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Magnat Traveller 320
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Bandpass Video
Sorry Mic sucks on my camera... a little music from everywhere
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2005 Tony Stewart Special Edition Super Charged Monte Carlo SS
If you want a car with speed, power, and style, then you will definately want the 2005 Tony Stewart Special Edition Super Charged Monte Carlo SS. With a 4-wheel Anti-lock braking system, a rear spoiler, all-speed traction control, OnStar, and dozens of other sporty features, this spacious Monte Carlo is great for folks with a need for speed, or just somebody looking for a very comfortable ride. Under the hood you'll find a powerful V6 engine, which helps make 4-Speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with overdrive possible. Come down to Briggs Kia today and test drive this souped-up and tricked out car, 'cause it's going fast. For more info: http://www.kansasstatecars.com/view_vehicle.php?vin=2G1WZ151959258627
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Ignition coil spark (+details)
Waring!!! This device emits a certain type of electro-magnetic radiation! Laptop's might malfunction around it (BlueScreen) monitor or optical mouse might flicker, etc. More about this here ► http://bit.ly/1nVIBSE https://1drv.ms/i/s!AtP8fdCvCVVpgXeOQjg23SOcNe3q https://1drv.ms/i/s!AtP8fdCvCVVpgXifsA5poOS4hOJe
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3D fashion day .mp4
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How To Build A Good Subwoofer Baffle - Ported Box Enclosure - Ascendant Audio 18" Mayhem Sub Install
You know those really loud songs that just slam on your subs? Well, in this flush mount install vid, I'll add a 2nd layer of wood to actually prevent box flex! http://www.youtube.com/user/EXOcontralto Enjoy The Music? Subscribe For More ORIGINAL Tracks! "Motivated" - By Cultivata Beats Beat Made On FL Studio 8 http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=cultivata89 It's easy to see, I love Loud Car Audio! Thanks again Big Steve, for the cool 18 inch subwoofer, and all the crazy help! - Keep it real Meade ! ~ EXO "This ain't no 12 inch sub box pal, that thing is HUGE" - Ricky "That's the biggest woofer I've ever seen" - David My First Car Audio SPL Bass Installation (1) Alpine MRP 500 - Class D Monoblock Amplifier (1) Alpine MRP 1000 - Class D Monoblock Amplifier (3) Orion HP 12 @ 2 ohms - Subs (2) Orion Cobalt 5.25's - Highs (2) Power Acoustik PCX 5 farad Capacitors *Same 200 amp H/O Alt* My Current Competition Car Audio Stereo System Pioneer DEH-P6000ub - Head Unit (1) Clarion Eqs746 Graphic EQ - BEST Equalizer (2) Orion Cobalt 5.25's - Highs & Tweeters (2) Polk DB 5x7's - Mid Range Speakers (2) Polk DB 6x9's - Mid Range Speakers (1) DAT Hellfire 2500.1 Class D Mono Amp / Diablo Audio Technologies = 3000 + Watts RMS @ 1 ohm (1) Ascendant Audio Mayhem 18 inch Subwoofer (1) Single Slot Ported Box Tuned To 32 hz @ 6cft (1) MCR 200 amp High Output Alternator Big 3 / 0 Gauge Cable - Stinger / Tsunami Power Wire ~ On the whole, this insane car audio sub box bass enclosure has been extremely tricky to make, and wicked easy to mess up. - both 4 seal & ported, 12 inch to 15 inch - these types of steree installations need a perfect circle cut out - - unlike those type-r subs lol - Cutting the speaker hole is the best part. yeah right - Learn how to build a sub speaker box by checking out my subwoofer box building videos for more enclosure making help! Tuning a sub box is the hardest part - ridiculous - and It can take years to master tuning by heart. But, if you make it just right, the songs will slam bass even louder than before, and each new track will be the greatest new feeling each and every time!
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Equipo de musica CIVIC
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Nuke Parody
Just A Little Comedy I Made... Hope You Enjoy!!!!
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Spider Pebble - Priscilla from Zamodo playing game
Priscilla from Zamodo shows off her Spider Pebble skills. iTunes Store Download link: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/browserRedirect?url=itms%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252FWebObjects%252FMZStore.woa%252Fwa%252FviewSoftware%253Fid%253D346262502%2526cc%253Dus%2526mt%253D8 Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest Zamodo news: www.twitter.com/zamodo
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Fix your own CRT Television Color Problem
Maybe a speaker magnet (or kid with magnet) got too close to the TV. This old looking degaussing coil has worked like magic.
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Fastest Train in the World: 581km/h. Japan JR-Maglev
Worlds fastest Train = Japanese Maglev Train. JR-Maglev is a magnetic levitation train system developed by the Central Japan Railway Company and Railway Technical Research Institute (association of Japan Railways Group). JR-Maglev MLX01 is one of the latest designs of a series of Maglev trains in development in Japan since the 1960s. On December 2, 2003, a three-car train set attained a maximum speed of 581 km/h (361 mph) (world speed record for railed vehicles) in a manned vehicle run.
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How To Set Cam Timing
This is how to set the cam timing for Honda's 50/70cc OHC horizontal engines.
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Mario Kart Victory Lane How To Unlock Baby Rosalinda
This Vid Shows You How To Unlock Baby Rosalinda On Mario Kart Victory Lane.
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HVAC Electronic Expansion Valve
Figured it was time to do a video on these! Most modern mini-split systems use them
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How to make Solar Panels
http://www.productstoyou.com To get full detail and more information on making solar panels. This is just part one on the video but if you want more on solar power information check it out. We'll show where to buy your solar panels from any anything else your'll need.
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best sound system on a c4 corvette on youtube
Yeah people.. About this video, I bought the system new, and it cost 4k at the time. Obviously that value doesn't hold today. 2nd I admit that the installation is bootleg. I have gotten so much better at installs, and have scrapped this install. IT NO LONGER EXISTS. The car has undergone a full restoration everything on it is new. 3rd this car is not my main car, it's just a toy I work on at my leisure for fun. I made this video in 2007, I put it on YouTube in 2009, now in 2015 looking back on this video I cringe on the boot leg cheep instalation. I will be making a update video of the sound system that I have in this car now, soon. I have used industry high end, name brand, and quality equipment. Meanwhile below check out how the car looks now %100 fully restored in 2016. The links are a fresh new paint job walk around in 1440p Ultra high definition, and a quick walk around video with some still photos of the car finished. %100 Fully restored Corvette now 2016 quick vid https://youtu.be/1G0gep8zp0A 1440p Ultra HD NEW Paint Job walk around https://youtu.be/LpUe0Fx2ukI Big Three upgrade 1992 corvette: http://youtu.be/BpXScqYaEKY
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