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How to Start Organic Products Business/Startup और कमाए करोड़ो हिंदी मे
How to start Organic Products Business/Startup और कमाए करोड़ो हिंदी मे , 9990694230 Whats app only or [email protected] #How to #Start an #Organic #Business #Noida #How to #Start #organic #online #Startup #gurugram #How to #Start an #Organic #Product #Business #Setup #Organic #Beverage #business #How to #setup #Organic #Startup #Delhi #Gurgaon #Noida #Ghaziabad #How #Indian #startups that #make it the #organic #way #Stat #India #Organic #Food #Tech & #Startup #Noida #Delhi #How to #start a #organic #farm #business in #India #Healthy #Organic #Business #Ideas #Organicrestaurant #Organic #agro #products #import and #export #Organic #grocery #Noida #Ghaziabad #Delhi #Gurgaon #Organic #Training #Organic #Store This video is solely made for the purpose of educating student/ society and not for purpose of advertisement/ solicit clients Subscribe the channel click on below link and click red Subscribe button https://goo.gl/UhM73U Connect on Google Plus Click below link and follow https://goo.gl/Lx3YTW Connect on Facebook Page click link and Do like the page https://goo.gl/hCPFAi Connect on Instagram https://goo.gl/TCZG43 DISCLAIMER This video is merely a general guide meant for learning purposes only. All the instructions, references, content or documents are for educational purposes only and do not constitute a legal advice. We do not accept any liabilities whatsoever for any losses caused directly or indirectly by the use/reliance of any information contained in this video or for any conclusion of the information. Prior to acting upon this video, you're suggested to seek the advice of your financial, legal, tax or professional advisors as to the risks involved may be obtained and necessary due diligence, etc may be done at your end.
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Marketing organic products in Africa (Feb 2013)
In Africa, the demand for organic products has been growing steadily over the years. Many grass-roots initiatives in Africa have started to sell organic products in neighbourhood shops, street markets or in organic shops in a town. Organic food offers multiple benefits and attractive income potential for producers, processors and trading companies all over the world. Certified organic products provide access to attractive local and international markets, where higher prices and incomes are possible. As a result, organic products from Africa are currently exported to many countries, particularly to Europe. Starting organic farming is only the first step - selling the products is another challenge. How can producers, processors and traders in Africa be successful in the organic business? This training video explains how to successfully develop marketing strategies and techniques for organic products in Africa. This video illustrates with many examples from Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa, how to become an entrepreneur and how to learn about market opportunities, market requirements and marketing techniques. Just go step-by-step!
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Business Idea on organic food retailing.
This video describes a business idea on organic food retailing.
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Fresh Start Organic & Natural Store Opening - The District Ayala
Fresh Start Organic & Natural Store - The District Ayala - Opening. Fresh Start Organic and Natural, a Negros Occidental based producer of organic products, will opened its newest store and café at The District North Point mall in Talisay City last May 30, at 4:30 p.m. The opening and blessing ceremonies was attended by no less than the Chair of the National Organic Agriculture Board of Department of Agriculture, Undersecretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat together with Mayor Oti Montelibano of Silay City, Mayor Eric Saratan of Talisay City, other guests, family, friends and customers at the Corte Area, beside the Fresh Start store which is located at the al fresco area. Before the opening program, 18 organic farmers and producers who are partners of Fresh Start Organic and Natural, showcased their produce in a mini-trade fair that started at 10 a.m. at the Corte Area, which is adjacent to the Fresh Start store in the al fresco area. "We wanted to highlight our partnership with organic farmers and producers as we promote fair trade and transparency," Ramon 'Chinchin' Uy Jr., co-owner and founder of Fresh Start, said. A Cooking Exhibit was also held showcasing organic cuisines prepared by Fresh Start with the help of Chef Guido Nijjssen and Students of Pearl Manor Skills Training showcased Menu that are simple, freshly prepared with organic, natural, local, wholesome ingredients capped with pressed organic cane juice, organic smoothies and cocktails. "Our stores are filled with only the best of Negros' organic. We sell not only organic and natural products for retail, but we also serve fresh healthy menus made from organic, natural, local wholesome, and real ingredients," said store owner Nikki Marañon. "This means having a distinct style in cooking simple traditional menus, and not using artificial flavorings, colorings and preservatives in our ingredients," she explained. "Fresh Start has become a better food choice for consumers especially those following a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It's where the good things are." Marañon added. This year marks the 9th year of Fresh Start as a social enterprise, as it continues to bring in more innovations in producing quality organic food while helping to preserve the environment, Uy added, the press release added. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT SUPPORTED FRESH START. PARTNERS THAT JOINED EXHIBIT DURING THE OPENING: BIND Alter Trade Foundation Humayan Ministry Iliranan Tribal Council Farm, Inc. Organic Village Seed Araal Natural Noria Bogs Brew Federicos Island Wine Viandi Puro Organic Phil Carabao Center Distilleria Limtuaco Pili & Pino Morelife Disclaimer: This video was produced to Highlight and document the opening of Fresh Start Organic Store. The Music was only borrowed and is not owned by the company. All rights are owned by the respective copyright holders.
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Kapthura Organic Coconut Products
►NMK AGRO HERITAGE NMK Agro Industries Private Limited began over 35 years ago as a small oil mill that used traditional Sri Lankan methods to produce coconut oil for its surrounding villages. The once small oil mill has now evolved into a state-of-the-art facility producing wide range of Coconut based products, which are being distributed worldwide. The core philosophy and values that lay at the heart of the company, however, have not changed and The company remains true to its roots and the deep cultural heritage value of over 2000 years followed by the traditional Ayurvedic best practices with core value of Family, trust, respect , responsibility and relationship. With these core values, the organization has the vision of making superfood accessible for all with the aim of healthy people, green planet. The family values and ethics which company was built upon still very much remains an integral part of the organization. As NMK grew, so did the community around it with over a 1000 people being employed in the company, from the workers in the factories to the herders who graze their cattle on the plantations. ►VISION Our vision is to nurture a healthy and sustainable planet through responsible agriculture, making superfood accessible to all. ►MISSION Our mission is to deliver high quality, organically prepared Superfood products straight from the tree to your table in guidance of traditional Sri Lankan Ayurvedic principles of health and well-being while also maintaining our accountability to the environment and to society in general. ►ORGANIC MOVEMENT With the demand for organic coconuts based products at a phenomenal rate, we perceived that it was our duty to maintain a consistent supply of the highest quality organically certified coconuts based products to the market with the true intention of making healthy people, green planet. we initiated our own “Organic Movement” ten years earlier after realizing importance of having Organic Coconut products, and we currently have been able to support a large number of small and medium sized farmers during the conversion period. Currently, we have the largest land bank of organic plantations in the country, allowing us to meet the increased demand for organic coconut based products in the world. All Our Products have been certified with EU, JAS, USDA and Korean Organic Certifications. ►CERTIFICATIONS Our factories are made to internationally accredited standards to cater not only to growing demand but also to our customers’ need for a product of the highest possible quality. Therefore we have worked towards and have received several certifications over the past year, including BRC, GMP, ISO22000 and Kosher certifications. ►RESEARCH Our state of the art laboratory ensures that all raw material that enter the factory and all finished goods that leave the factory meet stringent quality standards. We take no shortcuts in ensuring that our customer gets nothing but the best from us. Our laboratory is also home to our research development team who constantly work on means of improving existing products and also on innovating new coconut based products. Using the best of modern technology and combining traditional methods of non-destructive food processing with modern research, our team is able to create new products from the extremely versatile coconut. ►OUR TEAM At NMK, we have a highly trained, versatile team dealing with everything from the growing of the coconut, to research, manufacturing, and sales. Ethics and family values play a very important part, and each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: they are committed, driven, and focused on the goal of healthier society.
