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The Optimum Histogram Utility DEMO 2- Maximize Oracle Performance and SQL Execution Efficiency
Description Demonstration of the influence of the Optimum Histogram utilities on the estimation accuracy of the Oracle Optimizer in a Oracle Database. Tests highlight the increase in estimation accuracy on the optimizer and impact on execution plan selection. Tests conducted against a numeric column in a heap table and execution plan results and statistics captured to indicate impact on the optimizers execution plan selection of the OHU histograms. IMPORTANT NOTE: This utility is not a substitute for oracle's dbms_stats which calculates highly valuable statistics for oracle objects. It is an add on utility that can be used on columns with skewed distribution. Please see demonstration one for overview of architecture
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Chapter 6 - Relational Algebra Operations - Union , Intersection , Difference - Part 4
by Mohamed El Desouki - محمد الدسوقى [email protected] Tel :00966 553450836 جامعة سلمان بن عبد العزيز - السعودية - الخرج Relational Algebra Operations - Union , Intersection , Difference in Arabic Text Book: Fundamentals of Database Systems, 5th Edition, by Elmasri/Navathe, published by Addison-W
02.04_Oracle_10gR2_RACDG_2.4 Create oracle User and Directories(2012_01_13).flv
Oracle 10g/11g RAC, DataGuard, GoldenGate,Streams Hands-on Practices Training. Please feel free to contact me: E-mail/Skype: [email protected] 1. Building an Oracle RAC 10gR2 for RAC Primary 1.1 Install Linux OS(CentOS 5.3) - () 1.2 Install Required Linux Packages for Oracle RAC- (Video) 1.3 Network Configuration - (Video) 1.4 Create "oracle" User and Directories - (Video) 1.5 Configure the Linux Servers for Oracle - (Video) 1.6 Configure the "hangcheck-timer" Kernel Module - (Video) 1.7 Configure RAC Nodes for Remote Access using SSH - (Video) 1.8 IP SAN Configuration - Openfiler - () 1.9 Install Openfiler - SAN - () 1.10 Configure iSCSI Volumes using openfiler - (Video) 1.11 Configure iSCSI Volumes on Oracle RAC Nodes - (Video) 1.12 Install and configure Oracle Cluster File System(OCFS2)- (Video) 1.13 Install and Configure ASM (ASMLib2.0) - (Video) 1.14 Download Oracle RAC 10g Software - (Video) 1.15 Pre-Installation Tasks for Oracle 10g Release 2- (Video) 1.16 Install Oracle Clusterware 10g - - (Video) 1.17 Upgrade Oracle Clusterware from to - (Video) 1.18 Install and configure Automatic Storage Management (ASM) - (Video) 1.19 Apply the Patch Set to the ASM Home - (Video) 1.20 Install Oracle Database 10gR2 Software - - (Video) 1.21 Install Oracle Database 10g Companion CD Software - (Video) 1.22 Apply the Patch set to Oracle Home - (Video) 1.23 Create TNS Listener Process - (Video) 1.24 Create ASM Instance - (Video) 1.25 Install the EM agent on each cluster node - (Video) 1.25.1 Pre-Installation Requirements - (Video) 1.25.2 Download Oracle Management Agent ( - (Video) 1.25.3 Install Management Agent ( in RAC Environment - (Video) 1.25.4 Verify Agent Status - (Video) 1.25.5 Secure the Management Agent if necessary - (Video) 1.26 Create a Cluster Database - (Video) 1.27 Post-Installation Tasks - (Optional) - (Video) 1.27.1 Re-compile Invalid Objects - (Video) 1.27.2 Enabling Archive Logs and Flashback in a RAC Environment - (Video) 1.27.3 Create Shared Oracle Password Files - (Video) 1.28 Verify TNS Networking Files - (Video) 1.29 Create / Alter Tablespaces - () 1.30 Verify the RAC Cluster & Database Configuration - (Video) 1.31 Configuring the Initialization Parameters - (Video) 1.32 Startup / Shutdown the Oracle RAC 10gR2 - (Video) 