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[Vocaloid 9-Girl Group]秘密の放課後-Secret Time After School w/Subs-sm13807083
EDIT: FIXED LYRICS IN DESCRIPTION! (OTL...) Update: The producer has finally revealed herself to be natsu-P...(Even more suprising than that, how come that she knows Vietnamese? O_o) Reprint from NicoNico Douga: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13807083 Original Title: 秘密の放課後(オリジナル)【MEIKO,ミク,リン,ルカ,GUMI,miki,ユキ,Lily,いろは】 (Secret Time After School (Original)-[Meiko, Miku, Rin, Luka, Gumi, Miki, Yuki, Lily, Iroha]) Originally uploaded to NicoNico Douga on 07-March-2011 23:05 Composition, lyrics and modulation by natsu-P,Guitar, drum and mixing by haku Illustration by Hi-Iro (ひいろ) http://file.mizuironamemo.blog.shinobi.jp/79b4f5b8.jpg (OTL|||...The original broadcast has a wrong link for the illustration and I spent half an hour to find the right one...) It's the Vocaloid girls' Morning Musume tribute! [XD] ...And Natsu-P was certainly sneaky this time... (Honestly speaking,at first I couldn't 't help but wonder if this person is some skillful old hand in disguise[Due to the fact that this is a PREMIUM member of NicoNico who owns so many Vocaloids] trying to publish a risqué song without directing other people's attention to their better-known [email protected][email protected] By the way, who let Meiko, Luka, Lily and Yuki[!] in this supposed high-school girl group? XD) DISCLAMER: I do not own the original contents of this video. The images and soundtrack remain the rightful property of the original author (natsu-p, haku, ひいろ). Translations may be used elsewhere with credits given to the translator. This video may be deleted upon the request of any of the parties afore mentioned. Translated lyrics: Have (you) noticed, on the morning of Monday That (I've) done (my) hair in a different way? (And I) cropped ten cm off (my) skirt-- (I) wanna get your heart bouncin'/[Well,] It's a girl thing! As soon as (I) heard you/Laughing outside the window (I've) got this throbbing pain deep inside--/[But] I can't speak up, NO! (I've) already known I'm falling for you (And I) got to feel like this/-FOR THE FIRST TIME- (I) ain't no baby any more, so I want it all Isn't that just greedy?-- (I) want (you) to look at none but me/Wanna know for sure what you can see Can't (I) say 'em out aloud? --(My) bold thoughts? Ah, Ah, Ah!!!--The Secret Time After School... What would you be doing...On a Saturday evening? The time spent [away from you]/Really get (my) mind racing Though (I'm) a girl, (I'm) still quite interested There are lots of things that (I) wanna do/[And] it's about time, [too]! What happened in the classroom that day/When the others [looked away]? --[Things] that (I) can't tell, but (I'm) dying to let it out Feels like it's gonna make (me) burst-- --O bother! [Would you] stop torturing (me) with (your) eyes?/(I) feel so happy though (I'm) still shy [In case they found it out,] (I'd) give (you) a sign That [only] you can tell, [saying] "Hold me tight" When we come close [together]/(I'd) feel like a grown-up Once (we) get a taste of it, it would get (us) addicted Ah, Ah, Ah!!!--The Secret Time After School... When the line is crossed/And the buttons undone With the hands rovin' around/The heartbeats just run (My) lips are shivering/When the sweat's dripping Smelling a scent so faint /When (my) hair's flicking Close (my) eyes/Trying to keep silent Leave (your) sweet words/For the moment [Just] hold (me) tight/And kiss (me), [alright...]? We've got more secrets to share now/Is it really OK? Going [where we] don't know, going deeper and madder still --"I LOVE YOU--!" (My) heart's burning- (I've) got this ticklish feeling-/--Am I weird or something...? -Thinking about it/Would make (me) blush--/-It's just [between me and you]-- Ah, Ah, Ah!!!--The Secret Time After School... (Romaji lyrics coming up soon...ORZ) Original lyrics can be found here: http://www5.atwiki.jp/hmiku/pages/14750.html
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【9人】 Secret Time After School 【Nico Nico Chorus】
sm21399024 orig title- 【オリジナルPV】 秘密の放課後 【9人で歌ってみた】 As a huge fan of Moko, I am surprised no one uploaded this yet! Original:sm13807083  Illust:Aoko(mylist/25800336)  Mix: Shenko  Movie: Ruruto  Miku: Moko (mylist/7953137)  Rin : Ruruto (mylist/20886996)  Meiko: Romana (mylist/8982982)  Miki: Carpaccio (mylist/20099020)  Yuki: TOYro (mylist/13801689)  Iroha: Shenko (mylist/20018269)  Luka: Akaru (mylist/19538216)  Lily: Hiiyan (mylist/25798488)  Gumi: Sheryu (mylist/27725918)
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『TBOE Production』Secret After School - English Group Cover
Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies! I'm baaaaaack! Song: Secret After School (Himitsu no Houkago) Original Producer: Natsu-P English Adaptation by THEBUNNYOFEVIL Singers: KyuSeki Martha pickle131 Jay-Shay Genevieve Hayden Rizun Mom0ki TBOE Art by ReddArt and Anirhapsodist PV and Mix by TBOE Enjoy and comment nicely!! LYRICS (Feel free to use! Just credit me and link back!) TBOE It’s Monday! What do you see? My hair’s styled differently~ KYU You’re not so busy so come on! Look at me! MARTHA I’ve done some trimming~ Three inches cut off of my skirt, you see? PICKLE131 I just wanna make you blush and go crazy~ Isn’t my wish so girly? JAY-SHAY & GENEVIEVE Outside the windowpane~ HAYDEN I can hear you laughing and wonder if you remember my name... RIZUN Deep inside the pain I try to hide only echoes within my brain... MOM0KI There’s nothing to say~ ALL The truth that I realize Is that I love you. I don’t know what to do! Is this really my first time!? I’m not a little girl so give me everything and be the one that I need~ Aren’t I so greedy? I want you to look at me! I want to keep your eyes forever on me so hold me tightly! Can I tell you I want you? But if anyone knew... What on Earth should I do? Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ My secret after school with you~ MARTHA Saturday! Hey! Are you free? I’ve been hoping to go out; you and me~ PICKLE131 My love will keep growing whenever you’re far from me... TBOE Girls wonder curiously about things that they desire naturally... KYU I want to be noticed and to feel sexy~ Isn’t that wish so silly? RIZUN & HAYDEN But in secret, I can recall... JAY-SHAY Everything we did that day. I remember it all. GENEVIEVE So not a single soul will hope to ever know, but how far will I fall? MOM0KI You’re cruel after all... ALL Don’t tease me with your sweet eyes! You’ll make me blush but I feel happy inside for the love we hide! I’ll flash a sign, then I’ll go; something you and I know and then you’ll know what I need So hold me tightly~ Every time we get close together, I feel much better so keep me close to you and love me forever... I don’t think I ever knew my addiction for you, oh what on Earth will I do? Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ My secret after school with you~ TBOE Our line’s so transparent... KYU With our undone buttons... HAYDEN Our hearts’ racing again... MARTHA Our hands caress ... MOM0KI Our lips align... You taste divine... PICKLE131 Our bodies drip together... GENEVIEVE Our scents blend forever... RIZUN Our hair will tangle... JAY-SHAY So close your eyes and breathe... HAYDEN & KYU And whisper now softly... MARTHA & MOM0KI The love you have for me! GENEVIEVE & PICKLE131 Don’t say anything! RIZUN & JAY-SHAY Please hold me tightly! TBOE Kiss me endlessly... ALL Our secrets are still going! They keep on piling! I don’t know what to do! Should we keep climbing? When we dive into this, I remember your kiss, and repeat what is true: I’m in love with you! My heart will keep glowing bright! But still the pain inside will burn me alive! Are we wrong or right?! All the love we’ve been through~ I still blush, but do you? What are we gonna do? Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ My secret after school with you~ ---- Support me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/MichaelaLaws Hey! I'm a Voice Actor, Too! Check out my Demo! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRihusp7qts Like me On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/michaelaamandalaws
Secret Time After School/秘密の放課後 (Furloid chorus)
Happy birthday to me! And thank you all for 350 subscribers! Reaching 350 before my birthday was the greatest gift I could get! Well, not really, because the greatest gift I got is something else, but it's still pretty awesome to get another fifty subscribers within two months! Now before anyone goes all "hey, isn't this basically copying that Furloid chorus of this song?" in the comments, there are distinct differences. For one, this uses the VCV voicebanks of the Furloids. Then there's the tuning that took a hell of a long time because I had to tune each part to make sure they didn't sound like just one big robotic jumble. Also, if you listen closely, you can hear Rou and Yamato singing a little bit of chorus in the background during certain points. I made that in accordance to what I could gather from the original Vocaloid version, so it might not be really accurate because it was really soft and hard to hear. Let's see, what else... Ah yes. Rou is singing on an octave higher. And the most frustrating part of all was the mixing. I did everything I could to try and make Yuu's voice sound clearer, but you can hear the outcome, and it's not that good. But in the end, I'm still proud of the chorus, even though it was painful to use Aki, Yuu and Sero's voicebanks. Yuuma is actually pretty good. I might use him again in the future. Also, I apologize in advance if I left any lyrical mistakes when I switched the lyrics. So yeah, I guess at the end of the day, this was just a shameless remake of the original... Anyways, thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy it! Once again, thank you all very much for 350 subscribers! Now then, onwards to 400! Also, if anyone wants the UST for the extra parts which is the background chorus, comment down below and I'll send it to you. UST: nmasao1 Furloids 噤音セロ (Tsugumine Sero) 輪音イクトOverdrive (Waon Ikuto Overdrive) 主音サラサNexT#EditioN Volkan (Arujine Sarasa NexT#EditioN Volkan) 使音アキ (Shion Aki) 熱音ユーマ (Neon Yuuma) 狼音アロNova-Normal- (Rouon Aro Nova-Normal-) 獣音ロウ.Revo-Re:chain-Transinger (Kemonone Rou.Revo-Re:chain-Transinger) 滝歌ユウ (Rouga Yuu) 須間音ヤマト (Sumane Yamato) By the way, I'm always open to requests, so if it strikes your fancy, leave whatever you desire to be mixed/covered in the comments. I accept both Vocaloid covers and Utauloid covers, or a mix between both. If you need me to help with tuning the UST, I would be glad to help. Also, collaborations! If you're interested, send me a message. As long as it's not far-fetched, I'm cool with it. I do not own the Furloids, UST or video. Credits go to their respective owners. I only own this cover.
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Utaite - Secret Time After School (秘密の放課後) - Sub Español
★Titulo: 秘密の放課後/ Himitsu no Houkago/ Secret Time After School/ Tiempo Secreto Después de Clase ★Cantantes: SARA: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/24599346 Agu: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/21145882 Emmy: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/16283437 Mochisuke: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/23279832 AINE: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/23472633 Yukisaki: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/8114048 Yuuka: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/23186270 Ragu: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/30852517 Watashi: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/25951956 ★NND: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm18443233 ★Letra: http://es.vocaloidenespaol.wikia.com/wiki/Himitsu_no_Houkago ★MP3: http://nicosound.anyap.info/sound/sm18443233 ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ♠ ▪ ~Specialthanks~ Mix:GPSS【mylist/20569150】 Encode:Kenji【user/21879525】 Iustración:冷乃 郡【http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=167272】 Video:SARA PhotoFont:あぐ。 Bueno recuerdo haber traducido esta canción cuando salió pero nunca la subtitule, como otras que también traduci y por cosas de la vida no fansube D: Hace unos días salió la versión Uttaite, ya había salido una "especial naviad" pero recién ahora me entero xD como sea el video es genial y bueno la canción ya la deben conocer y si no: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRzJykkEcUo Re-Posted From Nico Nico Douga ------- Nada de esto es mio, solo la traducción, todos los derechos para sus respectivos creadores y a nico nico douga Aquí Pedidos: http://ask.fm/Yuna009NEXT
