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in english. Hearts in Atlantis tells the story of Robert "Bobby" Garfield (David Morse), a middle-aged man recollecting his past, in particular the summer when he was eleven years old (Anton Yelchin). During that summer, he and his two friends, Carol Gerber (Mika Boorem) and John "Sully" Sullivan (Will Rothhaar), experienced many things together, the most mysterious of which was meeting an older gentleman named Ted Brautigan (Anthony Hopkins). Bobby lives with his single mother, the self-centered Liz Garfield (Hope Davis), who takes in Brautigan as a boarder. Ted takes the lonely Bobby under his wing, while his mother is busy with her job - including entertaining her boss as a way of paying off debt supposedly left by Bobby's late father. The two form a paternal father-son bond, and it slowly becomes evident that Ted has some psychic and telekinetic powers. These same powers are the reason that Brautigan has come to this sleepy town. In due course Ted entrusts Bobby with the knowledge that he has escaped the grasp of the "Low Men", strange people who would stop at nothing to get him back in their control. After reading Bobby's mind and realizing that the boy dreams of owning a bicycle; Ted kindly offers Bobby $1 a week in exchange for his reading a newspaper out aloud. Bobby quickly twigs that Ted has some other purpose in mind. Mysteriously, Ted asks Bobby to keep an eye on the neighborhood looking for any signs of the "low men", like announcements about missing pets. Bobby sees one, but doesn't tell Ted, afraid to lose his new friend. Bobby, Carol, and John have frequent conflicts with the local town bully, Harry Doolin (Timmy Reifsnyder), whom Ted is able to scare away by looking into his mind and finding out that his violence is used to cover up the fact that he is secretly a cross-dresser. However, at one point, Harry hurts Carol, and when Ted manipulates her dislocated shoulder into place, Liz arrives, after being raped by her boss, and mistakenly believes that Ted is a child molester. She is confronted by Ted's ability to tell her the truth about what she has been through, and how her behavior is affecting her relationship with her son, providing another reason that Ted must leave. That and the "low men" are closing in on him. Ted is eventually captured with the help of a tip from Liz. As some form of closure, Ted yells to Bobby as he is being driven away that he wouldn't have missed a moment "not for all the world", and later Bobby mirrors the same feelings. Bobby is later confronted by Harry but Bobby grabs the latter's baseball bat and beats him with it. Liz later finds a new job in Boston and moves the family there. Before he leaves, Bobby and Carol say their goodbyes and share a final kiss. At the end of the film, a grown up Bobby (who has travelled back to attend the funeral of his childhood friend John 'Sully' Sullivan) meets a young woman named Molly who turns out to be Carol's daughter. Bobby produces a picture of a young Carol (who died in recent years) and gives it to Molly to keep.
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10 Underrated Stephen King Books
More about Stephen King: http://www.abebooks.com/books/authors/stephen-king.shtml?cm_mmc=soc-_-youtube-_-MERCH-_-link You've heard of Stephen King's classic books like Carrie, Salem's Lot, Cujo, It and Pet Sematary but with a career spanning 40 years and counting it's easy to overlook some of his lesser-known works. We've picked 10 books written by the King of Horror that we consider to be under-rated. 1) Faithful: This non-fiction book started as an email exchange between two fans of the Boston Red Sox, Stephen King and co-author Stewart O'Nan, but turned into the next best thing to seats behind first base. 2) Rose Madder: A novel about the effects of domestic violence and one woman's attempted escape to a better life. 3) Bag of Bones: The story follows bestselling novelist Mike Nooan as he grieves the sudden loss of his wife, subsequent writer's block and the terrors that follow. 4) Lisey's Story: Follow the widow of famous author, Scott Landon, as she deals with his death, learns of his special powers and the gift he left behind. 5) The Dark Half: King published this book and declared his real life pseudonymous alter ego Richard Bachman was dead. In the book, Thad Beaumont, a writer, announces his own pseudonym, George Stark, is dead. Unlike Bachman, Stark won't go down without a fight. 6) The Long Walk: Written when King was a college student, this book explores the cruelty of adolescence. The Long Walk is a march that lasts until only one is left standing; the losers receive bullets to the head. 7) Heart in Atlantis: Composed of five interconnected, sequential narratives set between 1960 and 1999 - each story is deeply rooted in the 1960s and haunted by the Vietnam War. 8) From a Buick 8: When the State Patrol Troop D comes into possession of a vintage automobile they had no idea of the looming danger. 9) Needful Things: The last story about King's fictional town, Castle Rock, Maine -- follows multiple characters and a new shop in town that specializes in your heart's secret desire. 10) The Talisman: When Jack and his mother move from New York City to New Hampshire he wonders what she's running from. When he realizes only he can save her -- it's up to him to cross a landscape of dangers, lies and monsters. Subscribe to the AbeBooks Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AbeBooks You will see book reviews, bookshops, top 10s, rare and beautiful books, tips for book collectors, author profiles and much more. We love books and are glad you do too. AbeBooks is an online marketplace for books. Millions of new, used, rare, and out-of-print books are offered for sale through the AbeBooks websites from thousands of booksellers around the world.
