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Beastie Boys - Girls
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Beastie Boys - Girls HD
Beastie Boys - Girls off License to ill released in 1986. "Girls" is a track by hip hop group the Beastie Boys, released as the seventh and final single from their debut album Licensed to Ill. Rip #MCA Rest In Paradise also know as Adam Yauch August 5, 1964 -- May 4, 2012. http://www.facebook.com/beastieboys
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GIRLS (Beastie Boys) - Performed live by "What's That Noise?!"
Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/WhatsThatNoiseTribute WHAT'S THAT NOISE (AKA Nick and Joel from ELEMENOPY) rocking the Beastie Boys classic "Girls" with the help of "The Unknown Theater All-Male Gospel Choir" (AKA Kyle Ingleman, Terence Leclere, and Eric Cash), along with some back up help form the rest of the crowd at Los Globos in Los Angeles. From the official debut concert performance of "Elemenopy Presents: What's That Noise?! (A Tribute to the Beastie Boys)" Download the WTN Beastie Boys Tribute album on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id622968832 Find more info and a list of upcoming shows at: http://whatsthatnoisetribute.com/ Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/wtntribute Most importantly, do like Sesame Street taught ya... SHARE! Much love y'all! RIP MCA
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Beastie Boys - Girls Lyrics
First video made. Hope you guys like it.(:
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MCA Tribute....Beastie Girls
Tribute to the boys from my little girls
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Beastie Boys - Girls
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Beastie Boys- Brass Monkey Lyrics
RIP to Adam aka MCA of this awesome band. he will be missed... Brass Monkey - that funky Monkey Brass Monkey junkie That funky Monkey Got this dance that's more than real Drink Brass Monkey here's how you feel Put your left leg down your right leg up Tilt your head back let's finish the cup M.C.A. with the bottle D. rocks the can Adrock gets nice with Charlie Chan We're offered Moet we don't mind Chivas Wherever we go with bring the Monkey with us Adrock drinks three Mike D. is D. Double R. foots the bill most definitely I drink Brass Monkey and I rock well I got a Castle in Brooklyn that's where I dwell [repeat chorus] Cause I drink it anytime and anyplace When it's time to get ill I pour it on my face Monkey tastes Def when you pour it on ice Come on y'all it's time to get nice Coolin' by the lockers getting kind of funky Me and the crew we're drinking Brass Monkey This girl walked by she gave me the eye I reached in the locker grabbed the Spanish Fly I put it with the Monkey mixed it in the cup Went over to the girl, "Yo baby, what's up?" I offered her a sip the girl she gave me lip It did begin the stuff wore in and now she's on my tip [repeat chorus] Step up to the bar put the girl down She takes a big gulp and slaps it around Take a sip - you can do it - you get right to it We had a case in the place and we went right through it You got a dry Martini thinking you're cool I'll take your place at the bar I smack you off your stool I'll down a '40 dog" in a single gulp And if you got beef you'll get beat to a pulp Monkey and parties and reelin' and rockin' Def, def - girls, girls - all y'all jockin' The song and dance keeping you in a trance If you don't buy my record I got my advance I drink it - I think it - I see it - I be it I love Brass Monkey but I won't give D. it We got the bottle you got the cup Come on everybody let's get ffffff [repeat chorus]
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Beastie Boys - Car Thief (HQ)
Artist: Beastie Boys Song: Car Thief Album: Paul's Boutique (1989) Label: Capitol Records Lyrics: Some static started in the pool hall Hit a motherfucker's face with the cue ball Then I met this girl she tried to gank me So I smacked her in the booty with m.c. plank bee Me and my crew out breaking windows The bingo the lotto you know I'll never win those Possession is half the law I had my routines before all y'all Your whole life is coming apart at the seams You ain't nothing but a car thief biting routines I'm a city slicker I ain't no townie Right now I wish I had another hash brownie Like ricky always said you've got to toke and pass Or mookie's gonna kick your fuckin' ass You try to take what isn't yours like a God damn rat See personally I wouldn't want to go out like that I'm a writer a poet a genius I know it I don't buy cheeba I grow it marijuana People always trying to get next to me I had a beautiful experience on ecstasy Smoked up a bag of elephant tranquilizer Because I had to deal with a money hungry miser Had a caine filled kool with my man rush rush Saw my teeth fall in the sink when I started to brush You be doing nose candy on the bowie coke mirror My girl asked for some but I pretended not to hear her You can't deny me you always want to try me You're just gonna get your ass kicked Homeboy throw in the towel Your girl got dicked by ricky powell The godfather of soul is in the belly of the beast For smoking that dust at st. anthony's feast All the wife beaters and all the tax cheaters Sitting in the white house pulling their peters Buy my cheeba from the cop down the street The only cop with a rope chain walking the beat Like a sneaky pouch time bomb tickin' Like the beat to my rhyme just kickin' Space cake cookies I discover who I am I'm a dusted old bummy hurdy gurdy man Five-o caught me now I'm going to the mountains Said good-bye to my girl my lawyers and accountants My mind is kinda rhymin and I think I oughta think So I'm rockin all the rhymes and I'll have another drink So the lights are flashing my mind is spinning I feel like it is always the beginning Of another rhyme I'm rapping m.c.'ing I rock You ain't nothing but a car thief who must be stopped
