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5 Ways To Reinforce Your Brands Message
5 important tips to reinforcing the message you are trying to send through your brand.
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Maximum Visibility Strategies | Social Media | Brand Building
http://CindyRatzlaff.com Brand Building requires strategies to create Maximum Visibility for you and your product or service. Use social media platforms to explode your brand message across multiple channels.
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HouseYourMom.Com Repetitive Brand Message
http://HouseYourMom.Com = Unique Real Estate Coaching & Marketing System.
The Branding Message--that First Impression
http://purecooke.com Sales Cooke discusses the importance of the power of your branding message in that first conversation. Creating interest and a connection with that first conversation is most important. To make that first impression positive, business owners and sales professionals must project the value of their business immediately. This video covers the concepts of that branding message and provides some examples of branding messages that work.
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Absolut Vodka Brand Positioning - part 1
Brand Management presentation to AKHTAR MEHMOOD by students of Commecs Institute of Business and Emerging Sciences (Pakistan). The concept of brand positioning very effectively explained via example of Absolut Vodka. Watch this video and explore the brand insights, how did Absolut use different strategies to communicate with its audience, see the brand grow from a conventional liquor to world's largest vodka brand beating the best vodka's from Sweden and elsewhere.
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WeSkill: Creating Your Brand
We are living in a world of brands. Your personal brand is what you are personally known for, positive or negative. It is what will differentiate you from your competition. Become known by defining your personal brand and taking actions based on who you want to be.
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The Six Keys to Creating a Successful Marketing Campaign
This is a short segment from a talk on, "How to Attract and Retain More Customers in Any Economy," from the Gaithersburg/Germantown (MD) Chamber of Commerce, "How to Grow Your Business" Annual Conference.
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Marketing: Defining Your Brand -- It's the Story
Interview with Elizabeth Kanna, a brand expert and business consultant. For more videos and how-to business information, visit us at http://allbusiness.com
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Who Is Proforma?
With over 650 offices in North America, Proforma offers over 1,000,000 products and services to help brand and promote your message, product and company.
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Absolut Vodka Brand Positioning - part 2
Brand Management presentation to AKHTAR MEHMOOD by students of Commecs Institute of Business and Emerging Sciences (Pakistan). The concept of brand positioning very effectively explained via example of Absolut Vodka. Watch this video and explore the brand insights, how did Absolut use different strategies to communicate with its audience, see the brand grow from a conventional liquor to world's largest vodka brand beating the best vodka's from Sweden and elsewhere.
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MIDEM 2009: Coke case study - Exploring new models for brands and music partnerships
Coca-Cola has created a truly unique music initiative that ties into a global campaign (over 100 markets) in partnership with Atlantic Records/Warner Music Group and the entertainment marketing agency Brand Asset Group. In line with its rich musical history, Coke has brought together a select group of music's top artists and producers, across genres, to create and perform a new single while creating a unique business model. This session offered the possibility to learn from all stakeholders the steps of this very unique deal. Speakers: Joe Belliotti, VP, Brand Asset Group (USA) Jonathan Daniel, Manager of Fall Out Boy & Panic at the disco and Founder, Crush Management (USA) Umut Özaydinli, Global Music Marketing Manager, Worldwide Sports & Entertainment Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company (USA)
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What is Branding?
Mr. Donte Hill focuses on branding; and how to determine if it is negative or positive. http://www.kingofthecourtsports.com/
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Brand Positioning
Brand Assessment & repositioning tool
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COACHING TIP: How to Supercharge Your Brand with a 5-8 Minute Radio or TV interview
What is the benefit of being a guest on radio or TV? Do you want to explode your message and drive traffic to your website, blog or business which results in more money and more time off? Here are some ideas to help you withing your marketing and brand awareness campaign. Would you like to be a guest on Money Smart Radio on Chicago's AM 850? email us - [email protected] Need a little coaching before you get started? http://www.moneysmartradio.com/meet-matt
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WSO - How To Create Your Powerful Marketing Message
Instant Offline Guru WSO shows you how to create a powerful and compelling marketing message that gets appointments, closes deals and makes you cash. InstantOfflineGuru.com
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What's significant about co-branding?
