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The living Sea Shell
We thought it was empy, but it started moving. Now we know what the inside of a sea looks like. This shell was found in the Atlantic Ocean by a Beach in Puerto Rico.
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Pearl from sea shell
Original pearl retrieved from natural sea shell
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Sea Shells
A sea shell is a hard, protective outer layer created by an animal that lives in the sea. The shell is part of the body of the animal. Empty seashells are often found washed up on beaches by beachcombers. The term seashell usually refers to the exoskeleton of an invertebrate which is an animal without a backbone. Most shells that are found on beaches are the shells of marine mollusks, partly because many of these shells endure better than other seashells. Seashells have been used by humans for many different purposes throughout history and pre-history. Seashells are commonly found in beach drift, which is deposited along strandlines on beaches by the waves and the tides. Shells are very often washed up onto a beach empty and clean, the animal having already died, and the soft parts having rotted away or having been eaten by either predators or scavengers. Bivalves are often the most common seashells that wash up on large sandy beaches or in sheltered lagoons. They can sometimes be extremely numerous. Very often the two valves become separated. There are more than 15,000 species of bivalves that live in both marine and freshwater. Examples of bivalves include clams, scallops, mussels, and oysters. The majority of bivalves consist of two identical shells that are held together by a flexible hinge. The animal's body is held protectively inside these two shells. Bivalves that do not have two shells either have one shell or they lack a shell altogether. The shells are made of calcium carbonate and are formed in layers by secretions from the mantle. Bivalves are mostly filter feeders; through their gills, they draw in water, in which is trapped tiny food particles. Some bivalves have eyes and an open circulatory system. Bivalves are used all over the world as food and as a source of pearls. Seashells have been used as a medium of exchange in various places, including many Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean islands, also in North America, Africa and the Caribbean. Seashells have often been used as tools, because of their strength and the variety of their shapes. Giant clams have been used as bowls, and when big enough, even as bathtubs and baptismal fonts. Many different species of bivalves have been used as scrapers, blades, clasps, and other such tools, due to their shape. Some marine gastropods have been used for oil lamps, the oil being poured in the aperture of the shell, and the siphonal canal serving as a holder for the wick. Because seashells are in some areas a readily available bulk source of calcium carbonate, shells such as oyster shells are sometimes used as soil conditioners in horticulture. The shells are broken or ground into small pieces in order to have the desired effect of raising the pH and increasing the calcium content in the soil. For more videos, photos and blog posts like this please visit http://www.wholesomeday.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/wholesomeday/ Tumblr: http://wholesomeday.tumblr.com/ Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wholesomed/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wholesomeday
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Weird crazy sea shell
Found in Lido Beach, Florida, 2010
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Lucky Woman Opened a Clam and Found THESE Inside!
Women who like wearing jewelry usually love diamonds, gold, and silver. Other women prefer pearls. Pearls are beautiful, hard gems that come in white, red, gray, blue, green, and black. They are typically spherical in shape, but there are those that form unevenly, i.e. baroque pearls. Perfectly round pearls are considered the most beautiful and they are ideal to be used as jewelry. Oysters produce these precious, iridescent stones. Amazingly, they are the by-product of a biological process that occurs when an irritant or a foreign substance such as a food particle, enters an oyster’s shell. Contrary to popular belief, the irritant is hardly ever a grain of sand. Clams and mussels can also produce this precious stone, but not as frequent as oysters do. Imagine then this woman’s surprise when she opened a giant clam and found not just one pearl inside, but perhaps more than a dozen! What a very lucky girl indeed. Source: Elite Readers http://www.elitereaders.com/
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Live Scallop Sea Shell
It's alive with multiple blue eyes !
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DIY Sea Shell Book | Coptic Stitch Bookbinding | Sea Lemon
Watch more videos - http://bit.ly/SeaLemonDIYChannel Subscribe - http://bit.ly/SeaSubs Show more info below ↓ In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a sea shell watercolor book. Materials: • Sea shells (2 shells, about 3.5" or 9cm) • 9x12" pad of watercolor paper (7 sheets) • Waxed thread (make your own - http://bit.ly/Yxfuel) Tools: • Pencil • Cutting mat • Awl (or Dremel drill) • Needle (more info - http://bit.ly/Yx24uY) • Scissors • Small bowl of water, towel • Rubber band (or hair tie) ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧ ❋ Related Videos ❋ DIY Coptic Stitch Binding http://bit.ly/13MoXhy DIY Waxed Thread http://bit.ly/Yxfuel DIY Abstract Fractal Pattern http://bit.ly/10Kxgyk ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧ ❋ Follow me! ❋ FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/sealemon TWITTER http://twitter.com/sea_lemon INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/sealemon SNAPCHAT sealemondiy PINTEREST http://pinterest.com/sealemon TUMBLR http://sealemon.co ETSY SHOP http://sealemon.etsy.com ‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧‧ ❋ PO Box ❋ Sea Lemon 1776 N. Scottsdale Rd. #1333 Scottsdale, AZ 85252 USA
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sea shell art
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What lives inside seashells - Clam opens mouth
What is inside a shell? What lives inside seashells?
