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Cartman Farts Fire!
I DO NOT own anything from this clip! This is a clip from the very first episode of South Park, "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe". I uploaded this because there is such a lack of good quality videos on youtube of this same scene! My most favorite episode of South Park, such good memories from 1997!
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Review of the "advance cd" version of "Commencement", by Deadsy
I decided to review the "advance cd" version of Deadsy's album "Commencement" from 2002. I've been struggling trying to find out which version of the album has the uncensored version of "The Key To Gramercy Park". The early 1999 CD does not have the song on that version, and I recently found out there was another "promotional/not for sale" version from 2001. Overall I rate the "advance cd" version 4.5 (or 4) out of 10.
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Shattered [Descendents] - Guitar Cover
Shattered (or Shattered Milo) by Descendents. I never realized I had this song on a CD before recently, it was on the 1998 "The Show" soundtrack CD (I had gotten the CD for the early version of Mutt by Blink-182). I then realized I relate to this song more than any other song I've ever heard before. I do NOT claim any ownership of the music used in this video!
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The Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, and some gameplay of Castlevania: Rondo Of Blood (12/7/2017)
I'm so sad that the Wii's Virtual Console service is being discontinued, mostly for the TurboGrafx-16 and Sega Master System games..... although it's been a continual disappointment from Nintendo over the years, starting with Earthbound NEVER being added under the Super Nintendo games (it was added on the Wii U and I believe "NEW!" 3DS, but other than that, Wii users were left in the dust almost immediately after Skyward Sword was released. They've been de-listing games over the years though, although with an example like Donkey Kong Country 3, it was later re-added, but either way that one didn't bother me really, since I own physical copies of all 3. But yeah, considering collecting for the TurboGrafx-16/Turbo Duo is either just as expensive as collecting for NES and SNES, probably even more so, and I know collecting for the Sega Master System and NeoGeo is a nightmare, it's really sad to see the service go. In saying all of this, it's not that I don't have a 3DS, but I never did get a Wii U (never had the money, and it was discontinued faster than I've ever seen before), and I don't have a Switch (yet.....). Even if I did have one of the two though, how soon until all services are discontinued for the Wii U? And are games like Castlevania: Rondo Of Blood, Splatterhouse, Bonk's Adventure, Revenge and III, and ANY Sega Master System games even available to download on the Switch?? Anyway, just a video I felt like making before all is gone. I'm hoping I'll have a good amount of money to blow after the holidays on some Wii Points so that I can get some good titles.
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Maniac Mansion (for DOS): microwaving the hamster, and the piano tune.
Just showing off what the DOS version of Maniac Mansion looks and sounds like. I decided to include the piano tune being played as well, at the last minute while recording this.
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Blink-182: Three Songs From The Original Buddha Tape
"Degenerate", "The Family Next Door" (2:31), and "Transvestite" (4:20), were the three songs left out of the 1998 Kung Fu Records remaster and re-release of Blink-182's 1994 demo, known as "Buddha". I really wish I knew why these songs were left out of the re-release; they're great and funny songs from Blink's early days. I don't know what else there is to say. I feel like collector's out there are nothing but douchebag hoarders. There's quite a few of them who own original copies of the Buddha demo, but always ignore any inquiries or requests about doing a good audio-rip to either WAV or FLAC formats, and sharing with anyone else on the internet. I remember many years back there once existed a torrent with a decent audio-rip in mp3, that was NOT put through noise reduction. Anymore, any mp3's floating around the internet now were a rip put through NR and sound like complete shit. I would probably pay someone who owns an original tape just to do a better audio-rip. I eventually found these 320 kbps mp3's, but just these three songs, not the entire tape. Anyway, enjoy!
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WoW's 10th Anniversary Level 100 Molten Core (01/11/2015)
Running the level 100 Molten Core during WoW's 10th Anniversary, on 1/11/2015. My hunter was a fresh level 100, so no impressive DPS on my part. This should give anyone an idea what this version of the raid was like when this event was happening. I really wish Blizzard had kept the "Southshore VS. Tarren Mill" battleground in the game permanently, I had never had as much fun running BG's until that one was made! But, just like how Blizzard is, no fun things will last forever. Please excuse the cutting that happens in the video, I was having technical issues while recording this video.... I was still using the same computer that I started playing WoW on back in 2008, and I only had fraps to work with, and what ever was causing it, the game kept crashing on me. I think I was lucky to have gotten this video recorded. I think I tried doing a video of my victory run of "Southshore VS. Tarren Mill", but I think I gave up, and so I never got a video of that.
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Shut Up [Blink-182] - Guitar Cover .....all hopped up on caffiene
Second guitar cover I felt like recording (same day as the first one I did). I pretty much have two options of playing along to songs for recording, and that's to play along with my iPod classic playing the song, or playing along with the CD in my stereo..... the latter is the only way I could do this song, since I'm not a professional and don't use a count-in of any kind. Anyway, one of the more underrated Blink-182 songs, one of my favorites, yet another song that I relate to. I do NOT claim any ownership of the music used in this video!
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Favorite Son [Green Day] Guitar Cover
Favorite Son, by Green Day, bonus track from their 2004 album American Idiot (Japan release). I do NOT claim any ownership of the music used in this video!
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Angry Video Game Nerd (Full Theme) [Kyle Justin] Guitar Cover
[NOTE: this is a mess, I may need to re-do this in the future or re-edit this video..... not the best time for me to have recorded this, but it was spontaneous and during the moment of when I felt like doing this] Yup..... AVGN Theme Song (full song). Just something I felt like doing. I've honestly wanted to record a guitar cover of this for a very long time, but was always just too lazy, lacked the proper methods to record, and yeah just use what ever random-ass excuse under the sun you can think of - bottom line is, I'm about 10-12 years late to this party!
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