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Positioning a Brand: How Nike Built a Brand with Universal Appeal
http://602communications.com Nike branding has managed to build a brand that appeals to essentially every demographic the world over. How positioning a brand can do the same for you.
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TEDxStCharles - Anna Wildermuth - Create Your Brand-Define Your Message
Anna Wildermuth is the founder of Personal Images Inc. (www.personalimagesinc.com), and a recognized leader in the image industry. Her professional credentials include being past President of the Association of Image Consultants International, the largest image consulting organization in the world; one of only seven Certified Image Masters in the world; a Toastmaster ATB; and a member of the American Society (ASTD) of Training and Development. Most recently, Personal Images, Inc. received the 2009 MBEIC Minority Supplier of the year. Anna has been highlighted in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times and Wall Street Journal and featured on television's ABC7 Chicago, CNN Financial and Fox News. She is the author of CHANGE ONE THING: Discover What's Holding You Back and Fix It, published by McGraw-Hill January 2009. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx, which consists of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At TEDxStCharles, TEDTalks video and live speakers combined to spark discussion and connection with industry experts, passionate leaders, and folks who want to make a difference. Topics discussed at TEDxStCharles included leadership, personal branding and motivation. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized. .
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Brand Marketing Strategy | When To Use Your Brand Message
Your brand messaging strategy should adapt depending on where your customer is in the sales cycle. Use your brand voice early in the conversion and talk specifics as the buyer nears the sale.
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What is Positioning or Brand Positioning? (Episode 6 : S1)
Positioning is what you do to the consumer’s mind, not to the product. It is a process to cope with major competitors. Script: Eric: So, today we’re gonna learn, what is positioning. Kimberly: Oh! Product Positioning! That’s my favorite topic. I know what it is, It is to placing the brand on shelf, and making it available in shops, where our customer can buy it easily. Eric: Stop your guessing habit? Will ya? Kimberly: No! Product Positioning is doing something with the product! Eric: Stop it! Please! Kimberly: Ok! Zip Eric: Thank you very much! First of all, there is no word like Product Positioning. There is Positioning or you may also call it Brand Positioning. But not Product Positioning. (Why? We’ll discuss it in next video) Let’s start discussing from real issues marketers are facing, related to positioning concept. So that, we can also understand the importance of positioning. Kimberly: Go ahead Eric! Eric: According to Al Ries’ interview on this blog, KamilAli.com Al Ries Interview Marketing people believe in positioning, they just don’t believe in the principles of marketing, principles that we have been writing about for decades. Kimberly: What does he mean? Eric: In other words, you should realize and remember three things: The positioning concept is widely misunderstood. People have learnt the definition of it, and forget the steps required to achieve, and sustain positioning. How to do positioning is difficult to comprehend, it’s even more difficult to apply on the brand. If you’ll use your common sense, you’ll be lost. On the other hand, if you’ll use your marketing sense, you’ll be on the right track. If we’re going to learn positioning it is necessary to know about two marketing gurus. We might discuss their quotes during the discussion. Kimberly: Who are they? Eric: They are the fathers of positioning concept, who coined this term. Those were two marketing strategist and world’s top marketing gurus, Al Ries and Jack Trout. Positioning creates a specific perception, of the brand in the, specific category. For example, In America, what is the name of the safest car? It’s Volvo. So, In consumers mind, Volvo has, a “perception” of, Safety. This is a task of positioning to put a perception in the mind of consumer or prospect. (Positioning is a process of putting the perception in the mind of consumer or prospect) So, positioning of Volvo has been created, by putting the perception, safety, in the mind of consumer. Now, Volvo is famous for safety, NOT for speedy car, good driving or luxury car. Kimberly: But, what if the competitor wants to develop the same positioning? In this case, safety? Eric: Good question! Here’s the rule of thumb: when we talk about competitor, “differentiation” comes in. Positioning is built through “perception” and, competitor is engaged through “differentiation”. Combine them, and you will have the definition of positioning. Kimberly: So, what is positioning? Eric: Definition of Positioning: Positioning is to differentiate the brand in the mind of consumer. Kimberly: That means, the perception of competitor’s brand, has to be “different” from the perception” of our brand? Eric: Yes, if our competitor’s brand positioning is safety, we have to choose different positioning, like, luxury car. For example, if Volvo’s positioning is safety, Ferrari positioning is speedy car, BMW’s positioning is ultimate driving and Lexus’ positioning is luxury car. Kimberly: How I’ll be able to do positioning like that? Eric: By getting in to the mind of consumer before our competitor. Kimberly: And, how do we get into the mind of that, bloody consumer? Eric: That’s the real part, how to do positioning: how to get in to the mind of consumer and then hang in there. We’ll learn it in the next meeting! For today, here are two Kamil’s Bonuses: Positioning is what you do to the consumer’s mind, not to the product. It is a process to cope with major competitors. Blog: http://KamilAli.com/ Learn Here: http://www.youtube.com/KamilAliVideo Learn More Free Stuff: http://KamilAli.com/ NEED THE SCRIPT? Please visit the blog to read the script and discussion: http://KamilAli.com/