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Incredible DIY Shell Crafts Ideas | Easy DIY's With Seashells | Craft Factory
Check out these incredible DIY shell crafts. Got some seashells lying around from your last holiday? Make them into something spectacular with these shell crafts ideas. Easy DIY's that look absolutely stunning. From cake decorating, to DIY soap, or even make a beautiful shell fountain using a glue gun. Craft Factory will teach you how to DIY - from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we have it covered. Subscribe for more daily DIYs and life hacks! Like us on Facebook: Craft Factory - www.facebook.com/CraftFactoryByKidspiration Kidspiration - www.facebook.com/KidspirationSocial Follow us on Instagram Kidspiration: https://www.instagram.com/JungleKidspiration Check out our other channels: Twisted: www.youtube.com/TwistedFood VT: www.youtube.com/JungleVT
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Sea Shell Nails - Summer Beach Nail Designs
If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/2iwHAJC Sea Shell Nails - Summer Beach Nail Designs - Jewelery shells nail art - Printed shell nails - Handpainted shells nail art - Starfish nails - Mermaid nails More Nail Art Videos: - Ocean Nails - Ocean Surf, Sand and Waves Nail Art https://youtu.be/esZiiJL26Hs -Anchor Nails - Nautical Nail Art Designs https://youtu.be/q_b7sZMrHe0 - Yellow Nails - Summer Nail Art Designs in Yellow Color https://youtu.be/-eb5f-02Iyk - Toe Nails Design - Pedicure Ideas for Spring https://youtu.be/Gup1IINDhiQ - Daisy Nails - Spring Flower Nail Art https://youtu.be/Fh_6Mtm1CvQ shell, shell nails, sea shell nails, shell nail art, sea shell nail art, summer beach nails, summer beach nail art, starfish nails, Jewelery shells nail art, Printed shell nails, Mermaid nails, sea, ocean, sand, wave, sea nails, ocean nails, ocean surf nails, sea surf nails, ocean nail art, sea nail art, ocean cost nails, sea cost nails, ocean nail polish, ocean nail designs, sea nail designs, Nautical nails, nautical nail art, nautical nail design, summer nails, summer nail art, summer nail design, sailor nails, cruise nails, marine nails, marine nail art, marine nail design, summer 2017, summer nail polish, nail polish trends 2017, new nail polish trends, nail trends 2017, nail color trends, 2017 nail trends, Nail art design trends 2017, top nails design 2017, Nail polish, Nail art, Nail art Tutorial, Nail art designs, Nail art compilation, Nail art video, Nail art trend, Nail art 2017, spring nails 2017, spring nail art, spring nail design, spring nail art designs, spring nail polish, spring 2017 nail colors,spring gel nails, cute spring nails, spring 2017 nail trends, spring 2017 nail colors,
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Sea Shell/Oyster Shell Processor Grinder Hammer Mill Machine
This is a unique and cool use of one of our machines, grinding sea shells and oyster shells. The ground up shell has a number of uses: chicken feed, soil amendments, fertilizer, landscaping mulch, calcium additive, and much more. We ran two samples of oyster shells. One was processed clean shells that had been dried and cleaned. The other was something called green shell and it was right out of the salt water. It was covered in slime and goo, it had a bunch or rocks, wood, sand and other junk mixed in. Both samples ran great through the system. If you are interested in a shell grinder give us a call at 360-595-4445 or email [email protected] for more info. Thanks
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Easy Watercolors Sea Shell Painting Demo
1. My Online Painting School: maria-raczynska.teachable.com 🌊 2. For pencil sketches/real time videos please go to: www.patreon.com/mariamorjane 🌷(Please note: Not all YT videos become real time videos. My Patrons help me choose which paintings become future real time videos) 3. My art supplies: www.mariamorjane.com/my-art-supplies 💐 or http://www.thebrushguys.com/cgi-bin/sc-v4/proddisp.pl?client=firesaleguys&catid=415&PRID=6262 - a full list of my current brushes Coupon code: mariar 5% off for you and me 4. Follow me on Instagram/Twitter: @maria_morjane 🌸 5. This painting: *Evaluating New watercolors by Schmincke - Horadam: Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Ruby Red, Yellow Ochre, Vandyke Brown, Sepia Brown Reddish, Indigo *Evaluating a New Watercolor Paper: Saunders Waterford Rough 140lb Watercolor Paper sheet - sample www.legionpaper.com *Brushes: Round 4,8 “Black Velvet” by Silver Brush Round 0 “VelvetTouch” by Princeton Chisel Blender 6 “VelvetTouch” by Princeton 6. For all my ladies that always ask: My nails are by Zoya www.zoya.com this Lavender Nail Color is: Haruko 7. Please keep in mind there's a setting on YT where you can adjust the speed of this video. 💕💕💕Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! your support is giving me a lot of motivation to keep uploading here 😍💕 ▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎COPYRIGHT NOTE: 1. My videos are copy protected, they are fully owned by me and they are not allowed for any download. Please NOTE: IT'S A COPYRIGHT VIOLATION TO CREATE YOUR OWN CHANNEL WITH MY VIDEOS, you are risking losing your google account. _________________________________________________________________ 2. My videos are for your personal enjoyment. So It’s ok to copy my art for your personal use as long as you are not trying to make money off of it. 🌹😍 3. If you post your copied work on any social media, please give me a credit stating it's a "copy of an original painting by Maria Raczynska" 😊 Just think of it this way.. if you created a painting and shared a video with everyone else, how would you feel if someone else was taking credit for it?😅 😚Thank you so much for understanding💕💕💕You guys are the reason I am creating! thank you for your love and support💕💕💕 ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ I've been getting a lot of similar questions so I have created a Q/A on my website - all about watercolor PAPERS, pigments, taping down etc 😃www.mariamorjane.com and go to a BLOG The white pigment I use is an opaque watercolor - GOUACHE (Holbein) I use it instead of my regular watercolor whites which are too transparent for my style of painting. ♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎😃*****Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!*****😃♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎♦︎ www.facebook.com/mariamorjane💕💕 fyi I’m pretty bad with facebook 😅… not enough time to be on all social media platforms, please forgive me if I haven’t seen your messages. best way to contact me is via comments☺️I always respond to my wonderful artist fellows here. ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ ★★★ Music Created by: “Meditation Impromptu 01”, “Mediation Impromptu o2” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) (incompetech.com)
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Sea Shell Necklace Demonstration - by Ironhunt
Video showing how to make simple sea shells into nice looking necklaces for next to no expense. Check out the blog at blog.dipintojewels.com for detailed info on the videos. More entries (including one for this video) coming soon!
