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What it takes to feed NBA giant Shaq
Here is a peek at what breakfast at Shaq's Atlanta home looks like when 11Alive's Tracy Humphries visited him and his girlfriend Laticia Rolle.
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What's the story behind Puddles the Clown?
He's become a sensation on "America's Got Talent".
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Good Samaritan saves baby found crawling on side of the road
A heartwarming story of a man with a past who made a startling discovery on the side of the road. The full story: http://on.11alive.com/2ePA2MB
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The Freeze races towards icy Olympic dreams
Nigel Talton is The Freeze at Atlanta Braves games and now he's working to land a spot on Team USA. He sat down with 11Alive's Cheryl Preheim.
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A day in the life of Tripp Halstead
Footage from 2013 of Tripp Halstead, the then-2-year-old Winder boy injured when a tree branch fell on him at a daycare.
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Marijuana 1 year sentence reduced after 11Alive questions Judge
The Reveal ' 11Alive Investigator Andy Pierrotti uncovered the questionable circumstances which led to one man's arrest and the consequences of Georgia's patchwork of marijuana laws. https://on.11alive.com/2MAPwIt
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The anointed voice of Duranice Pace warms hearts and brings healing
Her booming voice brings joy and healing. Gospel singer Duranice Pace sings just about everywhere and to anyone. She's one of the sisters in Atlanta's acclaimed sibling gospel group, The Anointed Pace Sisters. She is Elevating Atlanta with Shiba Russell
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Inmates help save deputy's life
A group of inmates helped save a deputy's life: http://on.11alive.com/2sm2Bd0
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Angelica Hale of "America's Got Talent" receives random act of kindness
Before Angelica Hale wowed the judges on "America's Got Talent", she was in need of a kidney transplant. Her incredible story: http://on.11alive.com/2sg4oRu
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Handcuffed Hero: Good Samaritan arrested after saving woman's life
11Alive's Chief Investigator Brendan Keefe has the story.
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After traffic stop, state senator pushes bill to change tag law
Within 10 seconds, the police body cam video shows Sen. Marty Harbin, promising to call the mayor: http://on.11alive.com/2GlImAx
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Georgia sheriff's office Lip Sync video goes viral with important message
Pickens County Sheriff's Office takes part in lip sync challenge craze to bring awareness to domestic violence.
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13-year-old accidentally kills himself on Instagram live
Malachi Hemphill was on Instagram live when he accidentally shot and killed himself in Forest Park, Ga. What we know :http://on.11alive.com/2oAzIIs
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Meet the little girl winning hearts across the country on 'America's Got Talent'
Nine-year-old Angelica Hale talks to 11Alive
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Slutty Vegan started as a ghost restaurant, but now it's out of the shadows
The business in this story started as a ghost restaurant. Ghosts are online only. You send a direct message to place your order.
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Dashcam of high seed chase goes through school zone in Newnan
Authorities say Rose Becker was speeding down Hwy 34 near Newnan doing 70 mph through a school zone, with officers following right behind her. Officials said speeds during the chase topped out at 90 mph.
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Model goes missing, body found with organs missing
A model from Atlanta takes a trip to L.A. While driving back to Las Vegas, his rental car breaks down in Death Valley. Highway patrol spots him and brings him to a gas station. While waiting for his friend, he vanishes: http://on.11alive.com/2qX8mvD
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Ladies of OWNTV Love & Marriage: Huntsville dish on first season
"Love & Marriage: Huntsville," previously under the working title Rocket City Revival, follows the lives of three successful and powerful African American couples in the thriving city of Huntsville, Alabama who come together to help revitalize the region through their joint real estate venture - The Comeback Group. The eight-episode series will feature Melody and Martell Holt, Marsau and LaTisha Scottand soon-to-be-married duo, Maurice Scott and Kimmi Grant. The triad are longtime friends whose goals are to put Huntsville back on the map but must navigate through the realities of dealing with love and marriage while attempting to focus on making this huge undertaking a success. There will be plenty of laughs, tears and even a wedding, as the group tries to balance their careers, families and social lives and attempt to transform both the city and their relationships to achieve their ultimate dreams.
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Alan Simpson's eulogy to his 'dear friend' President George H.W. Bush
Former Senator Alan Simpson talked about his 'dear friend' that he met in 1962.
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The Drug Whisperer: ACLU sues Cobb PD
The latest in 11Alive's Brendan Keefe's "The Drug Whisperer" investigation.
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Angelica Hale of 'America's Got Talent' talks about reaching a million subscribers on YouTube
Angelica Hale said she's living the dream after being on 'America's Got Talent.' She sat down with the hosts of 'Sister Circle Live' and talked about the last few years and how she's giving back https://tvone.tv/show/sister-circle/ .