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The heart of atlantis HD
You can download the movie 1080p here: http://adf.ly/s8e2v or here: http://adf.ly/s8eGF ( también en español :) )
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Code Of Perfection - Hearts in Atlantis
Hearts in Atlantis by Code Of Perfection from the album Last Exit for the Lost Released 2009-08-21 on Limb Music Download on iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/album/id322541655?uo=6&app=itunes&at=10ldAw&ct=YTAT693723488028 Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Code+Of+Perfection+Last+Exit+for+the+Lost&c=music&PAffiliateID=100l3VM © 2006 Limb Music Products - a label of Diversity Media GmbH ℗
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Hearts In Atlantis // Final Thoughts (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)
The lyric video for our debut single "Finals Thoughts." Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by: Kyle Whittaker at Strange Pumpkin Studio Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/officialHiA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeartsInAtlantisOFFICIAL Download it now on our bandcamp! Bandcamp: http://www.officialHiA.bandcamp.com
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Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis Gameplay (PS3 HD)
Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis ps3 gameplay. MOAR: http://goo.gl/WTS5RW http://www.thefarm51.com/index.php?module=news&id=68&menu=1&p=1
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Hearts In Atlantis // Martyr (ALBUM STREAM)
Our most recent single "Martyr" off of our upcoming debut EP "Reliance". LYRICS: I will take my time Waiting on a sign. Fuck force feeding lies, Given to blind eyes. All these false prophets Only want profit. Digging in our pockets Will not be forgotten. Fill our heads with lies and slander, Second guesses, hope and wonder. "Reaching out" to those who fear, Doubt in every word you speak. Fill our heads with lies and slander, Second guesses, hope and wonder. "Reaching out" to those who fear, Doubt in every word you-- It's just something that Can't be taken back. Faith lost in my eyes. Last chance to say goodbye. Tangled in this life; Questions -- tell me why. What is all this for? This is giving up. Fill our heads with lies and slander, Second guesses, hope and wonder. "Reaching out" to those who fear, Doubt in every word you speak. Fill our heads with lies and slander, Second guesses, hope and wonder. "Reaching out" to those who fear, Doubt in every word you speak. I will never sleep, Hearing every word you weep. I will never sleep, Hearing every word you weep. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/officialHiA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeartsInAtlantisOFFICIAL Also, don't forget to check out our Bandcamp where you will be able to download both "Martyr" and "Final Thoughts" for free! Bandcamp: http://www.officialhia.bandcamp.com
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Hearts In Atlantis // Final Thoughts
Our official debut single "Finals Thoughts." Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by: Kyle Whittaker at Strange Pumpkin Studio Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/officialHiA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeartsInAtlantisOFFICIAL Download it now on our bandcamp! Bandcamp: http://www.officialHiA.bandcamp.com
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Hearts in Atlantis // Martyr (TEASER)
A teaser video for our recently recorded track "Martyr" off of our debut EP "Reliance", set to release sometime this summer! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/officialHiA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeartsInAtlantisOFFICIAL Check out our bandcamp to download our debut single "Final Thoughts" http://www.officialHiA.bandcamp.com Song: The Pull by Now, Now **We do not claim to own the rights to the song used in this video**
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Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis PS3 trailer
Take part in the great journey! Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis is an action-driven first-person shooter, spiced up with elements known from adventure games. The Farm 51 announced that Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis, is coming to the PlayStation®3 system in Summer 2014. Grab the opportunity and become an adventurer, hunt for treasures, explore unknown regions of the world and rescue the damsel in distress from the clutches of enemies, both earthly and not-so-earthly. More info: facebook.com/deadfalladventures twitter.com/DeadfallAdv
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Hearts in Atlantis FulL MovIE'
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Gothic Storm - Hearts In Atlantis
This is for promotion purpose ONLY. Image and song belong to rightful owners. Image: http://wallpaperscraft.com/download/underwater_world_ships_sea_girl_light_61660/3840x2160 Song: Hearts In Atlantis Album: EPIC EMOTIONAL ELECTRONICA GS019 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/epic-emotional-electronica/id899248988 Visit here for further info: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/GothicStormMusic Official Website: http://www.gothic-storm.com/
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MP Stephen King   Hearts in Atlantis   Part 1 audiobook in Russian language in Russian Language
Unlock Your Brain's True Potential - http://bit.ly/2hwFNAp Now You Can Learn To Use Your Natural Ability - http://bit.ly/2jL34yt1
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The Heart Of Reiki with Tibetan Chime Every 3 Mins
Amazing Music for Meditation and Reiki Practice with Tibetan Chime every 3 Minutes. Merlins Magic - The Heart Of Reiki http://www.last.fm/music/Merlin%27s+Magic
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Hearts In Atlantis (HD) Trailer
http://www.moviespoilersite.com This is a gentle, innocent film about the reflections of an aging man, who returns to his home town after the death of his best friend. Memories of life at age 11 floods back as it was a magical time that changed his life. Three 11 year old children (Bobby, Carol, and Sully) share their lives. Carol and Bobby have a special affection for one another including sharing a kiss "by which all others will be measured". Bobby lives with his mother, a bitter, vain woman who looks for pleasures for herself without sharing much with her son. Into their lives comes a mysterious new boarder, who befriends the boy but generates distrust from the mother. As time passes, the man and boy share confidences and special powers are revealed. The man warns the boy to be on the lookout for the "lowmen", who were seeking him. The two share a summer's adventures and come to love one another before the inevitable happens. A confrontation with a school bully also changes everyone.
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Deadfall Adventures Heart of Atlantis Demo Gameplay First Look PS3 HD
Deadfall Adventures Heart of Atlantis Demo Gameplay First Look PS3 HD Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis Developer: The Farm 51 Genre(s): Fantasy Wellcome to FP Good Game Like the video if you enjoyed ► Thanks for watching! Click Here To Subscribe! ► https://www.youtube.com/user/fpgoogame My Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/FPGood... My Twitch : http://www.twitch.tv/fpgoodgame My Twitter : https://twitter.com/Fpgoodgame My Google + : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+fpgoogam... It’s an action-packed journey played out on a great scale as Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis puts you into the boots of James Lee Quatermain, the world’s premier treasure hunter with a knack for adventurer . . . and trouble!. Head off into remote and inaccessible regions of the world in your quest to find lost riches and perhaps even rescue a damsel or two in distress from the clutches of enemies both earthly and not-so-earthly. As the story unfolds, Quatermain finds himself enmeshed in a treasure hunt across the globe. From the stormy deserts of Egypt to the icy depths of the Arctic and all the way to the steaming jungles of Guatemala, our hero struggles to retrieve an ancient and cherished artifact - The Heart of Atlantis!