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Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting
Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting Cool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell paintingCool Creativities 16 Adorable Seashell Craft Ideas - Sea Shell painting recycle things, recycled crafts, recycle ideas, recycle things at home, recycle projects, recycled art, recycle and reuse household items , diy crafts, diy home decor , diy projects, Recycle Craft Ideas , Recycle , Recycling , Recycled , Reuse , Renew , Creative Recycling Ideas , DIY , DIY creative ideas , home decoration, home decor , DIY home decor , creative ideas , mini projects Crafts & DIY Projects Ways to Make Something New Out of Something Old. Get creative with these ideas for crafts made of recycled things . We bring you creative DIY ideas on how to reuse and up-cycle old stuff you already used . DIY creative ideas just for you, which they can be useful and fun at the same time to do it yourself .
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Sea shell crochet bag
Multiple of 13+1
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ยำ3หอย กระบี่ ยำแซบอาหารทะเล Yum Spicy Sea Shell Salad at Krabi Night Weekend Walking Street Market
ยำ3หอย กระบี่ ยำแซบอาหารทะเล Yum Spicy Sea Shell Salad at Krabi Night Weekend Walking Street Market
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Sea Shell Entrance Instructions
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Sea Shell Dreams
Musique et créations vidéos de Annémeraude!
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Sea shell finding at 6 in the morning.
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How to draw a sea shell with Watercolour Pencils
Learn how to draw a a scallop type seashell using Derwent Academy watercolour pencils. When drawing with coloured pencils it's best to start off with the lightwer colours and build up the density and hues as you go. Start with a lighter colour to give you a guide to work to and don't press too hard. You could use a very light pencil and erase any construction lines afterwards. http://bit.ly/DerwentAcademyWCPencilsUK http://bit.ly/DerwentAcademyWCPencilsUS http://bit.ly/WaterBrushUK http://bit.ly/WaterBrushUS With award winning illustrator, Shoo Rayner, who has illustrated well over 200 children's books for famous authors and for his own stories. See Shoo's books on amazon.com http://amzn.to/Jp6YEW and on amazon.co.uk http://amzn.to/J9lBvk Twitter http://twitter.com/shoorayner Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/117947137150973770218 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=750207845 Website http://www.shoorayner.com music by http://www.youtube.com/cleffernotes Follow Shoo's other channel http://www.youtube.com/shooraynerlife I use a Rotring Tikky Graphic 0.3 pen and copic ciao marker pens. The paper is fairly cheap drawing cartridge or bristol paper. Find out more about me and my books at my website http://www.shoorayner.com. and my apps at http://bit.ly/kPo5pb Look me up on Amazon or in your local bookstore. I've illustrated over 200 books in my time! Enjoy!
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How to Cook Sea Scallops in the Shell : Delicious Food Creations
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Cookingguide Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Cookingguide Cooking sea scallops in a shell is great, especially if you can find whole diver scallops still in the shell. Cook sea scallops in the shell with help from a distinguished culinary professional in this free video clip. Expert: John Cox Contact: www.postranchinn.com Bio: John Cox focuses on wild food aspects, featuring local ingredients, including from the garden and foraged on property, in preparations informed by Big Sur's unique geographic location and culture. Filmmaker: James Tucker Series Description: You can create a large variety of delicious food creations right in the comfort of your own kitchen with a little bit of talent and the right ingredients. Learn more about delicious food creations with help from a distinguished culinary professional in this free video series.
