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I Joined a Russian Dating Site - See how it ended [Kult America]

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A few years back I met a sex tourist in Kiev who told me that he would open fake social media accounts to meet women who he would sleep with and then abandon. I was super disturbed by that and had always wondered if eastern european women are actually so desperate or if maybe western guys were just being pigs. In an effort to find a little more insight I decided to not only join a Russian dating site myself, but sign my own wife up as well. The results were surprising, basically no women wrote to me and my wife received over 100 letters from guys. With that in mind, I was forced to conclude that in terms of desperation it would seem western guys are the ones to be in the spotlight. Subscribe to my wife's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU0Bfv_57lA_eqbu6ex8w2A ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash
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EB SSCamG6 (18 hours ago)
Sexhungrypig, or simply me
He’s a liar. He either tried to sleep with them, or paid them for sex.....unless he is a millionaire. If that is true, you can do the same thing in America. Proof? I played the Russian dating site game for years in Russia and Ukraine. I dated over 100 women....all good looking and young. The conclusion is it is a scam. The dating website, AnastasiaDate.com and all its variants, is a criminal enterprise. The local dating agencies that work through the website, are a criminal enterprise. 98% of the women are criminals. They all work various scams to take your money, and leave you all alone, with an empty wallet, as you wait for the plane ride home. These woman have husbands, boyfriends, lesbian girlfriends, significant others, or are simply not interested in moving abroad. They want your money!! I have so many stories of scamming, that I filled a 600 page book with stories. So yeah, I know bullshit when I hear it.
David Mamalio (21 hours ago)
Ruski wemen are the most beautiful i've seen. I mean the consistency when you look around is amazing.
Karpov Liam (1 day ago)
Russian women are prostitutes.
Mohd. Zakir (1 day ago)
Russian dating and marriage sites are just fraud ,guys shouldn't trap in it
Kristina Olejnik (2 days ago)
Maybe the girls in your country are whores. And here in Ukraine, Russia, all the highly moral, educated and intelligent ladies. Stop saying bulshit!!!
Mititelu Radu (3 days ago)
Wait what? "They have one man" :)))))))))))))))))))))...:))))))))))))))))))))))....:))))))))))))))))))))))))))) that guy is is for a big surprise. Sore there are many reason why I would prefer a Russian woman, but fidelity is the last on the list. If fidelity is important in any way shape or form. Never approach a Slav, Latin or Jewish woman.
BENJAMIN MELLIN (4 days ago)
I am from east europe and am a man this is disgusting. Especially because these young ladies are desperate for a nice life like the ones they see on tv
Paul Archibald (5 days ago)
Well, you have a Russian Wife so I guess men would like to have what you have.
Shawndale Hunter (6 days ago)
I am from Jamaica 🇯🇲 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
sid snot (7 days ago)
Watch out for the fake profiles who ask for your email address they will send you rubbish saying they want to find love it’s probably a manipulative man trying to scam you I’ve had so many
Joey Freedom (7 days ago)
Not a sex pig but some woman are like a fine wine
Wu Zie (7 days ago)
Maybe they're more interested in Europeans than Americans ? The shit that Belgian guy told is the same shit as they'll tell Taiwaneese girls, it's a scam that goes both ways, for both male and female. (And yes, I'm from Belgium, I wasn't the guy in the vid, nor do I know him or do I practicize this, it is a way for both man and women to use/abuse each other)
toober (8 days ago)
"Applicable to the Western Man". AMEN.
NERO (8 days ago)
0:55 are Richard & Cathy Lugner (austrian & german) very well researched!
Boe Dillard (9 days ago)
I'm not getting this.  He's acting like the British guy was doing something wrong.   The women were after money and the guy was after sex.  Both were playing a game and the British was playing the game to win.  Sure there are going to be legit men and legit women - not sure what his point is other than the fact women don't find him attractive.
SCARlet_DRaKox13 (9 days ago)
In mother Russia.. you don't rule women.. women rule you
Husen Ngogo (10 days ago)
Husen Ngogo (10 days ago)
Sorry can you give me a telephone number
Alli C (10 days ago)
If the people on the websites are seriously looking for love and relationships, that makes the British man's actions of pretending interest extra skeevy.
ZackAmilee (10 days ago)
So... you catfishes a bunch of people
Sir Adrian (10 days ago)
Werstern men like Eastern European women because they are not infected by feminism and other bullshit, they're just normal women.
rainbird2002 (10 days ago)
@0:55 She's from Germany and he is from Austria. Get your facts straight...
