lulu & Sky Official Makeup: 1. Foundation- Maybelline Fit Me (128 & 228) 2. Concealer- Colorbar 3. Blush- Colorbar 4. Eyebrow Pencil- Maybelline (GigiXMaybelline) 5. Eyeshadow Palette- NYX Cosmetics 6. Mascara- Maybelline 7. Compact Powder- Maybelline White Superfresh 8. Highlighter- Smashbox Edited on Premier Pro.
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Types Of Girls On Valentine's Day | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! This video is in association with OYO. Download the OYO App, Activate the Relationship Mode & book a couple-friendly OYO. Use coupon code KOMAL50 to get flat 50% off + 100% cashback as OYO Money. With Valentine's Day around the corner, thought this video would make perfect sense! Which kinda girl are you? Let me know in the comments! I read EACH & EVERY comment, btw! The hate ones too. :P Love, Komal Camera Work- Ankit, @clickwalaphotography Edited on Premier Pro.
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When Your BFF Has A CRUSH On Someone! | Komal Pandey
Hello everyone! This is a super cute video that I produced in association with Biotique! I am sure you would relate to a lot of instances. Also- a sketch after a very long time- so let me know what you think! If you watch the video till the end- I love you to bits! Announcement: I have a fun giveaway coming up next week- I will make the announcement on my Instagram, so make sure you follow me there! (@komalpandeyofficial) To shop from Biotique, visit: www.biotique.com Production: 1. Concept &Script by yours truly. 2.. Behind the camera- Neeraj, @neeraj.kt on Instagram. 3. Best Friend's part has been played by Shagun! Thank you for doing this Shagun. You guys can find her on Instagram on @shagunkazania. 4. Styling Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 on Instagram. Love, Komal
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Who's Most Likely Challenge! Ft. Sejal Kumar | Komal Pandey
Hey guys! After a week of hectic videos. I thought of doing a fun challenge video and was joined by Sejal. This was a LOT of fun! Hope you guys enjoyed the video- Let us know what you think and make sure you watch it till the end! It gets funnier. ;) Don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell button! 300K is not very far. xoxo Subscribe to Sejal's channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/sejalkumar7 Love, Komal
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I Prank Called My Boyfriend & Changed My HAIRSTYLE! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! Here is a really fun video that I shot for you guys- doing things that you guys yourselves asked me to! Let me know what you think of the video in the comments section! Also- I am a hardcore semi-classical singer! So let me know if you'd like to have Acoustic sessions every week! PS- Only expect Hindi Bollywood numbers! Love, Komal On the guitar- The very talented Rahul, find him @musicinveins_ on Instagram! Edited on Premier Pro. White off shoulder top- Zaful.com Silver neckpiece- Amama Jewels
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Just Indian Fashion Things Only Desi Girls Will Relate To! | Komal Pandey
Hey you guys! ALSO don't forget to subscribe! (I had to re-upload this as the previous one had a few audio issues. However, I was finally able to correct it. I hope you guys understand. Love you all!) This video is very close to my heart, as I wanted to do this for a very long time, but sadly never got an opportunity. This is a happy moment for me to be doing this finally! I am so excited and I REALLY hope you guys relate and connect to the video. I'll wait for your feedback in the comments section! Edited on Premier Pro! Camera Equipment- Nikon D750 OUTFIT DETAILS: LOOK 1: Silver jhumkas- Janpath White shirt dress- Vajor. com Mustard tie-up heels- Forever 21 Pink Belt- DIY out of a choker LOOK 2: White kurta- Local market Denim Jacket- Forever 21 Black sneakers- Adidas Earrings- Krafted With Happiness LOOK 3: Black turtleneck- Forever 21 Leheriya print long shrug- Vajor.com Silver jhumkas- Janpath LOOK 4: Phulkari dupatta- Janpath White t-shirt- Gift Jeans- H&M LOOK 5: Graphic tee/bodysuit- Forever 21 Palazzop pants- Mom's Hoops- H&M Bag- Forever 21 LOOK 6: Jeans- Vajor.com Oxfords- Ornabliss.com Payal- Mom's LOOK 7: White shirt- H&M Silver neckpieces- Janpath Choker- H&M Jeans- H&M LOOK 8: Juttis- Needledust Instagram- @komalpandeyofficial Videography- Robin Bansal & Raghav Goyal, @lovebugrobin_photography, @rags_255 &@lovebugrobin_rb. Accompanied by @frotzeeproductions.
