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Postcard from North Carolina: No Sea Level Rise Allowed

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"You know why the sea level isn't going to rise? Because it's not allowed to. Because in North Carolina, we're making that illegal." Produced by John Merrick.
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Phyllis Posey (6 months ago)
LOL Well, it is rising of course. I'm getting ready to do a road trip in 2019 along the East Coast in order to document sea-level rise. Can you recommend any specific places that I should stop along the way? Thank You :)
Paul V. Cassidy (8 months ago)
KING:KING-KING-KING!!! 1: American (North-Latina-South) (North: Mexico-USA-Canada)($): 2: BSR (British Ireland/Scandinavia/Russia) (£): 3: AFRICA EUROPE (€): 4: AI-OP (Arab India Oceania Pacific) (¢). 1: American Latina-North: Hitler Hindu ::: !!!!

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