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Creating the Perfect Pitch Deck
Lolo Siderman is the Founder & CEO of Gypsywing Media (http://www.gypsywing.com). CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE FROM THIS EXPERT: http://www.docstoc.com/profile/Lolo-Siderman Docstoc has over 20 million business and legal documents to help you grow and manage your small business and professional life. Attorney reviewed documents to save you time and money. Click the link below to learn more: http://www.docstoc.com/premium
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Using Social Media to Develop a Personal Brand
BEST (Brands, Experience and Social Technology) addresses the questions: How do leading organizations create compelling brands and connect through experiences? As today's savvy consumers are increasingly participating in brands (rather than merely receiving their messages), how do companies foster better experiences, conversations and relationships - with both their employees and customers? Moreover, how do you harness social media to build and amplify a brand? MC Hammer spoke to this last question to the class, with a particular focus on building a personal "brand" or reputation.
Branding Training: How To Build A Brand
http://traininaday.com/marketing-courses/brand-training/ Branding training on this brand marketing training course. Discover how to create a brand and how to manage a brand with traininaday at http://traininaday.com
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Positioning a Brand: Best Uses of Attention Grabbers & Personal Branding
http://602communications.com Emotional marketing master Graeme Newell shows how you can use star power effectively in positioning a brand by examining the Food Network.
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Brand Strategy Workshop with Branding Expert, Sammy Blindell
Unique Synergy. How to clearly define your brand message, and start to use language as a tool to generate sales for your business.
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Create Your Video without Breaking Your Brand
http://www.storyguide.net 0:44 Brand idenity is everywhere 1:14 brand is shaped by everything 1:47 One bad video can be the end When you create a video, your audience pays attention to all the details. They look in the corners of your shots, they listen to the words, and they absorb your message... intended or accidental. Is there a tree branch sticking out of someone's head? Any unintended signs? Is there a garbage can in the center of your shot? The colors, the images and the words you use are all part of the look and feel of your message. These elements are your "Brand." No matter if you are making videos for a Fortune 500 company or documenting someone's birthday party you need to have a consistent look to your message. That means all the parts should fit together and have a relationship to videos you have already created... and event videos you plan on making in the future. So if your audience is paying attention to these details, perhaps you should too. Here is a starting point for understanding the "hows" and "whys" of including a brand message in your video. 0:20 All video is global 1:26 Building meaning with your video brand
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Create Effective Marketing Message
How small businesses and nonprofit organizations can create a brand strategy using an effective marketing message. Joan B. Marcus Communications, a marketing communications firm in Allentown, PA, the Lehigh Valley, helps small businesses and nonprofit organizations build their brand through the power of words.
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Humanize Your Brand
By Paul Cooley http://www.iboost.co 5 Ways to Humanize Your Company With Social Media | Social ... http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/5-ways-to-humanize-your-company-... Oct 27, 2011 -- Improve your social media presence: Practical tips to create authenticity on ... Put a name and face to your brand to humanize your message. ...  Darren Sproat shared this on friendfeed.com · Why Would You Want To Humanize Your Brand? [VIDEO] http://socialfresh.com/why-would-you-want-to-humanize-your-brand-video/ Oct 11, 2011 -- Your next installment of Spike Jones' (@spikejones) has arrived. Spike has been busy with some extensive research and analysis on all the ... You visited this page on 11/8/11. To Monetize Social Media, Humanize It - Amy Jo Martin - Harvard ... http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/.../to_monetize_social_media_humanize_it.ht... Jul 18, 2011 -- Traditional branding focuses on logos. Social media branding must be focused on people. Humanize your brand is the golden rule of social ...  Five Ways to Humanize Your Brand by @marketmesuite | Spin Sucks www.spinsucks.com/.../five-ways-to-humanize-your-brand-in-social-... Aug 4, 2011 -- Humanizing your brand in the social web is essential yet doesn't come naturally to so many organizations. The following tips will help breathe ... Humanizing Your Brand http://humanizingyourbrand.com/ Blog about how to humanize your brand and create better customer experiences through empowered employees. You visited this page on 11/8/11. Humanizing Your Social Media Efforts | Small Business Technology http://smallbiztechnology.com/.../humanizing-your-social-media-efforts.ht... Aug 18, 2011 -- Traditional branding focuses on logos. Social media branding must be focused on people. Humanize your brand is the golden rule of social ...
