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08/08/2008 (AGADIR-ALMA) CN8SG/M IN IM50FL 700M/FROM SEA LEVEL with my freind cn8vo and cn8wc, i try my luck, WX = 40C°
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Sea Level Rise Animation in Google Earth
Climate change and increased atmospheric temperatures are predicted to cause a significant rise in sea level over the next 100-200 years. Scenarios that take into account rapid melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet and West Antarctic Ice Shelf warn of sea level rise of greater than 20 ft (6 meters) over the next couple centuries. This animation shows what that level of rise would (which will happen over a long period of time) might look like over a couple seconds. It uses very course scale global elevation data to visualize a rising sea affect and should NOT be considered highly accurate.
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Kite Flying 3,776 meters above sea level
was done at Mt. Fuji's peak
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Mountain pass; 3000+m above sea level in taiwan
Short video of the mountain pass I drove down in taiwan 2 hours east of Tai Chung. Great road crippled by the hired camry I was driving.
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London below Sea Level
Visit http://www.youris.com/Environment for more information! Not a week passes by without scientists uncovering further potential consequences of global warming. One effect of climate change may be huge rises in sea level as the ice in the poles melt. A group of European researchers have developed a new way of seeing such a scenario. They weren't focussing on how to predict extreme sea level rise, but rather wanted to understand the how people might react to a higher risk of extreme flooding. Would they build new flood defences or rather retreat to safer areas? An ideal place to test such responses is London.
L70ETC I'm murloc
http://www.fantasy-age.net/forum World of Warcraft bez basisty :/ ale nadal sa swietni
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Cuba, Varadero Beachlife - TV Traveller - [BroadbandTV]
Cuba's terrain is mostly flat to rolling plains, with rugged hills and mountains in the southeast. The lowest point is the Caribbean Sea at 0 m (sea level) and the highest point is Pico Turquino at 2,005 m (6,578 ft), part of the Sierra Maestra mountain range, located in the south-west of the island. Other significant mountain ranges are Sierra Cristal in the south-east, Escambray Mountains in the center of the island, and Sierra del Rosario in the north-west. White sand beaches, as well as mangroves and marshes can be found in the coastal area. The largest is the Zapata Swamp, with over 4,520 km² (1,745 sq mi).
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Cuba, Varadero - TV Traveller - [BroadbandTV]
Cuba's terrain is mostly flat to rolling plains, with rugged hills and mountains in the southeast. The lowest point is the Caribbean Sea at 0 m (sea level) and the highest point is Pico Turquino at 2,005 m (6,578 ft), part of the Sierra Maestra mountain range, located in the south-west of the island. Other significant mountain ranges are Sierra Cristal in the south-east, Escambray Mountains in the center of the island, and Sierra del Rosario in the north-west. White sand beaches, as well as mangroves and marshes can be found in the coastal area. The largest is the Zapata Swamp, with over 4,520 km² (1,745 sq mi).
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Searise animation for Oslo
This must be the new concept for Google Ocean, this rudimentary, but very instructive animation of sea level rise, from 1 to 200 m. This must be the concept for the new Google Ocean: The lithosphere is separated from the hydrosphere, then the hydrosphere can be generated as a transparent film, wobbling under the tidal pull.
Cuba, Tobacco Plantation - TV Traveller - [BroadbandTV]
Cuba's terrain is mostly flat to rolling plains, with rugged hills and mountains in the southeast. The lowest point is the Caribbean Sea at 0 m (sea level) and the highest point is Pico Turquino at 2,005 m (6,578 ft), part of the Sierra Maestra mountain range, located in the south-west of the island. Other significant mountain ranges are Sierra Cristal in the south-east, Escambray Mountains in the center of the island, and Sierra del Rosario in the north-west. White sand beaches, as well as mangroves and marshes can be found in the coastal area. The largest is the Zapata Swamp, with over 4,520 km² (1,745 sq mi).
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Recorded at ~ 2550 m above sea level during Rila'2008 trekking tour.
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A volcanic lake that marks the border between China and North Korea. A silent pool of water, 2189 meters above sea level, 204 m deep, and surrounded by the Silent Mountains.