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【Vocaloid 4】Secret Time After School ~Male Ver.~【Español】【Vocaloidx9】
Titulo Original: 秘密の放課後 Titulo Alternativo: Himitsu no Houkago/ Secret After School/ Secretosdespués de clases Música & Letra original: Natsu-P Letra para el cover masculino: Krizz Batería, Guitarra y Mix: Haku Ilustración Original de PV: Hiiro Ilustración del pv que yo hice: ユウノ (según la enana del mal que todo lo sabe xD) Link Original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13807083 VSQx/ Mix/ Subtitulo/ Adaptación/ Vídeo: Krizz UST: nmasao1 Cantantes originales: MEIKO Hatsune Miku Kagamine Rin Megurine Luka GUMI SF-A2 Miki Kaai Yuki Lily Nekomura Iroha Cantantes cover: MEIKO= Arsloid (bright & Soft) Hatsune Miku= KAITO V3 (Straightxsoft & Soft) Kagamine Rin= Kagamine Len V4x (PowerxSerious & Cold) Megurine Luka= Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 (naturalxrock) GUMI= VY2 V3 (Natural & Falsetto) SF-A2 Miki= Kyo (Zola Project) Kaai Yuki= Gachapoid V3 Lily= Camui Gackupo V4 (PowerxNative & NativexWhisper) Nekomura Iroha= Yuu (Zola Project) Bebesitos de mi zóncora que les puedo decir..... pos lo hice porque la canción lo requería xD me siento realizado al usar a gahapoid xD bueno que les cuento... pos me costo mas encontrar una imagen pal vídeo que todo, pero me gustaría saber quien la hizo porque quiero agradecerle como corresponde bueno yo edite la imagen original porque en la original salían Meito, kaito, Mikuo, Len, Gumiya o gumo o como sea, gakupo, luki, kiyoteru, el gender bender de miki y yukito pero la magia de la edición me permitió sacar a uno y transformar a algunos en otros yey xD Links: Face: https://www.facebook.com/KrizzKrizztofer-JeremYto-1484116351862476/ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/krizz-krizztofer Tittwer: https://twitter.com/Krizz_JeremYto (@Krizz_JeremYto) Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/krizzkrizztofer
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Vocaloid - Secret After School HD sub español + MP3 (Miku,Meiko,Lily,Yuki,Gumi,Iroha,Miki,Rin,Luka)
Konichiwa a todos!!!! Parece ser que últimamente me ha estado gustando subir canciones con muchos Vocaloids por que les traigo otro mas ^^ aunque esta vez todas las interpretes son solamente chicas!!! Hay un total de nueve... así es nueve chicas super hermosas reunidas cantando esta genial canción n_n Espero les guste Ademas por fin llegue a los 700 suscriptores y eso me pone muy feliz!!!! Aqui la cancion en MP3 http://www.4shared.com/mp3/K1a-Iswy/Vocaloid_-_Secret_After_School.html? Si hay nueve lindas chicas interesadas en formar un super chorus también les dejo el instrumental http://www.4shared.com/mp3/o6lnSb6k/Vocaloid_-_Secret_After_School.html? Mi red social http://www.facebook.com/masterXloli Dejen sus comentarios y por favor síganse suscribiendo ^^ Pórtense bien y nos vemos para la próxima!!! Bye-bee n_n
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(CAPTION)【UTAU獣人】秘密の放課後-【Utauloid】Secret(Time) After School
原出處:Original Channel : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19635927 Illustrated by: KENN 先生 Translated Title: Secret Time After School 主題:放學後的秘密 (For subtitle, please click the "Caption" beside the "setting" then choose Foreground:WHITE color, Backgroud:RED color, size of the words can be adjusted by yourselves =D) (中文字幕,請點選"Setting"旁的"Caption",然後點選 Foreground:白色,Background:紅色,字體大小請自設 =D) Video NOT OWN BY ME! It belongs to NICONICO VIDEO. Please be considerate and wisely before giving a comment. Thanks. Enjoy the video =) 請三思後再在以下做回應,感激不盡。 請大家好好享受此影片 =) 【Singers 歌手們】 1. 噤音セロ~爽やか系(らそぎ) Tsugumine SERO~ 爽朗性格系 Hearty type 2. 輪音イクト~ツンデレ系(だいだい(狼) Waon IKUTO ~ 傲嬌系 Tsundere type 3. 狼音アロ~沉默系(牙音) Rouon ARO~沉默寡言系 Taciturn(less speaking) 4. 主音サラサ~俺様系(狼漸) Arujine SARASA~大少爺系 "Acting" Young Master 5. 須間音ヤマト~浪速系(カルテット) Sumane YAMATO~把妹系 "PUA" type (=.=) 6. 使音アキ~清楚な王子様系(あっきぃ) Tsukane AKI~整潔的王子 "Neat Tidy Prince" (==||) 7. 獣音ロウ~ショタ系(ユウマ) Kemonone ROU~正太系 Shota type 8. 滝歌ユウ~体育会系(虎吉) Rouga YUU~體育系 Athletic 9. 熱音ユーマ~熱血系(六連星) Atsune YUUMA~熱血 Hot Blood type, Spirit ==========歌詞 / Lyrics======================= 【SERO】Getsuyou no asa itsumo to chigau 【IKUTO】Kamigata ni kiga tsukukana? 【SARASA】Jyuu(10) senchi sodemakutta seifuku 【AKI】Anata o DOKIDOKI sasetai otoko kokoro sa 【YUUMA+ROU】Mado no sotode 【ARO】Anata no warau koe ga kikikoueru dakede 【YUU】Mune no oku ga CHIKUCHIKU shite itaku naru yo 【YAMATO】Iwanai de 【ALL】 Hontou wa kitsuiteru Anata ni muchuu na kono kimochi [HAJIMETE] nano Mou kodomo nanka jyanai kara subete ga hoshii Yokubari sa Anata no shisen o Hitori jime shitai Ore dake o mitete Nante daitan na onegai ieruno kana HIMITSU NO HOUKAGO 【SARASA】Doyoubi no yoru anata wa nani o shiteru? 【AKI】Aenai toki tsunoru omoi 【SERO】otoko no ko datte kyoumi shinshin na koto 【IKUTO】Iroiro shitaishi shiritai otoshigoro nano 【ARO+YUU】Hitome o shinonde 【YUUMA】Ano hi no kyoushitsude atta koto 【ROU】Dare ni mo ienai ... demo iitai harisakesou 【YAMATO】ijiwaru da 【ALL】 『Shisen de ijimenai de Hazukashii kedo ureshii kono KIMOCHI Anata dake ga wakaru SAIN(sign) de BARE nai youni Dakishimete Futari no kyori da chikaku naru tabi Otona ni naru ki ga suru Shitte shimatta kono aji ga kuse ni narisou sa HIMITSU NO HOUKAGO』 【SERO】Suketa RAIN(Line) 【IKUTO】Hazureta BOTAN(Button) 【ARO】Takanaru kodou 【SARASA】Fureru te 【YAMATO】Fufueru kuchibiru 【AKI】Shitataru ase 【ROU】Awai kaori 【YUU】Yureru shippo 【YUUMA】Hitomi tojite 【ARO+IKUTO】Koe o hisome 【SARASA+YAMATO】Amai kotoba 【ROU+AKI】Iwanai de 【YUUMA+YUU】Dakishimete 【SERO】KISU(Kiss) o shite 【ALL】 Mata futari no himitsu ga fueteiku Kono mama de ii no? Wakaranai hodo oboreteiku midareteiku AISHITERU Mune ga atsukute JINJIN tomaranai Orera hen nanoka? Omoidasu dake de sekimen Futari dake no HIMITSU NO HOUKAGO
