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Climate Huckster Al Gore Utterly Embarrassed, Can't Explain Why Sea Levels Aren't Rising

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Mr Floppy (1 day ago)
Al Gore is the epitome of a snake oil salesman. Very impressive.
Szalai Laci (1 month ago)
Why cut before Gore says his answer? Now I can't find out if he said anything after, and what was it. You who uploaded this video, you are the fraud, you are the liar, you are the one who turns his back to science and endangers the whole human species.
Chris Campbell-Moore (1 month ago)
Al Gore=Moron
shot diggs (2 months ago)
Who are these scientist??
andy hasi (2 months ago)
Its a fals flag to kill people Wake your ass up Algore is an actor for the monkeys
Bill Barnfappel (3 months ago)
what a fucking liar al gore the vote whore is
Denise Noonan (4 months ago)
the world uses 34 billion gallons of fuel a day can you imagine how much carbon that adds to the atmosphere every day. look think about this for a minute if you took a basketball and spray painted it that layer of paint is the thickness of our atmosphere that's not much the earth is 8,000 miles thick and the breathable atmosphere is maybe 2miles that does leave a lot of space for error
Denise Noonan (4 months ago)
why is it that all the documentary's on sea level rise around the world show sea level is clearly a problem their are a lot of people having to leave their homes and why is this man's island shrinking I think he's in denial wake up people. this shit is for real ask any global warming scientists
America First (4 months ago)
Al Gore = idiot😀
Snake Plisskin (4 months ago)
Al Gore a total fraud - pushing this for his own PROFIT! Send that flunky back into oblivion. Al Gore a douche without equal. Trust your eyes - not this clown!
Hauseof Cards (6 months ago)
sharotten (7 months ago)
I lived close to the Water and city i grew up in and we have some nice Beach areas and facilities. I found some Pictures of these facilities from 80+ years ago, when they were built and compared them to several new ones of the same facilities. The Water level were actually higher back 80 years ago compared to the level today. Now i know Theres low and high tides, so it's only visual speculation, but couldnt even find any recent Pictures with a higher sea level than the one from 1936. Just curious that they keep saying it's been and still is rising, when i don't see it anywhere of any coastal area in Denmark
Jordan Costello (8 months ago)
Al Gore, 1.7 Million net worth before Climate Change. Current Net Worth after spreading propaganda all over the world + 300 Million. It pays to be a orating Marionette....
uncle skeeter (9 months ago)
Sea levels have risen and are continuing to rise. It has been measured. No matter what you think of science or Democrats, reality is what is important.
Joe Richardson (10 months ago)
The emperors new shoreline :-D
Samieseeker (1 year ago)
Al Gore. "DON'T BELIEVE YOUR LYING EYES! It's been decided already by consensus. " lol....
Michael Higgins (1 year ago)
It is amazing what people will do and say for money.
Anu Enki (1 year ago)
climate change is cyclical . We were in an ice age, but we are no longer (not due to human intervention either). The planet goes through heating and cooling periods. The problem is the true causation is being masked behind the global warming agenda. The powers that be are hiding something else. A celestial body perhaps, that influences our position to the sun, additionally affects ocean floor spreading/seismic activity.
Keith Brock (1 year ago)
Gore is a POS who has been making a lot of money with false claims while he cruses around on his boat. There are more people who say this is BS than not, but it puts a paycheck in his pocket. Wake up people learn the facts, has he ever been right about anything he has said?
Richard Lovell (1 year ago)
What a hoax...biggest hoax in the history of mankind.
Benny Hill (1 year ago)
So sea level is rising regardless...fascinating Mr.Al-Jazeera Gore.
San Handles (1 year ago)
Spin Doctor !!!!! 💩💩
ManCave Man (1 year ago)
Al Gore is another huckster trying to make a buck by taking advantage of stupid people. Period.
Mike C (1 year ago)
Fuck face Gore is worried about global warming, yet he has gained 100+ pounds of fat since he was VP, and his increased body temperature is causing the warming.
Justin Hoddy (1 year ago)
Only thing that's Rising is Al Gore's forehead
M M (1 year ago)
What a prick al bore is.
Lefty Overton (1 year ago)
Still trying to be relevant. Just give it up Al. Your day has come and gone.
kuffarican (1 year ago)
Al Gorf takes private jets.
radconserv68 (1 year ago)
Algor is so full of shit.
Stephen Burpo (1 year ago)
Al Gore is a straight up liar.
J Shysterr (1 year ago)
believe scientists who are paid to find evidence of global warmer, but don't believe a guy who would actually lose money if it was happening and knows first hand.
