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Shocking Blue - Rock In The Sea
From the Attila album (1972). 06/12 Enjoy!
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Sea of Thieves "Przygody Grubego Sternika" Część 1
Sea of Thieves na LIVE - https://jarock.pl/live/rock
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SEA - Player 2 [ Official Music Video ] https://youtu.be/5QBWeAGkkac IG: https://www.instagram.com/sea3p0/ SPOTIFY :: http://bit.ly/seaplayer2_spotify ITUNES E APPLE MUSIC :: http://bit.ly/seaplayer2_itunes GOOGLE PLAY :: http://bit.ly/seaplayer2_GPlay DEEZER :: http://bit.ly/seaplayer2_Deezer TIDAL :: http://bit.ly/seaplayer2_Tidal VIDEO BY CASANOVA https://www.instagram.com/manelcasanova/ AGRADECIMENTO: Make up by NYX Cosmetics https://www.instagram.com/nyxcosmeticspt/ Cabelo by Hugo Lourenço https://www.instagram.com/hugolourenco1979
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Panbers - Rock And The Sea
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Rock By The Sea Music Video
A little recap of our first tour! A big thank you to Hunter Burgtorf for the great video! Thank you Rock By The Sea for this amazing opportunity! Follow us! Instagram rockontheroadofficial Snapchat rockontheroad Facebook rockontheroadohana
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Harald Philipp & Tom Oehler reveal a story long lost. A bicycle hanging in a climbing route guards the entrance to a vast mountain range. The story leads us to two guys who almost invented the mountainbike and killed themselves in only one day. Watch the story unfold... ÖBF AG: "Radfahren ist in Salzburg im alpinen Ödland generell gesetzlich verboten. Die im Film befahrenen Strecken sind nicht für Radfahrer freigegeben." Music: AWOLNATION "Sail" | "People" | "Wake Up" Album: Megalithic Symphony Courtesy of Red Bull Records awolnationmusic.com
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Riff - Que sea rock (AUDIO)
01- Que sea rock 0:01 02- No obstante lo cual 4:40 03- Bienvenida a mi lado oscuro 7:19 04- Lily Malone 10:45 05- Mala noche 15:48 06- En la ciudad del gran río 19:55 07- Es tarde 24:30 08- Sátiros sueltos 27:08 09- Vergüenza ajena 31:25 10- Larga distancia 35:02 11- En un harém de Agadir 38:25 12- Reza duro 40:52 13- Tigre Hotel 45:00 14- Estamos hartos 49:38 Riff fue una banda argentina de hard rock, rock and roll y heavy metal fundada en Buenos Aires en 1980 por el afamado guitarrista Pappo. Se los considera uno de los principales grupos en hacer rock pesado en idioma español y uno de los grupos que más desafiaron la dictadura argentina. A comienzos de los '80 y cuando aún la dictadura gobernaba sobre Argentina, la banda se había consolidado como uno de los números principales del rock nacional argentino, apareciendo en el estadio Obras y en varios festivales importantes. Además la aparición de Riff había resultado revolucionaria, siendo pioneros en el uso de videoclips, algo nunca antes visto en la música argentina y que sacaba ventaja de su estética metálica y de cuero negro. La banda se disolvió a fines de 1983 mientras regresaba la democracia a Argentina. Riff volvió a reunirse de forma intermitente a lo largo de dos décadas, siempre como proyecto paralelo de Pappo que alternaba presentaciones con Pappo's Blues, aunque ya convertida en una banda de culto en el rock nacional. Durante esas dos décadas Riff se presentó en teatros, estadios, festivales, lanzó discos de estudio y en vivo, y hasta grabó un documental en 1992 con la historia de la banda. Pero en febrero de 2005, pocos días después de haber dado el que sería su último recital en el festival Cosquín Rock 2005, un accidente de moto le costó la vida a Pappo, y la banda se disolvió definitivamente.