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【Karaoke】Secret After School【off vocal】natsuP
Secret After School / 秘密の放課後- Music & Lyrics: natsuP illust: ひいろ様 Vocals: Meiko, Miku, Rin, Luka, Gumi, Miki, Yuki, Lily, Iroha http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13807083 List of Planned & Upcoming Releases: http://kyarril.wordpress.com/plannedupcoming-releases/
【Vocaloid 4】Secret Time After School【Español】【Vocaloidx9】
Titulo Original: 秘密の放課後 Titulo Alternativo: Himitsu no Houkago/ Secret After School/ Secretosdespués de clases Música & Letra: Natsu-P Batería, Guitarra y Mix: Haku Ilustración: Hiiro Link Original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13807083 VSQx/ Mix/ Subtitulo/ Adaptación: Krizz UST: nmasao1 Cantantes originales: MEIKO Hatsune Miku Kagamine Rin Megurine Luka GUMI SF-A2 Miki Kaai Yuki Lily Nekomura Iroha Cantantes cover: MEIKO V3 (StraightxDark & Dark) Hatsune Miku V4x (OriginalxSoft & Soft) Kagamine Rin V4x (PowerxSweet & Sweet) Megurine Luka V2 & V4x (Soft) GUMI V4 (PowerxWhisper & SoftwhisperxWhisper) SF-A2 Miki V4 Kaai Yuki V4 Lily V3 Nekomura Iroha V4 (Natural & Soft) Info: http://es.vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Himitsu_no_Houkago El tema de esta canción se centra en profundo amor que comparten estas alumnas hacia un chico o muy posiblemente su profesor. Esto se fundamenta en que en la canción se dice: "La mañana del lunes es diferente de lo habitual", "Me pregunto si notarás mi peinado" y "Qué estás haciendo la noche del sábado", todo esto hace referencia a que solo se pueden ver desde el lunes hasta el viernes. Además es posible pensar que este tuvo relaciones sexuales con algunas de ellas en la escuela. Algunos piensan que el tema de la canción es un amor prohibido entre todas aquellas alumnas, y otros piensan que cada de ellas una le canta a un chico diferente. OOKey remix y readaptación otsea RECOVER hagace presente entre nosotros bebes XDD esto no lo tenia planeado y pos gracias al comentario de na persona random que ni me tome la molestia de saber quien era porque no tenia ganas y pos lo hice numah pu xD etto~ no debo decir nada mas porque no tengo nada mas que decir solo me estrese haciendo esta mierda ámenla como si fuera su bebe xD Links: Face: https://www.facebook.com/KrizzKrizztofer-JeremYto-1484116351862476/ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/krizz-krizztofer Tittwer: https://twitter.com/Krizz_JeremYto (@Krizz_JeremYto) Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/krizzkrizztofer P.D: un click mal dado puede ocasionar muchas cosas como publicar un vídeo con el titulo solo con los corchetes o paréntesis japoneses xD
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Secret Time After School (Furloids+Vocaloids)(remake)
This is a refined version of my original one I posted about a month back. I know that I said I'd edit a video for this, but I'm sorry, I just couldn't. The original video for the song only had a still image most of the time, while the Furloid version had some movement to work with. As such, it's too contrasting to make a video. I'm planning to remake a few of my past songs, with a video, if it's possible. So if there's one you'd like to see/hear remade, give me a comment. All of the content used in this video do not belong to me. Credits go to the original owners. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have been able to make this. You guys are awesome. By the way, I'm open to requests, so if it strikes your fancy, leave whatever you desire to be mixed in the comments(do leave the videos' links with the comments, it'll help me get what you want). I do not own anything. The two versions of Secret Time After School belong to their respective owners, and so does the image used. I only own this mix. Free download here: https://soundcloud.com/marklim15/secret-time-after-school-furloidsvocaloids
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Secret Time After School (Vocaloids+Furloids)
While I was doing nothing over the weekends, I heard the Furloid chorus of this and thought "hey, I wonder what it would be like if I put the original Vocaloids with this. The lyrics ought to be weird." before starting on this project. I haven't gone through the meaning of the new lyrics yet. But it might be NSFW. (By the way, I need to put off uploading the MMD video of Heart Beats for now, at least until I get somewhere with a stable and fast internet connection.) UPDATE: I've uploaded a better quality one. Link to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVbAxPeaZnQ All of the content used in this video do not belong to me. Credits go to the original owners. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have been able to make this. You guys are awesome. By the way, I'm open to requests, so if it strikes your fancy, leave whatever you desire to be mixed in the comments(do leave the videos' links with the comments, it'll help me get what you want).
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[UTAU PV] 秘密の放課後-Secret Time After School
Original Title: 秘密の放課後(オリジナル)【MEIKO,ミク,リン,ルカ,GUMI,miki,ユキ,Lily,いろは】 (Secret Time After School (Original)-[Meiko, Miku, Rin, Luka, Gumi, Miki, Yuki, Lily, Iroha]) Originally uploaded to NicoNico Douga on 07/03/2011 Composition, lyrics and modulation by natsu-P,Guitar, drum and mixing by haku Illustration by Hi-Iro (ひいろ) 秘密の放課後-Secret Time After School original by 9 vocaloid Chorus (+Vy1 in harmonies) Ust by nmasao1 UTAU used Cristane Avril Ongaku Senritsu ALine Trixie Pixels Nagisa Kawaotone Kotobane Yukimaru Anari Haru Moe Moene Sukune Suika D: it was a hard work sorry for bad detao
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Secret Time After School- UTAU Version
Singers- Kiki, Nami, Violet, Selen, Aya, Ayako, Himeka, Stella and Taiyo I don't own any of the utau's or the UST. Hope you enjoy it!