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From Atlantis - Sink Fast
Off the Album "Pedestals" Merch: http://store.invoguerecords.com Digital: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pedestals/id549031378 https://open.spotify.com/artist/6jWjG1qqPEzvA7w1wxymf3 --------- Washed up and serving life. Selling our youth line by line. These nights are looming over my shoulder, They won’t quit, They wont quit until I am theirs. It’s the end, I can feel it in my veins. Sending me back to a daze. Claiming this is all a mistake. Heaven denied my cries for help. On our own until the grave, the soldier of misfortune. Casted to the shadow of death. Destroy every last hope. It no longer lingers with me. If I could do anything with these times, I would make myself better. I apologize for this. I’m starting to sink fast to the bottom, and lose all control again. you can only go so far along with just getting by. It’s the end, I can feel it in my veins sending me back through time, to fall into this empty place. I will need some good intentions This poison will end me, yet i’m just fine. It’s not just a bite, it’s a death sentence. Found a home in yourself. Sheltered from the world. Washed up and serving life. Selling our youth line by line. These nights are looming over my shoulder, They won’t quit, They wont quit until I am theirs. you’ve trusted your senses. they have failed you. you have failed us. feed yourself to this pain you know. you’ve done this all yourself, released by a skeleton key. dying off one by one. sealed by themselves. we are left with this. the path we lead is cursed. the illusions we see are blurred. I’m starting to sink fast to the bottom, And lose all control again. You can only go so far along with just getting by. It’s the end, I can feel it in my veins Sending me back through time to fall into this empty place. I will need some good intentions.
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All New Nations [ATLANTIS] | Hearts of Iron 4 Gameplay [AI Only HOI4 Mod]
All new nations and 3 new continents! Let's check out the Atlantis mod for Hearts of Iron 4. What changes will this have for our timeline and which ideologies will most of these countries choose? Let me know if you'd like to see more by smoking that like button! Become a Cracklord ► https://www.patreon.com/drewdurnil Patreon Super Supporters: SpatialWinterW, Johan Simonsen, FurryCruz, Daddy D, Elphie Coyle, Jane Copeland, Lauri Ketola, Kirby, Tiras C, TheUnusualArt, Shawn P, Whion, Sam Thomas, Benedikt Blömer Atlantis Mu Lemuria on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=929574016&searchtext= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Civilization 6: Minecraft with HOI4 Leaders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLdNOr0XACQ Hearts of Iron 4: Opposite World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0D-MJL6uso - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter ► https://twitter.com/drewdurnil Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/drewdurnil/ About Hearts of Iron 4: Victory is at your fingertips! Your ability to lead your nation is your supreme weapon, the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV lets you take command of any nation in World War II; the most engaging conflict in world history.
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Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Video)
Modern Talking's official music video for 'You're My Heart, You're My Soul'. Click to listen to Modern Talking on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/ModernTalkingSpoti... As featured on 25 Years of Disco Pop. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/25YearsOfDiscoPop?... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/YMHGPlay?IQid=Mode... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/25YearsA?IQid=Mode... More from Modern Talking Sexy Sexy Lover: https://youtu.be/KoqYHDiB6ew CheriCheri Lady: https://youtu.be/eNvUS-6PTbs Brother Louie: https://youtu.be/Lp2qcCrdBLA More great 80s videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate80?IQid=Mo... Follow Modern Talking Website: http://www.modern-talking-online.de/i... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ThomasAnders... Subscribe to Modern Talking on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/ModernTalkingSub?I... --------- Lyrics: Deep in my heart - there's a fire - a burning heart Deep in my heart - there's desire - for a start I'm dying in emotion It's my world in fantasy I'm living in my, living in my dreams You're my heart, you're my soul I'll keep it shining everywhere I go You're my heart, you're my soul I'll be holding you forever Stay with you together You're my heart, you're my soul Yeah, I'm feeling that our love will grow You're my heart, you're my soul That's the only thing I really know"
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'Hearts Atlantis' mermaid film promo
Hannah Fraser stars as the mermaid in short film Heart's Atlantis. http://www.maddogz.com.au/heartsatlantis/
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Seafret - Wildfire (Official Video)
Seafret - Wildfire (Official Video) Pre-Order our debut album Tell Me It's Real: http://smarturl.it/SeafretSite Stream Wildfire here: http://smarturl.it/SeafretStrm Subscribe to Seafret: http://smarturl.it/SeafretYT --------------- Watch Seafret'sofficial videos playlist:: http://smarturl.it/SeafretMusicYT --------------- Live dates: http://smarturl.it/SeafretLive?IQid=YT Receive our newsletters at: http://smarturl.it/SeafretNL --------------- Follow us: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/seafretofficial Twitter - https://twitter.com/SeafretOfficial Instagram - http://instagram.com/seafretofficial Stream - http://smarturl.it/SeafretStrm --------------- Music video by Seafret performing Wildfire. (C) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited http://vevo.ly/KuqN34
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What if Atlantis Was Real? Hearts of Iron IV
This fun scenario simulates if Atlantis was real in the World War II scenario. Song: Distrion & Alex Skrindo - Lightning [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/dM2hrLwdaoU Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/LightningYO Song: Elektronomia - Sky High [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/TW9d8vYrVFQ Download Link: https://NCS.lnk.to/SkyHigh
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Galantis - Hunter (Official Audio)