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How to make a clay sea shell sculpture
#ceramics #pottery #Huebnerpottery This video short version with no commentary: Coming soon Detailed how to make a pinch pot: https://youtu.be/bFt-V2vwFwY
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Sea shell Icing cookies
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/songsweetsong/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/songsweetsongcafe Blog : songsweetsong.com
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Conch Shell - releasing the meat
Man releases meat from the shell - seaside on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
UV Resin DIY Sea Shell Earrings + IG Giveaway (closed)
Watch me how to make a pair of sea shell earrings in this video. If you like my video please subscribe my channel. Thanks for watching!! I will do IG giveaways (closed) , so please follow my Instagram to check my post. https://www.instagram.com/resinfairytales/ The IG GIVEAWAY will END on the 7/1/2018 at 12:00pm PST Material: Sea Shell Blue, Green & Yellow Color pigments Glitter uv resin uv lamp gold chain earrings hook Other diy youtube videos: Alice in Wonder Land Water Key Charm https://youtu.be/B7mK6pv3rLQ Galaxy Egg Charm https://youtu.be/QuJrft5P-VU Water effect charm https://youtu.be/LHdIP0BZj1U Alice in wonderland charm https://youtu.be/WpYuvxMxOuE Butterfly charm https://youtu.be/bI44x4I5vU8 Youtube music: English Country Garden
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12 Days of Pinterest | Making sea shell ornaments
Seashells are beautiful, so why mess with them? We opted to leave this one natural, merely enhancing its look -- and adding a little sparkle -- with some glitter. It shimmers on any tree but is perfect if you happen to live on the beach. More 12 Days of Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/virginianpilot/12-days-of-pinterest/
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Sea shell acrylic nail tutorial part 1
Hi all welcome back to another video! These have to be my favourite set of nails I have ever created. Inspired by a photoshoot on BNTM on a stunning beach! I really hope you enjoy this video and if haven't already please subscribe and give this a thumbs up! Mwah x Follow me on social media: https://www.facebook.com/kerryreesNailartist/ https://www.instagram.com/kerryrees_nailartist/ CJP Products: Milky Way Mermaid Apple Shine Crystal Glass Big Boy Brush Ultra Adhesive Monomer https://www.cjpnailsystems.com/ Glitter Planet UK: Unicorn Film Netting Pre Pinched Stiletto Tips Discount code for 10% off KERRYREES10 https://glitterplanetuk.com Gold star fish, shells and pearls https://www.facebook.com/groups/506641106367178/ Sea shells and starfish were from ebay
How to Crochet Sea Shell Hat
This is by far the most beautiful hat I have (so far) ever made. It works up so fast too! If you don't care for the magic ring no worries! Just Ch 4 slip stitch to join and chain up 2. Remember this chain WILL count as a Double Crochet so remember to count it. :) My lovely gray hat is made with the Caron Simply Soft. It measures 20 inches around and 8.5 inches from the top to the brim. This is all before stretch. My 4 double crochet = about 1 inch. NOTES: The multi colored hat is the sea shell using Red Heart Unforgettable in Tealberry. Lovely isn't it? Here are the written pattern links~ http://jonnamartinez.blogspot.com/ The Divine Hat By Sarah Arnold http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/divine-hat-2 Julie is Cocoa and cocoa http://julieiscocoandcocoa.com/slouchy-spiral-crochet-hat-free-pattern/ A whole load of craft https://thekidneybean.wordpress.com/2008/02/06/the-spiral-effect/ Thank you all so much for watching and commenting! Please follow me on Instagram @JONNASIENAMARTINEZ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sienasmaine/ My etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SienasMaineDesign My blog: http://jonnamartinez.blogspot.com/ My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jonnasienamartinez/ ******************************************************************** Want to support the channel? Below are some affiliate links by AMAZON which means that if you click on one of the product links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank YOU SO MUCH! Unforgettable Yarn: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012Y1HLGI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=jonnamartinez-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B012Y1HLGI&linkId=59820e275d64e17f8e326f2db4d3f4cc Lion brand ice cream yarn: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074J6PRDG/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=jonnamartinez-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B074J6PRDG&linkId=e026941180b0ddd2deb8a3fef1a1b9a5 Caron Simply soft: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MAVUL20/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=jonnamartinez-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B01MAVUL20&linkId=764f9a2c090a416c24f2ee569ba33944 Measuring Tape: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VU4SOQ2/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=jonnamartinez-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B00VU4SOQ2&linkId=3b298698563269b08469d87a763ceacd Yarn needles: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LXNZO3O/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=jonnamartinez-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B01LXNZO3O&linkId=117107d082e714f47f521efee5225e7e Craft Blocking boards: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0767HV4M6/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=jonnamartinez-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B0767HV4M6&linkId=05603598cd0e341fb6cb8dfc5d027902
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Sugar Paste sea shell demo
How to make edible decorations for a beach themed wedding cake
Sea shell Collection : How to clean seashells ? Everything to know about cleaning shells !
This video will teach you how to clean your seashells from A to Z ! No need to use acid. Bleach treatment is explained and filmed. How to get rid of algae and corals. Which shell families can be cleaned and which must not be ! Another Video (short) can be checkd there : https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=M3m4RY-VYWY
Sea Shell City Museum Mazatlan Mexico
music: Laid Back Guitars by Kevin Mac Leod, www.incompetech.com I love sea sells and this is my favourite store with shells in Mazatlan.They have an amazing collection of shells so if you are in Mazatlan you should see this one.Mazatlán (Spanish pronunciation: [masaˈtɬan] ( listen)) is a city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. The city serves as the municipal seat for the surrounding municipio, known as the Mazatlán Municipality. It is located at 23°13′N 106°25′W on the Pacific coast, across from the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula. Mazatlán is a Nahuatl word meaning "place of deer".[1] The city was founded in 1531 by an army of Spaniards and indigenous settlers.[2] By the mid-19th century a large group of immigrants had arrived from Germany. These new citizens developed Mazatlán into a thriving commercial seaport, importing equipment for the nearby gold and silver mines. It served as the capital of Sinaloa from 1859 to 1873. The German settlers also influenced the local music, banda, which is an alteration of Bavarian folk music. The settlers also established the Pacifico Brewery on March 14, 1900. With a population of 438,434 (city) and 489,987 (municipality) as of the 2010 census, Mazatlán is the second-largest city in the state. It is also a popular tourist destination, with its beaches lined with resort hotels. A car ferry plies its trade across the Gulf of California from Mazatlán to La Paz, Baja California Sur. The municipality has a land area of 3,068.48 km² (1,184.75 sq mi) and includes smaller outlying communities such as Villa Unión, La Noria, El Quelite, El Habal and many other small villages. Mazatlán is served by General Rafael Buelna International Airport.