Americus Reed II, Associate Professor of Marketing, Whitney M. Young Jr. Professor, The Wharton School
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Creating a Buzz about your Business
Graham Godwin from Mendip Media Talking about how to create a Buzz around your Company and getting your message across. This video was created for the Connecting Somerset event: http://connectingsomerset.online-media.tv
Signimation Promo Video
Why Signimation ? Signimation creates custom and template motion graphic solutions that strengthen your branded advertising messages by enabling the message to be highly effective in a very short window of readability and comprehension on your digital display. While working with major brands and agencies we have the experience to create brand visuals that continue to standout among the rest. We hope you choose to work with us so we can assist you in creating great content solutions that will help your company increase profit.
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Brand Your Event
What seperates us? We provide the marketing for your event. We have professional graphic and video guys who can create awesome flyers and videos to promote your event. We also have a text messaging service which allows us to send updates to anyone who subscribes to your event texts. Pretty tight huh? PS: Sorry about the ums, it was a long day.
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Spread Your Brand Message
This video from SocialPressHub covers how businesses and PR agencies can spread news and updates from their SocialPressHub online news room to various web and social media channels.
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Developing Your Personal Brand In Life And Business
"I've really developed clarity..the MarkBrand Group has given me the opportunity to go through things I'm not used to doing and challenging myself in a new way..I really was able to focus in on what specifically we would be bringing to the marketplace..I'm able to focus exactly who our best target market is..If you're unsure on how you're presenting yourself or how well you're presenting yourself, this is definitely the place to come." Participants discuss their experiences attending The MarkBrand Group's full-day workshop on "Developing Your Personal Brand in Life and Business" facilitated by The MarkBrand Group's Bryce Winter.
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We are Sumer, LLC
Sūmèr, LLC, is a company that specializes in copywriting, web copywriting, SEO copywriting, blog marketing, and online promotion. In this video, owner and master copywriter Michelle Salater and Brittany Urbach, Sūmèr's project manager, bring you behind the scenes of their typical workday in the Sūmèr office. Sumèr, LLC, is a team of creative copywriters and online marketers. We create a compelling brand story and a clear marketing message that speaks to your target audience and encourages them to purchase. We then take your brand message and promote and market it across the Internet. While we are located in Charleston South Carolina, we service clients from all over the USA and abroad. Our day begins with coffee, creative brain storming, and of course, playing with the office manager, Mamma Mia. Everyday is different in the Sūmèr office, but one thing is for sure--we are always working hard for our clients.
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121BOX • Intro
121BOX (one-to-one box) offers innovative ways to connect you and your business through compelling video and Web communications. Our process combines expertise in individualized marketing and at the highest echelons of the film industry to identify your unique attributes and set you apart. 121BOX invites you to collaborate in the creation of high-quality low-cost videos that tell your story through testimonials and familiarize you to prospective clients. For ten years Mike Axinn and Luke Kreinberg advised one another in the challenges of their respective fields, world-class filmmaking and executive positioning, until the day they realized they made a great peanut butter cup. Luke Luke Kreinberg (Founder and General Manager) is a career and executive coach with experience in helping individuals develop their identity/brand, messaging, and overall marketing/positioning strategies. He has advised numerous entrepreneurs, in addition to being one himself. He understands the challenges of sustaining and growing a business, having helped hundreds of individuals and organizations step into greater success and deploying a range of tools to help them meet all challenges. Luke graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Davis, with a BA in International Relations. His coaching certification is from New Ventures West. MikeProfile Mike Axinn (Founder and Creative Director) combines expertise as a writer (Mix Magazine, BBC, KQED), feature film professional (Star Wars, Titanic, Fantastic Four, The English Patient, Moulin Rouge), and Web site editor (Nokias very successful IdeasProject.com) to create breathtaking one-to-one media content for 121box clients. He was nominated for the MPSE Golden Reel Award for his work on Moulin Rouge, has produced documentaries, and is the creator of DooF, a Web and video initiative designed to get children excited about healthy food. The 2007 and 2008 DooF-a-Palooza hands-on family food days he created in collaboration with a team at Google were considered to be among the most successful events ever held there. Mike received his MFA in film, with honors, from California College of the Arts and a BA from the University of Chicago, where he was the Amos Alonzo Stagg Medalist for Academic & Athletic Excellence. 