Galantis - Hunter out now! SEAFOXNATION!! new GALANTIS music 🙏 HUNTER is out now worldwide!! Usually when we write, we spend a lot of time dressing up a song ... but for Hunter, we decided to serve something different and dress it down. Checcck itttt! 😬 Out now on Big Beat/Atlantic: https://BigBeat.lnk.to/HunterAY Follow Galantis’ #GalantisFM Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm4qvC-ikbX5NsoIkmo8eB6tvUTR3PT0Y Subscribe to Galantis’ YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/galantistv Lyrics : We've been on this road To a place that one day we’ll know Adventure to the other side Searchin high and low For the treasure deep in your soul The fortune tellers always right Got them red eyes in the night Like a panther out of sight Gonna sing my battle cry Cos I am the, I am the... I am the hunter I am the great unknown Only my love can conquer I am the, I am the hunter I am the hunter Into the wild we go Give up your heart, surrender Cos I am the, I am the hunter Strangers wild and free Through the flames you’re all that I see A force you, that you can’t deny Hear my calling Lock and load, come running to me We’re dancing through to midnight Got them red eyes in the night Like a panther out of sight Gonna sing my battle cry Cos I am the, I am the... I am the hunter I am the great unknown Only my love can conquer I am the, I am the hunter I am the hunter Into the wild we go Give up your heart, surrender Cos I am the, I am the hunter
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Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis - PS3 Launch Trailer
Farm 51's globetrotting adventure coming soon to PS3. Find out more at: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/
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Hearts In Atlantis (epic orchestral, soundtrack, filmmusic, cinematic)
Thank you for watching BestEpicBeat, if you would like to listen to more amazing songs, check out some of the other epic tracks in my video section on Youtube or subscribe to the BestEpicBeat Youtube Channel for all the epic music you want.You can also follow me on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. So what are you waiting for, start listening now ;) ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------- Subscribe for more to BestEpicBeat on Youtube or follow me at the links below. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bestepicbeat Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/1087586... Twitter https://twitter.com/bestepicbeat Question, inquiries or comments. [email protected] ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------------- Intro song composed by SiriusBeatTV Check out his youtube channel below and follow him on social media, you can purchase all his incredible work for commercial use or donate via PayPal at the links below. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUPQvkDrVhI Twitter: https://twitter.com/Siriusbeat Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/sirius-beat/ Bandcamp: http://siriusbeat.bandcamp.com Custom projects/Inquiries contact: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to the following artists. If you would like to use some of these incredible songs for your next project, please support the composers by licensing there music online, at the following links.You can also follow them on social media and never miss a post. Epic Soul Factory Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/epicsoul... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epicsoulfactory Bandcamp: http://epicsoulfactory.bandcamp.com iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/epi... SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/epicsoulfactory ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------- The featured song in this music video can be found under the following name on www.jamendo.com or at the provided links of the artist above. Hearts In Atlantis / By Epic Soul Factory ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------------- If you're an independent artist or composer of epic music and would like to see your songs promoted here for FREE, please sent me a message at the email provided above. The Copyrights for these songs belong to the artists mentioned above, you can copy, distribute, advertise and play the songs as long as you give credit to the artists, don't use for commercial purposes, distribute all derivative works under the same license. You can download these song from https://www.jamendo.com/en just search for the artist and if you would like to use these songs for your own projects, please support the artists and license their compositions at the links above. BestEpicBeat does Not claim any copyrights for pictures, wallpapers, intros, video files, movies scenes used or any music tracks posted here, all copyrights go to the artists who create the music and media files, this channel only promotes music tracks that are free to share, advertise or promote for the artists, under a creative commons license. All images, pictures or wallpapers used are property of wallpapers hosting websites that offer them for free, I do not give permissions to use any music, pictures or media files that I share on this channel for commercial use. If anything I share is copyrighted and I do not have permission to share or promote it, contact me and the copyrighted material will be removed immediately. Thank you for you're cooperation. Sincerely BestEpicBeat
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Bridgit Mendler - Hurricane (Official Video)
Get Bridgit's debut album HELLO MY NAME IS... featuring "Hurricane" - on iTunes --http://smarturl.it/bmitunesa1 Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/BridgitMendler Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/BridgitMendler Google+ - http://gplus.to/BridgitMendler Official Site - http://www.bridgitmendlermusic.com
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Alan Walker - Faded ( Lyrics / Lyric Video)