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【9人】Secret Time After School【Sweetie Secret】
★Title: 秘密の放課後 / Himitsu no Houkago / Secret Time After School ★Original: NatsuP ★Original Vocal:  Miku / Rin / Meiko / Miki / Yuki / Iroha / Luka / Lily / Gumi ★Illust Character: U_na ★Mix: Bloodyflora ★Movie: VinG ★Vocal: Aqua Marine Bloodyflora Dreamiie GhostZ:I Jiena Lezzuno Nanari Riburin U_na ฺBG: http://www.konachan.com http://www.zerochan.net Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweetie-Secret/315496885270475?fref=ts MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/bu072aa10glb094/Secret+After+School+-+Sweetie+Secret.mp3 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bloodyflora/secret-after-school Minigame: http://my.dek-d.com/fullfin/quizmaze/?id=1784
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Osu ! 【UTAU獣人】秘密の放課後-【Utauloid】Secret(Time) After School
Hi NamWolf Back Here ------------------ Yeah New song New Map Why i like this song ; becauese i can hear the part Have VietNamese Voice In this Song Lol And The music Is very good Good Job The Guy made This Utau Song ^^ --------------- And Get The BeatMap here : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/332592 Get The skin Right over Here : http://osuskins.info/skin?s=545 Cartoon Utau Furry Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGmdWv4hZmE This is Anime Cartoon Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENK55UbL2nU ----------------- All The way Thanks you guy so much For watching This video It you like It or enjoys it so like my video then ^^ ; and comment into My videos what do you thinks about it Subcribe Me for more Video This This or more Game ^^ Sorry because i doesn't have time to made furry skin ----------------------- Wolf hope you guy have a best day And i will see you guy in the next videos Bye Bye !!! ============ FaceBook :https://www.facebook.com/NamWolf-1094211773984366/
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【MV】 Secret After School: Beast's Love - 秘密の放課後 : 獣の恋 (Eng Sub)
Disclamer: + This PV is a fanwork base on the Video that was posted on Niconico Douga. (ID: sm19635927). + Original music: sm13807083. + Background is free material on Pixiv: users/698864 + I'm only own the character Illutration and this PV. + The English Subtitle: was a combination transilate of Hinamawari on Anime Lyrics dot come and Karlger How at /watch?v=fGmdWv4hZmE --------------------------------------------------- Note: + Because I don't know how to used Utaloid so I keep the old Vocal from the original PV. + I didn't tranlate the Vietnamese part, because I don't want to. What appear on the that part is just random, like in the original Video. + I didn't set the characters fixed to the original voices, so it's may confusing at sometime, some characters have a difference voices. --------------------------------------------------- Characters: Shu (シュー): Full Energetic type - Classmate Anzumo (アンズモ): Athletic type - Senior Shinrin (シンリン): Tsundere type - Classmate Tai (タイ): PUA (Pick Up Artist) type - Classmate Unaba (ウナバ): Shota type - Junior Kay (ケイ): Neat Tidy (Shy) Type - Junior Ainis (アイニス): Young Master (Himedere) type - Senior Zacky (ザッキー): Taciturn (less speaking) type - Classmate Byo (バイオ): Hot Blood type - Senior --------------------------------------------------- This is my small drawing project, I just doing this for killing time and improve my arts. The characters is me (Shinrin) and my other artist friend. I was had this idea after watching the PV that was Illutrated by KENN-Sensei - One of my favorite Japanese Furry (Kemono) artist - and I told myself: "Why not I make one for me and my friends?" So after 3 months, this is what came out. It's not as good as the original. But, I had alot of fun doing this. =)) Visit me at: Deviant art: http://marcus0605.deviantart.com/ or Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/koyamashinrin/
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【VOCALOID³】『Secret Time After School/Himitsu no Houkago』V3 Girls
VSQ by: I dunno, sorry, VSQx edited by me Original by: NatsuP feat. Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, MEIKO, Kaai Yuki, Lily, Megpoid Gumi, Codname SF-A2 Miki, Nekomura Iroha Programs: VOCALOID³, Audacity, MMD, Antares, Reaper Models Aoki Lapis by Kakomiki IA by Hidaomori Tone Rion by Pikadude CUL by KIO MAYU by Saboten SeeU by MamamaP Yuzuki Yukari by KIO Galaco by Willianbrasil Mew by Kanahiko-chan
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【9 UTAUloid Girls Chorus】 Secret Time After School 【Remastered】
Watch in HD ~ please Remade this X3 UST - Masao Original Song - Natsu-P Off-Vocal - Someone X3 Image - By mYverTI0N and sabine10067 ~ X3 Link to the Image - http://myvertch4n.deviantart.com/#/d5dtjw6 Editions and Mixing - Me Sarah Haisha ( Miku ) - Me Paine Pecha ( Lily ) - ianzikoweb Chipper ( Meiko ) - Chipperpoid Meguro Nika ( GUMI ) - TheSandykiss Hanako Haisha ( Iroha ) - Me Nedan Yunami ( Miki ) - mYverTI0n Hirune Migurushii ( Yuki ) - Me Keiko Arisu ( Luka ) - Kurotard Tomoko Kaneko ( Rin ) - PainxKonan4ever Programs Used - UTAU, Reaper, Adobe Audition and Sony Vegas Pro 10. Thanksforwatching ; w ;
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[PT - BR SUBS] Himitsu no houkago / Secret afterschool
Cá estou eu novamente e q Tsuki here Provavelmente já existe alguma tradução de Secret Afterschool, a que eu vi parecia meio google tradutorizada (sem ofensas) masemfim. orz ... Espero que gostem Se quiser usar a tradução você pode, mas você deve dar os créditos pra gente BTW i do not own anything. i just translated the song to portuguese.
