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Funny Talent Skit
Variety Show 2011 @ Apollo High School
Views: 1471240 TheJBugMelody
Hand Clap Skit - The Original!
These young men did this for a youth conference talent show. Headphone users be advised that the applause at the end is VERY LOUD! Have fun watching.
Views: 10645202 2000jrg
THE ORIGINAL 5th Grade Talent Show
follow the kid on the left on insta if you want: https://www.instagram.com/avaschrobilgen/
Views: 5614323 Dan Schrobilgen
The Love Mavens are a group of 3 High School boys (Tooty Ice, 2 Gloves, Double Trouble) who performed a dance and lip sync to Vanilla Ice's hit single "Ice Ice Baby" for their High School's Talent Show.
Views: 401078 Tyler Schroeder
talent show creative ideas
talent show creative ideas
Views: 123788 DeerPath Middle School
Funniest Auditions Ever On Got Talent Around The World | Vol. 1
The funniest auditions ever On Got Talent!! LOL! Can you think of anymore? Funny acts from America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent and more! Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world. Subscribe to Got Talent Global: http://www.youtube.com/user/gottalentglobal Watch more Got Talent Global videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-z5mbZ-yCI&list=PLF-BDTAHX0p5xf2caJw3l9oPmuHI0PJRA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gottalentglobal Twitter: https://twitter.com/gottalentglobal #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent #gottalent #talent
Views: 10669651 Got Talent Global
Teacher Skit - Is It Time Yet?
Tolar Elementary Talent Show, May 2008
Views: 219898 Kim McAusland
Awesome and Funny Talent Show Dance!!
The Tickle Brothers show off there moves at our schools talent show!
Views: 50875 TheStupidStuntCrew
Funny Stage Show
Amazing Performance
Views: 194447 rshidkhan
The BEST FUNNY Auditions Britan's Got Talent 2017 Week 1
➤ SUBCRIBE Len Ken Channel: http://bit.ly/2fhpDdd ➤ About Len Ken: The Compilation TV Show Worldwide: The Voice, Got Talent, X Factor, Idol...We bring you the best videos: funny, amazing, unbeleivable,...Enjoy it ➤ Get our social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lenkenYT/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/lenkenYT Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LenKen ➤ Business contacts: Email: [email protected] Or our social media ♡Thanks you so much!♡ #lenken #gottalent #agt #bgt #thevoice #thefour
Views: 30544321 Len Ken
Talent show from 2013. They did a glow dance! Everyone loved it and was laughing like crazy. The best act of the night!
Views: 5491637 The NicFam
Funny Talent Show Act
Nick and Zach perform an act you will definitely not see in every talent show! Please like, comment, share, and subscribe! PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO! Thanks!
Views: 24158 mountaindew5150
"Fountains" skit at talent show
Sean and his 4th grade buddies at the Bell Graham talent show. I got them in togas this year. Enjoy "Fountains" :)
Views: 335584 Valerie Kelly
Hilarious Beach Ball Talent Show Performance
Jake Triplett and Anderson Gilberto showcasing their skills at the 2013 SBU Talent Show.
Views: 125295 Jake Triplett
Funniest Talent Show Act Ever
Lars Korsmo plays the cymbals in the UW talent show 2006
Views: 1754025 johnpr25
Pillow People Talent Show Dance
Elementary School Talent Show - they were the last act and a big hit! We used music with easy dance steps to follow. They had so much fun!
Views: 81062 Nicole T
Insane Teacher Talent Show Performance!!!
Yeah, we bobble. Barton Hills Elementary Parent/Teacher Talent Show. May 21st, 2015. Austin, TX
Views: 155228 bartonhillschoir
Funny group dance
Students of Dayananda Sagar Academy presenting a funny group dance in Kalaa Sagar 2012 at DSI. Have a look...
Views: 308081 MrRRASS
best 5th grade talent show ever so funny u will laugh
please like and subscribe it would mean a lot to me
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TALENT SHOW IDEAS | Impersonations
http://www.amazon.com/Got-Talent-practical-aspiring-performer/dp/1468152432 Talent Show Idea Video Series : Impersonations -- Looking for ideas for your next talent show? The Got Talent? Performer's Handbook is chock full of cool ideas for any amateur talent show. Visit the website at http://www.gottalent.co for details.
Views: 64815 GotTalentGuide
Great Performance of four cool guys ;) ...for the "Abi-Aschlussball 2012" of the Christoph Schrempf Gymnasium Besigheim in the Ludwigsburger Forum. I was there in order to visit this prom night of my cousin & recorded this fantastic staging... so I'm only the owner of this video but not of the talented idea/concept. Please Rate, Subscribe & Comment on this video! http://www.FaceBook.com/THE.BLACK.CODE1
Views: 34291 Black Code Productions
Talent show 2011 - Comedic Skits
Funny skits we performed for the talent show in 8th grade! Enjoy.
Views: 230217 thealsite
Funny talent show performance
Views: 11937 Cortlyn McKinley
Funny Talent Show Skit
Our funny SILENT skit we did for a talent show. Setting: Movie Theater
Views: 691652 Michelle Vecchi
Wilmore Elementary Talent Show Babies
act starts at 1:12 Recorded on June 1, 2011 using a Flip Video camcorder.
