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Magnat 132
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Magnat 132
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x5 with stock exhausts w/ 153k on it
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How to Tie a Uni Knot - How to Tie 2 Fishing Lines Together
Here's how to tie two fishing lines together using a uni-knot. A uni-knot is a super-strong knot that is guaranteed to not break or slip. This method of tying a uni-knot is excellent when you need to tie a leader line onto your fishing line. Click here to subscribe for more fishing videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?=add_user=thundermistlures Place the ends of the lines side by side so that the long ends of the line stick out at opposite ends. Take one of the lines and wrap it around to create a loop with the end of the line running underneath and perpendicular to both lines. Then take your tag end and wrap it around both lines, up into the middle of your loop and through. Do this five times and then pull it tight. Now you need to do the same thing to the other side. Take your other tag end and wrap it around to create a loop with the end of the line running underneath and perpendicular to both lines. Then take that end and run it through the loop 5 times. Pull it tight. You should now have 2 knots with some space between the two. Wet your line and pull the knots tight. Your line will break before that knot will let go. This will work any time you need to attach two lines together. Follow our ongoing fishing adventures Instagram: http://instagram.com/thundermistlures Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thundermistlures Twitter: http://twitter.com/thundermist Web: http://thundermistlures.com As always until next time, good luck and good fishin'!
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George's Exploding Wallet
Guess what Shannon! The High School is FLOODED!! WOOOO - alex 9x12 - The Reverse Peephole
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Touge Race in GRID; a Racing Game by Codemasters
Watch in Higher Quality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIf0yskfDdE&fmt=18 A unique event in the racing game GRID, Touge race is a challenge where you face an opponent to have the lowest overall time after 2 rounds of going through a sprint course: the first going downhill, the second going uphill. Rate, Comment, Subscribe, Enjoy!
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Common Phrases in Icelandic Language : How to Say Thank You in Icelandic Language
Learn common Icelandic phrases for showing gratitude with expert language tips in this free travel language lesson video from our native of Iceland. Expert: Eva Natalja Robertsdattir Bio: Eva Natalja Robertsdattir is a native Icelandic speaker and has given language and singing lessons for more than 5 years. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk
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hand Practice
Adeel teaching about hand practice
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