Michael McDonald (1 year ago)
I mean how rude can you be? Also you can't just say "well science says" and then not have any actual empirical evidence.
Martingoldfire (1 year ago)
Al was trying not to make him look like a fool, it's obvious he didn't have a clue and/or is lying. The sea is rising no matter what morons that won't accept facts say, the poor guy is questioning what his eyes are telling him, it's just sad really...
Mason McDixon (1 year ago)
Erosion ......takes a longgggggggggggggggggggggg time and requires no rising at all , waves will do it with time what an idiot Gorysh can be .....but makes mucho $$$$$$$
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Freedom20 (1 year ago)
Al gore the rich politician says ignore what you see and believe the paid off scientists. Wasn't al gore pushing,promoting,campaigning than nafta was good for America? How did that work out?
Dave Duncan (1 year ago)
hahahahahahaha.  Who takes Gore seriously????????
Ruben Castro (1 year ago)
Al Gore. 'Taking what the scientist say, and translating it into terms that are believable to people where they can see the consequences in their own lives.' Translation, how to turn lies into truth and create consequences where there are none.
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Ruben Castro it's probably more like Translation: "I know you're too dumb to read a science paper or even know exactly what one is and I don't want to call you stupid..... so I'll just say this instead." Maybe you can read a science paper. Here's one. https://www.nature.com/articles/srep17890
MrApplewine (1 year ago)
Climate isn't compatible with Capitalism. That is what Science says. If you can't see the sea level rise that is because Climate works in mysterious ways and it is a challenge to translate the word of Science into concrete observations that the normal person can see. But, who are you to question Science?
Halsted Willoughby (1 year ago)
This is nauseating to watch Gore run his mouth. The epitome of corruption and false narratives.
Marc Sainte-Marie (1 year ago)
Yeah mister Gore keep on trying to find ways to convince open eyed unbelievers.
gcxred4kat9 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if that guy is still alive?
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Carlton Baggett (1 year ago)
Al, can you pls tell me why we have hurricanes during hurricane season? Crickets....
Howard Amey (1 year ago)
Al Gore is one of the most stupid and unintelligent persons I've eber heard speak. His thought process is an utter failure
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Howard Amey maybe you might remember this guy? https://youtu.be/FX5L7vSPTcw
Europa H2O Alien (1 year ago)
A twenty room mansion, not including eight bathrooms, heated by natural gas. In addition the "house" has a pool house, an uncovered pool and a separate three bedroom guest house, all heated by gas. In one month this residence consumes more energy than the average American household does in a year. The average bill for electricity and natural gas runs over $2400. In natural gas alone, this property consumes more than 20 times the national average for an American home. Remember now, this house is not situated in a Northern or Midwestern "snow belt" area. It's in the South.
William Money (1 year ago)
What an absolute huckster. Al Gore has done nothing but enriched himself off of this climate change thing. It's crucial that Leftist activists propagate hysteria to insure the gravy train of cash keeps rolls into the station. I find it humorous that this fisherman proves there is no raising of sea levels and Al's only response is "...the data proves otherwise." Does he really think the normal person isn't in tune to their surroundings? What a rotten piece of crap you are Al Gore.
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
William Money the proverbial pigeon on the chessboard.
William Money (1 year ago)
+CosmicCharley11....Ok, I can't take you serious. You suffer from attention deficit disorder. I'm gonna have to give you the palm and move on.
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
William Money many have come true. Polar ice has receded, average global temp has increased, CO2 levels increased, hurricanes have increased intensity, droughts are more severe and flooding more widespread. It's not a chain it's a cable. If one strand is broken you still have viability. Don't put your stock in science denial. You will lose every time.
William Money (1 year ago)
Again, did Al Gores predictions come to fruition?
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Be proper reference points and the rising is too gradual. Plus he's not going to believe it until it's absolutely undeniable. Anecdotal evidence is funny that way.
Bob Shultz (1 year ago)
Don't listen to the crabber; what does he know? Listen to the politician; he knows better than the local who lives there and would notice an inch of variance, right?
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Bob Shultz guess which one is scientifically illiterate.
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
I wonder if Ooka would handle my 401K? He's not a fund manager but he is "a keen observer".
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
What's all this alarmist bull puckey about hurricane intensity and frequency?? Two weeks ago we had a hurricane hit Texas called Harvey. It was supposedly a "500 year hurricane" (whatever that means). It dumped 30 trillion gallons of water in Houston. So then the next week we had another Hurricane hit Florida that was even more intense call Irma. They said it was a 500 year storm and it only took a week. How can we trust these scientists when they miscalculate by 499 years and 51 weeks?!?!