121BOX_Logo Mission & Methodology Every successful business has a story, from the unique individuals who created it to the very special factors that keep clients coming back. Often, amidst the many things you undertake to communicate what you do, that story gets left behind, leaving customers to discern for themselves what to expect, but never why. The numerous subtle factors that draw people to your product or service cannot be conveyed until that customer crosses the threshold and actually buys something. Whats different about 121BOX? Video on the Web offers enormous potential to give voice to more individuals, in more ways, than any previous communications medium. It can be very powerful, game-changing even, when its done right, because it conveys information in a way no other medium can match. If you want to market yourself or your business to someone youve never met, you can employ a range of tools branding, packaging, copywriting, social media all of which have their place. But none offer the potential to capture your unvarnished authenticity in a way that conveys exactly why yours is the company your clients can trust to get the job done. Like writing, like speaking, video has rules, and the better we are in the use of them, the more effective and powerful we are in getting your unique message across. 121BOX (one-to-one box) is a small company, founded by a career and executive coach with experience in helping individuals develop their identity/brand, messaging, and overall marketing/positioning strategies, and a film professional and Web site editor, with experience on some of the most successful films ever made. We work closely with our clients to create innovative, cost-effective video and web communications that convey their unique attributes and set them apart. If youre looking for a compelling new way to add value to existing communications and convey what is unique about your business, wed love to have the opportunity to create a 121BOX solution for you.
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Learn How to Influence Your Online Market
Michelle Salater, president of Sumer, LLC is hosting a six-week bootcamp on how to influence your online market. During this virtual bootcamp, small business owners will learn proven tips and strategies to attract the clients they desire. Over eight info-packed calls, participants will learn how to use the viral power of the Internet to project your brand message and marketing materials across various online channels, including other websites, social media sites, and blogs. Theyll learn how to create an online PR 2.0 campaign—for little to no money—that works to integrate their business message into each platform and that speaks directly to their target audience. Specifically, calls will cover . . . * How to create markets and join the conversation. * How to write a newsworthy press release. * How to pitch the press release. * How to utilize the power of the blog-o-sphere. * How to integrate PR strategies with social media. * How to create a detailed plan and tie everything together.
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Breakthrough Brands Create Conversations
The MarkBrand Group's Creative Director and Brand Expert Bryce Winter discusses how Breakthrough Brands create conversations. An excerpt from Building Breakthrough Brands: From Mind's Eye to Marketplace presented by Bryce Winter at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce on April 29, 2009.
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Famous4 Communications: How to create Customer Advocates and stand out from the crowd
With multiple channels of communication, standing out from the crowd has never been so important. This video is all about deciding & communicating what your organisation is famous for & how to develop your customers as brand advocates. Your customers represent a vital marketing resource who are all too often neglected. Our communication and customer advocacy experts are adept - particularly in the business-to-business (B2B) market - at helping our clients nurture their customers as 'advocates' across the sales and marketing mix -- from video to social media and other channels. Customer advocacy reaps rewards with stronger customer relationships and improved loyalty which results in increased brand awareness, profitability and ultimately market share.
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Optimizing Customer Engagement with Your Brand
To view full presentation visit http://www.loyalty360.org/multimedia/loyalty_360/loyalty_360. Become a member Loyalty 360, the Loyalty Marketers Association. Presented By: Bob Fetter, Pluris. In today's economy, it is important for marketers to stimulate consumer purchase behavior and capture a larger share of wallet than every before. With most companies suffering through precipitous sales drops, marketing budgets are being slashed at a time when it is more important than ever to continually market to consumers in a relevant and engaging way. In this session, we will show how to: •Leverage digital messaging and the latest technologies, embedded with data and analytics, to optimize every consumer touch, inbound or outbound •Stimulate greater consumer engagement with the brand with an optimized offer and or message •Supplement an existing loyalty program and drive participation in that program •Formulate key considerations in designing a new loyalty program to support maximum uptake of that program as well as consumer involvement with the program This advanced session with key statistical and technological concepts is very detailed in how to guidance that it provides to participants
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Magna MENA Credentials
We create and deliver high-voltage brand-to-consumer connections that positions your message in the most exciting, effective ways in front of your target audience. So, yes, we develop media plans. Yes, we do buy media for the brands we work with. And yes, were totally creative, totally different and a little bit wild.