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We Lost The Sea - Departure Songs [Full Album]
We share post-rock songs, albums and playlists. Artist: We Lost The Sea (Australia) Album: Departure Songs (2015) http://welostthesea.bandcamp.com http://www.welostthesea.com 1. A Gallant Gentleman: 00:00 2. Bogatyri: 06:05 3. The Last Dive of David Shaw: 17:49 4. Challenger part 1 - Flight: 34:46 5. Challenger part 2 - A Swan Song: 58:30
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Leave a comment and SUBSCRIBE! \m/^_^\m/ To get the mp3, backingtrack and more go to: http://patreon.com/pellekofficial All my covers and original songs on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/artist/pellek/id411708930 Buy merch and signed PelleK-albums at http://pellek.com My Facebook Profile: http://facebook.com/imPelleK PelleK's Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/pellekofficial My twitter: http://twitter.com/imPelleK Instagram: http://instagram.com/realpellek I hope you like this video and consider sharing it with your friends. Rock on! \m/ Vocals and backing vocals sung by Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly Arranged and orchestrated by Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly Guitars and drums played by Gisha Djordjevic Bass and piano played by Per Fredrik "PelleK" Åsly Mixed and mastered at Thundergod Studios
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Covet - Sea Dragon [Official Music Video]
Sea Dragon from Covet's debut EP "Currents" Video produced by Anthony Moore Distentus Media - https://www.facebook.com/distentus Yvette Young: Guitars & Vocals David Adamiak: Bass Keith Grimshaw: Drums https://facebook.com/covetband https://covetband.bandcamp.com/releases
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Pirate Metal - Wolves of the Sea (NOT Alestorm!)
You can get the song here, together with all my other music: https://adrianvonziegler.bandcamp.com/album/the-complete-discography You can also support me and my music directly on Patreon if you wish: https://www.patreon.com/AdrianvonZiegler Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AdrianvonZiegler iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/artist/adrian-von-ziegler/id445469270 Bandcamp: http://adrianvonziegler.bandcamp.com/ Real CD's: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/AdrianvonZiegler Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AdrianVZiegler This is what happened when I combined symphonic Melodies with a Polka-Rhythm. I checked the whole Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack because I was afraid I may have copied some Parts of the Song from there, but it doesn't exist in the PotC-Score, so it's really my own Creation. Thank God! Composed 100% by myself on Keyboard and Guitar, as always. Production made with Magix Music Maker Pro 16. © Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Original of the Picture, it was edited by me.
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THE ALTERNATE ROUTES: Nothing More. Rock By The Sea, 2017.
Tim Warren and Eric Donnelly of THE ALTERNATE ROUTES joined by Amy Gerhartz and MELODIME's Jonathan Wiley for a special performance of "Nothing More" May 13, 2017 at Harry A's, St George Island, FL.
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Pyura Chilensis: Strange sea creature looks like "Living Rock" but inside a delicacy in Chile
This rock is actually a bizarre creature- that can breed with itself. From the outside it looks like a grey stone, but if you cut it open there is a mass of blood-red hermaphrodites living inside. The living rock is basically a mass of organs surrounded by a layer of skin and muscle. If you stepped on it you would get a shock as it would burst open and spill the strange creatures, that are considered a delicacy in Central America. Lurking off the coast of Chile and Peru, the creepy creature is called Pyura chilensis – also known as Piure- in Spanish. It belongs to a group of sac-like marine life known as sea squirts. The bizarre animal cannot move and feeds by filtering in seawater and consuming the tiny algae before exhaling it back into the sea. The Pyura chilensis