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I Joined a Russian Dating Site - See how it ended [Kult America]

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A few years back I met a sex tourist in Kiev who told me that he would open fake social media accounts to meet women who he would sleep with and then abandon. I was super disturbed by that and had always wondered if eastern european women are actually so desperate or if maybe western guys were just being pigs. In an effort to find a little more insight I decided to not only join a Russian dating site myself, but sign my own wife up as well. The results were surprising, basically no women wrote to me and my wife received over 100 letters from guys. With that in mind, I was forced to conclude that in terms of desperation it would seem western guys are the ones to be in the spotlight. Subscribe to my wife's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU0Bfv_57lA_eqbu6ex8w2A ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash
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Zeus Zeus (13 hours ago)
Im a young dude living in Sweden and i will only accept an old fashioned girl from my home country or some other country where women havent been completely ruined. Its pretty bad in Sweden as well, girls my age and younger engage in one night stands all the time they have absolutely zero respect for sex. They cheat and whore around constantly. Dating and sex forums in Sweden are filled with whores talking about cheating and threesomes in club bathrooms and shit. Its absolutely disgusting.
CLEAR SKY (1 day ago)
Well,, i have to disagree with the guy talking on this program, because i have participated in a couple of the major overseas dating sites. I posted my profiles on both sites back in 2012 and found it can get a little expensive between reading the letters and chatting. You will find that there are women out there who are in to money,, just having fun,, and really looking for the man of there dreams. So,, you have to be smarter than the average guy,, don't just look at the preety pictures. Post a good profile and the letters will pour in. Read the letters,, the letters will tell you alot about her and whether she is the one you want to chat with. Believe it or not these women know what they are looking for just like you. So did i find what i was looking for?? Yes I did. And so could you. So quit being so negative and give it try.. You might be glad you did. I am.
anthony perkins (2 days ago)
any dating site is no good. you let your wife do that? make a profile?? you idiot...no she will keep it and start talking to one of them that interest her. YOU just gave her the green light man!!
Robert Trull (2 days ago)
My wife is Russian and we did meet on a dating site. But it was not easy what so ever. You can't buy love.
Nunya Biznis (3 days ago)
Your Polish wife is absolutely gorgeous. But you already know that.
Nunya Biznis (3 days ago)
Eastern European women don't like cucks (beta males). So if you do get a Russian or other Eastern European chick to be interested in you, you are either an alpha male or you are a cuck who has a lot of money or something else she wants to use you for. If you have to think for a second as to whether you are a cuck of not...you are.
Jack Novell (3 days ago)
Male Population Russia especially among Slavic Race is is in proportionate compared to the Numbers of Females
Roger Dinhelm (3 days ago)
These sex trips seem to be a lot of hassle. Why can't you hire expensive prostitute or escort as they call it. You would not need to learn Russian or delete all of you fb profiles. Seems to be way easier.
DataStorm (3 days ago)
All women are the same, throughout the world.
Intel com (4 days ago)
I don't like American women anymore I date foreign
Cioaca Ionela (4 days ago)
i d like to say that all western society is fucked up exactely like its people punctum. You shits from west deserve your shit life you made and accepted through all this long time. Now you try to destroy our culture and countries wiht our original way of life and partialy you did that you damned people from goodless western world but in the end you yourselves will be destroied!Just sit confortable in your aparently god lives and watch.
Mightymousy Shnikins (4 days ago)
I had a neighbor who lived behind me. We used to chat often. His girlfriend moved in with him after he proposed to her. She was a single parent with 2 children from different fathers. One month after she moved in, she got pregnant. Within the week she had moved out and hired a lawyer and started making demands. He is 28yo, has a modest home, and does alright for himself. Never been married. Thought he found the right girl and treated the woman's children with care. The repercussions for men who give their heart away can have devastating results. Women can have bad experiences as well. But, a woman's heartbreak does not end with 18 years of financial responsibility that can land you in jail if you fail to live up to your obligations.
Mightymousy Shnikins (4 days ago)
Christian morals that once regulated chastity, have been largely discarded by western women. Coupled with an overwhelming white knighting of the court systems favoring women, it has led to a rise in STD's, single parent homes, women giving birth to multiple children from different fathers in an effort to "diversify" their child support payments, and sexual promiscuity that undermines the emotional connection to their chosen mate that undermines marital longevity.