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Sea Shell Inspired Nail  Tutorial (Mobile Live Stream)
=================================================== LAST VIDEO UPLOADED - =================================================== 👏👏👏👏👏OTHER VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE👏👏👏👏👏 =================================================== 🏪🏪🏪🏪 - Products Used in This Video - 🏪🏪🏪🏪 Clear Acrylic Powder - http://bit.ly/1UhW386 Natural Beige Cover Pink Acrylic Powder - http://bit.ly/1XK8t6q Urban Graffiti Top Coat - http://bit.ly/2iJ6nVJ Mega Gloss Sealer Gel - http://bit.ly/22C1Ne2 Form - http://bit.ly/1NyXTK0 Nail Prep/Dehydrator - http://bit.ly/1RwOkfn Acid Free Nail Primer - http://bit.ly/1Mks7oY Gel Residue Remover 120ml - http://bit.ly/1RijurP Maximum Adhesion - http://bit.ly/1UhGbm9 Dotting Tool - http://bit.ly/1RHt6eZ Pinching Tool http://bit.ly/1Vg2tom 180/180 Grit Nail File - http://bit.ly/1Mzuv5V Buffer - http://bit.ly/1XJHaZZ Pure Acetone - http://bit.ly/1SrWpss Lint Free Wipe - http://bit.ly/1pHh9PN Cuticle Oil - http://bit.ly/1RoQUZg ====================================================== 💄 Naio Make-up Channel: 💄 http://bit.ly/2eF8NCX 💄 ====================================================== Websites: UK https://www.naio-nails.co.uk US https://www.naio-nails.us France https://www.naio-nails.fr Spain https://www.naio-nails.es Italy https://www.naio-nails.it Europe (English) https://www.naio-nails.eu Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NaioNailsUK Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/naionailsuk Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naionailsuk
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How to Draw a SEA SHELL | Very Easy Cartoon Painting Step by Step for Kids
How to draw a sea shell. Draw it yourself! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ3ZibeYU-z2Dx-WpXmQzlQ?sub_confirmation=1
100 shell decoration ideas||Sea Shell Crafts|| Decorations for the House with seashells
The delicate shape of collected shells and a bag of sand can be more than a reminder of your summer getaway. Cleverly used, they can have many beautiful and practical purposes around the home. If you have been beach bound this summer, especially with little ones, I am sure a load of collected seashells have made the travel back home home with you. For me, these little beachcomber treasures are packed with memories of sandy toes and carefree days – and are just too precious to toss aside. This week’s Saturday Inspiration & Ideas is dedicated to preserving these collected trinkets. Seashells are such an inexpensive way to add color and texture to your decor and these 100 different concepts will hopefully inspire you to put them to good use. Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, or a joke) or a physical object (such as an invention, a literary work, or a painting). Scholarly interest in creativity involves many definitions and concepts pertaining to a number of disciplines: engineering, psychology, cognitive science, education, philosophy (particularly philosophy of science), technology, theology, sociology, linguistics, business studies, songwriting, and economics, covering the relations between creativity and general intelligence, mental and neurological processes, personality type and creative ability, creativity and mental health; the potential for fostering creativity through education and training, especially as augmented by technology; the maximization of creativity for national economic benefit, and the application of creative resources to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning. In philosophy, ideas are usually construed as mental representational images of some object. Ideas can also be abstract concepts that do not present as mental images.[1] Many philosophers have considered ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being. The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings. In a popular sense, an idea arises in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, even without thinking or serious reflection, for example, when we talk about the idea of a person or a place. A new or original idea can often lead to innovation.[ A trend is what's hip or popular at a certain point in time. While a trend usually refers to a certain style in fashion or entertainment, there could be a trend toward warmer temperatures (if people are following trends associated with global warming). A trend simply reflects what seems to be going around at any given time. A trend can be in any area and doesn't only reflect fashion, pop culture and entertainment. There can also be a trend in the stock market to be bullish or bearish, depending on economic indicators, or a political trend reflecting a nation’s current mood. Some trends are fun, some fabulous, some appalling, but however long they last, you can be sure there will always be a new trend coming along to replace the old. Trends: Your resource for home, kitchen, bathroom, interior living and renovation. Articles, Images and Videos for your ... Welcome to a world of design ideas . We will make videos of current n upcoming trends. We will also share new ideas with you through our videos. So subscribe our channel to help us grow n spread our creativity.
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How to Crochet Sea Shell Scarf - DIY Tutorial - Seashell Shells Scarves Bufanda
NEW videos every Wednesday! Donna Wolfe from Naztazia http://naztazia.com shows you how to crochet a Sea Shell Scarf. This seashell scarf works up rather quickly. There are only a few rows you'll have to remember to make the pretty seashell effect. Worked up in either solid yarn or self-striping yarn like Lion Brand's Mandala, this crochet scarf has a nice lace effect that can be worn in both the winter and the summer. Check out the written pattern and photos on my website: http://naztazia.com/rd/cas008 Are you on Ravelry? Be sure to add this pattern to your Ravelry queue: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/804103 Please click on the red SUBSCRIBE button to get notified of brand new videos from Donna Wolfe from Naztazia! Or click here to automatically subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=naztazia Be sure to PAUSE and rewind or fast forward if a part in the video goes too fast or two slow for you. Want to post photos of your work? You know you do! Share what you made on the Naztazia Facebook page: http://facebook.com/naztazia Other social media links: Website: http://naztazia.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/naztazia YouTube: http://youtube.com/naztazia Ravelry: http://ravelry.com/designers/naztazia Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/naztazia Google+: http://plus.google.com/+naztazia Instagram: http://instagram.com/naztazia Help me translate this video into other languages: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=yOI6gI2vQTc&ref=share Want to help me translate my other videos? http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCUCRKFasGHLgV057NziOLJg #naztazia Pattern, text, photos, video © 2018 Naztazia® Music written and performed by Donna Wolfe
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Thank you for watching my video and subscribe my chanel Natural 8 Colors/set Pearl Light Nail SeaShell Slices Particle Crushed Shell Manicure Set Nail Art Glitter Decoration Tools http://s.aliexpress.com/fEVbYZvE
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Ode to Summer  {sea shell soap} S3W6
Inspiration in soap making can be found anywhere. This soap was inspired by the sea shells on Cape Cod. Supplies needed to make this soap: Cuisinart Stickblender: http://goo.gl/XLQnwd Lye: http://goo.gl/dWw81A Soapmaking Oils: http://goo.gl/dWw81A _______________________ Like Soaping101 on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/soaping101 Royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod.
