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No Strings Attached (Octavia Battle Theme)
If for some reason Octavia got in a fight, what would be her battle theme? What if Octavia just so happened to be a final boss in a Final Fantasy game? I don't know, but this is what I think it might sound like! EDIT: Apparently I hit 1000 downloads on my soundcloud and turned that off, so here's a mediafire download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?6wofdypa5og1p5f Thanks for the support, 1000 downloads is pretty sweet! Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/starsinautumn/no-strings-attached-octavia Sheet Music (FL Studio export): http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5aajchcrj9jl6b9 Image: http://jeffthestrider.deviantart.com/art/Octavia-Battle-Theme-Art-217093998 Original credits go to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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MLP Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme
Twilights Theme Download link: http://rc88.bandcamp.com/track/twilight-sparkles-theme-mlp-fighting-is-magic Or to download all my fighting is magic tracks in one - http://rc88.bandcamp.com/album/rc88s-fighting-is-magic-tracks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit my portfolio for more information, to contact me or for commissions - http://stuartfergusonmusic.com/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A lot of this song was inspired by my very own Mane6 co-composer DJ Derpy Hooves' track 'Twilights Sonata'. Go listen! http://youtu.be/Or482ar7fi4 I was also inspired by Twilights Verse from 'At The Gala' by Daniel Ingram, go support him! http://www.facebook.com/dannyimusic http://danielingrammusic.com/ http://twitter.com/#!/dannyimusic http://vimeo.com/user6209357
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MLP Fighting is Magic - Applejack Stage Theme
AJ Theme Download link: http://rc88.bandcamp.com/track/applejacks-theme-mlp-fighting-is-magic Or to download all my tracks for fighting is magic in one - http://rc88.bandcamp.com/album/rc88s-fighting-is-magic-tracks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit my portfolio for more information, to contact me or for commissions - http://stuartfergusonmusic.com/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The lead melody and inspiration for this track is from 'Winter Wrap Up' by Daniel Ingram, go support him! http://www.facebook.com/dannyimusic http://danielingrammusic.com/ http://twitter.com/#!/dannyimusic http://vimeo.com/user6209357
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MLP: Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle's Theme (Super-Extended Version)
The super extended version of Twilight's theme composed by RainbowCrash88 for the game "Fighting is Magic" developed by ManeSixDev. Enjoy! Click HERE to download the ORIGINAL audio file! http://www.sendspace.com/file/bnp5sl Here's Twilight's new splash art: http://www.imgmlp.com/images/2013/01/14/twi.png Download the game HERE! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/fighting-is-magic-tribute-edition.html
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MLP: Fighting is Magic - Applejack's Theme (Super-Extended Version)
Theme composed by RainbowCrash88 for the game "Fighting is Magic" developed by ManeSixDev. Enjoy! Click HERE to download the ORIGINAL audio file! http://www.sendspace.com/file/71f710 Do you wanna see Applejack's new splash art? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xqWxzcqimnE/T9UhD3S3-qI/AAAAAAAAAjA/g4NtYko3mBk/s1600/ApplejackSplash---BSU-edit.png Download the game HERE! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/02/fighting-is-magic-tribute-edition.html
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MLP Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme (EXTENDED 1 HOUR)
I take no credit for the contents of this video. All credit goes to RainbowCrash88 and Mane6.
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MLP Fighting is Magic - Applejack Stage Theme Extended
The song now LOOPS before fading out. =) Twilight's Theme Extended: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD-DCclot2c From original: Here's the BGM for Applejacks Sweet Apple Acres stage from the Mane6 Game 'Fighting is Magic'. http://www.mane6.com Written and performed by RainbowCrash88, violin by Anne Marvelly. The lead melody and inspiration for this track is from 'Winter Wrap Up' by Daniel Ingram, go support him! http://www.facebook.com/dannyimusic http://danielingrammusic.com/ http://twitter.com/#!/dannyimusic http://vimeo.com/user6209357
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Beat Hazard - MLP Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme (Suicidal)
Original Music can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obJ21k3Hylo Thanks to "RainbowCrash88" for this awesome music.