Mountainryder (11 days ago)
Dating, in U.S. has become a bit of a minefield.....asking questions that might lead to dating Can now be considered "harassment".....men want women that want to share living....honesty, loyalty, reasonable expectations.....hard to find these days....
Brian G (12 days ago)
Damn Russians!
Lewis C. (12 days ago)
Russian women aren't that desperate. Russia isnt a horrible place
Jack Mechak (12 days ago)
i met a beautiful Polish Girl on tinder here for a student visa she was totally normal and wasn't like that at all. we still talk but i will admit the language barrier is a bit tough
Husen Ngogo (12 days ago)
My name is USAIN I want to live Europe # +255 715347909
userbee123 (12 days ago)
I think it's great, nothing disturbing about that.
flightisallright (12 days ago)
I wonder about those dating sites like ThaiCupid / AsiaCupid etc. Those sites are clearly tailored to men so why would women join?
Taylor JohnsonMUA (13 days ago)
0:55 what a crap! Shes german and the old one is from Austria. Do your homework right
Silverback (13 days ago)
First time watcher...really appreciate this was a sensible video...I was dreading it would be some click-bait where your subject becomes you victim. I don't know what your channel is about but I shall give you a go...subbed.
john doe (13 days ago)
i just learn dancing to make fun of other dancers
Kman D (13 days ago)
I have known a few russian girls.. and they were slutty as fuck.. but so were the local girls. There certainly are a lot of russian women looking for western men, and there are a lot of scammer women as well, who sometimes are coordinated by some men..
YellowBlue RC (13 days ago)
Everyone wants russian women, thats because most women I know of in the US are degenerate whores. Guys who want a traditional wife to care for and have an actual family have a real hard time in the US with all the girls just suing them for the money and making sure they cant see their kids. Its a real problem in the west and also in Israel
MGTOW Lite (14 days ago)
So, women are the same duplicitous creatures the World over? Go MGTOW!
Mr Gunslinger (14 days ago)
Russia? No. Big cities earn European salary. Ukraine? Yes. 90% of people earn 50$ a month. A MONTH. Now you know.
Doc Mosh (15 days ago)
dating sites are mostly shills and bots
Beysim Yakuboff (15 days ago)
All russian women are angels
John Tater (15 days ago)
Loneliness is a disease of the West - Mother Teresa
Jay McD (15 days ago)
Same old same old, women are picky and selective by nature, men are hunters and seed spreaders, always comes back to biology.
React University (15 days ago)
90% of those profiles are employee account
Orc Man (16 days ago)
SOME men are sex hungry pigs! Not all of us . . . .
Andrew Flowers (16 days ago)
That was fabulous!
Turbo999be (17 days ago)
I understand this belgian guy so much because I'm belgian too and men... belgian girls are so full of herselves it's beyond anything a man can endure. Any relationship with a belgian girl is 95% garanteed to end up badly.
CaroDame (18 days ago)
These cuts are so stupid i love it
BlackAmour (18 days ago)
where is this guy's accent from?
Purple & Black (18 days ago)
The advert top right on Youtube of this video, "Captivating Russian Ladies" Join now.
Red Pillington (19 days ago)
Dating Eastern European women and having a family is the ultimate middle finger in 2018.
Rick Gritter (19 days ago)
Belgium Rocks haha
BlueDragonThunder19 (19 days ago)
I get emails from Russian spambots every day. My spam box is fill with it.
Dharminder Singh Gill (19 days ago)
Thank you g
Do a video of the invasion of today negroes from India. Why PiS tells us there will be no negroes and there are more and more of those scumbags among us.
Auto MD (20 days ago)
Do you have a hicky on the left side of you neck??? grrrrrrrr
WhatAre TheyDoing (20 days ago)
I love it when we see truth revealed! Thank you for your time and effort in discovering what the truth would be. Truth has to do with facts. Not religion. And yes, the desperation is with men. The only ones of us I take pity on or the ones who are sincere, genuine. The rest are criminal in my opinion. No actually, if one will use a woman one is using someone's daughter. One is a criminal. No using people. That covers everybody.
I.A. Volkov (20 days ago)
"No wooman - no cry" =-) 20 sep 2016
438295 (20 days ago)
Nobody uses that dating site because they are all on Tinder. This was pointless. It's a totally different game on Tinder. They have other videos on here where they troll the Russian women on Tinder and see how much crap they would put up with. The Russian women put up with an incredible amount of crap to get a date or keep things going. The Russian girls seem genuinely far more respectful and nicer than anything you'd find in Western countries. All women are deceptive resource thieves though so I stay away from the whole lot of them.