Views: 19864 Soaping101
Best DIY Seashell Decor Ideas - Sea Shell Craft Making Ideas
Here is the collection of the best DIY seashell decor ideas and ideas how to use seashells for making creative home decorations and handmade items. Other inspirational videos about beach crafts from my channel: - seashell painting ideas https://youtu.be/7v6PuwfZQWk - nautical style wreath ideas https://youtu.be/ip4DgA-ynwQ - sea glass craft ideas https://youtu.be/PvPLjt5Lr_Y - coastal Christmas decor inspiration https://youtu.be/rogVY2-pHdY - rope decor ideas https://youtu.be/PKcr8PgN3ng - DIY driftwood crafts https://youtu.be/4AxWdFmJ53M - fish craft ideas - https://youtu.be/HTWQoFoU2-o Please subscribe for my channel to watch all my inspirational videos with DIY crafts, DIY beach decor, nautical home decoration ideas, DIY home decor ideas, summer decorating ideas and handmade crafts, DIY wreath making and more craft inspiration. Images collected from search engines and/or free sources. Selected and edited by Mary Tardito channel Recommend you to check out the friend of mine new channel Art Motivator with inspirational videos about beautiful places to travel, art inspiration and positive quotes. https://www.youtube.com/c/ArtMotivator Seashell, seashell crafts, seashell bra, Easy seashell craft ideas, DIY seashell craft project ideas, How to Make Seashell Crafts, Seashell Arts and Crafts DIY, shell crafts, Shell Craft Ideas, seashell diy, diy seashell crafts, diy seashell decor, Beach Themed DIY Decorations, DIY Seashell Decoration Ideas, DIY ROOM DECOR IDEAS, BEACH THEME, Pinterest Inspired & Cheap, costal style, nautical home decor, costal decor, diy home decor, diy decor, diy room decor, DIY SEASHELL ROOM DECOR, table decoration with shells, Seashell Centerpiece, diy seashells, diy seashell mirror, crafts ideas, diy home decor ideas, handmade things for home decoration, creative ideas for home decoration, diy home decor projects, handmade decorative items for home, summer room decor ideas, beach room decor
Views: 55659 Mary Tardito
First Stage in Philippines sea-shell button making
Philippines used to be number one global producer of sea-shell or pearl bbuttons before and after WW2. Virata Button Corporation now fabricates its own machines.
Views: 2349 Melcor Virata
Sea shell shop
Views: 833 hambrookvideo
How to Draw a Sea Shell - Easy Pictures to Draw
How to Draw a Sea Shell - Easy Pictures to Draw Click to Subscribe here for new Daily Videos at 3pm -=----=-- https://tinyurl.com/ybmkg52j ===------ This i how to draw a Cute Sea Shell. I take you step by step through the drawing. I teach you the easiest way to draw this and I use a colored pencil for flavor. :D Cool VIdeos : Learn to Draw a Ninja Turtle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtzSwmMhOjA&index=3&list=PL1h_Ls_soSkGyfprnWJFmRc0gtzZWykNj Learn to Draw Spider-man : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc9kWPl_To0&list=PL1h_Ls_soSkEZZUmhh6Qx3tb6oSB1LKDb&index=12 Learn to Draw Batman Cute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHDKbTAmWjA&list=PL1h_Ls_soSkGjc6QUJgq3pfi7Bxoc_9oF&index=2
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Sea Shell Card Honey Cuts Dies!