1.32.1 Stopping the Oracle RAC 10g Environment - (Video) 1.32.2 Start Monitor the alert.log - () 1.32.3 Start the Oracle RAC 10g - () 2. Building an Oracle RAC 10gR2 for RAC Standby 2.1 Install Linux OS(CentOS 5.3) - () 2.2 Install Required Linux Packages for Oracle RAC - (Video) 2.3 Network Configuration - (Video) 2.4 Create "oracle" User and Directories - (Video) 2.5 Configure the Linux Servers for Oracle - (Video) 2.6 Configure the "hangcheck-timer" Kernel Module - (Video) 2.7 Configure RAC Nodes for Remote Access using SSH - (Video) 2.8 Configure iSCSI Volumes using openfiler - (Video) 2.9 Configure iSCSI Volumes on Oracle RAC Nodes - (Video) 2.10 Install and configure Oracle Cluster File System(OCFS2) - (Video) 2.11 Install and Configure ASM (ASMLib2.0) - (Video) 2.12 Download Oracle RAC 10g Software - (Video) 2.13 Pre-Installation Tasks for Oracle 10g Release 2 - (Video) 2.14 Install Oracle Clusterware 10g - - (Video) 2.15 Upgrade Oracle Clusterware from to - (Video) 2.16 Install and configure Automatic Storage Management (ASM) - (Video) 2.17 Apply the Patch Set to the ASM Home - (Video) 2.18 Install Oracle Database 10gR2 Software - - (Video) 2.19 Install Oracle Database 10g Companion CD Software - (Video) 2.20 Apply the Patch set to Oracle Home - (Video) 2.21 Create TNS Listener Process - (Video) 2.22 Create ASM Instance - (Video) 2.23 Install the EM agent on each cluster node - (Video) 2.23.1 Pre-Installation Requirements - (Video) 2.23.2 Download Oracle Management Agent ( - (Video) 2.23.3 Install Management Agent ( in RAC Environment - (Video) 2.23.4 Verify Agent Status - () 2.23.5 Secure the Management Agent if necessary - () 2.24 Create a Cluster Database - (Video) 2.25 Post-Installation Tasks - (Optional) - (Video) 2.25.1 Re-compile Invalid Objects - (Video) 2.25.2 Enabling Archive Logs and Flashback in a RAC Environment - (Video) 2.25.3 Create Shared Oracle Password Files - (Video) 2.26 Verify TNS Networking Files - (Video) 2.27 Create / Alter Tablespaces - () 2.28 Verify the RAC Cluster & Database Configuration - (Video) 2.29 Configuring the Initialization Parameters - (Video) 2.30 Startup / Shutdown the Oracle RAC 10gR2 - ()
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Database Month! Making Sense of Big Data with Hadoop by Oracle DBA & ACE Director at Pythian
Making Sense of Big Data with Hadoop by Gwen Shapira, Senior Oracle DBA and Oracle ACE Director at Pythian A Database Month event: http://www.NYCSQL.com/events/59997272/ Hosted by Eric David Benari Hadoop is an open source framework for distributed data analysis. It is also a major part of Oracle's recently announced Big Data Appliance. This presentation will discuss questions raised by traditional IT organizations as they are trying to move Hadoop from the development lab to the data center: Is Hadoop just another ETL tool? What unique value can Hadoop bring to the business? How does the data in Hadoop fit into data life cycle in the organization? And how can we connect the dots to arrive at a consistent and manageable BI architecture? This presentation is aimed at IT professionals who are interested in moving with their organization toward an era where big data is a strategic advantage. Gwen Shapira, Senior Oracle DBA at Pythian Gwen Shapira is Pythian's newest Oracle ACE Director and has studied computer science, statistics, and operations research at the University of Tel Aviv, and then went on to spend the next ten years in different technical positions in the IT industry. Gwen is an OakTable member, and an Oracle Certified Professional, specializing in scalability and high-availability solutions such as RAC and Streams.
