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IBM Business Partners describe competitive advantage of the IBM Value Package
The exclusive expertise and resources offered through the IBM Value Package are designed to maximize your business potential. The Value Package includes pre-sales technical support, access to a growing number of select SaaS services, skills reimbursement through You Pass, We Pay, and download access to more than 16,000 IBM software solutions through the Software Access Catalog. Listen to IBM Business Partners describe in their own words how the Value Package drives their success. Want to learn more about the unique benefits of the IBM Value Package? Visit https://www.ibm.com/partnerworld/public/value-package-software-access-option-overview.
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IBM Watson: Sign up for Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog
This video shows you how to sign up for an IBM Watson including an IBM Cloud account, then provision the IBM Watson Studio and IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog applications to use in IBM Watson. You'll also have access to Machine and Deep Learning, Dashboards, Streams flows, Visual Recognition models, and the Data Refinery. Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Centers at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers http://ibm.biz/ibmdev-newsletter Get the Developer Webcast Calendar newsletter to learn about new videos and upcoming webcasts from IBM Developer.
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IBM i Access Client Solutions
A brief overview of the power and portability of the IBM i Access Client Solutions product. Find out more! http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/software/i/access/solutions.html
IBM iSeries Client Access 7.1 - Installing
Installing Client Access is a prerequisite for DAC and DAC Office. View this video for information on how to configure it for DAC Office.
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DB2 Tips n Tricks Part 35 - How to Access Remote DB2 Database from Client Machine
How to Access Remote DB2 Database from Client Machine Solution: Install DB2 Run Time Client Software in Client Machine Catalog Node and Catalog Database on Remote Node Attach to Instance or Connect to Database Happy Learning & Sharing
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Install IBM i ACS to replace Client Access
Simple screencast to show how easy this is.... Or you can read the big waffley blog yourself at https://www.nicklitten.com/download-and-install-ibm-i-acs-access-client-solutions/
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Using the Screen History Function of IBM i Access Client Solutions
This video demonstrates how to use the Screen History function of the ACS Client.
IBM Academic Initiative z/OS Data Sets, System and User Catalogs, and zUnix File Systems- Unit 07
IBM Paul Newton's presentation and demonstration of z/OS and VSAM data sets, VTOC, System and User Catalogs, and zUnix file systems. Ditto, Storage Management Subsystem (SMS), and using ISPF and ISMF to manage datasets are reviewed.
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Adding third-party custom catalogs to SCCM 1806
Patch Connect Plus has introduced a new Catalogs edition. You can now seamlessly patch third-party applications using SCCM by adding Patch Connect Plus' custom catalogs to SCCM 1806 and above. Learn more about Patch Connect Plus at https://goo.gl/UEdBUf. Start a 30-day free trial for accessing custom catalogs or the complete edition with full automation at https://goo.gl/33so2A.
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IBM Academic Initiative - Accessing z/OS using TN3270, FTP, and SSH  - Unit -03
IBM Academic Initiative z Systems Workshop Series. IBM Paul Newton's discussion and demonstration of accessing z/OS using TN3270 Emulator, a SSH client (PuTTY), and FTP.
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How to catalog a local database in IBM DB2?