Alan Walker - Faded ( Lyrics ) [Full Lyrics] Lyric Video Listen : Alan Walker - Faded : https://alanwalker.lnk.to/faded Alan Walker's latest track Faded in lyrics version! I've really been enjoying this song since it was released. Here is a lyrics video, hope you enjoy! SUBSCRIBE : http://subscribe.taz.yt Lyrics: You were the shadow to my light Did you feel us Another Start You fade away Afraid our aim is out of sight Wanna see us Alive Where are you now Where are you now Where are you now Was it all in my fantasy Where are you now Were you only imaginary Where are you now - Atlantis Under the sea Under the sea Where are you now Another dream The monsters running wild inside of me I'm faded I'm faded So lost, I'm faded I'm faded So lost, I'm faded These shallow waters, never met What i needed I'm letting go - A deeper dive Eternal silence of the sea - I'm breathing Alive Where are you now Where are you now Under the bright - but faded lights You've set my heart on fire Where are you now Where are you now Where are you now Under the sea Under the sea Where are you now Another dream The monster running wild inside of me I'm faded I'm faded So lost, I'm faded I'm faded So lost, I'm faded Follow Taz Network : Snapchat: taznetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/taz_network Instagram: https://instagram.com/taznetwork Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/taznetwork Facebook: http://fb.me/taznetwork Usk.me: http://usk.me/taznetwork Website & Contact: http://taz.yt ♥ Show love to Alan Walker Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DJWalkzz SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/walkzz Twitter https://twitter.com/IAmAlanWalker YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/DjWalkzz Image by Mehrdad Garousí: http://mehrdadart.deviantart.com/ Submissions •By emailing to [email protected]­m ,we will review your track and contact you. :)
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Syntouch - Hearts In Atlantis (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
Uplifting/Emotional Trance June 2017. 01: Syntouch - Hearts In Atlantis (Original Mix) [Beyond The Stars Recordings] Release Date: 19/6/2017 (All Stores) Audio Quality: 320 Kbps 44.100 Hz Video Quality: 1920x1080p. [Full HD 60FPS] _______________________________________________________ Purchase the track here: https://www.beatport.com/track/hearts-in-atlantis-original-mix/9355113 Follow me on Facebook for more Trance Music: https://www.facebook.com/TranceJimmyTV Follow me on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/Trance-Jimmy Follow me on Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/Trance_Jimmy _________________________NOTE_________________________ This upload is for promotional purposes only. If you are the Artist or the Label and you don't want this track on YouTube please send me a personal message instead of contacting YouTube and i will remove this upload as soon as possible. Thank you. All rights reserved to Artist and Label. _______________________________________________________
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Justin Bieber - Never Let You Go
Music video by Justin Bieber performing Never Let You Go. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group #VEVOCertified on November 9, 2010. http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified
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Heart Of Vegas - Free Online Slots
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Kygo - Firestone (Official Video) ft. Conrad Sewell
Spotify: http://bit.ly/kygofirestone iTunes: http://hyperurl.co/kygofirestone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kygoofficial Instagram: http://instagram.com/kygomusic SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kygo Website: http://kygomusic.com/ Jon JonAugustavo Director Andrew Lerios Producer
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Fort Atlantic - Let Your Heart Hold Fast Official Lyric Video
ITUNES: http://bit.ly/ZG5PnM AMAZON: http://amzn.to/VMtbB6 SPOTIFY: http://spoti.fi/SbeXes TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fortatlantic FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/fortatlantic The offical lyric video for Let Your Heart Hold Fast by Fort Atlantic as heard on How I Met Your Mother. artwork, programming, and animation by Jon Black. Made with Apple Motion 5 and Pixelmator. Special thanks to DeviantArt user xQuatrox for the 8 bit heart design I tweaked a little: http://bit.ly/YdYZFt A note about the art: I played a ton of Space Quest as a kid (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Quest) and originally wanted to make a music video based on that art. I might one day. Look into Space Quest, King's Quest, and Police Quest if you're into retro gaming. Also, check out Peasant's Quest for a parody on these games by the Homestar Runner team - http://bit.ly/VMpK Enjoy! - JB
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Bon Jovi - It's My Life
Music video by Bon Jovi performing It's My Life. (C) 2003 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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"Atlanteans" - A Minecraft Parody of David Guetta Titanium (Minecraft Song)
▬► Subscribe TODAY: http://goo.gl/HUkXxf ◄▬ ► Download the song: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/atlanteans/id1029634580?i=1029635067 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▼GET SOME MERCH▼▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Atlanteans T-Shirt: http://voidcollection.com/products/kings-of-atlantis (Code: Atlantis 25% Off) ► AtlanticCraft Backpacks: http://voidcollection.com/collections/merch/products/atlantic-backpack ▬▬▬▬▬▬▼THE PARODY TEAM▼▬▬▬▬▬▬ ● Written and Directed by: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAtlanticCraft ● Animated by: http://www.youtube.com/user/FrediSaalAnimations ● Music by: http://www.youtube.com/user/ShadyVoxYT ● Female vocals by: http://www.youtube.com/user/EileMontyVA ● Building Sets By: http://www.hyperscalemc.com ► PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMB8MGbYATTi7gLT_Z113bqw1QtlytKA2 ● Mod Packs: http://voidswrath.com/ ● T-Shirt Line: https://voidcollection.myshopify.com/ ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/AtlanticCraft ● Gaming Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TheAtlanticArcade ▬▬▬▬▬▬▼Social Media▼▬▬▬▬▬▬ Joe's: Instagram http://instagram.com/jpfk Cody's: Instagram: http://instagram.com/codyowen34 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AtlanticCraftGaming Twitch Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/atlanticcraft ▬▬▬▬▬▬▼Our Minecraft Servers▼▬▬▬▬▬▬ Vanilla Servers ● Vampire Survival: mc.legendarycraft.com (Vanilla 1.8) ● GTA IP: gtahub.com (Vanilla 1.8) ● Clash Of Clans IP: play.nationsmc.com (Vanilla 1.8) Mod Pack Servers ● Voids Wrath: mc.voidswrath.com (Voids Wrath mod pack) ● Crazy Craft: crazy.voidswrath.com (Crazy Craft Mod Pack)
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Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage (Extended Version)
A longer looped version of Two Steps From Hell's Heart of Courage.
