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Free WordPress Hosting

Journalists have blogs where they write commentaries, politicians have blogs where they share their opinion on popular topics and communicate with their electorate and corporations have blogs, which are intended to create a more personal face for the company.


Free PHP Hosting

Many free web hosting providers offer free hosting packages with many limitations, which either do not provide PHP support or if they do, there are other limitations, which make the service suitable only for testing or very small websites.


No Ads Free Hosting

Each of the of the web hosting packages, including the free web hosting plan, offer 24/7 technical support and excellent performance and uptime.


Free Linux Web Hosting

The free web hosting package allows you to host multiple domains. There are low-cost premium plans as well.FreeHostia offers free Linux hosting with PHP and Perl/CGI support and plenty more features.


Free Script Hosting

Their Business Hosting plan is just what you need to start and expand your online business, and here are some points to convince you what makes it such an excellent complete package.


Reliable Free Hosting Service

The Chocolate package - FreeHostia’s free plan, allows you to host up to 5 domains. There are low-cost premium plans as well.