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NuZoo Media Demo
NuZoo Media is an award-winning, creative communications company. We create communications with flair that promote your brand and deliver your message quickly and effectively to your target audience. NuZoo, founded in 1999 and based in Chicago, has successfully produced dozens of projects across all major media for national and international clients in a broad range of industries. Here at the Zoo we produce eye-catching, concise and focused materials. NuZoo has a range of strategic services, including SEO, marketing collateral, interactive educational, interactive event collateral, training materials, and product demos. Our services include video production, graphic design, web site design and development, database applications, e-commerce, speaker and meeting support, logos and corporate identity. We create all types of communication materials, including sales, marketing, training, internal and shareholder.
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Darcey Howard: Create Consistency Between Your Goals & Appearance
The 3 basic elements of a brand are Clarity, Consistency and Authenticity. You cant have one without the other and you cant have a strong wardrobe without them either. Let Darcey Howard, owner of LifeStyled and founder of "Personal Branding Through Appearance" share with how to create these elements in your wardrobe during this the fifth segment of her dynamic "Finding Your Inner Amazing" keynote. To purchase the complete DVD and learn more about Darcey Howard go to www.getlifestyled.com
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Brand Yourself Like a Celebrity!
http://www.imagegroup.com.au The benefits of a strong personal brand. You are the CEO of ME Unlimited! In the competitive business world "personal leadership brand" can help to differentiate your personal and career attributes from your competitors. A brand should be viewed as a leadership asset because it can: * Communicate leadership qualities * Create emotional attachment to you, your product, or club * Help to differentiate you and your club from the competition * Engage the media in an effective manner * Deliver above market financial returns * Increase your confidence * Increases your visibility and presence * Expand into new areas http://www.imagegroup.com.au
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Do you engage consumers as "co-creators" of your brand strategy?
David Roman, VP of Marketing Communications, Hewlett-Packard
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The Brand Ascension Group Overview of Our Brand Strategy
The Brand Ascension Group is a multi-faceted, experiential consulting firm. We partner with visionary organizations to define, create, and build powerful brand experiences from the INSIDE OUT. Our proprietary methodology helps our clients get crystal clear on who they are as a brand, then builds behaviors and actions that confirm and reaffirm their brand through every facet of their organization, starting with their leadership, their culture, and their systems and processes.
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Shawn Shewchuk on Building Your Business Image
http://www.shewchukconsulting.com Respected a Author, Management/Business Consultant and Coach Shawn Shewchuk discusses what it takes for businesses of all sizes to develop and brand themselves in the marketplace. Shawn takes branding a step further, and discusses to how to create the image that you require to convey the message that you want your prospective clients/customers to benefit from. For more information visit the website above.
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Brand Positioning Definition - What Does Brand Positioning Mean?
Go to http://www.corporatevocabulary.com for the complete lesson on Brand Positioning and a full course to give you the vocabulary and communication skills of a six-figure earner. In this video we teach you the definition of Brand Positioning.
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Me, Myself and I: Building Your Personal Brand
September 6, 2006 Me, Myself and I: Building Your Personal Brand Eric Morgenstern 320x240 resolution
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Network expansion in India, to create a national brand
Interview with Naresh Gulati, CEO, Oceanic Consultants Pvt Ltd, Chandigarh (www.OceanicConsultants.com), September 22, 2009, 1.30 pm
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Wish from the homeless
The Wish-project What if theres a bunch of people who never receive a New Years card. And what if it is exactly them who send you the best wishes. Wouldnt that be great? Wouldnt that make you think? Thats why we Made By Society started the Wish-project: an online video project to create awareness for the homeless. The message: A WISH from the homeless to those who have homes. Would it be too much effort if we ask you something in return: What is your wish for them? Our purpose: To receive as many wishes as possible over 25.000 - so we can hand over them to our homeless friends. Finally they get their personal message, with a big symbolic meaning. Made by Society Made by Society is a social brand activation company. We try to enliven the social aspects of brands in all the campaigns we do. Made by Society has a clear mission: social empowering by using the power of strong brands. Why should this work? We believe that brands with a strong message really have to proof what they promise. Thats where social responsibility and commerce meet. http://www.madebysociety.com/
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Your Business Card Strategy