Performing SQL queries within R using sqldf package
This video shows how to run SQL code within R, with explanations of the different types of data joins and covers subsetting data and summary calculations. The code and the files for this example can be found at: http://randyzwitch.com/sqldf-package-r/
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Oracle 11g New Features : SQL Plan Management  (Baselining)
Oracle 11g SQL Plan Management, a.k.a. Baselining, will solve the major issues of change control. We can give you an absolute guarantee - if you configure this as part of your upgrade - that SQL statement execution (performance) will never regress. You may also like our new and free Oracle 12c video tutorials, https://www.skillbuilders.com/free-oracle-database-tutorials . This tutorial is particularly relevant: it provides a review of baselining then reveals 12c performance features https://www.skillbuilders.com/free-oracle-database-tutorials/oracle-12c-sql-performance-features-agenda-session/
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TDP tutorial. Insert Data Manually
This tutorial shows how to insert data manually in the TradingDiary Pro. TradingDiary Pro is trading journal, risk management and performance recorder software with automated import, wide range of configurations, useful statistics and reports. https://www.tradingdiarypro.com
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SQL - Multisets, Distinct operator, Set Operators & String Comparison
For Complete Video Series visit http://www.studyyaar.com/index.php/module/14-sql More Learning Resources and Full videos are only available at www.studyyaar.com This video clip is part of module available at http://www.studyyaar.com/index.php/learning-program/2-database-management-system-part-1
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Bloom Filters
Bloom filters and the analysis of the probability of false positives
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1 - Real-time Monitoring
View a demo of how our contact center solution provides supervisors with point-and-click access to real-time performance statistics for their contact center. Comprehensive real-time statistics notify agents and supervisors immediately of any issues in contact center performance and enable them to see who is available to answer or help with calls. They can easily spot problems areas, analyze trends, and ensure the contact center is operating at optimal efficiency.
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Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances - Demonstration: ZFS Storage Appliance Details (Part 6 of 6)
Learn about the options and capabilities of ZFS storage appliance management. Part 6 of 6 in this series from SkillBuilders.com/ZFS. Mick: Now we're going to look at the Storage Appliance in some detail. The first thing we're going to do is just have a quick look through the different menus that you see here at the top. You can see that within the different menus - can you see here you have services, storage, network, etc. on the configuration? These are maintenance menu which allows you to do things with the system. For example, do a reset which is what I have to do every time I want to start from scratch for example. I can create shares. I can look at the system status and my status screen showing various analytics or I can generate specific analytics. Just let's get started by showing you how I can add statistic, say a percent utilization of the CPU and instantly I'll get a nice graph coming up. I can add another statistic like network interface statistics. I can go on like this creating whatever statistics I like. Using these little buttons here, these icons, I can show a minute of data, show an hour. Obviously, the appliance would need to be running for some time before I could actually show these in full detail - show a full day, etc. I can represent data by different types of graph. You can see pretty detailed information is available. Let's go back. What I'll do is start by going into configuration and I'll create a user account. The analogy would be just like creating a user on a Microsoft system or Unix box. I'll click on plus (+), I'll create a user. ZFSuser1, local only, not on the network directory. Clear the password. The things here require sessionalization. It would mean if they user logged in, they have to type a reason as to why they're logging in, if they have some sort of admin function on the Storage Appliance. I only want to use the user for authenticating when I access the share. If I click kiosk user, that would then restrict what they could see when they use the browser interface to look at the Storage Appliance. I'm going to add the user then I'm going to go into shares. Rather than create a single share, which I could do, I'm going to go into projects so I can categorize my share under project which will make it easier for me to manage a bit later. I'm going to add a project called SkillBuilders. Now I'm going to go back into shares and bring up my projects, select SkillBuilders. Now when I create a file system that will be associated with that project (as you can see) and I'm going to create a share called reports owned by the user I've just created, zfsuser1. Here I can set my permissions, which you can see are Unix permission groups, and I can click on individual permissions. I'm just going to leave read-write execute for owner at the moment. From there I've created a share. Now you might say, "How would you see this?" Just like any other share. If I go into a remote session, I'm going to log into a local system, logging in as zfsuser1. I've got the equivalent user account setup on my Solaris 10 system. If I do showmount-c, I can see the report share is exported. Note the default mount point export report which I can change if I want to but everything is shared from /export. In order to mount this manually I would need to become root on my Solaris box and then mount mnt directory and /mnt. As you may be aware, if you're used to Solaris, it is always a mnt directory that's handy for mounting stuff. Usually it is.