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How To Use YouTube To Build Your Brand
http://www.StacyKinney.com Why Use YouTube? Setting up YouTube profile YouTube profile modules YouTube definitions Creating YouTube videos YouTube video tips Marketing on Youtube
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How To Stand Out From The Crowd - Small Business Marketing Tips
Don't bore your customers by copying what everyone else in your industry is doing. Make sure your business stands out from the crowd with these strategies. Join us at http://marieforleo.com/2011/01/business-stand-crowd/ for the main discussion after the episode! Can't wait to read your thoughts in the comments, and as always thanks for watching! To sign up for weekly inspiration and more great tips to create a business and life you love, come on over to http://www.marieforleo.com/ More ways we'd love to stay connected: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/marieforleo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marieforleo Twitter: http://twitter.com/marieforleo
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Good Morning Marketers :: Brand Messaging Process (ep 404)
Whether you're a part of a small-, mid- or large-sized company, it's important to either revisit or launch a brand messaging process to establish a cohesive, relatable message across all of your communication channels.   Senior Graphic Designer Connie Baltitas and Art Director Dave Berman visit the set of Good Morning Marketers to chat about the brand messaging process. They also talk about the necessary components that convey the company's identity to your audience.   To get started with your branding, give us a call at 888.321.8422.
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How to Build a Reputation When You've Just Started Your Business - Five Simple Steps
C'mon over to http://marieforleo.com/2011/10/build-a-reputation where the main discussion happens after the episode! Ever wonder how to build a reputation and brand for your business when you don't have customers yet? Brand and reputation are important for every small business, but it's vital when you're just starting out. I made this simple video to show you five simple steps to build a reputation fast, especially when you don't have customers yet. Watch now if you want to learn how to grow your business, build your brand and establish credibility right from the get go. If you enjoyed this video, visit http://marieforleo.com for more FREE small business and marketing advice. Sign up for our newsletter too and never miss another episode of MarieTV. Thanks for watching! http://marieforleo.com/2011/10/build-a-reputation/ Our channel: http://www.youtube.com/marieforleo
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The Magic & Science of Successful Marketing: Part 1—Branding & Messaging
Thursday, June 23, 11:30-1:00 Cannoli Joe's, 4715 Hwy. 290 W. An exciting presentation by John Russell of The Russell Consulting Group and a spectacular Italian feast at Cannoli Joe's. Why do some businesses realize quick identity and create a following while others don't? What is it about good branding that goes beyond the buzz into long-term customer loyalty and retention? How have some advertising campaigns cost large companies billions in lost revenue and market share? In this presentation, you will hear why these questions are relevant to the growth and success of your own business. More importantly, why marketing itself is not enough unless the brand and expectations related to the brand are truly consistent. RSVP. Members $20, nonmembers $25. John Russell, Principal of The Russell Consulting Group has overseen advertising and marketing campaigns since 1992. He has successfully guided clients through the branding and messaging process with creativity and sage advice. John's clients have included local and national businesses representing restaurants, consumer products, the service industry and non-profits as well as candidates for statewide political races. He has also been instrumental in advising Central European businesses wishing to increase their market share of US and Western European consumers.
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Branding Message
Cannon Financial
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Brand Messaging
How important is it to simplify your message so consumers can understand it? Stephen Saber, CEO of The Pulse Network, talks about how to explain your brands message.