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic- PONYBLUE Friendship Trigger
Made when I was bored and had the urge to after I saw that Pony fighter vid + how it was being compared to BLAZBLUE Link to the Pony Fighting Game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSlnZxvi37s Tried to make it like the CT intro (reason for still shots at some parts) granted some scenes haven't been put in FIM yet (I think) that may have made the vid more similar to the original intro / flow better etc Meh anyway, ENJOY! COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE I do not own the Blazblue series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic etc.
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La Couturière (Rarity's Theme) [Original] (Feat. Octavia, Lyra and DJ Pon-3)
Well we finally got ourselves a tascam and a condenser mic and pop shield, so back to making more music. Yay! Now... A long while back a user by the name of AwesomeKoko1 said we should write theme songs for the ponies, and we happily agreed to, so without further ado, I present Rarity's Theme. Stepping out of our comfort zone and backing away from the rock for a moment to pursue some synthy sounds, when writing this song we figured what kind of music would Rarity be into and the answer was pretty obvious, classical music, which is where the strings came from. We had this scenario going around in our heads of Rarity asking Octavia and Lyra to play her some nice mellow classical music with her double bass, a string band and Lyra's harp, but shortly into the song, we join in with the guitar and drums, okay Rarity thinks it sounds okay no need to throw a fit, then as it progresses, DJ Pon-3 starts laying down some synths. Rarity obviously annoyed leaves but we continue to play. Strings and Synths definitely need to be mashed together more often, they sound really good together. We kept in a few lines from Art Of The Dress, to make it more recognisable as a theme which would fit Rarity, we also dropped the guitar, drums and synths and kept the strings and harp playing near the end to keep it elegant and close to classical music. If anything it sounds like a battle theme. Download at: http://soundcloud.com/acousticbrony/raritys-theme-original-feat Lead lines from Art Of The Dress composed by Daniel Ingram Wallpaper by Megasweet
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Elements of Harmony - My Little Pony remix
Downloads: http://tindeck.com/listen/ecyt http://soundcloud.com/vanitasm/elements-of-harmony Here's my take on Daniel Ingram and William Anderson's music of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I got a bit carried away, but the more the merrier. It has the main theme, some of the parasprite music from Swarm of the Century, and a little surprise that I couldn't resist putting in. The background art is the work of Sir Dangereaux on DeviantART. http://sir-dangereaux.deviantart.com/art/Don-t-Fuck-With-Roseluck-270939108
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Palladio - Octavia [ft. Vinyl Scratch]
*REAAAAAD*!!?!?!?!?!? Original song: 'Palladio' - Escala The MP3 didn't work for a lot of people, but if you search "Howl Trance - Violin Wolf" you'll find it. Argh, that's where I got it from, then I took it to www.zamzar.com/ and downloaded it. :C Sorry guys. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL MENTION THIS: I do NOT own this song. This was based on my imagination with Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. Escala owns this song, do not give me credit for it. The only credit I get for this video is the idea of it.
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Pony Piano Trio - Octavia's Triptych
Le Mp3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?vc7l2l13bvx3xue Let's start with the basics. Octavia is best pony. Now, with that out of the way, from a musician's perspective, she has acquired some very interesting fanon characterizations: A bookworm buried in Bach, a struggling alcoholic with an intolerance for the bourgeois, the list drags on. I like to imagine her as something of a pistol. Intensely passionate about her craft, a little bit pretentious, but good-hearted. So deep is my affection for this character that had but 10 seconds of screen time, I wrote this brief piano trio in her honor. Personnel - Spike on Piano, Octavia on Cello (Yes, CELLO) and Pinkie Pie on Violin, of course! The art featured in the main image is "Swoosh" by swaetshrit. Comment on it here: http://swaetshrit.deviantart.com/art/swoosh-258726261 The closing image is none other than an excerpt from the brilliant comic "Allegrezza." Read it here: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/08/comic-allegrezza.html And finally, the music itself. Apologies for being somewhat hung up on the main theme song, but it's just so adaptable. You'll find threads of the theme woven throughout the piece until it really surfaces in the coda's closing bars. This is probably one of my more challenging pieces for the listener. It's a fast and aggressive, truncated sonata-allegro with some wild harmonies. Just the same I think/hope you'll enjoy "Octavia's Triptych!"