**************************************************************** Visit our store! www.HoneyBeeStamps.com See more at our blog! www.Blog.HoneyBeeStamps.com Check out the latest on Instagram! www.Instagram.com/HoneyBeeStamps Connect with us on Facebook! www.Facebook.com/HoneyBeeStamps ——— S U P P L I E S ——— • Seashell Card | Honey Cuts | Steel Craft Dies  ——  https://ldli.co/e/5oexq • Mermaid Song | 6x8 Stamp Set  ——  https://ldli.co/e/30e5e • A2 Double Stitched Frames | Honey Cuts | Steel Craft Dies  ——  https://ldli.co/e/mdl7p • Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Inks - Set of 12  ——  https://ldli.co/e/e47mx • Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive | Clear Drying Glue  ——  https://ldli.co/e/q7z5e • Wedding Ring Rhinestones  ——  https://ldli.co/e/jl4zx • Ocean Shell Sequin Mix  ——  https://ldli.co/e/yqo5d • Small Clear Dew Drops  ——  https://ldli.co/e/pkdyz • Clear Bubbles Sequin Mix  ——  https://ldli.co/e/rq9ex a LinkDeli product list: https://ldli.co/e/13jlq ——— S U P P L I E S ——— • Seashell Card | Honey Cuts | Steel Craft Dies ——— https://ldli.co/e/02qp4 [ honeybeestamps.com ] • Mermaid Song | 6x8 Stamp Set ——— https://ldli.co/e/40qkr [ honeybeestamps.com ] • A2 Double Stitched Frames | Honey Cuts | Steel Craft Dies ——— https://ldli.co/e/20q2z [ honeybeestamps.com ] • Honey Cuts Dies, A2 Double Stitched Frames ——— https://ldli.co/e/5oqrp [ Ellen Hutson ] • Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Inks - Set of 12 ——— https://ldli.co/e/30qpj [ honeybeestamps.com ] • NEW! RESERVE Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Inks - Set of 12 ——— https://ldli.co/e/mdymd [ honeybeestamps.com ] • Ranger Distress Oxide Ink Pad, Broken China ——— https://ldli.co/e/e4ykp [ Ellen Hutson ] • Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Broken China ——— https://ldli.co/e/q7x65 [ Amazon US ] • Broken China Distress Oxides Ink Pad by Tim Holtz ——— https://ldli.co/e/jlyep [ KatScrappiness ] • Ranger Distress Oxide Ink Pad, Cracked Pistachio ——— https://ldli.co/e/yq6xk [ Ellen Hutson ] • Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Cracked Pistachio ——— https://ldli.co/e/pkln6 [ Amazon US ] • Cracked Pistachio Distress Oxides Ink Pad by Tim Holtz ——— https://ldli.co/e/rq1y1 [ KatScrappiness ] • Ranger Mini Ink 1 Inch Blending Tool, Ranger 1-inch Ink Round Ibt40965 Blending Replacement Foams, Mini, 20-pack, and Mini Distress Ink Storage Tin (Bundle of 3) ——— https://ldli.co/e/o9re1 [ Amazon US ] • Mini Ink Blending Tool-1 Round (Mini Ink Blending Tool With Replacement Foams) ——— https://ldli.co/e/l1y0p [ Amazon US ] • Sheer Shimmer Spritz, Sparkle ——— https://ldli.co/e/xqned [ Ellen Hutson ] • Imagine Crafts Sheer Shimmer Spritz Spray, Sparkle ——— https://ldli.co/e/12qn7 [ Amazon US ] • Sparkle Sheer Shimmer Spritz Spray 2oz ——— https://ldli.co/e/d4y05 [ KatScrappiness ] • Tonic Studios 804N Nuvo Embellishment Mousse, Mother Of Pearl ——— https://ldli.co/e/zmg1z [ Amazon US ] • Tonic Nuvo Embellishment Mousse, Mother of Pearl ——— https://ldli.co/e/90xo4 [ Ellen Hutson ] • Ranger Perfect Pearls, Perfect Pearl ——— https://ldli.co/e/kxpkm [ Ellen Hutson ] • Perfect Pearls Pigment Powder .25oz - Perfect Pearl ——— https://ldli.co/e/7moxq [ KatScrappiness ] • Ranger Perfect Pearls Embellishment Pigment Kit, Metallics ——— https://ldli.co/e/nzyqm [ Amazon US ] • Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive | Clear Drying Glue ——— https://ldli.co/e/65qll [ honeybeestamps.com ] • Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive ——— https://ldli.co/e/gpyqj [ Amazon US ] • Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive 200N ——— https://ldli.co/e/02q74 [ KatScrappiness ] • Tsukineko - VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad- by Tsukineko ——— https://ldli.co/e/40q3r [ Amazon US ] • VersaMark Ink Pad ——— https://ldli.co/e/20q6z [ Ellen Hutson ] • Tsukineko Full-Size VersaMark Clear Embossing Ink Pad ——— https://ldli.co/e/5oqyp [ KatScrappiness ] • Tsukineko VM000001 Full-Size VersaMark Pigment Inkpad, 3-Inch X 2-Inch, Clear ——— https://ldli.co/e/30qoj [ Amazon US ] • Ranger Embossing Powder, 0.6-Ounce Jar, Liquid Platinum ——— https://ldli.co/e/mdy5d [ Amazon US ] • Ranger Embossing Powder, Liquid Platinum ——— https://ldli.co/e/e4y2p [ Ellen Hutson ] • Ranger 1-Piece Ranger Heat Tool, White by Ranger ——— https://ldli.co/e/q7xy5 [ Amazon US ] • Wedding Ring Rhinestones ——— https://ldli.co/e/jlyqp [ honeybeestamps.com ] • Ocean Shell Sequin Mix ——— https://ldli.co/e/yq6ek [ honeybeestamps.com ] • Clear Bubbles Sequin Mix ——— https://ldli.co/e/pkl36 [ honeybeestamps.com ] • Clear Dew Drops ——— https://ldli.co/e/rq1n1 [ honeybeestamps.com ] • Small Clear Dew Drops ——— https://ldli.co/e/o9rm1 [ honeybeestamps.com ] • Cheery Lynn Designs Super Fine Crafting Tweezers ——— https://ldli.co/e/l1ymp [ Ellen Hutson ] • Tweezers, Stainless Elisa's Backporch Design ——— https://ldli.co/e/xqnld [ Ellen Hutson ]
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Sweet Shell Smashers! | Amazing Animal Babies: Sea Otters | Earth Unplugged