can also mate with itself. It’s born male, becomes hermaphroditic at puberty, and reproduces by tossing clouds of spperm and eggs into the surrounding water in the hope that they will collide. The Piure is known as a tunicate, so-called because it is covered in a layer or 'tunic' - of animal cellulose called tunicin. If they come together they form a 'fertile cloud' which will produce tiny tadpole-like offspring. Chileans eat the blobby animal raw or in stews and it has been described as tasting “bitter”, “soapy” and with an “iodine flavour". The grey bit around the creatures is actually made up of vanadium – a hard, silvery grey metal that occurs naturally in more than 60 different minerals around the world. Weirdly it is also the element used to make alloy steels. Because of its high level of vanadium and the element's toxicity, there are concerns about eating the creature. This flesh is canned or sold as strips and can be eaten raw, or cooked. It is also exported to Sweden and Japan. Music : Intrepid by Kevin MacLeod Blog : http://patrynworldlatestnews.blogspot.com Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/patryn.worldlatestnews
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Rock by the Sea Mash Up
A mash up of songs from some of the artist performing at Rock By The Sea in St. George Island Fl May 15-18. Tickets and info available at www.rockbythesea.org Songs by Alternate Routes, Michael Tolcher, Amy Gerhartz, Melodime, A Thousand Horses and Steve Everett included. Wish we could have played more of the artist songs
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Rock By The Sea
Rock By The Sea
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Keith Kane - Rock by the Sea 2018
Everything You Want performed by Keith Kane, Brian Fechino, and Chardy McEwan at RBTS 2018
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EPIC POP | ''Black Sea'' by Natasha Blume
Natasha Blume Name: Black Sea Album: Natasha Blume - EP Written by Joachim Rygg/Natasha Paghunie Performed by Natasha Blume Courtesy of Choicetracks/Position Music Follow Position Music on Facebook: http://smarturl.it/PositionFB Official Website: http://positionmusic.com/ Buying/Licensing Options: https://www.positionmusic.com/#/album/MTM3MTY4LWU4NDRlMg Buy this song: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/black-sea/1078101957?i=1078101958 Follow Natasha Blume: https://soundcloud.com/natashablume https://www.facebook.com/TASHmusic/ https://www.instagram.com/natashablume/ Image: https://letrongdao.deviantart.com/art/g5-673699709 Lyrics: Come Down To The Black Sea Swimming With Me Ah-Oh Go Down With Me Fall With Me Lets Make Worth It Ah-Oh A Thousand Nights Have Passed Change Doesn'T Happen Overnight Not Visible At First Its Important To Hold On (Hold On) Oh Oh Oh Oh Inject Your Advice To Me Oh Oh Oh Oh Incinerate Our Shackles Come Down To The Black Sea Swimming With Me Ah-Oh Go Down With Me Fall With Me Lets Make Worth It Ah-Oh You Rise I Fall I Stand You Crawl You Twist I Turn Who'S The First To Burn You Sit And Stay I Don'T Obey Where Do We Land In The Black Sea? Oh Oh Oh Oh In The Black Sea Where Do We Land In The Black Sea? You'Re Giving Up I'M Tired The Tug Of War That Were Playing I'M Not Giving Up In Trying To Tell You Oh Oh Oh Oh Inject Your Advice To Me Oh Oh Oh Oh Incinerate Our Shackles Come Down To The Black Sea Swimming With Me Ah-Oh Go Down With Me Fall With Me Lets Make Worth It Ah-Oh You Rise I Fall I Stand You Crawl You Twist I Turn Who'S The First To Burn You Sit And Stay I Don'T Obey Where Do We Land In The Black Sea? Oh Oh Oh Oh In The Black Sea Where Do We Land In The Black Sea? Grip Your Hands Tired Of Whats Your Worth Watch Yourself Beg Hanging On To Earth Love War Pain Life Everything'S The Same To Me So Come Down To The Black Sea Swimming With Me Ah-Oh Go Down With Me Fall With Me Lets Make Worth It Ah-Oh Come Down To The Black Sea Swimming With Me Ah-Oh Go Down With Me Fall With Me Lets Make Worth It Ah-Oh You Rise I Fall I Stand You Crawl You Twist I Turn Who'S The First To Burn You Sit And Stay I Don'T Obey Where Do We Land In The Black Sea? Oh Oh Oh Oh In The Black Sea Where Do We Land In The Black Sea?
