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Drunk Man On His Way Home
Drunk man in London on his way home. Captured by Station CCTV.
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Brit's Late-Night Long Walk Home
Drunk Guy Walk Home More http://www.padamnaryj.pl
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Aussie Drunk Man walk through fence
Original aussie Drunk wasted man walks falls walk through fence. HD QUALITY has to much to drink. you got to see you will laugh. in Australia As seen on many tv show most daring most shocking trutv just to name a few.
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Ultimate drunk man beaten by hill
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Drunk man walking 😂
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Drunk man walking
Intoxicated man walking the streets of Philadelphia
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Drunk man tries to walk up the street
A hammered dude tries to walk up a street and fails massively!
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(Full Version) Police investigating after drunken thug knocks over elderly man near Aintree racecour
The first day of The Grand National, Thursday 9th of April, at Aintree Race Course in Liverpool. A drunk man brushes past an elderly pundit also intoxicated but minding his own business. The video first released has been cut down to make it look more sinister.. The full version may tell another story.. or does it? You decide! Personally I still think he knocked in to him on purpose because his mate is recording him to make it funnier! The man who could have died smacking hid head on the road lost teeth and smashed his phone a site has been set up to raise money to help the man pay to get his teeth and phone replaced! Has raised £610 of a £200 target.. In the Liverpool Echo the man who recorded the video 'who laughs the whole way through' Philip Dears of Liverpool has been removed but on his facebook page he has issues this statement It's very important that people take 2 mins to read this post. I have a 2 minute long video of my mate Terry drunk walking home from the races on Thursday, during which he staggers and accidentally bumps into an old man. The man falls and I'm filming the whole situation trying not to laugh. When I realise the seriousness of the situation the phone goes off, the laughing stops and I check on the old man, he is hurt on the floor but is being seen to by stewards awaiting medical attention. I turned my attention to Terry and wanted to make sure he gets home safety. On Friday my wife contacted Aintree A+E for me to try and see how the old man was doing but they could not give any information to her. I have no idea yet how this has happened or how someone has got my video but on Saturday someone has chopped down and posted as if we deliberately target the old man and assault him, I have no idea who or why they have done this but their video has exploded all over the internet and the media. The police are dealing with this matter, we have been up to speak with them last night and they have my proper video. I have every confidence that common sense will prevail and people will see the truth, but I will post the full video on here so people can watch and judge for themselves. When you see the video you will see this is a total accidental collision, it's important people get this truth because a lot of people are very upset and I can see why because it looks like a malicious, cowardly attack but this is far from the reality of the situation. Please watch the full video judge for yourself and let's see what the police say about it all. This is an unbelievable turn of events that has escalated out of all control. I'm hoping common sense prevails and people give as much exposure to the true video as they have to the bad one. I have been sent unbelievable messages of support from family and friends, people who know me, who know my true character have written to say they know the truth and this video just confirms it. People who don't know me however unfortunately that is a different story. Please watch the full video I put up and then make up your mind.
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the drunk man walking home funny (southend on sea ) old 1990
Southend on sea drunk man walking Uploaded with Free Video Converter from Freemake http://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/
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Drunk man walking on street
A very drunk man walking down the street
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Drunk man walking home
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drunk man walking home
swaying alover the pavement bless him
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Walking home drunk
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Drunk man walking in the middle of the road
On my way to country we saw a drunk man walking in the middle of the road and we decided to stop then he fell so we helped him. Hope he got home safe.
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Hilarious drunk guy walking home
Mike D trying to walk to the car after a Saturday night of boozing at The River Rat. He says walking is all about the momentum don't stop the inertia. He falls down!
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Drunk woman walking home
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Drunk guy trying to walk home...
Dorpsdag Kapellen 2012, a drunk guy is making his way home. Or at least trying to...
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Drunk guy walking home falls over
He has a couple bottles of alchohol, a bottle of cranberry juice, 2 steaks and 2 large containers of yogurt.
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Drunk Man Walking
Drunk Man walking home in the cold, in Larvik, Norway. With amazing wavelength...
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A VERY DRUNK MAN tries to walk home after a night out and FALLS down STAIRS but gets up and carries on walking home. VERY FUNNY all caught on CCTV. PLEASE CHECK MY OTHER CLIPS here is a link to one of my other CLIPS. Couple CAUGHT HAVING SEX IN TATTOO SHOP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOTvUmLqJ8U ENJOY
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Drunk Guy Walking Home
walking home from nite out having a good old fashioned rant.
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Drunk Irish man walks home
Drunk Irish man walks home... Barely
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Drunk Man Walking
A drunk man walking home from a bar at 9:00 am on the White Horse Pike. This guy is rumbling, bumbling, stumbling, and it seems he is also popping and locking.
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Walking Home Drunk!
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Funny Drunk Asian Man Walking Home
I filmed this while I was working. I saw him and thought, oh man this is gonna be funny, and sure enough...it was. ENJOY!!!
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Drunk snapchat in County Offaly Ireland walking home
My drunken snapchat journey walking towards home from Shinrone to Rath in County Offaly before being picked up on the way by mammy!
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Drunk man walking
He likes to drink
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Drunk Walking With Style!
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Callums drunk walk home
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Drunk man Zombie walk
Drunken man funny Zombie walk
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Drunk Man Walking
A security cam video from a major Chain store featuring a man so drunk he's walking sideways. The best part is what how he deals with the police when they roll up. has the music of system of a down for a soundtrack.
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Walking Home Drunk??
NOT CLICKBAIT, got some pretty wise words to tell ya lmao SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_... Hey, what's up, My name is Dave Arquiza, and much love for being on my channel! I'm a teenager from Canada where my channel follows my lifestyle, my rants, my opinions, and current fashion. Hope y'all enjoy the vids, later! Follow me to stay updated on my life!: Twitter: http://twitter.com/davearquiza Instagram: http://instagram.com/davearquiza SNAPCHAT: "arquiza" FAQ: How old are you? - 17 Where do you live? - Toronto, Canada Ethnicity? - Filipino & Spanish
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Drunk man walks home and talks shit
Drunken walk home from a club after taking a ninja piss, no memory whatsoever of this.
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Dad walking home drunk.
My dad & I walking home.. He's drunk.. It was his birthday.. Oh god.
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A very drunk man walking down the street on a very cold night
I was driving home late one night and saw this very drunk man walking down the street on a very cold night.
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Drunk guy coming home sketch
http://dild.net/ This is a great sketch of how it feels to be REALLY drunk. For other fun videoes visit http://dild.net/
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Scott Slater Walking Home Drunk
Scott Slater walking home drunk after a night out in Chester.
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Ryan & T-Fred... walking home drunk
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Drunk man walks on the road sideways and falls into a dirty hole
Cars r hooting for him as he walks into the road drunk 😂
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Drunk Kid Walking Home
This is a video about my (dumb)cousin walking home. He chugged some alcohol and my family joked that he would be drunk... I guess they were right.
Drunk man walking
Music by SL stereo: http://www.myspace.com/slstereo A drunk man trying to go back home in Warsaw, Poland. Funny video. Track title: "I can drink as much as I f*ng want"
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Drunk man walking
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Matt drunk walking home
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Drunk man walks home (doc)
via YouTube Capture
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