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Carry On Till Tomorrow - Badfinger - Magic Christian Music
https://www.facebook.com/groups/2211874004/?ref=br_tf https://www.facebook.com/BadfingerThe-Iveys-294346940651268/?ref=hl https://www.facebook.com/Pete-Ham-72628688648/?fref=ts Badfinger lipsync performance of a song from the The Magic Christian and their first Apple album. Band known for No Matter What, Without You, Day After Day, Come And Get It and Baby Blue. til Power Pop originators - Raspberries, Jellyfish, Big Star all followed. They opened the door for pop music again after the blues revival of 1969 killed off a lot of melodicism. With proper handling could have been huge. see http://www.badfinger-iveys.com for all the official related sites on them
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Come And Get It - Badfinger - Magic Christian Music
https://www.facebook.com/groups/2211874004/?ref=br_tf https://www.facebook.com/BadfingerThe-Iveys-294346940651268/?ref=hl https://www.facebook.com/Pete-Ham-72628688648/?fref=ts Badfinger lip-sync performance of a song from the film The Magic Christian. Their first big hit, written and produced by Paul McCartney. Band known for No Matter What, Without You, Day After Day and Baby Blue. Power Pop originators - Raspberries, Jellyfish, Big Star all followed. They opened the door for pop music again after the blues revival of 1969 killed off a lot of melodicism. With proper handling could have been huge. see http://www.badfinger-iveys.com for all the official related sites on them
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Badfinger (1969) - Carry On Till Tomorrow
Opening scene of Magic Christian.
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Badfinger - Carry On Till Tomorrow
This clip is from the 1969 film The Magic Christian starring Ringo Starr and Peter Sellers with the beautiful song Carry On Till Tomorrow sung by the Badfinger.
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Free Money - "Magic Christian"
Free Money - "Magic Christian" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Sellers / Ringo Starr
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Marine Propulsion: The Galley
The Magic Christian (1969)
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The Magic Christian Opening
Introduction of the film's critique of capitalism.
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Badfinger - Come & Get it  (The Magic Christian)
A so-so movie, but a good song written by Paul McCartney, which he gave to the band 'Badfinger' to give a boost in their career.
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The Magic Christians - 'If You Want It' (1969)
Released around the same time and as a direct competitor to Badfingers hit 'Come And Get It' meant - Not on Apple , No Beatle Connection = No Hit. It seems ex Move guitarist Trevor Burton was involved in this recording and it may or may not be his post Move band Balls under another name,therefor it may or may not include Steve Gibbons and Denny Laine.This may or may not be wishful thinking.....It may have been a hit,but it was not.
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The Magic Christian Original Trailer
The trailer to the 1969 film starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, "The Magic Christian."
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The Magic Christian Trailer 1969 Ringo Starr Peter Sellers
Here's a little gem I had tucked way for 25 years.
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Lounge Singer Scene   'The Magic Christian' 1969
This is the lounge singer scene from the 1969 movie, 'The Magic Christian. Surprising performance by a "girl with something extra." Love that cute little nose wrinkle when she thanks the bartender.
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Badfinger- I'm In Love
Track 9 off of Magic Christian Music, 1970 I do not own this song, it belongs to its rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended
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Peter Sellers does Weebl
Clips of the hot dog buying scene from The Magic Christian (1969) "I say vendor [[...]] this train is on the move!... I want my change!"
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Ringo Starr - funny scene from The Magic Christian
Ringo Starr no filme The Magic Christian, com Peter Sellers (1969)
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Midnight Sun-Badfinger
A song from the soundtrack of the movie, "Magic Christian". And sorry about the weird movements of the album cover picture...this is my first video using imovie :/
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The Magic Christian Auction Scene
Directly following John Cleese's scene.
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Raquel Welch in "The Magic Christian"
Raquel Welch in "The Magic Christian"
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Yul Brynner - Mad about the boy
For more on Yul Brynner, please visit the new website: http://yulbrynner.net/
Peter Sellers in The Magic Christian
Comic genius Peter Sellers as Sir Guy Grand in 1969 film The Magic Christian.
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John Cleese in The Magic Christian
A very young John Cleese makes his first film appearance in The Magic Christian alongside Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr.
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Badfinger Magic Christian clips
new Pete Ham CD's - more info http://www.peteham.net Beatles signed them - this was an early vehicle for their launch. "Come And Get It" became the hit. Also featured here - Carry On Till Tomorrow, Rock Of All Ages Peter Sellers, Ringo, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Rutles
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The Magic Christian Un film di Joseph McGrath. Con Laurence Harvey, Christopher Lee, Ringo Starr, Peter Sellers. Richard Attenborough, Isabel Jeans, Caroline Blakiston Commedia, durata 93 min. - Gran Bretagna 1969.
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The Magic Christian (1969): The old values are crumbling
The Magic Christian (1969) Hunting sequence. Sir Guy Grand (Peter Sellers) is filthy rich and his hobby is tearing down established traditions. See what he does to gents hunting party.