Rock by the Sea - May 14, 2015 through May 17, 2015
Make plans to joins us in St. George Island for Rock By The Sea May 14-17, 2015. Get Weekend Music Passes or Register for Golf Tournament. See more information at http://www.saltyflorida.com/events/rock-by-the-sea/1071/
Thank You, Rock by the Sea
Thank You, Rock by the Sea
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Rock By The Sea 791
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Rock By The Sea 806
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How to paint a butterfly on a sea rock | Time-lapse painting video tutorial
Rok Painting Art | Sassi dipinti by Roberto Rizzo https://www.robertorizzoart.net http://www.facebook.com/robertorizzoart Technique: acrylic on rock - cm. 15 Time: 1 hour Music by Vicente Amigo - Tres notas para decir te quiero
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Rock By The Sea Thank You
Rock By The Sea Thank You
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Haikaiss - "Raplord" feat. Jonas Bento | Metal Cover por Sea Smile
| ASSISTA EM HD 1080 | Esta versão da música "Raplord" (Originalmente por Haikaiss e Jonas Bento) é uma obra totalmente independente (DIY) feita em parceria com a marca Slow Death Clothing (@slowdeathbr). Email para contato: [email protected] Áudio: Produção Musical, Mixagem e Masterização: Diego Castro (https://www.facebook.com/diego.castro.9862) Vídeo: Direção: Henrique Baptista e Denis Trugillo Imagens: Denis Trugillo Pós Produção: Henrique Baptista Sea Smile é: Vocal - Dinho Oliveira // @dinhosimitan Guitarra e Vocal - Henrique Baptista // @henriquebapp Baixo e Vocal - Rafael Lobo // @santvarg Bateria - Guilherme Souza // @guizoww Acompanhe o nosso trabalho: https://www.facebook.com/seasmilerock https://www.instagram.com/seasmilerock https://www.youtube.com/seasmilerock https://www.twitter.com/SeaSmileRock LOJA ON LINE SEA SMILE: http://seasmilemerch.iluria.com/ Nosso mais recente trabalho em estúdio: Do Que Somos Feitos (2016) https://goo.gl/SRXLC2 Slow Death Clothing http://www.slowdeath.com.br/ Todos os direitos reservados a Haikaiss. Escrita por: Pedro Qualy / Rafael Spinardi / SPVIC _ Agradecimentos: Bruno Valente Luthier Diego Castro Denis Trugillo Alden Cavalcante Kawane Souza
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Rock on the Sea (Full Song)
First song for my full album (edits may occur before final release)
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Melanie C - The Sea Live DVD - Rock Me / Yeh Yeh Yeh
Filmed during the first three nights of Melanie's 2011 'The Sea Live' tour, this limited edition DVD captures highlights from Melanie's first live tour in over three years. For more information go to http://www.MelanieC.net
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Rock By The Sea 792
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Sea Otter Using a Rock to Open Clams
No wonder Hermione's patronus is an otter. Otters are indeed very smart. They will take a rock to the surface only if they need it to open tough shells like clams. And they will turn over and dump the rock as soon as they are done. This one actually got two clams in one dive. Shot in Moss Landing, which is on Highway 1, half way between the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Santa Cruz, California.
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Rock By The Sea 788
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Rock by the Sea Music Festival 5
visit http://www.youtube.com/user/RockByTheSeaOrg Rock by the Sea's official YouTube Channel for upcoming sequels! And a chance to win 2 FREE PASSES to this music festival! http://www.rockbythesea.org Visit the Rock by the Sea webpage for more info!
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Rock By The Sea 2017 Promo
© KSF Entertainment - All rights reserved
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Yuri Gagarin - Sea of Dust EP (2015) (Space Rock / Psychedelic Rock)
Swedish Heavy Psychedelic Rock. 7" vinyl EP available from Ultraljud Records. 00:00 Sea of Dust 06:32 Psychological Discontinuity http://www.ultraljudrecords.se http://yurigagarinswe.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/yurigagarinspacerock http://yurigagarin.bigcartel.com
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Painting a Cat on a Sea Rock ! Rock Painting Art by Roberto Rizzo
This fine piece of art is by Roberto Rizzo, an Italian painter and creative artist inspired by Nature and animals. He is mostly known for my painted rocks and wildlife art. This particular artwork was a commissioned piece where Roberto started with a pencil drawing and went on with brushes. ►SUBSCRIBE for more Awesome Videos : https://goo.gl/uDVc4n ----------------------- Copyright - WooGlobe. We bring you the most trending internet videos ! For licensing and to use this video, please email licensing(at)Wooglobe(dot)com. Twitter : https://twitter.com/WooGlobe Facebook : https://fb.com/Wooglobe Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/WooGlobe/