Kenneth Connors (1 year ago)
do your homework idiots gore ,look up HHARP government device run by US ARMY ,you will find out were this bad weather comes from PS Gore has selective reading
theflanman86 (1 year ago)
The fact that this fraud has mega mansions that are on the beach level proves he isn't too worried about those catastrophic sea level changes....God how can people follow this snake oil salesman
First Last (1 year ago)
LOL So dumb how trumptards refuse to believe the truth and the REAL world!
Quick Wahay (1 year ago)
Nobody knew this bullshitter better than Tipper. I would follow her lead before I would believe a word out his pie hole.
fvgc454ss (1 year ago)
Remember all those cars driving around that caused the last ice age. We haven't even had the technology to check weather patterns until about the last 50 years. let alone make it to areas in extreme north n south for monitoring in general.
J J (1 year ago)
What Al is trying to $ay i$ that he'$ no dummy he'$ ju$t a lying uneducated democrat.
Jozsef Kovacs (1 year ago)
Do not worry about sea rise on your Island, scientist and Al Gore will explain it to you. You are not intelligent enough to see beyond to what you observre daily, you are too ignarant for that. Well this is what I read from the answers given to you by the Vice President, Nobel Price winner. Just be happy and shut up.
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
They're sayin this Hurricane Irma is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the open Atlantic. The size of Ohio with winds approaching 190 MPH. Why am I not seeing signs of it?? If it hits land I'll scream it from the roof tops!!
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Ray Fire it's the RATE of the change. Doesn't the idea of a runaway greenhouse effect concern you.
Ray Fire (1 year ago)
CosmicCharley11 the climate is always changing TYT is garbage
Josh Ingram (1 year ago)
CosmicCharley11 don't U trying to blame this on GLOBAL WATMING!!!?
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Evolution is a New World Order hoax perpetrated by that greedy huckster Charles Darwin and all those other Globalist shit bags. How the fuck does a monkey turn into a human? Has anyone actually SEEN a species just turn into another species? NO! More gobbledegook nonsense like Photosynthesis and Climate Change. Fuckin dumbass Libtards.
Josh Ingram (1 year ago)
I AGREE IF I CANT SEE IT WITH MY OWN TOO EYES THAN I DONT BELIEF IT EGISTS. . . there probley isnt even any hirricanes down there and its all just staged like the moon landing and 911!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!'n 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
mxamiss5 (1 year ago)
The corals are dying because the ocean temperatures are increasing rapidly. Of course the globe is warming
Marcel Comtois (1 year ago)
Hal 9000 (1 year ago)
If "the scientists" could actually prove mmgm has been happening over the past 30 years, maybe al wouldn't "have to figure out ways, ahhh, everyday", HOW TO LIE..
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Photosynthesis is a hoax! How in the fuck is a plant supposed to nourish itself from sun light? Seems to me it would just get sunburned. They also say plants breathe in CO2 so how can it be bad and not kill the plants?
Scott Haddox (1 year ago)
Why are ancient cities under the ocean now and they had no carbon footprint then. Climate change is a natural cycle of the earth. NOT MAN MADE like the skewed data false scientist and algore are postulating.
Scott Haddox (1 year ago)
Al Gore is a lying piece of BULL SHIT BASTARD
408Magenta (1 year ago)
Big Fat Albert Gore of the Saint Al of de Gore cult.
Karen Lynn (1 year ago)
wait he said he tries to find ways to make the information believable to people???! doesn't that mean that it's not true so you have to find a way to convince people to believe! lol 😂😂Al just buy a boat and take a long vacation. this guy said that the sea level has not risen at all in hundreds of years. i know about erosion. water made the grand canyon by erosion. the water pushes the dirt and over time it reshapes the earth. there is no extra water just less dirt so the shoreline is reshaped to marry it smaller. it's pretty simple lol
411American (1 year ago)
Al Gore is a phony Govern MENTAL idiot who just wants to make money off of real people !
Brandon (1 year ago)
If he's there then who's searching for manbearpig?
Left anti pc (1 year ago)
Yeah just Al Gore off before he finishes his sentence, neat trick.
Paul Fisher Media (1 year ago)
Take your shit somewhere else Al Gore we're not buying it LOL
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
Just called friends in Houston. They said it hasn't rained there in weeks and all that stuff on the news is just CNN fake NEWS. CGI Hollywood special effects and all. They think it might be Al Gore involved in another FAKE NEWS HOAX. What
The Traveller (1 year ago)
'One of the challenges is taking what the scientists say and...' There speaks a politician! Take what is said (by anybody) and make it sound like something else, which wasn't said, and do it convincingly! Al Gore used to be, as he says, 'The next President of the United States'. He is damned good at being a politician. He is not a scientist and doesn't really understand science in this area. That is the opinion of real scientists.