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Rainbow Factory (SteampunkBrony befriends WoodenToaster ft.  Octavia)
CLICK MORE FOR VIDEO INFO AND DOWNLOAD What's up everypony! here's the v2 of my remix of WoodenToaster's Rainbow Factory. Hope you all like it. Leave your thoughts on it in the comments section! Also, drop a line with other MLP songs you'd like to hear remixed, i'll try my best! Here, have an MP3 http://www.mediafire.com/?d5uk2roe57546j4 (you may have to right click and save target as or whatever you do nowadays) WoodenToaster's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/WoodenToaster
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Octavia Giggles at the Ghosties
Download: http://www.filedropper.com/ogatg2 Revision of Pinkie's 'Giggle at the Ghosties' from episode 2 of MLP:FiM. This time, Octavia giggles at the ghosties in her version of the song. Inspired to make this 'Octavia-themed' from the song 'Avast Octavia's Plot'. Picture in HD used and created by me specifically for this song: http://fav.me/d4i1pfa
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Avast Octavia's Plot.
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MLP Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme Extended
The song now LOOPS before fading out. =) Applejack's Theme Extended: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G73lPQlGAI From original: Here's the BGM for Twilight Sparkles Library stage from the Mane6 Game 'Fighting is Magic'. http://www.mane6.com Written and performed by RainbowCrash88. A lot of this song was inspired by my very own Mane6 co-composer DJ Derpy Hooves' track 'Twilights Sonata'. Go listen! http://youtu.be/Or482ar7fi4 I was also inspired by Twilights Verse from 'At The Gala' by Daniel Ingram, go support him! http://www.facebook.com/dannyimusic http://danielingrammusic.com/ http://twitter.com/#!/dannyimusic http://vimeo.com/user6209357
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Octavia and Lyra ~ Tugging at the Heartstrings
A piece I made for Octavia and Lyra. Thanks to HalfSquad for suggesting the name! Recorded using a Roland AX-Synth into Zynewave Podium Free. Image by explosivegent (http://explosivegent.deviantart.com) EDIT: DL link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7osn995bnxl0j5z
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I have no idea why this one was rendered so loud intro stolen from my song "rpg battle music tutorial" I ran out of real songs to remix so I'm remixing nonexistent songs now STYLE: Vaguely DWesque Mysterious Nonsense http://tindeck.com/listen/dzez released freely for any non commercial use
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My Little Dashie (Fan music) (Piano + Strings)
*EDIT* *If you want a link for an mp3, here it is.* http://www.mediafire.com/?nlfzb1vim5diosy If you would like to use this music in any way, you may, as long as you credit me as the original composer of this music, and you have a link directed here in the description of the video you are using it in. *Please read description* This is what I've been working on for the past couple of days. It took that long because the sound on my computer decided to be all douche-like, and i couldn't hear anything in FL Studio, so i had to restart my comp a couple of times for it to finally work. Anyway, this was the result of me reading the fan-fic My Little Dashie by ROBCakeran53. My heart exploded many a time while reading it, and manly tears were shed. It's just an amazing story. Look it up on google and read it. I loved it so much that I was inspired to make this piece of music. I was trying to make it so it would fit the part of the story where the other ponies come to the guy's house (i don't think his name is mentioned) to bring Rainbow Dash back to ponyville. If music were put into the story, i think the music would start when RD discovers she has to go back, and she and her father say good-bye to each other. I tried so hard to fit music with when they disappear, when the father remembers all the times he had with Rainbow, and when everything turns back to normal and there's no evidence of Rainbow Dash even existing,except for when he looks through his photo book and sees all the photos of him and Rainbow Dash and the letter she wrote to him. You'll notice a couple of MLP songs in here, like Rarity's Realization (i think that's what it's called), the beginning of Winter Wrap-up, and the main theme. All the other parts that don't contain those melodies were things i came up with. Well, i hope you enjoy it. :) If you really want to get the best out of it, try visualizing the scene that i described (as best i could lol). Enjoy :)