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How To Look Sexy Without Wearing Short Clothes! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! This video was THE MOST requested- when I asked you guys if you'd like to see something like this. 95% of you said YES! So here it is. I had a lot of fun conceptualising and shooting this. Hope you like it! Let me know in the comments! 1. Find Shriyam @shriya02 on Instagram 2. Find Aakriti @_aakriti_sinha_ OUTFIT DETAILS: 1. Sheer top- Appy Cat Street 2. Lace dress- Lulu & Sky Official 3. Saree- Online, Amazon. 4. Satin top- Shopper's Stop 5. White Shirt- H&M 6. Pencil skirt- Stalk Buy Love 7. Black blouse, Pants (under the "grooming" point) : Lulu & Sky Official 8. Bag- Zaful.com 9. Boots- H&M
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Do I Earn Enough Money? 3 Lacs Subscribers GIVEAWAY! | Komal Pandey
I will be giving a MAKEOVER to three of my lucky subscribers! From their clothes to hair and makeup- EVERYTHING! So let the comments pour in! I am so excited you guyssss. Love you all! GIVEAWAY RULES! 1. Comment below your favourite fashion trend! 2. Make sure you subscribe to my channel! 3. Follow me on Instagram @komalpandeyofficial 4. Also mention your e-mail id in the comment, so my team can get in touch with you! (Or I won't be able to contact you) 5. Make sure you're a Delhi resident!
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How EVERY Girl Should Wear A SAREE! | Komal Pandey
Hello you all! I am not lying when I say- that I always wanted to do thus video. I had this concept on my mind for about a year now. And I am so glad I was able to execute it on my channel! I shot it in a very different style this time. Let me know if you like it? I'll be waiting for your comments! Make sure you follow me on Instagram at @komalpandeyofficial! I do a lot of other cool stuff there! Styling, Concept & Production by Moi! Fashion Assistants: 1. Diksha Rawat, Style Dot Me. 2. Shagun Kazania, Style Dot Me. Follow @styledotme on Instgaram and download the app for instant fashion advice! Behind the Camera: Yugam Monga. Find him at @yugammonga on Instgram! Saree from Stage 3. Location Courtesy- Nivasa, @nivasa_home, @nivasa_contemporary See you soon next week with 2 new videos! Love, Komal
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Types Of Girls Getting Ready | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! SO A MEET & GREET with Maybelline! 1. Location- Select Citywalk Saket, Shopper's Stop. 2. Time- 4:30 pm onwards! 3. There will be a Makeup Artist, so we will all play with a lot of makeup! 4. Also, 3 of you lucky people can get their hands on the entire Gigi Hadid Maybelline collection at the event as I am also hosting a giveaway! More reason for you to come? Just two more days for the event and I CANNOT wait! Comment below if you're coming. I'll welcome you with a warm hug! xoxo I am back finally after a week long of almost some bed rest. I'll be waiting for your comments! Let me know what you think about the video. :D New video comes up this Sunday again. Don't forget to subscribe so we get to 200K super SOON! Lots of love, Komal Camera work- @yadu_clicks on Instagram. Edited on Premier Pro.
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The MOST HONEST Room Tour! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! As promised- here is the 3rd video of the week. This video was much awaited. And I couldn't avoid doing it anymore so here it is! All the stuff is actually bought by me and is NOT sponsored by Vajor- I am just a big fan of their decor stuff. :) Love, Komal
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College Outfits- Girly Girl Vs The Tomboy | Komal Pandey
Hey you all! Okay, have to say- hands down the MOST requested video! So here it is. I created 8 outfits for the girly and the tomboy! I am sure you'd find something for both if you're a mix of two! I think I am more aa mix of two and the girly girl most of the times- What about you? Comment below! O U T F I T D E T A I L S LOOK 1- Girly: 1. Camisole- H&M 2. Shrug- H&M 3. Culottes- Lulu & Sky 4. Chappals- H&M 5. Jewellery- H&M LOOK 2- Tomboy: 1. Bomber jacket- Forever 21 2. Shoes- Skechers 3. Cap- H&M LOOK 3- Girly: 1. Skinny jeans- Zara 2. Cold shoulder top- H&M 3. Chappals- H&M LOOK 4- Tomboy: 1. Bodysuit- H&M 2. Oxfords- Ornabliss 3. Hoops- H&M 4. Backpack- Stalk Buy Love LOOK 5- Girly: 1. T-shirt- Zara 2. Skirt- H&M 3. Earrings- H&M Tomboy: 1. Jogger pants- Forever 21 2. Boots- Very old LOOK 5- Girly: 1. Denim jacket- H&M 2. Skirt worn as a midi/maxi dress- H&M 3. Pink sneakers- H&M 4. All jewellery- H&M 5. Bag- Zaful.com Tomboy: 1. Baggy jeans- H&M 2. Baker boy cap- Forever 21 Camera work- Neeraj. Assisted by Swasti Garg