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BUTOBU - Web Design and Web Development - Marketing - Business to Business Portal
www.butobu.com www.elitesolution.net [email protected] BuToBu packages are created for companies with the intend to increase their business by using active internet marketing. YOUR OWN WEBSITE AND PREMIUM BUTOBU PACKAGE Three internet shops with unlimited number of products and services A programme for independent management of contents â€" CMS; Content Management System Unlimited number of photographs, video clips, business advertisements, news and catalogues Inbuilt optimization for browsers SEO; Search Engine Optimization Statistics regarding sales, systems for communication and marketing campaign Free technical support
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Pinning Down "Privacy" in Statistical Databases
Tutorial on statistical databases presented at Crypto 2012 by Adam Smith. More papers by Adam Smith at http://www.iacr.org/cryptodb/data/author.php?authorkey=492
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Oracle SQL Tuning - Data Warehouse Star Transformations, Even with Standard Edition!
Joining large tables in a Data Warehouse will often generate star transformations in the execution plan. So, what is a star transformation? And, what if you don't have Enterprise Edition - so you can't build Bitmap Indexes? In this free tutorial, Oracle Master John Watson will demonstrate star transformations in EE and how to make them work even without bitmap indexes - Standard Edition can save you thousands in licensing fees! This is Part 3 of a 5 Part series. View all video tutorials at SkillBuilders.com/EqualSQL.
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DB Optimizer - Karen Morton
Karen Morton, Oracle ACE and performance tuning specialist, describes her experience using DB Optimizer at Fidelity Information Services (FIS). DB Optimizer has helped Karen discover problems that were previously undetected by native tools.
The ERA System
http://tinyurl.com/788sb5b Surprising as it is, a lot of bettors believe that just because they can rattle off a few team stats or the starting line up, they have what it takes to win a bet.Nothing could be further from the truth.To be successful you need to analyze statistics and trends... record player stats and injuries... keep up with travel schedules and rest days... follow the odds and line movements... tracking match ups - past and present... plot streaks and conditions... research games, teams, players, etc. And that's only the beginning! That's why we developed "The ERA System".Check the link now!
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Voice-Enable Your Warehouse with an RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solution
Improve the speed, efficiency and safety of warehouse operations with RFgen-Vocollect Voice Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Deltek Costpoint applications. From receiving all the way through shipping, everything runs faster with voice-enabled data collection.This translates into 30 percent more productivity, 99 percent more accuracy, a 50 percent reduction in training, and increased safety in the warehouse.
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Attending an Oracle Workshop Online
http://www.perftuning.com/course-summaries - Attending an Oracle workshop online can help IT people learn more about Oracle and its features. The Oracle grid control is one topic that is discussed in online tutorials. The Oracle 11g grid control is also included in white papers, which can be downloaded from virtual sites.
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E2 TV: Data Smooth as BUTTER?
A lot of companies are looking for a big-data, cloud-ready, Linux file system and Oracle may have given us one with Btrfs ("Butter-FS"), designed on the binary tree model, extensible to zetabytes, and cloud-enabled. It's available in production version now and worth checking!