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Octavia's Requiem
Instead of doing requests like a good pony. I decided to make some random musings on a demo of FL Studios 10 because I'm cheap. 3 Hours spent on music 4 Hours spent on image It sounds good to me... This account is tied to http://spaceponies.deviantart.com/ Album Art Image Thing: http://spaceponies.deviantart.com/#/d4dnrza Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?g1bq6r3v7qgxset
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Chain Algorithm - Elements of Harmonics (DJ Pon-3 vs. Octavia)
http://www.mediafire.com/?vvusk85ffdld3bw Pastel ponies and rainbow-powered superweapons. Part of my Octavia vs Scratch series. Download it and other random music at http://chainalgorithm.com A slightly less electro-y version is being used as a battle theme for MLPOnline (as of now). I swear to Celestia, i threw my headphones on the ground so many times in sheer frustration trying to get it to sound right. Thank god for Reason 6's recent release and integrated mixing, but more thanks goes to audacity's individual sample editor. It's those nano-second spikes that throw the normalization off. Pic by http://dtz-alien.deviantart.com/ damnit people.. why do you have to make ponies so sexy??? dear god what have i become
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General Mumble - Scratch vs. Octavia (FiM Main Theme Remix)
YES IT NEEDS MORE OCTAVIA. I SAID IT FOR YOU. Now click below for links. I suppose it's more like "Scratch takes a dump all over Octavia", but that's just tasteless. Now shut up and let me take your money. Album: http://generalmumble.bandcamp.com/album/clop-3 MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?mraueh6me1e2n3v (I don't want your money, the mp3 is free, I was joking) This is my entry to this weeks (it was actually many weeks ago now) Toast Beard competition. The theme was to write a piece of music to accompany a fanfiction or fan art. This also doubles up as my remix of the Friendship is Magic main theme. The link to the art I used can be found below. Click it and view it how it's supposed to be viewed. http://zonra.deviantart.com/art/The-Vinyl-Scratch-tapes-214770997 Version without audience noise, by request: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqkaUmj2W38 http://www.facebook.com/pages/General-Mumble/238972816143888 http://generalmumble.tumblr.com/ http://poowis.deviantart.com/ http://soundcloud.com/general-mumble - (I'll warn you a lot of gack gets posted here) https://plus.google.com/110047287893883914341/posts
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The Fighting Ballad of Princess Celestia
Xорошо! Another song from the ever-wonderful sci's weekly contest! The theme that inspired this song was as follows: "AT ARMS HOOVES, PONIES! Your favorite pony is now in a fight, and needs some kickflank music to get them through their battle. This week's theme is: write a battle theme for a pony. Remember, each pony has their own personality! For instance, would Rainbow Dash's song sound like Lyra or Bon-Bon's? Try to capture your pony just right! " I tried to imagine Princess Celestia 1: Getting Pissed 2: Taking your ass to space 3: Handing your ass right back to you 4: An angelic choir singing you to your doom Hopefully I did all right! I went for a different genre this time because I've never really tried anything explicitly fast paced! I just really hope ya'll enjoy it! I have actual pony-based stuff on the way! Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/jackle-app Bandcamp: http://jackle-app.bandcamp.com Free MP3, Yo: http://www.mediafire.com/?azwlcr91hw55p17
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Theme in C Minor
This is what happens when I play with a song's motifs and rhythms, sit at the piano, and think, "The ponies are too happy. Let's make them sad!" Special thanks to ALTERRYO for listening to the first version and giving great advice on developing it. Instruments: Piano, cello, bass drum, and short-attention spanned oboe. Download (fixed): http://www.mediafire.com/?buheh90j0l6a6xe Sheet music at http://www.mediafire.com/?w7e4jntblzpstt0 (Warning: Music may be impossible to play with fewer than eight arms, especially in the fugue part. Those with hooves may experience similar difficulties) Original music by Daniel Ingram
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TaviScratch (Octavia & Vinyl Scratch)