Your Business Card Strategy As a small business owner you have a business strategy, but do you have a Business Card Strategy? Most business professionals answer is no. Your business card is so important, often a prospects first impressions of you, and the marketing item used the most, yet business professionals put so little thought into its creation. So how do you say enough in business card size space to make your business card important for a prospect or contact to remember you? Twitter has taught us that you can say quite a bit in 140 characters, so making your business card dimensions relevant to your prospects and contacts can be done. Lets examine a Business Card Strategy created by small business mentor and Business Coach Chris Ruisi for his clients. We will need coaching mentoring to answer the following questions to create our own Business Card Strategy. JF: Thanks Coach for appearing on the show and being a strategic business resources. Why is it important to have business card ideas to create a strategy when putting together your business card? The Coach: Your business card is your first impression, it is common sense that professionals should spend some time to evaluate what is the correct message and contact information that should appear on their business card. Professionals without a business card strategy risk having the wrong message being sent to prospects. JF: What contact information needs to be included on your business card? The Coach: The basic contact information of Name, Title, Address, Telephone, E-mail, and Fax, and if space is available a Social Networking Contact. JF: How important is the quality of paper and ink used? The Coach: Your Business Card should be of good quality, it is not necessary to have the absolute best. Poor quality cards are a very bad reflection and probably go in the trash. Professionals should make it a habit to invest in themselves. JF: How can I make my business card a marketing tool and not something prospects throw in the trash? The Coach: It is your message that defines what need you fill and why someone should keep your contact information. Take the time to put together a correct and meaningful message. JF: What if anything should I include on the back of my business card? The Coach: The back of your business card should have some space to write notes. Writing notes not only helps you remember, but sends a message to your prospect that you care enough to take notes. The back of your business card can also be used to help define what role you fill. JF: Thanks so much Coach, any closing comments to assist our readers in creating their own Business Card Strategy? The Coach: Your business card is often your first impression one of your key strategic business resources take the time to create a professional and meaningful message. Dont go cheap on the quality and message of your business card.
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136Words: What It Is
"Sixty seconds to define your brand." You've heard of mission statements, elevator pitches, and other variations of the same thing. What it all boils down to is telling people who you are, what you do, and why any body should care. The notion is you delivery your core marketing message in the time it takes to get where you're going on an elevator. Today these short marketing messages are more likely delivered on websites rather than elevators. Unfortunately most of these so-called elevator pitches are nothing more than mind-numbing platitudes that convey none of what people are really looking for. We all know how impatient Web-visitors are. People have hair-trigger click-fingers, bouncing from page to page without ever absorbing or understanding any of the content. Your site becomes instantly forgettable. Let's face it. There are lots of people selling similar or competitive products or services. So why would anybody respond to your message if you're saying the same thing, the same way, about the same stuff as your competition? People do business with people, people they trust, people they like. And if websites have one major drawback, it's that they are impersonal and for the most part, devoid of human contact. In short websites lack personality and character, the signature appeal that makes you stand out from the crowd, makes you different and appealing. And that is what you can achieve with the right 136Words© of video and/or audio. One minute of expertly crafted dialog delivered by an experienced professional Web-video host or voice-over announcer. All you need is sixty seconds to say everything that needs to be said, out loud, by a real human being. So if you want to: • Reinvigorate your website business • Build a brand image • Establish a signature corporate personality • Create name recognition • Engage your Web-audience • Embed your identity in people's minds • Trigger instant memory recall • Be more than just another interchangeable supplier Then turn commercial annoyance into memorable, meaningful, business conversation, with your own custom created 136Words©. Sixty seconds of signature video and/or audio. One minute to tell your brand story so people will remember it. Contact MRPwebmedia at 905.764.1246 or email [email protected] to find out how you can implement 136Words© on your website.
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Entrepreneur Seminar with Joel Freeman - If Nobody Loves You Create The Demand
http://www.freemaninstitute.com/INLYoverview.htm -- The book and popular seminar program, "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand" have emerged over the years as Dr. Joel Freeman has built his own consulting business, along with his other entrepreneurial enterprises. An alternative, long-winded title to this book could be, "If Nothing Is Happening in Your Business, Don't Sit Around Popping Martyr Pills -- Work Smarter and Make Something Happen!" One reviewer of the advance manuscript said, "...I almost felt guilty getting this kind of information without having to pay..." Combining personal vulnerability, pithy advice and reader-friendly content Freeman has developed an intriguing approach to the entrepreneurial journey, which has already connected with many noted business experts ranging from Steve Forbes, George Fraser, Ken Blanchard, Cathy Hughes and Peter Shea to Brian Tracy, Janice Corley, Ben Carson and Rich DeVos. Freeman addresses topics like: Marketing. Branding. Reinventing yourself during these tough economic times. "Vision-rich, cash-poor" ideas. And so much more...
