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Magnat BS30 + Magnat Two Edition car audio Clarion DXZ618R HD
Subwoofer: Magnat BS 30 Amplifier: Magnat two edition Cord Autotek 10mm Front Door Magnat Car Fit Style 132-13cm Back Shelf: Pioneer TS-G1303i-10cm Radio CD: Clarion DXZ618R Car: Honda civic 1995 coupe Camera:Samsung s8500
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Die 10 Besten Magnat Lautsprecher
Die 10 Besten Magnat Lautsprecher 1.Mac Audio Ice Cube 108A aktiver Bandpass-Subwoofer (150 Watt, 200 mm) http://bit.ly/16acNWt 2.Magnat Selection 693 3-Wege Multiaxial Lautsprechersystem (125/500 Watt) http://bit.ly/16acOK0 3.Magnat Xpress 12 30 cm Auto-Subwoofer (400 Watt) http://bit.ly/16acScD 4.Magnat Edition BS 30 300mm geschlossener Gehäusesubwoofer (800 Watt) schwarz http://bit.ly/12OftEm 5.Magnat Car Fit 87 2 Wege Koaxial System (89dB, 25/50 Watt) http://bit.ly/Z1fDaV 6.Magnat Edition BS 30 300mm geschlossener Gehäusesubwoofer (800 Watt) weiß http://bit.ly/13K67Hw 7.Magnat Dark Power 203 3-Wege 20 cm Auto-Triaxial-Lautsprecher (80/320 Watt) schwarz/silber http://bit.ly/13K69iF 8.Magnat Profection 162 2-Wege 16,5 cm Auto-Koaxial-Lautsprecher http://bit.ly/13K6bHf 9.Magnat Edition 162 Auto-Lautsprecher http://bit.ly/Z1fN20 10.Magnat Auto Fit Style-9152 HiFi-Lautsprecher (160 Watt, 89dB) http://bit.ly/Z1fNPm
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Magnat Edition 693:D Podłączone pod małą wieżą Są wsadzone w robione skrzynki.
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Magnat 380 mm
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LED подсветка стола
Светодиодная подсветка компьютерного стола и подставки под ноутбук, а так же стандартного компьютерного блока питания..
Prova Kit 2 vie Magnat Edition 216
Prova kit 2 vie magnat edition 216 solo 1 woofer e 1 tweeter a porta amplificato con 2 canali da 50 watt rms
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VEKOMA STINGRAY UPDATED! this is the sound fix for the stingray, this is just an update so replace the files from the original download. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?z3cp52v7gt8efpg i scaled the ride up a bit so now the train fits (though the fact it came from an external tie track means it has internal side wheels so they are going though the internal ties of this track but ah well cant be off that...) the supports can either be footer or footerless by either building the coaster on the ground or raised by 1m... recolourable track and supports uses ingame laydown coaster shadows are fine, with or without low friction is fine, 2 trains now fit in the station (station has to be visable due to using a real car) so thats it... enjoy! DOWNLOAD LINK! http://www.mediafire.com/?yy766d7cg408njf
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Mazda 3 - 2 12" Pioneer TS-W303R Sound Ordnance M-4075
2007 Mazda 3: - 2 12" Pioneer Ts-W303R Subwoofers - Sound Ordnance M-4075 - Alpine CDE-121 Head Unit - Rockford Fosgate 8 AWG wiring - Factory door speakers. Filmed with GoPro Hero 2.
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Сабвуфр pioneer ts-W303R
Черновой вариант)скоро куплю усь на 700ватт.
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сабвуфер pioneer ts-wx303
сабвуфер pioneer ts-wx303(250вт) запитан мостом от уся fusion fp-804(240вт),бассбуст выкручен в ноль,уровень сигнала 1\2,фильтр низких частот 50 гц.
Flexin The 12" Pioneer TS-W303R
Subscribe To BassFlexin! -Flexin My 12" Pioneer- +Sub - Pioneer TS-W303R 12" +Amp - Kenwood KAC 929 1000Watt +Box - Standard Single Sealed Box
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Pioneer TS-W303R
взял себе Pioneer TS-W303R, друг шарищий в построение коробов, сделал коробок, 50 литров где то, настроен где то на 30Гц. я доволен этой головой) сори ща качество это телефон))
Pioneer ts-wx303 Alpine CDE-130R
Présentation de ma petite installation sono dans ma mégane 2 société DCI 1.5 phase 1. Malheureusement mon APN sature pour les basses mais ce caisson tape fort !!!