Views: 1379873 llabrill
How to win a talent show
I don’t make fun of scars cause I don’t have any I make fun of scars because i have too many. Whats a scar when its open. Whatever it is I've been I’m emotionally conflicted, got no feelings like i'm wicked I’m done the scars I won't have them anymore Pick them till they're gone but that’ll just cause more I’m torn feeling like a newborn Cause ignorance is bliss. If ignorance is bliss it’s because you never heard of it I’m sorry if I’m in your way but You’ve ran into a man that doesn’t care about your day. Pieces of me left in the street My heart’s filled with sin And sin=heat My heart’s beat That’s an excuse to say you’re weak I’m trying to be intelligent But I’m living in a world that has sex for the hell of it No one to love in my life but they expect me to find a wife. In this world love is a show the show can blow up or I go. Love is as ironic as a puppet on a swing… one can get off but they both have strings. I don't have time for love morning dove my heart was murdered dear god i can't let this go further. I’m growing up But my mind is slipping up Maybe i could be the best? Could I even approach that test Cause my mind is slowing down When I think I’m the best i fall where's my crown but i'm not a king ima circus clown I’m not in suit I’m inna nightgown My mind's too deep How can I sleep When I wake up I pray for another day and then I slip away my brain was murdered. I can’t let this go forward (end monologue
Views: 4995596 oldmanmcnoober
Talent Show - Very Funny
Hank Schwab and Sam Stratford throw down at Juan Diego's 2012 talent show. This is their act they labeled synchronized swimming. Sit back relax and enjoy
Views: 45434 moGNARchy
Evolution of Dance Music Funny School Talent Show Skit Original T-Rex Dinosaur Version
Original school talent show idea featuring two grade 6 boys: Leo & Rob. They were inspired by Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance” and recent T-rex sightings on YouTube. Enjoy!
Views: 5833 Jennifer Krueger
This is me in my talent show in 2017 at school
Views: 1031 A.L Cuber
Funny Talent Show Skit
The gravy skit.......embarrassing elementary talent show i was forced into. im just the frightened girl hold the signs, and my sisters and the little fireballs running around on the stage acting their little hearts out.
Views: 107965 Hay3Rae5
Talent Show Ideas for Kids: You Would Surely Love Them
Don't know what to perform at a talent show? Well, this video has some really cool activities for kids. Your idea for the talent show needs to stand out and your performance needs to be the best one! Watch this video to know how to combine these two things and showcase your talent in the most entertaining way. You will get some amazing ideas that can definitely help you win the talent show! Do visit: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/talent-show-ideas-for-kids.html
Views: 80307 Buzzle
Funny talent show kids
It's not me it's some kid I got it on tape from my school talent show
Views: 10436 TheJerkMaster11
Funny Ideas   Talent Show Ideas Try not to laughing
Awesome funny ideas from our daily life . . Also try it .. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqzCeE7iv_-dpY0DnfJ5Jtg https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?v=info&refid=17 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013786905731
Views: 300 All in One
Funny Dance Skit
Youth group talent show act (talent not required). This skit is hilarious though!
Views: 6891 Group Games Galore
*WICKED FUNNY* kids sings phil collins at talent show
wicked funny kid sings phil collins at middle school talent show(thanks to Sophie Davis for filming the video and letting me upload it)
Views: 12700 Mike Lynch
The day has finally arrived for the 14th annual Modesto High Talent Show and I'm one of the hosts this year!!! Shane, Jackie, Freddy, Denise, and I did a whole bunch of awesome skits to introduce all the acts. Things got pretty crazy on stage and even more crazy backstage! There was so much craziness to include that it took nearly 25 minutes to show it all in a vlog lol xD HOW TO STALK ME Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeAustinC Instagram: http://instagram.com/Austin... Tumblr: http://meuaustinc.tumblr.com Google+: http://goo.gl/HBtcV
Views: 15761 Austin Castro
5 Awesome Talent Show Skits
The first one is basic. Watch the last 4! They are worth it!! Elementry school talent shows.
Views: 38847 thatsgoodpizza
Insane Teacher Talent Show - School Cheer!
Barton Hills Elementary School - Austin, TX. May 19th, 2016.
Views: 26534 bartonhillschoir
SMS 2011 Teacher Talent Show Rapping Grannies
Southside Middle School Teacher Talent Show Rappin Grannies Southside Middle School 2011 SOAR celebration
Views: 35993 Kenneth Varner
talent show commercial ideas 1
Ideas and info for students for talent show acts.
Views: 453 Colene Hardy
Funny Talent Show Dance!  WJHS
Just a fun little dance we did for the talent show at school. Songs: Only Time~Enya Tubthumping~chubawaba I Like to Move it~ Crazy Frog Lean Like a Cholo~Down Aka Kilo Jump-on-it~ Sir-mix-a-lot Wannabe~Spice Girls Don't Stop Believin~ Journey I'm Too Sexy~Right said Fred Makarana Kung Fu Fighting~Carl Douglas Cotton Eye Joe~Starsound Y.M.C.A.~Village People Bye Bye Bye~ Nsync
Views: 41589 Chelseanderson1
Funny Boys Dance Performance LHS Talent Show 2016
Everyone in the audience laughed including me. Hope you guys will find this funny as well
Views: 4007 emmie796
Synchronized Swimming Talent Show Skit
A funny idea for a talent show skit at school. Our performance got lots of laughs and was so easy and fast to learn and practice.
Views: 257 spectacularness
Funny First Place Talent Show Act
Funny first place talent show act @ Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, MO. We won $100 out of it all. We called ourselves The. Most. Electrifying. Dance. Crew. This was our first and last dance as a crew ha! Blue Top Gold Pants-Zeke Scott Pink Top Gold Pants-Brad Gault White Top Khaki Pants-Kenny Chang Black Top Blue Jeans-Cole Buescher
Views: 542143 Jordan Zeke Scott
Hilarious 2 person skit!
Ladies Retreat. Wait for the LEGS. LOL
Views: 120770 christy sabiston
Funny Skit Ideas
Chilton county SGA skits 2011, performed by blake patterson who was running for vp and avery mccarley which was running for pres.
Views: 97003 Avery Mccarley

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