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to execute sql and Sqlplus commands from an external script
How to execute sql and Sqlplus commands from an external script
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Product Overviews: Using Systemtap
Principal Software Engineer Will Cohen gives an overview of SystemTap, including how it works, setting up SystemTap, common techniques, and some example scripts including IO statistics, process polling, page faults and user space probing. sourceware.org/systemtap SystemTap Beginner's Guide - http://red.ht/J5I8g7 See our Groups if you want to post a SystemTap question (requires subscription) - http://red.ht/K0kCA7 Instrumenting the Linux kernel with SystemTap (requires subscription) - http://red.ht/HYFfz8
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Database Tutorial 15 - Computers and Databases
Database Tutorial. This video is about Database Fundamentals. I hope this series of videos can help those who want to be Database Professionals. I will cover various database technologies including Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server database and Sybase. Video: What is the Difference between Primary Key and Unique Key (Video 15 in the Database Tutorial Series) (Common for Oracle/Microsft SQL Server/Sybase /MySQL)
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OBIEE Training - How to Create an OBIEE 11g Analysis
Read the full OBIEE 11g tutorial here: https://www.fireboxtraining.com/blog/2014/07/07/create-analysis-obiee-11g-tutorial This OBIEE training tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple analysis that uses a sectioned report as well as analysis prompt. We will also apply conditional formatting to highlight certain fields if the revenue value is a certain value or higher. Discover more about learning programming for business at https://www.fireboxtraining.com/
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Linux Firewall: IPTables to Block/Allow Incoming Traffic
A tutorial on how to initially configure your linux firewall using IPTables to block/allow traffic. Thank you for watching!! See you next time! :) Please "like" this video if you found it helpful! THANK YOU!! Twitter & Facebook: SysAdmGirl
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Introduction to Customer Data Manager
Many merchants need the ability to store sensitive customer data safely. The Customer Data Manager allows businesses to leverage eProcessing Network's secure servers to manage payment data and easily charge repeat customers.
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SAP D&T Academy - How to Tune SAP Sybase IQ with the Index Advisor
This video will walk you step-by-step through the process to Tune SAP Sybase IQ with the Index Advisor, so that you can perform this process on your system. This video is part of the SAP Database & Technology Academy.
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HKUST Great Minds 2012
"HKUST Great Minds" is different from any traditional speaking events in HKUST. "HKUST Great Minds" is a student-organized discussion that pairs leading lecturers with eager listeners, attracting these great minds to help explore and inspire new ways of thinking. We believe how little things can make a big difference, and we truly believe in the power of ideas - to change attitudes, to change lives and ultimately, to change the world. Be with us! Be enlightened soon! This year's speakers and topics: Professor IP Nancy Y (Dean of Science) "Understand Your Mind - A Key to Success" Professor CHENG Shiu Yuen (Department of Mathematics) "Hearing the Drum" Professor KO Edmond (Center for Engineering Education Innovation, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering) "Transformative Learning" Professor SING Ming (Division of Social Science) "The Chief Executive Election: The implication to Hong Kong" Professor CHAN Chi Ming (Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Division of Environment) "A Silicon Valley in Hong Kong" Professor CHOW King Lau (Division of Life Science) "Life Starts with a Can of Worms" Professor DERMAN Joshua (Division of Humanities) "Why History is Matter Today?" Professor YIK Oi-yee Michelle (Division of Social Science) "Living Out Your Dreams with Passion" Professor LAU Ronald (Department of Information System, Business Statistics and Operations Management) "Anyone Can Teach You, But Only You Can Learn" Professor NASON Stephen W (Department of Management) "Making Better Decisions"
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Transform Data Into Insight
http://www.kpipartners.com - So, your global enterprise has collected some data. And I'm not talking small data, like a couple of spreadsheets, I'm talking big data, like mountains of point-of-sale transactions, video feeds, website statistics, social media posts, image metadata, and more. Not gigabytes or terabytes but exabytes of data. How do you start to make sense of all this raw data? Well, you could just take a sample of the data and process it with the resources you already have.... But, you would only have visibility into that small sample in which to make important decisions. That's were KPI comes in. They create tools for companies to easily analyze their big data to get quick insights. In short KPI transforms data into insight.
