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Viewers' Choice: Casual Summer Wear | Dominique Sachse

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This week, you are in the driver's seat! I've styled three casual summer outfits based on your suggestions. Outfit list: Blue off the should top I’m wearing in the introduction: White House Black Market Capri Looks: 1. Sundry Capris, gold T-shirt from White House Black Market, Hermes belt, Isabel Marant Etoile sandals, Matsuda sunglasses, metallic crossbody purse purchased in Florence 2. Sundry Capris, Theory white T-shirt, Xhiliration denim jacket from Target, Converse All- Stars, large white fringe handbag by Cleobella 3. Sundry Capris, Tommy Bahama blouse, Hermes belt, Donald Pliner brown wedges, pink earrings purchased at Hemline. White Denim: 1. White flare jeans by Seven for All Mankind, blue off the shoulder blouse by Cappuccino, made in France, white beaded jewelry (handmade), pastel espadrille by Marc Fisher. 2. White flare jeans by Seven for All Mankind, black and white strapless bustier by White House Black Market, cropped white denim jacket by Ark and Co., black wedge Pedro Garcia shoes BoHo Maxi Dress: 1. Silk Maxi by Viviana Uchitel, purchased in Rome, Robert Clergerie Paris bamboo woven tennis shoes, handbag by The Sak 2. Silk Maxi, silk wrap purchased in Rome (no designer tag), wrist wrap handbag by Emotional Baggage, necklace purchased at Elaine Turner, neutral wedge shoes by Loeffler Randall Skinny Jeans: 1. Jeans by Rich and Skinny, sequined cami by The Limited, tuxedo jacket by Ralph Lauren, Hermes belt, ankle strap heals by L.A.M.B., Gucci clutch purse, choker necklace purchased on Etsy, red lip “Dare You” by MAC. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subdominique | Website: http://dominiquesachse.tv/ Watch the latest: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKUX44R3MbuSYHIQgfhzmQ9dOJI_c3N7L Watch more: Makeup Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKUX44R3MbuSDQV7BzvQxMrVeVZfGBCcD Lifestyle Tips & Tricks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKUX44R3MbuR3sX61i9QiwnOBr61tEMc_ Hair Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKUX44R3MbuQ3Nq5jRGvuN9YvPfJHSZUI Most Popular: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKUX44R3MbuTDh-LeJThrmz5XBrjQxbob Follow me on… Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DominiqueSachse Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dominiquesachse Website: http://dominiquesachse.tv/ This video was not sponsored and I purchased all products shown myself.
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Text Comments (853)
Dabney Fountain (1 day ago)
Very creative styling tips
Jill Johnson (6 days ago)
Have you done a video on a COMFORTABLE strapless bra? Is there such a thing?
Judy Bunch (8 days ago)
Fabulous video on casual looks!👍🏻. How about makeup for “ mature “ women... 60 and up. Thank you ! You are awesome!💕
Kari Delacour (23 days ago)
Love your off the shoulder top! What brand?
Debbie Sue (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed this video! :)
Linda Morgan (1 month ago)
I'm curious to know what strapless bra you suggest for those of us who need support!?!?
Mary Baker (1 month ago)
Dominique you look great dear God bless u
Again great suggestions. I am so impressed with all this knowledge . I think I should get college credits.
Suzin Bing (2 months ago)
How about a SHOE VIDEO??? That way you can model very shoe in your closet & tell us what exotic city you bought them in.
Nadeen Sivic (2 months ago)
Juan les Pins!!!! Our holiday hangout every year. Its sooooo cute. They have redone the beachfront this year. Its very chic now. X
ksenija vojisavljevic (2 months ago)
Just giving you idea similar to before once, which i think may double your subscriptions: introduce man topics- HOW A WOMEN CAN TAKE A CARE OF HER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to stile him, how to nurture him, how to fragrant him and so on..... I believe most of man do not really care, so they don’t mind and allow women to make them whatever they want. So teach us what we can do.