Here you can get the information on cataloging a local database in your own server
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IBM Cloud Private V2.1 - Getting started with the console
In this video, get a quick overview of the console, learn how to deploy an application from the catalog. This quick overview also shows you how to expand your catalog with over 100 new applications with a few clicks. IBM Cloud private is an on premises platform for managing containerized applications that is based on the container orchestrator Kubernetes. IBM Cloud private also includes a graphical user interface which provides a centralized location from where you can deploy, manage, monitor, and scale your applications. For more details, see Official site: https://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/products/ibm-cloud-private/ Developer Works community: http://ibm.biz/cloud-private IBM Owner: Shawnique Warren, Greg Hintermeister
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How to kick-off a Data Governance Project using IBM Information Governance Catalog
Are you having challenges in kicking off, planning and implementing your data/ information governance project? You know the goal, but are you having difficulties in identifying the steps and the tools? You are not alone. We have helped many clients like you to achieve amazing success on their Data Governance Projects and getting phenomenal returns on their investment on their Data Governance Projects. We are here to help you. In this video you will learn the following: 1. Definition of Data Governance 2. What are the building blocks for an effective data governance program? 3. Similarity between a Data Governance Plan and Fitness plan. 4. How to monitor the effectiveness of your data governance plan? 5. Getting the right team for your Data Governance Project. 6. Action steps for an effective Data Governance Project. 7. Leveraging IBM InfoSphere Information Management tool-set for your Data Governance Project. 8. IBM Information Governance Catalog (IGC) demo. Demo Content: 1. Explanation of the Data Steward and other roles for Information Governance and the workflow. 2. Mapping the Information Governance Best Practices to Information Governance Catalog (IGC). 3. Adding Terms and Policies in Information Governance Catalog (IGC). 4. Adding classification and governance and data rules. 5. Linking the information assets to the terms and policies. 6. Linkage between Information Analyzer / QualityStage and Information Governance Catalog. 7. Description of the overall workflow and Best Practices. We provide regular training videos on Youtube, FREE email video courses and paid online and customized classroom training. To inquire about customized training please send an email to [email protected] To get access to our FREE email video courses on DataStage, Information Governance Catalog, and InfoSphere Data Replication, please register at http://www.pr3training.com To get prompt information about our regularly published informational videos, please subscribe to our channel.
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IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog: Add assets to a catalog
This video shows you how to add assets to a catalog. Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Center at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers.
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Data Profiling (Column Analysis) using IBM Information Analyzer 11.5
This video provides the following information pertaining to IBM Information Analyzer: 1. What is data profiling? 2. What are the benefits of data profiling? 3. Description of IBM Information Analyzer. 4. Essential steps for data profiling using Information Analyzer 5. Demo of importing metadata using IMAM. 6. Demo of column analysis using Information Analyzer. We at PR3 Systems are committed to providing the latest videos and online training for Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Governance using IBM InfoSphere Information Management products. We have the experience of training more than 4000 professionals over 14 years through classroom and online training. Our experience with Fortune 500 and Mid-sized organizations while helping them with their data management challenges, gives us the unique perspective to bring not only the best technical education but practical on the ground applications and best practices for implementing these tools. We provide regular training videos on Youtube, FREE email video courses and paid online and customized classroom training. To inquire about customized training please send an email to [email protected] To get access to our FREE email video courses on DataStage, Information Governance Catalog, and InfoSphere Data Replication, please register at http://www.pr3training.com To get prompt information about our regularly published informational videos, please subscribe to our channel.
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How to Install the ACS Windows Application Package
In this video, Michael Swenson shows how to download and install the IBM Access Client Solutions (ACS) Application package.
PTF Installation with Image Catalogs
In this video we describe how to create Image Catalogs and use Virtual Optical media.
IBM MaaS360 with Watson Identity and Access Management Demo
Enterprise mobile end-users need a simple, secure way to access corporate apps and resources from any device – whether at the workplace or on the go. IBM MaaS360 with Watson offers Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities that make it easy for IT to: Implement single-sign on (SSO) for quick access to approved apps Enforce conditional access for compliant, recognized users Roll out a unified app catalog for easy app discovery View this quick demo to learn how easy it is to provide mobile users access to cloud apps while enforcing enterprise security. Get your free trial today:http://www.ibm.com/maas360-trial
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IBM Watson Studio: Create a project for Jupyter Notebooks
This video shows you how to create a project to use Jupyter notebooks, provision an Apache Spark service, upload data to the project, and use that data in a notebook. Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Center at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers. IBM Contact: Sharyn Richard
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IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog: Data Polices Overview
This video provides an overview of data policies in IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog. Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Center at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers.