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Hamlet - The Magic Christian
Hamlet Soliloquy from The Magic Christian
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The Magic Christian Music Band - Carousel Boy (unreleased song from 1994)
UPDATE: A further 7 songs from these sessions have been shared by Jimmy on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/jimmy-ashhurst/ Unreleased song from The Magic Christian Music Band unreleased album 1994. Carousel Boy (Ashhurst/Rafferty) Andy Johns - Producer Rick Richards - Guitar Paul Rafferty - Vocals Jimmy Ashhurst - Acoustic Bass, Mandolin, BVox Song and message originally shared by Jimmy Ashhurst in memory of Andy Johns at https://www.facebook.com/jamesashhurst. If the text in the video is too quick to read, the full message is below: ------- Since hearing of Andy's passing yesterday I've spent the night and today revisiting a lot of music. A ton of his work is well known, but I realized that I'm in possession of some that hasn't been enjoyed by anyone but for a tiny few odd persons. Among those is a sadly-fated recording project that took place sometime in the mid-nineties, a year or so after the unceremonious fizzling out of the Ju Ju Hounds, whenever that was. It was named The Magic Christian Music Band randomly by Chris Robinson after we'd been listening to the Badfinger album called that and were super high. He added the 'Music Band' part... Hippie. The band was: Mike Stinson on drums Marc Ford guitars Paul Rafferty singin Craig Ross guitars Ethan Johns - Glyn's son and Andy's nephew. The fuckin kid plays everything. really well. Infuriating. Rick Richards guitars ...Billy Payne from Little Feat played on some... bunch of people were in and out...playing...not playing...Lots of the latter, for sure. So a bunch of tunes got recorded and all was great and fantastic and everybody loved everyone and backs were slapped and cocks were polished all 'round. Problem was...there was no band. I certainly wasn't in any position to pay anybody since I was suckin on a shit sandwich myself, and all these guys had way better things to do. There wasn't anyone in town who could have played what they did on those recordings, not for free at least unless they were my buddies, and my buddies had already played it so...no band. No band = no deal. "But we made a cool record and it's all done and we paid for it already and all you gotta do is put it out!"- say We (using 'logic') "Screw you you miserable cunts!!" say They back at us (probably not really, but something that meant that) So that was the end of that. Soon after realizing what had happened, and likely also a bit during, I'd made the profound decision to just get really loaded and stay really loaded. Fuck it. That lasted for 7 years. Andy came over once and brought me groceries. He sat on my couch and told me I was gonna be ok since I had a roof over my head...which made a lot of sense then and still does today. Then he raided my liquor cabinet and drank everything that had alcohol in it including the weird asparagus digestive that'd been in there forever and I had to call him a cab, bless his massive heart. Anyways Andy was there the whole time, produced it, babysat us, allowed himself to be babysat BY us, browbeat and beleaguered us...unbridled hysterics... basically all the while making - as Rick told me over the phone just today- "one of the best memories I ever had" Soooo...here we are and he's gone and I'm listening to the only copy I have of the stuff now - It's a digitized version of a cassette version of Andy's mixes, complete with a blank spot where I pressed the Record button at a fucked up spot at some point in the last couple decades. I'm wondering where the master tapes are. I'm wondering how many people know what a "master tape" is. I'm wondering if anyone else besides me would wanna hear this stuff if it were made available somehow. If so, I'm wondering what I'd have to do to make that happen ...and then I remember. I remember I had put the Ampex reels in the trunk of the '65 Mercedes I drove to the studio all those years ago. I remember seeing them in that trunk time and time again over the years but never daring to take them out. And I remember that that same car is in my garage right now. - and I'm wondering what those tracks sound like. ps. Andy is also the only man I've ever met who refuses to play poker unless everyone at the table wears a cowboy hat and a loaded sixgun, and the only man to date to have more than 3 televisions riddled with bullet holes in his backyard at one time.
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The Magic Christian
Yul Brynner Roman Polanski
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Magic Christian - SXSW 3/14/08 Cheapo Discs Pt.3
Magic Christian rocks out at Cheapo one more time!
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Magic Christian Clip #1000000
Groove with your space commander, Dad!
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MAgic Christian.MP4
"Come and Get It" Written by Paul McCartney Performed by Badfinger Released on the 1970 non-soundtrack album "Magic Christian Music"
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BadFinger Magic Christian Music "Carry on Till Tomorrow" & Come And Get It'
Magic Christian Music by rock band Badfinger,1970 on Apple Records. Three tracks from the LP are featured in the film.The Magic Christian "Great!!, Great!! Movie"a 1969 British comedy film starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr,Raquel Welch, Christopher Lee,Roman Polanski. It was loosely adapted from the 1959 comic novel of the same name by U.S. author Terry Southern.
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Daily Records #230: Badfinger "Magic Christian Music"
For the month of August, we're going to look at soundtracks! Today's record is the soundtrack for The Magic Christian by Badfinger.
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The Magic Christian Clip
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Badfinger - Carry On Till Tomorrow
Buy Pete Ham CD's - http://www.peteham/net Clip of Badfinger's song from the film The Magic Christian film featuring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr
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Badfinger - Magic Christian Music Countdown
See it at Music Countdown: http://www.musiccountdown.com/Music/Badfinger/Magic-Christian-Music
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The Magic Christian
A "movie trailer" based off the book The Magic Christian by Terry Southern created by students participating in Books Inspiring Film. Books Inspiring Film is an organization which encourages reading among teenagers by linking reading to film. Students create short video trailers based on novels to promote books to their peers. For more information and to get involved in Books Inspiring Film, visit the organization's website at www.booksinspiringfilm.com.
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The Magic Christian Trailer - Leamington Underground Cinema
"A big spender, Grand does not mind handing out large sums of money to various people, bribing them to fulfill his whims, or shocking them by bringing down what they hold dear." A trailer cut By Leamington Underground Cinema for our screening of The Magic Christian on 6th March 2014.
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Review - The Magic Christian (1969)
If you want it, here it is, come and get it.
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