Christine Schimpf (2 months ago)
Love it. But what undergarments do you wear with the strapless tops that don’t need constant hiking up?
Cindy Mitchell (3 months ago)
Great video! Please add workout clothes for women over 60. Thanks.
Riza Vlierberghe (3 months ago)
You are gifted in everything. I love all of your blogs!
rn1005018 (3 months ago)
So pretty!  You could wear a tent and look terrific!  Do you wear your clothing right off the peg or do you have your clothing tailored?  Yes love hair videos!
Poonam Bhatia (3 months ago)
Everything looked awesome on you gorgeous gal!!!
Anthony Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Wow you dress those jeans the way i would
Juan Rendon (4 months ago)
I have the top your wearing....I love it!!!! When you clean out your closet, can I come shop before you donate/sell!!!!!
violetta09 (5 months ago)
What is the lipstick you are wearing here? It is gorgious!
arya irani (6 months ago)
i love u soooo mach
Jesusita Perez (6 months ago)
Loved the shimmy top under the jacket....need yo get one. Gonna go get one later. Got the jeans and jacket . thanks.😎🙂🤗👍👍👍💖👋👋👋
Mauvy D (6 months ago)
Am loving all of ur outfits 👍fr Florida
Zara Mahmood (7 months ago)
Such a classy lady...
Zaida Donis (7 months ago)
You look adorable in anything ,love you videos regards.
Liz La verde (7 months ago)
How bonita you are. I was depressed for sometime. My mom passed away. I didnt like to do anything you motivamed me again. Thanks beautiful.
Wonderful video, thank you very much !!! 😃😊
Narimane San (7 months ago)
WoooW amazing outfits! Bravo!!! ♥
Wayamean (7 months ago)
Loved all the outfits. Can't wait to see more fashion videos!
Maria Camp (7 months ago)
Stunning, chic, and effortless as always! Your style resonates with me, and inspires me. Thank you ❤️🙏
Sulma Pantoja (7 months ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Muy bellos los modelos casual looks
Doris Hingst (8 months ago)
the last time I traveled I learn shoelaces are not the thing to do..they made everyone take their shoes off. Next time I will take sandals with no backs! It was crazy!
Ramona Cooper (8 months ago)
Beautiful style. I am thirty nine years old. I do wear more jeans, sport clothes than dresses. Thank you, for inspiring me on fashion, beauty, make up, as well as improving my communication skills in English Language. I appreciate you!
Daisy Rice (8 months ago)
You're so pretty! I love your face, & love the way you talk. I just love everything about you.
Jacqueline Falls (8 months ago)
molly Satinado (8 months ago)
You are so tall, I'd say at least as tall if not taller than I am, I'm 5' 11.5" and I am so afraid to wear heels - I just feel like a giant. I have the same frame as you as well - I'm guessing you weigh around 140' ish or less. You look beautiful, I loved your outfits!! Thank you for modeling the different looks/styles - you should consider a modeling career as well!!!!!
SeasonedDiva #1 (8 months ago)
love this!
Teresa Darnielle Morse (8 months ago)
Fun ideas. Other than BHWM, most of your items are designer. For those of us with a non-designer budget, suggestions on how to find quality but less expensive things would be helpful.
Rachelle Siracusa (8 months ago)
You dress impeccable The Black Jacket, Jeans and sparkle tank is soooo chic. It took my breath away
Miam Galarza (8 months ago)
Love you blue blouse!
Mary LaFrance (8 months ago)
Super ensembles. Thanks for the fashion tips.
Chandra Mosquera (8 months ago)
You are so unbelievably gorgeous!
Glo Lo-Ag (8 months ago)
Hello Dominique, I just found your channel, omg, I love it, it's exactly what I've been looking for. Sending hugs from Mexico.
Madams.59 (8 months ago)
Love the tassel earrings. They realty seem to be a trend this season.