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Wonderful Ethical Products for Everyday Life
There are some amazing companies out there that really care about us, about the environment and animal welfare and I wanted to illustrate some wonderful ethical brands and products for everyday living in this video that truly deserve support. In general some things to look out for on labels to determine whether the product fully considers your wellbeing, the environment and animals, are; - ethically traded ingredients - fair trade - vegan, cruelty free - biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, - ‘natural’, non-toxic, organic - paraben free, sodium laurel sulphate free - no synthetic fragrances or colourings - palm oil free Useful tools to determine the ethics of products: SAFEshopper app to check if a product is cruelty free: safeshopper.org.nz The ethical consumer website; www.ethicalconsumer.org POI app - palm oil barcode scanner https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/poi-palm-oil-barcode-scanner/id930164030?mt=8 Makeup - 100% pure - fruit dyes , lots of vegan cruelty free options - Antipodes - Physicians formula organic wear - organic wear mascara http://nz.iherb.com/physician-s-formula-inc-organic-wear-mascara-black-organics-26-oz-7-5-g/41436?rcode=gow915 - Inka organics - Aromi - Hemp organics - Tarte - Au Naturale Cosmetics - particuarly African Affair lipstick: http://www.aunaturalecosmetics.com/collections/lipsticks/products/lipstick-in-african-affair - vegan, great pigment, no synthetic preservatives or toxic chemicals - Eco tools - Eco minerals Hair care & Skin care: - Acure organics- organic, fair trade - Avalon organics - Rainbow research - chocolate henna http://nz.iherb.com/rainbow-research-henna-100-botanical-hair-color-and-conditioner-persian-medium-brown-chestnut-4-oz-113-g/11613?rcode=gow915 - Moom - organic hair remover - Giovani - Organic care - in New Zealand grocery stores Skin care - Antipodes - Nubian Heritage - african black soap - http://nz.iherb.com/nubian-heritage-african-black-soap-bar-5-oz-141-g/11242?rcode=gow915 - Sukin - foaming cleanser - http://sukinorganics.com/collections/cleanse-exfoliate/products/foaming-facial-cleanser - Acure organics Personal - Go Bamboo toothbrushes - Sun Coat - plant-based nail polishes and remover - Pacifica - lilac roll-on perfume - vegan, cruelty free, no parabens or other carcinogens http://nz.iherb.com/pacifica-perfume-roll-on-french-lilac-33-fl-oz-10-ml/57033?rcode=gow915 - Diva cup - amazing menstrual cup - http://nz.iherb.com/diva-international-the-diva-cup-model-1-1-menstrual-cup/11954?rcode=gow915 - Pure & Natural - Crystal Deodorant Stone - Jason Natural toothpaste - http://nz.iherb.com/jason-natural-powersmile-antiplaque-whitening-paste-powerful-peppermint-6-oz-170-g/3857?rcode=gow915 Piggy paint nail polish - non-toxic water based, - i love the sweet pea colour - http://nz.iherb.com/piggy-paint-nail-polish-sweetpea-0-5-fl-oz-15-ml/45541?rcode=gow915 Dr wood liquid castile soap - great for natural -homemade natural skin and hair care - http://nz.iherb.com/dr-woods-almond-castile-soap-with-fair-trade-shea-butter-32-fl-oz-946-ml/8757?rcode=gow915 Home & living - keep cup - Better life -- plant derived dish soap, non-toxic, eco-friendly http://nz.iherb.com/better-life-dish-it-out-naturally-grease-kicking-dish-soap-lemon-mint-22-fl-oz-651-ml/46163?rcode=gow915 - Deva vitamins - vegan multivitamins - Bokashi buckets composting http://www.wanakawastebusters.co.nz/bokashi-buckets/ Food - Beyond meat - Frontier Natural - Artisana organics - raw organic cashew butter - http://nz.iherb.com/artisana-organics-raw-cashew-nut-butter-14-oz-397-g/64978?rcode=gow915 - Whole Soy and Co organic yoghurt - Ripple pea milk - Endangered species chocolate - vegan, fair-trade, non-GMO. Dark Chocolate with Raspberries - http://nz.iherb.com/endangered-species-chocolate-dark-chocolate-with-raspberries-3-oz-85-g/32744?rcode=gow915 - Tofutti cream cheese - Sun warrior sprouted vegan protein - http://nz.iherb.com/sunwarrior-classic-protein-raw-vegan-superfood-vanilla-35-2-oz-1-kg/23099?rcode=gow915 - Earth Circle Organics - Zhena's Gypsy Tea, Ambrosia Plum White Tea - fair trade, vegan, organic with eco-friendly sachets http://nz.iherb.com/zhena-s-gypsy-tea-ambrosia-plum-white-tea-22-sachets-1-55-oz-44-g/34679?rcode=gow915 Mount Hagen, Organic Fair-trade Coffee - http://nz.iherb.com/mount-hagen-organic-fairtrade-coffee-instant-freeze-dried-3-53-oz-100-g/15115?rcode=gow915 For giveaway - I will randomly select one person from facebook/instagram in the coming week :D Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ela-Gale-567741150027455/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf Instagram @elagale For all business enquiries, please contact: [email protected]@gmail.com Love life ♡ Ela Gale xx
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Organic Agriculture-The India opportunity - Full Episode
Subscribe Now To Our Network Channels :- Times Now : http://goo.gl/U9ibPb The NewsHour Debate : http://goo.gl/LfNgFF ET Now : http://goo.gl/5XreUq The 6th edition of BIOFACH India along with India Organic, a trade fair on organic products in India, is jointly organised by Nurnberg Messe India Pvt Ltd in association with International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA) from November 6 to 8, 2014 in Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala. The show gives impetus to the mission of the Kerala government to convert state into fully organic within 2016 and also boost the further development of the organic food sector. Social Media Links :- Facebook - http://goo.gl/CC7rGc G+ - http://goo.gl/O1iEp5 Twitter - http://goo.gl/uHYsqP Also visit our website - http://goo.gl/XPUXe8 ​​​ To Stay Updated Download the Times Now App :- Android Google Play : https://goo.gl/zJhWjC Apple App Store : https://goo.gl/d7QBQZ
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Find Buyers For Export: In 2018 (Step-By-Step)
Find Buyers for your Export. Is Not Difficult If You Know this Advanced (Step-By-Step) Strategies. In This Video You Learn My All-Time BEST Buyers Finding Strategies That Nobody Knows. Before We Find Buyers We Have To Find Right Country For Your Product. In This Video I Show You How To Find Right Country For Your Product Using Google After Finding Right Country Its Time to Find Buyers For Products. You Can Find Buyers Online And Offline In This Video We Focus On Online Methods Here are best-working Online ways to search buyers for Export We Are Going To Learn Advanced Strategies About 1) Social Media 2) B2B Website 3) Website After Watching This Video You Know How To Find Buyers For Exports. Its Your Time To Use This Strategies And Grow Your Import Export Business. So Go And Find Your Buyers. (Best Of Luck) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Every single Video on my channel is made with Love and Hard work, So don't forget to leave a Like.. :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to Import Export USA: http://www.youtube.com/c/ImportExportUSA ► Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Import-Export-USA-144245006164531 Music Last Summer by Ikson: http://www.soundcloud.com/ikson Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/n2oTA5JSk80
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Which Organic Food Companies have the most Integrity?
