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IT'S THE FIRST OF THE MONTH ADD ME ON SNUPPS: https://snupps.com/group/31--restorations-customs Thanks for Watching, I hope you enjoyed this video! Like & Comment your thoughts on this new episode! There's much more custom & restoration videos coming soon so subscribe to stay tuned! Share my videos with your friends and family! Cop the shirt I'm wearing: http://finessegarments.bigcartel.com LISTEN TO: https://soundcloud.com/therealflexgod/therealflexgod-tenney-way-iii-2020-prod-by-bakeryung https://soundcloud.com/glocksimmons/flex-on-me-ft-lil-rarri -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/CLICKHERE2SUBSCRIBE New to Uber & Need a Ride? Use my Uber code "joseb374" for a free ride up to $20 whenever & wherever! CHECK OUT RESHOEVN8R FOR THE BEST CLEANING PRODUCTS: http://reshoevn8r.com USE CODE "retrosnickers" FOR 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! CHECK OUT GOD OF SOLES FOR SAUCE!!! http://godofsoles.bigcartel.com/produ... USE CODE "RetroSnickers" TO GET 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER FOLLOW ME TO STAY UPDATED! INSTAGRAM: josereminisce SNAPCHAT: retrosnickers TWITTER: retrosnickers BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *ALL PAINT PRODUCTS CAN BE PURCHASED HERE: https://angelusdirect.com?rfsn=568397.8ec9bb0d
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Text Comments (9707)
TopLad (2 days ago)
These youtubers just add mud and scruff the sneakers
Adrian Frank (2 days ago)
Great vid keep up the great work
Amond Aragon (4 days ago)
They are so fake
RELL TV (4 days ago)
You tried that .......it still look like somebody walking around in some body bags
InsertName (5 days ago)
why were you in the trash
Odin Griffen (5 days ago)
Idk why everyone is hating lol you did a good job i didnt even know nikes could be pulled apart like that and they looked great at the end dont know what these lames going on about.
Christopher flowers (7 days ago)
Anyone know where I could get a pair of air jordan 12 tabs please lmk
Stephen Stern (7 days ago)
Takes note
Inaweyy (8 days ago)
yeah but no
Xenon Blaster (10 days ago)
wELcoME bACk GuYs rETrO NIGgeRs HerE
Chris Farley Ryan (12 days ago)
So your telling me that the cops framed them for murder
THE ICE TURTLE 187 (12 days ago)
Yoo bro where could you buy any type of paint colors you maybe need to restore you sneakers?
Otto Nigga (15 days ago)
You need a better playlist
Junior Doubt (21 days ago)
You think you can restore VapourMax flyknit ? The first black ones
Miguel N (22 days ago)
Just buy a new pair tf
Merlin-BrawlStars (22 days ago)
I bought brand new J's today. Im so happy man.
Simply Josie (22 days ago)
Bro so pissed my J's are already dirty, idk how *some* people keep them safe and clean.
Dom Bob (20 days ago)
You in school? I am and every time I get new shoes ppl are ducking magnetically pulled to step on them
Rusty Shackleford (21 days ago)
Tip toeing in my Jordans.....
nxxy nx (22 days ago)
If your wearing anything other than leather boots it's not worth restoring your footwear. Leather can be revived and restored these cheap synthetic materials used in trainers/sneakers rot and deteriorate over time.
Martin Crombie (24 days ago)
Why paint red midsoles black as they were originally?
Jesse prieto (25 days ago)
Your art is good the music is 10 Ow t of a 9 😁 and I hop I win I need it for my shoes 🙏 subscribe😁😜
Hannah Eli Edgin (28 days ago)
this video would be so much better without the background song, maybe just some beat/rhythm like in the first 1 minute? at any rate, i ended up muting. :)
Luiz Oliveira (28 days ago)
Very good
Bob Marshall (1 month ago)
Don't you have anything important/worthwhile to do? What a load of crap! What about the tinnea and the lice?  No need to respond.................