MissSolitario (8 months ago)
I can't get over how beautiful you are and that amazing figure... love the outfits in this video, incredibly stylish, some sexy without being try-hard, stunning xox
Colleen McCarty (8 months ago)
I wish you would be links so we can easily purchase the items
Lina Trillo (9 months ago)
Thank you I like your style
Martha Arnold (9 months ago)
Loved all the looks. Thank you for the inspiración. X
Pj Lewis (9 months ago)
This was fun. I love this hair style on you so very much, by the way.
Lorena Pincheira (9 months ago)
Fine Art of Cooking (9 months ago)
I always got good tips from watching your videos. Cheers!
Connie Jimenez (9 months ago)
I find it hard to dress my mid-range age. Some of the things I find are too youthful or they are too old. I still want to be stylish and cute without looking like grandma. More of these videos please!!!
Maybeth Lichaa (9 months ago)
This was an excellent informational video. Then again....all your videos are top notch quality. You are gorgeous, KIND, and smart. 😘💃🏻
Sheila Hudson (9 months ago)
OMG i ❤️❤️❤️ ittttt
Angie Harper (9 months ago)
Wow your hair is soooo nice!
Ansha Smith (9 months ago)
The skinny jeans is perfect!!
Amina Boumaza (9 months ago)
please Dominique, can you do a " what i eat in a day"...Thank you.
Jonie Jumawan (9 months ago)
I want to see earrings style together with the diffirent style of hair please
Christina Park (9 months ago)
Oh! May I please ask what color that fantastic red lipstick is in the black outfit with the Gucci clutch? :-) Thank you!!! EDIT - oops see that I missed your helpful info above. Should have figured you'd be thoughtful enough to anticipate our questions! Thanks again! Off to MAC!
Christiane Grimard (9 months ago)
wow Dominique you look so great thank’s for the exercise you have great style
Giovanna Malatesta (9 months ago)
Loved the video. Amazing outfit!!
Paige Saunders (9 months ago)
Love all the outfits
Shiva Hemayat (9 months ago)
You are amazing :)
Christy3c (9 months ago)
You are stunningly beautiful!! And your fashion sense, impecable!! I love your videos!!
Marina Palaca (9 months ago)
You are ageless seriously these outfits are great
Mollie Pelletier (9 months ago)
I am so glad I found you! Totally changed my makeup and I feel fresh and young for 51. The issue I have is I wear glasses (can’t wear contacts anymore) and would love to see if you have different applications to make my eyes pop without it being heavy. For dark frames and light frames. You are so beautiful and smart I appreciate all the information you share with us all.
Irina K (9 months ago)
Dominique, how do you wear chiffon/see through white shirts? What to wear under sheer summer clothing? I am sure you have got some tips for us :) Great video, loved it xx
Davina (9 months ago)
Love how your very gracious. And I love the designer pieces which I'd like to see more of. I have the Hermes belt, and a black LV clutch. Also love the Roberto shoes.
Maryanne Knox (9 months ago)
Love your tassel earrings
Maryanne Knox (9 months ago)
Love the capris in green 🌿
Marisol Gonzales (9 months ago)
Polish your toe nails, you look like you have man feet. To make the toe nails look nice add glitter to your toe nails. Otherwise, just wear your converse with all your outfits.
Lu C (10 months ago)
Loved this! I hope you do more!
Delia Lopez (10 months ago)
I love your watch!! Could you please tell me the brand is it?
Linda Ferrell (10 months ago)
What bra are you wearing? I'm larger busted and a supporting bra is very hard to find without going all nursing home looking.
Dominique Sachse (10 months ago)
One of those sticky bras that clasp in the front..
Melissa Markward (10 months ago)
I love the blue blouse you are wearing ! Where did you get it? I wanted you to stand up n show us . But you didn't:( . So pretty n sweet.
Brandy Hook (10 months ago)
I totally loved this video. A lot of great ideas, and things I hadn’t thought about. Can u also PLEASE share what lip color you have on. Very classic looking. And PLEASE keep this series going 🙏🏻
Dominique Sachse (10 months ago)
Thank you!  It's Nude Metal by Lipstick Queen
Margie Fontanez-DeLeon (10 months ago)
Loved this Thankyou so much. I live in Schertz Texas. From the Big Apple loved all your tips. I look forward to your next Video!