CosmicCharley11 (1 year ago)
OMG it's STUPID in here!
Bob Shultz (1 year ago)
I have surfed for 30 years plus. Mostly So Cal, Mexico and Hawaii. If the ocean levels are increasing, it's not visible! Plus, having a Northwest passage due to some ice cap depreciation is a good thing.
Bob Shultz (1 year ago)
I don't think you're laughing! By the way, grammar is like weather and vocabulary is like climate. 2 different fucken things. You may bow down though. Low!
Frazer TGB (1 year ago)
The man said he isn't seeing sea level rise.  Why can't you see that Al?
Hingle McCringleberry (1 year ago)
If sea level rises two foot in one place wouldn't it rise two feet everywhere? I'm no scientist but sea level is sea level right?
Bob Beckel (1 year ago)
Al Gore, the Flim Flam Man. He is a credit to his profession. He should have his own carnival. He'd put P.T. Barnum to shame.
excidedous (1 year ago)
"THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!" [now send me your money]LOL! What a fucking retard! How is this any different than a phony faith "healer" begging for money?
Theroux (1 year ago)
What accent is that? And is Al Gore really still relevant?
Bob Shultz (1 year ago)
Love this guy! Harmless fucken dummy. He should be a candidate again so we can vote this Oscar winning fuckhead away.
Trevor Marr (1 year ago)
AGW = Al Gore's Wrong!!!
dsw re (1 year ago)
Idiot gore doesn't understand errosion always causes land decay
Joe Thomas (1 year ago)
Climate change is a hoax and I have some real estate in Houston to sell you. You dumb fucks....
Chandresh Bhandary (1 year ago)
If the earth is round and the sun revolves around the earth, why am I not seeing it sucker?
Chandresh Bhandary (1 year ago)
Gole is being polite, he has already lost a presidency due to hillbilly redneck disdain for 'elites'; he did say "IT WONT NECESSARILY DO YOU ANY GOOD for me to tell you that SCIENTISTS DO SAY that the sea level is rising in Chesapeake bay and ...". It is the same as another school drop out saying I dont see the earth as round, it is flat, I see it every day the same way as the sun rotates around the earth! Don't believe these elitists and scientists! - To think someone is stupid enough to post this !
JeauSchmeau (1 year ago)
osp80 (1 year ago)
you deniers might wanna check out the levels in venice...
Joe Thomas (1 year ago)
Climate change deniers are uneducated goofballs. Wow - it's cold outside today - there's no such thing as climate change. We can't allow our future to be put into the hands of these idiots.
Nathan Morris (1 year ago)
Al Gore is such a lying moron
voilaviolamh (1 year ago)
I remember right after his first inconvenient truth came out, it also came out that his TN house had an electricity bill of $6,000! A house he was rarely even at.
E M (1 year ago)
Basically what Gore is saying is, "Don't believe your own eyes and your own experience little fisherman, believe Al Gore! After all, I've made millions of dollars at this. How can I be wrong?" What a crock of shit.
Peter Grimshaw (1 year ago)
The Bushs promised Al Gore a free ride in life if he didnt cry fowl after Gov Jeb Bush rigged the last minute Florida recount ballots so his brother would win the presidency. Al Gore knows as much about global warming as a 10 yr old and every time he tries to act smart he is only hurting himself.
The watcher Awareness (1 year ago)
MakeSenseUSA (1 year ago)
Nicely cut off... more water equals more erosion... but let's just let duck dynasty tell you how it "really" works ; )
Todd The Eagle (1 year ago)
What scientists exactly could we get some actually names?
Daniel Mullins (1 year ago)
If u dont believe in global warming...ur just an idiot plain and simple. Its called a greenhouse effect for a reason. Walk into a greenhouse in the summer and see how much hotter it is than being right outside of it. Heres how it works for the planet...we the people, pollute the crap out of our ozone with greenhouse gasses like carbon monoxide and dioxide. What those gasses do is simple, they eat away at the ozone layer which lets the uv rays from our sun in but the heat creates by those rays gets trapped inside. The same way a greenhouse lets those rays on through its opaque roof and sides but traps the heat those rays create. The more gas we out into our ozone the less ozone we have and the more heat we trap. If u dont believe it just take a look at Saturn, a planet with gas as an ozone....and the temperature on that planet is so hot we managed to land one space craft there and it only survived for a minute. Imagine how long u would survive 🤓😑 "SCIENCE BITCH"
Glenn Boreham (1 year ago)
Al gore is full of shit
Not a trustable source because this is CNN

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