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The Beach Boys - California Girls
Lyrics:(courtesy of Lyrics Freak) Well east coast girls are hip I really dig those styles they wear And the southern girls with the way they talk They knock me out when Im down there The mid-west farmers daughters really make you feel alright And the northern girls with the way they kiss They keep their boyfriends warm at night I wish they all could be california I wish they all could be california I wish they all could be california girls The west coast has the sunshine And the girls all get so tanned I dig a french bikini on hawaii island Dolls by a palm tree in the sand I been all around this great big world And I seen all kinds of girls Yeah, but I couldnt wait to get back in the states Back to the cutest girls in the world I wish they all could be california I wish they all could be california I wish they all could be california girls I wish they all could be california (girls, girls, girls yeah I dig the) I wish they all could be california (girls, girls, girls yeah I dig the) I wish they all could be california (girls, girls, girls yeah I dig the) I wish they all could be california (girls, girls, girls yeah I dig the)
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Three Girls In My Head (Beastie Boys, DMX & Jason Derulo)
A mashup of Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl, The Beastie Boys' Triple Trouble, Jason Derulo's In My Head & a small sample of DMX's Where The Hood At ---I do not own any of the separate songs
Big Whale - Girls (Beastie Boys Cover) (Live @ StarFM Berlin)
kleine Akkustiksession bei 87,9 Star FM
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Beastie Boys  -  Girls
My video to the one of my favourite "Beastie-songs". RIP MCA [*]
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Beastie Boys - To All The Girls (Instrumental) / To All The Girls (Live)
Red Vinyl | Side 1: To All The Girls (Instrumental) To All The Girls (Live) Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique | Limited Edition 7-Inch Box Set Eight 7" Color Vinyl Singles | Strictly Limited to 1000 Units Worldwide No. 496/1000 RIP MCA http://www.mrssidebottom.com/
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Beastie Boys Girls
Gondelifest mit den Beastie Buam..:)
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Beastie Boys-Girls
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Beastie Boys' "Girls" - Chris Jackson
Theme Music group. The theme is "Boys & Girls". Smaller ukulele, more Frankie (the bulldog) and more NY 80's hip-hop than ever before. Enjoy!
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Beastie Boys   Girls
Beastie Boys Girls
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"Pass The Mic" Beastie Boys Girls
3 teenage girls in the early '90's who just wanna be Beastie Boys. At least for one night.
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Drugs (Girls by Beastie Boys parody)
soo like, me and my friends had to make this for an english project about illegal drugs, being against it of course. it kinda sucks lol The instrumental used in this cideo is used for entertainment/ educational purposes only. No copyright is intented. All copyrights belong to the Beastie Boys.
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The Ministry of Silly Dances presents: Girls (music by the Beastie Boys)
A brand new video set in a brand new location, exciting! Because we are girls, because we like the Beastie Boys, because we love jumping around. Enjoy !
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Beastie boys girls piano lesson
Title says it all
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Beastie Boys HD :  Sabotage ( David Letterman ) - 1994
https://www.facebook.com/BeastieBoysVideos Beastie Boys HD Videos By Ben Escobedo Exclusively On Youtube ! Check Out These 3 Ways to View my Beastie Boys Video Collection : -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vimeo : ( The best way to see the Compilations , & the way I put them together with 2 VCR's when I was a kid ). Just look for the videos that say : ( Compilations ). This Is For Hardcore Beastie Boys Fan Only ! http://vimeo.com/porkys1982/videos -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Youtube : ( shorter clips , but a faster way to see individual clips that I recorded for over 25 years ). http://www.youtube.com/user/Porkys1982 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook : ( Talk to other fans & also view videos at the same time ). Remember to Like My Page , before you leave. http://www.facebook.com/BeastieBoysVideos Life Long Beastie Boys Fan Ben Escobedo Has Been Recording Beastie Boys Television Performances, Interviews & Appearances For Over 25 Years. All Of These Clips Come From My Personal Private Beastie Boys Video Collection. These Beastie Boys Video Clips Are The Clearest, Most High Quality & Best Available Beastie Boys Videos That You Can Find Anywhere On The Internet. Enjoy ! Ben Escobedo ( Porkys1982 ) Also Check Out These Videos : Beastie Boys ... The Final Years http://vimeo.com/porkys1982/beastie-boys-the-final-years Meeting The Beastie Boys http://vimeo.com/porkys1982/meeting-the-beastie-boys Beastie Boys ... The Atwater Years http://vimeo.com/porkys1982/beastie-boys-the-atwater-years Beastie Boys Video Channel https://vimeo.com/channels/beastieboys
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bahahaha dancing to beastie boys "girls"
twinkle toes Ethan!