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01.27_Oracle_10gR2_RAC_1.27 Verify Cluster Network Configuration_20120204.flv
Oracle 10g/11g RAC, DataGuard, GoldenGate,Streams Hands-on Practices Training. ONLY $199 Please feel free to contact me: E-mail/Skype: [email protected] 1. Building an Oracle RAC 10g R2 ( on Linux 1.1 Install Linux OS(CentOS 5.3) - () 1.2 Install Required Linux Packages for Oracle RAC - (Video) 1.3 Network Configuration - (Video) 1.4 Create "oracle" User and Directories - (Video) 1.5 Configure the Linux Servers for Oracle - (Video) 1.6 Configure the "hangcheck-timer" Kernel Module - (Video) 1.7 Configure RAC Nodes for Remote Access using SSH - (Video) 1.8 IP SAN Configuration - Openfiler - () 1.9 Install Openfiler - () 1.10 Configure iSCSI Volumes using openfiler - (Video) 1.11 Configure iSCSI Volumes on Oracle RAC Nodes - (Video) 1.12 Install and configure Oracle Cluster File System(OCFS2) - (Video) 1.13 Install and Configure ASM (ASMLib2.0) - (Video) 1.14 Download Oracle RAC 10g Software - (Video) 1.15 Pre-Installation Tasks for Oracle10g Release 2 - (Video) 1.16 Install Oracle Clusterware 10g - - (Video) 1.17 Install and configure Automatic Storage Management (ASM) - (Video) 1.18 Install Oracle Database 10gR2 Software - (Video) 1.19 Install Oracle Database 10g Companion CD Software - (Video) 1.20 Create TNS Listener Process - (Video) 1.21 Create ASM Instance - (Video) 1.22 Create a Cluster Database - (Video) 1.23 Post-Installation Tasks - (Optional) - (Video) 1.23.1 Re-compile Invalid Objects - (Video) 1.23.2 Enabling Archive Logs and Flashback in a RAC Environment - (Video) 1.23.3 Create Shared Oracle Password Files - (Video) 1.24 Verify TNS Networking Files - (Video) 1.25 Create / Alter Tablespaces - () 1.26 Verify the RAC Cluster & Database Configuration - (Video) 1.27 Verify Cluster Network Configuration - (Video) 2. RAC Database Administration and Workload Management 2.1 Starting / Stopping the Cluster - (Video) 2.2 Transparent Application Failover - (TAF) - () 2.3 Configuring the Server Parameter File(SPFILE) in RAC - (Video) 3. Upgrading Oracle CRS, ASM, RDBMS and Database 3.1 Download and Extract the Installation Software - (Video) 3.2 Pre-installation Tasks for Patch set and Release Upgrades - (Video) 3.3 Oracle Clusterware Rolling Upgrade - (Video) 3.4 Apply the patch to the ASM Home - (Video) 3.5 Applying Patch set to Oracle RAC - (Video) 3.6 Upgrading Oracle Database 10.2.0.x to Using DBUA - (Video)
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Clinical Data Management and Statistical Analysis Software
Clinnovo Research Labs Pvt Ltd is a clinical Innovation organization focused not only on clinical Research but also on the statastical Analysis(SAS) with strong emphasis on practical training and projects.We offer training program for freshers to enter into the professional field of clinical research,CDM, SAS or Imaging Trials as well to the professionals who are interested to achieve excellence at their professional world. http://www.clinnovo.com/home
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SQL Server Quickie #2 - Extents
In this video we are talking about Extent Management in SQL Server.
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the proc directory in linux - "/proc/" - the linux file system
a quick overview on the proc directory in linux
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Standard costs
standard costs & balanced scorecard 1
SelectData_AttributeStatistics_Orange Presentation_Part1.mov
This video is part 1 of the presentation to demonstrate Select Data and Attribute Statistics in the Orange Data Mining Suite.