Gracias por el vídeo y otra cosa hablen en español
Thatslife (1 month ago)
Name and type of the glue please?
Paris Johnson (1 month ago)
My email is : [email protected]
Paris Johnson (1 month ago)
@retrosnickers : can you repair my jordan 6 oreos for me?
corno crudeli (1 month ago)
Hi, thanks for the video. Would you be so kind to tell me which kind of glue (btrand, model ect) to use to repair retro sneakers? I'm from Italy so many US products are unavailable here. Thank you very much, keep up
trey shelton (1 month ago)
Hey im broke but I love 12 but I can't afford them can you help me out if not pliz at least just say nah but I would appreciate it and I love your work how you restore a shoes that has no hope
Gamer Player (1 month ago)
Bruh you trippin those da flu games not breds the colorway is called flu games
glockstradamus 10mm (1 month ago)
Theyre known as flu games but thats not real name u dummy...my box dont say no damn flu game lol
Mason Luke (1 month ago)
I love the music good job on vid
Cell m8 (1 month ago)
James Giddrey (1 month ago)
This music is absolute fucking garbage. It's like a mix between the worse parts of rap (mumble rap) and the worse parts of autotune (autotune).
Rod Salka (1 month ago)
this music was complete trash - I hope the uploader gets a clue
philo0 (1 month ago)
2:56 Just noticed, that is 100% an ikea black table
Jack Crutchfield (1 month ago)
Oh shit shout out Houston. Not every day you watch a vid from your city.
Dopey (24 days ago)
Me to I live downtown he showed my building
Bitch I'm Shook (1 month ago)
Retrosniggas😂 0:00
Ma C (1 month ago)
The vidios cool and thanks i needed to reapair an old pair of nikes that still fit me
Christian Hahn (1 month ago)
Big chungus
Oofer Tube (1 month ago)
Yo follow damondibo_og on insta
Messi Gesse (1 month ago)
What’s the song Called at 3:19 min
luna carballo (1 month ago)
I drop black paint on the floor during art class and all the paint burst and it went on my shoes but it’s wasn’t much so I run to the bathroom and try to get it off and it turned like like a watercolor type of thing and I had to wait for the rest of the day and just now I tried taking it off with vans stain remover and it won’t work and keep in mind if have white vans
JLitt (1 month ago)
This dumbass said bred 12s😑😞
Austin (1 month ago)
bro this is art!! literally so good
Carlos Blas (1 month ago)
Tanta idiotez para al final no amarrarse los zapatos..... cosas de negros y latinos que les gista el.robo y el asalto
Corey Saylor (1 month ago)
Got a pair.of Jordan's that I play basketball in and they are tore up. Hoping you could do a custom restoration on them. Instagram is coreysaylor.167
Mr_Breezy 626 (1 month ago)
How much to restore my maroon 6’s
Jaime Ancira (1 month ago)
Song at 3:30?
Roger-_- R (1 month ago)
I lost the laces where can I buy a pair of laces for the flu games
ThefatMaster1 (1 month ago)
How do you lose laces
DapiBoi * (1 month ago)
Where do you find these type of shoes
Bif Taylor (1 month ago)
DapiBoi * Foot locker ,hibbets ,Nike store most sneaker stores
Melted Dre (1 month ago)
Damn this was really cool bro. Nicest shoe restoration video I’ve ever seen.
Cam Hardaway (1 month ago)
show some love to my channel, future shoe restorations 🎒
isabella gomes (1 month ago)
De tanto produto que colocou no tenis o dinheiro dos produtos ja dava pra comprar um novo
Still not wearing it
Jose AK47 (1 month ago)
la peor por queria del mundo
Music please
Terrell Williams (1 month ago)
How can I get you to fix a pair of Jordans I have what's your contact information
dhillis88 (1 month ago)
dhillis3 on snap chat I thinks it’s fuckin awesome the work you do for the guys who can’t afford new js all the time
Steve Deforge (1 month ago)
How much to reapair my customer Nike shocks off Nike ID. Can't get them made anymore but need them back in my life
Tiantong Bu (2 months ago)
Its a pretty good restoration, but the shape of the shoes looks weird after.