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Lōihi Volcano
Lōihi Seamount is an active volcano built on the seafloor south of Kilauea about 30 km from shore. The seamount rises to 969 m below sea level and is marked by a caldera-like depression 2.8 km wide and 3.7 km long. Three collapse pits or craters occupy the southern part of the caldera; the most recent pit formed during an intense earthquake swarm in July-August 1996. Named Pele's Pit, the new crater is about 600 m in diameter and its bottom is 300 m below the previous surface! Like the volcanoes on the Island of Hawaii, Lōihi has grown from eruptions along its 31-km-long rift zone that extends northwest and southeast of the caldera. During July and early August, 1996, the largest swarm of earthquakes ever observed at any Hawaiian volcano occurred at Lōihi Seamount. In response to this event, an initial cruise was dispatched to Lōihi in early August, and two previously planned cruises sailed in September and October on the R/V Kaimikai-O-Kanaloa (K-O-K). Calm weather and a newly refurbished ship combined to provide excellent conditions for documenting the volcanic, plume, vent, and biological activity associated with this swarm. These cruises conducted a total of 15 PISCES V submersible dives, 41 water sampling operations, and 455 km of SeaBeam surveys, and deployed 40 sonobuoys and one ocean bottom seismometer (OBS). The most obvious result of the activity was the formation of a large summit pit crater similar to those observed at Kilauea. Greatly expanded hydrothermal activity was also observed resulting in the formation of intense hydrothermal plumes in the ocean surrounding the summit. SeaBeam surveys documented the bathymetric changes at Lōihi summit corresponding to the seismic swarm. Pele's Vents, previously the prime locus of hydrothermal activity at a depth of 980m, has collapsed forming a pit crater (Pele's Pit) approximately 600 m in diameter with its bottom 300 m below the previous surface. In 1996, manned submersible exploration with the Pisces V revealed high-temperature hydrothermal fluids issuing from vents in Pele's Pit but it was too hazardous to get close enough for accurate temperature recording. Return dives in 1997 documented water temperatures up to 200°C and in 1998 the hydrothermal fluids had cooled to about 160°C. In the years since then, dives have been conducted on an ongoing basis to monitor activity of the volcano. Nearly 170 submersible dives to the volcano have been conducted by the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory since 1987.
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GLOBAL 3000 | Ethiopia - Coffee Under Threat in the Jungle
The popular Arabica coffee variety comes from the mountainous forests of Ethiopia. The wild types of Arabica grow at around 1000 to 1900 meters above sea level. Their resistance to blight and their adaptability make them a valuable resource for the cultivation of new strains of coffee beans. But locals need land to grow food and fields for their livestock to graze. This "hunger" for more land has led to the destruction of ever larger swathes of forest through slash and burn clearances and logging. A project undertaken by the University of Bonn in Germany aims to protect the forests and utilize the genetic diversity of the coffee plants to cultivate new strains for industry.
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Deep Snow in Obergurgl
Ben deals with deep powder near a fence at 1900 m above sea level, in the Austrian town of Obergurgl, near the Italian Border
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Erzeni Canyon - Kanioni Erzenit
Just an hour drive from Tirana, You'll find yourself in a wonderful scenery. Near the village of Pellumbas, 650 meters above sea level, on the gorge of Skorana (Erzeni river), is located the carstic Black Cave (the Pigeons Cave) of the Paleolithic period, which is 360 m long. To reach the cave you should walk 2 km in a pedestrian path. The Black Cave, full of stalactites and stalagmites, has unique values, certifying the ancient traces of life in this area. Bones of cave bear (ursus spelaeus), who lived from 10.000 to 400.000 years ago) have been found there. There are only five caves of this kind in whole Europe. The entrance to the cave has a beautiful position, and the visitors can enjoy the open view to the gorge of Erzeni river. If you are there, don't miss the chance to walk down the river and enjoy the crystal blue waters and the wonderful canyon of Erzeni.
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Rodopski Resort
http://foregogroup.com Rhodopski Resort will be situated 1550 m above sea level on the footstep of Mechi Chal, built on 40 000 sq. m. The resort will include a hotel with 105 rooms including 8 apartments , trade center, accommodation facilities, 70 four-floor houses, with relative parking lots, day nursery, tennis court, entertainment and leisure facilities, built on 68 000 sq. m.