Our first official day at Natural Products Expo West was an exhausting success. Waylon brought his A game and interviewed huge and puny brands, looking for those with integrity that are good for you and our planet. We've only found a few. Some highlights from the day: we ran into one of our favorite elephant contributors, health food guru Mark Hyman. We spent some time with two of our favorite companies, Numi Organic Tea and Nature's Path. There was an overwhelming amount of plastic and waste—stay tuned for our video tomorrow on this issue. We over-indulged in granola balls and Sriracha kale chips, and ended our day with a Seane Corn cameo and dinner at an all vegan and organic restaurant. http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/03/companies-with-integrity-from-start-to-finish-day-2-expo-videos/ SUBSCRIBE to Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis for 1 new mindful video a week: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpf6efsF90gmury4j7quNjw?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/walkthetalkshow Follow us on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/walkthetalkshow Check our award-winning site: http://www.elephantjournal.com/join-the-cause Host: Waylon Lewis https://www.facebook.com/waylonhlewis Producer: Rachel Nussbaum Video: Meredith Meeks
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Hadeed Herbals - Organic Herbals Trading Company ( South India )
Hadeed Herbals is a Organic Herb Trading Company that Distribute and Exports Organic Herbs in India and to United states and Europe. Hadeed Herbals Offers High Quality Organic Bulk Hair Care Herbs, Soap, Personal Care & Other Organic Products.
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Agricultural organic food bio products manufacturer companies in tamilnadu in India
Visit our website:- http://www.harvestors.co/agricultural-products.html ; Contact us:- [email protected] Harvestors is one of the leading wholesale manufacturer suppliers and sourcing specialist of various agricultural products based in Erode in Tamilnadu in India. We are also manufacturers suppliers of various organic agricultural food products including turmeric agricultural product, tamarind agricultural product, betel nut agricultural bio product . We are also one of the largest organic agricultural bio products trading companies based in Erode in Tamil nadu in India. Please contact us for an inquiry. Visit our products page: http://www.harvestors.co/agricultural-products.html http://www.harvestors.co/egg-products.html http://www.harvestors.co/sugar-products.html http://www.harvestors.co/betel-nut.html http://www.harvestors.co/starch-sago.html http://www.harvestors.co/tamarind.html http://www.harvestors.co/green-herbal-tea.html http://www.harvestors.co/red-chilli.html http://www.harvestors.co/turmeric.html http://www.harvestors.co/mushrooms.html http://www.harvestors.co/sugarcane.html http://www.harvestors.co/lemons.html
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Food distributors in Dubai, UAE: Safco International Trading Company
https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=mGIkThfO5UI&ns=1 Food - UAE's premium food distributors :Safco international trading company: Importers, exporters, distributors and http://youtu.be/mGIkThfO5UI - Wholesalers and distributors of food & non food items in the United Arab Emirates. This business marketing video was produced by Moviemedia for SAFCO's participation at GULFOOD 2013. It is now being used extensively for business development to prospects in the Middle East and North African Region.
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How can organic products change your life - Annapoorna 2018 (Voice of the Industry)
Ann Lin RD Heliga Trading Company - A Taiwan based Organic product manufacturing firm that promotes healthy lifestyle. Their product includes organic rice cookies and meals and probiotic drinks for babies. Together Ann and Emily are trying to educate people about the value of organic products. Thanks for watching :) Twitter: @Equinox_Labs Instagram: @equinox_labs Facebook: @equinoxlabs
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Our Oway "Organic Way" Philosophy | Holistic • Biodynamic • Organic Salon Products
OWAY is the first-ever professional organic salon product company to take a fully holistic approach to organic beauty products. Our family-owned, biodynamic farms in Bologna, Italy cover 50,000 square miles of pure, uncontaminated soil. We grow, pick and distill our very own organic, biodynamic ingredients and never use chemicals to sow or extract them. OWAY believes in using pure, biodynamic- organic extracts, which are rich in beneficial active ingredients, free from unnecessary chemicals and healthier for our bodies and environment. We also use fair trade ingredients and none of our products are tested on animals. OWAY is the ultimate organic salon system for any holistic hair stylist or colorist looking for the complete organic, cruelty-free, ethical and eco-friendly experience in their salon product offerings.
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Graph - Small 'Natural', 'Organic' Companies Owned By Corporations
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Organic food - hype or hope? | DW Documentary
There is growing demand in the western world for organic food. But do consumers always get what it says on the label? How can authenticity be verified? Is organic food automatically healthier? Consumers are prepared to pay a significant premium for it. There are currently, however, no reliable tests for distinguishing organic from conventionally produced food. Farmers need to invest a great deal of time, energy and money to qualify as a producer of organic food. There is no proof, however, that organic food actually contains fewer contaminants than conventionally farmed products. There is no such thing as pollution-free food, and there are currently no tests available for reliably distinguishing between organic and non-organic food. That opens doors for lucrative labeling fraud, which in turn explains why there are far more organic eggs on the market at Easter than at any other time of the year. The statistics clearly suggest manipulation, but it is hard to obtain evidence due to the differences between the two production processes appearing to have little effect on the quality of the product. Irish dairy farmers, for instance, are not allowed to label their milk "organic" because the pasture land where their herds spend more than 300 days a year are treated with mineral fertilizers. Because cows are themselves bioreactors, however, the milk they yield contains no trace at all of fertilizer. On average, conventional Irish milk contains more omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants than organic milk from Germany. The reason is the fodder; German organic farms may use only concentrates and silage as supplementary feed to increase milk output - which impacts negatively on the quality of the milk. This documentary looks at researchers who are studying potential ways of reliably distinguishing between organic and conventionally produced food. And that is no easy task. Nearly every foodstuff requires a specific test. But one thing is certain: organic farming makes a major contribution to human welfare - by helping to mitigate climate change, protect the groundwater, conserve nature and promote animal welfare. _______ DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary. Subscribe to DW Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW39zufHfsuGgpLviKh297Q?sub_confirmation=1# For more documentaries visit: http://www.dw.com/en/tv/docfilm/s-3610 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dwdocumentary/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dw.stories DW netiquette policy: http://www.dw.com/en/dws-netiquette-policy/a-5300954
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Organic food industry picks up pace in india
New Delhi, Feb 04 (ANI): Being natural and chemical free, are the two aspects which people in India look for their eating habits today…Same is the case for Amit and Mridhu Mahajan, who believe that organic market has come a long way, developing its space in the national market. Their store ‘Nirvaaha’ is one such stop which offers variety of organic vegetables, pulses, spices, cooking oils and other organic products. They believe that the trend of health consciousness among consumers has led to bring upsurge in the organic food sector. With variant income groups and region of the country, consumers for organic food products are increasing day by day with their acute awareness from health hazards of chemicals and pesticides. Organic food market, which was considered as a niche segment by the Indian consumers, has now transformed into full-fledged industry with high growth potential. It has shown a growth at a CAGR of 30.7 per cent over the period of FY’2009-FY’2014. And, according to the recent report released by ASSOCHAM, the organic food market is estimated to rise from 402 million USD to 965 million USD in 2016.