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Rock al Parque 2018: ¿Estamos malacostumbrados a que todo sea gratis? | Shock
Suscríbete a nuestro canal https://goo.gl/G38HK2 Visita: http://www.shock.co/ Sigue a Shock en Redes Sociales: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShockCo Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShockCo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shock/ Nuestra red de canales en YouTube: Caracol Televisión: https://goo.gl/N3Zo1Q Suscribirse Noticias Caracol: https://goo.gl/T21oWQ Suscribirse Gol Caracol: https://goo.gl/IE1bPb Suscribirse Shock: https://goo.gl/G38HK2 Suscribirse Blu Radio: https://goo.gl/iugprN Suscribirse La Kalle: https://goo.gl/G4c5k0 Suscribirse Caracol TV Internacional: https://goo.gl/FFvToi Suscribirse Caracol Next: https://goo.gl/acJjvr Suscribirse Caracol Play: https://goo.gl/Lk1iKQ Suscribirse El Espectador: https://goo.gl/9fPJrE Suscribirse Cromos: https://goo.gl/SCYDSB Suscribirse
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Robert Wyatt - Sea Song
"sea song" by robert wyatt, original record version from rock bottom
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Riff - Que sea rock (AUDIO)
Track numero 1 del cd "Que sea rock" (1997). Reeditado por Popart Discos.
Одесса готовится к "ROCK SEA - 2018"
Всеукраинский некоммерческий музыкально-культурный проект приурочен к Дню молодежи и Дню Конституции Украины.
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Epolets - Rock Sea - Одесса 2018.06
Одесса 2018.06.30 Группа «Epolets» Одесса. Alternative Rock. Зеленый Театр - открытая площадка. Фестиваль "ROCK SEA" - 2018" — виховання культури сприйняття різних молодіжних напрямків у музиці, — сприяння розповсюдженню та популяризації музики українських авторів на півдні України, — просвітництво, — пропаганда здорового способу життя та захисту довкілля. Odessa 2018.06.30 Band "Epolets" Odessa. Alternative Rock. Green Theater - Open air. "ROCK SEA" Festival - 2018 - education of culture of perception of different youth directions in music, - Promotion of the distribution and popularization of music of Ukrainian authors in the south of Ukraine, - education, - promoting healthy lifestyles and protecting the environment.
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Sedimentary rock - formation under the sea
A demonstration illustrates how sedimentary rocks are formed under the sea
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"Slumber" acoustic NEEDTOBREATHE performance at Rock By The Sea 6
April 29, 2012 Spinnaker Panama City Beach, FL
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beginner sea fishing tips in cornwall
Some tips for people starting out sea fishing
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The wonderful sea life of Pembrokeshire rock pools with Craig Evans
I thought I would show the viewers some of the great and varied sea life I encounter on my coastal foraging trips to the seashore. The sheer diversity of life that I come across never ceases to amaze me. I hope you enjoy the video-If you have any relevant questions,I will be pleased to try and answer them via the comments section .
Na pokład szczury lądowe! Zabieramy was na piracką przygodę! Najlepsze momenty Skały w Sea of Thieves. :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ • https://www.facebook.com/pixelworldguy/ • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9aDXhb-SLTdg9gbuF1NGSQ • https://www.instagram.com/pixelguyworld/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- uzupełnie
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Rock By The Sea 2017 for PATREON
here's a quick recap of the 2017 Rock By The Sea Festival in St. George Island, FL. Rock By The Sea is a non-profit charity organization that helps raise money for great causes including pediatric cancer research, the Down Syndrome Association of Tallahassee, as well as domestic abuse and animal shelters. for me info, go to: www.rockbythesea.org
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Rock By The Sea
Rock By The Sea
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VASTU - Rock or Sea salt remove negativity from life
Please visit for more Vastu tips :- http://vastushastra01.blogspot.in/ Rock or sea salt remove negative energy and bring the positivity in life.Rock salt actually absorb the negative energy and make the environment purified.
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Rock by the Sea Recap - Green Light Morning
Great trip to Rock by the Sea www.rockbythesea.org We had a blast playing music, seeing old friends, being inspired by new musicians and most importantly being part of a family that helps raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research and treatments. All footage is live, video by Jesse Waits Media
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