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Merlin Season 5x03  Merlin reveals his magic - "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
Merlin finally reveals his magic to Uther
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Merlin - Burn (Uther vs. Magic)
**WARNING: Includes flashing imagery and some scenes that people may find offensive** Fandom: Merlin Song: Take A Bow by Muse Clips: Taken from series 1 and 2. Property of BBC Wales and Shine Can you believe it? I've actually finished and uploaded a new video! *shock horror* lol. I'm so sorry it's been so long.... Uni has kept me mightily busy and while I've tried to still edit in my spare time, it made things go a lot slower. Take this video for example, I first started it at the end of the first series! LOL So yeah, it's safe to say, I'm thrilled to finally have it done and am now able to share it with you. Dedication: They have no idea I'm doing this but I'd like to dedicate this video to misscynthia17 (Cynthia) and Nyah86Producations (Andrea) because while I've been away, they've surpassed me in skill, talent, creativity and now subscribers, and I couldn't be happier for them! I remember when both of them started and they used to look to me for inspiration (at least I think they did! o.o), well now I look to you both. And so should the rest of you if you know what's good for you! he he Vid Info: The title says it all really. This is a video centred around Uther Pendragon and his hatred of Magic; how he feels that it's plaguing his people and destroying his kingdom but....if you look at it again, it could also be seen as a video about Uther as well, taken from the opinion of those he persecutes.... . Audio: Uther - "You admit to plotting against your king?" Alvar - "I do" Uther - "Then I find you guilty of teason. You are an enemy of Camelot, Alvar. You're sentenced to death." Alvar - "Then I die with honour. Being an enemy of Camelot is no crime." Uther - "Take him away." Alvar - "You Uther. You are the criminal." Aredian - "The Boy, Merlin." Gwen - "What have I done? I haven't done anything." Aredian - "The Sorcerer shall be purged of magic by means of fire." Aredian - "You've grown lazy Uther. You've grown idle. The Sorcerer laughs in your face. Even now magic flourishes on the streets of Camelot." Morgana - "No. You Uther.... you will go to hell." Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think with a rate and a comment, I'd love to hear from you! : )
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Uther Pendragon | Almost Perfect Dream
Uther Pendragon. You will always remain a strong character! made for TUFC contest!:) --------------------------------------------------- KING Uther Pendragon was a king of Camelot, he was cruel to those who practised magic, to others he was protective and just. His fear was magic. He feared for his kingdom which lead him to hatred. HUSBAND A husband who wanted to have happy family so much that he solved his wife's soul to the devil. He could love like noone. Igraine was his heart, and soul, he will never forget himself for what he did to her. FATHER He gave Arthur everything he could. After all he was a good father to Arthur even if he cared more for Camelot, then his own son, he always taught him to be true to his heart. He raised Morgana, he treated her like a daugher, who (at the end) she really is. They had disagreements, but he always loved her, and her betrayal broke his heart. -------------------------------------------------------------- Okey, I really can't wait for season 5, where Uther is gonna have last shots, probably as a ghost, he will have talk with Arthur,when he'll need him most, and with Merlin, which I can't wait. I think this is where we gonna get his apologize to druid people. ------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for watching
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Excalibur-The death of Uther Pendragon
The death of Uther Pendragon.
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The Story Of King Uther (Merlin prequel)
720p (Youtube ruined the quality of text:-/) I spent 2 months on this, 2 f*cking months!:D Never again! I wanted to delete that SV file so many times, but I always decided not to! And I think I decided well:) This is the resoult of my work!:) Story: Uther Pendragon is crowned king of Camelot. Vivianne and her husband Gorlois become Uther's friends and start to live in Camelot. Uther starts to feel something for Vivianne. Uther meets the love of his life, Igraine. Vivianne is in love with Uther and she can't stand Igraine. Igraine and Uther gets married and she becomes queen. Igraine cannot concieve. Uther is desperated, he cant leave kingdom without and heir, so he makes Vivianne his mistress. Gorlois is away. Igraine finds out about Vivianne and Uther. Uther regrets having affair with Vivianne and he confesses his love to Igraine. Vivianne is pregnant and she gives birth to a girl, Morgana. Since it isn't a boy, noone can know that she is Uther's daughter. Uther, desperated that he has no male heir goes to Nimueh to ask for her help in concieving future king. She uses magic. Gorlois comes back after months, he finds his wife with baby, he knows Morgana is Uthers, but he loves her as his own. Igraine gives birth to the son, Arthur. Igraine is dying because of difficult labour, and Uther is devastated. Igraine is death! Uther blames magic for this! He hunts all who has magic (the great purge) Uther finds out that Vivianne, mother of his daughter has also magic and he let her to be executed. Live goes on. After 10 years Gorlois is killed in battle. After another 12 years Morgana becomes evil, Arthur king. Uther is dead. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