Matt Rodriguez (20 days ago)
I married a Russian lady and had a wonderful marriage. She was the only one I visited. To this day I regret our break up over having children. She would have been an awesome mother. If anyone knows Tatiana A. Peskova I would love to hear how she is doing nowadays. I hope she is happy.
Patrick EH (20 days ago)
I always find it hilarious when men fall for this crap. No logic employed. BEAUTIFUL women in modern countries are ALWAYS in control because they are in demand. If you not hounded by beautiful women who want to sleep with you in your OWN AREA, you won't be in another country either. Engage brain & logic circuits before falling for scam websites.
Water Bottle (21 days ago)
That is way too much work just hire a Russian hooker close to home.
munobasho9 (21 days ago)
and it's true for all dating sites... not just Russian dating sites... women always gets 100s of more men showing interest... than other way around
munobasho9 (21 days ago)
Nothing surprising....
Domino52o (21 days ago)
This could have been a really good video, but the strong undertones of sjw, feminazi, man hating, and America hating totally killed it. Next time try taking off your rose colored shades.
Lu R (21 days ago)
I actually clicked the flag with no results.
Aaron Klump (21 days ago)
Dude great video.. But you are ugly that's why you didn't get any correspondence from these beautiful women
sigoisfiere (21 days ago)
Western men are desperate pussy hungry thats all.
Jimmy Win (21 days ago)
Most Russian women are hookers, stop trying to polish their image....Even Putin promotes Russian women as prostitutes.
mattzx77 (21 days ago)
With the cost and hassle possible danger of the trip etc, just cheaper to find and high class Escort in or around your town
HD Candela (22 days ago)
If you are honest, sincere and serious about it, the trade is simple. She will be your sexy and feminine wife if you marry and take care of her out of love that you both grow in. Now, the more hostile and masculine Western Women become, then the more Western Men will look to the East.
those sites are the devil's asshole. they are fraud incarnate
Teksal1 (22 days ago)
Did your wife find a mate?
James Allen (24 days ago)
Pretty much anything having to do with dating online exist to make money. That's it.
What site is that? On finding a russian woman?
liten48 (25 days ago)
Theres three men to to one woman in the world, TODAY so if yr having problems ,thats the reason
Cavemantero (25 days ago)
And you don't out this guy? He belongs in a fucking jail. Fucking anglo garbage. This is bullshit...Russian woman are known to be able to be taken advantage of and kidnapped for sexual trafficking purposes.
r c (25 days ago)
I believe that the new feminism revolution has a lot to do with why many American men would look to countries like Russia. It seems that an appreciation for the awesome differences between men and women is looked down on in America, while much of the world still sees these differences as the wonderful gift they are. That would explain the good sincere people on these sites, I'm sure the creeps and worse are obviously there too.
LucefieD (25 days ago)
There this like 70 year old man who frequents the bar I work at who has a subscription to one of these. He's always showing me these chicks, and he's even been over there to meet them and fuck them I would imagine. He's got like a bunch of kids and only talks to 1 of them. Super fucked up.
mr niceguy (25 days ago)
what a crap film for losers
your good racist fella (26 days ago)
you seem to be a good person
NightDater_com (26 days ago)
The truth: Early 2016 i worked in the Polish city of Wroclaw on construction with a bunch of Ukrainian men. Awesome, hard-working guys! Two of them told me their wives simply left them. I asked why? The wives told them straight to the face: "You have no money!" There is your truth about dating Russian or Ukrainian women. It's all about greed! Btw: In Poland at the minimum wage CAN$ 4/h ( I live in Canada now ) they were making 8 times the Ukrainian wage. In Canada they would be making 25 times the Ukrainian minimum wage.
Jarek Wysocki (26 days ago)
Very Interesting. I am Polish lad and live in North America most of my life. Some years ago I went back to Poland for a school reunion. When I returned to US I divorced my American wife. Best decision of my life. Cost me a fortune but I'm cool with it. Now I can travel and keep all my money without explaining myself to anybody. Women in that part of the world are very attractive and would entertain relationships with western men. If any of you are interested you need to show that you're "Real Mac-coy" . You need to learn some language, culture and history.
sajin km (26 days ago)
Damn, I already got married :D LOL
Keks Gloryhole Fun (27 days ago)
3:31 is that Sam Hyde?