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Give your speakers a new life! Showing you how to refoam your woofers by installing new surrounds. You can save a lot of money by replacing your old deteriorated foam surrounds. It costs just a fraction of what neww woofers would cost! I used an 8" Infinity Sterling speaker for this example.
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READ DESCRIPTION: Hey guys sikvibration back with a new video nothing special just something i through together of the last moments before my old trusty pioneer ts-w303r went thermal it still works but is now just not the same sub it was so i hope you all enjoy THUMBS UP SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU DID SHIRT STORE: http://www.cafepress.com/sikvibration FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/sikbeatzaus
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Fantasy Money
Original Music Video by ManyMoreMen Lyrics: Chorus: I got that fantasy money, I got that fantasy money, yo tell ya girl she full fillin' my fucking fantasies fo me. (repeat, low and High) V1: I got that fantasy money fresh from monopoly what a commodity hitting the lottery like it's a robbery practiced repeatedly greed getting the best of me.....(if you gotta be gangster, wear a flat brim hat with the tag still on it) Stunner shades with the hater blockers surrounded by girlies with huge knockers fresh ass shoes straight street flossin, chick magnet car that I know I look boss in, making it rain like a money thunderstorm, walk in a room win a prize for best form, live in a mansion the size of a dorm room, fresh and clean took a showr with me benjis. Chorus V2: I keep my gold coins in a vault. Dive in Scrooge McDuck. I don't give a fuck what you think about that? I got my money stacked so high, but I can't stop now I'm going to the sky. My paper so crisp, you got them small bills wadded up loose change, papercup. Girl lookin' pretty rough. So I fix her up bust a nut kinky stuff. Super dainty slutty honey love my fantasy money. Chorus V3: Killin' em softly, fantasy money, go dovahkiin all the fantasy bloody, yeah ya girls fullfillin all my fantasies for me, I wont be coming early like the wonderland bunny. I'm killin em hardly fantastical glory, ever been fucked by a unicorn well mines horny. fantasy cash flow you already know countin it slow cause all my dough don't fit in one roll. Chorus V4: wake up to big money breakfast ,pancakes tall stacks, eating cash out da bowl with a little bit of cinnamon, money jacks then I brush my teeth with mother fuckin gold flake toothpaste B fantasy or not if i were a robot i'd be a motha fuckin mac machine spittin money out at bitches manymoremen we steadily be throwing green, and I can't see the road with three bitches in a foreign car, need lasik surgery my pupils turn to gold bars business minded I'm a mother fuckin tycoon you see that money coming at you like a typhooooon.... Chorus END
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Mercedes Benz C180 Kicker s12l5
Mercedes Benz C180 W202 with a Kicker s12l5 powered by a Kicker zx1000.1.
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Pioneer TS wx303 bangarang bass test
My new sub running of my 1000w stereo
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Pioneer TS-W303R
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BMW X6M: Ridiculous fast, and... ridiculous.
The Smoking Tire caps off our Ultimate BMW Road Trip with a private day at BMW's test track in Spartanburg, SC. Since we've already tested the M3 and 1M, we take the X6M Crossover on the track to see if there is something it's actually useful for. We are surprised.
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DIY Magnetic Insect Screen Kit
Demo installation guide for DIY magnetic Insect Screen
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Pioneer TS-W303R
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9 14 12  Green Sub Green Hoe...
SUBSCRIBE! Thanks. Hi, CORVAIRWILD here. A little about me and what I do: First, I love my wife of many years, she is a wonderful lady. I call her Mrs CW. I can never go anywhere without her & my Dog Muggs! He's cool. You should have a dog like him too. Next, I am a landlord, NO, not a slumlord who does section 8 apartment rentals, but I keep my properties up like they were my own...they are my own! Like I live there. I have lots of apartment buildings, a farm out in the country and a house here and there. I am always doing something, driving rehabbing, you name it! I want to include you, so I bring my camera! EVERYWHERE! Haha. ENJOY. Did I mention I am a car enthusiast! I can't get enough Covairs and Vintage Chevy and GMC trucks. They have great reliability...all of em' the best vehicle on the road ever is a Corvair Spider Turbo. Back to the trucks, I love the diesel trucks and suburbans, Blazers too. That's what I plow snow with. A fisher snow plow. I'm a busy guy, but I make time for you. Thanks! CW
Classic - Black with buckle and stone trim
Greeley Hat Works — Classic line. Description: 1/4" self band with Exclusive silver buckle with clear stone trim with New quarterhorse style with black bound edge brim. Crown height of 4 1/4" with a Cattleman crease. This style of hat may be ordered in a variety of colors and qualities. (1617)
Windshield Removal Guide
Safe and effective windshield removal 2001 VW Jetta with the WRD Spider. www.wrdglasstools.com Tools Used in the Video: ------------------------ The WRD Spider 001S - Auto Glass Panel Removal System. - Cordless drill operated fiber line removal device. - Performs safe, clean and effortless auto glass removal. - Used in auto glass service shops and automotive repair shops across the world. - Provides the safest removal of wind-shields, back and side glass panels. - Lightweight construction, small and low profile. The WRD Spider Line, a Specialized High Strength Cutting Fiber Line. - Used to effectively cut through the urethane. - Technician safety is top priority. - Soft and easy to handle line eliminates from potential injury. - Anti-scratch properties eliminates the vehicle damage hazard. - Optimized line construction for great cutting ability. - Abrasion resistance coating offers great re-usability. - Pre-marked lengths help save time and reduce waste of unnecessary line. Simple, clean and safe auto glass removal for every technician. For more information about the tools used in this video visit out our website (www.wrdglasstools.com) or leave us a message (www.wrdglasstools.com/contact-us). Thanks for watching. -- WRD Glass Tools Inc www.wrdglasstools.com
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Todco Maintenance & Repair Part 3
Video from Todco demonstrating how to properly install counterbalance springs, rewind counterbalance springs, and how to correct an improperly wound counterbalance.