Griselda Mua (2 months ago)
Yo, that came out mad clean✨
Akmal Danial (2 months ago)
Brooo nothing much to comment but can you give me the playlist
grumblekin (2 months ago)
The music isn't even music... Just garbage. But the video is great
Malik Pickettay (2 months ago)
What the song at 5:37-6:17
Ivan Ruiz (2 months ago)
Now I regret throwing away my Jordan OG 17 varsity reds. The outsoles came apart. I figured they could not be fix. Now I am feeling sorry for myself
Marie C Jean-Louis (2 months ago)
Isn't that stealing? That might be for someone
PlayaS.T (2 months ago)
What if I’m using barge cement
Josh Renzo (2 months ago)
You could have saved so much time throwing them away and spending this time painting a nice picture.
zhou Tiger (2 months ago)
How did you glue the edges of the shoes e.g toes and sides. It's so hard for me to keep em' in shape when gluing tnx
323VLOGS GAMES (2 months ago)
I stumbled across a sweet channel and subbed to it it's called retro Snickers Get in touch with me on YT or my intsatgram 323vlogsgames
Miguel Castillo (2 months ago)
That's some fly s*** bro
Boris Garcia (2 months ago)
Good feeling brother keep doing what you doing you are one of a kind!!!!
Mariam Badawi (2 months ago)
Ur vids are amazing I feel like I am watching series u edit it so well u deserve wayyyyyyyyy more subs
Kamil Rumiński (2 months ago)
Bladimir De Los Santos (2 months ago)
Do you sell them or keep them
Your Next Door Neighbors (2 months ago)
Wack ass music
ExtremePro30 _ROBLOX (2 months ago)
People after watching this video: Man I need to check my dumpster. 😎
Jermane Tolover (2 months ago)
Good work for 12 but I have a question I have 73-10 Jordan 11 and they yellow spot I try 2 clean the shoes yellow spot still there what do I need help going doing what u doing music how u clean and the products that u use 2 [email protected] hit me
JULIUS LU (2 months ago)
you can use disc brake cleaner for any kind of bond remover
Youngwoon CHOI (2 months ago)
Don't trash your stuff cuz RetroSnickers might take it and restore it then BOOM insant regret
Ayatullah Jeter (2 months ago)
What is the first song?
TrashBoat123b Brian (2 months ago)
Retro niggas
Custom Jordans (2 months ago)
Those are fire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvMb8MBZ7aE ????????
Reyes K1ng (2 months ago)
The music made me dislike the vid but good shit
Mr.DrAwFaNtAsTic (2 months ago)
My dad told me to buy a new one
Po Panda (2 months ago)
Music is try
Bianca v (2 months ago)
It says 87 on the bottom.i have 2 of them.
Bianca v (2 months ago)
Oh boy Nice work. I have the blue and white jordans i need help restoring them
Cerita Jawata (2 months ago)
Why jordan shoes are expensive?
Reagan Dolan (2 months ago)
lots of hate in these comments
Custom Jordans (2 months ago)
Cold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0RZ1lb2YDI ????
SCHB 1802 (2 months ago)
After the original owner of these shoes saw this hi felt sad
Rogue Sniper Gaming (2 months ago)
7:44 did all that restoration just for him to step in the dirt smh
Moses Thomas (2 months ago)
The bottom of the shoe not worn. Meaning the heel the bottom of the ball of the foot section from walking and wear. Suspect if these shoes are actually old
Kevinsito (2 months ago)
The video is dope but not feeling the music
Custom Jordans (2 months ago)
yeah these are cold as hell! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUbylX1E87c ????
Coopmeister2026 ryan (2 months ago)
How did you find these in a trash can?🤔🤭
Samuel (2 months ago)
Coopmeister2026 ryan either he was searching the dumps for food or it's a fake video.
Zac Boado (2 months ago)
First time to see such great restoration bro....nice job👏👏👏

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