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One Of My First Origionals!! FREE DOWNLOAD https://soundcloud.com/becominggravity/atlantis
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Visions Of Atlantis - The Secret W/ MP3 DOWNLOAD
http://hotfile.com/dl/131617064/6a30210/Visions_Of_Atlantis_-_Beautiful_Voices_vol._3_CD_-_The_Secret.mp3.html CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL FOR MORE FROM VISIONS OF ATLANTIS AND MORE----- Visions Of Atlantis ---- Beautiful Voices vol. 3 CD ---- The Secret
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Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam (Official Video)
Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam (Official Video) Our new album 'Broken Machine' is out now: Official Store: http://nbthiev.es/Store iTunes: Standard: http://nbthiev.es/BMstd Deluxe: http://nbthiev.es/BMdlx Our single 'Amsterdam', taken from Broken Machine is available now: Spotify: http://nbthiev.es/AmsterdamSp (Single) Apple Music: http://nbthiev.es/AmsterdamAm :: Connect with Nothing But Thieves :: Click here to subscribe :: http://smarturl.it/NBT_YT?IQid=yt Facebook: http://nbthiev.es/FB Twitter: http://nbthiev.es/TW Instagram: http://nbthiev.es/IG Spotify: http://nbthiev.es/SP Website: http://www.nbthieves.com Lyrics - Amsterdam People don't know much Need a whiskey crutch To think of something new Hey you watching me Lookin' through a screen I'm here in front of you Sometimes the days, they feel so long We all live under the same sun So I hit my head up against the wall Over and over and over and over again and again 'Cause I don't wanna be like them I hit my head up against the wall Over and over and over and over again And again and again People piss you off Some you say you love Those you call a friend Walking through a crowd Then you look around See there's no one left We live and then we die as one We all live under the same sun So I hit my head up against the wall Over and over and over and over again and again 'Cause I don't wanna be like them I hit my head up against the wall Over and over and over and over again And again and again and again I left my heart in Amsterdam Where I could dream and nights were long I left my heart in Amsterdam I hit my head against the wall Over, over, over Again and again and then over So I hit my head up against the wall Over and over and over and over again and again 'Cause I don't wanna be like them I hit my head up against the wall Over and over and over and over again And again and again and again I left my heart in Amsterdam I left my heart in Amsterdam I left my heart in Amsterdam I really need that feeling back
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Duddy, Chase & even Lex later on are playing Minecraft and finishing up our Mo' Creatures Mod Showcase along with Animals Plus Mod. It gets crazy up here! Thumbs up for more mod fun and stay tuned for Part 3! :) Animals Used: Snakes, Elephant, Ostrich, Bore, Penguin, Komodo Dragon, Turtle Tortoise, Snail, Crab, Whale, Shark, Angler Fish, Manta Ray, Various Size Fish, Piranha from the Amazon ;), Deer, Duck, Bear, Wild Horse, Goat, Rat, Hell Rat, Scorpion, Dolphin, Fox, Kitty, Jellyfish, Goat, Ant, Raccoon & more!!!! ⚽Part 1: BIG GOLEM interrupts MO' CREATURES MOD showcase! THIS MEANS WAR! (FGTEEV Minecraft) https://youtu.be/bLjitZBF_CY MAIN FORGE 1.8 MODS WE USED IN THIS VIDEO: ⚽ Mo' Creatures Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1272337-mo-creatures-v8-0-1-with-ghost-wyverns-minecraft-1 ⚽ANIMALS PLUS: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1282011-animals-plus-1-6-camels-sharks-and-more-updated-1 ================================== Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh! Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/fgteev a Family Friendly Youtube Gaming Channel Skylander Boy and Girl Channel: http://www.youtube.com/theskylanderboyandgirl Our Family/Vlog channel, FUNNEL VISION: http://www.youtube.com/funnelvision ►Instagram: http://instagram.com/skylanderdad ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkylanderKids ►T-Shirts: http://bit.ly/FUNNELMERCH ================================== 📷 Part 1: Adventure Block - Episode 1 - WHERE'S CHASE? (Season 1 | FGTEEV MINECRAFT MINI-SERIES SHOW) https://youtu.be/EKWbeeBHgpU 📷 Part 2: Adventure Block - Episode 2 - NO HELP! (Season 1 | FGTEEV MINECRAFT MINI-SERIES SHOW) https://youtu.be/Y7cngq2CeB4 📷 Part 3: Adventure Block - Episode 3 - The P.O.E.M. of LEGO-Lantis (Season 1 | FGTEEV MINECRAFT MINI-SERIES SHOW) https://youtu.be/D-qcCHGB96w 📷 Part 4: Adventure Block - Episode 4 - The SLOOM INVASION (Season 1 Finale | FGTEEV MINECRAFT MINI-SERIES) https://youtu.be/N2vY1EsDEC0 ►FGTEEV Minecraft Lucky Block Race #1: We Are Such Cheaters & Mom's a Noob (Mod Mini-Game) https://youtu.be/etlTIWXszYo ►Minecraft Slime Bounce | FGTEEV Dropper Parkour Adventure Mini-Game Map https://youtu.be/GFoEj19TXUI ►1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Minecraft Lucky Block Mod FGTEEV Gameplay Fun w/ Announcement https://youtu.be/OPhvBLvymdQ ►The TNT Trapped Rabbit RedStone Glow Dust Race Challenge w/ Prank (FGTEEV Minecraft PE 0.13 Update): https://youtu.be/9a4b_OU79hs ►JOHN CENA ATE MY YOGURT!! (MINECRAFT WWE SURPRISE BATTLE) FGTEEV Glowstone Dust Race 2.0: https://youtu.be/KPtpy0XmR68 ►Lets Play Minecraft Story Mode #1: ✉ DEAR MOJANG! ✉ (Episode One: The Order of the Stone) https://youtu.be/9pmX3QLtiSg ►Lets Play Minecraft Story Mode #2: NO CHASE, No Triangles!!!! (Episode One: The Order of the Stone) https://youtu.be/9pmX3QLtiSg ►Lets Play Minecraft Story Mode #3: Stop Playing Around Duddy (Episode One: The Order of the Pizza) https://youtu.be/Yr5GQgkBbSk ►Lets Play Minecraft Story Mode #4: Nether Pushing Ghastbusters (Episode One: The Order of the Stone) https://youtu.be/Rt0nAa-ving ►Lets Play Minecraft Story Mode #5: Axel Pees on Who? THE END of Episode One: The Order of the Stone https://youtu.be/LoaE5Sm5Ifo ►Lets Play Minecraft Story Mode #6: PARKOUR in BOOM TOWN (Episode Two: Assembly Required) https://youtu.be/N4UYv8y0rcU XBOX ONE GAMEPLAYS Part 1: Scaredy Cats: http://youtu.be/eHnwnlxWYAQ Part 2: The Monster Spawner: http://youtu.be/2PyLL-N4mg0 Part 3: Where's My Stuff, Zombie? "The Noob Quest": http://youtu.be/5zeyvzH3q-4 Part 4: HOME ALONE / Going out with a bang!: http://youtu.be/ytTdw6QkCpg Part 5: A Pointless Wool Journey / The Sneaky Creeper & a Haunted House: http://youtu.be/ip2nh69BZOs Part 6: New House/Monster Hotel: https://youtu.be/JW8u3_cSeO8 Part 7: Back to Lava Falls: https://youtu.be/Mx50ZSLo8pM Part 8: Christmas in JULY: https://youtu.be/0mO8JUCHz-Y ►Minecraft PVZ Zombie Kill Challenge: https://youtu.be/AHy8Epg_ZF0 ►Minecraft TNT Explosion + PVZ Neon Mixtape Tour ZOMBOSS Battle (FGTEEV Duddy & Chase Gameplay) https://youtu.be/2rYRgYIOL2w ►Search 4 Nether Fart Dress! Minecraft PE Surprise 4 Mike (FGTEEV Dad & Kids Lets Play 0.12 Update) https://youtu.be/O5hLmZnjLBQ ►MINECRAFT at the MOVIES! Time to Battle w/ SUPER LEAGUE GAMING (Movie Theater FGTEEV Fun): https://youtu.be/z5vJS9CygoM LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Royalty Free Music & Content by audiomicro.com epidemicsound.com videoblocks.com incompetech.com bensound.com jinglepunks.com Skylander Boy and Girl Minecraft