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The 5th GIFT Programme: Organic Rice Trading - Cambodia, March 2008
Participants in the Cambodia YLP project worked with local organisation, CEDAC, to develop a business plan for their Natural-Agri-Product (NAP) venture. This initiative aims to establish an agro supply chain which produces and markets organic products such as rice, chickens, and vegetables to consumers in Cambodia and the Mekong Delta region -- the participants decided to focus their business recommendations on rice farming. In the process Young Leaders explored how smallholder Cambodian farmers can improve their outlook through networks of local entrepreneurs and contribute to CEDAC's adoption of a social enterprise operational model.
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Ramon "Chinchin" Uy Jr , Fresh Start Organics - Retailing and Distribution of Organic Products
Ramon Uy Jr or Chin2x Uy • Passionate Organic Farmer, Social Entrepreneur and Young Leader In The Organic Movement. A strong advocates of Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade, Slow Food, Non-Timber Forest Products and promote appropriate and renewable energy technologies, environmental preservation and sustainable tourism and green economy development. • Co-founded Fresh Start Organics in 2005 with wife Francine, initially starting with organic fertilizer production, organic farming and retailing; the company has expanded to marketing consolidation of certified organic products and established its exclusive organic food processing and natural personal care manufacturing facility; Fresh Start operates in partnership with different organic farmers, NGO’s, PO’s, cooperatives, private companies, and local government units and line agencies. • Leader and strong advocate of organic agriculture; heavily involved in various sectors working on making Negros the country’s organic food capital; responsible for spurring the growth of the organic movement in Negros in partnership with the provincial government, having been a founding member and currently the President of Organik na Negros! Organic Producers and Retailers Association (ONOPRA). • President and Vice President of EcoAgri Development Foundation Inc. and RU Foundry, respectively, both working directly and partnering with different small organic farming communities and other marginalized sector in the country in installing community-based livelihood projects such as organic fertilizer production, organic farming, organic seed production, post harvest support faciltiities, beekeeping, renewable water system projects, biogas system, food processing, marketing support, capability building, land redemption, essential oil production and watershed protection and conservation, among others. • Board of Trustee of Non-Timber Forest Product Exchange Program Philippines NTFP EP Philippines • A Volunteer and Represenattive of different organizations, associations and federations that work with the Government, Civil Society, Schools and othe Multisectoral groups and Industries.
Organic products importer
இந்தியாவில் ஏற்றுமதி வியாபாரம் துவங்குவது எப்படி?: ஏற்றுமதி உரிமம் முதல் ஏற்றுமதி செய்து பணம் வாங்குவது வரை அனைத்து தகவல்களும் உள்ளடக்கிய நூல் https://www.amazon.in/dp/B06XH6CX6V முதல் ஏற்றுமதி ஆர்டர் பெறுவது எப்படி? How to get first export order? - in Tamil: புதிய ஏற்றுமதியர்கள் எப்படி முதல் ஆர்டரை பெறுவது? - IE CODE பெற்றபின் ... என்பதை விளக்கும் நூல். https://www.amazon.in/dp/B06XNVCJ3S Book 1: HOW TO START EXPORT BUSINESS IN INDIA: A COMPLETE GUIDE FROM COMPANY REGISTRATION TO EXPORT https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01MTJ2Z0K Book 2: HOW TO GET EXPORT ORDERS: A GUIDE BOOK TO INDIAN ENTREPRENEURS WHAT TO DO AFTER IE CODE https://www.amazon.in/dp/B06XNFWGGN Organic products importer Mr. Arline Boiseque HKS Management Services Ltd. Shibani Trading Co. Ltd. 18, Floreal Road, Vacoas Tel: +230 697 5555 Mob: 23057329516 Fax:+ 2306976751 Email: [email protected]
Fresh Start Organics 2010
Fresh Start to Healthy Living Fresh Start Organics is a privately owned company, founded in 2005 by Ramon Uy Jr and Francine Maranon Uy. The beginnings of the company can be traced back to the production of organic fertilizers. Today, Fresh Start has grown into a business whose expanded product range includes not only certified organic fertilizers, but also fresh organic produce, organic rice, organic coffee, organic free range chickens that are all also certified organic by NICERT. Other addition to Fresh Start's product lines are the Healthy Pantries and Natural personal care products . Fresh Start Organics continues to expand while maintaining the company vision of being a vibrant eco-enterprise that implements ecologically, socially and economically sound practices in organic agriculture. As a staunch supporter of the organic movement, Fresh Start fully believes in the importance of good health, fair trade and environmental conservation. As a company, Fresh Start Organics is committed to the following beliefs... - Fresh Start is committed to bringing you organically grown food of the best quality straight from our farms to our food stores to your homes. - Fresh Start is committed to improving the lives of small farmers through fair trade as part of our social responsibility. - Fresh Start is committed to the preservation of the environment through organic agriculture, as well as the education of consumers. - Fresh Start is committed to developing a sustainable and secure agricultural food system. ORGANIC FERTILIZERS Everything began with the organic fertilizer... now known as Fresh Start Organic Blend Fertilizer and Vermicastings. The organic blend fertilizer, created using large-scale bokashi composting, is created exclusively with the use of organic materials and agricultural byproducts in adherence with the organic standards of NICERT. Furthermore it is registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA). Fresh Start Organic Blend is rich in humus, beneficial microorganisms, fungi and plant nutrients, these help improve the efficiency of water and nutrient use in soils. They also promote better plant growth and increase crop yield. ORGANIC FARMS In our farm, We believe that food grown with the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth hormones, antibiotics and other conventional inputs, are not only harmful to our farmers and consumers but also to the environment. Instead we encourage biodiversity and rely on building and maintaining healthy rich and fertile soils to grow our crops. We use our certified organic fertilizer, compost, vermi-tea, vermicastings, and indigenous beneficial microorganisms to enrich the soil and increase "organic matter". We also use natural farming botanicals and attractants for pest control as well as incorporating the practices of crop rotation, green manuring, companion planting and cover crops. We believe that natural, sustainable methods can produce healthy, rich and fertile soil. This soil, in turn, will produce nutrient-filled, healthy crops, which in turn leads to healthy animals and healthy people. This is the foremost principle behind our farms Healthy Soil = Healthy Foods = Healthy People ORGANIC FOOD STORES After discovering our passion for growing organic foods, Fresh Start created our very own organic food stores in order to be able to share with others the pleasure of fresh, healthy, chemical-free foods. All the products in the stores are definitely fresh... they're brought straight to the stores after they're harvested. The food stores are also a way for us to strengthen our ties with other committed, passionate organic farmers and to encourage them to continue growing organic products. Our strong relationships allow us to work together and offer an even larger selection of produce to our consumers, all at fair prices for both parties. We also help the farmers in monitoring their products to be sure they adhere to the organic standards. Our Food Store products include a wide selection of certified organic fruits, vegetables, salad greens and culinary herbs. We also have Red Brown, Black, White Organic Rice varieties, Rainforest Organic Coffee and Organic Free range chicken and eggs. Aside from fresh organic produce, we also support and encourage other local food entrepreneurs to use organic, healthy ingredients... those free from artificial additives, preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats and feature those products at the Healthy Pantry section in our stores. Our food stores also serve as a channel for educating consumers about the benefits and values of organic farming. Fresh Start is taking the initiative to raise people's awareness about organic agriculture, food safety and environmental conservation. At Fresh Start Organic Food Stores, We ONLY sell products that are... Better for your HEALTHY! Better for the COMMUNITY! And Better for the Environment!