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IBM Database Conversion Workbench (DCW): An Overview
Now these are the tools which we used earlier when we talking about DB2 9.7 but with introduction of DB2 10.1 we came out with this fantastic tool called the database conversion workbench.
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The Setup: Managing an Army of Developer Laptops with Puppet - Will Farrington of GitHub
"The Setup: Managing an Army of Developer Laptops with Puppet" at PuppetConf '12, by Will Farrington, System Operations Engineer at GitHub, Inc. Learn more about Puppet: http://bit.ly/OUeBLk Abstract: At GitHub, we've got an army of developers, designers, and just plain amazing people. They've all got laptops, of course, and for a long time they were all managed painstakingly by hand about a billion different ways. Hold on a second! I thought we were developers. We should know better! That's why John Barnette and I wrote "The Setup". The Setup is our infrastructure for managing every machine GitHubbers use. The purpose of this talk is to talk about how The Setup came to be, some of the choices we've made, and some of the amazing things yet to come with this project — including lots of sweet, sweet open source love. Speaker Bio: Will is a developer and operations engineer. Will works on system operations at GitHub as part of the Operations team where he spends most of his time slinging Puppet to manage GitHub's extensive production environment. He is passionate about web operations and configuration management. Don't miss out on the next PuppetConf: http://www.puppetconf.com
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Regpack: Statistics for Online Registration Reports
Get a free demo @ http://www.regpacks.com/request_demo/ Learn more about Regpack @ http://www.regpacks.com/ , read our blog @ http://www.regpacks.com/blog/ , like us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/Regpack/ and follow us on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/regpack Use the statistics tool to visually analyze your online registration process. This easy to use and powerful tool will allow you to gain new insights in your business data.
Sales Analysis: Tyler Net - Retail POS Software, Retail POS Systems
MUSIC: "Chords for David" by Pitx, featuring jlbrock http://ccmixter.org/files/Pitx/30638 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Liveasset - Award winning IT system for Field Service Management sets the standard
Liveasset is a breakthrough IT system for field service management, that relieves your service team from having to spend time and effort on distributing, filling out and typing in paper based service orders / service reports. Furthermore Liveasset is a significant new approach to coordinating work efficiently. The system integrates a visual coordinator tool ( GANTT ) and dispatch of assignments to field workers on smart phones, tablet PC's or laptops via the APP or laptop client. Furthermore it integrates fleet management system with route optimization especially designed for service teams, and powerful statistics and end customer ready reports. This video introduces our latest version of the system.
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Usability Testing Lab at System Concepts Ltd
Our central London usability labs are designed for usability and accessibility testing a wide range of products and systems including websites, mobile phones, interactive TV and other digital media. Please see our website www.system-concepts.com/usability.html for our full range of usability and user experience services.
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Using SQL Profiler Part1 Lesson 9.2
Chapter09.SQL Profiler
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The Importance of Reproducible Research in High-Throughput Biology
VideoLectures.Net View the talk in context: http://videolectures.net/cancerbioinformatics2010_baggerly_irrh/ View the complete Cancer Bioinformatics Workshop, Cambridge 2010: http://videolectures.net/cancerbioinformatics2010_cambridge/ Speaker: Keith A. Baggerly, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston License: Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 More information at http://videolectures.net/site/about/ More talks at http://videolectures.net/ 0:00 The Importance of Reproducibility in High-Throughput Biology: Case Studies in Forensic Bioinformatics 1:19 Why is RR So Important in H-TB? 2:43 Using the NCI60 to Predict Sensitivity 5:19 Fit Training Data 5:58 Fit Testing Data 6:46 5-FU Heatmaps - 1 7:21 5-FU Heatmaps - 2 7:30 5-FU Heatmaps - 3 7:46 Their List and Ours 8:28 Offset P-Values: Other Drugs 9:02 Using Their Software 10:00 Heatmaps Match Exactly for Most Drugs! - 1 10:45 Heatmaps Match Exactly for Most Drugs! - 2 11:34 Predicting Docetaxel (Chang 03) 12:36 Predicting Adriamycin (Holleman 04) 13:51 There Were Other Genes... 