So after hearing so many PMV's I decided to make my own audio and see how it fairs. Sadly there really isn't any vocal audio on either Octavia or Vinyl Scratch and I've never really tried Electronic or Dubstep music, so again...First Attempts at a lot of things. So sorry my bronies. As I somewhat stated before this is my first published project on youtube ever, yay, took roughly 3-6 hours which means that this will be very amateur. So I hope I don't break or hemmorage any working eardrums lol. This was kind of inspired by CoffeeGrunts "Allegrezza" and my idea of what it would be like with Octavia and Dj Pon3 dueled eachother. Big thanks to Ardite on Deviant Art for the pretty picture "Harmony". Please enjoy and Critique. A/N :Do note that this song was re-uploaded and improved upon from the original and will likely be the last re-upload for a long time. Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?gjzdepdlfafyl1d
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Spectrum (Rainbow Dash's Theme) [Original] /)^3^(\
Theme Song No. 3 and this one goes out to everyone's favourite speedy pegasus pony, The one, the only Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is our kind of gal, she's got a great taste in music, not much to say about this one however, we used Rainbow's lines from Winter Wrap-Up and At The Gala because she doesn't have her own separate song, we find it weird that Applejack's and Rainbow Dash's voice actor and singer Ashleigh Ball doesn't do more singing for my two favourite ponies, considering she's the singer of a band :/ aw well hopefully AJ and Rainbow will get more singing parts in season 2. Each part in this song represents Dash in some way, The very beginning represents Dash's laziness. It then goes into a fast paced heavy part which represents Dash's love for going fast. The heavy Winter Wrap-Up part represents her love for helping out and staying true to her element of harmony, the calm Winter Wrap-Up part represents her satisfaction after a hard day's work for the weather team, the heavy part right after represents her love for flying, the calm part afterwards represents her brash manner and how it could drive the others away, the heavy At The Gala part represents her dream to fly with the Wonderbolts and finally the calm At The Gala part represents her love for her friends because at the end of the day, they make her who she wants to be. AWWWW. More ideas for scenarios bronies, what could be happening when this song starts playing. DOONLOOD: http://soundcloud.com/acousticbrony/rainbow-dashs-theme-original Lead lines from Winter Wrap-Up and At The Gala composed by Daniel Ingram Wallpaper by Megasweet
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My little Tetris - Ponyiniki
Tetris just got about 20% cooler.
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Octavia Cello-Ironman
My little pony friendship is magic
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Balladshy (Fluttershy's Theme) [Original] (Feat. Frederic Horseshoepin)
We love our tascam, it means the rate at which we make music has been increased because we love it and in much better quality too. Once again, steering clear of my comfort zone, here's theme song number 2 people, the ever lovely Fluttershy has now obtained herself a love ballad. The lead lines are easily recognisable as the vocal lines from So Many Wonders and Hush Now, Quiet Now as well as our own lead lines, and extra points to anypony who can tell us which other lead line in this song appeared in the series. Now it was difficult trying to think of a musical style Fluttershy would like since there is no real evidence that she likes or doesn't like anything. So we had to use our own perspective of Fluttershy and to us, she comes off as a girl who'd like slow, relaxing ballads. What does everypony else think? Who can come up with a good scenario for this song? Come on everypony, tell us your best story that would go well with this song. A bonus for this is that if you don't like it you can sing I Believe I Can Fly over the top of it lol. Fluttershy commands you to Download, I mean... If you want to... that is: http://soundcloud.com/acousticbrony/fluttershys-ballad-original Lead Lines from So Many Wonders and Hush Now, Quiet Now composed by Daniel Ingram Wallpaper by Megasweet
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Good Morning [Luna Says]
By [voodoopony] Download the album @ voodoopony.bandcamp.com Art doesn't belong to me, it's used only for this song to be on Youtube. I think it's by Polecat.