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Growfast Organic Diamond Private Limited News
Video from dharmendra growfast
Views: 1099 Dharmendra Pandey
Is Organic Food A Rip-off? | Compound Interested Ep. 3
According to a 2015 study by Consumer Reports, organics are 45% more expensive than conventional food. Meanwhile, a survey by the Organic Trade Association found that 52% of organic shoppers are millennials. So, are young people (or, consumers of all ages) getting ripped off on organic food? Watch: "Why so many tech companies are valued at over a billion without making a dime in profit" - http://bit.ly/2mjl4RV Read: "America is about to find out what happens to the economy without undocumented immigrants" - http://bit.ly/2ng3qCJ Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Expo West 2016 - Brazilian companies of organic food and beverages
BRAZILIAN COMPANIES OF ORGANIC FOOD AND BEVERAGES The Organics Brasil Project participates in the Expo West with the best Brazilian products to the sector of natural, functional and organic. The fair of California said the tendency of the welfare segment for retail and can detect consumer demand. At the booth of the Organics Brasil are companies from food, drink and service: Bio2 – cereal bars, snacks, supplements 12 product lines. https://vimeo.com/128275674 Triunfo do Brasil – is a large organic yerba mate producer based in Brazil, where are located our plantations and our factory. Organic Yerba Mate has many health benefits and is good for hot infusions and cold beverages. The product is organic, fair trade and Kosher certified. Furthermore, our yerba mate is shadowed under native trees and dried non-smoked, which means it has a milder flavor, it is healthier and ecofriendly - https://youtu.be/SQgf_6m1f7I Native – In addition to the organic sugar, derived from agriculture without cane burning in an absolute natural process, Native has researched, selected and developed partnerships with the best Brazilian and international organic producers so that we can offer our customers high quality products which share the same principles that characterize Native as a reference company in sustainability - http://www.nativebiodiversidade.com.br/ and https://youtu.be/XAw7kKV8pAo Belaiaçá – Frozen Fruit Pulps: açaí, Cupuacu, Acerola, Camu Camu, Pinneaple, Guava, Soursop, Passion Fruit, Cashew, Mango, Muruci e Tapereba. Petruz Fruity is one of the most important producers of the superfruit açaí, along with other Amazonian Brazilian fruit pulps. Within our product line, we have developed unique organic products. Most of our production has already been tasted in more than twenty countries all around the world. Based in the state of Pará in Brazil, the original land of açaí, Petruz Fruity has become a very important business partner who wants to develop an environmentally responsible business with important revenues - https://vimeo.com/127826452 Brasilbev – Organique Energy Drink is the first organic energy drink in Brazil. After years of research, travels, and meticulous preparation, we made a sustainable energy drink, with certified organic ingredients from Brazilian Amazon. It contains 670mg of organic guarana extract, and 88mg of natural caffeine from yerba mate and guarana. Is a beverage free from any kind of preservatives, artificial colours or any chemical elements like taurine or inositol. Only natural and organic certified ingredients for you to feel the Brazilian energy - https://youtu.be/ZfsB9M0nx_8 Tribal Brasil – is a small company from southern Brazil trading specially in organic Yerba mate. Yerba mate is a plant found only in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It gently sustains you throughout the day, combating fatigue and sleepiness. Besides Yerba mate, Tribal Brasil offers 7 assorted teas of which 5 are Yerbamate- based, while 2 contain calming herbs like chamomile, lemongrass, and melissa. The most popular Tribal Brasil teas are “chai” (our own recipe for Indian tea), lemon ginger, and hibiscus lime. LABRA – Import / Export & Distribution is a company based in both the U.S. and Brazil with more than 15 years of experience in the international trading business focusing on earth-friendly, natural, organic products and ingredients. Our focus is to represent, promote and distribute South American brands and products in the world from organic, fair trade and sustainable sources, working with large Retailers, Wholesalers, Food Service and Health & Beauty industries. Jalles Machado - is the second largest producer of organic sugar in Brazil. Ever since its foundation, in the 1980s, the mill´s goal has been to be recognized by the market as a model and an excellence reference in terms of service, technology and high-quality organic sugar production.Watch institutional video about production and work of environmental sustainability - https://youtu.be/XU0g9SwudGU Expo West Organics Brasil Project - www.organicsbrasil.org.br Booth 2205 Ming Liu Executive Coordinator
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Bio fertilizer Organic manure Neem cake manufacturers trading company in tamilnadu in India
Visit our website:- http://www.harvestors.co/bio-fertilizers.html ; Contact us:- [email protected] Harvestors is one of the leading wholesale manufacturer suppliers and sourcing specialist of bio fertlizer organic manure neem cake products based in Erode in Tamilnadu in India. We are also manufacturers suppliers of various bio fertlizers including organic manure, neem cake and nematicides. We are also one of the largest bio fertilizer, organic manure, neem cake trading companies based in Erode in Tamil nadu in India. Please contact us for an inquiry. Please visit all our website for more information, http://www.harvestors.co/bio-fertilizers.html http://www.harvestors.co/neem-cake.html http://www.harvestors.co/organic-manure.html http://www.harvestors.co/nematicides.html
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Bio Larvicide and Miticide by D.G. Bio Organic Trading Co., Kolkata
[http://www.dgbio.in/] We, D.G. Bio Organic Trading Co., started in the years 2010, are one of the foremost manufacturers, traders and wholesalers an extensive array of Bio Larvicide and Miticide. Our offered range consists of best grade Bio Larvicide, Bio Miticide, and Bio PGR. To preparing these products with following quality norms, our professionals use top quality ingredients and modern technology. Our products are appreciated for their features like accurate composition, long shelf life, high purity, effectiveness, and non-toxicity. Additionally, we are offering these products at very reasonable rates.