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Brand Identity-Make Your Brand Sizzle by Building Your Passions!
http://www.brandidentityquest.com Branding identity design--how can you build a brand that gets noticed? Brand image falling flat of expectations? Not experiencing conversion rates or your offers are falling on deaf ears? Maybe it's time you thought about a re-brand! Or maybe you are starting a business and need some brand identity marketing step by step help. Learn how to make your business brand sizzle in this video by Dana Susan Beasley of AngelArts, A Creative Arts Agency and Publishing House. Want more tips? Sign up for my FREE brand marketing video series at http://www.makeyourbrandsizzle.com! Free report, too!
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Richard Branson: Advice for Entrepreneurs
Don't miss new Big Think videos! Subscribe by clicking here: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 Since Branson founded Virgin in 1970, the company has grown from a small record outlet to a global powerhouse. Can the brand continue its success without him? Question: What is your advice for entrepreneurs? Richard Branson:  I think the most important thing about running a company is to remember all the time what a company is.  A company is simply a group of people. And as a leader of people you have to be a great listener and you have to be a great motivator.  You have to be very good at praising and looking for the best in people.  People are no different from flowers.  If you water flowers they flourish, if you praise people they flourish. And that is a critical attribute of a leader. Question: What has been the most difficult part about running Virgin?Richard Branson:  There is a very thin dividing line between success and failure.  Most people who set off in business without financial backing they fail at some times in their lives. I've only just stayed at the right side of that dividing line.  For instance, just after...  You know we had a record company.  I was fed up flying on other people's airlines.  I felt that the experience of flying on other people's airlines was an unpleasant one and I decided to set up an airline.  Well our bank went into a complete panic attack and when I came back from doing the inaugural flight of Virgin Atlantic's very, very first flight from London to New York I came back to find the bank manager sitting on my doorstep and informing me that they were going to close Virgin down on the Monday and this was the Friday and that I had two days to effectively pay them off the monies that they'd loaned us and I remember pushing the bank manager out of my house, telling him he wasn't welcome, which is a dangerous thing to do to your bank manager and then spending the weekend ringing around the world to all of the distributors of our music asking if they could give us a temporary loan to get us through the following week, which they were good enough to do and by the end of the week we had changed banks and we actually managed to find a bank that was willing to lend us 30 times the overdraft facility that our bank had lent us and we managed to survive. And I think the moral of that story is actually don't think of your bank as somebody that you're beholden to.  I mean don't...  You know people just don't move from one bank to another.  Sometimes you need to be willing to step up and move your banks in the same way that you should step up and move your doctor on occasions and anyway, I learned from that lesson. Question: Can Virgin continue to be successful without you?Richard Branson: Virgin does work very well without me.  I mean I use myself to build the brand, to build the sort of three or four hundred companies around the world, but I also learned the art of delegation.  I have a fantastic team of people who run the Virgin companies, give them a lot of freedom to run the companies as if they were their own companies.  I give them the freedom to make mistakes and the Virgin brand is now maybe one of the top 20 brands in the world, well respected. And when my balloon bursts Virgin will continue to flourish. And maybe I add the icing on the cake on occasions, maybe they'll have to spend a bit more money on marketing, but fortunately Virgin is in a state where it can live on healthily without me. Recorded September 22, 2010 Interviewed by Victoria Brown
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How to create a wine brand in 60 seconds
http://mirabeauwine.com - Turning any product from anonymity to a recognised brand has challenged marketeers for years. Here, Stephen demonstrates how it can be achieved using the right vehicle to carry the message. Please share your experiences or add your comments down below. Subscribe to Mirabeau Wine's YouTube Channel here: http://bit.ly/136LfdR Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mirabeauwine https://twitter.com/mirabeauwine
What Makes a Successful Company Brand? (for owners and management)
https://www.pancero.com In this video Jim Pancero describes the six steps to creating a successful company brand. Our thanks to our client, Certified Angus Beef for the videotaping of this presentation.
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Coke's Branding Strategy: The Essence of Companionship.
http://602communications.com. To its fans, Coke is like an old friend who has been there for the best and worst moments of their lives. Emotional marketing master Graeme Newell reveals how Coke has built such a powerful brand. See more Emotional Marketing videos at http://602communications.com.
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The Power of Focus: Essentials for Simplifying a Marketing Message.
http://602communications.com. Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away. In this video, emotional marketing guru Graeme Newell brings it back to the basics. See more Emotional Marketing videos at http://602communications.com.