Taught by their mothers, sea otter pups learn how to break open hard shells. Extremely intelligent marine mammals, they also have the densest fur of any animal. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/VK1MH Slow Motion: http://bit.ly/EarthUnpluggedSlowMotionTimelapse Expeditions: http://bit.ly/EarthUnpluggedExpeditionsAndLocationFilms Questions with Maddie: http://bit.ly/BigQuestionsWithMaddieMoate Wilderness Sessions: http://bit.ly/WildernessSessionsFilms Sea Otters (Ep 7) - Taken from Amazing Animal Babies: the show that highlights the tough odds that infant creatures have to survive when they are born in the wild. Welcome to Earth Unplugged! We make films about the incredible natural world, we investigate the conundrums, quirks and beautiful science of our amazing planet, delving into the BBC vaults and mixing it up with our own stuff to take a brand new look at Earth. Want to share your views with the team behind BBC Earth and win prizes? Join our fan panel: http://tinyurl.com/YouTube-BBCEarth-FanPanel This is a page from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes. Service information and feedback: http://bbcworldwide.com/vod-feedback--contact-details.aspx
Views: 212758 BBC Earth Unplugged
How to make a sea shell wind chime - Free diy - Tide Pool
Hey Everyone! Took the day and headed to the beach with my family. We ended up at the tide pools collecting sea shell and checking out the sea life ( anemones, crabs ...) after a great day of fishing. We caught two fish WOOOOO! This is a total arts and craft project. We used Driftwood ( free) sea shells (free) fishing line ( 8 bucks) oak scraps (Free) yes thats right this project cost little to nothing and turned out awesome. Please go easy on me, forgot I had my Britney Spears shirt and cat pants on!! Please give me a thumbs up and subscribe. Thank you for watching, Stelios the Greek MUSIC: by Dyalla Swain https://soundcloud.com/dyallas
Views: 290 Stelios The Greek
DIY Seashell Crafts Beach Decorations Shell Craft Ideas Art Painting and Jewelry by Fluffy Hedgehog
Hello everyone! I just moved to a new location and I'm excited to be able now to make new videos again. I also went to the sea side for a day trip and gathered a lot of sea shells so I can show you some cool craft ideas: 1. Seashell wall hanging art 2.Seashell Jewelry 3.Seashell Painting 4.Seashell Candle Holder 5. Seashell Mini Vase/ Planter I hope you enjoy these beach themed decorations and jewelry and find them useful! You might also like: Beach Stone Crafts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNodqzDOcmU&list=PLpKsz10iKmCmOBZZua_ZBbR4kLN_qmlpg&index=5 Bathroom Planters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2hfrnybPMA&list=PLpKsz10iKmCmGOGr6oMe7zjQ8G_7FPlZ9 A little about myself: My name is Laura and I love drawing, painting, crafting, dancing, nature walks, writing and many more. To cover a part of these interests and passions I created 2 YouTube Channel, 3 digital shops on Etsy and a website: Digital Shop no.1 : at TreasureFriends you can find printable art and greeting cards, featuring funny and cute animal portraits on colorful backgrounds: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TreasureFriends Digital Shop no.2 : at EvergreensDesigns42 you can find printable botanical art and greeting cards, featuring painted flower arrangements or real pressed flowers and leaves: https://www.etsy.com/shop/evergreensdesigns42 Digital Shop no.3 : at SoulBrushing you can find original printable abstract art, using different techniques, and different types of paint: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SoulBrushing My personal website, to read my blog posts: https://www.lauradogariu.com/ My second youtube Channel with dancing videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/MistiqueL Music used in video (from youtube library): Undeniable Escape Palmtrees Vacation Uke Mr Sunny Face
Views: 31980 Fluffy Hedgehog
Live sea shell
We heard some funny noises from our bag of sea shells at night....found out that a couple of the sea shells happened to be alive. I took some videos of them and released them the next day. http://daasurprise.blogspot.com
Views: 11829 daasurprise
The #1 Sea Shell Beach in the World - Sanibel Island
While RVing to Florida we stopped at the RV Bucket List Location of Sanibel Island to collect Sea Shells.
Views: 2322 ShoreLooksNice.com
How to make Sea Shell Jewelry without a mold, Polymer Clay Tutorial
Muschel Schmuck aus Fimo. Ganz leicht handgemacht ohne Form KRIKREATIV Kreative Ideen aus Fimo. Creative ideas out of polymerclay! Viel Spass mit unserem neuen Video! Enjoy our new Video! Jetzt auch immer mit englischen Untertiteln. Now always with english subtitles!! Wir sind Mutter und Tochter- die sehr viel Spass am gemeinsamen Basteln mit Fimo haben. Deshalb freuen wir uns unsere Begeisterung mit Euch zu teilen. We are mother and daughter from Germany and we love to craft with polymer clay! That is why we are happy to share our enthusiasm with you. Wir würden uns über positive Nachrichten, ein Like oder wenn Ihr uns abonniert sehr freuen♡ We appreciate a positive message, a like or if you subscribe to our channel♡ Falls Euch etwas nicht so gut gefällt, schreibt uns. Dann versuchen wir, das beim nächsten Mal besser zu machen. If there is something you don't like, please let us know. So we will try to do it better the next time. Vielen Dank für Euer Interesse. Thank yo for your interest. 💟Krissi und Silvie💟 Viele unserer Kreationen findet ihr in unserem DAWANDA - Shop/ Check out our Dawanda -shop - Krikreativ Dawanda-Shop: http://de.dawanda.com/shop/Krikreativ Findet uns auf: -facebook: http://m.facebook.com/krikreativ/ -instagram: @krikreativ
Views: 1086 Krikreativ

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