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Create a REST API using IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition
Learn how to API enable your CICS application in 10 minutes! APIs have become the de facto standard for application integration. z/OS Connect EE is IBM’s strategic solution for API enablement of z/OS based applications and data. In this short video we show you how to create a REST API from a CICS application, deploy and invoke the API. The demo starts by looking at the CICS Catalog Manager sample, a simple sales catalog and order processing application. Then we show an IBM Cloud application that enhances the user interface with images, email notifications and address validation. The IBM Cloud application uses a z/OS Connect API to access the CICS managed catalog. We show how the API is created and deployed using the z/OS Connect EE API Toolkit. And we finish by invoking the API from Swagger UI. Find out more using these links: Downloads: z/OS Connect EE open beta runtime - ibm.biz/zosconnect-open-beta z/OS Connect EE workstation tooling - ibm.biz/zosconnect-tooling-download Explore the docs: z/OS Connect EE Knowledge Center - ibm.biz/zosconnect-kc z/OS Connect EE Developer Center - ibm.biz/zosconnectdc Where to get help: dW Answers - ibm.biz/zosconnect-dw-answers z/OS Connect EE open beta forum - ibm.biz/zcee-beta-forum IBM Client Center Montpellier https://www.ibm.com/ibm/clientcenter/montpellier Follow us on twitter @IBMCCtr #IBMCCMPL
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IBM Academic Initiative z/OS Communication Server, TCP/IP, VTAM , and SNA  -  Unit 14
IBM Academic Initiative z Systems Workshop Series. IBM Paul Newton's presentation on the System z the communication server and protocols. Topics include: TCP/IP, SNA, VTAM, Communication Server components, and Network Security.
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Deploying IBM Security Access Manager by using Helm Charts
Helm Charts can be used to help deploy and manage complex Kubernetes environments. A new Helm chart has just been published which allows you to easily deploy IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) into a Kubernetes environment. This video provides information on how you can get access to the ISAM Helm chart, and how to use the ISAM Helm chart. It also includes a demonstration which uses the Helm chart in an IBM Cloud Private environment to deploy an ISAM environment.
Open Mic 2017-01-19 BigFix Inventory - Catalog Process Customization
Silviu Gligore and Leslie Gomba told about customizing the Catalog process (creating and deleting custom catalog entries) in IBM BigFix Inventory. Slides are at https://ibm.biz/Bdsn2i. Click show more to get to sections of the replay. 01:49 Overview 04:04 Creating custom catalog entries 06:06 Editing and deleting custom catalog entries 07:04 Creating signatures from package data 08:07 Creating signatures from scanned file data 09:24 Creating extended signatures 11:24 BFI/LMT - New Functionalities 16:05 Useful documentation links 16:23 Q & A
How To Install/Update the IBM Installation Manager product on IBM i OS
This document will discuss the process of installing and updating the IBM Installation Manager product using the IBM Web Administration for i GUI on the IBM i OS. Detailed information on this process can be found here, https://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=nas8N1022458.
Chalk Talk - Legacy Backup Catalog Management
Catalyst from Index Engines unlocks content in IBM and Symantec backup formats (with Commvault support coming in 1H2015) allowing access and management of the data without the need for the original software. Clients that currently use IBM’s TSM or Symantec’s NBU now have a cost effective and intelligent migration strategy to best of breed backup platforms. If a non-production TSM/NBU instance, resulting from a merger or acquisition is maintained in order to provide access to legacy tape data, these environments can be retired and replaced with a single solution that provides simplified access to the data going forward. Additionally, clients who have large volumes of legacy backup tapes in offsite storage vaults (Iron Mountain, Recall, etc.), containing data required to support legal and compliance, can now intelligently restore this data and extract the records that are relevant to disk for simplified access and management. This is typically a small portion of what is contained on tape, which differentiates Catalyst from a migration tool where all data is moved from tape.
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Manually editing macro scripts in IBM Personal Communications
The following video describes how users can manually create a macro script and use it to automatically login to the host that the session is connected to using IBM Personal Communications
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IBM Watson Studio: Manage object storage
This video shows you how to access and manage your Cloud Object Storage in IBM Cloud through IBM Watson Studio and IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog. Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Center at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers.