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Secret After School (Lyrics) - Vocaloid [Male Version]
I only make lower the pitch of the voices, so, I'm not the owner of the music. The images were edited by me, but, again, I'm not own nothing If you take the MP3 just tell me with a comment :) Mp3: http://www.mediafire.com/?rx3olcnxcla3uxx Lyrics: (Miku) getsuyou no asa itsumoto chigau (Rin) kamigata de kizuku kashira? (Meiko) jyuu senchi mijikaku shita sukaato (Miki) anata wo dokidoki sasetai otome kokoroyo (Iroha,Yuki) mado no soto de (Luka) anata no warau koe ga kikoerudakede (Lily) mune no oku ga chikuchiku shite itaku naruno (Gumi) iwanaide (Todas) hontou wa kizuiteru anata ni muchuuna kono kimochi "hajimete" nano mou kodomo nankajanaikara zenbu ga hoshii yokubarine anata no shisen wo hitorijimeshitai watashi dake mitete nante daitan nao negai ierukashira? himitsu no houkago (Meiko) doyoubi no yoru anata wa nani wo shiteru? (Miki) aenai toki tsunoru omoi (Miku) onnanoko datte kyoumishinshinna koto (Rin) iroiro shitaishi shiritai otoshigoro nano (Luka, Lily) hitome wo shinon de (Iroha) ano hi no kyoushitsu deatta koto (Yuki) dare nimo ienai ... demo iitai harisake sou (Gumi) ijiwarune (Todas) shisen de menaide hazukashi ikedo ureshii kono kimochi anatadake ga wakaru sain de bare naiyouni dakishimete futari no kyori ga chikaku naru do otona ninaru kigasuru shitte shimatta kono aji ga kuse ninarisouyo himitsu no houkago (Miku) suketa rain (Rin) hazureta botan (Luka) takanaru kodou (Meiko) fureru te (Gumi) furueru kuchibiru (Miki) shitataru ase (Yuki) awai kaori (Lily) yureru kami (Iroha) hitomi tojite (Rin, Luka) koe wo hisome (Meiko, Gumi) amai kotoba (Miki, Yuki) iwanaide (Lily, Iroha) dakishimete (Miku) kisu wo shite (Todas) mata futari no himitsu ga fueteiku konomama de iino? wakaranai hodo oboreteiku midareteiku aishiteru mune ga atsukute jinjin tomaranai watashi hen kashira? omoidasu dakede sekimen futari dakeno himitsu no houkago
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Ô Sama No Haremu - Secret After School (Live Action)
LIRE LA DESCRIPTION - READ THE DESCRIPTION [FR] Voici la troisième vidéo du groupe Ô Sama No Haremu, avec un Live Action sur la chanson "Secret After School" de Vocaloid ! Tellement de choses peuvent se passer après les cours, suivez nos protagonistes durant leurs péripéties post-cours ! Bon Visionnage ! ~ Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/%E7%8E%8B%E6%A7%98%E3%81%AE%E3%83%8F%E3%83%BC%E3%83%AC%E3%83%A0-%C3%B4sama-no-haremu-1593010167643770/?fref=ts [EN] Third video of the team Ô Sama No Haremu, with a Live Action of " Secret After School " from Vocaloid ! Enjoy ! ~ Page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/%E7%8E%8B%E6%A7%98%E3%81%AE%E3%83%8F%E3%83%BC%E3%83%AC%E3%83%A0-%C3%B4sama-no-haremu-1593010167643770/?fref=ts
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Secret Time After School-pessoal (*w*)
uma coisinha pessoal, somente isso... ^^
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【Smashing Diamonds】秘密の放課後 // Himitsu no Houkago
MP3 : https://app.box.com/s/ym7rwxcd3ngdk98kkeic MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONEEE! ♥ We are happy to show you our latest project! After Hello Laughter we thought of continuing this wonderful Lady chorus and see what happened!! Our first official project is up. We hope you enjoy our Christmas special and also that it adds to the great christmas time you already had! Hopefully you got lots and lots of wonderful presents and enjoyed a wonderful time with your most precious. And we're really sorry if we're a tad late becauz youtube wanted beato's life story to log on ... lol Some messages our members had to deliver: I didn't moan at all that's false--- We love you a lot already, be our senpai--- let's drink milk (ifuknowwhatImean) together...----- Raku~ I love you guys please bring me homo - Seka winkwonk CRIES when DId this get sexuAl? Wait is the song sexual? Wait for real? SCREAMS I DONT SPEAK JAP OH MY GOD o senpai ////////////// I was not aware of the words I was singing. I feel violated. I am not innocent. .. . . . . crying Ey guys now that this thing is up let's drink Hot choc(k)o together e u e ♥ Ilu all h u e h u e hu e I want you(rs) - Julka / Mikado ❆Singers: Nami - http://www.youtube.com/user/Namikya Nyamai - http://www.youtube.com/user/taipuMYmyujikku Nanodo - http://www.youtube.com/user/LoveNatalieLove Mikado/Julka - http://www.youtube.com/user/mikadopetal Beato - http://www.youtube.com/user/BinDerpProductions Seka - http://www.youtube.com/user/sekainoyuukai Raku - http://www.youtube.com/user/RakuMugetsu Un3h - http://www.youtube.com/user/Un3hcorn Aki - http://www.youtube.com/user/Akikimonodragon ❆Mixer: Sumashu - http://www.youtube.com/user/Sumashu ❆ Animation: Yakumo - http://www.youtube.com/user/YakumoLeonhart ❆Art: Aki ❆CREDITS •Song: Himitsu no Houkago //秘密の放課後//Secret Time After School http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13807083 •Originally By: Miku Hatsune, MEIKO, Rin Kagamine, Luka Megurine, GUMI, Miki SF-A2, Yuki Kaai, Lily, Iroha Nekomura •Lyrics & Composition: natsu-P
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【Secret After School - Fandub Español】
Personajes: Miku ~ Rin ~ Meiko ~ Miki~ Kai Yuuki ~ Nekomura ~ Luka ~ Lily ~ Gumi ~Creditos~ Musica: Homu Fandubs Vídeo: homucchi Edición: Yo
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Himitsu no houkago Thai ver.