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Merlin Season 5x03  Arthur talks to his father Part 1 - "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
Arthur summons and speaks to his father, Part 1 "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
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Igraine meets Uther Pendragon - "The Mists of Avalon"
Igraine is immediately drawn to Uther Pendragon, a dashing and rugged man
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Excalibur - Merlin's Magic Spell
Merlin conjures up a magic spell to allow Uther to satisfy his lust with Igrayne by making him look like her husband. She later gives birth to the future King Arthur. From John Boorman's Excalibur (1981.) http://www.markarcana.com
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Merlin- The Death Of King Uther Pendragon
No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to BBC. The death of King Uther Pendragon
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Merlin's Spells S3
Forbearnan! I know, I should have made S2 first but some files were missing. Maybe I'll do it later. http://camelotcitadel.tumblr.com/
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Merlin - Series 1 - Episode 1 - Merlin’s First Encounter with King Uther Pendragon (2008)
In this clip from Episode 1 of Series 1 of Merlin, Merlin arrives at Camelot only to encounter King Uther Pendragon and discoverers how the King treats people who have magic
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Merlin BBC - for Uther Pendragon
Sometimes Uther is too cruel. He hates magic, but he has reason for this. I love this actor and the way he shows us his character in the serial. Video: Merlin TV Music: Black Lab - This Night
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Merlin Season 5x03  Arthur talks to Merlin - "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
Arthur tells Merlin what his father said.
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Uther Pendragon - Ignorance of magic [CoC Round 2]
This vid is in response to the Contest of Creation round 2. I am supposed to make a vid showing the emotion ignorance - a tough emotion :). My choice is Uther's ignorance towards the goodness of magic. All his life he refused to acknowledge magic as a force which can be good. He was ready to chop off the head of anyone who even spell magic but at the same time he used magic to fulfill his desire in the past. I never thought I will make a vid about Uther but here I am making one :). I tried my best to show the emotion "ignorance", hope you like it. Btw thank you once again to the contest organizer for extending the deadline because past two months has been very hectic for me (work and health issues).
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Merlin reveals his magic to Uther
*** READ *** PLS LIKE US "https://www.facebook.com/ColinMorganPage"
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Merlin 2x06 - Uther and Lady Catrina/Troll Love Moment
From merlin 2x06 - Beauty and the Beast Part Two http://merlinadventures.forumfree.net
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What if Uther had come to know about Morgana's magic?
DISCLAIMER: I own NOTHING, this vid is purely fanmade! Yeah long title that hopefully explains it all! xD This is another one of my Merlin What ifs and this time it's centered around Morgana, What if, by some slip or just things piling up more and more Morgana's secret about being a prophetess comes to light? Would Uther really go as far as killing his own ward/daughter? Find out!
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Uther and Magic - Hallelujah
Okay, it's about Uther Pendragon from the BBC series 'Merlin' and magic. It doesn't make much sense, but I had some free time on my hands so I made this instead of finishing my Twilight video (whoops... lol) The song is Rufus Wainwright's version of 'Hallelujah' (the version from 'Shrek'). Hope you enjoy...
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Merlin & Uther//5x03//"You have magic... I was born with it."scene
I own nothing - No copyright infringement intended - I made it a little brighter.... Enjoy :D
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Merlin 2x06 - Uther, Morgana and Arthur: She's a troll?!
from merlin 2x06 beauty and the beast part two http://merlinadventures.forumfree.net
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Merlin - S03E10 - Dragoon the Great versus Uther.
One of the most hilarious scenes in the TV series "Merlin" by BBC-One.