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Officer refuses to help fellow officer, fearing internal affairs investigation
Already under investigation for his role in the freezing of a 13-year-old special needs boy to get him to talk, Officer Hill admits it played a role in him not responding to help another officer. He was closest to the scene where a man became unconscious and another Roswell Police Officer called for assistance. https://on.11alive.com/2QCYH8t A group of concerned officers blew the whistle on multiple scandals, because they wanted to restore integrity and accountability to the Roswell Police Department command staff. PREVIOUS VIDEO: https://bit.ly/2LD3zcO The Reveal, Sundays at 6pm only on 11Alive, Where Atlanta Speaks! Subscribe NOW to get the latest episodes of The Reveal: https://bit.ly/2PMTGK0 To get more information and dive deeper into these investigations go to thereveal.tv Connect with 11Alive Investigators! Email us at [email protected] Tweet at us using #TheRevealon11 Find 11Alive on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/11Alive Follow 11Alive on Twitter: https://twitter.com/11AliveNews Follow 11Alive on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/11alive
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Rev. Billy Graham's funeral | His children speak on his faith, legacy, and love
Four of Graham’s five children, Virginia "Gigi" Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Ruth Graham, and Nelson "Ned" Graham, spoke about their parents’ relationship and growing up in a religious household.
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Police chief responds to 'coin-toss' arrest
Roswell's police chief has released a statement in response to an 11Alive investigation that showed a woman being arrested after officers used a coin flip app to apparently determine her fate.
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Young Thug gives emotional plea to judge 'I just want to be home home with my family'
Rapper Young Thug, aka Jeffery Williams, was released from DeKalb County Jail on Nov. 14 after serving six days for failing a court-mandated drug test.
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Dan Mullen says Florida's Peach Bowl rout of Michigan a 'special' victory
The new Gators head coach had an ear-to-ear grin throughout Saturday's postgame presser, reveling in the afterglow of Florida's shockingly thorough win over No. 7 Michigan.
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Hidden camera tells true story of how veteran died in nursing home
The nursing home didn't want you to see the video.
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Georgia homeowners battling against empty HOA promises
11Alive Investigator Rebecca Lindstrom has spent the past six months talking with homeowners who truly are powerless when it comes to their HOA. She shows how the law protects the people who create your community - rather than those who live in it.
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#TheLateFeed: 4 children saved in human trafficking bust
Nearly 60 people were arrested in Atlanta alone.
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NICU Grandpa spreads joy, comforts patients at
It's a story that's stolen thousands of hearts, a photo of the NICU Grandpa.
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Homeowner finds family living in her house she's trying to sell
The family says the law doesn't allow them to kick the strangers out.
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911 Call - 79-year-old woman fends off burglar
A frantic 911 call paints a picture of the terrifying moments a 79-year-old woman fended off a burglar as he tried to get inside her Jackson County home.
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Boy with brain tumor asks for Christmas joy
How you can help:
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A tour of MLK's historic Atlanta home
Go inside
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A coin flip by police decided this woman's fate
Heads, you're released and tails you go to jail - those were the odds Sarah Webb faced in a traffic stop in April. But she didn't know about the police coin flip until we told her.
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Why did part of the Georgia Dome stay up?
What we've learned
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#TheLateFeed: The Drug Whisperer - 'It happened to me'
The 11Alive Investigators broke the story revealing hundreds of innocent people nationwide have been forced to fight DUI-Drug charges in a system that treats everyone as if they're guilty.
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Tyler Perry surprises LaShun Pace's mom with new home
Her mother, who is a kidney failure patient, last wish was to be a homeowner.
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Two teens found buried behind Guyton home
A Georgia sheriff's office says the bodies of two children, 14-year-old Mary Crocker and her brother, 15-year-old Elwyn Crocker, have been found buried behind their Guyton home.
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Extended Deposition | Nurse changes story after seeing video of vet who died at nursing home
The nursing home operators tried to prevent 11Alive from obtaining this video by attempting to appeal to the state supreme court: http://on.11alive.com/2AzfBOH
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Drew Brees criticizes how Roger Goodell handled no-call that cost Saints Super Bowl
Drew Brees is making the rounds for the Super Bowl in Atlanta. This is what he had to say about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's State of the NFL speech.
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Would you be able to get into UGA, Tech, GSU today?
Students in the Class of 2021 are setting records as they step on campus at the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and Georgia State University.
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Katt Williams, Wanda Smith argument caught on security video
Katt Williams told police that Wanda Smith's husband, Lamorris Sellers, pulled a gun on him and pointed it in his face outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater.
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Teens bodies found buried behind home in Guyton
The bodies of 14-year-old Mary Crocker and her brother, Elwyn Crocker Jr., were found buried in the wood line near their home, near Savannah.
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Mean Gene Okerlund remembered by wrestling world
Diamond Dallas Page, a close friend of "Mean Gene," remembered the late WWE Hall of Famer.
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Mean Gene Okerlund remembered by Diamond Dallas Page
Diamond Dallas Page, a close friend of "Mean Gene," remembered the late WWE Hall of Famer.
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Brenda Wood talks about Atlanta news anchor Amanda Davis
Former 11Alive news anchor Brenda Wood talks about the passing of colleague Amanda Davis. Davis, a former FOX 5 and WSB news anchor, passed away on December 27, 2017: http://on.11alive.com/2lkAB4S Follow 11Alive on Facebook: Facebook.com/11Alive On Twitter: @11AliveNews And Instagram: Instagram.com/11Alive
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Rev. Billy Graham's son gives eulogy at his funeral
‘Another child of God has come home,’ Rev. Franklin Graham said about his father, Rev. Billy Graham at his funeral on March 2, 2018.
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Delta flight arriving to Atlanta airport interrupted after man in underwear runs onto tarmac
The flight had just landed from Miami when passengers saw the man running around in his underwear.
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