Original Video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13807083 Thai lyrics - http://seefah23.exteen.com/20120709/himitsu-no-houkago-thai-ver Download [Thai-Fandub 7 People] Himitsu no houkago Thai ver. - http://www.mediafire.com/?qcz9vd1ldl75p8z Thai Lyrics: SeeFah Mix: Kamio Subtitle: Tonpalm (theScuroluce) Vocal: Miku - TonPalm Rin - DameDesu Iroha - DameDesu Meiko - PiPitan Luka - Kagome Miki - Nekonene Gumi - Lookkhun Lily - SeeFah Yuki - SeeFah
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[UTAU 9 cover] Secret Time After School(秘密の放課後)-UTAUloid chorus
YES! finally done! UTAU Chorus again! And this UST is really amazing! and Again i selected my favorite UTAU credits Original: natsu-P ft Miku,Rin,Meiko,Miki,Iroha,Yuki,Luka,Lily,Gumi UST:nmasao1 On Vocals: Teto-Miku's Part Miko-Rin's Part Nana-MEIKO's Part Momo-Miki's Part Hate-Iroha's Part Defoko-Yuki's Part Ritsu-Luka's Part Ruko-Lily's Part Coco-GUMI's Part Edit and Mixing: ME Picture: ME Models: Credits to the makers THANKS for LISTENING ENJOY and KEEP SUBSCRIBING! :)
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【Karaoke】Secret After School【on vocal】natsuP
Secret After School / 秘密の放課後- Music & Lyrics: natsuP illust: ひいろ様 Vocals: Meiko, Miku, Rin, Luka, Gumi, Miki, Yuki, Lily, Iroha http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13807083 List of Planned & Upcoming Releases: http://kyarril.wordpress.com/plannedupcoming-releases/
【UTAU】 秘密の放課後/Secret Time After School 【カバー】
mp3 link: http://www.4shared.com/audio/IYdQo6jA/secret_after_school_UTAU_sexy_.html Hello everyone, Today I was really bored and since I'm an UTAU fan and I love this song, I decided to make all the UTAU's I have in my computer sing it, and I LOVED how all of them sounded together so I decided to upload it and share this UTAU cover of this naughty song with the world, I hope you all like it UST by nmasao1, my god, this UST is godly, coupled with fresamp this made all the UTAU's I used sound SOO good and smooth UTAU's I used Miku: Kasane Teto by the Vippers Luka: Mitani Nana by Mitani Nana the Nico singer, she's my favorite =D Rin: Utaune Nami by namiko89 Meiko: Kutau Deli by yours truly, she's my UTAU, she fits Meiko imo Gumi: Namine Ritsu by the Vippers, he's a boy but he has a naughty girly side Lily: Wakana Yuu by elvishhobbit, my friend Eri's UTAU, she fits Lily well Iroha: Violetta by scarfutan, she has a lovely deep voice Miki: Enbukyoku Aline by EnbukyokuAline, I love her voice cuz is cute and unique Yuki: Kayki by UnwantedCake, my friend Keki's UTAU
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Secret Time After School Nico Chorus
Good song XP
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Secret After School ~ Chorus Español【9人】
Original: Natsu-P Adaptacion: Tzii Edicion de Audio y Video: Bekha Agradecimiento Especial: Yoko www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPd5_-oekpb4e59pr5ufMw ~Voces~ Kimi: www.youtube.com/user/NyanButterPire Bekha: www.youtube.com/user/oOBEKHAOo Laleska: www.youtube.com/user/laleerock Angie: www.youtube.com/user/Hikari20L Gasu: www.youtube.com/channel/UC18oC8JIr3zO-SausgeoyoA Katale: www.youtube.com/user/katale09 Annie: www.youtube.com/user/Aniii1497 Akane: www.youtube.com/user/Akane631
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[Rana] Secret Time After School\Himitsu No Houkago
VSQx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsshiGcWFMM Kyo Matsumoto537 Vocal: Rana Adaptación del VSQx: Yo Mp3 DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q31lo4pwif73l9v/Himitsu_No_Houkago.mp3/file
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【"9" 人合唱】秘密の放課後【Secret Time Afterschool】
wahaha hi everyone yuunji here... V v V i hope no one has forgotten about FCC ! please excuse my horrible mixing skills and listen with headphones on, thank you ! o v o b finally we have made our debut ! //happy tears Singers Kagamine Rin/Lily - http://www.youtube.com/user/CottonMonkeyFluff Nekomura Iroha - http://www.youtube.com/user/Shadowgirl202 Sakine Meiko/ Hatsune Miku - http://www.youtube.com/user/yuunjiPi SF-A2 Miki - http://www.youtube.com/user/yaoilover1357 Kaai Yuki - http://www.youtube.com/user/miotosayume Megurine Luka - http://www.youtube.com/user/MiyakoHoshi GUMI - http://www.youtube.com/user/AppleCerulean um so thats it C: we own nothing but our voices...which i must say you all did such a beautiful job on ~ song is by Natsu-P thanks you for listening
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Vocaloid - Secret Time after School [Cover/Duet]
Don't judge us! (only politely) Audio editing: Rani Video: Mary Ranis Deviantartaccount: http://teika-e-033doll.deviantart.com/ her Youtubeaccount: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6wf1LoY-Yz7SRUEH3IumnA My Deviantartaccount + drawing: http://xxjustforfunxx.deviantart.com/
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Secret Time After School (9 UTAULOID GIRL'S CHORUS)
Secret Time After School (9 UTAULOID GIRL'S CHORUS) Original Title: (Secret Time After School) (Original)-Meiko, Miku, Rin, Luka, Gumi, Miki, Yuki, Lily, Iroha Composition, lyrics and modulation by natsu-P,Guitar, drum and mixing by haku Illustration by Hi-Iro (ひいろ) AAAH! I love this song so much! It makes my heart go "doki-doki!" XDD anyways!! This is the FIRST time I made a utauloid chorus PLUS! First time Ai sang with a chorus!! (Now I only wish people would see this...) Utau used: Miku:Kiki Rin:Aya Meiko:Helena Ayatsune Luka:SELENA Lily:Ai Chiyoko(mine) Yuki:Shinta Amaine Iroha:Karime Miyu Miki:Hoshine Stella Gumi:Shou Kaneyama Thanks to: Ust=nmasao1 (DUDE! YOU ROCK!) PV= (NOT MINE!I SWEAR) Audacity= (X3 WEW!~)
Views: 300 kula diamond
【UTAU/VOCALOID】『Secret Time After School』9-girl UTAU-BOUKALOID group【PV】