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Configuring IBM i  iSeries  Access servers to use SSL
In this Webinar security expert Carol Woodbury will discuss that several laws and regulations, including the PCI Data Security Standards require that administrators access the system over an encrypted session. Whether you have to comply with one of these regulations or you want to implement this because it's a good security practice, this session will provide the step-by-step instructions for configuring these encrypted sessions. During this webinar, you'll find out how to configure the IBM i using DCM (Digital Certificate Manager) and the steps to configure the clients.
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IBM Watson Studio: Load and analyze public data sets
Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Center at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers.
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The First Magnetic Random Access Mass Memory with Interchangeable Media
[Originally recorded: 1957] John T. Potter, who founded Potter Instrument Company in 1942, was a prolific inventor with over 80 US patents. On September 1, 1948 he applied for a patent on a "Three-Dimensional Selector and Memory Device", and it was issued as patent number 2,620,389 on December 2, 1952. The invention was for a digital storage device that used steel wires strung on a set of two-dimensional frames that were packed together in rows. The machine would access one of the frames, then a particular wire in the frame, and then the data recorded somewhere on the wire. It was three-dimensional memory. In 1955 Potter negotiated a contract with the of the Univac military computer division of Sperry Rand to develop and build three of the three-dimensional memories. The Project Engineer was George Comstock, who began work on January 2, 1956. Just sixteen months later, in April 1957, the three working completed units were delivered to Univac in St. Paul, Minnesota. But there were several significant differences from the invention as disclosed in the patent: 1. Instead of wires, the storage medium was strips of the 1⁄2" mylar-backed magnetic tape that was commonly being used in reel-to-reel computer tape drives. 2. Instead of using rotating shafts and electromagnets, the three-dimensional positioning was done using hydraulic cylinders with binary-coded displacements. This was a variation of a positioning system using binary- coded rotating rings that Potter had filed a patent on in 1951. 3. The storage bin containing all the tapes could be taken out of the unit and replaced with another, making the total amount of storage unlimited. This interchangeable media provided true removable data storage. None of the other random-access magnetic storage devices of the time, like IBM's RAMAC disk drive, had removable media. For more details on device theory and operation, see: http://archive.computerhistory.org/resources/access/text/2015/05/102740072-05-01-acc.pdf Catalog Number: 102740069 Lot Number: X7460.2015
Installing iDoctor on an IBM i
This is a walk through for downloading and installing iDoctor on an IBM i (7.3) for all components including Must Gather Tools.
IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog: Use assets in a project
This video shows you how to add a data asset to an existing project and then load that data for analytics in a Python notebook. Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Center at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers.
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MaaS360 Open Mic: Application Management Tips and Tricks, 27 June 2017
Learn MaaS360 application management tips and tricks in this interactive session led by Matt Shaver, System Architect for MaaS360. Matt demonstrates how to manage public and enterprise apps from the portal and how to customize the app catalog as well as best practices for smooth distributions and advanced settings for iOS and Android. After his demonstration, Matt also answers questions about app management from the audience.
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IBM Watson Machine Learning: Build Deep Learning Architectures With Neural Network Modeler
This video shows you how to build a deep learning model using a popular cifar10 data set. Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Centers at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers
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Understanding Security Patch Installation
This video covers Microsoft Security patch Installation for System i Access.
IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition – Introduction to Content Mining
IBM Watson Explorer has two primary use cases – Analytics and Search. This video provides a quick tour of Content Miner used by Citizen Analysts and Data Scientist to discover insights from textual data. To learn more about IBM Watson Explorer, please visit: http://ibm.biz/ContentAnalytics
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Demo #8 -- Working with the Asset Catalog - IBM Dev and Test Cloud, v1.3
This video introduces the Rational Asset Catalog, the Definitive Software Library for all images, documents, and files for the Development and Test cloud. Search functions and well-designed filters allow the user to find what they are looking for among the hundreds of images and files. The catalog also has areas such as "My Dashboard" that holds the assets that you own, and the ones that you have subscribed to. Another feature of the Rational Asset Catalog is the concept of communities that control access to your images. The owner of an image can create one or more forums that keep those who subscribe updated on the changes and comments as an image is developed and tested.