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Recorded at ~2550 m above sea level during Rila'2008 trekking tour
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World Record Cave Dive - 282.6 m (927 feet) - Nuno Gomes
Nuno Gomes dives to the deepest point of Bushmansgat Cave in South Africa with the assistance of his team. The cave is 1550 m (5000 feet) above sea level
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Interview with Mexican on Sea Level Rise
Interview with Sandra on Sea Level Rise
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Rising Tide
It's not the extra few feet of water that make sea level rise so dangerous. It's the extra few feet during a storm during El Niño during high tide, say researchers. This video was produced for Scripps Institution of Oceanography's FREE, award-winning, explorations e-magazine. SIGN UP for explorations: http://explorations.ucsd.edu/Sign_Up/
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dancing romy
girl dancing on 4800 m above sea level
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Sunset Mirage Humboldt
The sun setting over the Pacific Ocean in Humboldt County California. The distortion is due to effect on light by temperature inversions close to water's surface. Shot from about 10 meters above sea level. My sci-fi comedy novel USED ALIENS: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BJ602QQ
🔴Grossglockner 2007
The Gross Glockner,Grossglockner or Großglockner, 3798 m above sea level, is Austria's highest mountain. Martin Frais z Frýdlantu n.O. (Beskydy, Czech Republic) trénoval na Lysé hoře a na Mont Blancu a pak vystoupal, spolu s kolegy, na kopec v Rakousku nejvyšší. Tím se pochlapil a potěšil otce sfého.
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World Record Dive 318,25 m
Nuno Gomes is the current (2008) Deepes dive world record holder, that dive was documentated on video (watch "Beyond Blue" documentary) and here are the extracts from the film (u/w)
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Kibber II.AVI
Unique village Kibber in 4200 meters above sea level
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The Pastorouri Glacier
From Huaraz (about 3,200 m about sea level), we took a two hour bus ride into the national park of the Cordilleras Blancas, parking at the base of the peak and then trekking 45 minutes up to the mountain top that is the home of the Pastorouri Glacier, at 5,400 m above sea level!
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Donkey Kong Country OST 9 Aquatic Ambiance
Aquatic Ambiance
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Rohtang Pass ( 4000 Meter above sea level)
Yogesh Kalher at Rohtang Pass on Manali-Leh Highway (Himachal Pradesh, India)(Gatway of Lahoul and Spiti Valley),
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The Best of: The Kehlsteinhaus (Hitler's Summer House) - Berchtesgaden, Germany
In this video, we visit the Kehlsteinhaus or the "Eagle's Nest" which is known as Hitler's Summer House, just outside Berchtesgaden. The house is 1,834m (6,017ft) above sea level and the views over the valley are incredible. When the clouds aren't covering, it can be nice and warm, but when the clouds cover, it can get rather nippy. It is worth pointing out that Hitler had a specific teahouse built for him, which sits just below the Mooslahnerkopf hill. "The so-called Eagles Nest is often called "Hitler's Tea House," but this is technically incorrect. Hitler did not treat the Kehlsteinhaus as a tea house, and the location he visited daily for afternoon tea was actually the Mooslahnerkopf Teehaus" - http://www.thirdreichruins.com/gutshofteehaus.htm
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A Look at Organic Indian Coffee
KEAN: The Araku Valley in southern India is one of the best places to grow coffee. There's an area of about 36 square kilometers that is between 600 and 900 meters above sea level where it's grown. Let's see how they do it. STORY: Coffee cultivation here began back in 1898 a British official named Brodi first started to plant the bean. By 1920 rich locals started growing it on their own. Coffee has helped to improve the local economy by leaps and bounds. They were so encouraged that they started to cultivate organic coffee without fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides. The organically grown Coffea Arabica species in this area drew international attention. It won 'Flavor of India-Fine Cup Award' for two years now. Coffea arabica contains less caffeine and is considered to produce better coffee than the other major commercially grown coffee species. Countries like Japan, Norway and other European counties have started showing interest in Indian coffee. The government is also exploring ways to improve the infrastructure and storage facilities for boosting exports. [Jairam Ramesh, Indian Junior Commerce Minister]: "We are going to have a three way agreement between Coffee Board, the ITDA (Integrated Tribal Development Agency) and the Nandi Foundation. I'm coming back to Visakhapatnam on the 2nd January 2009. The Coffee Board will provide the technical assistance, the ITDA will do social mobility of Mahilya Samukhiya's (Lady Village Heads) and identify the areas for coffee cultivation and the Nandi Foundation will provide assistance for marketing both in India as well as abroad." The United States is the largest market for coffee, followed by Germany and Japan. The Nordic countries consume the most coffee per capita, with Finland at the top.