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Girls Beastie Boys
I dont own the rights, Beastie Boys' Girls. A home video I did for a class. Directed by Kelin Silber. Staring Sean, Ian, Mike, Big Mike, Angelica, and Tony
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Girls - Beastie Boys
Com-Tech project
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baby girl rockn out to beastie boys girls
Cute as hell my lil one in carseat dancing to the b boys girls song
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FlatLyne - "BEER!" (Parody of The Beastie Boys' Song "Girls)
Let's just say I got reaaaallllyy bored! Hahaha! Hope you enjoy!!!
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Girls-Beastie Boys
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Sick Sick Sinners - Girls (Beastie Boys cover)
Road Of Sin (2008) Lyrics: Girls, all I really want is girls And in the morning it's girls Cause in the evening it's girls I like the way that they walk And it's chill to hear them talk And I can always make them smile From White Castle to the Nile Back in the day There was this girl around the way Her pants were tight and that's ok If she would dance I would D.J. We took a walk down to the bay I hope she'll say, "Hey me and you should hit the hay!" I asked her out she said, "No way!" I should have probably guessed their gay So I broke North with no delay I heard she moved real far away That was two years ago this May I seen her just the other day Girls - to do the dishes Girls - to clean up my room Girls - to do the laundry Girls - and in the bathroom Girls, that's all I really want is girls Two at a time I want girls With psycho flat tops I want girls I ought to whip out my girls, girls, girls, girls, girls!
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Girl-Beastie Boys
I, videomaker951 is playing girls by beastie boys on my keyboard
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Beastie Boys Hip Hop Dance
LHS Fall Hip Hop
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Beastie Boys VS Pin Up Girls
editing with static images. by Diogo Grilo e Caetano Amado jr www.youtube.com/user/amadojr
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Beastie Boys Girls... Kids are Jamming
Kathy and Calvin on dance mode...
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Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Psymbionic Remix) :: Glitch Hop / Dubstep
FREE DOWNLOAD: http://psymbionic.bandcamp.com/track/beastie-boys-intergalactic-psymbionic-remix Free download time! Today I'm releasing my remix of my favorite Beastie Boys tune, Intergalactic. It's a whompy 105bpm excursion through hip hop bred rhythms with a touch of moombahton shuffle to spice things up. Grab both the remix and instrumental versions below, and enjoy! *DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this song and don't claim to: Fair use by the Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use
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Goin' Places - Girls (Beastie Boys cover)
Old demo recording from 2001 of a Beastie Boys classic. Goin' Places new album "Relationship Sneakers" is now available on Bright & Barrow Records (http://brightandbarrow.bandcamp.com/album/relationship-sneakers) and SP Records (http://sprecords.bigcartel.com/product/goin-places-relationship-sneakers-cd) in Japan. More info at: http://www.goinplaces.com http://www.facebook.com/goinplacesmusic http://www.twitter.com/goinplacesmusic
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Phrik plays Beastie Boys Girls
Phrik Phthaargm, in his boredom, decided to play a lil ditty.
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Beastie Boys MCA Tribute - Girls - Cousin Dan
A tribute to the late Adam "MCA" Yauch from the Beastie Boys. Cousin Dan ads his own flavor the the awesome track "Girls." Filmed at Bleu Pub in Valdosta, GA. Brought to you by DearDrunkMe.com
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Girls by Beastie boys drum cover
I do not own this song, i dedicate this song to MCA you will always be in are hearts as one of the best rappers ever
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Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey (Official Video)
RIP Adam Yauch aka MCA I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC... Hope you like my SHIZZZ and subscribe to JOdaSHIZZZ Muzik on youtube...http://www.youtube.com/user/JOdaSHIZZZ?feature=mhee You can also check out my Photo-Art-Music Pics at My Facebook Shizzzness page... https://www.facebook.com/JOEdaSHIZZZ
Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Subtitulado al español)
Este es un temazo, de los Beastie Boys, incluido en su álbum debut "Licensed to III", lanzado en 1986 y recordado como un clásico. Personalmente me encanta este tema, ya que es una mezcla de Rap-Rock.
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Dancing coke can . Dancing to the Beastie Boys (GIRLS)
This can came out in 1989 it is now 12/13/2012 and this is the first time this can has ever danced. The Coke radio behind it came out in 1985.
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Girls - Beastie Boys (Invoice Acapella)
Invoice, UMW's only all-male a capella group at their first concert. Soloists: Kevin Sol, Adam Hunter, and Keegan Cooke Featuring the Alter Egos Step Team
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"Girls" Beastie Boys cover by 6 Foot Silence a tribute to MCA
6 Foot Silence does tribute to MCA with thier version of Girls by Beastie Boys at Wallys Pub in Hampton NH at The Agonist/Kittie show
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Beastie Boys "Girls" on keyboard
E is learning to play the keyboard and decided out of his love of Beastie Boys that his first song would be "Girls". Still working on it but he was excited to show everyone
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