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Magnetise your brand and attract more clients....
http://magnetiseyourbrand.com.au Determine your brand personality; craft a powerful message that connects with your ideal client. Work with the people that you really want to! We'll show you how at a one day workshop. Identify your ideal client, create taglines and headlines, do your branding board and discover where and how to share it!
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The importance of creating a compelling marketing message
http://sherpabusinessdevelopment.com | Developing a compelling, "magnetic" marketing message is the most important piece of an effective marketing and selling system. Create a message that speaks to your prospects' pain or desires and all of your marketing efforts will instantly become more effective.
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10 Things to Consider When Creating a Personal Brand
Personal branding requires serious thought. Learn the 10 things you need to assess to ensure your personal brand is sending the right message.
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How to Brand Your Business and Built your Brand to improve your Profits
http://www.clickherenowmarketing.com/blog/76/how-to-brand-your-business/ Branding your Business whether your company is large or small, really does not need to be a really expensive exercise. Yes you will be required to take action and constantly work at how you can get your message across to the world via your brand. Here are some suggestions regarding what you need to do to achieve your initial goal of branding your business.
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Branding - What is Branding? Brand Identity. Brand Development, Brand Awareness & Brand Recognition
http://bit.ly/jXBz6h - Your brand identity is everything. It is the perception others BELIEVE you stand for. When structured properly, it creates a long lasting legacy. Your brand is not always what you think it is but rather the perception your prospects believes it is. Is your brand identity in need of some exposure? Are you looking for a new way to position your product or service in the market place with a unique spin to your marketing message? Perhaps you're trying to reach a new audience but need some creative assistance along the way. Whatever the case may be, let the Creative Legacy Agency provide a helping hand throughout the journey. Now ask yourelf this simple question, "Does your brand get mad when a customer or client calls in with a problem or does it accept the situation for what it is and figures out a way to solve the problem?" Is your brand Accountable? Reliable? Transparent? Loyal? Authentic? Trusting? Dependable? and Considerate? OR Is it Stubborn? Boring? Inconsiderable? Rude? and Egotistical? PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE THEY TRUST! Let YOUR BRAND Shine! You have to be able to treat your brand like a living identity. Identify your brand with color, emotion and feeling.You have control of the strings; just take one step forward to begin the process.Your brand is constantly alive and kicking, you just have to put the keys in the ignition to hear it roar. Leave the EGO at the door! Branding is the core ingredient to the philosophy of the CreativeLegacy Agency. Let us help guide you to establish a brand with a personality, character and emotion which will inspire any living soul it connects with. Demand a brand that will leave a long lasting impression, one that builds a legacy for generations to come, and embed your brands core message into the mind of all your prospects, customers, clients and or fans with unforgettable emotional experiences. Imagine- Create-Inspire-Connect-Believe
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How To Brand Yourself Online  and Create A Memorable Brand?  Joelle Norwood
http://themediamama.com Video Marketing Online How To Make A Video Memorable? What is Your Video Blog Take Away? The Media Mama Video and Social Media Agency Bethesda Maryland Local is Hot Add you location my is Bethesda, Maryland. Bethesda has a great sense of community, What Makes You Memorable? What is your Brand? What is Your Take Away? Create A Clear, Concise, Clever Message To Connect & Communicate Consistently with your Community Yes I know that I repeat the message that your message should be clear and concise a bunch of times. Yes it's important so that you get it EVEN IF I LOOK SILLY. Stay away from the crazy caffeinated world.BE YOU! MacDonald's, Zappos and Redbox are all brands that out from the crowd,. What a Take Away? NBC history The National Broadcasting Company was incorporated on September 9, 1926 under the laws of Delaware.1 It was a corporation owned jointly by RCA (50%), GE (30%), and Westinghouse (20%).1 The NBC network began broadcasting on November 15 of the same year from studios WEAF in New York City. There was a combined group of nineteen scattered affiliated stations, using more than 3500 circuit miles of telephone wires.2 NBC 711 Fifth Avenue NYC At the end of a program the NBC announcer would read the call letters of all the NBC stations carrying the program. As the network added more stations this became impractical and would cause some confusion among the affiliates as to the conclusion of network programming and when the station break should occur on the hour and half-hour. Some sort of coordinating signal was needed to signal the affiliates for these breaks and allow each affiliate to identify. Three men at NBC were given the task of finding a solution to the problem and coming up with such a coordinating signal. These men were; Oscar Hanson, from NBC engineering, Earnest LaPrada, an NBC orchestra leader, and Phillips Carlin, an NBC announcer. Earnest LaPrada A set of hand dinner chimes was purchased from the Lesch Silver Co. of Manhattan for $48.5013 and during the years 1927 and 1928 these men experimented with a seven note sequence of chimes, G-C-G-E-G-C-E, which proved too complicated for the announcers to consistently strike in the correct order, so the sequence was reduced to four notes G-G-E.23 Sometime later two Gs were dropped and a C added to become the three notes G-E-C.23 These three notes were first broadcast on November 29, 1929, the notes were struck at 59 minutes 30 seconds, and 29 minutes 30 seconds past the hour.3 The Media Mama Social Media Agency Specializing on video production and YouTube. Video is Hot!Social Media Made Easy. The term Social Media refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. Time to join the NEW NORM.We offer onsite Social Media Workshops for Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Authors. For Real Estate professionals, Wedding Photographers, Event Planners.