SICON, EMERALD SICON, EMERALD, Agriculture company EMERALD, 100% organic products.
EMERALD is agriculture company established on 2012, we manufacture plant growth regulator, organic product, biofertilizer, micronutrient, water soluable, farmer kit etc. we supply rawmaterial as well as end product all over maharashtra, we welcome everyone to do business, buyers can contact below no: 9130035728 manager: Namrata Suryawanshi
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US and Japan agree trade deal over organic food products
The United States and Japan have agreed to make it easier to import each other's organic products, the latest step in a global effort that could give consumers more access to organic food. The Agriculture Department is planning to announce on Thursday that organic products certified in Japan or in the United States may be sold as organic in either country. The agreement will allow producers in both countries to sell their products without going through the lengthy process of getting certified to export there. "It's an equivalency arrangement," Miles McEvoy, Deputy Administrator of the National Organic Program at the US Department of Agriculture, said on Tuesday. "It accepts that the two countries are now accepting each others' organic programmes, so that if a product is certified under the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Organic Standards here in the US, it can be sold as organic in Japan." The agreement is similar to a US deal with Canada in 2009 and a deal with the European Union in 2012. While the Canadian agreement has brought more organic grains to the United States, the European pact has seen more chocolate and pasta imports. The Japanese deal is expected to increase imports of organic green tea, sake and mushrooms. "We're looking to see that the certification process, how the country verifies that organic standards are being met, that that's equivalent," said McEvoy. "We want to see that the government has adequate oversight over the certifiers, to make sure that they're accountable to doing the job consistently." In agreeing to the deal, Japan dropped its objections to two substances allowed in US organic foods that are not allowed in Japanese organic foods. While most of the two countries' organic standards are the same, Japan has not allowed its organics to be produced with lignin sulfonate, a substance used in post-harvest fruit production, or alkali-extracted humic acid, a fertiliser used to help grow a variety of organic crops. The United States allows those substances. Agriculture officials say they are looking at agreements other with other countries, including South Korea, and possibly India, Brazil and Mexico which could also make it easier for US organic farmers to sell abroad in the future. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/442c36fb862b38ebb4426a13c7594108 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Onion Exporter From India @ Navigo Exports Pvt Ltd
We are exporters/wholesalers of best quality Indian red, pink, yellow, white Onion with other fruits and vegetables and agriculture products. (Red Chili, Rice, Peanuts, Garlic, Sesame seeds, and more). This video shows how Onions are acquired from farmers then sorted, graded, screened and packed for exports. We export all agriculture products from India to countries like Vietnam, malaysia, sri lanka, singapore, Thailand, Philippines, korea, Japan, Cambodia, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc. DO NOT COMMENT SPAM. DO NOT DROP YOUR MOBILE NUMBERS IN COMMENT. SUCH WILL REMOVED AND REPORTED SPAM IMMEDIATELY.
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Introduction to Organic Certification
Learn some helpful hints and the three main steps needed to obtain USDA NOP Organic Certification
Organic Wellness - Together ,Let's Heal the World !!
Organic Wellness Music launch on Environment day , Thank you Distributing Partners / customers in India and across the world for your wonderful support . Together, Let's Heal the World!! Copyright: Organic Wellness Subscribe us for latest Updates : https://tinyurl.com/yc54q5f8 Website : www.organicwellness.com Like Us on Facebook : https://tinyurl.com/ybzneyjl Enjoy & stay connected with us!! If you like the Video, Don't forget to Share and leave your comments ==================== About Us ================ Organic Wellness manufactures authentic organic products of high quality. It was born as a creative solution with a unique balance sheet that focuses equally on everyone in the chain, starting from the Mother earth, farmers, employees, business associates and consumers. We have made a commitment to share 10% of our profit with our farmers and employees equally. Our plant is located in a remote village, Babai, Madhya Pradesh, away from all the pollution of big cities, thus, ensuring authentic organic herbs meeting global standards of quality and ensuring employment for all the villagers. Our company serves you with products like Teas & Tisanes,Supplements and Superfoods. Due to our excellency in serving such high quality products we have achieved among top 50 best wellness companies,Receiver of Ayush Kamal Ratan Award and Business Excellence & Innovative Best Practices by NDIM.It was founded in 2016 and located in A-197 A, Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon, Haryana, India - 122009.Manufacturing Unit: Khasra no -295–296, Village Babai, Tehsil Niwari, District Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh - 472442.
Neem & Organic Products by Sps Organics India Private Limited, Salem
[http://www.neemproducts.in/] Established in the year, 2009 at Salem, (Tamil Nadu, India), “SPS Organics India Private Limited”, is known as the affluent manufacturers, traders, exporters and suppliers of finest quality collection of Neem & Organic Products. These are processed under the hygienically condition by our professionals at our well developed manufacturing unit, using optimum quality basic ingredient and advanced technology. Our array is extremely demanded in the market for its features like excellent quality, purity, eco-friendliness, longer shelf life and accurate composition. Moreover, we also engaged in trading, exporting and supplying an exclusive array of different kinds of Neem Organic Manure, Neem Oil Cake and Neem Products. Procured from our authentic and trustworthy vendor base, our range is highly valued for its purity and totally organic manure. Moreover, our clients can avail these in various customized packaging as per their requirements at the most reasonable prices.