Stephanie Hunziker (10 months ago)
I think that it's not age appropriate to wear a crop top over 30. Just my opinion - my daughters would flip if they saw me in that!
Beatriz Adriana Vázquez (10 months ago)
I love the way you look, you are an inspiration for me 😍😍
Lorena Cervantes (10 months ago)
You look beautiful in everything that you wear
Nana AMA BRAGO (10 months ago)
Thanks for everything you're doing to help women to look classy. I really like the white flare jeans and the top. Can you do more videos on clothes? God bless you.
K (10 months ago)
❤you are so awesome..we're so much alike♡🙂 love you!
Catherine Hunt (10 months ago)
TY, I really enjoy what you share, my question is what type and or name brand bra are you wearing with the off the shoulder tops/blouses? Finding the right bra support for these tops/blouses is challenging at times.
Patty Culp (10 months ago)
Most of us can’t afford . I am doing away with all my clothing and starting over.
Patty Culp (10 months ago)
Short women can’t wear capris.
Jan D (10 months ago)
Omg! Super cute hair!
Lisa Bauer (10 months ago)
Too bad we can’t all run to Rome and shop for these outfits lol
Poonam Malhotra (10 months ago)
I’m a xx size Could you please help 🙏🏻
Jennifer Sherrod (10 months ago)
Hey girl, I may have missed you saying this, but I really need help in strapless bra area. What bras do suggest when wearing off the shoulder blouse? Thank you so very much!
Dominique, I’m going to be 32 next month on the 14th. I feel like I’m lost in dressing from a decade ago. I’m grossly overweight, so your tips don’t suit my body. I’m wondering if you have a “heavier” friend who you could get to come on camera and give some tips to those like me who want to dress nice but don’t fit into the gorgeous pieces you always show! I’ve also recently lost 85 lbs. But at 376 I’m still too big to dress in the chic styles you show. Help, please!
Shana Hawkins (10 months ago)
You so get it! I love your videos- keep up the fantastic work!
Cheryl Luckie (10 months ago)
You look beautiful in each of these outfits. However, not all women over 50 (probably most) won't feel comfortable with so much skin showing. Of course, if I had your figure and your skin I'd want to show it off too:) Love your videos!
K Thrower (10 months ago)
LOVED this video, great info... hope to see more!
Randy Rosiello (10 months ago)
Great video- except for the muffin top type of gal! Like me. In trying to hide that and with your body you can wear tucked in shirts and short shirts. For me a video for the muffin top type gal would be a great video because more woman are like me than like you. I can’t ever get that washboard tummy back but I would love to see AFFORDABLE OUTFITS. I got the look and the more than one look idea. I only have so much money to spend!
Bambi Kaspbrak (10 months ago)
It's women like you as well as Rachel Weisz, Maxine Peake, Dita Von Teese, Michelle Visage and Angela Bassett who make me look forward to my 40s and beyond. Thanks for being such an inspiration.
Cecilia Juarez (10 months ago)
hello Dominique thanks for sharing your ideas I take them and apply them to my budget. Blessings
DORCAS OWENS (10 months ago)
The off shoulder arm pit showing tops are not classy, very tacky, pulls the eye...to wrong place. Very distracting. I was following you up to now. No more.classless!
denicekimberly (10 months ago)
You are looking just lovely! Great outfit ideas!
BZinGA Np (10 months ago)
Can you tell me where I can find the Donald Pliner wedges. I can’t find them anywhere. I love your videos! Thank you for all the helpful ideas and lessons. Your the bomb. I feel inspired watching your lessons.
Joelian uli (10 months ago)
Definitely i really love those styles ..thanks alot for awesome video 😍😍😘
trisha tate (10 months ago)
I look ridiculous in capris ... I'm all legs and capris just look like I am wearing pants that are to short on me lol

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