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The Story Of Igraine Pendragon [MVT R3]
Ye, this was actually really interesting to make. When I read I had to do a video about Igraine my first reaction was like "okay...? haha, what a good joke!" But well, I tried it and it worked out (somehow). Who doesn't love a challenge? ^^' Judge's Note: Oh, I don't know where to start... I am always thinking too much while vidding and this video wasn't an exception at all. I have so much thoughts about this video and why I chose which scene and which quote and I bet nobody is even interested to read all of them. ^^' All in all I tried to tell the story of Uther's beloved wife (now guess, why I chose the title). In the beginning it was weird because there are like two scenes with her (and she is a ghost in the first one and an illusion in the other one) but also because we don't know anything about her (and especially her death) for sure. Her and her death are the most time tpoics of "discussion" tho: Like for example: Uther: "It was magic who killed her, not me." Merlin (after visiting Morgause etc): "He sacrificed Arthur's mother..." (I am horrible in explaining but I think you get what I mean ;) And this is actually the point I took as kind of foundation of the video. I wanted the video to be kind of a dialogue between the characters... or well, more like trying to create a picture of the former queen of Camelot by letting comments and quotes by different persons with different perspectives come together. (wohaaa, does this sentence even make any sense? I hope you get what I mean :/) (Haha, my German teacher would be proud of me tho because we actually talked about "multiperspectivity as structural principle" in German-class some weeks ago. *facepalm*) We have for example Uther vs. Nimueh. He says that she and (her magic) is to blame and she says that he should have known the rules of the Old Religion etc. (and Idk but I refuse to decide who is right and who is wrong. I am sorry but I won't do that because we don't know anything for certain. Some of you might come with the argument "But Igraine said by herself that Uther deceived her." Yes that is actually true but this whole scene with her... I don't know how to explain, but it doesn't feel right to me. Either it is just because the actress is not doing a really convincing job, or because I am stupid (well I am...anyway ^^) or it is because the Igraine in this scene is a ghost summoned by Morgause (yes, coincidentally the same Morgause who "slightly" nourishes some hatred towards our beloved Camelot) and I don't know...something in this scene bothers me and I am still not sure if the summoned ghost!Igraine is an authentic representation of her. Anyway, like I said: Maybe I am thinking too much. The video itself is separated into 4 parts. Mentioning that is actually not so important but the 4th part is a little bit different and well.... *just mentioning it because of the song-change* I used "Hometown Glory" in the first 3 quarters of the video because it is some kind of melancholy but also really soft at the same time. I thought it would fit Igraine because I see her as a really gentle person that cares about her family and her kingdom. But in the last part I wanted to show the effects her death had: The Great purge, the effect on Arthur knowing about his mothers death, etc. And the song wouldn't have worked with it. So I decided to add this lovely version of "Skyfall" (thank you Leila for showing me ♥). (Oh, and I tried a lot of diffeterent colourings but in the end I stuck with a really simple one. I just had the feeling that it would fit the most) Okay, I will stop here. That was far too much babbling. I am sorry. Well, I am not sure what to think of this video... I just hope I didn't screw it up. music: homwtown glory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWwVIUnljcY skyfall: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTPrdm3ukG0 (and btw. I am the queen of getting the worst thumbnails EVER. I think youtube hates me. fuuuu) Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing except the editing! Everything belongs to their respective owners. No profit is made with this video, it's only for entertaiment. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.
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Morgana Pendragon || Magic
Hope y'all like this ❤️ Thanks for watch ❤️ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Merlin's Magic Spell (the seedy other part)
Merlin's magic spell has always been incomplete on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sKze_zM7bU&feature=youtu.be
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Merlin Season 5x03  Gwen is attacked - "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
Gwen is attacked - "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
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The death of Uther Pendragon
video i made for fun. PLOT Camelot is set upon by a plague, the plague is believed to have magical origins. Uther sends for the witch finder, who accuses Merlin. Merlin is executed. Gaius discovers that the plague was caused by Nimhue, and Uther makes him promise not to tell Arthur. Feeling lost without Merlin, Arthur leaves Camelot. He finds Morgause who for some reason lets him have one gift. he chooses to see Merlin. Merlin tells Arthur that Nimhue was responsible for the plague. Arthur returns to Camelot and in a rage kills Uther. DISCLAIMER: I do not own merlin it is the property of the BBC, i also do not own this song. This video is not for profit it is fanmade.
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Uther Pendragon - Sexbomb
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Everything used here are the property of their perspective owners.
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Merlin Season 5x03  Merlin and Arthur scene - "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
Arthur and Merlin comes up with a plan.
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Uther Pendragon Tribute
My secret santa gift for the com Merlin_santa.
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Merlin Season 5x03 -  Uther is defeated - "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
Uther is defeated and sent back to the underworld.
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Uther, Arthur, Merlin ~ Magic
WARNING!!! This is a crackvid inspired by the similarities of Anthony Head and David Bowie's voices. Please rate and comment!!
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Uther Vs Nimueh "There Can Be No Room For Magic In My Kingdom"
No copyright infringement intended! I do not own anything included in this video. Please Watch in HQ Entry for Merlin2008 Forum's Instrumental Competition. The war between Uther and Nimueh, and in turn Uther's war against magic. Which eventually effects the life's of all the characters especially Merlin and Morgana. See the end of the video for song details! Video made by Peri766hhyeg www.youtube.com/user/peri7766hhyeg
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[AU] Morgana & Uther - Daddy, why? (Running)
Warning, it's a kinda dark vid. No S5 spoilers. _________________________ Tv show: Merlin Music: Running by Kállay-Saunders András This is a song about child abuse. András represents Hungary at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Plot: Uther finds out Morgana has magic. Since he hates and fears magic, he begins to abuse her. When Morgana can't take this anymore, she asks for help from Gaius, Arthur and Merlin, but nobody helps her so she runs away from home. However, Uther finds her, drags her home and locks her up in a cell. Morgana is desperate but when she sees her mother's spirit in the cell (she is portrayed by Ygraine, but let's say she's Vivienne) she finds courage and runs away again. She lives in a hut in the woods but one day Uther finds her even there. At first she tries to stand up against him but the memories haunt her so she keeps on running and in the end she collapses. It's up to your imagination what happens to her after this. _________________________ I OWN NOTHING "Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to their respective owners.