One Eighty Life (4 days ago)
I’m at the beginning, I’m placing my bet on men are sex hungry pigs.
Polish Factor (5 days ago)
West cheaters will fast or later will earn east most popular disease due to HIV official epidemy in Russia. Nice and long dying for all idiots!
Kiril Kirilov (5 days ago)
Save slavick womens donot give to the jews distroe them !!!!!!
Muhd Dzuhri Rattim (5 days ago)
Western men desperate with Western woman because she likes BBC supreme black cock nowday and russian women or russian people a bit racist to African people.
Ken Soraya (6 days ago)
They are not desperate for men. They are desperate to get to U.S.
Mika 161 (6 days ago)
gold diggers
Mika 161 (6 days ago)
who gives a fuck
Cool Dude (6 days ago)
If you want desperate girls and if you are a white. India is a very good spot! Hot chicks there thinks white men are god. But there's a twist: Most of the hot girls families are conservative.
El Casimiro (6 days ago)
Oink, oink, bahdi, bahdi, that's all folks!!
Michael Kohloff (8 days ago)
R E (8 days ago)
pay per email / video chat services are 99 percent scam. The women on the other end want to keep you on using the services, and many profiles are all being answered by one person.
Mad mechanic (9 days ago)
Men are sex hungry pigs.
Walid Psa (9 days ago)
Joshua Murtagh (10 days ago)
I have been dating a Russian girl for 8 months now. The stereotype of Russian girls has been broken. They are very traditional, and also very amusing.
Eddie Imperial (11 days ago)
I bet 99% of folks here don't even know what marriage is! Both in the secular and legal way. Marriage is a trap guys.
HueTubeR (12 days ago)
I've been to Moscow. Russian women are some of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen.
JBwrath (13 days ago)
These sites are fake af....
_Apo4x (15 days ago)
i already know the answer : most men are sex hungry pigs.. and i say that as a red blooded man.
Tony Lee (15 days ago)
As an American man, I am not going to spend time to degrade the American women. Most American man would be better off being single. I have met my second wife thru a dating site. I also spent years trying to find a suitable wife after my first failed marriage. So I like to share my experiences. I had many women to choose from all over the world. First I ruled out women from Asia and eastern Europe included Russia. Those women were too desperate to do anything to get out of their countries where the economy really tanked, and there were no future for any women. So They would marry with any one to get a visa, then they will leave him. Besides, Russia is far away from the U.S. The immigration process is very complicated. In addition, most accommodations in eastern Europe were not up to western tourist standard. It was also difficult to learn Russian and other foreign languages. As an Asian American, I am very familiar that most women from Asian are gold diggers. The reality was if a man is not well off economically, or at least above average in the U.S. ,the chance to find a compatible woman from a foreign country would be slim to none. they will leave you after they found out that you could not provide a good living for them. Therefore, I had reserved south America as the idea location to find a suitable wife. I prepared myself by learning Spanish and Latin dancing, very important. I had joined many group tour and met many beautiful women before selecting my current wife. However, I also prepared to compensate and understand our cultural and education differences.
Fre Yourmind (16 days ago)
The same goes for other countries like Latin America and other countries. Just because they are developing countries don't make their people lesser human beings. OH, it must be my "Democrat holier than thou" attitude coming out. No, it is called being a decent human being and having an open mind or treating people with respect. If you want to get laid, just be honest and state "no strings attached". And see how much game you really have. If you don't have any, you may want to go to the prostitution route to get laid. Like any dating sites, you will see how women get discouraged and leaving the sites due to scammers and such. The same applies to the Russian Dating sites.
Emre Bilge (16 days ago)
Did you write on your profile that you live in the US? Any hints on your financial, social status, career, property? Or just a simple profile? These would give a better idea. Plus, you're saying "no women wrote to me". Women generally do not initiate conversation even if they're after money. A better idea would be to start conversations and see how many women respond.
Praetorian (17 days ago)
American women are sick. Russian women are wonderful.
Phil McCracken (17 days ago)
Idk I think women are women everywhere you go, even with cultural differences. If you like eachother it will work out. Bottom line most want a "normal" guy with a job/car/house and maybe have a baby before they are 30 then if that doesn't happen definitely before 35yo. In my 18 years as an adult I see it after I date for a year or 2 they will marry the first guy after me 90% of the time lol
Daniel Porath (17 days ago)
If anything this shows the feminism has destroyed girls in Europa and that Western men are looking for what they think are more conservative girls.
f vacuszz (19 days ago)
I want to marry European girl l live in Germany
Antoine Forêt (19 days ago)
look like warsaw behind ...