Frito (27 days ago)
That's an expensive trip just to get laid
Joseph Levi Glea (27 days ago)
How did i get here
Consig1iere (28 days ago)
If they are not desperate then how do we have Melania as first lady? Yea I know she is not Russian but you got my point.
bklynguy27 (28 days ago)
I don't get these dating sites. Most of the women are really gold diggers.. You could just pay for it if you want to have sex with a Russian woman.
whatwouldjeebusdo (28 days ago)
your conclusions may be flawed, seeing as how the mere 2 responses you recieved as a man fishing for russian women is more likely due to the vast amount of eligible men those russian women have available to choose from. they can fish and find the best and most wealthy. no offense guy LOL
gp5 (28 days ago)
Yes, not every Russian chick is desperate or a gold digger or will marry an old fart for a green card and money, but when you’re a witness to something similar, what can you think? I personally know this old man who’s 78 years old, receives about 4 monthly checks from his Social Security, 401k, Pension and Army pension, and is constantly giving money, expensive gifts, access to his credit cards, pays for her bills, pays for her trips to see her “mom” or to go with her “friends” to anywhere to this Russian woman that he thinks is his girlfriend. I’ve seen the woman, she’s beautiful, blonde, blue eyes and everything you would expect from the typical blonde Russian girl stereotype. According to him, from pictures, and anecdotes, he’s done the same every time with Russian women, so what is someone to think then? Yeah gold diggers are everywhere, but the whole Russian gold digger is reinforced by stories like these and the media, look at the Russian girl from 90 day fiancé.
novino mark (28 days ago)
My oh My incredible video with amazing etiquette. Well done Sir!
Utkarsh Anand (29 days ago)
Actually, the problem is that Russian women are in high demand all over the world and since there are lots of poor people in Russia, many of those girls end up working in foreign bars as dancers and hookers (or maybe they’re just posers). Even video games show it. I have played sleeping dogs and I supposed to get a blonde Russian pole dancer to please a black rapper and make him agree to a business deal. The point is, games do not just randomly include these things, they are actually popular and sought after in bars and nightclubs all over the world. Secondly, you would often hear about rich old men married to young Russian models. It’s all because of huge economic inequality in Russia. If that’s actually the case then I’d argue that there are many more opportunities for women to earn for themselves and they shouldn’t give up moral and rational values in the hope of evading poverty and making quick money.
Ercan Kilic (29 days ago)
dude did you forget to tell them that you are american from New york , los angeles the movies you know , did you say that all movie stars have the same nationality as you ?
Ercan Kilic (29 days ago)
if you are wealthy then you should point this out , your phone will not stop ringing like the batman phone .
CF_1959 (30 days ago)
My experience has been very different. I have been using Russian dating sites for 17 years now. During that time, I have communicated with hundreds of women from all over the former Soviet Union. From all that communication, I developed serious relationships with 2 Russian women over the years, and good friendships with several other women, some that I maintain to this day. The first relationship lasted for 8 years. I was not ready for marriage at that time, and after 8 years, we parted ways. I am currently "dating" another Russian woman, and we have known each other well for 6 years. I am traveling to Russia next month for the 10th time to spend a couple weeks with her. I sometimes get criticized for not marrying, and that I'm stringing these girls along, and there may be some validity to that criticism, BUT, marrying a Russian woman should be no different than marrying a woman from your own country,.....and that is, you must be absolutely IN LOVE with the woman, and that is where my relationships may have fallen short. Both women are very nice, but just being "nice" isn't enough to commit to a life-long marriage. There needs to be more, and if there is a language barrier, it makes it that much harder to learn who the woman really is. Now, I'm 58 years old, and have almost come to the conclusion that married life may not be for me. I didn't always think this way, but as I've gotten older, I've come to realize that a travel partner suits my lifestyle better, and I make sure that I convey this to the ladies if and when I determine that the one I'm going to visit is not the girl that will ultimately make us both happy in the long run, and vice versa. The women have appreciated the honesty, and have continued the friendships long after the initial spark of meeting someone new subsides.
gregory hudson (30 days ago)
я ординарна не колдуну здацца, каб пахіснуць яго, я ординарна не колдуну зламаць яе трымаць, у маім сэрцы, СТЭ вельмі асаблівая частка мяне, усё, што я колдуну бачыць гэта гора
m14wdotcom (1 month ago)
Wife is polish ? gimme krupnik
m14wdotcom (1 month ago)
But why are western men desperate ?
Edwin Kharisma Prawira (1 month ago)
*Why so many dislikes?*
A mortal being! (1 month ago)
western countries are fucked by feminists and vulgarity, so much so, that the good men are desperate of finding good women in their own country! and thus try looking for a decent one in other parts of the glob that are not yet fucked up! this is sad, very very sad.

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