Original letter: Natsu-P UST: http://www.mediafire.com/?ozyi6u9qv177xef Programs used: UTAU, VOCALOID², Photoshop CS5 I love this music *3*
Views: 2065 Harunene
[UTAU] Secret Time After School / Himitsu no Houkago
New song!!! Ah, this song is so hard to mix!!! But I win! The Ust is from Nmasao-sama!! Now, Utau list!! Hatsune Miku: Ambre Yuki, by IchigoMinako, Meiko: Celestine aoi Append Etoile, by BlueValkirie, Yuki Kaai: Chiyuki Kagene and Rin Kagamine: Himeka Kagene, by SecretPrincess02, Miki SF-A2: Tohne Nilla by NillaNillaChan, Lily: Nami Utaune by namiko89, Gumi Megpoid: Camila Melodia, by Gaticaeitan, Iroha Nekomura: Yami Ryone by EcstasyDarks and Luka Megurine: Teto Kasane by Nobuyo Oyama
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JK - secret time after school
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Secret After School - Fandub Español (Kyoko)
Lean X3 No crean que igual es video a última hora ewe perdón u////u Debo admitir que es de las adaptaciones que más me ha gustado ^^U lol aunque la edición deja que desear XC pero ojalá les guste!! ^^ Letra -aunque todo lo canto yo lol- o3o Miku: La mañana del lunes, es diferente a lo habitual. Rin: Mi nuevo estilo no sé si notarás... Meiko: Mi nueva falda recorto unos 10 centímetros más. Miki: Pues sé que así es como todo corazón pronto se acelera. Iroha: Te escucho reír Luka: Con tus amigos en el patio, te notas feliz, Lily: Y aunque sé muy bien que no tengo qué ver, Mi corazón duele... Gumi: No tienes que hablar... Todas: Ya le encuentro la razón de ser, A este sentimento que como amor lastima mi interior. Ya no soy una niña, quiero mucho más. Lo tendré todo de ti, aún si es egoísta. Mira sólo a esta dirección, no me dejes sola, en tus brazos yo quiero quedarme. ¿Me podrías hacer un enorme favor? A cambio nunca sabrán Ah, ah, ah. Lo que pasó en aquel salón. Meiko: La noche del sábado, dime tienes algo ya planeado? Miki: Me pierdo en pensamientos si no estoy junto a ti. Miku: Pues tu mismo sabes que hasta las chicas muy curiosas son Rin: Y a esta edad estamos muriendo por huir e intentarlo de todo. Luka&Lily: Sin pensar tu mirada evité. Iroha: Callé lo que pasó entre los dos esa ocasión. Yuuki: Ya no puedo guardar el secreto... Quisiera gritarlo... Gumi: Egoísta soy. Todas: Con la mirada te lo recordé, la memoria te avergüenza, pero te hace muy feliz. Conozco toda señal que me lleve hacia ti, perdóname por decir que loca estoy por ti. Cada que te siento en mi piel, me pregunto si esto es lo que significa ser adulto. Parece que este juego se ha vuelto placer, un hábito prohibido. Oh, oh, oh, Que comenzó en aquél salón. Miku: La línea que se cruza, Rin: El botón que se ha perdido. Luka: Ese fuerte latir. Meiko: Manos juntas. Gumi: Labios temblorosos se besan. Miki: Sudor se mezcla. Yuuki: Suave aroma. Lily: De su cabello. Iroha: Cierra los ojos ya. Rin&Luka: Y hazme escuchar. Meiko&Gumi: Esas dulces palabras. Miki&Yuuki: Ya no hables. Lily&Iroha: Abrázame fuerte. Miku: Pronto bésame... Todas: Pasa el tiempo y así puedo ver como nuestros secretos crecen, ¿Acaso eso está bien? Me pierdo y caigo más en este juego de dos. Escúchame por favor. Te amo tanto... No sé si hay algo raro en mí, ¿Cómo apago este ardor que aprieta mi pecho? ¿Qué anda mal? Siento ya en mi cuerpo el familiar calor, simplemente al recordar Ah, ah, ah, Nuestras tardes en el salón. Nada me pertenece, excepto la adaptación y mi voz. Sólo soy una fan con mucho tiempo libre nwn Bye bye~! ^^/
Views: 2279 Kyoko-chan
Secret after school - nightcore
VOCALOID - my edit, I take requests
Views: 2029 Jamie D'Ath
【Kaai Yuki】After School - English Sub
Original Title: 放課後 Song & Lyrics: Okashi-P Illustration: a-kuki Vocaloid: Kaai Yuki English Translation: EikoAkatsuki Encoding: EikoAkatsuki
Views: 26724 EikoAkatsuki
【9 UTAU CHORUS】秘密の放課後-Secret Time After School 【8 Female - 1 Male】
I ran out of girls, so Koichi gets to be an honorary girl xD these are the parts Miku - Catia Yuki - Aoiko Luka - Lavitz Nekomura - Suika Lily - Saiomi Gumi - Koichi Meiko - Mimayu Miki - Haru Rin - SPARK ust by nmasao1
Views: 223 Taylor
【yumemi】秘密の放課後-Secret Time After School [trial....]
well, this would be me practicing for fluffycottonchorus's first song :) i was poking around, attempting different things with ma voice, and i got a little excited after trying this, so i put it up......waddya think? "//~//"
Views: 827 miotosayume
Secret Time After School Cover Español
Hola, este es el segundo video que hago la letra es de IzzyClary Tami síganme en Sing @Miku_Hatsune29 dale like y comenta gracias. Si te gusto puedes darle click al botón de subscripción
Views: 661 Hina Nekogami
【VOCALOID 1 & 3】 Secret After School 【ESPAÑOL】 【MEIKO Miku Rin Luka GUMI Yuki Miki Lily Iroha】
Primero que nada, perdón por el sonido de Meiko y se me escapo de las manos el poder arreglarlo. Si quieren el MP3... ¡Pídanlo! No sean tímidos xD -Krizz Datos Curiosos: Este es uno de los Chorus más grandes con chicas VOCALOID Letra/Música:natsu (mylist/7041344) Mix:haku 
 Vídeo Original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13807083
Views: 9953 krizz krizztofer
Secret Time After School Chorus Auditions OPEN!!
READ PLEASE!!!! HI!! Auditions for Secret Time After School Chorus is OPEN! Yay! lol All parts are OPEN!! And there is no deadline! You can audition with a different song, and it can be in English or Japanese! The link to the song is in the vid! AUDITIONS FOR: Miku:HitohaChan, FightingforSasuke Rin:hartless726, HitohaChan, FightingforSasuke Meiko:Dollykissable Luka:Dollykissable, TentaikansokuP, FightingforSasuke, vocoloid001 Iroha:HitohaChan Gumi:Dollykissable, FightingforSasuke, vocoloid001 Lily:Dollykissable Yuki:hartless726,HitohaChan SF-A2 Miki:HitohaChan
Views: 958 IceOtome