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Exploring Learning Styles - Teachers Talk Live

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Let's explore learning styles and how they are used in the classroom. How do we maximize the benefits from this knowledge? Are there limitations to learning styles as has been debated by well respected educators and researchers? Let's explore the research and become better equipped for our 21st century students. Our panelists Carrie Baughcum, Mario Stamegna and Zack Clancy do a fantastic job of immersing us in this important topic! Learn more about them below: Carrie Baughcum - @heckawesome - Momma. Wife. Mismatch Sock Wearer. Doodler. Special Education Teacher. Learning Enthusiast. Inspiration Junkie...I think life, learning and doodling are HECK AWESOME! Mario Stamegna - @mrstamegna has been teaching for over 6 years with the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Teaching is a second career and before he went into teaching, he held a variety of positions from restaurant entrepreneur to professional musician. He is currently working towards his Teacher Level I Google Certification. Zack Clancy - @TeacherTalkwZC has taught special-ed students for 12 years. He is working on his doctorate in education and publishes a podcast about education called Teacher Talk with Zack Clancy every two weeks.
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