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Herox - Journey To Atlantis Part 1 - Free Download
This is the first part of my two part song, thought I would try something alittle different, this is kinda trancy/chilled/liquid music...its free so who cares Free Download - http://soundcloud.com/officialherox/herox-the-journey-to-atlantis Twitter! http://twitter.com/#!/DubstepHerox Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/DubstepHerox Soundcloud! http://soundcloud.com/officialherox Please Support me and buy the new song madness on itunes :D - http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/madness-feat.-digital-ghost/id490406905
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atlas - internet personas (prod. aimless)
quick 'n' speedy upload from rype Dont forget to follow my new twitter (for uploading schedules and other stuff) -- https://twitter.com/YTQUIN https://soundcloud.com/atlas https://soundcloud.com/aimless-beats
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Masterpiece by Atlantic Starr with lyrics(High Quality)
Atlantic Starr was a 1980s R&B band. Among their biggest hits were "Always" and "Secret Lovers." The group was started in 1976, in Greenburgh, New York, by trumpeter Duke Jones (who left the band prior to their first recordings),with drummer Porter Carroll Jr., bassist Clifford Archer, percussionist and flutist Joseph Phillips, Sheldon Tucker[Guitar]and three brothers: David Lewis (vocals), Wayne Lewis (keyboards and vocals), and Jonathan Lewis (percussion and trombone) The word "Atlantic" was chosen because of their east coast roots. The nine-member band were now A&M employees.
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Film Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Subtitle/Bahasa Indonesia
Directed by Ridley Scott Produced by Ridley Scott Written by William Monahan Starring Orlando Bloom Eva Green Jeremy Irons David Thewlis Brendan Gleeson Iain Glen Marton Csokas Liam Neeson Edward Norton Velibor Topic Music by Harry Gregson-Williams Cinematography John Mathieson Edited by Dody Dorn Production company Scott Free Productions Inside Track Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures GmbH[1] Distributed by 20th Century Fox Release date 2 May 2005 (London premiere) 5 May 2005 (Germany) 6 May 2005 (United States, United Kingdom) Running time 144 minutes[2] 194 minutes (Director's cut) Country United Kingdom[3] Germany United States Language English Arabic Italian Latin Budget $130 million[4] Box office $211.7 million[4]
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Galantis & ROZES - Girls on Boys (Official Music Video)
Galantis & ROZES - Girls On Boys out now! #Seafoxnation!! We been waiting to throw you this curve ball! It’s a style of song-writing that’s been a part of Galantis from the start but we never really had the chance to show you. To be honest we had our battles with this one, it took a million turns, but it also forced us to go somewhere we haven’t been before, and we’re stoked to be sharing GIRLS ON BOYS - our brand new collab with ROZES! Out now!! It all started with a broken heart!! Stream/download: https://BigBeat.lnk.to/GoBAY Shop Galantis: http://www.smarturl.it/Galantis_Store Follow Galantis’ #GalantisFM Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Subscribe to Galantis’ YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/galantistv Galantis & ROZES - Girls On Boys LYRICS There were girls on boys There were girls on girls red heels on the table In a champagne blur It all gets kinda hazy When your hearts fucked up We were emptying bottles We were pushing our luck And it turned into the longest night Of our whole damn lives Had the wildest times, oooh It all started with girls on boys, girls on girls red heels on the table, and I didn't care It all gets kinda hazy when your heart's fucked up I got high to forget you I got high real hard It all started with a broken heart It all started with a broken heart No you wouldn't come home So I stayed out Hoping I wouldn't see you With someone in the crowd It was all kinda empty So I filled it with rum It was stupidly crazy I was comfortably numb And it turned into the longest night Of our whole damn lives Had the wildest times, oooh It all started with girls on boys, girls on girls red heels on the table, and I didn't care It all gets kinda hazy when your heart's fucked up I got high to forget you I got high real hard It all started with a broken heart It all started with girls on boys girls on boys It all started with girls on boys girls on girls red heels on the table and I didn't care It all gets kinda hazy when your heart's fucked up I got high to forget you I got high real hard It all started with a broken heart... Follow Galantis: Website: https://smarturl.it/GalantisFb Facebook: https://smarturl.it/GalantisFb Twitter: https://smarturl.it/GalantisTw Instagram: https://smarturl.it/GalantisInsta SoundCloud: https://smarturl.it/GalantisSc Spotify: https://smarturl.it/GalantisPharmacy_Sp YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/wearegalantis Snapchat: WeAreGalantis Production Company - Moving Box Studios I www.movingboxstudios.com In Association with Five to Sixty Director - Joe Zohar Executive Producers - Joe Zohar & Nic Weinfeld Producer - Steve Vasquez Jr. Producer - Rikke Heinecke Producer - Sara Victoria Pedersen Commissioner - Mandee Mallonee Producer (DENMARK) - Daniel Salan Director of Photography - Arden Tse Producer/Coordinator - Jeremy Miller Production Designer - Juliana Collins Story by - Alison Lani Editor - Joe Zohar Colorist - Bryan Smaller 1st AC - Joshua Lehnerd Art Assistant - Graham Morgan Costume Designer - Alena Cochran 1st AD - Mia Fasmer Schønnemann 2nd AC - Milan Bjornild Gaffer - Viggo Gumme Key Grip - Rune Egegaard Grip - Thorkil Godvin Hansen Best Boy Electric - Ulrik Gani Swing/Grip Truck Driver - Martin Clausen Key Hair - Daniel Tobiasen Hair Asst - Caroline Holm Jensen Hair Asst - Zainab Al Saadi Key MUA - Rosalina Christiansen MUA Asst - Alberte PA - Julie Schønecker Nielsen PA - Metteline Ibsen PA - Signe Bøttcher