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Merlin S1 E9 - Uthers Battles the Black Knight
Uther, convinced he will die, takes the place of Arthur in a battle to the death with the Black Knight, a Wraith returning to Camelot to take vengeance. Little does Uther know he has taken Excalibur, a sword meant for Arthur, much to Merlin's concern....
Views: 51264 Rohan Stevenson
Morgana and Uther deleted scene 3x13.mp4
Morgana reveals her magical nature to Uther.. and more (bad, bad girl!). Deleted scene :-(
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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword(Uther Pendragon Vs Demon Knight Full Fight Scene)
An epic battle scene from the movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword between King Uther(King Arthur's Father) and the Demon Knight Summoned by King Vortigern. ____________________________ Hope You Guys Enjoy. Like,Subscribe,Share and enjoy. _________________________________ I don't owe anything shown in the video everything belongs to its respective owner/developer.Thanks to them for bringing this awesome movie to us. Have Fun :) .
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Merlin Season 5x03  Arthur talks to his father Part 2 - "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
Arthur summons and speaks to his father, Part 2 "The Death Song of Uther Pendragon"
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In memory of Uther Pendragon: May it be
RUNNER UP - Fan Voted Best Video - Headline Awards 2015 - https://31.media.tumblr.com/46d8ec756aebf2db5870ea466ae82ad8/tumblr_inline_nk3bb2mrEH1r76eny.png This is a goodbye to my favourite Merlin character. Uther Pendragon. RIP Uther May your soul rest in the peace death grants. For since the death of your wife peace has been a half forgotten dream. All you wanted was what was best for your people. You cared, not all Kings did that. The woman you loved more than life itself was taken from you, and though this made you do terrible things can any of us say, truthfully, that we would not seek revenge. You have made mistakes, terrible mistakes. But I believe that you are a great king, and, even though we only saw fleeting moments, you are a great father. I hope all your mistakes are forgiven and you may finally rest upon your throne in the sky, with Ygraine at your side and peace in your heart Goodbye my King. Forever will you live in my heart. Sorry for the terrible colouring Music: May it be - By: Enya
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Uther Pendragon - San Francisco Earthquake  1966-76  (full album)
@ I do not own the copyright to this recording so if it needs to be removed, I will remove it. If you like this album please buy it for the full experience. Line-up / Musicians Mark R Lightcap - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Bruce Marelich - Lead Guitar, Vocals Martin Espinosa - Bass, Vocals Mike Beers - Drums (Disc 1: 1-4,6,7,9,11-13, Disc 2: 1-8) George Miller - Drums (Disc 1: 5,8,10) Doug Williams - Keyboards (Disc 1: 8,10, Disc 2: 10,11) Derek French - Drums (Disc 2: 9-11) Tracks Listing Disc 1 01. Intro - You're a Human Now 02. Side of the Dawn 03. Who's Gonna Try 04. Devil's Due 05. 10 Miles To Freedom 06. San Francisco Earthquake 07. Signify Justice 08. Love Lock Temperature Drop 09. Magical Door 10.Peter Pan Blowup 11.Luxury's Draft 12.Realm Of 7 Planes 13.Man of Means Disc 2 01. Spanish Fly 02. King Muskrat 03. See It My Way 04. Rock and Roll Star 05. Meanie Jeanie (Old Man) 06. Troubles 07. Woman 08. Hell's Rock 09. They'll Never Last 10.Kristina 11.Music Box CD(x2) 2016,Archival,Compilation Guerssen Records "A treasure trove of previously unreleased West Coast guitar psychedelia, dating from the period 1966-1975, issued as a DOUBLE-CD in a JEWELCASE! Detailed liner notes by Ugly Things' Mike Stax and rare pix are included. This obscure Bay Area band existed from 1966 to 1978, had various names, but never saw an official release. Active under monikers s.a. Blue Fever, Timne, (Hodological) Mandala and, from the early '70s on, UTHER PENDRAGON, the band's style evolved from garage to heavy psych to hardrock. This amazing release includes the band's '67 garage-psych acetate 7-inch (a must hear for fans of Music Machine and Human Expression), studio demos, home recordings and more. One of the last undiscovered killer bands from the era?"
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La canzone di morte di Uther Pendragon - trailer sub ita
Trailer del terzo episodio di Merlin S5, dal titolo La canzone di morte di Uther Pendragon, in onda il 20 Ottobre sul canale BBC One.
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