Edward and Sons Trading Co *Vegan and Organic Foods*
Edward & Sons Trading Co is family owned and run. Founded in 1978. Our motto is "Convenience without Compromise" ® We do not tolerate artificial ingredients in packaged foods so Edward & Sons™ products will never contain artificial flavors or colors, chemical preservatives or hydrogenated fats All of our items are vegetarian and most are suitable for vegans We offer many options for those with food allergies and special diets such as Gluten Free or Kosher Our product family encompasses several brands, including Edward & Sons ™, Native Forest®, Let's Do...Organic®, The Wizard's®, Premier Japan®, Let's Do...® and Road's End Organics® We also have a Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/edwardandsons) and a recipe blog (http://www.edwardandsonsrecipes.org/) that people can visit. http://edwardandsons.com/ FTC: I recieved all products complimentary to review My accounts: http://www.abbyirenenelson.weebly.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialInsomniacticIrene *LIKE PAGE* https://www.facebook.com/InsomniacticIrene *personal facebook* http://vampirefreaks.com/InsomniacticIrene http://www.listia.com/profile/2381181 *check out this website for FREE stuff* http://instagram.com/insomniacticirene http://weheartit.com/InsomniacticIrene http://twitter.com/Abby_Irene http://abbyirenenelson.tumblr.com
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If not organic, products are neither herbal nor Ayurvedic - Aaj Ki Khabar
Organic India Global CEO says that consumers must ensure that they are buying organic products only that too from a company with proper international certification. Susbscribe Us For Latest News & Politics ► http://goo.gl/aVOt3O
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Organic Food - Processors, Exporters, and Importers
TROPICAL LINK CANADA LTD. is a company based in beautiful British Colombia Canada. We are processors, exporters and importers of all natural and organic food and beverages. Our products are marketed under the “SNOW FARMS“ and “WILD TUSKER“ brands. “SNOW FARMS” brand products mainly consist of a wide range of dried cranberries, blueberries and cherries as well as juice concentrates of 100 % Canadian origin and are sold in over 26 countries globally. We are a proud member of prestigious Canada brand and Surrey board of Trade. “WILD TUSKER” products are mainly sold across Canada. Office : +1 778 379-3510 __________ Powered By http://www.BragDeal.com
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128-year-old Sarveshwar Foods eyes new, organic segment
One-hundred-and-twenty-eight-year-old Sarveshwar rice is a household name in Jammu. Two years ago, Sarveshwar Foods ventured into organic foods segment and launched organic rice, pulses, cereals, and spices under the brand called 'Nimbark'. SMBStory caught up with Naveen Kalra, director of sales at Nimbark, to know more about the state of organic food market in India and the company's growth strategy. (Video production: Mohit Sabharwal, camera: Manoj Upadhya, interview: Vincent Arthur)
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Agriculture Bio Organic Products by Molecule Agri Products, Surat
[http://www.moleculeagri.in/] Welcome to Molecule Agri Products, established in the year 2012, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we are one of the eading manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of a wide range of supreme quality Agriculture Bio Organic Products. Our product range are Plant Growth Promoters, Plant Nutrients and Bio Pesticides. The offered products are widely used in agriculture, horticulture and floriculture. These products are processed by our knowledgeable professionals using high quality chemical compounds and advanced technology as per the defined quality standards. The offered range is inspected by a team of experts on different parameters in order to make sure that we are providing only defect free range to the end users. All our products are packed in hygienic and tamper-proof packaging material as per the different requirements of our clients.
Elworld Agro Organic Foods
Elworld Agro and Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to promote a healthy lifestyle. Mr. S.N. Dwivedi founded Elworld as a Make in India initiative, aiming to promote the primitive methods of cultivation via organic farming. In a span of 1 year, we have managed to join hands with over 2000 farmers and have kept our promise of delivering 100% organic products.
Organic Food Companies Change Business Model by Expanding Deeper into Supply Chain - The Minute
The rapid sales growth in organic foods, a thirty two point two billion dollar business last year, has caused major supply problems for organic food companies. U.S. retail sales of organic food more than tripled over the decade through 2013, according to the Organic Trade Association. But this market explosion has caused organic production to lag behind market demand, causing higher prices and a shortage of products. Some companies have had to buy supplies overseas, raising issues of certified organic quality as well as additional shipping costs. Now, organic food companies are expanding the conventional agricultural business model of supplier and buyer by investing directly in their supply chain. Nature’s Path, a Canadian organic cereal maker, has paid two million dollars for a Montana farm to secure its supplies of wheat and oats. Pacific Foods, a soup maker, and Chipotle Mexican Grill are making strategic moves to finance farmers, offer technical training, and recruit more organic growers. Hain Celestial Group, maker of brands such as Earth’s Best and Health Valley, has promised multi-year contracts to farmers for organic corn. In the case of organic foods, the market is demanding business innovation. Read the release: http://bit.ly/1O4Ex0T © 2015 | 3BL Media | All Rights Reserved
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Quality Organics Food | What is Organic Foods.?
Sanjeevani is a leading quality organic food supplier and distributor of high quality organic food products in India. http://www.sanjeevaniorganics.in
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Vegans Invade Natural Products Expo West!
The Natural Products Expo West is the world's largest natural, organic and healthy products trade show, filled with thousands of companies exhibiting their newest "natural" products and 60,000 attendees from the industry and press. Here are the awesome-tastic vegans featured in this video (note: these are just a few of the MANY wonderful vegans represented at the expo)! ❥ Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Joyful Vegan) ❥ Carolyn Scott Hamilton (The Healthy Voyager) ❥ Jill Pyle (Vegan Cuts) ❥ Miyoko Schinner (Miyoko's Kitchen) ❥ Brian Patton (The Sexy Vegan) ❥ Julie Hasson (Julie's Kitchenette) ❥ Joni Newmann (JustTheFood.com) ❥ Jackie Sobon (Vegan Yack Attack) ❥ Chris Cooney (The Vegan Zombie) ❥ Karen Dawn (Dawn Watch) ❥ Carolyn Mullin (National Museum of Animals & Society) ❥ Sayward Rebhal (BonzaiAphrodite.com) ❥ Robert Cheeke (VeganBodybuilding.com) ❥ Seth Tibbott (Founder of Tofurky) ❥ Eric Brent (HappyCow.net) ❥ Kayle Martin (The Collard Cowgirl) ❥ Kylie Bennett (Fellowship of the Vegetable) ❥ Cindy Ford (Silly Little Vegan) ❥ Stephanie Bain (Vegan Cuts) ❥ Stephanie Williams (Vegan, What?) ❥ Jovanka Ciares (Healthy Living Advocate) ❥ Abigail Cooper (The So Abby Show) ❥ Vince Lia (Healthy Vegan Guy) ❥ Upton's Naturals ❥ Chicago Vegan Foods If you're interested in attending the Natural Products Expo in the future, I encourage you to check out this guide made by Whitney Lauritson (Eco Vegan Gal): http://bit.ly/1MsFdKY And if you're not familiar with my work, I'm Michelle Taylor Cehn, and I'm on a mission to make the world a kinder place one video at a time. You can check out my past videos for recipes, tips and inspiration, subscribe, and jump over to my websites here: http://www.michellecehn.com and http://www.veganbreak.com Let's Connect! Facebook: http://facebook.com/VeganBreak Instagram: http://instagram.com/VeganBreak Twitter: http://twitter.com/VeganBreak Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/veganreak
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Insta Organic Farm  - King Crabs
MAKABAGONG TEKNOLOHIYA AT PARAAN PARA SA PAGPAPALAGO NG PALAISDAAN IBINAHAGI NG MULTI AWARDED COMPANY (INSTALINK TRADING CORPORATION) insta-Link stays true to its commitment to provide the highest quality products coupled with providing the much needed guidance and mentoring from its highly qualified technical support team The harvest was supervised by no less than the Chairman himself, and top officers of I-link Special thanks to the Governor of Agusan del Norte, the Hon. Ma. Angelica rosedel M. Amante-Matba and and her staff, the Provincial Agriculturists, the Barangay officials, and the local Police Amazing harvest as expected! Thanks to the blessing from the Almighty, the efforts of our local farmers, and Instalink M.I., of course Consistent performance of an amazing agricultural product; the Instalink M.I. proven once more! Visit our FB PAGE for more info! www.facebook.com/ilinkkev #100%Safe #100%Organic #50%savings on farming costs #40-80%Increase Harvest ‪#‎Soilconditioner‬ NOTE: instaORGANICFARM is good for all kinds of crops, poultry, livestocks, aquaculture, water management