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Brennan Heart aka Blademasterz - Golden Era (Official Videoclip)
Show your love and vote for me in the DJ Mag Top 100! https://top100djsvote.djmag.com ---------------------------------------------- Golden Era is part of my free album ON DEMAND. Download it for FREE: http://www.brennanheart.com I’ve decided to giveaway these unreleased & exclusive tracks, for free! The full tracklist is still to be decided, by YOU! So let me know which tracks you would like to hear in the next few days. Get involved on my social media and decide what’s next… Your music, your choice, for the fans, ON DEMAND!" ---------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Brennan Heart on: www.facebook.com/djbrennanheart www.twitter.com/djbrennanheart www.youtube.com/brennanheart www.soundcloud.com/brennanheart www.mixcloud.com/brennanheart Video by Gooseframe Special thanks to Mark Horton
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HAERTS - All the Days (Aritzia Vignette)
Download HAERTS’ debut EP Hemiplegia at http://smarturl.it/hemiplegia Aritzia Vignette featuring "All The Days" by HAERTS - Directed By Bridget Palardy and Produced by Aritzia. (C) 2013 HAERTS, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Taucher - Moon Over Atlantis
Download on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/planet-chill-vol.-3-compiled/id533447174 Listen on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/1QkCJ9aBsA39m4yv2hBZIT Download on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/planet-chill-vol-3-compiled-by-york/928593 https://www.facebook.com/armadamusic https://www.facebook.com/Planetchillseries https://www.facebook.com/YorkMusic For listeners that want to slow down for a moment and completely lose themselves into the music, we've got the Planet Chill series. Now heading for it's 3rd Volume, it presents a fine selection of cutting edge lounge, chill-out and ambient music. Including the tunes of Grooveprofessor, tyDi, York, Hammer & Stenzel, Solarstone and many more. * Under non exclusive license by Armada Music B.V. Netherlands
Beautiful Relaxing Music: Norway's Nature, Violin Music, Flute Music, Piano Music, Harp Music ★124
Beautiful relaxing music featuring violin music, harp music, flute music, piano music and ethereal vocals. Sit down with this relaxation music and watch the stunningly beautiful nature of Norway. Instrumental Celtic music composed by Soothing Relaxation. Download this music ► https://soothingrelaxation.bandcamp.com/track/beautiful-relaxing-music-124-short Listen to more relaxing music ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZYbU82GVz4&index=1&list=PLQ_PIlf6OzqKdBTuABBCzazB4i732pNTa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit in order to chill out & relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it. Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Have a wonderful day or evening! ~Peder B. Helland ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ~Places to download my music~ Itunes ► https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/peder-b.-helland/id670633352 Bandcamp ► http://soothingrelaxation.bandcamp.com Amazon ► http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_srch_drd_B00FGLK06C?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=Peder%20B.%20Helland&index=digital-music&search-type=ss Google Play ►https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Peder_B_Helland?id=Aknsdtud7aeouew6ny2zv5d3xhq ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you want to listen to all of my music (in other genres as well), feel free to check out my other channel ► https://www.youtube.com/user/MusicLoverOriginals My Facebook page ► https://www.facebook.com/SoothingRelaxation
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Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis
http://www.bigfishgames.com/download-games/6888/samantha-swift-mystery-from-atlantis/index.html Archaeologist Samantha Swift is back in an all-new Hidden Object adventure that takes her across the globe visiting the lost tribes of Atlantis. Each tribe holds a piece of an ancient artifact that tunes into the Senses, and its up to Sam to recover them before the relic is used in the evil Markus Paynes latest scheme! Outwit Paynes newest agent, the devious Colonel Tempesta, to ensure Samanthas success in Samantha Swift and the Mystery from Atlantis. * Clever puzzles * Stop Markus Payne! * Check out our complete game walkthrough at http://www.bigfishgames.com/blog/samantha-swift-mystery-from-atlantis-walkthrough/ * Get the Strategy Guide at http://www.bigfishgames.com/download-games/6887/samantha-swift-mystery-atlantis-strategy-guide/index.html
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(Future Bass) Atlantis - Homecoming [FREE DOWNLOAD]
(Future Bass) Atlantis - Homecoming [FREE DOWNLOAD] FREE DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1cr3y99 Join us on dubtrack.fm: http://www.dubtrack.fm/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dubtrack Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/dubtrack_fm Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dubtrack_fm Atlantis: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ItsAtlantis Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsatlantis Twitter: https://twitter.com/atlantisistaken Released by Amorous: Soundcoud: https://soundcloud.com/Amorous-Collective Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amorouscollective Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreAmorous Website: http://amorouscollective.wix.com/weareamorous Artwork by Sylar113 DeviantArt: http://sylar113.deviantart.com/ (Future Bass) Atlantis - Homecoming [FREE DOWNLOAD] Apply for YouTube Partner here: https://www.freedom.tm/via/Dubtrack
Views: 703 Dubtrack