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Pioneer TS W303R Champion car subwoofer driver - 250 Watt - $42
http://www.cheapohippo.com/?p=28514 Pioneer TS W303R Champion car subwoofer driver â€" 250 Watt for $42 + Shipping Pioneer TS W303R Champion car subwoofer driver - 250 Watt - $42
How to connect Amplifier & Speakers using Y Connector
MX high quality binding post Y terminal used to have reliable connectivity with speaker terminals. It has Y shape metal body with 24K gold plating. It will provide you tight and safe connection. It will pass maximum possible signal to your systems. http://mdrelectronics.com/ProductDisplay.asp?PID=4254 FEATURES MX high quality binding post Y terminal used to have tight connection with your speaker. It is screw type binding post terminal. It has chrome plated metal cap. It can be used for heavy duty application. It can be used for 4mm cable. It has 24K gold plated connector to protect from corrosion and for higher conductivity. It is versatile, secure and well established in audio and video industry. It is safe, durable and easy to use. It has different color ring on top of connector which will helps you to easily identify the correct polarity. It will give you reliable connectivity. MX PROFESSIONAL OXYGEN FREE CABLE SPEAKER http://mdrelectronics.com/ProductDisplay.asp?PID=1532 MX professional OFC speaker cable for high quality audio signal transmission. It uses a pure copper as a conductor which will maximize the signal transmission. It is 12 AWG high quality speaker cable. It is TIN plated cable. It has white colored thick outer jacket for cable protection which will also extend its durability. It has different color insulation which helps you to easily identify the correct polarity. Its Outer Diameter is 9.5mm. MX Speaker cables are designed to meet the requirements of professional audio for high-end sound quality in indoor and outdoor applications. MX OFC speaker cable delivers enhanced sound performance with exceptional clarity. It is available in 100 meter roll. MX speaker cable has highly stranded conductors and PVC jackets which will provide optimal flexibility for faster, easier installation. It is will provide safe and secure operation to your system. Please subscribe to our YOUTUBE Channel: MX Electronics (MDRElex) You can also Like our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/mxelectronics This video is a complete guide, however if you have any questions feel free to comment or send us an email on [email protected] or visit our website www.mdrelectronics.com If You Have Any Complaints, Queries Or Suggestions, Call Us On (022) 4253 6666 Or You Can Mail Us At [email protected]
CitySlicker MacBook Air Case - WaterField Designs
Unfortunately, we no longer make this product, but check out our Macbook Sleevecase : https://www.sfbags.com/products/macbook-sleevecase SUBSCRIBE to be the first to know anytime WaterField unveils new products. ---------- The CitySlicker laptop case combines the rugged good looks of leather with the urban demands of city dwellers. The all-black ballistic cover takes dings and bounces back like new, the plush interior cradles the MacBook Air like a baby, and the assorted exterior pockets holds accessories you can't do without. Fit right in with with the weekend adventurers or the cafe-sipping crowd with this smartly-designed case. The outdoors beckons you; heed it without regrets. Dual-leather flap comes in distressed, naturally-tanned Black, Camel, Chocolate or Grizzly leather. Options: handle, D-rings, or strap. JOIN WaterField on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waterfielddesigns/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sfbags/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SFBags Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sfbags/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heygary/
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Fitnessstudio Myfitness in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz - Ausdauertraining, Sportreha, Wellness