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Main Theme (Farewell Party Remix)
MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?ylzvu9sa2tj8mz2 Got a little sentimental today about the last episode. It's my way to say goodbye to Season 1. Got the name of the remix from Party of One. Music is mine, Pictures are not. They're from the mlp wiki. MLP belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro. Love and Tolerance.
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Upcoming Pony Themes
Just a short video with previews of upcoming pony themes... That's it, not much to say, Which one are you looking forward to the most? Applejack and Pinkie Pie Wallpapers by Megasweet Luna and Celestia Wallpapers by PurpleLemons
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MLP: Music is Magic - LenToTo| Song: Smidi - Be Patient (Still)
Found someone uploaded this in low quality and decided to get a HQ version up for people. This is not my video, it was made by LenToTo. I just decided to share this fantastic animation with you all Hit up his Deviantart at: http://lentoto.deviantart.com/ Smidi - Be Patient (still)
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MLP FIM audiosurf theme - Twilight's fighting theme
This video is a demonstration of an audiosurf theme I created based on the marks from MLP characters. Music is courtesy of Rainbowcrash88 and can be found at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obJ21k3Hylo Twilight Sparkle's mark has been adapted for the block tiles. I had some trouble getting the flyup to work correctly, and after hours of banging my head against the wall decided to use it as is. If anyone has experience with Audiosurf editing, I would appreciate a tip on just what got messed up. For the particles I used the cutiemarks that were in 3's. Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie. (Sorry guys, no Rainbowdash!) At the beginning the video shows the grey level, and then transitions to black. Both have a similar feel to them, just one is more colorful and brighter. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?66sy8lbyjyhb9jk Pack includes: -Background textures for grey and black levels. -Custom tiles -Custom particles for all levels -Custom tileflyup file Enjoy!
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Super Ponybeat — Discord [The Original!] by Eurobeat Brony
Get the song at http://odysseymusic.bandcamp.com/track/discord-eurochaos-mix-ft-odyssey for free (or name a price)! FUN FACTS ABOUT THIS SONG [Expand the Description to see!] : • This is the original version— this song was released on October 6th, 2011. The Living Tombstone's remix was released on January 21st, 2012, making his later than mine by 3 months and 15 days. On 1/8/2015, Odyssey removed "(EuroChaos Mix)" from the title because it confused people into thinking that it was a remix of Tombstone's, an inaccuracy still rampant to this day, even amongst show staff. • This song is 158 BPM. Tombstone's remix is 105 BPM, but he sped up the vocals to 210 BPM to make sure they didn't drag out too long. This is why his seems "faster", despite being 2/3 the speed of the original. • The Living Tombstone has gone out of his way on several occasions to credit this song as the original— in the title, he calls his version "(Remix)"; in the video itself, he provides a linked annotation to the original; in the description, the original is the first link he has provided. • There are other remixes of Discord than The Living Tombstone's. They are all quite fantastic and all worth hearing, even if it would take a long time to list them all here. • This song went through several different versions before settling on this one— click here http://youtu.be/lDnNHRCfsyA to see the other versions I had in mind! (Video says it was published in 2013, but that's the date I made the video public, not the date it was published!) • Posting things like "tihs not as gud az teh remicks lolol" or "teh remix is bettur" is scientifically demonstrated at nearly 100% accuracy to reflect vastly reduced intelligence, inability to communciate with others, and a karmic need to step barefoot on a Lego at least once per day. [EDIT]: Looks like the upload stretched the album art from its original state(s). Sorry! I still like 'em. Discord didn't have a theme song in Season 2. So I made one for him. I tried to make this one reflective of his characteristic sense of humor and cunning, with a dash of villainy for good measure (and the fact that he's, well, a villain). Eurobeat-wise, it's much like late Time pieces (in fact, it borrows a great deal from "Speed Man" by Dave Simon), but jumps between a couple other genres in light of Discord's distaste for consistency. Which genres? You'll have to listen~ (or cheat by reading the tags, but where's the fun in that?) Album art by • kpenguin2x3 (here on Youtube) [ http://www.youtube.com/user/kpenguin2x3 ] • ObscureSmudge [ http://obscuresmudge.deviantart.com/art/Super-Ponybeat-Vol-2-Cover-261913089 ] DISCORD (EUROCHAOS MIX) ------------------------------------------------ I'm not a fan of puppeteers but I've a nagging fear someone else is pulling at the strings Something terrible is going down through the entire town wreaking anarchy and all it brings I can't sit idly, no, I can't move at all I curse the name, the one behind it all... Discord, I'm howlin' at the moon And sleepin' in the middle of a summer afternoon Discord, whatever did we do To make you take our world away? Discord, are we your prey alone, Or are we just a stepping stone for taking back the throne? Discord, we won't take it anymore So take your tyranny away! I'm fine with changing status quo, but not in letting go Now the world is being torn apart A terrible catastrophe played by your symphony, what a terrifying work of art!