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I received strong 40 meter night-time dx with my 1,75 meter mobile whip antenna. Here are contacts between Africa and South America. The band was very clear of noise. It was about 100 meters from sea-level. As I drove down the manmade hill the dx-signals dropped from 59 to 44...
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Palampur Videos, Himachal Pradesh, India
The hill town of Palampur in Kangra Valley captivates you with its beautiful landscapes, pine and deodar forests and sparkling streams. Unlike any other popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh, it has a character of its own, not overtly commercialised by tourism. Situated at an altitude of 1220 m above sea level, Palampur is a retreat for nature lovers and art enthusiasts.
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Tryavna, Bulgaria
The Municipality of Tryavna occupies a territory of 270 sq.km. Placed along the northern slopes of the Tryavna Balkan Mountain and Fore-Balkans. The relief is diverse - from mountain to river valleys, hills and gorges. The elevation varies from 380 m to 1489 m from the sea level. A substantial part of its territory, as much as 130 sq. km, is covered mainly with oak and beech forests. The farming land is 126 sq. km or 47%, half of which comprises of meadows and pastures. The town lies halfway the Sofia-Varna route (250 km. away from each), 170 km. from Plovdiv, 219 km. from Bourgas and 130 km. from Rouse. The railway line linking North to South Bulgaria runs trough it. Daily trains and buses connect Tryavna with Sofia and Gabrovo.
BSL crew from Perth snowboarding in Western Australia during winter 2008
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Kokino - Megalithic observatory in Macedonia published in the "National Geographic"
20.09.2008 This important megalithic observatory site was discovered in 2001 by archeologist Jovica Stankovski in the northeastern Republic of Macedonia, approximately 30 km from the town of Kumanovo, near the village of Staro Nagorichane. It is situated 1013 m above sea level and covers an area within a 100-meter radius. It is believed that represents an astronomical observatory and a ceremonial place. The site is approximately 3800 years old. Kokino consists of two parts. It includes special stone markers used to track the movement of Sun and Moon on the eastern horizon. The observatory used a method of stationary observation, marking positions of the Sun at the winter and summer solstice, as well as the equinox. The importance of the site, detailed by physicist Gjore Cenev, was confirmed by the U.S. space agency NASA. It appears fourth on the list of old observatories compliled by NASA. 1. Abu Simbel, Egypt 2. Stonehenge, Great Britain 3. Angkor Wat, Cambodia 4. Kokino, Republic of Macedonia 5. Goseck circle, Germany
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Cuba, Havanna - Tobacco Factory - TV Traveller
Cuba's terrain is mostly flat to rolling plains, with rugged hills and mountains in the southeast. The lowest point is the Caribbean Sea at 0 m (sea level) and the highest point is Pico Turquino at 2,005 m (6,578 ft), part of the Sierra Maestra mountain range, located in the south-west of the island. Other significant mountain ranges are Sierra Cristal in the south-east, Escambray Mountains in the center of the island, and Sierra del Rosario in the north-west. White sand beaches, as well as mangroves and marshes can be found in the coastal area. The largest is the Zapata Swamp, with over 4,520 km² (1,745 sq mi).
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Short  trip in Paraglider near Tirana, Albania Dhjetor 2008
Swing Arcus 1999 1-2 DHV, start alt.280 m sea level and land point 130 m sea level. Pilot Julian Bejko
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Coorg Talacauvery - Birth Place of River Kaveri - TalaKaveri
Talacauvery (Kannada: ತಲಕಾವೇರಿ), is the place that is generally considered to be the source of the Cauvery River. It is located in the Brahmagiri hill (not to be confused with the Brahmagiri range further South) near Bhagamandala in Kodagu district, Karnataka, 1,276 m. above sea level. A tank or kundike has been erected on a hillside by kodavas, at the place that is said to be the origin. It is also marked by a small temple, and the area is frequented by pilgrims mainly it is the worship place of kodavas. The river originates as a spring feeding this tank, which is considered to be a holy place to bathe on special days. The waters are then said to flow underground to emerge as the Kaveri river some distance away. The temple has been renovated extensively by the state government recently [2007]. On Cauvery changrandi day (the first day of Tula Masa month , according to the Hindu calendar, which normally falls in mid October) thousands of pilgrims from neighboring flock to the river's birthplace to witness the rise of the fountainhead, when water gushes up from the spring at a predetermined moment. The cauvery changrandi (Sacred bath in the Tula month) is observed across pilgrim towns in Kaveri's banks. Talakaveri is about 8 km away from Bhagamandala and 48 km from Madikeri.