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IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI: How to deploy to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud
For more information, visit https://www.ibm.com/blogs/bluemix/2017/09/deploying-kubernetes-ibm-cloud-ibm-cloud-developer-tools-cli/ Bluemix Architect for Global Development Tools Andrew Trice demonstrates the generation of a starter application and the deployment of that application to the Kubernetes environment on the IBM Container service using the IBM Cloud Developer Tools command-line interface. From running the "bx dev create" command to display patterns, starters, and languages you can choose to create your application to exploring the app in Visual Studio code to deployment, Andrew shows you how easy it is to run a Node.js server using the Cloud Developer Tools CLI.
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IBM i Operating System - Four Screen Types
IBM i Operating System - Four Screen Types
Views: 1297 Professor Saad
Working with IBM VSAM JCL (Job Control Language)  - M25
How to use VSAM in MVS 3.8 or z/OS. Create and load data into VSAM. The JCL for this tutorial can be found here: https://github.com/moshix/vsam Also, download my general MVS utilities repository from here: https://github.com/moshix/mvs
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IBM DB2 for i and SQL Overview - IBM Training
Structured Query Language has the power to speed application development, boost performance and make applications easier to maintain. SQL is a data language that you can use to create, control, access and manipulate your database. It is simple and powerful and easier to access on your IBM i than you might think. Let's explore an alternate means of accessing your database on the IBM i. Brought to you by IBM Training: http://www.ibm.com/training
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Technical Overview
Watch this in-depth technical presentation and learn new design and architectural principles, how to save time by applying one workflow to multiple use cases, the role of the vSnap storage server, how to offload to object storage, how to maximize cyber resiliency through IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS), role-based access control, powerful policy management, VM backup, and agent-less backup for database applications. Presented by Prashant Jagannathan, Offering Manager and Jim Smith, Software Architect Recorded at Storage Field Day 18 in Silicon Valley on February 28th, 2019. For more information please visit https://www.ibm.com/ or https://techfieldday.com/event/sfd18/
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Demo: IBM Connections Desktop Plugin for Microsoft Windows Explorer
Demo of the IBM Connections Plugin for Windows Explorer. The plugin allows you to access files in a familiar interface and you can simply upload files by using drag-n-drop. The plugin allows access to your personal files, community files, and activities. The plugin can be downloaded from the Connections App Catalog as usual: https://bit.ly/ConnDesktopPlugin
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IBM Watson Machine Learning: Score a Predictive Model Built with IBM SPSS Modeler
Watch this video to see how to use Watson Machine Learning and IBM Data Science Experience to create a data flow using IBM SPSS Modeler to predict chronic kidney disease. Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Center at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers.
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Administration in IBM Watson Studio (previously called IBM Data Science Experience)
This video gives an overview of administration features in IBM Data Science Experience Local. Get started: https://datascience.ibm.com/local
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IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog: Auto-discover Assets from a Data Connection
If you have lots of data in an existing data source, you can create a connection to that data source, auto-discover the assets, and then add those assets to a catalog. Find more videos in the IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Learning Center at http://ibm.biz/learning-centers.
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IBM Cloud App ID Demo
Try IBM Bluemix App ID here: https://console.ng.bluemix.net/catalog/services/app-id/ App ID is an authentication and profiles service that makes it easy for developers to add authentication to their mobile and web apps, and secure access to cloud native apps and services on Bluemix. It also helps manage end-user data that developers can use to build personalized app experiences.
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BMC Exchange NYC:  IBM with Watson Partnership Announcement
BMC has announced a partnership to seamlessly integrate AI technologies from IBM Watson, a leading AI platform for business, into BMC’s leading IT Service Management solutions for the digital enterprise. About BMC BMC is a global leader in innovative software solutions that help businesses transform into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. Our Digital Enterprise Management solutions are designed to fast track digital business from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond. BMC digital IT transforms 82% of the Fortune 500 and serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide. Learn more at bmc.com.
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How To Download ACS ODBC Driver
This video will show you how to download the IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) ODBC Driver from IBM

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