Swapnil Ajgaonkar (19 days ago)
Thanks for this video man... but how come your wife got more responses from men than you got from women & that too within the 1st hour?
jose luis Rodriguez (20 days ago)
I want to marry a Bielorrusian
Alexandru Efros (20 days ago)
What is the name of the song that is played at 1:35
U got spotify! We have it blocked in Russia...
jamesdagmond (22 days ago)
Few people think that Russian women are desperate sluts.. I'm not sure where you got that idea. people do have misconceptions that they are all thin gorgeous supermodels though. 32% of them are obese, only 8% behind fat ass American women.
Paul Batchelor (23 days ago)
birendra singh (26 days ago)
And believe me, this guy is a fraudulent and a part of Russian scammers.
human151 (27 days ago)
I’ve been married to a wonderful, beautiful Ukrainian woman for 11 years. They are not whores. They are not desperate. They are not scammers. Sure there are some. Just as there are bad people everywhere. These women are human beings, just like the rest of us, just trying to make it in this world. People is 1st world countries have no concept of what life is like in Ukraine (I only go to Ukraine, but can say Russia is the same). Not very many opportunities there. At least here in the USA, you get an education or some skills and you can earn a decent living. Over there, your chances of getting ahead are slim to none. My wife’s cousin is an excellent photographer. She does weddings stuff. She can only charge the equivalent of $20 for a session because people won’t pay more...because even that is a lot of money for them. Her husband is a train engineer, he drives trains! He only makes $500 a month. Our friend back in home town is a doctor and she lives in a Soviet era shitty apartment. You think life is tough for you, be glad you weren’t born in Ukraine. It’s a struggle over there. I have so much respect for the Ukrainian people I’ve met when I go there. Their lives are so difficult, relative to our, and they are still kind. So if a woman from Ukraine is looking to get into a relationship with someone outside of Ukraine, that does not make her a bad person or desperate or anything. It makes her a human being trying to change her life.
booldawg (28 days ago)
There are so many top quality MGTOW comments on this I would like to collectively 'like' them all.
FRIZ ZONE (28 days ago)
I'm from California and we never have Europeans come here unless it's A tourist Attraction In LA or San Diego. I'm from Inland empire which is close to San Diego and LA
FRIZ ZONE (22 days ago)
+Dont Worry how you go to Ukraine for 14 days
FRIZ ZONE (22 days ago)
+Dont Worry ok Will do thank you
Dont Worry (22 days ago)
FRIZ ZONE 😆😆😆 I’m from the IE as well. No good women there. Go to Ukraine, was there for 14 days cost about 500$ not counting plane ticket. Best place in Europe, better than Paris, and London.
julia julia (29 days ago)
don't go to Russia. stay at home
Mars Shell T.V (30 days ago)
This is make by russians 2 fake man 🤮
russian wormen say the russian men are bad, thats why they are looking foreign men ,
bullswarriors (1 month ago)
During 90s in Russia you can fuck a russian women with a tattered old Levi’s jeans. Reason I brought all of my old 501 jeans every time I have a trip to russia.
Jessica Triplev (1 month ago)
UGH All international dating should be prohibited, especially when it comes to Eastern European, East Asian womyn. Their hyper-femininity is as toxic as Western toxic masculinity. UGH smh
Zeus Zeus (13 hours ago)
Shut it femibitch.
If you google women from any country, "[Country name] women", you will get suggestive pictures no matter what country. Its the internet, what did you expect?
Dev Shukla (1 month ago)
Any one single girl hear Im also single what aap me +917805039593
RADIUM CLOCK (1 month ago)
Feminism and obesity have not reached Eastern Europe. I would gladly take a Russian woman over an American one. American women are getting sloppier in appearance and hygiene as I write this. American women flat out lack femininity.
Chimera (1 month ago)
The guy who made this is an ignorant white knight. The sad thing is he didn't learn from his experience. He still believes women are better than men. His mind is a prisoner of western culture.