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Live Your Brand, says Jason Calacanis on Mixergy.com
Jason Calacanis teaches you how to build your brand.
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Desktop Messenger 2.0
http://bit.ly/3LlNTd Cutting Edge Marketing Software Allows You to SUPERCHARGE Your Online Business By Making Sure YOUR MESSAGE Gets Through to Your Customers or Prospects EVERY TIME (Without Using Email) ... 100% Guaranteed! Here's 15 Incredibly Powerful Things "Desktop Messenger 2.0" Will Do For Your Business: Your messages are delivered instantly to each and every subscribers desktop. You'll grab their attention before they even open their email account! NO spam, no need to download any spyware or other security programs thanks to our super safe delivery system! The segment list function so your customers and/or subscribers can be categorized correctly and you can customize the right messages targeting their interest and desires! Simple point and click functions that you can start using without much thought! Easily create messages with a WYSIWYG editor even an 11 year old kid could use! Customize your messages to be sent out as and when you want This gives more flexibility than the standard autoresponder and its faster to access it too! An exclusive channel with zero competition. When your subscribers receive your messages, they wont be distracted by any other emails they've received. It's like having your own TV channel where you control 100% of the programming! A direct pipeline to your subscribers. Our software shows you which of your contacts are opening your messages. You have a direct channel to your readers with no spam filters blocking the way... Divide and conquer. You can segment your list to target specific customers hitting each segment of your audience with customized messages that match their interest and desires. It's a virtual guarantee that your marketing results will see dramatically higher conversion rates! Build valuable lifetime relationships with your list. "Desktop Messenger 2.0 allows you to communicate directly with every contact so you can build genuine relationships with them over time. There is no way you could do this with offline marketing without spending a small fortune on printing and postage. Track and measure all your results. Unlike other forms of marketing & advertising, Desktop Messenger 2.0 allows you to quickly evaluate the success of your campaigns. No more guesswork — you'll know exactly what worked and did not. This will easily save you thousands in wasted marketing & advertising dollars. Schedule messages to appear when you want. Choose by certain dates... or even in response to certain actions like a new subscriber signing up. You can set up a timed series of messages that keep your readers getting an automatic steady stream of great content and promotions from you. Total control over every message and all of your customers' desktop reader. Let's say you have a membership site that you want to automate the content delivery. You make the wise decision to do so using Desktop Messenger 2.0. With most membership site scripts, if a customer asks for a refund, it's usually after they have downloaded everything in your members download area. Not a problem with Desktop Messenger 2.0. Simply deactivate their desktop viewer — you can even uninstall it from their computer if you like — using a few clicks of your mouse inside Desktop Messenger 2.0. (Talk about a powerful feature!) Infinite lists and subscribers. Create as many desktop viewers as you want each with its own content, product offers, and subscriber lists. Best of all, you'll never have to pay extra fees because you have built a big subscriber list. Desktop Messenger 2.0 comes with a one-time fee (more on this in a bit) Create ebooks, membership sites, paid subscription newsletters link them to one of your Desktop Messenger 2.0 lists (or create a brand new list)... set up your automated steady stream of great content and promotions. Let's face it: The number of ways you can use Desktop Messenger 2.0 is virtually endless! Automated Limited Time Offers. Here's one of my favorite features — you can set expiration dates for your messages. After a particular date that message will not appear even if a new user subscribes. It's perfect for making limited time offers to your lists! VISIT SITE http://bit.ly/3LlNTd
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Neville Bean Design Marketing
Neville Bean Design, Trends based design studio. Every Client is unique with a specific viewpoint, customers and Marketing needs. Our approach is to create Marketing Strategies with beauty, vitality and a focused message to reflect the Brand and the personality of the client. Contact me at [email protected]
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How Do I Brand Myself In My Photography Niche
Photography Business Success Coach Beate Chelette discusses strategies for successful photographers. In this video she answers the question how to brand yourself and find your niche. Please note that the link has changed to http://PhotoBizSystem.com. FAQ 2
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How to create a 6 Figure Income Lifestyle Business