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3000 Sub Special! Lunar Nocturnality ~ Celestial Diurnality (Theme Of The Royal Sisters) [Original]
3000... 3000 of you, we can't believe it... we love you all. We hope you all know that. Anyway, here's the longest song we've ever done, you all heard previews of Luna and Celestia's themes on the preview video, what we kept a secret from you guys however is that they are joined together, it is actually one massive 8 minute song. Since Luna's character changed since we wrote this theme for her we've decided we are going to make this a theme for the two of them collectively and not separately, which means there are Luna and Celestia themes still on the way. Luna's part of the song was inspired by Nocturnes, a type of music which takes its inspiration from the night we decided to keep it serene and dark very much like the night and we hope its suits her character as well. It was also hugely inspired by the music from The Legend of Zelda game series. Celestia's part is inspired by (yep you guessed it) Aubades, a type of music that takes its inspiration from the day time and the sun, this part was mainly inspired by the rising sun in the early hours of the day as the moon begins to set. We also went for something sounding quite regal and angelic to befit a princess. We'll also upload the songs separately if you want them as two songs instead of the one, you know so you can trick your friends into thinking that you have one song more than them or something in order to establish your epicness lol. Nocturnality - Relating to the night Diurnality - Relating to the day Crepuscularity - Relating to twilight (see what I did thar) Download or Trollestia and/or Molestia will get you: http://soundcloud.com/acousticbrony/lunar-nocturnality-celestial Wallpapers by PurpleLemons http://www.facebook.com/AcousticBrony http://twitter.com/#!/AcousticBrony
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PonE-Sharp - Theme of Mentar: Fraud
Based on the OC fanfiction Mentar the Magnificent Merchant of Magical Mixtures by Quell. Definitely a must read if you're into fanfiction. Link to Story: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/08/story-mentar-magnificent-merchant-of.html Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?nvrexa34u6c8p1v I'm still working on my 'apology' for missing round 3. I just happened to come across this story, and it broke me out of my uncreative stupor. ;)
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MLP:FiM Sidescrolling Game Test (Very Early Test)
PLAYABLE VERSION: http://infinitydash.deviantart.com/#/d3dvya7 This is just something I put together for fun, there's currently no objective or anything, you can just run around and jump and fly, but It's mostly a test of the animation and stuff. I still need to add quite a few animations (smoother jumping/falling, many more) and improve the physics (especially the flying physics), and other things. I chose the Sonic 3 level tiles only because I already had those available. Meaning, It probably won't be like that if/when I ever make this into a game. The pony in the video isn't supposed to be Derpy Hooves persay, I just chose those colors as the base color. I have it so that the pony can easily be color swapped and also change hair/mane/tail styles easily (in real time if necessary). Just a few of the many things that need to be fixed/improved: -Hair/mane/tail animations when running -Better jumping and falling animations -Actual flying/hovering as opposed to what it is now, like a super jump thing (it's basically like robot unicorn attack right now) -Improve Spike sprite about 120% and fix his collision detection -Make it into a cool game not just a demo!!! I will post a playable version (flash) of this in the near future once I fix some of the bugs. Final things: MLP font adapted by Purple Tinker Music at beginning is from the end of Episode 22 "A Bird in the Hoof"
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"Rainbow Dash" - Original Chiptune MLP theme
AVAILABLE AT: http://mandopony.bandcamp.com/ I composed some original 8-Bit music for a theoretical MLP:FiM game. This would definitely be used for an action packed level where Rainbow Dash clears the skies and defeats enemies to save all of Ponyville. Or something. /)^3^(\ Enjoy!