Bailey Caristo (1 month ago)
Sounds symbiotic to me. It's no more bad to look for sex as a man than to use western men to gain Citizenship. Both ways use each other
Matt Lord (1 month ago)
They are desperate
Jeff Bussey (1 month ago)
i guess it was a little different for me. i joined a Russian dating site that extends into Ukraine and previous Soviet states and right off the bat i get many emails. just to prove it, because i am still comunicating with a girl on the site, i still get around 80 letters a day from Russian and Ukrainian women. But i dont doubt what you have shown here.
Kevin J (1 month ago)
Thank you, very interesting and informative video.
Jase Johnson (1 month ago)
There is a great sad truth in this.  We all need love.  I think this begins with loving our Creator.
Tony Lohi (1 month ago)
Whats up with all the "Western Women" comments? They should be American women, the average american female is 5"3 165lbs, stupid, un-educated, obese, materialistic, un-travelled, needy, whining, argumentative, TV addicted, lazy, whorish nothing like most European women
Great vid. It's Varsaw - pronounce it with a v instead of English W. Your wife will be impressed
Pete Viking (1 month ago)
Instead of applying group identity to women or men and making unclaimed generalisations....then lets agree - that we are all individuals before we are *insert group*
ferdy s.g. dumel (1 month ago)
Hi there Ryan, thanks for your open-minded video, however I've got the feeling there was a suggestion of using Russian dating sites - which are a major scam. I've written a novel about dating a Russian woman amzn.to/2LXA4lh Cheers
Barbadoza (1 month ago)
Two native Russian speaking people talking to each other in English. Interesting.
Jarle Storm (1 month ago)
well contra to the "truth" here presented... on anastasiadate you get like 200 letters within 32 hrs... in what this man says is simply exaggerated ... also eastern women aren´t much different from western women... but truth to say, western women did get worse... look up MGTOW or prof. Petersen vs e.g. Cathy Newman or pround Milo Y. PS: I think you are mangina...
Jacob Thompson (1 month ago)
We have to understand the motives! However, men and women should know there is an inherent danger in developing feelings for someone you haven't met in person! Dating outside your country of origin, requires time and patience to develop a long lasting relationship.
Andreo Suro (1 month ago)
you can fuck this stupid whores in ass at 1st date even if you look loke a piecr of shit like this pidor from usa
GeneralAlex4 (1 month ago)
All Russian dating sites are SCAMS!!!!! Don't do it!!!
Kenny H (1 month ago)
Men who do that will find themselves judged by God one day and then it's all over with for them, amen! The mercy they have given is the mercy they shall receive!
GameSlushyFries (1 month ago)
come on Asians and euro-asians still give and get respect from their respective partners therefore girls does not have to loose their femininity, but with west - just Gold Diggers with greed and fancy makeovers, where west dudes gets lack of respect and are always hungry for SEX -
Babar Ahmad Khan (1 month ago)
Adam Armstrong (2 months ago)
The Southern Gentleman (2 months ago)
I have looked a lots of dating sites and they all want you to sign up for free but to send back a reply you had to pay from 20 to 50 bucks. Then you have the totally free to send and receive messages for the ladies who are nothing more than free loaders wanting you to send them money to visit you. Never going to happen and for me to travel there after viewing or reading the comments from 10 to 20 different videos and their comment that's not going to happen either. So you get a guide and you go to the place they want you to meet them and you get robbed and left for dead if your lucky you might get home since you left your ticket with the airlines so as to have a way back home. Oh they look very well off in their pictures so why is it they can't fly to you? I have even offered to buy them a round trip tickey but they didn't want that cause they had their own travel agent. Really a travel agent means to me you have something set up to travel and you want me to send you money, sorry. Have I said enough about places like this??
Mohammad Shamma (2 months ago)
I don't think this is a fair assessment. I would compare how many messages an attractive women receive on a Russian Brides vs a regular US site. Oranges to oranges. From what I heard from my female friends, female inboxes are always flooded. This is probably how the human gender dynamics work.
Jompa Bompa (2 months ago)
Western feminist women don´t deserve a partner nor happiness. They are the scourge of society. Fuck all western women.
Harry McNicholas (2 months ago)
All I read here are a bunch of losers. They are hoping they can find a Russian woman who will overlook their negative things.
mozarella10 (1 month ago)
Harry McNicholas stfu dick brain
Hillary Hayman (1 month ago)
Harry McNicholas yas. Yes yes yes
Touraj Touran (2 months ago)
dude, what russian website did you use? that also matters. There are a lot of fake sites .