15:12 RR Theme: Don't Take My Word For It! 15:45 Potti/Nevins Reply (Nat Med 13:1277-8) 16:51 Adriamycin 0.9999 + Correlations (Reply) - 1 17:54 Adriamycin 0.9999 + Correlations (Reply) - 2 18:22 The First 20 Files Now Named 19:14 Validation 1: Hsu et al 20:29 The 4 We Can't Match (Reply) 21:00 Some Timeline Here... - 1 21:12 Some Timeline Here... - 2 21:44 Some Timeline Here... - 3 22:00 Jan 29, 2010 22:21 Why We're Unhappy... - 1 22:44 Why We're Unhappy... - 2 23:25 We Tried Matching The Samples 24:36 FOI(L)A! - 1 24:54 FOI(L)A! - 2 25:32 May 14, 2010 25:53 July 16, 2010 26:21 July 19, 2010 26:48 Subsequent Events, and a Caveat - 1 27:13 Subsequent Events, and a Caveat - 2 27:30 Some Observations 28:09 What Should the Norm Be? 28:38 Some Lessons 29:42 Questions
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Smarter License Management with IBM Power Systems - Basics
More and more clients are looking to optimize their software license stack and potentially save cost here. IBM's Power platform offers specific features that support an intelligent license management and a better utilization of modern data centers. In this 1st of 2 videos, Annika Blank, IT Architect from IBM, explains how Power 7+ accelerators and PowerVM can address those challenges and how pooling of real and virtual Server resources is working. The 2nd video will show an example how to implement intelligent license management to optimize IT cost. Please subscribe to receive information about all new videos.
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5.2 Further SQL in SAS (linux)
In this video we see how to do various things using SQL in SAS: - Select distinct observations - Select particular observations using the where statement - Order observations - Output statistical results aggregated using the group by statement. Note that the video shows SAS 9.3 running on ubuntu 11.10 but the general idea as well as look and feel is similar to SAS running on other operating systems.
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Demartek NetApp Multiprotocol Storage Evaluation
NetApp commissioned Demartek to evaluate its FAS3240, one of the members of its full line of unified storage solutions, for its ability to handle a full load of mixed traffic types simultaneously. The NetApp FAS3240 storage system was able to handle multiple file and block protocols simultaneously including NFS, iSCSI, FC and FCoE, and supported the bandwidth allocation capabilities of DCB known as Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS). It also provides traditional Fibre Channel data access on separate Fibre Channel connections within the same storage controller. The full report is available at http://www.demartek.com/Demartek_NetApp_Multiprotocol_Evaluation_2012-01.html on the Demartek website. The free Demartek monthly newsletter provides updates on public evaluations, deployment guides and commentaries and is available at http://www.demartek.com/newsletter on the Demartek website.
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Social Media Publisher V1.0 for Web Content Manager V7.0
The Social Media Publisher for Web Content Manager is an extension to Web Content Manager that allows businesses to promote their web content on social networks, as well as provide some basic statistics about the promoted content. It can be downloaded from the WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog: https://greenhouse.lotus.com/plugins/plugincatalog.nsf/assetDetails.xsp?action=editDocument&documentId=3E21DDAB3EE4DC598525775E00576826
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DB2 for z/OS Best Practice: Continuous Availablility
This presentation is from a set of recommendations developed by reviewing multiple DB2 customers environments. Many customer environments can benefit from these lessons learned. This specific presentation deals with obtaining continuous availability. Topics include: Continuous availability versus fast failover, Coupling Facility structure duplexing, automated restart, environments with multiple DB2 data sharing groups, and application considerations.
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Clinical Data management
Clinnovo Research Labs Pvt Ltd is a clinical innovation company focused on Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management, SAS, Clinical Research Training, SAS Training http://www.clinnovo.com/home
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