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How I LOST Weight! | Komal Pandey
This one is hands down the MOST requested video on my channel! So here it is! I hope you guys have a good time watching it and I could be helpful in any way. Lots of love, Komal
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Things EVERY Girl Should Have In Her Wardrobe! | My FIRST Shopping Haul! | Komal Pandey
Hi you all! You guys have always asked me about a few things that are essentials for your wardrobe- this video will tell you exactly that! I shopped a bit from Lulu and Sky & had to share with you guys! Hope you find this helpful and enjoy! Camera Work- Ankit, @clickwalaphotography on Instagram. Everything that I am wearing in the video is from Lulu and Sky! (www.luluandsky.com) Location Courtesy- Mia Bella, Hauz Khas Village. Edited on Premier Pro. Love, Komal
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The Blindfolded Saree Challenge With My BFF! | Komal Pandey
Hi Guys! Finally my first video with my best friend- Dolly! We shot this really cool concept of draping a saree on each other- blindfolded, though! REALLY hope you guys enjoy it! SUBSCRIBE if you do! Check out our video on Dolly's channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySs-ilvNa3c Camera work- Faisal, @banjaralensers on Instagram! Styling Assistant- Diksha, @diksharawat22 on Instagram! Edited by Yugam, @yugammonga on Instagram! Love, Komal
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My Mom & I Take On The Whisper Antakshari Challenge! | Komal Pandey
Hey you all! My mom and I took on the Anktakshari Challenge! I think this is the first time anybody has ever done this on YouTube and we had so much fun filming this for you all! Special thanks to my Mother, for being the best and doing this with me. Hope you guys enjoy! Don't forget to comment and subscribe! Love, Komal Video Recorded by Robin & Raghav. (www.facebook.com/lovebugrobin) (Instgarma: @lovebugrobin_photography, @rags_255, @lovebugrobin_rb)
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Giving A Makeover To My Subscriber! | Episode 3, #KomalSTYLES
Hey Guys! Here is the last episode of #KomalSTYLES! Doing this was so so so much fun- I am gonna miss this, tbh. But, get ready for a whole new ride with newer content next week! Let me know what you think of this video in the comments too! Also, make sure you follow me on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/komalpandeyofficial/ (I do a lot of fun stuff here!) And oh, twitter too! https://twitter.com/TCC_Komal Outfit Details: 1. Dress- INR300 2. Shrug- INR200 3. Shoes- INR400 Love, Komal
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Things Girls Should Do When They Have Nothing To Wear! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! This is a very fun video that I shot to solve the biggest problem of every girl's life- What to wear? Let me know what you think in the comments section below! New videos next week too! Get back here soon. :D
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7 SUPER Stylish Ways To Wear A Shirt Under 3 Minutes! | #OnePieceManyWays | Komal Pandey
Hi Guys! 7 looks under 3 minutes! (excluding the Instroduction and the closing link) I am back with a Fashion video! This one was much requested. I kept the looks very stylish but also a bit relatable, young and easy going! I would love to know what you think of them in the comments section. I am coming up with 2 more videos this week, so stay tuned for those as well! Love, Komal OUTFIT DETAILS: 1. White Shirt- H&M 2. Denim shorts- H&M 3. Tie-up heels- Lulu & Sky Official 4. Statement Earrings (look 1 & 7)- Exhibition in Kolkata 5. Printed Culottes- Nomad 6. Bohemian Coin Neckace- Amama 7. Boots- H&M 8. SHimmer Bralette- Zara 9. Black shorts- H&M 10. Silver hoops- Forever 21 or H&M 11. Black Sling- Forever 21 12. Red Bralette- Forever 21 13. Striped culottes- Lulu & Sky Official 14. Nude Camisole- H&M 15. Denims- Lulu & Sky Official 16. White Blazer- Forever 21 17. White Pants- Zara Fashion Assistant- Tanvi Ralhan, find her @tanvi_ralhan on Instagram!