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Pony Pokey (8-Bit)
Download link - https://rc88.bandcamp.com/album/8-bit-ponies Thanks everyone for all your support over the years! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit my portfolio for more information, to contact me or for commissions - http://stuartfergusonmusic.com/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song composed by Mr Daniel Ingram.
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mp3 http://tindeck.com/review?id=htkz MLP FiM CMC 8-bit JRPG Battle Music IRL STYLE: Cheese Rock 80's
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Pony Piano - A Young Flier's Stage Fright
Edit: I know, I know. I'm late. Le PDF - http://www.mediafire.com/?67dls5n67bdg6jv Le Mp3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?ga1abti0syencne Yes, the sheet music is now in PDF format. No more silly tiff files, so all 7 pages are in one document. And to those who are scared of this piece from a technical perspective, don't be! Take a look at those sheets and give it a shot! Keep a loose, relaxed wrist on the release of those repeated chords and fear no arpeggio. Also, the Presto coda sounds waaaay harder than it actually is! Oh, and good catch on the Jurassic Park theme snippet, haha. Yes, that was intentional. ;-) Another character piece for piano solo. This one features everyone's favorite equestrian speed demon going through some anxious times. The theme I employed this time around is the very same used in the Sonic Rainboom Episode at 18:37 : Seven notes which spin out a triumphant little tune which I turned into a March. This piece isn't so much *just* about Rainbow Dash as it is about her struggles with pride conflicting with stage fright, its hindering effects and eventual surmounting. I limited myself fairly strictly to creating various permutations on this theme, but it does go places and concludes on a brisk Valse which races to the finish. Enjoy! -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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Impressions of Celestial Origins
Remix you say? I guess not! MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/9dy4x3a8r4mbxjb/Celestial_Origins.mp3 I attempted to remix Jeffthestrider's song Celestia Origins 3 times. All 3 times cubase crashed and I was forced to start again. I threw my hands up in the air and decided to try a different approach. Rather than remixing his song, I wanted to write a song that was based off of my impressions of the theme he touched on: the origin of Celestia. Artwork: http://makkon.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d4am4a2 Cubase Kontakt Symphobia 1 Voxos Truestrike 1
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Rainbow Dash Road
Some racing music for the forthcoming Pony Kart racing game. Neither the images nor most of the basic musical themes are mine. Much is derived from Will Anderson's wonderful score for Episode 23, as well as Daniel Ingram's sweet RD solo spot in Episode 26.
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I like how this video is somehow related to "Ponies with censor bleeps" STYLE: Toohoo http://tindeck.com/review?id=uhlg released freely for any non commercial use
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Pop Magic Theme
The theme tune to Boogaloo Stu's Pop Magic - the show where you, the audience - make your own DIY Pop Hit (and video) in just one hour. ONE HOUR??? What the hell? Are you crazy, man? Can it be done? God only knows. But join Stu for this musical masterclass to find out - coming to a venue near you soon!!
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Replacer - To Crusade Another Day (Leave No Song Unplayed)
320kbps download: http://www.mediafire.com/?dfeazdwb7snmzob A song based on the "Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading" instrumental from the amazing My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXNl2CXXWIA) Original melody by William Anderson. I used a Korg SV-1 keyboard, a Roland SH-101 synth and a strat guitar. 8-bit Atari sounds were made in maxYMiser running on the Steem emulator. Additional sounds and arrangement are done in Propellerhead Reason 6. Come visit me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Replacer808 Also on Tumblr: http://replacer.tumblr.com/ DeviantArt too: http://replacer808.deviantart.com/
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