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Grossglockner 2008
Google Earth! The Gross Glockner,Grossglockner or Großglockner, 3798 m above sea level, is Austria's highest mountain. Martin z Frýdlantu n.O. (Beskydy, Czech Republic) trénoval na Lysé hoře a na Mont Blancu a pak spolu s kolegy podruhé vystoupal na kopec v Rakousku nejvyšší. Tím se ještě více pochlapil a potěšil otce sfého.Tím se ještě více pochlapil a potěšil otce sfého.
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documentary on lake titicaca
Lake Titicaca is a lake located on the border of Bolivia and Peru. It sits 3,812 m (12,507 ft) above sea level making it the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. By volume of water it is also the largest lake in South America. Titicaca is notable for a population of people who live on the Uros, a group of 42 or so artificial islands made of floating reeds (totora, a reed that abounds in the shallows of the lake). These islands have become a major tourist attraction for Peru, drawing excursions from the lakeside city of Puno. Their original purpose was defensive, and they could be moved if a threat arose. Apu Qun Tiqsi Wiraqutra, commonly known today as Con-Tici Viracocha or simply Viracocha, was the creator of civilization, and one of the most important deities in the Inca canon. Encyclopedia Mythica defines Viracocha as "The supreme Inca god, synthesis of sun-god and storm-god." In one legend he had one son, Inti and two daughters, Mama Quilla and Pachamama. In this legend, he destroyed the people around Lake Titicaca with a Great Flood called Unu Pachakuti, saving two to bring civilization to the rest of the world, these two beings are Manco Capac, the son of Inti (sometimes taken as the son of Viracocha), which name means "splendid foundation", and Mama Ocllo, which means "mother fertility". These two founded the Inca civilization carrying a golden staff, called 'tapac-yauri'. In another legend, he fathered the first eight civilized human beings. In some stories, he has a wife called Mama Cocha.
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How-to Build an Amazing Underwater Tractor
http://bit.ly/bBxo4A The Nexans Spider is a remote operated vehicle (ROV) used to level the seabed and clear the way for a 1,200-kilometer undersea pipeline to support natural gas collection from the Ormen Lange gas field. It operates at depths of 1,000+ meters below sea level and in below freezing temperatures. LabVIEW and CompactRIO are used to control its very complex hydraulic systems. In addition, their LabVIEW front panel has an advanced 3-D "virtual reality" HMI display of the ocean floor so the operator can maneuver the vehicle in poor lighting conditions (1,000 meters below sea level with sand and dirt flying everywhere). There are three CompactRIO systems located on the deck of the parent ship (floating above it). The first of these performs advanced control algorithms to compensate for the (very extreme) rising and falling seas, keeping constant tension on the cables that tether the Spider (on the ocean floor) to the ship. The second one controls the winch. The third is used to control the power for the Spider's 1,700 horsepower motors.
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160 Sikkim Tsoka cabbage field
magyarul lsd. lennt. Tsoka village is situated approximately 3200 meters above sea level. Cabbage is grown all year here. It is rather delicious with pork. Tashi knows a good recipe. ----------------------------------------- Csoka falu kb. 3200 m magasságban van. Itt egész évben megterem a káposzta. Disznóhússal igen finom. Tashi tud egy jó receptet.
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Llanta - Potrerillos train up Andes in Chile
Riding the back of a frieght train up the Andes in Chile in November 1997. The line climbs from Llanta to the mining town of Potrerillios at 3,300m above sea level. Part of a journey aranged by Ffestiniog Travel in Wales.
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hi guys this my flight training from Maasin going back to Mactan Cebu PHILIPPINES
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Thekkady/Periyar Videos, Kerala, India
A breathtakingly beautiful sanctuary located nearly 1800 m above sea level in the dense semi- and evergreen deciduous forests of Idukki district, Thekkady is a landlocked home for its myriad fauna and flora as well as for the Mannans, Palians and Ooralie tribes who still continue their ancient methods of herding and bee keeping.