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If Girls Were HONEST! Ft. Sharmila Sharma | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! We had so much fun shooting this! Happy Women's Day to all of you and let's promise each other to not be anything like the girls in this video! Special thanks to Sharmila (one of my very close friends for forever) for being a part of this- You're so talented! You can follow her on Instagram @sharmilaasharma. What We're Wearing: 1. White off shoulder top (Komal)- Zara 2. White off shoulder top (Sharmila)- Lulu & Sky 3. Necklace (Sharmila)- H&M 3. Earrings (Komal)- Forever 21 Edited on Premier Pro. Love, Komal
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How Every College Girl Should Wear A Dupatta! | Komal Pandey
Hey you all! I am sure you ALL love wearing dupattas! I decided to put my own thought into it and came out with 5 looks! The looks are a little experimental, so please don't hate! Love you all! 1. Dupatta- Mom's 2. White tank, white skirt- Zaful, Lulu & Sky 3. Neckpiece (look 1)- Janpath 4. Orange bodysuit- Forever 21 5. Jeans- Zaful 6. Neckpiece (look 2)- Online 7. Black polo- Zara 8. Neckliece (look 3)- Janpath 9. Belt- Sarojini 10. Grey printed culottes- Vajor.com 11. Denim dress- Rheson 12. Oxblood bag- Zaful 13. Jhumkas (look 5)- Kolkata, exhibition 14. Black boots- Very old 15. Oxfords- Ornabliss.com
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How To Wear A Saree In Winters | One Saree, 6 Ways | Komal Pandey
Hey you all! Some of you requested a saree video, so here it is. Wearing a saree in winters is a little tricky- as you want to look good but also stay warm! These looks will ensure that you stay a little warm and also not kill the fashion quotient! Let me know what you think in the comments section below. I love you all! -Komal Outfit Details: 1. Saree- The House Of Masaba 2. Turtleneck- Forever 21 3. Silver earrings (look 1)- Voylla 4. Black cover up- Old (very very very old) 5. Black bralette- Zivame.com 6. Silver earrings (look 2)- Janpath 7. Mesh Top- AppyCat Street 8. Gold earrings & Choker, gold dainty neckpieces- H&M 9. Faux Fur Coat- H&M 10. White Shirt- H&M 11. Silver Necklace- Janpath 12. Cold Shoulder Top- Lulu & Sky Official Location Courtesy- The Philtre Cafe, Gurgaon. Camera Work- Frotzee Productions, @frotzee_productions on Instagram. Divyansh Dangwal, @theamorous7 on Instagram. Songs Courtesy: Jon Prezant, "Remember Me." www.soundcloud.com/jonprezant, www.facebook.com/jonprezantmusic & https://open.spotify.com/artist/4WE9cc0SjHwALaAhRVNC8P. Edited on Premier Pro.
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How did I start? Fitness & Much MORE! | Komal Pandey
Why did I leave POPxo? How did I start? My favourite makeup brands? Much more! I planned on doing this much later. But I know you guys have been fishing for a few answers and I would hate to make you all wait for more! I tried to keep this very honest and did not avoid or dodge any question because I owe you all an answer! Big hug & love to you all. xoxo What I am wearing: Off-shoulder Dress- DIY'd out of a top & maxi dress. Jewellery- H&M India Equipment Used: Camera- Nikon D5200, 50mm lens. Lights- Natural light.