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Nivshakti Bioenergy Pvt Ltd, formerly known as Shakti Biotech, was formed in 2003 and since then the company was geared up to provide innovative and eco friendly solution to cater agriculture/plantation problems. Being the Largest Biotech Company in North-East India, we are the prime manufacturers and input suppliers of Bio Organic Pesticides, Bio Organic Insecticides, Bio Organic Fertilizers, and Bio Organic Fungicides. We also deal in Bio Organic PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) and Agriculture Enzymes. We provide vast range of products based on all kinds of Beneficiary Microbial Formulations which are manufactured using World's Latest Solid State Fermentation Technology. Salient Features of our Microbial Products (Fungi, Bacteria and Microbial Cultures) : • Our Microbiological Products are manufactured using World’s Latest Solid State Fermentation Technology. • We provide Fresh Stock with Localized strain • Added with Slow release Carbohydrate • Oxy Packed for better Shelf Life • Strains are Hardened Every time Salient Features of our Botanical Products : • Our Botanical Products are formulated based on ancient Vedic knowledge of Prana (Energy) & Panchamabhuta (Five basic elements) such as Prithivi (soil), Agni (fire), Jal (water), Akash (space) & Vayu (air).The inputs are derived from Vriksh Ayurveda (Knowledge of life of plants). • Ancient Agriculture Scientists recognized the various pests and diseases as major causes for poor growth of plants. They developed organic agents and locally available materials to treat the plant related problems. • All the products are completely free from Maximum Residue Limit (MRL). • All our products are simultaneously tested from TRA and SGS India Pvt. Ltd. We have a certain range of Micronutrients too as well such as : Tricontanol, Zinc Supplement, Magnesium and Sulfur Supplement, Boron Supplement, Micronutrients & Hormones for Rehabilitation of Plants, Humic Acid for Foliar and Soil Application & Liquid Micronutrient of Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum and Boron for boosting Yield and Quality We invite Business Associates to come, witness our products and Join hands to enhance and develop the productivity, which will lead to a safer, organic and poison free world. Apart from all this, you are free to visit our website www.shaktibiotech.in for more elaborate information. And last but not the least, Trust what we say and Verify what we do. Be Organic.
GROW ORGANIC IN THAILAND Growing Organic Farming Thailand Vlog
GROW ORGANIC IN THAILAND Growing Organic Farming Thailand Vlog ~~~ As Thailand considers how to help its agricultural sector produce better livelihoods for farmers and opportunities for businesses, organic food deserves serious attention. The world’s appetite for organically grown foods has become too big to be ignored, worth some $80 billion in 2014, according to the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL). The biggest markets are Europe and the U.S. Sales of organic foods are growing by double-digit rates in many countries. The fastest growth is reported in China, up 32% per year from 2010 through 2014, driven in part by frequent scandals over food contaminated by chemicals. In Thailand, sales of organic food grew at a 7% annual rate during that time, well above the 5% growth rate of conventional foods, according to Green Net Cooperative, a Thai non-profit group. The main foods grown organically here are rice, coffee beans, mulberry leaf tea, fresh vegetables like lettuce, and fruits like coconut. Premium pricing is a strong incentive for producers. Consumers are willing to pay 15% to 50% more for organics. This stands in sharp contrast to the sinking prices of many of Thailand’s commodity farm products like corn, tapioca and soybeans. Prices paid for rice, the nation’s most important crop, have recently fallen to ten-year lows. Some 60% of Thailand’s 13 million farmers grow rice, and their incomes have been battered. Chemical-free agriculture sidesteps the challenging price volatility of crops traded on global markets. Yet organic farming remains a tiny niche industry in Thailand. Just 0.3% of the nation’s agricultural land is certified as organic, compared to 1% worldwide, according to Organic Agriculture Development Thailand and Earth Net Foundation. Less than 0.2% of Thailand’s farmers practice organic agriculture. Remarkably, 58% of the organic food sold at retail here is imported. The market’s barriers to entry are high, for growers and businesses alike. Farmers who want to avoid the health hazards of handling synthetic pesticides will discover that not every plot of available land can be converted to organic. To qualify for certification, a field must be irrigated with water that tests free of pollutants. This requirement excludes most land situated near factories. Even land next to a large road can be disqualified because of airborne pollution. Farmers are also hindered by de-facto “startup” costs, because their incomes decline during the years needed to convert fields to chemical-free cropping. The time required is between 1 to 1.5 years for domestic sales and 2 to 3 years for exports. During this interim, the growers cannot yet earn those higher prices because their products are still not certifiable. Yet they have to cope with the reduced crop yields associated with organic farming. Compared to conventional agriculture, natural methods yield 13% to 61% less per hectare, depending on the type of crop. Organic farming takes more sweat and toil. Going chemical-free means removing weeds manually and producing one’s own organic fertilizer. Without chemicals, farmers have to abandon monocropping, the practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land. Instead they need to adopt polycropping, rotating crops so as to improve soil quality and reduce pests. This takes more effort and reduces economies of scale. Small scale also affects wholesalers and retailers in sourcing and selling these goods. Instead of one big crop in bulk, they handle smaller quantities of many different organic foods. Lower volumes increase the relative costs of transportation, processing, distribution and marketing. Certification schemes challenge exporters because there is no universal system for organics. The U.S. Japan and E.U. each has a different standard. Thus, to export a single product to several markets, a farmer has to shoulder the cost of getting multiple certifications. The future may bring multilateral or harmonized international standards, such as the ASEAN Standard for Organic Agriculture. This will eventually foster greater trade of organic products among member countries, but for now, certification is a hurdle. Exports should also grow. Thailand is a world leader in farm products, which comprise more than a sixth of the nation’s exports. And Thailand is a net exporter of food, with a strong national “brand” in this category. This favorable positioning should help sellers of exportable organic products like rice, premium fruit, coffee and tea. Growth in demand will sooner or later prompt more farmers and businesses to surmount the obstacles and expand their sales of organic foods. This will help the nation’s agricultural sector diversify its offerings and increase value-added. Chemical-free foods and farming thus deserve a prominent position in the national agenda as Thailand works toward adopting healthier approaches to economic growth.
What You Need To Know Before Shopping At Trader Joe's
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Organic Co. For Import, Export, Trade Agencies & Supplies 2020
About Organic Co. for import, export, trade agencies & supplies was founded in Cairo,. Company's field of business is exporting and importing high-quality agricultural products. Our aim is to introduce Egyptian agricultural products to most markets of the Middle East and Europe through dealing with the best international shipping companies. Beside trade agency and supply services, meeting customer’s needs. We are happy to contact you to answer your inquiries and follow up the procedures of your claim. We are always at your service - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Mobile /+966534780415 - Whatsapp Mobile /+ 966534780415 - Egypt - Tel / +201018634828 - Whatsapp Tel / +201018634828 - Website: http://www.organicompany.net/ - Email: [email protected]

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