https://www.firmen.tv Zu Fitnessclub Myfitness aus Neumarkt finden Sie ein ausführliches Porträt unter https://www.firmen.tv/myfitness_bncbax http://www.myfitness-neumarkt.de In stressigen Zeiten wie diesen ist es enorm wichtig, sich körperlich fit und gesund zu halten. Dabei hat sich das Fitnesscenter Myfitness in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz einen Namen mit attraktiven, flexiblen Angeboten zu günstigen Preisen gemacht. Ob Krafttraining und Ausdauertraining, Sportreha, Gewichtsreduktion oder klassisches Figurtraining: Im top- ausgestatteten Cardio- und Gerätepark des Fitnessstudios ist alles möglich. Speziell zum Abnehmen bietet das Fitnessstudio Myfitness in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz zwei Gerätezirkel, die effektiv den Fettstoffwechsel aktivieren und die Figurstraffung fördern. Nach einer ausführlichen Bedarfsanalyse wird in dem Sportstudio ein individueller Trainingsplan erstellt, der die Ziele des Mitglieds und die gesundheitlichen Erfordernisse berücksichtigt. Zur Entspannung nach dem Training gibt es in dem Fitnesscenter einen Wellness- und einen Loungebereich, wo man bei einem Cappuccino den Studiobesuch in geselliger Runde ausklingen lassen kann. Schauen auch Sie für ein kostenloses Probetraining im Sportstudio Myfitness vorbei! Weitere Infos zum Fitnessstudio in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz und den Gerätepark des Fitnesscenters finden Sie auf https://www.firmen.tv/myfitness_bncbax Unternehmensgründung: Im Jahr 2007 wurde das Unternehmen von Herrn Kölbl, Lehrer für Sportrehabilitation, Herz- und Cardialfitness, Gesundheitstraining sowie Ernährungsberatung, gegründet. Mitarbeiterzahl: Neben dem Inhaber sind noch 3 weitere zuverlässige Mitarbeiter/-innen und 3 Auszubildende beschäftigt. Kundeneinzugsgebiet: Die vielen zufriedenen Kunden/-innen kommen hauptsächlich aus Neumarkt und dem nahen Umland (bis zu 30 km). Leistungen, Produkte und/oder Spezialisierung: An erster Stelle steht die eingehende Beratung mit der Klärung der individuellen Wünsche und Ziele der Kunden/-innen. Das Angebot umfasst u.a.: - Gewichtsreduktion - Figurformung - Sportrehabilitation - Gesundheitstraining - Trainingskonzepte für Risikopatienten - Ausdauer- und Kraftsport - Ernährungsberatung Den modernen Fitnessclub können die Kunden/-innen mit einem Vierteljahres-, Jahres- oder Zweijahresvertrag nutzen. Ein besonderes Highlight ist der umfangreiche Gerätepark mit seinen zwei hochmodernen Gerätezirkeln. Die Wellnessoase mit Sauna und das angrenzende Bistro runden das Wohlfühlprogramm ab. Hier kann Mann/Frau nach einem anstrengenden Training in Ruhe relaxen und genießen. Erfolgsfaktoren: Besonders hervorzuheben ist die professionelle und einfühlsame Betreuung. Ein hohes Leistungsniveau, die Kooperation mit dem Klinikum Neumarkt sowie ein stimmiges Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis tragen maßgeblich zum Erfolg bei. Erwähnenswertes: Der Slogan lautet: Gut, günstig, kompetent! Kommen Sie vorbei und überzeugen Sie sich von der Kompetenz des Unternehmens! Das Team um Herrn Kölbl freut sich, Sie begrüßen zu dürfen! Übrigens: Ein Probetraining nach eingehender Beratung ist kostenlos. Weitere Infos finden Sie auf www.myfitness-neumarkt.de.
ATLANTIC Jubiläum Spot - Retrobike von 1954 gegen High-Tech Bikes
Seit 1922 steht ATLANTIC für hochwertige Pflege und beste Schmierstoffe. Im Rahmen des 90-jährigen Jubiläum verlost ATLANTIC das originale Retrobike aus dem Spot. Frage beantworten und teilnehmen unter http://www.atlantic-oel.de/ Wir wünschen allen Teilnehmern viel Erfolg!
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fiberglass update 2012
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How to Connect a Turntable to Speakers
Buy an AT-LP60 and support my work: http://amzn.to/2ppgbJP This is a follow up to my review video of the Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable. I show you how to connect Turntables to various devices to get soundt. Any questions just ask! Here is a link to the adapter shown: http://amzn.to/2pnPbex Thank you!!
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Swift with kicker KS80
above and beyond - every beat
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