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I Wore ONE Saree For 5 Days! #StyleChallenge | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! You all know my love for sarees! I love love love wearing them. But I realised how I only wear them on special occasions. So, hopefully, this video would encourage you a little more to wear this 6 yard long beauty a little more! Also what is the next #StyleChallenge you want me to take? Let me know! LOOK 1: 1. Shirt- Abhishti 2. Saree- Mom's, Urban Weave 3. Tassel neckpiece- Vajor.com LOOK 2: 1. Shirt worn as a jacket- Abhishti 2. Neckpiece- Janpath 3. Oxfords- Ornabliss LOOK 3: 1. Black crop top- Stalk Buy Love 2. Jhumkas- Janpath 3. Balck bag- Local Area Market LOOK 4: 1. Off shoulder top- Lulu & Sky 2. Earrings- Vajor 3. Bag- Zaful LOOK 5: 1. Blouse- Stitched 2. Earrings- Mom's Camera Work- Neeraj, @neeraj_kt on Instagram! I shot this video at The Taj City Centre in Gurgaon- so a big BIG shoutout to them! Edited on Premier Pro. I edit my own videos. :) Make sure you also follow me on Instagram @komalpandeyofficial. To participate in #KomalSTYLES- Drop an email at [email protected] and tell me why you want to be a part of it! Lots of love, Komal
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How To REPEAT An Outfit Like A PRO! | Komal Pandey
Hi Guys! This video for sure will be helpful to a LOT of you! So if you have an outfit that you absolutely love- hope this gives you enough inspiration! Lots of love, Komal OUTFIT DETAILS: Top- Zara Pants- Mango LOOK 1: Bandana- Scarf from Vajor Earrings- Mango Backpack- Ornabliss LOOK 2: Hat- H&M Earrings- Mango Brown Bag- La Glits LOOK 3: Scarf as a headband- Mango Earrings- Zara LOOK 4: Silver Choker- Janpath Oxblood bag- Zaful LOOK 5: Yellow statement earrings- H&M Floral clutch- Vajor Styling & Production Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 on Instagram Behind the camera & Edit- Tushar, @tushardixitfilms on Instagram Shot at Cafe Red, Shahpur Jat
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How To Wear A Dress In Winters | One Dress, 5 Ways | Komal Pandey
Hey you all! I know you guys have been requesting for Winter look books, so here is one on how to wear your favourite dress this season! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Love, Komal Song used: https://soundcloud.com/iknowthechief/stay-coloured OUTFIT DETAILS: 1. Black dress- Forever 21 2. White t-shirt- Gift 3. Blazer- H&M 4. Culottes- Lulu & Sky 5. Spiral gold earrings- Forever 21 6. Boots- H&M 7. Leopard Print Bomber- H&M 8. Thigh high socks- Forever 21 9. Golden chokers- H&M 10. Boots (look 2)- Ornabliss 11. Turtleneck- Forever 21 12. Blue jeans- Zara 13. Gold danglers- Forever 21 14. Black sling bag- Forever 21 15. Mesh top- Koovs 16. Leather jacket- Cover story 17. Green statement earrings- H&M 18. Black pumps- Zara 19. Denim Jacket- Forever 21 20- Blue straight-fit boyfriend jeans- H&M 21. Black belt- Sarojini Nagar 22. Black bag- Forever 21 Location Courtesy- Phoking Awesome, Saket. LovebugRobin Photography (Robin Bansal & Raghav Goyal) 📩 [email protected] Facebook : Www.facebook.com/lovebugrobin Camera work: LovebugRobin_photography Rags_255 LovebugRobin_rb @theamorous7 SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE!
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How To Wear Everything You Think You Can't! | Komal Pandey
Hi guys! We often don't step out of our comfort zone or don't do something as simple as wearing a red lipstick in the day time because we either think too much, listen to what other people say or maybe are not confident enough. I am not telling you to do those things but the point of this video is to inspire you to be able to wear anything that you wanted to with confidence! Hopefully you guys would love the video. SUBSCRIBE if you do and share it too if you REALLLYYY like it? We're a family if 500K FINALLY! I am working on an awesome giveaway for all of you. it might take a week or so to accumulate all the packages that personalising, but the wait will be worth it. Love you guys! Follow me on Instagram @komalpandeyofficial and catch all the fun stuff I do there! -Thank you Naina or lending out the most beautiful studio to us for the shoot! You can catch her on Instagram @nainalambatextiles! -This video is inspired by Glamour Magazine! Check it out-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYI-XOVW4vg&t=46s (It's not sponsored by them, but I HAD to give them the due credit.) OUTFIT DETAILS: LOOK 1: 1. Shrug- H&M 2. Tube top- H&M (INR 250 ONLY!) 3. Jeans- Zara 4. Earrings- Mango LOOK 2: 1. Red boydysuit- H&M 2. Mustard pants- Zara 3. Waist bag- Aldo 4. White sneakers- Zara LOOK 3: 1. T-shirt- Zara 2. White leather skirt- Zara 3. Hoops- H&M LOOK 4: 1. White blazer & Turtlenack- Zara 2. Nude heels- Steve Madden 3. Earrings- H&M 4. Shorts- H&M LOOK 5: 1. Red lipstick- Kiko Milano 2. White spaghetti- H&M 3. Checkered pants- Lulu & Sky 4. Chokers- H&M LOOK 6: 1. Maxi dress- Mango 2. Earrings- Mango 3. Tan Wedges- H&M -Behind the camera: Yadu, @yadu_clicks on Instagram -Styling & Production Assistant- Diksha Rawat, @diksharawat22 on Instagram Love, Komal
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