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Marketing Strategy Principle 4: Creating a Powerful Message
http://www.equipmentfx.com Marketing strategy includes creating a powerful message that resonates with your customers and prospects. If your marketing strategy and internet marketing plan does this, you'll quickly connect with them on an emotional level and be viewed as a trusted partner that can solve their problems http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zzEJowYRmJ8
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Brand And Viral Video Marketing Tips
http://www.melbourneseoservices.com/dvd4 Thinking you can boost your business with viral video marketing? Before you start churning out tons of viral videos, you need to understand first how it differs from brand videos. Video expert Ben Mc Ewing explains that pure viral videos provide only short term gain. For your business, you should aim to present branded content so you can effectively send your message across. watch the clip for samples of branded and viral videos. Learn to take full advantage of brand and viral video marketing. Learn from the experts behind Lights, Camera, Profits! at: http://www.melbourneseoservices.com/dvd4
Create Animated Video | Explainer Video Production - Innodan
Explainer videos are colorful, fun, intelligent, easy to understand, and most importantly because it directly convey your brand message to your target audience. So now create effective explainer video with brodcast2world
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category marketing business strategy development
http://bit.ly/gp2iGG category marketing overview as part of the development of a business strategy plan, if you are involved in the ongoing marketing strategy development of your business then getting a good grasp regarding the category of the market that your business' product or service fits into will help you to clearly communicate your brand's message to the market place that you have identified that are closely aligned to sell your products to.
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Creating A Living Brand by Dr. Neeli Bendapudi
KU School of Business Dean Neeli Bendapudi presents the Charles Oswald Executive Leadership breakfast in Kansas City. Recorded Oct. 27, 2011
Create Your Family Brand
Family IQ founder Mark Hobbins talks about building a family brand. Shot on location at the home office in front of a white screen, this sample shows the effectiveness of a simple message.
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Brand Development - Creating a logo for your Brand Development
(http://www.icreate-logos.com) - If brand development is of utmost importance to your business, there are only two essential factors to consider in achieving success; YOUR business and iCreate Logos. Creating logos that will properly project your business' personality and that will powerfully get your company's message across should be carefully considered if your company is to stand out a head taller from the competition. Create a logo that will effectively stir people's emotions, and you convert them to paying customers.
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How to Build a Strong Brand.wmv
Have you thought about the strength of your brand? And it is all about brand, no matter your business. Join Nyda Bittmann-Neville, an international image and branding doctor as she challenges you to examine and explore how to build a strong brand....or enhance your brand. Watch all her shows at www.TheMagnolia.TV
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How Online Brand Builds Offline Customer Relationships - Slava Rubin
In Chapter 11 of 12 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview with host Erik Michielsen, IndieGoGo co-founder and entrepreneur Slava Rubin answers "What Have You Learned About How an Online Brand Can Build Offline Customer Relationships?" He begins by creating a message that customers believe from the product experience. With his company IndieGoGo, it is "Anyone in the world can create a campaign to raise more money from more people faster." This online message transcends into the physical experience customers have creating and conducting campaigns. Rubin is co-founder and CEO of IndieGoGo.com, a crowdfunding startup whose platform helps individuals and groups finance their passions. Before IndieGoGo, Rubin worked in management consulting for Diamond Consulting, now a PWC company. Rubin founded and manages non-profit Music Against Myeloma to raise funds and awareness to fight cancer. He earned a BBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. View more career videos at http://www.captureyourflag.com Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/captureyourflag Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/captureyourflag
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Chris Westfall: Because Simple is Strongest
http://thenewelevatorpitch.com http://saleschampionacademy.com Simplicity is the ultimate goal for any online messaging campaign. In this video, the national elevator pitch champion talks about how to create a message that makes people say, "Tell me more..." Chris Westfall shows how to tap into basic human needs, as the basis for an elevator speech or corporate brand message.