Yvonne McIntosh from http://www.clientprosperity.com asks: Are you ready to adopt the Entrepreneurial Business Model and Marketing Strategies of Elite Coaches and Consultants so you can build serious Wealth while running an Authentic, Passion inspired Business? Join me in ditching the old, tired dollars for hours model and successfully niche, brand, package and price your unique brilliance in a business that consistently pays you six figures and beyond. Dear Fellow Passionate Entrepreneur, * Are you undercharging for your high quality services out of fear you may loose clients? * Are you finding it challenging to define a niche for yourself because you do so many things so well? * Are you still searching for the clear marketing message that pulls clients towards you like a magnet? * Are you burning yourself out working way too many hours while seemingly hitting an income ceiling? * Are you constantly finding yourself chasing new business not knowing how to engage your clients in a long lasting continuing relationship of mutual benefit? * Have you toyed with the idea of creating information products but are overwhelmed by the thought of making it happen? * Are you enviously watching internet marketers claiming to make millions but rejecting their model as soulless and not authentic? You are not alone. I used to say a resounding ?yes? to all of the above questions. I felt stuck, burnt out and disillusioned with a business that I had build on the pure passion and desire to make a difference, but that was no where near it?s potential in terms of income and impact on my clients and other people I could help. After a few years in business, making a good income but working way too many hours for too little return, I set out on a quest to find a better way to service more clients, get better results for them and create a business that has limitless income potential. I spent tens of thousands of dollars and travelled extensively, became obsessed with the desire to find a better way to do business, and finally succeeded. I learned, pioneered it in my own business with great success and now lead other coaches, consultants and subject matter experts just like you to transform their business into a purposeful and prosperous enterprise. Yvonne loves working with ambitious and authentic Entrepreneurs I specialize in helping Coaches, Consultants and other Subject Matter experts to define a clear niche, brand their unique brilliance, package and price it for a business that frees up your time, is fun to run and has an unlimited income potential. If you want to learn how you can establish yourself as an expert in your field, raise your fees and sell your expertise instead of your time, then you have come to the right place. I can help you find your niche, establish a unique brand that speaks to your ideal client, establish a lucrative leveraged business model that un-limits your income potential and frees up your time. And you can get started here for free Why isnt every coach and consultant operating that way? Because most of them model their business on others around them. Unfortunately they rely on the same old standard model which is limiting their income and draining their energy. There is another way. Imagine if you could * Credibly establish yourself as an expert in your field * Be crystal clear about your niche thereby completely eliminating overwhelm and confusion * Get massive results for clients within a fraction of your time involvement through highly leveraged and lucrative programs * Have a brand that your ideal clients instantly connect with on a personal and emotional level using the power and clarity of archetypes * Run your business in a way that feels easy and light, with reinvigorated passion * See a clear vision for the growth of your business and an income potential that extends into the six figures and beyond * Have the systems in place that really work because they are designed for your type of business * Eliminate all Mindset Barriers that used to stop you from feeling that you deserve and are capable of having the income and time freedom you want * Run a successful business following your true unique passion and making an important contribution to the world My Signature System 7 Steps to a Passionfilled and Prosperous Solobusiness™ Will make it easy for you to Create a 6 Figure Income from your Passion fueled Solo business that fits into your Lifestyle. Access the Audio Program now... Get your Free Audio Program "7 Steps a passionfilled and prosperous Solobusiness" now www.clientprosperity.com
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Official Compare the Meerkat Sergei Advert
To handle new website features and all the mongooses who still clog up my website looking for comparethemarket.com, I have launch new high technology computer server. To celebrate I have create brand new TV advertisement featuring Sergei from IT! Remember, http://www.comparethemeerkat.com cannot find you cheap car insurance. All timewasters please go to http://www.comparethemarket.com/car-insurance/
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Rabbi Joseph Gutnick's Message to Mayanot Alumni.
Rabbi Joseph Gutnick's message to Mayanot Alumni 5/30/09, with the Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger. Please help Mayanot create a stronger Jewish tomorrow! www.mayanot.edu/donate
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Greatest Taglines of All Time
Top 10 Tagline or slogans of all time.
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