Bob Crane (2 months ago)
How did the guy he talked about in the beginning have so much luck if as soon as these women sign on to the internet, all the guys chase them? Solution to all the worlds troubles=more women! If the world was 80% decent women, everyone would be a polygamist!
tayokarate (2 months ago)
sperm flock to eggs not the reverse
Shawn Li (2 months ago)
or he can just use the money for the plane ride and the sex trip to get some russian hookers
Jason Williams (2 months ago)
Awh…  Grow up people.  Underneath the veneer of social conventions and peer pressure people (both men and women) are the same in most Western countries (and yes, I consider Russia a Western nation)  As for Putin, say what you will about him, but at least the man wants what’s best for Russia, immediately after what’s best for Putin. That’s a whole lot more than we could have said about Obama, or that Germans can say about Merkel.
Marc Padilla (2 months ago)
Isnt that the natural dynamic. Dating sites are a desperate measure for sure and caution is definitely needed. Ive always believed it is better to have more in common than less to navigate through a society that promotes superficiality. No matter how boring or passe it is to pop culture.
Paul Barrington (2 months ago)
It's applicable to everyone everywhere you dumb ass.
Paul Barrington (2 months ago)
You have perception issues dude. I travel all over. I find men who are pigs, women who are bitches, people who are assholes. Do you think it is just where you are looking? Idiot!!! I look for nice people and am cautious. Forget the bad ones. There is good and bad everywhere. If you do not know that you are seriously an idiot.
Mariusz Gontarczyk (2 months ago)
Poland , ciulu .
Mariusz Gontarczyk (2 months ago)
why did you film the movie in poland?
Tromsat (2 months ago)
Look at all these degenerates in the comments dreaming about Russian women. Russian women don't like American men, they like European and Russian women are not prostitutes or sex objects.
Mercenary Mike (2 months ago)
I will go with the "Men are sex hungry pigs", I know a guy who tried Match Truly, a dating site and he had over 500 messages in 3 days.. but the site turned out to be a rip off
DAVID P (2 months ago)
I joined one 10 years ago and how it turned out is I have 3 kids and a still hot wife.
Ishmael C (2 months ago)
Men is general are always seeking beutiful women. They are as shallow as anyone can be. They are really embarrassing the way they thtow themselves. And complain when a beutiful woman isnt interested and become bitter. As if they are victim. Foh.
No Brain (2 months ago)
well no offense but i have traveled to quite a few places, the main problem is they are all humans so act all the same women have turned in mostly now for money. oh sorry also all that men want is fucking to, so the small amount of nice people suffer
Ivonna Sercuchowa (2 months ago)
The russian girls i know they are very good looking but also they think so highly about themselves. All they date is rich man. They will ask you what do you do for living, what car do you drive....Like the one i think of beautiful girl, she actually end up dating an older man but rich. she wanted a kid with him and a marriage. It was all about having a good life!
Zeus Zeus (13 hours ago)
Sounds like where im from (Balkan). I dont live there though i just vacation there often. There are some old fashioned women left and thats the kind i will marry at some point. Most are very obsessed with money. Im pretty sure i have hooked a few bitches down there that got with me after i showed them my phone... They would ask what kind of a phone it is and i would show them and after that its almost as if i promised them i would give them the phone its really bizarre. Obviously i just fuck them and move on though lol.
Tanya Jackdaw (25 days ago)
Well I've dated several guys and non of them had millions, they were average, one was poor I wanted to be with him my entire life regardless his income, but he broke up with me.
Ricky V (2 months ago)
Feminist in the West have destroyed the marriage and the man so the men are seeking honest traditional women from abroad
william hamer (2 months ago)
.Take my name off this site as i am not interested i am 80yrs of age
BigBird1766 (2 months ago)
Your video is one of the best ones I've sense in the subject. It was researched information...very useful!
ladimp8 Imran (2 months ago)
congrats you done well i met also a woman from, Severodonetsk, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine, 93408, she is lettering me and sent photo and clip of introduction , she is beautiful and like a model , i stopped messaging her , but she asked why i stopped i say to her that i felt like i was in a butcher shop on Russiancupid.com, so i closed the account down and she also did, and now we are texting each other about us , our lifestyles etc, hoping to see her for the first time , when its good weather there. i have not had a partner for 12 years , i am very reserved and privately quiet .

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