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Using Social Media to Establish Your Brand
Courtenay Rogers, of Primarily Rye, discusses how you must establish your brand and message before promoting it with Social Media. Courtenay was the opening speaker at the Nashville Business Journal's Social Media Crash Course held at Lipscomb University on March 30th, 2011.
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Branding: How to Brand Yourself As The Attraction
http://yourbrandattraction.com/ Branding yourself as the attraction. When branding your product, goods or services, you should ask yourself three main questions; 1. Does your image reflect your brand? 2. What is my message? 3. What are you offering? These question should be answered and highlighted in the story line of you brand. Which is your marketing plan and the bio of your product, goods or services. Your reputation is the life line of your brand. So make sure your brand stay true to what you're offering while producing great results. This will help build trust in your industry. You want your brand to be on of the main source for providing solutions in your market.
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Karl D. Speak - The Power Of Brand Alignment
Karl is the most dynamic and relevant speaker on using the power of brand to help salespeople prosper and organizations build strategic corporate brands! Karl delivers his innovative, straightforward and practical message of brand alignment in a highly interactive, fun style, punctuated with many real-world stories.
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Branding is useless...
An exploration on the way some clients perceive the work of creative professionals. At One Hero Creative, we strive to educate our customers about the importance of a clearly defined and branded message before beginning a project or campaign. This message should guide the decisions we make as well as reassure the client that the product we produce is serving the best interest of their brand. Great solutions are the product of a well defined problem, a thoroughly vetted exploratory, and the collection of collaborative talent that is focused on communicating one message, your HERO. http://www.oneherocreative.com Web Design Winston-Salem, NC, Website development WinstonSalem, Greensboro Web Design, Marketing Winston Salem North Carolina, Graphic Design, Ad Agency Kernersville, High Point, www.oneherocreative.com, "Lost Generation" "one hero creative" "time and sequence" "Sleight of Hand Design" "The Future of Publishing" "kinetic typography" "graphic design" "A Sleight of Hand Approach"
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How to build your own online brand
Accenture gives advice on how to build your online brand. Learn more about careers with Accenture http://bit.ly/JVEell. What it means having an online brand and why it is so important for job seekers today, including using LinkedIn and social media for your personal profile. To learn more tips from Accenture recruiters, follow the Accenture Recruiter Blog http://bit.ly/yMT0gg. Explore immediate career opportunities with Accenture now http://bit.ly/JVEell.
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Successfully Developing Your Brand and Strategy With Distility
Paul Bottero, CEO of Vicicog, discusses the biggest surprise during the Distility 1day1brand experience in creating their brand promise and positioning.
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Social Media 101: Personal Branding
Know thyself, Rock thy brand! In this edition we cover the steps to create and market yourself and your brand to get the perfect job for you. Interested in learning more about how to use social media to start launching your job search to the next level? Then check out our Social Media 101 playlist for all the videos in this series! Come check us out: Website: http://hiredmyway.com Blog: http://blog.hiredmyway.com Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/HiredMyWay Twitter: @hiredMYway and @HMWJobs
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Creating a Digital Strategy and Making it a Reality with SharePoint
You have a website, want a mobile version, have started dabbling in social media, and your growing team is tasked with maintaining these marketing and communications channels. How do you best manage your resources and get them working in concert to achieve your business goals? A digital strategy unifies these digital properties -- providing a shared vision for the future, increasing efficiencies, and creating a consistent brand message across platforms. Utilizing SharePoint 2010 enhances digital strategy by allowing organizations to track critical success indicators via custom dashboards, quickly and easily deploy flexible solutions, integrate social features, and provide centralized content management tools, such as standard templates. In this webcast we will explain: Why a holistic strategy that includes web, social and mobile channels is important; The steps to building a digital strategy for your organization; How to create a long-term vision, prioritize your tasks and implement successfully; Options for measuring performance, and How SharePoint can support and enhance your digital strategy
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