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Cameia National Park Moxico Angola
Cameia National Park is a national park in the Moxico province of Angola, located at about 1100 m above sea level. It shares its name with the nearby municipality of Cameia. The Cameia--Luacano road forms the northern boundary of the park with the Chifumage River forming the southern portion of the eastern boundary and the Lumege and Luena rivers the south-western boundary. Much of the park consists of seasonally inundated plains that form part of the Zambezi river basin, with the northern half of the park draining into the Chifumage river. There are also extensive miombo woodlands, similar to those in the Zambezi basin of western Zambia. The park is a sample of nature not occurring elsewhere in Angola. Two lakes, Lago Cameia and Lago Dilolo (the largest lake in Angola) lie outside the park boundaries and both have extensive reedbeds and grassy swamps that are rich in aquatic birds.The area now known as Cameia National Park was established as a game reserve in 1938 and as a National Park in 1957. The wildlife in the park has been almost completely.Area-3,459,461.5 km². Videos kutangar clique Aqui: http://br.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=kutangar
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King Herod Herodion Palace -6
King Herod Herodion Palace -6 See all videos at http://tiltul.com/art/Travel/Historical_sites/ Some 12 km. south of Jerusalem, on a hill shaped like a truncated cone that rises 758 m. above sea level, stood Herodium, the palace-fortress built by King Herod. It had a breathtaking view, overlooking the Judean Desert and the mountains of Moab to the east, and the Judean Hills to the west. Herodium is described in great detail by the 1st century Jewish historian Josephus Flavius: This fortress, which is some sixty stadia distant from Jerusalem, is naturally strong and very suitable for such a structure, for reasonably nearby is a hill, raised to a (greater) height by the hand of man and rounded off in the shape of a breast. At intervals it has round towers, and it has a steep ascent formed of two hundred steps of hewn stone. Within it are costly royal apartments made for security and for ornament at the same time. At the base of the hill there are pleasure grounds built in such a way as to be worth seeing, among other things because of the way in which water, which is lacking in that place, is brought in from a distance and at great expense. The surrounding plain was built up as a city second to none, with the hill serving as an acropolis for the other dwellings. (War I, 31, 10; Antiquities XIV, 323-325) According to Josephus, Herodium was built on the spot where Herod won a victory over his Hasmonean and Parthian enemies in 40 BCE. (Antiquities XIV, 352-360) To commemorate the event, the king built a fortress and a palace there, which he named after himself. He also built, in the plain below the hill, an administrative center for the region, which had not been previously settled. Here, at Herodium, he also had a royal tomb built for himself; Josephus describes (War I, 33, 8; Antiquities XVII, 196-199) the king's funeral procession and burial at Herodium. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Archaeology/Herodian1.html TilTul Automates multi engines Search, Language translation and sites linking for Mozilla Firefox, available for free download at http://tiltul.com
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TRAILER Farming With Nature - Permaculture with Sepp Holzer
BUY THIS FILM IN FULL LENGTH AT www.ecofilm.de! This film was made by the film company CRYSTAL LAKE VIDEO, directors were Malcolm St.Julian Bown and Heidi Snel. The film is available on DVD "Sepp Holzer´s Permaculture", it contains three films about Sepp Holzer: "Farming with Nature", "Aquaculture" and "Terraces and Raised Beds" This is a clip from the film "Farming With Nature" about permaculture farmer Sepp Holzer. We went to film Sepp Holzer for about 2,5 years. He created an edible landscape on 1500 m above sea level. Between the pinetree monocultures of Austria he built the biggest functioning permaculture landscape of Europe. You can see all films about Sepp Holzer on a DVD called "Sepp Holzer´s Permaculture" published by the filmmakers, Malcolm St.Julian Bown and Heidi Snel. Find the DVD at www.ecofilm.de
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Climbing Cotopaxi Volcano
One of aventures of Barefoot Expeditions. We took some friends that trained very hard to climb Cotopaxi. TheCotopaxi Volcano At 5897 meters above sea level, and rising majestically above the Andean mountains, the Cotopaxi mountain is Ecuadors highest active volcano - as well as being one of the most active volcanoes anywhere in Ecuador. With an almost perfectly symmetrical cone.
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